Sermon Transcript – Weeds, Stones & The Word

Fifth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, July 13, 2014 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29according to Matthew chapter 13 verses 1
0:32through 9 and 18-23
0:35that same day when Jesus went out of the
0:38house and sat by the lake such large
0:40crowds gathered around them that he got
0:42into a boat and sat in it while all the
0:45people stood on the shore then he told
0:47them many things in Parables saying a
0:50farmer went out to sow his seed and as
0:52he was scattering the seeds some fell
0:53along the path and the birds came and
0:55ate it up some fell on Rocky places
0:57where it did not have much soil it
0:59sprang up quickly because the soil was
1:01shallow but when the sun came up the
1:03plants were scorched and they withered
1:05because they had no root other seed fell
1:07among Thorns which grew up and choked
1:09the plants still other seed fell on good
1:12soil Where It produced a crop 160 30
1:15times what was sown he who has ears let
1:19him hear
1:20so listen then to what the parable of
1:22the sower means when anyone hears the
1:25message about the kingdom and does not
1:27understand it the evil one comes and
1:30snatches away what was sown in his heart
1:32this is the seed sown along the path the
1:35one who received the seed that fell on
1:36Rocky places is the man who hears the
1:38word and that once receives it with joy
1:40but since he has no root he lasts only a
1:43short time when trouble or persecution
1:45comes because of the word he quickly
1:48Falls away the one who received the seed
1:50that fell among the Thorns is the man
1:52who hears the word but the worries of
1:54this life and the deceitfulness of
1:56wealth choke it making it unfruitful but
1:59the one who received the seed that fell
2:00in the good soil is the man who hears
2:02the word and understands that he
2:04produces a crop yielding a hundred sixty
2:07or thirty times what is Sun
2:10in the name of Jesus
2:12amen you may be seated in today’s Gospel
2:16text we are again introduced to Jesus’s
2:19first and maybe most well-known parable
2:23now there’s a general misunderstanding
2:25about Jesus’s Parables that needs to be
2:27cleared up because why Jesus taught in
2:30Parables is important to understand in
2:32order to understand this Parable now the
2:34common misunderstanding about Parables
2:36is that Jesus told them in order to help
2:38people understand what he was teaching
2:42wrong that is not why Jesus told
2:46Parables so we’re going to apply our
2:48three rules for sound biblical exegesis
2:50and they are remember them context
2:52context context and we’re going to go
2:56backwards a little bit into the gospel
2:57of Matthew so we can take a look at
2:59what’s going on and you’ll notice if you
3:01read through the gospel of Matthew
3:02chapter 12 is a transition chapter a
3:05transition where Jesus goes from being a
3:08popular preacher to being one who’s
3:11actually persecuted for instance in the
3:14beginning of Matthew chapter 12 you’ll
3:16notice that there’s a little bit of a
3:17battle between Jesus and the Pharisees
3:20regarding whether or not the disciples
3:23are breaking the Sabbath why well they
3:25were walking through a grain field and
3:27they were picking some of the grain
3:28doing this with it and then eating the
3:30kernels right and well that’s harvesting
3:33and you can’t Harvest on the Sabbath now
3:36it might seem like kind of a trivial
3:37thing but in reality the fact that the
3:40Pharisees brought this up it’s deadly
3:42serious because the the punishment for
3:45being a Sabbath breaker in Israel is
3:50okay so this was not a small thing then
3:53you get to chapter chapter 12 verse 22
3:56and Jesus heals a guy that drives a
4:00demon out let me let me read this to you
4:03chapter 12 verse 22 then they brought
4:07him a demon-possessed man who was blind
4:09and mute and Jesus healed him so that he
4:12could both talk and see and all the
4:16people were astonished and said could
4:18this be the son of David that’s code
4:20talk for the Messiah right but the
4:22Pharisees you can just see them doing
4:25right but the Pharisees when they heard
4:27this they said it is only by bials above
4:30the prince of demons that this fellow
4:32drives out demons
4:35so Jesus is literally
4:37setting people free from bondage to the
4:40devil the type of bondage that you see
4:42it like in the movie The Exorcist right
4:44where somebody is literally possessed by
4:47a demon and they see the Miracles they
4:50don’t deny that he’s performing them but
