Sermon List

Pr. Chris Rosebrough | Kongsvinger Lutheran Church

SeriesDateFestivalSermonTranscriptYouTubeLectionary Scripture Passage
Series AMarch 26, 20235th Sunday in LentKeep This Up And Someone Will Get Hurt▶️John 11:1-45
Series AMarch 22, 20235th Wednesday in LentA Little Korah in Uzziah▶️2 Chronicles 26
Series AMarch 19, 20234th Sunday in LentThe Good, the Right and the True▶️John 9:1-41
Series AMarch 15, 20234th Wednesday in LentDo Not Think You Stand, Lest You Fall▶️2 Chronicles 22-24
Series ASunday, March 12, 20233rd Sunday in LentLove at First Sight📝▶️John 4:5-26
Series AWednesday March 08, 20233rd Wednesday in LentA Bad Case of Simul Justus et Pecator📝▶️2 Chronicles 17-19
Series ASunday, March 05, 20232nd Sunday in LentTwo Births, Two Resurrections and Only One Death📝▶️John 3:1-17
Series AWednesday, March 01, 20232nd Wednesday in LentA Good Start, A Bad Ending📝▶️2 Chronicles 14-16
Series ASunday, February 26, 20231st Sunday in LentHand to Hand Combat with Satan📝▶️Matthew 4:1-11
Series AWednesday, February 22, 2023Ash WednesdayPerhaps the Lord Will Relent📝▶️Matthew 6:1–6, 16–21
Series ASunday February 19, 2023Transfiguration SundayThe Word is More Certain📝▶️Matthew 17:1-9
Series ASunday, February 12, 20236th Sunday after the EpiphanyApplying the Key📝▶️Matthew 5:21-37
Series ASunday, February 05, 20235th Sunday after the EpiphanyThe Key to Unlock the Scriptures📝▶️Matthew 5:13-20
Series ASunday, January 29, 20234th Sunday After EpiphanyA Fool on the Hill?📝▶️Matthew 5:1-12
Series ASunday, January 22, 20233rd Sunday After the EpiphanyFollowing Jesus’ Example?📝▶️Matthew 4:12-25
Series ASunday, January 15, 20232nd Sunday After the EpiphanyStill Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For?📝▶️John 1:29-42
Series ASunday, January 8, 2023The Baptism of Our LordBaptismal Exchange📝▶️Matthew 3:13-17
Series ASunday, January 1, 2023Circumcision and Name of JesusFirst Blood📝▶️Luke 2:21
Series ASunday, December 25, 2022Nativity of Our LordThe Light of Grace and Truth📝▶️John 1:1-18
Series AWednesday, December 21, 20224th Wednesday of AdventDelivered from the Hand of Our Enemies📝▶️Luke 1:39-79
Series ASunday, December 18, 20224th Sunday of AdventTwo Sons of David📝▶️Matthew 1:18-25
Series AWednesday, December 14, 20223rd Wednesday of AdventNothing Will Be Impossible With God📝▶️Luke 1:26-38
Series ASunday, December 11, 20223rd Sunday of AdventA Peek at the Gift📝▶️Matthew 11:2-15
Series AThursday, December 8, 20222nd Wednesday of AdventUnto You is Born a Savior📝▶️Matthew 1:18-25
Series ASunday, December 4, 20222nd Sunday of AdventComfort for God’s People📝▶️Matthew 3:1-12
Series AWednesday, November 30, 20221st Wednesday of AdventLord I Believe, Help My Unbelief📝▶️Luke 1:5-25
Series ASunday, November 27, 20221st Sunday of AdventCursed is Everyone Who is Hanged on a Tree📝▶️Matthew 21:1-9
1 Year LectionarySunday, November 20, 2022Last Sunday of the Church YearWedding Prep for a Post-Apocalyptic World📝▶️Matthew 25:1-13
1 Year LectionarySunday, November 13, 202222nd Sunday After TrinityDenial of Forgiveness, May it Never Happen📝▶️Matthew 18:21-35
1 Year LectionarySunday, November 6, 2022All Saint’s DayAll Means All, Not Some📝▶️Matthew 5:1-12
1 Year LectionarySunday, October 30, 2022Reformation SundayAbide in Christ’s Word📝▶️John 8:31-36
1 Year LectionarySunday, October 23, 202219th Sunday After TrinityHealed Soul and Body📝▶️Matthew 9:1-8
