1 Year Lectionary Series for 2021-2022

Advent through the last Sunday of the church year.


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Based on LCMS

Nov. 28, 2021First S. in Advent(Ad Te Levavi)Jer. 23:5–8Psalm 24Rom. 13:(8–10)11–14Matt. 21:1–9
Dec. 5Second S. in Advent  (Populus Zion)Mal. 4:1–6Psalm 50:1–15Rom. 15:4–13Luke 21:25–36
Dec. 12Third S. in Advent (Gaudete)Is. 40:1–8(9–11)Psalm 85 1 Cor. 4:1–5Matt. 11:2–10 (11)
Dec. 19Fourth S. in Advent (Rorate Coeli)Deut. 18:15–19Psalm 111Phil. 4:4–7John 1:19–28 orLuke 1:39–56
Dec. 24 EveThe Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas Eve)Is. 7:10–14Psalm 110:1–41 John 4:7–16Matt. 1:18–25
Dec. 25 MidnightThe Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas Midnight)Is. 9:2–7Psalm 96Titus 2:11–14Luke 2:1–14
Dec. 25 DawnThe Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas Dawn)Micah 5:2–5aPsalm 80:1–7Titus 3:4–7Luke 2:(1–14)
Dec. 25 DayThe Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas Day)Ex. 40:17–21,34–38Psalm 2Titus 3:4–7John 1:1–14
Dec. 26First S. after ChristmasIsaiah 11:1–5 or2 Sam. 7:1–16Psalm 89:1–8Gal. 4:1–7Luke 2:(22–32)33–40
orSt. Stephen, Martyr2 Chron. 24:17–22Psalm 119:137–144Acts 6:8β€”7:2a, 51–60Matt. 23:34–39
Dec. 31Eve of the Circ. and Name of JesusIs. 30:(8–14)15–17Psalm 90:1–12Rom. 8:31b–39Luke 12:35–40
Jan. 1,2022Circumcision and Name of JesusNum. 6:22–27Psalm 8Gal. 3:23–29Luke 2:21
Jan. 2Second S. afterChristmasGen. 46:1–7Psalm 77:11–201 Peter 4:12–19Matt. 2:13–23
Jan. 6The Epiphany ofOur LordIs. 60:1–6Psalm 24Eph. 3:1–12Matt. 2:1–12
Jan. 9The Baptism ofOur LordJoshua 3:1–3,7–8, 13–17 orIs. 42:1–7Psalm 851 Cor. 1:26–31Matt. 3:13–17
orFirst S. a. the Epiphany1 Kings 8:6–13Psalm 50:1–15Rom. 12:1–5Luke 2:41–52
Jan. 16Second S. a. theEpiphanyEx. 33:12–23 orAmos 9:11–15Psalm 67 orPsalm 111Eph. 5:22–33 orRom. 12:6–16John 2:1–11
Jan. 23Third S. a. the Epiphany2 Kings 5:1–15aPsalm 110:1–4Rom. 1:8–17 orRom. 12:16–21Matt. 8:1–13
Jan. 30Fourth S. a. the EpiphanyJonah 1:1–17Psalm 96Rom. 8:18–23 orRom. 13:8–10Matt. 8:23–27
Feb. 6The Transfiguration of Our LordEx. 34:29–35 orEx. 3:1–14Psalm 22 Peter 1:16–21Matt. 17:1–9
Feb. 13SeptuagesimaEx. 17:1–7Psalm 95:1–91 Cor. 9:24β€”10:5Matt. 20:1–16
Feb. 20SexagesimaIs. 55:10–13Psalm 842 Cor. 11:19β€”12:9 orHeb. 4:9–13Luke 8:4–15
