Sermon Transcript – Blessed is the Coming Kingdom of Our Father David!

Series B – First Sunday of Advent – Sunday, November 30, 2014 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel According to
0:30Saint Mark chapter 11 verses 1 through
0:34as they approached Jerusalem and came to
0:36bethphage and Bethany at the Mount of
0:39Olives Jesus sent two of his disciples
0:40saying to them go to the Village ahead
0:42of you and just as you enter it you will
0:45find a cult tied there which no one has
0:47ever ridden untie it bring it here if
0:50anyone asks you why are you doing this
0:53tell him the Lord needs it and will send
0:56it back here shortly
0:58they went and found a cult outside in
1:00the street tied at a doorway as they
1:03untied it some people standing there
1:04asked what are you doing untying that
1:07cult they answered as Jesus had told
1:09them to and the people let them go
1:11when they brought the cult to Jesus and
1:14threw their cloaks over it he sat on it
1:16many people spread their cloaks on the
1:18road while others spread branches that
1:19they had cut in the fields those who
1:22went ahead and those who followed
1:23shouted Hosanna blessed is he who comes
1:27in the name of the Lord blessed is the
1:29coming Kingdom of Our Father David
1:31hosanna in the highest
1:35in the name of Jesus
1:38Hosanna blessed is he who comes in the
1:41name of the Lord blessed is the coming
1:43Kingdom of Our Father David
1:46hosanna in the highest this is our text
1:50Hosanna it’s from a Hebrew word and it
1:54means let’s listen to this it means
1:56literally say save now or help now or it
2:00could also mean save we pray thee it’s a
2:04petition to God
2:06save us now blessed is he who comes in
2:10the name of the Lord this is Jesus’s
2:11triumphal entry into Jerusalem so last
2:16Sunday that was the final Sunday of the
2:18church here and like the end of the
2:20world itself it ends with Jesus a return
2:22in glory to judge the living and the
2:24dead now the operative words in that
2:26sentence were in glory and that is
2:30describing Jesus’s second Advent but now
2:33it’s the season of Advent it’s a brand
2:35new church here by the way Happy New
2:37Year to everybody happy New Year yeah
2:39it’s brand new church here yeah we have
2:41to do things like that just to keep the
2:43people on your toes so we’ll be talking
2:45to you all afterwards find out what your
2:46New Year’s resolutions are
2:48not like those work anyway okay so
2:52and by the way it comes from the Latin
2:54word adventus and it means coming and so
2:57during this season it’s brand new church
2:59here we’re not looking at Jesus’s second
3:01Advent but preparing anticipating and
3:04meditating on Jesus’s first Advent and
3:07Jesus’s first Advent was not in glory
3:09and our text which is the same text we
3:13hear on Palm Sunday reminds us that
3:15Jesus came to us humble and lowly he was
3:19not writing a war horse this is kind of
3:22an important fact in fact Martin Luther
3:24preaching on this text said this this
3:27gospel encourages and demands faith for
3:30it prefigures Christ coming with Grace
3:34whom none may receive or accept save he
3:37who believes in him to be the man and
3:40has the mind as this gospel portrays in
3:43Christ nothing but the mercy tenderness
3:45and kindness of Christ are shown here
3:48and he who so receives and believes in
3:51Jesus in this way saved he sits not upon
3:55a proud Steed or an animal of War nor
3:58does he come in great Pomp and power
4:00instead he’s sitting on a donkey an
4:03animal of Peace fit only for burdens and
4:07and a help to man
4:09he indicates by this that he comes not
4:11to frighten man or to drive and crush
4:13him but to help him and to carry his
4:15burdens for him and although it was the
4:17custom of the country to ride on donkeys
4:20and to use horses for War as the
4:22scriptures often tell us yet here the
4:24object is to show that the entrance of
4:26the king shall be meek and lowly there
4:30is no armor present no war cry only
4:34songs and praise rejoicing in
4:36Thanksgiving to the Lord now sin
4:38naturally makes a timid conscience which
4:41fears God and flees from him as Adam did
4:43in paradise and cannot endure the coming
4:45of God the knowing and the feeling that
4:48God is an enemy of sin and severely
4:50punishes it hence it flees and is afraid
4:54but in order that such delusion and
4:56timidity may not pursue us he gives us
4:59the comforting promise that this King