1 Year LectionarySunday, October 16, 202218th Sunday After TrinityMissing the Full Council of the Word of God📝▶️Matthew 22:34-46
1 Year LectionarySunday, October 9, 202217th Sunday After TrinityWoe to the Selfishly Ambitious📝▶️Luke 14:1–11
1 Year LectionarySunday, October 2, 202216th Sunday After TrinityLord Over Death📝▶️Luke 7:11-17
1 Year LectionarySunday, September 25, 202215th Sunday After TrinityGod Cares For You📝▶️Matthew 6:24–34
1 Year LectionarySunday, September 18, 202214th Sunday After TrinityYour Jesus Has Healed You📝▶️Luke 17:11–19
1 Year LectionarySunday, September 11, 202213th Sunday After TrinityBlessed Are Your Eyes and Ears📝▶️Luke 10:23-37
1 Year LectionarySunday, September 4, 202212th Sunday After TrinityTasting the Complexity of Isaiah’s Prophecy📝▶️Mark 7:31-37
1 Year LectionarySunday, August 28, 202211th Sunday After TrinityFaith Is…📝▶️Luke 18:9–14
1 Year LectionarySunday, August 21, 202210th Sunday After TrinityThe Way of Peace📝▶️Luke 19:41-48
1 Year LectionarySunday, August 14, 20229th Sunday After TrinityScandalous Mercy📝▶️Luke 16:1-9
1 Year LectionarySunday, August 7, 20228th Sunday After TrinityFalse Prophets Within📝▶️Matthew 7:15-23
1 Year LectionarySunday, July 31, 20227th Sunday After TrinitySatisfied📝▶️Matthew 8:1-9
1 Year LectionarySunday, July 24, 20226th Sunday After TrinityEven More Foolish Than Starting a Land War in Asia📝▶️Matthew 5:20-26
1 Year LectionarySunday, July 17, 20225th Sunday After TrinityThe Word of the Cross is Folly Luke 5:1-11
1 Year LectionarySunday, July 10, 20224th Sunday After TrinityOvercome Evil With Good📝▶️Luke 6:36-42
1 Year LectionarySunday, July 3, 20223rd Sunday After TrinityToo Far Gone?📝▶️Luke 16:19-31
1 Year LectionarySunday, June 26, 20222nd Sunday After TrinityTrading the Eternal for the Temporal📝▶️Luke 14:15-24
1 Year LectionarySunday, June 19, 20221st Sunday After TrinityTrinity and Incarnation📝▶️Luke 16:19–31
1 Year LectionarySunday, June 12, 2022Trinity SundayTrinity and Christology📝▶️John 3:1-17
1 Year LectionarySunday, June 5, 2022Pentecost SundayFifty is the New World📝▶️John 14:23-41
1 Year LectionarySunday, May 29, 20227th Sunday of EasterTo Keep You From Falling Away📝▶️John 15:26-16:4
1 Year LectionarySunday, May 22, 20226th Sunday of EasterPrayers That Cause the Son to Stand Still📝▶️John 16:23-30
1 Year LectionarySunday, May 15, 20225th Sunday of EasterThe Helper Helps📝▶️John 16:5-15
1 Year LectionarySunday, May 8, 20224th Sunday of EasterWe Must Suffer With the Suffering Christ📝▶️John 16:16–22
1 Year LectionarySunday, May 1, 20223rd Sunday of EasterThe King of Love My Shepherd Is📝▶️John 10:11–16
1 Year LectionarySunday, April 24, 20222nd Sunday of EasterThe Most Impressive Scars… Ever!📝▶️John 20:19-31
1 Year LectionarySunday, April 17, 2022Easter SundayIn My Flesh I Will See God📝▶️Mark 16:1-8
1 Year LectionaryFriday, April 15, 2022Good FridayWhen Love and Wrath Collide📝▶️John 19
1 Year LectionaryThursday, April 14, 2022Maundy ThursdayAs I Have Loved You📝▶️John 13:1-15 & 34-45
1 Year LectionarySunday, April 10, 2022Palm SundayGod’s Word Cannot Be Broken📝▶️Matthew 26-27
1 Year LectionaryFriday, April 8, 20226th Wednesday in LentThe Big Gospel Reveal📝▶️Genesis 44-46
1 Year LectionarySunday, April 3, 20225th Sunday in LentCollision of Truth and Lies📝▶️John 8:46-59
