Sermon Transcript – Weeds or Wheat?

Series A – Sixth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, July 20, 2014 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29according to Matthew chapter 13 verses
0:3124 through 30 and verses 36 through 43.
0:35Jesus told them another parable
0:38the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who
0:41sowed good seed in his field
0:43but while everyone was sleeping his
0:46enemy came and sowed weeds among the
0:48wheat and went away
0:50when the wheat sprouted and formed heads
0:53then the weeds also appeared the owner’s
0:56servants came to him and said sir didn’t
0:59you sow good seed in your field
1:01where then did the weeds come from
1:05well an enemy did this he replied
1:07the servants asked him well do you want
1:10us to go
1:11and pull them up no he answered because
1:14while you were pulling the weeds you may
1:17root up the wheat with them let both
1:19grow together until the Harvest at that
1:22time I will tell the Harvester’s first
1:24collect the weeds and then tie them in
1:26bundles to be burned then gather the
1:29wheat and bring them into my barn
1:31then he left the crowd and went into the
1:33house and his disciples came to him and
1:36explain to us the parable of the weeds
1:38in the field
1:40he answered
1:41the one who sowed the good seed is the
1:43son of man
1:45the field is the world The Good Seed
1:48stands for the sons of the Kingdom the
1:51weeds are the sons of the evil one
1:54and the enemy who sows them is the devil
1:57and the Harvest is the end of the age
2:00and the Harvesters are angels as the
2:03weeds are pulled up and burned in the
2:05fire so it will be at the End of the Age
2:08the son of man will send out his angels
2:11and they will weed out of his kingdom
2:13everything that causes sin and all who
2:16do evil they will throw them into the
2:19fiery furnace where there will be
2:21weeping and gnashing of teeth
2:23and then the righteous will shine like
2:25the sun in the Kingdom of their father
2:28he who has ears let him hear this is the
2:32gospel of the Lord
2:34in the name of Jesus
2:38all right let’s face it this parable of
2:40Jesus is a parable that touches on
2:43and when we hear it we begin to get a
2:45sick feeling in our stomachs and may
2:47even have deep difficulty sleeping at
2:50night if we allow our minds to chew on
2:52this passage face it you’re not getting
2:55any younger
2:57nope you’re not
3:00and we’ve all had that startling reality
3:03stares in the face and that reality says
3:07one day I’m Gonna Stand face to face
3:10before Jesus on the day of judgment now
3:12if you’re like me you’ve realized you
3:14know mortality is creeping up on you and
3:16don’t you young people think that it
3:18can’t stalk you it can right
3:20so then here’s the all-important
3:23weeds or wheat which one am I
3:28now in searching for the answer to that
3:30question it matters because here Jesus
3:32makes a direct reference to the fires of
3:34hell and quite frankly none of us want
3:36to go there but there is this problem
3:39when you and I examine our lives in
3:41light of God’s holy law
3:44we don’t measure up
3:46and we look a lot like weeds and we do
3:49not at all times act like wheat
3:52yeah y’all y’all been to the fair to an
3:55amusement park right it says you have to
3:57be this tall to ride this ride right
4:00yeah God’s law is kind of like the
4:02Empire State Building and it says you
4:04have to be this tall in your
4:06righteousness in order to enter in and
4:08we’re looking up at it going how on
4:10Earth is that going to work
4:13so let’s take a look at God’s law real
4:15quick we’ll use uh hair Luther’s a small
4:17catechism to help us out here and this
4:20will demonstrate the problem let’s kind
4:22of review The Commandments first
4:23commandment you will have no other gods
4:25what does this mean it means that we
4:27should fear love and trust in God above
4:29all things
4:30so when you’re in trouble what do you
4:32fear love and Trust in what do you go to
4:34for Comfort do you go to God do you
4:36expect God to help you or do you find