5:01comes meekly as if he would say Do not
5:06flee do not despair for he to does not
5:09come as now he came to Adam or to Cain
5:12or at the flood or at Babel or at Sodom
5:14and Gomorrah nor as he came to the
5:16people of Israel on Mount Sinai
5:19no he comes not in Wrath he does not
5:22wish to reckon with you and demand his
5:25debt all wrath is laid aside nothing but
5:28tenderness and kindness remain
5:31he will now deal with you so that your
5:33heart will have pleasure love and
5:36confidence in him
5:37what a beautiful way of thinking about
5:39this Jesus riding on a donkey
5:42showing that he’s come meekly not to
5:46deal with us harshly but to carry our
5:47burdens and to forgive us our sins
5:50well now what’s interesting here as I
5:54Was preparing for the sermon
5:56one of the things I always find
5:57fascinating is how the Old Testament
5:59pre-figures typologically Jesus and his
6:03life in different aspects and types and
6:05shadows and a real quick question here
6:09just Old Testament history who was the
6:12son of David who became king after David
6:17Solomon Solomon and it’s absolutely
6:20fascinating that the son of David when
6:24he becomes king in the Old Testament
6:26when you read the story it sounds a lot
6:30the details prefigure what we heard in
6:32Our Gospel text this morning when Jesus
6:34the son of David comes into Jerusalem in
6:38order to be king so let’s take a look at
6:40First Kings chapter one
6:43I want to show this to you because it’s
6:45just that good
6:47First Kings chapter one now I’ll be
6:49reading from the English Standard
6:50Version Pew bibles are NIV so I
6:53apologize for the mix mix match but I
6:56thought it was important to use the ESV
6:58here if you have a Bible that you can
7:00turn on you can turn it on too so here’s
7:03what it says First Kings chapter one
7:05verse one when King David was old and
7:08well advanced in years he could not keep
7:10warm when they put covers over him so
7:13his servant said to him let us look for
7:14a young virgin to attend the king and
7:16take care of him she can lie beside him
7:18so that our Lord the king may keep warm
7:20apparently they didn’t have space
7:21heaters back then so they used women for
7:23these tasks
7:25a little odd way of using a woman but
7:29so then they searched throughout Israel
7:31for a beautiful girl and found abishag a
7:33shunamite and brought her to the king
7:34the girl was very beautiful she took
7:36care of the king and waited on him but
7:38the king had no intimate relations with
7:40her now adonijah whose mother was
7:43haggath put himself forward and said I
7:46will be king
7:48really you can just put yourself forward
7:50and say I’m going to be king now it’s
7:52interesting to note here that he’s the
7:54brother of Absalom Absalom tried this
7:56and it didn’t go well for him in fact he
7:59ended up
8:00inciting a coup d’etat against David
8:02David had to go into exile for a little
8:04bit and it resulted in absalom’s death
8:06so it’s rather fascinating now notice
8:08here that adonijah acts the way the
8:11world would expect somebody who wants to
8:13be king to behave right here’s what it
8:15says I will be king so he got chariots
8:18and horses ready with 50 men to run
8:21ahead of him
8:23his father had never interfered with him
8:25by asking why do you behave as you do he
8:28was also very handsome and was born next
8:30after after Absalom adonijah conferred
8:33with joab the son of Zariah and with
8:35abayathar the priest and they gave him
8:37their support but zadok the priest
8:40benaniah the son of jehoiada Nathan the
8:42prophet in shimay and Rey and David’s
8:44special guard did not join adonaija real
8:47quick historical note you’ve heard of
8:49the sad juices right that’s kind of a
8:52English way of saying this in Hebrew
8:54that the zarakim they’re the they’re
8:57basically a Priestly group and they
9:00trace their lineage back to zadok the
9:02zadakim zadak who’s mentioned here same
9:04guy so this is zadok of sadducee Fame
9:08just historical note
9:12sacrifice sheep cattle fattened calves
9:16at the stone of zohalath near n rogel
9:18notice that this usurper
9:21this guy who’s putting himself forward
9:23as king with war horses chariots and 50
9:25men in front of him he now cloaks his
9:29ambition with religion sacrifices to the
9:33Lord oh how Pious this man is this is a
9:36false religion and this is a man who
9:38he’s not humble
9:40instead he is quite arrogant following