1 Year LectionaryWednesday, March 30, 20225th Wednesday in LentDreams Fulfilled Nightmares Begun📝▶️Genesis 42-43
1 Year LectionarySunday, March 27, 20224th Sunday in LentHe Feeds Us Body and Soul📝▶️Luke John 6:1-15
1 Year LectionaryWednesday, March 23, 20224th Wednesday in LentWait▶️Genesis 40-41
1 Year LectionarySunday, March 20, 20223rd Sunday in LentWe Need a Hero▶️Luke 11:14-28
1 Year LectionaryWednesday, March 16, 20223rd Wednesday in LentTempted in Every Way▶️Genesis 39 & Luke 22
1 Year LectionarySunday, March 13, 20222nd Sunday in LentDefeating God?▶️Matthew 15:21-28
1 Year LectionaryWednesday, March 9, 20222nd Wednesday in LentA Son Dies, A Father Mourns▶️Luke 22
1 Year LectionarySunday, March 6, 20221st Sunday in LentThe Battle Belongs to the Lord▶️Matthew 4:1-11
1 Year LectionaryThursday, March 3, 2022Ash WednesdayRelenting in a Besieged City▶️Matthew 6:16-21
1 Year LectionarySunday, February 27, 2022QuinquagesimaOpening Our Eye to Understand the Scriptures▶️Luke 18:31-43
1 Year LectionarySunday, February 20, 2022SexagesimaSoiled Commandment Keeping▶️Luke 8:4-15
1 Year LectionarySunday, February 13, 2022SeptuagesimaSubtle Idolatry▶️Matthew 20:1-16
1 Year LectionarySunday, February 6, 2022The Transfiguration of Our LordTransformed▶️Matthew 17:1-9
1 Year LectionarySunday, January 23, 20223rd Sunday After the EpiphanyComing Down the Mountains▶️Matthew 8:1-13
1 Year LectionarySunday, January 16, 20222nd Sunday After the EpiphanyThe Love of the Groom for the Bride▶️John 2:1-11
1 Year LectionarySunday, January 9, 2022The Baptism of Our LordThis is My Beloved Son▶️Matthew 3:13-17
1 Year LectionarySunday, January 2, 20222nd Sunday After ChristmasTerminator Levels of Evil▶️Matthew 2:13-23
1 Year LectionarySunday, December 26, 20211st Sunday After ChristmasBy Faith Adopted and Holy Children▶️Luke 2:33-40
1 Year LectionarySunday, December 26, 2021Christmas EveChrist Didn’t Forget the Misfits▶️Matthew 1:18-25
1 Year LectionarySunday, December 19, 20214th Sunday in AdventNot Worthy▶️Matthew John 1:19-28
1 Year LectionaryWednesday, December 15, 20213rd Wednesday in AdventWhen Heaven Meets Earth: Real Men Cry▶️John 11:1-45
1 Year LectionarySunday, December 12, 20213rd Sunday in AdventJohn Sends His Disciples to Jesus▶️Matthew 11:2-11
1 Year LectionaryWednesday, December 8, 20212nd Wednesday in AdventWhen Heaven Meets Earth: Jesus Did You Know?▶️Luke 2:41-52
1 Year LectionarySunday, December 5, 20212nd Sunday in AdventHow to Stop Worrying and Love the End of the World▶️Luke 21:25-36
1 Year LectionaryWednesday, December 1, 20211st Wednesday in AdventWhen Heaven Meets Earth: Why?▶️Luke 1:26-38
1 Year LectionarySunday, November 28, 20211st Sunday in AdventRejoice Daughter of Zion▶️Matthew 21:1-9
Series BSunday, November 21, 2021Last Sunday of the Church YearRemember to Stay Awake▶️Mark 13:24-37
Series BSunday, November 14, 202125th Sunday After PentecostKick the Can▶️Mark 13:1-3
Series BSunday, November 7, 2021All Saint’s DayNever Alone▶️Matthew 5:1-12
Series BSunday, October 31, 2021Reformation SundayWho Are You Going to Listen To?▶️John 8:31-36
Series BSunday, October 24, 202122nd Sunday of PentecostThe Blind Man Who Could See▶️Mark 10:46-52
Series BSunday, October 17, 202121st Sunday of PentecostThe Poor Inherit Rest▶️Mark 10:23-31
Series BSunday, October 10, 202120th Sunday of PentecostSeek God or Else▶️Mark 10:17-22