4:38other things to comfort you well if
4:40you’re doing that you’re committing a
4:41sin the sin of idolatry you’ve made
4:43something else your deity
4:45guilty I’m guilty
4:48second you shall not take the name of
4:50the Lord your God in vain what does this
4:51mean well answer we should fear and love
4:53God so we do not curse swear use
4:55witchcraft liar deceive by his name but
4:57call upon it in every trouble pray
4:59praise and give thanks now this touches
5:01on the pastor’s major sin there’s lots
5:05of pulpits out there where people do
5:06basically declare falsehood about God
5:09they deceive people they twist God’s
5:11word and this is how you blaspheme his
5:13name and if you pass along that false
5:16Doctrine as if it’s true Doctrine you
5:18are participating in that sin this is so
5:20much more than somebody texting somebody
5:22and saying OMG right
5:25it’s yeah it’s that but a lot more
5:28how about this one third commandment you
5:29shall sanctify the holy day well what
5:32does this mean listen carefully we
5:35should fear and love God so that we do
5:36not despise preaching and his word but
5:40hold it sacred and gladly hear and learn
5:43it yeah that means that if you start to
5:46roll your eyes at the 15 minute Mark
5:48when the past or sermon runs a little
5:50bit long and that’s breaking the third
5:52commandment you need to repent
5:54yeah sometimes the pastor needs to go
5:57fourth Commandment you shall honor your
5:59father and mother that you may live long
6:01on the earth what does this mean Luther
6:02God that’s right we should fear and love
6:04God so we do not despise or anger our
6:06parents or our employers or Masters but
6:09give them honor serve them obey them and
6:11hold them in love and esteem
6:14how many of you have an employer that
6:16you talk badly about behind his or her
6:20it’s not just your parents we’re talking
6:22about here this also goes all the way up
6:25to the highest office in the land the
6:26president of the United States consider
6:28this do you dishonor him in your
6:30critique of his the way he governs
6:33yeah fifth commandment you shall not
6:36murder oh finally we’ve gotten to a
6:38commandment none of us have committed
6:39right wrong
6:41let me explain
6:43what does this mean it means that we
6:45should fear and love God so we do not
6:46hurt or harm our neighbor in his body
6:48but help him befriend him in every
6:50bodily need in every need and danger in
6:53life and body
6:55be a nice friend when you’re not doing
6:56that you’re murdering and oh by the way
6:58Jesus kind of cranks this one up to the
7:00max when he says in Matthew Chapter 5
7:02you have heard that it was said to the
7:05people long ago do not murder and anyone
7:07who murders will be subject to judgment
7:08but I tell you anyone who’s angry with
7:11his brother will be subject to judgment
7:13again anyone who says to his brother
7:14raqqa which means empty head okay great
7:19insult is it not
7:20you empty head
7:22well Jesus says you say that you’re
7:24ansible to the sanhedra but anyway says
7:25you fool will be in danger of the fires
7:28of hell
7:30woof sixth commandment you shall not
7:32commit adultery another one we haven’t
7:34committed yeah not so fast
7:37what does this mean we should fear and
7:38love God so that we may lead a pure and
7:40decent life and word and deeds and each
7:42love and honor his spouse now if you
7:44think you haven’t committed this sin
7:46Jesus says this you have heard that it
7:48was said do not commit adultery but I
7:49tell you that anyone who looks at a
7:51woman lustfully has already committed
7:52adultery with her in his heart
7:59do not steal what does this mean we
8:01should fear and love God so we may not
8:02take our neighbors money or property or
8:05get them with a with bad products or
8:07deals but help him to improve and
8:09protect his property and his business
8:11eighth commandment you should not bear
8:13false witness against your neighbor what
8:15does this mean that we should fear and
8:16love God so that we may not deceitfully