4:52they say he’s doing this by the power of
4:54the Devil Himself right then a little
4:57bit later in the same chapter it says
4:59this then some of the Pharisees and
5:01teachers of the law said to him teacher
5:03we want to see a miraculous sign from
5:06what has Jesus been doing
5:09he’s been healing people he’s been
5:11feeding multitudes he’s been giving
5:13sight to the blind he’s been driving
5:15demons out of people and they come along
5:17and they say it’s not enough show us a
5:21right so Jesus answered a wicked and
5:24adulterous generation asked for a
5:26miraculous sign but none will be given
5:28to it except for the sign of the prophet
5:30Jonah for as Jonah was three days and
5:32three nights in the belly of a huge fish
5:34so the son of man will be three days and
5:36three nights in the heart of the Earth
5:38the men of Nineveh now this gets really
5:40fun it gets real personal right because
5:42remember the story of Jonah Jonah was
5:44sent to Nineveh Nineveh by the way think
5:46of them as like the ultimate terrorist
5:48Nation if you would okay their armies
5:51were so cruel and so brutal that if you
5:52were conquered by them and you were
5:55unfortunate enough to actually survive
5:57the military encounter they would bury
5:59you in the Sands of the desert out there
6:01up to your neck and let you starve to
6:03death you know and die that way it’s
6:06just just brutal guys I mean and the
6:08ninevites they were not Jewish boys they
6:10were pagans they worshiped false gods
6:12and so Jesus kind of throws down here he
6:16says the men of Nineveh you have those
6:18Pagan guys they will stand up at the
6:20Judgment with this gen generation and
6:21they will condemn it
6:25yeah this is not good right you know so
6:29this is like this is the equivalent of
6:31saying that on the day of judgment the
6:33Nazis are going to rise up and they’re
6:35going to condemn the United States
6:36that’s kind of like you know in the
6:38ballpark of what Jesus is saying here
6:40all right men of Nineveh so you kind of
6:43get the idea Jesus is now experiencing
6:46in his ministry full on persecution
6:50unbelief it’s it’s unbridled and so
6:53Jesus’s solution is not to make his
6:56teaching more easy to understand
6:59nope Jesus’s solution to this type of
7:02unbelief is to make his preaching to be
7:05almost impossible to understand
7:08that’s what’s really going on so that
7:11brings us then into chapter 13. the
7:14context is growing hostility to Jesus
7:17and his message that Jesus begins
7:20teaching in in Parables as you’re about
7:22to see Jesus didn’t teach in Parables to
7:24make his teaching more understandable
7:25this is what I said he taught in
7:26Parables to make his teaching impossible
7:28for some to understand and Matthew
7:31chapter 13 verses 10 through 17 you’ll
7:33notice that’s the section that God
7:34omitted from today’s pericope let me
7:37read this to you okay so Jesus tells the
7:39story of the of the soils right there’s
7:40good soil there’s bad soil there’s rocks
7:42there’s weeds and all this kind of stuff
7:43and everyone goes
7:45what we don’t get it so the disciples
7:48come to him they say
7:49why are you speaking to the people in
7:51Parables right and Jesus replied
7:54get this the knowledge of the secrets of
7:57the Kingdom of Heaven has been given to
7:59you but not to them Whoever has will be
8:04given more and he will have an abundance
8:06whoever does not have even what he has
8:08will be taken from him this is why I
8:10speak to them in Parables here it is
8:12though seeing they do not see
8:18though seeing they do not see though
8:20hearing they do not hear or understand
8:23in them is fulfilled the prophecy of
8:25Isaiah you will be ever hearing but
8:27never understanding you will be ever
8:29seeing but never perceiving for this
8:31people’s hearts has become calloused
8:33they hardly hear with their ears they
8:36have closed their eyes otherwise they
8:39might see with their ears hear see with
8:43their eyes hear with their ears
8:44understand what their hearts and turn
8:45and I would heal them but blessed are
8:47your eyes because they see your ears
8:49because they hear if I tell you the
8:51truth many prophets and righteous men
8:53long to see what you see but did not see
8:55it and to hear what you hear but did not
8:57hear it so did you catch that Jesus’s
9:00parables are designed to make his
9:02teachings to be almost impossible to
9:06so now notice also this that Matthew
9:09assumes that you are a disciple
9:13he assumes that you believe in Jesus he
9:16assumes that you want to know the
9:18secrets of the kingdom of God so he’s