Series BSunday, October 3, 202119th Sunday of PentecostContempt for Contempt of Salvation▶️Mark 10:2-16
Series BSunday, September 26, 202118th Sunday of PentecostWhat Christ Did NOT Say About Those Who Are Not Against Us▶️Mark 9:38-50
Series BSunday, September 19, 202117th Sunday of PentecostLost in the Circles of Selfish Ambition▶️Mark 9:30-37
Series BSunday, September 12, 202116th Sunday of PentecostChrist is our Exorcist▶️Mark 9:14-29
Series BSunday, September 5, 202115th Sunday of PentecostRightly Understanding the Necessity of Works▶️Mark 7:24-37
Series BSunday, August 29, 202114th Sunday of PentecostJesus Doesn’t Gloss Over Sin▶️Mark 7:14-23
Series BSunday, August 22, 202113th Sunday of PentecostHonoring God with Lips and Not Heart▶️Mark 7:1-13
Series BSunday, August 15, 202112th Sunday of PentecostOffensive Jesus▶️John 6:51-69
Series BSunday, August 8, 202111th Sunday of PentecostThe Journey is Too Great for You▶️John 6:35-51
Series BSunday, August 1, 202110th Sunday of PentecostSlandering God▶️John 6:22-35
Series BSunday, July 25, 20219th Sunday of PentecostThe Flood Shows God’s Wrath and Mercy▶️Mark 6:45-56
Series BSunday, July 18, 20218th Sunday of PentecostThe Lord is Our Shepherd▶️Mark 6:30-44
Series BSunday, July 11, 20217th Sunday of PentecostHerod’s Evil Conscience▶️Mark 6:14-29
Series BSunday, July 4, 20216th Sunday of PentecostThe Scandal of Weakness▶️Mark 6:1-13
Series BSunday, June 27, 20215th Sunday of PentecostThe Kindness of Christ Exemplified Mark 5:21-43
Series BSunday, June 20, 20214th Sunday of PentecostWho is This?▶️Mark 4:35-41
Series BSunday, June 13, 20213rd Sunday of PentecostA Sprig, Some Seeds and a Mustard Plant?▶️Mark 4:26-34
Series BSunday, June 6, 20212nd Sunday after PentecostParadise Re-Given▶️Mark 3:20-35
Series BSunday, May 30, 2021Holy Trinity SundayThe Unholy Made Holy▶️John 3:1-17
Series BSunday, May 23, 2021Pentecost SundayThe Spirit of Truth▶️John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15
Series BSunday, May 16, 20217th Sunday of EasterSanctified by the Word of Truth▶️John 17:11b-19
Series BSunday, May 9, 20216th Sunday of EasterGod Shows No Partiality▶️John 15:9:17
Series BSunday, May 2, 20215th Sunday of EasterThe Spirit of Anti-Christ Has Been Here for 2000 Years▶️John 15:1-8
Series BSunday, April 25, 20214th Sunday of EasterThe Good Shepherd is So Much Better than the Wolves▶️John 10:11-18
Series BSunday, April 18, 20213rd Sunday of EasterA Bar at the Folies-Bergère▶️Luke 24:36-49
Series BSunday, April 11, 20212nd Sunday of EasterThe Resurrection and Love John 20:19-31
Series BSunday, April 4, 2021Easter SundayWait… What?! What Does it All Mean?▶️Mark 16:1-8
Series BFriday, April 2, 2021Good FridayI Love it When a Plan Comes Together▶️John 19
Series BThursday, April 1, 2021Maundy ThursdayThe Cross Teaches us to Follow Christ’s Example of Humility▶️John 13:1-18, 31-35
Series BSunday, March 28, 2021Palm SundayVicarious Sin Bearer▶️Mark 14-15
Series BWednesday, March 24, 20215th Wednesday in LentWhat Have We Done?▶️Matthew 27:45-54
Series BSunday, March 21, 20215th Sunday in LentWhat Christ Accomplished in Lowliness▶️Mark 10:35-45
Series BWednesday, March 17, 20214th Wednesday in LentMishearing Jesus▶️Matthew 27:45-50
Series BSunday, March 14, 20214th Sunday in LentThe Anti-Venom to Darkness▶️John 3:14-21