9:43in the same sin as his brother did but
9:46he just was shrewd enough to wait until
9:48dad’s about ready to crump so he
9:50sacrificed sheep cattle fat and calves
9:53at the stone of zoileth near and rogal
9:55he invited all his brothers the king’s
9:56sons and all the men of Judah who were
9:58Royal officials but he did not invite
10:01Nathan the prophet or benaniah or the
10:04special guard or his brother Solomon
10:08I wonder why
10:11so then Nathan asked Bathsheba Solomon’s
10:14mother have you not heard that adonijah
10:16the son of hagath has become king
10:18without our Lord David’s knowing now
10:20then let me advise you how you can save
10:23your own life in the life of your son
10:25Solomon yeah that’s not a that’s not an
10:29common practice back in the day is that
10:32when somebody becomes king no matter how
10:34they get there first thing you do is you
10:36kill any Rivals and their family make
10:39sure there’s nobody to rise up against
10:42so Solomon and Bathsheba are in danger
10:45of losing their lives go to the King
10:47David say to him my Lord the king did
10:49you not swear to me your servant surely
10:52Solomon your son shall be king after me
10:55and he will sit on my Throne why then
10:57has adonijah become king while you are
11:00still there talking to the king I will
11:02come in and confirm what you have said
11:05so a little bit of intrigue here
11:06Bathsheba went in to see the Aged King
11:09in his room when at where Abhishek the
11:11shunamite was attending him Bathsheba
11:13bowed low and knelt before the king what
11:16is it you want the king asked
11:18she said to him my Lord you yourself
11:21swore to me your servant by the Lord
11:23your God Solomon your son shall be king
11:26after me and he will sit on my throne
11:28but now adonijah has become king and you
11:31my lord the king do not know about it he
11:34has sacrificed great numbers of cattle
11:36fat and calves and sheep and has invited
11:38all the king’s Sons abyfar the priest
11:41and joab the commander of the army but
11:43he has not invited Solomon in your
11:45servant my lord The King The Eyes of all
11:48of Israel are on you to learn from you
11:49who will sit on the throne of my Lord
11:51the King after him
11:53now that sentence is pregnant with
11:56prophetic significance
11:59let me read it again the eyes of all of
12:01Israel are on you to learn from you who
12:04will sit on the throne of my Lord the
12:06King after him who will sit on the
12:08throne of David
12:10who will
12:13well Solomon not forever but one of
12:16David’s sons has promised to sit on the
12:18throne of David forever
12:20we continue otherwise as soon as my Lord
12:22the king is laid to rest with his
12:23fathers that I and my son Solomon will
12:25be treated as criminals while he was
12:27still speaking to the with the King
12:29while she was still speaking with the
12:31King Nathan the prophet arrived and they
12:33told the king Nathan the prophet is here
12:35so he went before the king and bowed
12:37with his face to the ground Nathan said
12:39you have my Lord the king declared that
12:42adonisjah shall be king after you and
12:44that he will sit on your throne question
12:47mark today he’s gone down and sacrificed
12:50great numbers of cattle fat and calves
12:52and sheep he’s invited all the king’s
12:54sons and commanders of the Army and
12:55abayathar the priest rightly now right
12:58now they are eating and drinking with
13:00him and saying Long Live King adanijah
13:02but me your servant and zadok the priest
13:05and benoniah the son of jehoiada and
13:07your servant Solomon he did not invite
13:09is this something my Lord the King has
13:12done with out letting his servants know
13:14who should sit on the throne of my Lord
13:16the King after him
13:18and then David said
13:20call in Bathsheba so she came into the
13:23king’s presence and stood before him
13:25then the king took an oath as surely as
13:28Yahweh Lives who has delivered me out of
13:30every trouble I will surely carry out
13:32today what I swore to you by the Lord
13:33the god of Israel Solomon your son shall
13:37be king after me and he will sit on my
13:40throne in my place
13:42real quick question what does Solomon
13:46the word the name
13:49uh well in Hebrew it’s pronounced
13:53does that help
13:55peace that’s right
13:56that’s right we get it’s very close to
13:59the word Shalom Solomon means peace this
14:02is significant in this story as well it