8:19deceitfully belie betray or slander or
8:24defame our neighbor
8:26yeah gossip falls under this category
8:29did you hear that so-and-so did such and
8:31such I can’t believe that she would do
8:34you’re breaking this commandment you’re
8:36tearing down and murdering your
8:38neighbor’s reputation
8:40instead you should defend your neighbor
8:42think and speak well of him or her and
8:45put the best construction on everything
8:46if you haven’t done this you’re guilty
8:48of breaking this commandment ninth
8:50commandment you shall not covet your
8:51neighbor’s house what does this mean we
8:52should fear and love God so we may not
8:54craftably seek to get our neighbor’s
8:55inheritance or house or obtain it by a
8:58show of Justice on the right or by any
9:01other means but help and be of service
9:03to him and helping him keep it and then
9:06you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife
9:07his man servant or his maid servant or
9:09his cattle or anything that is his
9:11including his tractors
9:13all right what does this mean we should
9:15fear and love God so we may not turn and
9:17may not turn force or entice away our
9:20neighbor’s wife servants or cattle but
9:22urge them to stay
9:23and carefully do their Duty so what does
9:26God say about all of these Commandments
9:27the answer is he says I the Lord your
9:30God I’m a jealous God visiting the
9:32iniquity of the fathers on the children
9:33to the third and fourth generation of
9:34those who hate me but showing steadfast
9:37love to thousands of those who love me
9:38and keep my commandments so what does
9:40this mean God threatens to punish all
9:42who sin against these Commandments
9:43therefore we should fear his wrath and
9:46not act contrary to these Commandments
9:50any of you can you say you’ve kept these
9:54this week
9:56this month
9:58this year
10:01is this not how the weeds behave
10:05are we wheat
10:07this gets the rub here
10:09if commandment keeping is what
10:11determines the difference between the
10:13weeds and the wheat then you and I are
10:16without hope
10:18commandment keeping is not what makes
10:20the difference
10:21who Among Us can honestly say they keep
10:23these Commandments a few years back I
10:25was serving at an Evangelical Church and
10:27a member of my Sunday school class he
10:30was admitted into the hospital and the
10:31test showed that he only had a few weeks
10:33to live
10:34he was terrified
10:36he was very terrified I remember
10:37visiting him in the hospital and when he
10:39saw me he looked
10:41really honestly scared first words out
10:44of his mouth Chris
10:46I hope I’ve done enough
10:49to make it into heaven
10:51hope I’ve done enough
10:54when I come visit you in the hospital
10:56and you’re on your Deathbed
10:58are you going to say I hope I’ve done
11:01now I won’t tell you the rest of the
11:03story but we’ll continue
11:05kind of making the point here so done
11:08enough let that sink in done enough what
11:11is enough
11:12does God grade on a curve when it comes
11:14to commandment keeping how do you know
11:16that you’ve kept enough of them
11:19let’s face facts God’s law demands
11:21perfect obedience 24 7. and Jesus is
11:25half brother James he says this in
11:28Chapter 2 of his epistle whoever keeps
11:31the whole law and yet stumbles at just
11:33one point is guilty of breaking all of
11:39for he said
11:40he who said do not commit adultery also
11:43said do not murder if you do not commit
11:44adultery but do commit murder you have
11:46become a law breaker
11:49now comes the excuse making right but
11:51but Pastor I’m a good person surely God
11:55knows that I’m a good person and I fully
11:57expect that he will be happy to see me
11:58when I did because of my my reputation
12:00will precede me
12:03now if you believe that you are a good
12:05person let me be blunt
12:07you are self-deceived
12:10and you are blind to what God’s law
12:13here’s what God’s word says Romans
12:15chapter 3 in fact if you have your Pew
12:17Bibles I’d like you to open to this
12:18passage Romans chapter 3. we’re going to
12:21start at verse 9.