Feb. 27Quinquagesima1 Sam. 16:1–13 or Is. 35:3–7Psalm 89:18–29 or Psalm1461 Cor. 13:1–13Luke 18:31–43
Mar. 2Ash WednesdayJoel 2:12–19 or Jonah 3:1–10Psalm 51:1–13 (14–19)2 Peter 1:2–11Matt. 6:(1–6)16–21
Mar. 6First S. in Lent(Invocabit)Gen 3:1–21 or1 Sam. 17:40–51Psalm 32 or Psalm 118:1–132 Cor. 6:1–10 or Heb. 4:14–16Matt. 4:1–11
Mar. 13Second S. in Lent(Reminiscere)Gen 32:22–32Psalm 1211 Thess. 4:1–7 or Rom. 5:1–5Matt. 15:21–28
Mar. 20Third S. in Lent(Oculi)Ex. 8:16–24 orJer. 26:1–15Psalm 136:1–16 or Psalm 4Eph. 5:1–9Luke 11:14–28
Mar. 27Fourth S. in Lent(Laetare)Ex. 16:2–21 orIs. 49:8–13Psalm 132:8–18Gal. 4:21–31 or Acts 2:41–47John 6:1–15
Apr. 3Fifth S. in Lent(Judica)Gen. 22:1–14Psalm 43Heb. 9:11–15John 8:(42–45)46–59
Apr. 10Palm SundayProcession — —— Matt. 21:1–9 orJohn 12:12–19
Apr. 10Palm Sunday (Palmarum)Zech. 9:9–12Psalm 118:19–29 orPsalm 31:9–16Phil 2:5–11Matt. 26:1β€”27:66 orMatt. 27:11–54
Apr. 14Holy (Maundy) ThursdayEx. 12:1–14 orEx. 24:3–11Psalm 116:12–191 Cor. 11:23–32John 13:1–15(34–35)
Apr. 15Good FridayIs. 52:13β€”53:12Psalm 22 or Psalm 312 Cor. 5:14–21Note the Altar Book lists the Three-Year EpistleJohn 18:1β€”19:42
Apr. 17 SunriseThe Resurrection of Our LordIs. 25:6–9 orEx. 14:10β€”15:1Psalm 16 orThe Song of Moses and Israel1 Cor. 15:1–11 or1 Cor. 15:12–25John 20:1–18
Apr. 17The Resurrection of Our LordJob 19:23–27Psalm 118:15–291 Cor. 5:6–8 or1 Cor. 15:51–57Mark 16:1–8
Apr. 24Second S. of Easter (Quasimodo Geniti)Ezek. 37:1–14Psalm 331 John 5:4–10John 20:19–31
May 1Third S. of Easter(Misericordias Domini)Ezek. 34:11–16Psalm 231 Peter 2:21–25John 10:11–16
May 8Fourth S. of Easter (Jubilate)Is. 40:25–31 or Lam. 3:22–33Psalm 147:1–111 Peter 2:11–20 or 1 John 3:1–3John 16:16–22
May 15Fifth S. of Easter(Cantate)Is. 12:1–6Psalm 66:1–8James 1:16–21John 16:5–15
May 22Sixth S. of Easter(Rogate)Num. 21:4–9Psalm 107:1–91 Tim. 2:1–6 or James 1:22–27John 16:23–30(31–33)
May 26The Ascension ofOur Lord2 Kings 2:5–15Psalm 110Acts 1:1–11Mark 16:14–20 orLuke 24:44–53
May 29Seventh S. of Easter (Exaudi)Ezek. 36:22–28Psalm 51:1–121 Peter 4:7–11(12–14)John 15:26β€”16:4
June 5The Day of PentecostGen. 11:1–9Psalm 143Acts 2:1–21John 14:23–31
June 12The Holy TrinityIs. 6:1–7Psalm 29Rom. 11:33–36John 3:1–15(16–17)
June 19First Sundayafter TrinityGen. 15:1–6Psalm 33:12–221 John 4:16–21Luke 16:19–31