Series BWednesday, March 10, 20213rd Wednesday in LentThe King Who Pardons His Enemies as His First Act in Office▶️John 19:16-21
Series BSunday, March 7, 20213rd Sunday in LentThe Gospel is Folly for Those Who Are Perishing▶️John 2:13-25
Series BWednesday, March 3, 20212nd Wednesday in LentToday You Will Be With Me In Paradise Luke 23:39-43
Series BSunday, February 28, 20212nd Sunday in LentLove of the World, an Embarrassment to Jesus▶️Mark 8:27-38
Series BWednesday, February 24, 20211st Wednesday in LentIf You’re the Son of God Come Down From the Cross▶️Matthew 27:37-44
Series BSunday, February 21, 20211st Sunday in LentWilderness Temptations and Suffering▶️Mark 1:9-15
Series BWednesday, February 17, 2021Ash WednesdayWe Need to Be Different▶️Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21
Series BSunday, February 14, 2021Transfiguration SundayYes! Listen to Jesus▶️Mark 9:2-9
Series BSunday, February 7, 20215th Sunday after EpiphanyHe Bore Our Sicknesses▶️Mark 1:21-28
Series BSunday, January 31, 20214th Sunday after EpiphanyDemons in Church?▶️Mark 1:21-28
Series BSunday, January 24, 20213rd Sunday after EpiphanyJesus Ain’t Like Jonah▶️Mark 1:14-20
Series BMonday, January 4, 20212nd Sunday after ChristmasSent To Reunite The Lost With The Father▶️Luke 2:40-52
Series BSunday, December 27, 20201st Sunday after ChristmasA Sign Opposed▶️Luke 2:22-40
Series BThursday, December 24, 2020Christmas EveThe First Glimpse of the Face of Our God▶️Luke 2:1-20
Series BSunday, December 20, 20204th Sunday in AdventThe God Who Does Everything For Us▶️Luke 1:26-38
Series BWednesday, December 16, 20203rd Wednesday of AdventJesus the Son of Scandal Matthew 1:1-6
Series BSunday, December 13, 20203rd Sunday of AdventHow Could We Not Rejoice?▶️John 1:6-8, 19-28
Series BWednesday, December 9, 20202nd Wednesday of AdventJesus the Son of Abraham▶️Matthew 1:1-6
Series BSunday, December 6, 20202nd Sunday of AdventPreparing for the Advent of Christ▶️Mark 1:1-8
Series BWednesday, December 2, 20201st Wednesday of AdventJesus the Son of David▶️Matthew 1:1, 6-11
Series BSunday, November 29, 20201st Sunday of AdventIsaiah’s Prayer of Judgement▶️Mark 11:1-10
Series ASunday, November 22, 2020Last Sunday of the Church YearThe Sheep Were Not Saved by Their Works▶️Matthew 25:31-46
Series ASunday, November 15, 202024th Sunday after PentecostFrom Worthless to Children of Light▶️Matthew 25:14-30
Series ASunday, November 8, 202023rd Sunday after PentecostWe’ve All Been Virginized▶️Matthew 25:1-12
Series ASunday, November 1, 2020All Saint’s DayYou Are God’s Children NOW▶️Matthew 5:1-12
Series ASunday, October 25, 2020Reformation DayThe Reformation Continues▶️John 8:31-36
Series ASunday, October 18, 202020th Sunday after PentecostGotcha Politics and Gotcha Theology▶️Matthew 22:15-22
Series ASunday, October 11, 202019th Sunday after PentecostInvited to the Wedding Feast▶️Matthew 22:1-14
Series ASunday, October 4, 202018th Sunday after PentecostForgetting Which Past?▶️Matthew 21:33-46
Series ASunday, September 27, 202017th Sunday after PentecostBy What Authority?▶️Matthew 21:23-32
Series ASunday, September 20, 202016th Sunday after PentecostGrace Isn’t Fair▶️Matthew 20:1-16
Series ASunday, September 13, 202015th Sunday after PentecostForgive Us Our Debts As We Forgive Our Debtors▶️Matthew 18:21-35