12:23this will make it clear there’s no good
12:25no one
12:27here’s what the text says
12:29Romans chapter 3 verse 9 what shall we
12:32conclude then are we any better off well
12:34not at all we’ve already made the charge
12:36that Jews and Gentiles that’s everybody
12:38in the world alike are all under sin as
12:40it is written there is no one righteous
12:43not even one there is no one who
12:46understands no one who seeks God all
12:49have turned away they have got together
12:51become worthless there is no one who
12:54does good not even one their throats are
12:57open Graves their tongues practice
12:59deceit the poison of vipers is on their
13:01lips their mouths are full of cursing
13:03and bitterness their feet are Swift to
13:05shed blood ruin and misery mark their
13:08ways and the way of peace they do not
13:10know there is no fear of God before
13:11their eyes
13:16to sum it up you
13:19and I are not good people
13:23so don’t think for a second that you’re
13:25going to get to heaven and say well I’m
13:27a good person no you’re not God’s word
13:30says you are not the guilty verdict
13:34we continue with the passage
13:36now we know that whatever the law says
13:39it says to those who are under the law
13:41so that every mouth may be silenced and
13:45the whole world held accountable to God
13:47therefore no one will be declared
13:50righteous in his that’s God’s sight by
13:53observing the law rather through the law
13:55we become conscious of sin what does
13:58that verse say how many people are going
13:59to be declared righteous in God’s sight
14:01by observing the law how many
14:04zero not one that includes you
14:09you will not be declared righteous
14:11before God by your good deeds
14:16neither will I
14:18so let me translate that for you in
14:20light of today’s Parable therefore no
14:23one will be considered wheat
14:26in God’s sight by observing the law
14:29rather through the law we become
14:32conscious of sin
14:33no one is wheat on account of
14:36commandment keeping God’s law was not
14:38given so that you could save yourself by
14:40being a good person it was given to show
14:43that you are not a good person and to
14:46silence you before God the purpose of
14:49God’s law is to shut you up
14:51right but God remember that one time
14:54when I helped that poor silence
14:57you’re a sinner but God I pray every day
15:00okay all right maybe not every day
15:02um but I pray at least three or four
15:04times a week silence you’re a sinner
15:10but God I’ve never been to prison and I
15:12pay my taxes I’m better than that other
15:14guy who lost his license because of a
15:16DUI silence
15:19you are a sinner
15:22surely I’ve got something silence
15:26you are a sinner you’ve got nothing
15:30there are not enough good works good
15:32thoughts or Good Deeds that you could
15:34perform that would even begin to pay
15:37your sinful daily Rebellion against God
15:40now if we were to use a money metaphor
15:42to describe your sins and your good
15:44works we’d have to say that your sins
15:47are like the United States’s national
15:50how many trillions of dollars is that
15:52thing right and if you yeah if you’re
15:56trying to get on God’s good side by
15:58commandment keeping and are you well
16:00that is kind of like this you’ve got a
16:02trillion dollar debt multi-trillion
16:04dollar debt and you’re going to try to
16:06placate and pay that debt down but
16:07here’s the problem you’ve got a minimum
16:10wage job at McDonald’s flipping burgers
16:13how on Earth do you intend to pay your
16:15multi-trillion dollar debt to God you
16:17can’t even pay the interest on the debt
16:19with that minimum wage job you’re
16:21delusional if you think you’re going to
16:22be able to even begin to pay the
16:24principal you won’t even be able to
16:25touch it because the interest is
16:27compounding daily
16:30in other words
16:31you need Mercy you do not need a payment
16:37let me say that again
16:39you need Mercy
16:41you don’t need a payment plan
16:43now look back in your Bibles verse 21.