9:21going to give you the inside skinny he’s
9:23going to give you the inside scoop what
9:24the disciples got to hear as to what the
9:27parable means he is going to share that
9:29with you with the belief that you really
9:31want to understand these things that you
9:33do not want to be one of those people
9:35who is ever seeing but never perceiving
9:38ever hearing but never understanding
9:40that’s the Assumption right
9:42so listen then to what the parable of
9:45the sower means Jesus gives us the
9:47interpretation no guessing
9:52guessing Okay and by the way this little
9:54crib sheet that gives us the definition
9:55uh the interpretation of The Parables
9:58gives us the understanding of how then
10:01to unpack the future Parables that we’ll
10:03get to over the summer all right so here
10:05we go listen then to what the parable of
10:08the sower means when anyone hears the
10:11message about the kingdom and does not
10:13understand it the evil one comes and
10:16snatches away what was sown in his heart
10:18this is the seed sown along the path
10:22which then begs the question
10:25what is the message of the Kingdom
10:27that Jesus wants us to hear
10:30what is the message of the Kingdom
10:32do you all remember the preaching of
10:34John the Baptist what was his message
10:39for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand
10:41now what was Jesus’s message after he’s
10:43baptized and he’s had his little
10:45encounter with the devil in the
10:48for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand of
10:51course the kingdom of heaven was at hand
10:53the King was present right and so the
10:56message of the kingdom is a message of
10:58repentance repentance from sin turning
11:02to God being forgiven this is the
11:04message of the Kingdom Paul summarizes
11:07the message this way in First
11:09Corinthians chapter 15. here’s what he
11:11says now Brothers I want to remind you
11:13of the Gospel the good news that I
11:15preached to you which you received and
11:16on which you have taken your stand by
11:20this good news you are saved if you hold
11:23firmly to the word that I preached to
11:25you otherwise you have believed in vain
11:27for what I received I pass on to you as
11:29a first importance that Christ died for
11:33our sins according to the scriptures
11:35that he was buried that he was raised on
11:37the third day according to the
11:38scriptures and that he appeared to Peter
11:40and then to the twelve
11:42that’s right
11:43the message of the kingdom is that
11:45Christ died for our sins a good summary
11:49of this is found in the Nicene Creed you
11:51want to know what the message of the
11:53kingdom is well here’s its Anthem it’s
11:55an old one I like old things I believe
11:58in one God the Father the almighty the
12:01maker of heaven and Earth and of all
12:02things visible and invisible ah the
12:04message of the Kingdom begins with the
12:06pronouncement that we are created by God
12:08right we’re not accidents we didn’t
12:11evolve from monkeys
12:13we are here because God made us
12:17that’s right
12:19and in one Lord Jesus Christ the only
12:23begotten Son of God begotten of his
12:25father before all worlds God of God
12:28that’s who Jesus is he’s God of God
12:30light of light very God of very God he’s
12:32begotten not made being of what
12:34substance with the father by whom all
12:36things were made and here’s the fun part
12:38who for us men
12:40and for our salvation
12:43that’s right
12:44the message of the kingdom of God is the
12:47good news that God became man for us and
12:51for our Salvation in other words we find
12:54ourselves in dire need of being saved
12:58now the question is saved from what what
13:01are we being saved from a bad hair day
13:04are we being saved from Financial ruin
13:07are we being saved from a toxic
13:11what are we being saved from
13:13the answer is the wrath of God
13:17that’s what we’re being saved from and
13:19you’re saying
13:20but God is love you mean what do you
13:22mean the the the wrath of God
13:27the wrath of God against your sin
13:31you were born dead and trespasses and
13:33sins you were born a child of the devil
13:37and weekly daily hour by hour minute by
13:40minute you do not love God with your
13:42whole heart you do not love your
13:44neighbor as yourself
13:46and what does this earn you
13:49well God’s justice demands an eternity
13:51and hell for this Rebellion
13:56as the Nicene Creed correctly summarizes
13:58scripture the only begotten Son of God
14:01who for us men and for our Salvation he
14:04came down from heaven he was incarnate