Series ASunday, September 6, 202014th Sunday after PentecostThe Father’s Love for His Little Ones▶️Matthew 18:1-20
Series ASunday, August 30, 202013th Sunday after PentecostThe Love Genuine▶️Matthew 16:21-28
Series ASunday, August 23, 202012th Sunday after PentecostThe Faith Delivered to the Saints▶️Matthew 16:13-20
Series ASunday, August 16, 202011th Sunday after PentecostA Remnant Remaining in Christ’s Kindness▶️Matthew 15:21-28
Series ASunday, August 9, 202010th Sunday after PentecostThrough Whom All Things Were Created▶️Matthew 14:22-33
Series ASunday, August 2, 20209th Sunday after PentecostNourished in the Wilderness📝▶️Matthew 14:13-21
Series ASunday, July 26, 20208th Sunday after PentecostChrist Makes All Things Work Together for Good📝▶️Matthew 13:44-52
Series ASunday, July 19, 20207th Sunday after PentecostDifficulty Living with the Weeds📝▶️Matthew 13:24-43
Series ASunday, July 12, 20206th Sunday after PentecostWho is Going to Till the Soils?  Matthew 13:1-23
Series ASunday, July 5, 20205th Sunday after PentecostJesus is Bad for the Business of False Religion  Matthew 11:25-30
Series ASunday, June 28, 20204th Sunday after PentecostA Bad First Marriage  Matthew 10:34-42
Series ASunday, June 14, 20202nd Sunday after PentecostHis Guts Were Wrenched  Matthew 9:25-10:8
Series ASunday, June 7, 2020Trinity SundayWhen There Was No Lack  Matthew 28:16-20
Series ASunday, May 31, 2020Day of PentecostTrue Pentecostal Churches  John 7:37-39
Series ASunday, May 24, 20207th Sunday After EasterGod’s Will for Suffering  John 17:1-11
Series ASunday, May 17, 20206th Sunday After EasterA Loving Father Seeking His Lost Children  John 14:15-21
Series ASunday, May 10, 20205th Sunday After EasterSomeday the Exiles Will Return to Their Homeland  John 14:1-14
Series ASunday, May 3, 20204th Sunday After EasterThe Good Shepherd vs The Thieves and Robbers  John 10:1-10
Series ASunday, April 26, 20203rd Sunday After EasterScripture Requires Christ To Suffer  Luke 24:13-35
Series ASunday, April 19, 20202nd Sunday After EasterThe Blessed Who Have Not Seen Jesus  John 20:19-31
Series ASunday, April 12, 2020Easter SundayYour Judge Loves and Forgives  Matthew 28:1-10
Series AFriday, April 10, 2020Good FridaySee the Salvation of the LORD  John 19
Series AWednesday, April 8, 20206th Wednesday in LentThe Night of Nights  Exodus 12-14
Series ASunday, April 5, 2020Palm SundaySinful Arrogance and the Humble Savior  Matthew 26-27
Series AWednesday, April 1, 20205th Wednesday in LentThe Impotence of False Deities  Exodus 9-10
Series ASunday, March 29, 20205th Sunday in LentJesus IS the Resurrection  John 11:1–45
Series AWednesday, March 25, 20204th Wednesday in LentThe Bowls of Wrath  Exodus 7-8
Series ASunday, March 22, 20204th Sunday in LentThe Blind vs. Those Who Truly See  John 9:1–41
Series AWednesday, March 18, 20203rd Wednesday in LentThe Serpent Tyrant Rages  Exodus 5-6
Series ASunday, March 15, 20203rd Sunday in LentChrist’s Love Overcomes Sin and the Fear of Death📝▶️John 4:5-26
Series AWednesday, March 11, 20202nd Wednesday in LentGod Comes to Rescue Those Suffering in Slavery  Exodus 3-4
Series ASunday, March 8, 20202nd Sunday in LentBorn of God Means Salvation Apart From Works📝▶️John 3:1-17
Series AWednesday, March 4, 20201st Wednesday in LentMoses and The ArkExodus 1-2
Series ASunday, March 1, 20201st Sunday in LentThe Second Adam Crushes the Head of the Serpent FOR YouMatthew 4:1-11