16:46but now a righteousness from God
16:51apart from the law has been made known
16:54to which the law and the prophets
16:57this righteousness from God comes
17:00through faith in Jesus Christ to all who
17:04there’s no difference
17:06all have sinned and fall short of the
17:08glory of God that includes you and I and
17:10our Justified
17:12means to be declared righteous
17:15freely by his grace
17:18through the Redemption that came by
17:19Christ Jesus God presented Jesus as a
17:23sacrifice of atonement through faith in
17:25his blood and he did this to demonstrate
17:27his Justice because in his forbearance
17:29he had left the sins committed
17:30beforehand unpunished he did it to
17:32demonstrate his Justice at the present
17:34time so as to be just and the one who
17:36justifies those who have faith in Jesus
17:41that’s right God declares Sinners
17:45by faith in Jesus alone
17:51so where then is boasting
17:53it’s excluded on what principle on that
17:56of observing the law no but on that of
17:59faith for we maintain that a man is
18:02Justified again to be declared righteous
18:04a man is declared righteous by faith
18:09from observing the law
18:13so our Parable today is about judgment
18:16let me read to you what that’s going to
18:18look like from The Book of Revelation
18:20Revelation chapter 20. starting at verse
18:24then I saw a great white throne and him
18:27who was Seated on it Earth and Sky fled
18:30from his presence and there was no place
18:33for them
18:34and I saw the dead Great and Small
18:36standing Before the Throne
18:39books were opened
18:41another book was opened which is The
18:42Book of Life
18:43the dead were judged according what they
18:46had done as recorded in the books the
18:48sea gave up the dead that were in it and
18:51death and Hades gave up the dead that
18:53were in them and each person was judged
18:56according to what he had done
18:58than death and Hades were thrown into
19:00the Lake of Fire the Lake of Fire is
19:03second death if anyone’s name was not
19:05found written in the Book of Life he was
19:07thrown into the Lake of Fire
19:09this is not a parable
19:12this is a description of what’s coming
19:14on that great and terrible day when
19:16Jesus returns
19:18and it says here they were judged
19:21according to what they had done and what
19:24was written in the books
19:26let me give you a cross-reference then
19:29Colossians chapter 2. starting at verse
19:34pay close attention
19:36see to it that no one takes you captive
19:38through Hollow deceptive philosophy
19:40which depends on human tradition and the
19:42basic principles of this world rather
19:44than on Christ
19:45for in Christ all the fullness of the
19:48deity that’s all the fullness of God
19:50lives in bodily form and you have been
19:52given fullness in Christ who is the head
19:54over every power and authority
19:57in him you were also circumcised in the
20:01putting off of the sinful nature not
20:03with the circumcision done by the hands
20:04of men but with the circumcision done by
20:07Christ having been buried with him in
20:09baptism and raised with him through your
20:11faith in the power of God who raised him
20:13from the dead
20:14when you were dead in your sins and in
20:17the uncircumcision of your sinful nature
20:19God Made You Alive with Christ who made
20:23you alive God did when did he make you
20:26alive right there
20:28in the waters of your baptism right
20:32and he forgave us all of our sins here’s
20:35the important part having canceled the
20:37written code with its regulations that
20:40was against us and stood opposed to us
20:42he took it away nailing it to the cross
20:47are you in Christ
20:50are you baptized have your sins been
20:52washed away well this passage should
20:54give you hope
20:55because when the books are open your
20:59book has pages that have been ripped out
21:01of it
21:05here’s what it says again
21:08having canceled the written code with
21:10its regulations that was against us and
21:13that stood opposed to us he took it away
21:15nailing it to the cross
21:18in your books all of those sins that
21:21you’ve committed
21:23that were written down in the books
21:25those pages have been ripped out and
21:28Christ has nailed them to the cross and
21:30in blood it says paid in full
21:35Jesus Paid your debt for you
21:38in other words
21:40if you’re trying to placate the fiery
21:43wrath of God against your sin by trying
21:45to establish your own righteousness
21:47through your commandment keeping well
21:49then you’re a weed
21:51and you’re going to burn in the fiery
21:54to you Christ says repent
21:57Jesus did not come for the healthy
22:00Jesus came for the sick he did not come
22:03to call Righteous persons but he came to