14:07by the Holy Spirit of the Virgin Mary
14:09and he was made man and he was crucified
14:13for us under Pontius Pilate
14:16he suffered he was buried and the third
14:19day he rose again according to the
14:20scriptures and ascended into heaven and
14:22sits at the right hand of the father and
14:24he will come again with glory to judge
14:25both the living and the dead
14:28so the message of the kingdom is all
14:31about the King Jesus Son of David Son of
14:35God born of the Virgin Mary who for us
14:37men for our Salvation came down was
14:40crucified for us
14:45and believe this good news
14:47whereas Ephesians chapter 2 summarizes
14:50it says this as for you you’re talking
14:53to Christians you you were dead in your
14:56trust transgressions and sins in which
14:58you used to live when you followed the
15:00ways of this world and the ruler of the
15:02kingdom of the air the spirit who is now
15:04at work and those who are disobedient
15:05all of us lived among them at one time
15:08gratifying the Cravings of our sinful
15:10nature and following its desires and
15:12thoughts and like the rest all of
15:15mankind we were by nature objects of
15:21it doesn’t matter if you were born in
15:23the in the United States of America
15:25Canada the United Kingdom Papua New
15:28Guinea it doesn’t matter each and every
15:30one of us descendants of Adam and Eve
15:32were born dead in transgressions and
15:34sins and were by Nature
15:38objects of God’s Wrath
15:42but and here’s the fun part I always
15:44like the word but okay remember this but
15:47is one of these words that has this
15:49funny little thing that it does it has a
15:51tendency to erase the things that were
15:53coming that came right before it right
15:56we were by nature of objects of God’s
15:58Wrath but oh good we can get rid of that
16:01right how
16:04here’s what it says but because of his
16:06God’s great love for us God who is rich
16:08in Mercy he has made us alive with
16:11Christ and even when we were dead in
16:13trans and transgressions It Is by Grace
16:16you have been saved that’s right God is
16:19merciful and he’s gracious even to
16:21somebody as rotten as me as rotten as
16:24you right an object of God’s Wrath and
16:27God has raised us up with Christ and has
16:29seated us with him in Heavenly Realms in
16:31Christ Jesus in order that in the coming
16:33ages he might show the incomparable
16:36Riches of his grace expressed in his
16:38kindness to us in Christ Jesus that’s
16:41right Jesus is the ultimate expression
16:43of God’s love and kindness for us
16:45sinners for it is by Grace you have been
16:47saved and it is through faith and it is
16:48not from yourselves
16:51it’s not from you this is the gift of
16:53God it’s not by work so that no one can
17:00age of the Kingdom right
17:02it’s the message and so here we are
17:04we’re learning this Parable when the
17:06message of the kingdom comes okay the
17:09sower sows out this good seed the seed
17:11of the Gospel the good news the
17:13Forgiveness of sins one by Jesus God’s
17:15love and mercy and some of this good
17:18news Falls along a path
17:21and the person says
17:24I’m a good person
17:26I don’t need a crucified and Risen
17:27Savior I don’t like the idea of Blood on
17:29the cross and and you’re saying that God
17:32has wrath and um right
17:38so the good news of the Kingdom falls on
17:41the hard path it’s like cement right
17:45and there it is
17:48and Along Comes The Devil just like the
17:50birds the gospel then becomes bird food
17:53and the Satan takes that quick get that
17:55gospel out of there right
17:57because Satan knows if he doesn’t get
17:59rid of that gospel you know even seed
18:02has this weird way of growing in the
18:05strangest places even in cement you see
18:07it finds the cracks and finds the soil
18:09and starts to take root Satan knows
18:11that’s dangerous stuff why because Satan
18:14doesn’t want you to believe and trust in
18:17Jesus for the Forgiveness of your sins
18:19his desire is for you to spend eternity
18:22in hell with him in the Lake of Fire and
18:25he knows that that gospel message that
18:28good news if it takes root oh no
18:32you might actually be brought to
18:34penitent faith in Jesus for the
18:36Forgiveness of your sins it comes and
18:37takes it away right
18:39so that’s one soil okay
18:44the one who received the seed that fell
18:47on Rocky places is a rock by the way you
18:49Farmers out here are rocks good to have
18:51in your field
18:53no okay just checking I just want to
18:55make sure you know I I’ve never farmed