Series AWednesday, February 26, 2020Ash WednesdayReturn to the Lord Your GodMatthew 6:1–6, 16–21
Series ASunday, February 23, 2020Transfiguration of Our LordThe Glory RoadMatthew 17:1-9
Series ASunday, February 16, 20206th Sunday after the EpiphanyChoosing LifeMatthew 5:21-37
Series ASunday, February 9, 20205th Sunday after the EpiphanyA Righteousness That Exceeds the Pharisees’Matthew 5:13-20
Series ASunday, February 2, 20203rd Sunday after the EpiphanyJesus Presented for Our PurificationLuke 2:22-32
Series ASunday, January 26, 20203rd Sunday after the EpiphanyFish Caught in the Net of the GospelMatthew 4:12-25
Series ASunday, January 19, 20202nd Sunday after the EpiphanyEvangelism is Telling People About JesusJohn 1:29-42
Series ASunday, January 12, 2020Baptism of Our Lord / 1st Sunday after the EpiphanyChaos and Darkness Undone by the Second AdamMatthew 3:13-17
Series ASunday, January 5, 20202nd Sunday After ChristmasWhy New Year’s Resolutions Don’t WorkLuke 2:40-52
Series ASunday, December 29, 20191st Sunday After ChristmasChrist Survived So that We Could Come Back From DeathMatthew 2:13-23
Series ATuesday, December 24, 20194th Wednesday in AdventFor Unto Us a Child is BornUnknown
Series ASunday, December 22, 20194th Sunday in AdventThe House of David BetrayedMatthew 1:18-25
Series ASunday, December 15, 20193rd Sunday in AdventThe Violent Take the Kingdom By ForceMatthew 11:2-15
Series AWednesday, December 11, 20192nd Wednesday in Advent Hannah’s Barren Womb Shows the Great Gospel Reversal1 Samuel 1:1-2:11
Series ASunday, December 8, 20192nd Sunday in AdventHere Comes That Crazy Repentance Preacher AgainMatthew 31:1-12
Series AWednesday, December 4, 20191st Wednesday in AdventSarah’s Barren Womb Points Us to Salvation By Grace Through FaithGalatians 4:21-31
Series ASunday, December 1, 20191st Sunday in AdventThe Humble KingMatthew 21:1-11
Series CSunday, November 24, 2019Last Sunday of the Church YearThe First Two Cases of the Day of JudgementLuke 23:27-43
Series CSunday, November 17, 201923rd Sunday After PentecostJesus’ Words Never Fall to the GroundLuke 21:5-28
Series CSunday, November 10, 201922nd Sunday After PentecostSeeing Past the Distressing DetailsLuke 20:27-40
Series CSunday, November 3, 2019All Saint’s DayThe Church Triumphant Cheering From the StandsMatthew 5:1-12
Series CSunday, October 27, 201920th Sunday After PentecostSilent in the Face of God’s LawJohn 8:31-36
Series CSunday, October 20, 201919th Sunday After PentecostWrestling with God in PrayerLuke 18:1-8
Series CSunday, October 13, 201918th Sunday After PentecostCleansed from the Leprosy of SinLuke 17:11-19
Series CSunday, October 6, 201917th Sunday After PentecostPutting Works in Their Proper PlaceLuke 17:1-10
Series CSunday, September 29, 201916th Sunday After PentecostThe Snares of RichesLuke 16:19-31
Series CSunday, September 22, 201915th Sunday After PentecostWell Done Shrewd and Mismanaging ServantLuke 16:1-15
Series CSunday, September 15, 201914th Sunday After PentecostWe’ve All Tested Positive for the Disease Called “SIN”Luke 15:1-10
Series CSunday, September 8, 201913th Sunday After PentecostThe Cost is High, Who Could Pay It?Luke 14:25-35
Series CSunday, September 1, 201912th Sunday After PentecostJesus Owned the Dinner PartyLuke 14:1-14