14:05prophetically typologically points us to
14:07Jesus who is the prince of peace right
14:13all right King David said Colin zadak
14:15the priest Nathan the prophet Ben and I
14:17of the son of jehoiad death and when
14:19they and when they came before the king
14:21he said to them take your Lord’s
14:22servants with you and set Solomon my son
14:24on my own
14:27and take him down to gihon
14:30interesting Solomon doesn’t write on a
14:33war horse either
14:35David puts him on a mule
14:37this is very unusual extremely unusual
14:42notice how abyathar acted war horses
14:44chariots 50 men
14:46not Solomon
14:48he’s put on a mule
14:50and take him down to gihon there have
14:52zadok the priest Nathan the prophet
14:54anoint him King over Israel blow the
14:56trumpet and Shout Long Live King Solomon
15:00then you are to go up with him and he is
15:02to come and sit on my throne and reign
15:04in my place I have appointed him ruler
15:06over Israel and Judah Ben and I the son
15:08of jehoiada asked the king answered the
15:11king amen may the Lord the god of my
15:13Lord the king so declare it as the Lord
15:16was with my Lord the king so may he be
15:18with Solomon to make his throne even
15:20greater than the Throne of my Lord King
15:23David so zadok the priest Nathan the
15:25prophet benaniah the son of jehoiada the
15:27karathites the palothites went down and
15:30put Solomon
15:32on King David’s mule and escorted him to
15:35gihon zadak the priest took the Horn of
15:38oil from the sacred tent and anointed
15:40Solomon then they sounded the trumpet
15:42and all the people shouted Long Live
15:44King Solomon and all the people went up
15:46after him playing flutes and rejoicing
15:48greatly so that the ground shook with
15:50the sound adonijah and all the guests
15:53who were with him heard it as they were
15:55finishing their feast and on hearing the
15:57sound of the trumpet joab asked what’s
15:59the meaning of all that noise in the
16:01city even as he was speaking Jonathan
16:04the son Jonathan son of abyathar the
16:06priest arrived
16:08adonijah said come in a worthy man like
16:10you must be bringing good news not at
16:13all Jonathan answered our Lord King
16:15David has made Solomon King The King has
16:18sent with him zadok the priest Nathan
16:20the prophet benaniah the son of jehoiada
16:23the karathites and the palothites and
16:25they put him in the king’s mule and
16:27zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet
16:29had anointed him King at gihon from
16:32there they have gone up cheering and the
16:35city resounds with it that’s the noise
16:37you hear moreover Solomon has taken his
16:40seat on the Royal Throne also the Royal
16:42officials have come to congratulate our
16:45Lord King David saying may your God make
16:47Solomon’s name more famous than yours
16:49and his throne greater than yours and
16:51the King bowed and worshiped on his bed
16:53and said praise be to the Lord the god
16:56of Israel who has allowed my eyes to see
16:58a successor on my Throne today at this
17:01all of the adanijah’s guests rose up in
17:06and dispersed
17:08pregnant prophetically
17:11to be sure
17:13so fast forward several hundred years
17:16there’s Jesus riding into Jerusalem
17:20and the shouting Hosanna
17:24well like adonijah and his guests
17:27Satan on the day that Jesus rode into
17:29Jerusalem Satan Rose an alarm
17:33and he ended up dispersing the true king
17:36the seed of the woman promised all the
17:38way back in the Garden of Eden the one
17:39who would crush the head of the serpent
17:41and set Satan’s captives free he had
17:44finally arrived
17:46blessed is the coming Kingdom of Our
17:49Father David Jesus
17:51Son of God Son of David King of Kings
17:54has arrived and he didn’t come to set up
17:57an Earthly Kingdom not in this cursed
18:00creation and this is what Jesus says
18:02when he’s on trial before Pilots let’s
18:05talk about this Kingdom Business on in
18:07John chapter 18 starting in verse 33 it
18:10says this pilate entered his
18:11headquarters and again called Jesus and
18:13said to him are you the king of the Jews
18:16good question Jesus answered do you say
18:19this of your own accord or did others
18:21say it to you about me pilate answered
18:24am I a Jew your own nation and the chief
18:28priest they’ve delivered you over to me
18:29what have you done Jesus answered get
18:32this my kingdom is not of this world if
18:36my kingdom were of this world my