18:56okay I’m assuming it’s bad okay the one
18:59who received the seed that fell on Rocky
19:01places is the man who hears the word and
19:03it once receives it with joy
19:06but since he has no root he lasts only a
19:09short time when trouble or persecution
19:12comes because of the word he quickly
19:13Falls away this is the person who well
19:17for lack of a better way of putting it
19:19is into emotionalism okay notice he
19:22receives it with joy there’s an
19:24emotional response
19:26but see Jesus wants to do more in you
19:29than just give you a happy feeling
19:32a feeling of joy
19:34the Christian Life is one of suffering
19:36it’s difficult it’s hard and so the
19:38Christian Life engages both heart and
19:41mind the two work together and if you’re
19:44chasing after the latest emotional
19:46experience then what happens is that the
19:49roots of the Gospel don’t go deep and
19:51then when persecution arises somebody
19:54says oh you’re one of those Christians
19:55that means that you’re just a hater you
19:58hate gay people and things like this
20:00right okay and you say well that doesn’t
20:02make you feel good and so what do you do
20:04you Chuck the faith because it no longer
20:07makes you feel happy
20:09that’s what it means to not have any
20:13here’s the more thorny one if you would
20:16pun intended
20:17the one who received the seed that fell
20:19among the Thorns or the weeds is the man
20:21who hears the word but were the worries
20:24of this life and the deceitfulness of
20:26wealth choke it and make it unfruitful
20:30now let’s get practical here
20:32you all remember catechism you know
20:35growing up remember you had to learn
20:36Luther’s small catechism third
20:39you shall sanctify the holy day right
20:43what does this mean hair Luther writes
20:46we should fear love and love God so that
20:49we may not despise preaching in his word
20:51but hold it sacred and gladly hear and
20:55learn it Third Commandment right you all
20:57remember this from being your catechism
21:01question I have for you when you come to
21:03come to church
21:04do you begin looking at your watch six
21:07minutes into the sermon
21:09did you begin rolling your eyes at the
21:1112-minute Mark
21:13at 15 minutes to begin seething because
21:16you believe the preacher’s wasting your
21:21do you have eyes but do not see do you
21:23have ears but do not hear what is more
21:26important at this moment than for you to
21:28hear and receive the word of God
21:31the weeds and the cares of this world
21:33are choking out the word and rather than
21:36despise the weeds you are instead
21:39cultivating them why would you do such a
21:42thing don’t you know that the weeds are
21:44going to be burned up on the day when
21:46Jesus returns to judge the living and
21:48the dead are you really so foolish that
21:50you would despise the treasure that is
21:52God’s word for a bunch of weeds
21:56now let’s look at some of those weeds
21:58for a second
21:59some of you might be saying but but
22:00preacher I’ve got important business to
22:03tend to today
22:06as you have pertaining to your business
22:07and you cannot spare more than 15
22:09minutes on a Sunday to hear God’s word
22:13sounds like you’ve made your business or
22:15the pursuit of wealth into an idol
22:18repent or you may burn along with your
22:21riches by the way it’s not an accident
22:22there’s only two times that Jesus talks
22:24about wealthy people the wit the rich
22:27man and also the guy who was a farmer
22:30who was saying oh it’s been great I’m
22:32going to sit here and look over the
22:33blueprints of my new Silo my grain I’m
22:36going to store all kinds of grain I’m
22:37going to take it easy and that day his
22:39life was demanded of him in both senses
22:42the rich persons ended up in hell
22:46it is easier for a camel to go through
22:49the eye of a needle
22:50than for a rich man to be pulled into
22:52heaven right
22:55so if your wealth your business your
22:58farm whatever it is that you do for a
23:00living is more important than actually
23:02sitting and hearing Christ’s word
23:05preached into your ears and the
23:07Forgiveness of sins
23:08you have an idol and that Idol cannot
23:10save you it might actually damn you
23:15the preacher football season starts in a
23:18couple of weeks and I’ve got to get home
23:19so I can watch the game and catch the
23:24um do you even hear what you’re saying
23:27did the Minnesota Vikings die for your
23:31they’re not even that great of a
23:32football team
23:37that’s right
23:39and you’ve made Jesus and his word less
23:42of a priority than a mediocre football