22:06save Sinners and if you say that you are
22:09not one of those then you deceive
22:11yourself and the truth is not in you
22:15if God has opened your eyes and silenced
22:18your mouth through his holy law and has
22:20shown you that you are not righteous
22:23instead he’s shown you that you’re a
22:26and he’s forced you to see the ugly
22:27truth that you are bankrupt poor and
22:30miserable and you believe that Christ
22:33suffered and died for your sins and that
22:37your sins have been washed away in the
22:39waters of your baptism then you are
22:41clothed with the righteousness of Jesus
22:44you are wheat
22:46and Christ knows of the difficulty of
22:49growing alongside of the weeds but for
22:52your sake he’s enduring the ignominity
22:54of the current situation which was
22:56caused by the devil and his abject
22:58hatred of our merciful and kind and
23:01loving God but the Harvest is coming
23:04it’s closer now than ever before and
23:06when our savior and God Appears he will
23:09send his angels to gather us into his
23:11kingdom and because your sins have been
23:13forgiven and pardoned by what Christ has
23:16done for you
23:18and your heart has been circumcised by
23:20the hand of Christ and the Waters of
23:22your baptism
23:23there’s no need to fear instead you wait
23:27with hope for the Glorious appearing of
23:29our great God and savior
23:31you if you believe this you are wheat
23:35right and let me close with the words of
23:39a hymn I like old hymns by the way if
23:42the hymn is like only a hundred years
23:43old that’s like a teenager to me okay
23:45this hymn was written early in the 1700s
23:49it was written by a gentleman by the
23:51name of Erdman newmeister great great
23:54name right
23:55and the wonderful thing about this hymn
23:57is there’s a sense of defiance Defiance
24:00against the devil
24:01and certain confidence of a right
24:04standing before God and see that’s the
24:07point of the gospel because you’ve been
24:08washed because you’ve been baptized
24:10because you’ve been forgiven because you
24:12have faith in Christ for the Forgiveness
24:14of your sins you have confidence and
24:18you don’t need to fear instead you can
24:21kind of go
24:22to the devil and the world and even your
24:25own sinful nature hear the words
24:28God’s Own Child I gladly say it
24:33I am baptized into Christ he because I
24:37could not pay it gave my full Redemption
24:39price do I need Earth’s Treasures many I
24:43have one worth more than any that
24:45brought me salvation free lasting to
24:49sin Disturbed my soul no longer I am
24:54baptized into Christ I have comfort even
24:57stronger Jesus is cleansing sacrifice
25:00should a guilty conscience seize me
25:02since my baptism did release me in a
25:05dear forgiving flood sprinkling me with
25:08Jesus’s blood
25:10Satan hear this Proclamation I am
25:13baptized into Christ drop your ugly
25:16accusation I am not so soon enticed now
25:20that to the font I’ve traveled all your
25:23might has come unraveled and against
25:25your tyranny God my Lord unites with me
25:28death you cannot end my gladness I am
25:32baptized into Christ when I die I leave
25:36all sadness to inherit Paradise though I
25:39lie in dust and Ashes Faith’s Assurance
25:42brightly flashes baptism Has the
25:44strength Divine to make life a mortal
25:47there is nothing worth comparing to this
25:50lifelong Comfort sure open Dive My Grave
25:53is staring even there I’ll sleep secure
25:56though my flesh awaits its raising still
25:59my soul continues praising I am baptized
26:02into Christ I am a child of paradise
26:07brothers and sisters you are baptized
26:10into Christ
26:11you are wheat
26:13you are not weeds
26:16you have a comfort and a hope that
26:19cannot be stolen from you
26:21rest in this knowledge that you as
26:25sinful As You Are
26:27in Christ you are forgiven you are
26:30pardoned the debt has been paid in full
26:34the law and the devil can no longer
26:36accuse you you stand free you stand
26:40forgiven and when Jesus appears in glory
26:43to judge both the living and the dead
26:44you will not hear him say to you depart
26:47from me I never knew you instead you
26:49will hear him say Well done
26:52well done
26:54and he say but how
26:57none of your sinful Deeds are recorded
27:00in your book those pages have been
27:01ripped out all that is left
27:04are the little good works that you’ve
27:05done along the way
27:07and they are accounted righteous even
27:09them because of what Christ has done for
27:12you rest and hope you are forgiven you
27:16are free you are a child of paradise you
27:19are baptized into Christ
27:22in the name of Jesus Amen
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