June 26Second Sundayafter TrinityProv. 9:1–10 Psalm 34:12–22Eph. 2:13–22 or1 John 3:13–18Luke 14:15–24
July 3Third Sundayafter TrinityMicah 7:18–20Psalm 103:1–131 Tim. 1:12–17 or1 Peter 5:6–11Luke 15:1–10 orLuke 15:11–32
July 10Fourth Sundayafter TrinityGen. 50:15–21Psalm 138Rom. 12:14–21 or Rom. 8:18–23Luke 6:36–42
July 17Fifth Sundayafter Trinity1 Kings 19:11–21Psalm 161 Cor. 1:18–25 or1 Peter 3:8–15Luke 5:1–11
July 24Sixth Sundayafter TrinityEx. 20:1–17Psalm 19Rom. 6:(1–2)3–11Matt. 5:(17–19)20–26
July 31Seventh Sundayafter TrinityGen. 2:7–17Psalm 33:1–11Rom. 6:19–23Mark 8:1–9
Aug. 7Eighth Sundayafter TrinityJer. 23:16–29Psalm 26Acts 20:27–38 or Rom. 8:12–17Matt. 7:15–23
Aug. 14Ninth Sundayafter Trinity2 Sam. 22:26–34Psalm 51:1–121 Cor. 10:6–13Luke 16:1–9(10–13)
Aug. 21Tenth Sundayafter TrinityJer. 8:4–12 orJer. 7:1–11Psalm 92Rom. 9:30β€”10:4 or1 Cor. 12:1–11Luke 19:41–48
Aug. 28Eleventh Sundayafter TrinityGen. 4:1–15Psalm 50:7–23Eph. 2:1–10 or1 Cor. 15:1–10Luke 18:9–14
Sept. 4Twelfth Sundayafter TrinityIs. 29:17–24Psalm 1462 Cor. 3:4–11 or Rom. 10:9–17Mark 7:31–37
Sept. 11Thirteenth S.after Trinity2 Chron. 28:8–15Psalm 32Gal. 3:15–22Luke 10:23–37
Sept. 18Fourteenth S.after TrinityProv. 4:10–23Psalm 119:9–16Gal. 5:16–24Luke 17:11–19
Sept. 25Fifteenth S.after Trinity1 Kings 17:8–16Psalm 146Gal. 5:25β€”6:10Matt. 6:24–34
Oct. 2Sixteenth S.after Trinity1 Kings 17:17–24Psalm 30Eph. 3:13–21Luke 7:11–17
Oct. 9Seventeenth S.after TrinityProv. 25:6–14Psalm 2Eph. 4:1–6Luke 14:1–11
Oct. 16Eighteenth S.after TrinityDeut. 10:12–21Psalm 34:8–221 Cor. 1:(1–3)4–9Matt. 22:34–46
Oct. 23Nineteenth S.after TrinityGen. 28:10–17Psalm 84Eph. 4:22–28Matt. 9:1–8
Oct. 30(observed)Reformation Day(Oct. 31)Rev. 14:6–7Psalm 46Rom. 3:19–28John 8:31–36 orMatt. 11:12–19
orTwentieth S.after TrinityIs. 55:1–9Psalm 27:1–9Eph. 5:15–21Matt. 22:1–14 orMatt. 21:33–44
Nov. 6 (observed)All Saints’ Day(Nov. 1)Rev. 7:(2–8)9–17Psalm 1491 John 3:1–3Matt. 5:1–12
orTwenty-first S.after TrinityGen. 1:1β€”2:3Psalm 8Eph. 6:10–17John 4:46–54
Nov. 13Twenty-second S.after TrinityMicah 6:6–8Psalm 116:12–19Phil. 1:3–11Matt. 18:21–35
Nov. 20Last S. of theChurch YearIs. 65:17–25Psalm 1491 Thess. 5:1–11Matt. 25:1–13
Nov. 24Thanksgiving DayDeut. 8:1–10Psalm 67Phil. 4:6–20 or1Tim. 2:1–4Luke 17:11–19

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