18:38servants would have been fighting then I
18:40might not be delivered over to the Jews
18:42but my kingdom is not from the world so
18:46the pilate said to him so you are a King
18:48Jesus answered you say that I am a king
18:51for this purpose I was born and for this
18:53purpose I have come to the world to Bear
18:54witness to the truth and everyone who is
18:57of the truth listens to my voice
19:00so Jesus did not come to set up an
19:02Earthly Kingdom and this is important
19:04because over and again many errors that
19:07crop up in Christianity try to pull the
19:10future Kingdom into the present and
19:12oftentimes it goes something like this
19:14at least in our context somebody will
19:16say well you are a Christian that means
19:20you are a son or a daughter of the king
19:24you are a prince or a princess therefore
19:27you have all the rights as a prince or
19:29princess in the kingdom and you can
19:31decree and declare for yourself health
19:38to all of which we say
19:40Jesus kingdom is not of this world
19:43in this world Jesus calls his citizens
19:46his subjects to take up their cross deny
19:49themselves and follow him
19:52that’s the kingdom that we’re called to
19:54Augustine writing about this fact says
19:57for Christ was not the king of Israel so
19:59that he might exact attacks or equip an
20:02army with Weaponry or visibly Vanquish
20:05an enemy he was the king of Israel in
20:07that he rules Minds in that he gives
20:09counsel for eternity in that he leads
20:11into the Kingdom of Heaven for those who
20:14believe hope and love and trust in him
20:16Luther in the large catechism and
20:19talking about Christ’s Kingdom says this
20:21when we pray thy kingdom come thy will
20:23be done he says here we ask that his
20:25kingdom Jesus Kingdom May Come Just As
20:28God’s name is Holy in and of itself yet
20:30we pray that it may be holy Among Us so
20:32also we pray that his kingdom comes it
20:35comes of itself without our prayer and
20:37yet we pray that it may come to us that
20:39is that we ask that it may prevail Among
20:41Us and with us so that we may be part of
20:44those among whom his name is hallowed in
20:46his kingdom flourishes so what then is
20:49the kingdom of God well the answer is
20:51simple simply what we learned in the
20:53Creed namely that God has sent his son
20:54on Christ Our Lord into the world to
20:57redeem and to Deliver Us from the power
20:59of the devil and to bring us to himself
21:01and to rule us as a king of
21:03righteousness life and salvation against
21:06sin death and an evil conscience to this
21:09end he also gave His Holy Spirit to
21:12teach us through his holy word and to
21:14Enlighten and strengthen Us in faith by
21:16his power
21:17the kingdom of God is the kingdom of the
21:19Forgiveness of sins Here and Now
21:22not in glory but in meekness in humility
21:27Jesus himself in Mark chapter 1 after
21:30John the Baptist was arrested says this
21:33says that Jesus went into Galilee
21:34proclaiming the good news of God and he
21:36said the time has come
21:38the kingdom of God is near
21:41repent and believe the gospel
21:46the kingdom comes through repentance and
21:49the Forgiveness of Sins Not in glory
21:52but on your knees begging for mercy and
21:57therefore he who is under King Jesus
22:01cannot be harmed they cannot be harmed
22:04by either sin death hell Satan man or
22:09any other creature
22:10and so we along with the crowd we add
22:13our voices to the crowd and we say
22:17save us now we pray you Hosanna
22:20blessed is he who comes in the name of
22:22the Lord blessed is the coming Kingdom
22:25of Our Father David
22:27Hosanna save us we pray in the highest
22:31see your king comes to you
22:33gentle and riding on a donkey a cult the
22:37foal of a donkey he has heard your
22:40hosannas and he is mighty to save and he
22:44as our epistle text says he will keep
22:46you strong to the end so that you will
22:48be blameless on the day of our Lord
22:50Jesus Christ
22:52our King keeps you
22:54blameless keeps me blameless
22:58for we are clothed in his Royal robes
23:01sinless righteousness imputed To Us by
23:04so he will keep you strong he will keep
23:07you blameless until the day of our Lord
23:09Jesus Christ and God who has called you
23:12into fellowship with his son Jesus
23:13Christ he is faithful and he will
23:16accomplish what he has promised in the
23:18name of Jesus Amen
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