23:46plus they have this thing called a DVR
23:51you could buy one of those for just a
23:53few hundred bucks and then you can have
23:55your football games recorded for you and
23:58then when you get home you can actually
23:59fast forward through the commercials and
24:01stop wasting your time watching them
24:03right repent
24:06let me ask you this you who think
24:08football is more important than the
24:09hearing of God’s word do you not feel
24:11the fires of Hell burning beneath your
24:13lazy boy recliner
24:17but preacher the election is coming up
24:21and I have to get home and watch my
24:23favorite News Channel so that I can know
24:24the latest political news and strategies
24:27and things that the enemy is up to
24:30these are all weeds and they’re choking
24:33out the word of God and making it
24:34unfruitful in your life Jesus died for
24:38you and he died to save you he did not
24:41die to save the United States of America
24:46the USA doesn’t need you to sit in front
24:48of your TV watching CNN or Fox News four
24:52five six hours a day the USA needs
24:55Christians who will preach the good news
24:57of the kingdom of God and call people to
24:58repent and be forgiven by the shed blood
25:00of Jesus Christ
25:02your time is better spent in God’s word
25:04preaching and teaching others and making
25:06disciples than it is wasting your time
25:08whether on the left News Channel or the
25:11right News Channel doing this and
25:13constantly be fearing about the latest
25:14scheme that the government is up to take
25:16advantage of you
25:18turn it off open up your Bible preach
25:21the word Christ died for you he did not
25:23die for the United States of America
25:25there will be a time when this country
25:27will not exist there will be a different
25:29government in place
25:32are your roots deep enough
25:36that they could handle
25:38that kind of switch
25:44and now the last one
25:46the one who received the seed that fell
25:48on good soil is the man who hears the
25:50word and he understands it he produces a
25:52crop yielding 160 or 30 times what is
25:55sown let me ask another question the
25:57farmer’s here
25:58do any of you have any self-plowing
26:04any have they invented the self-plowing
26:06field yet
26:08okay good I didn’t think so I was a
26:10little bit worried that maybe some weird
26:12guy has come up with a self-plowing
26:13field here’s the good news
26:17each and every one of us me included in
26:18hearing these list of things about weeds
26:21and rocks and stuff like that realize
26:23there’s weeds and rocks within the soil
26:25of our own hearts
26:26but we are not called to plow up our own
26:29Fields Jesus is the one who plows up
26:31those fields he is the one who overturns
26:34the soil and he’s the one who removes
26:36the weeds he’s the one who removes those
26:38rocks so that his word can bear a
26:42right and he does it through the
26:44preaching of his word
26:45so if you heard anything that stepped on
26:49your toes today
26:51if you heard that you need to repent of
26:54something today and you realize that
26:55there’s rocks and weeds right
26:58the good news is this you’re crucified
27:00and raised and savior knows this
27:02pray to him and ask him
27:05to mercifully remove those rocks and
27:08weeds and hard places in your own life
27:11so that his word can bear fruit you do
27:13not want to be one of those who hears
27:16but doesn’t understand sees but doesn’t
27:19perceive right and the good news is that
27:22you’re crucified and Risen Savior is so
27:25hard in the phrase hell-bent on saving
27:29that he went to the Cross to die for
27:31your sins
27:32and he desires to save you and he does
27:35not want to burn you up with the weeds
27:37he suffered the burning wrath of God on
27:40the cross in your place and so even now
27:43he he will answer that prayer
27:47that says oh Lord
27:49I fear that I
27:51may be seeing but not perceiving hearing
27:53but not understanding oh Lord till up
27:56the soil of my heart
27:58set me free from sin and make it so that
28:01your word your gospel bears fruit in my
28:03life he answers that prayer and he will
28:05do so
28:06let’s pray
28:08blessed Lord since you have caused all
28:10Holy scripture to be written for our
28:12grant that we may so hear them read Mark
28:16learn and inwardly digest them that we
28:19may Embrace and ever hold fast to the
28:21Blessed hope of everlasting life through
28:23Jesus Christ your son our Lord who lives
28:25and reigns with you in the Holy Spirit
28:26one God now and forever
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