Series CSunday, August 25, 201911th Sunday After PentecostWe Are Not Called to Change the WorldLuke 13:22-30
Series CSunday, August 18, 201910th Sunday After PentecostDisunity SundayLuke 12:49-53
Series CSunday, August 11, 20199th Sunday After PentecostAnxieties Begone!Luke 12:22-40
Series CSunday, August 4, 20198th Sunday After PentecostThe Idolatry of StuffLuke 12:13-21
Series CMonday, July 29, 20197th Sunday After PentecostCompeting Voices RE: PrayerLuke 11:1-13
Series CMonday, July 22, 20196th Sunday After PentecostThe One Thing That is NecessaryLuke 10:38-42
Series CSunday, July 14, 20195th Sunday After PentecostIt’s Way Worse Than You Could ImagineLuke 10:25-37
Series CSunday, July 7, 20194th Sunday After PentecostThe Voice of God Through the PastorLuke 10:1-20
Series CSunday, June 30, 20193rd Sunday After PentecostJesus’ Laser Beam Focus FOR YOULuke 9:51-62
Series CSunday, June 23, 20192nd Sunday After PentecostFive Thousand Against OneLuke 8:26-39
Series CSunday, June 16, 2019Trinity SundayConfronting the Idolatry of ReasonJohn 8:48-59
Series CSunday, June 9, 2019Pentecost SundayGuarding the Words of ChristJohn 14:23-31
Series CSunday, June 2, 20197th Sunday in EasterFrom Driven Out to Beckoned BackJohn 17:20-26
Series CSunday, May 26, 20196th Sunday in EasterFrom Which God Do You Expect Good?John 5:1-9
Series CSunday, May 19, 20195th Sunday in EasterSuffering Gives Way to RejoicingJohn 16:12-22
Series CSunday, May 12, 20194th Sunday in EasterThe Good Shepherd & Fierce WolvesJohn 10:22-30
Series CSunday, May 5, 20193rd Sunday in EasterChief of Sinners Though WE BeJohn 21:1-14
Series CSunday, April 28, 20192nd Sunday in EasterRez LasagnaJohn 20:19-31
Series CSunday, April 21, 2019Easter SundayWhen Death and Life BattledLuke 24:1-12
Series CFriday, April 19, 2019Good FridayNumbered with the TransgressorsJohn 19
Series CThursday, April 18, 2019Maundy ThursdayThe Blood of the New CovenantLuke 22:7-20
Series CSunday, April 14, 2019Palm SundayBarrabbas’ CrossLuke 23
Series CWednesday, April 10, 20195th Wednesday in LentImpractical Christianity Part V1 Peter 5
Series CSunday, April 7, 20195th Sunday in LentTwo Options… Death or DeathLuke 20:9-20
Series CWednesday, April 3, 20194th Wednesday in LentImpractical Christianity Part IV1 Peter 4
Series CSunday, March 31, 20194th Sunday in LentHow Will the Prodigal Parable End?Luke 15:1-3, 11-32
Series CWednesday, March 27, 20193rd Wednesday in LentImpractical Christianity Part III1 Peter 3
Series CSunday, March 24, 20193rd Sunday in LentTake Heed Lest You FallLuke 13:1-9
Series CWednesday, March 20, 20192nd Wednesday in LentImpractical Christianity Part II1 Peter 2
Series CSunday, March 17, 20192nd Sunday in LentConstantinian JudaismLuke 13:31-35
Series CWednesday, March 13, 20191st Wednesday in LentImpractical Christianity Part I1 Peter 1
Series CSunday, March 10, 20191st Sunday in LentSecond Adam Succeeds Where We All Have FailedLuke 4:1-13
Series CWednesday, March 6, 2019Ash WednesdayGod Relents and Leaves a Gift BehindMatthew 6:1-6, 16-21
Series CSunday, March 3, 2019Transfiguration SundayMoses, The Rock and Christ’s ExodusLuke 9:28-36
Series CSunday, February 24, 20197th Sunday After EpiphanyLove Your EnemiesLuke 6:27-38
Series CSunday, February 17, 20196th Sunday After EpiphanyWoes to the Rich and Blessings to the PoorLuke 6:1-26
Series CSunday, February 10, 20195th Sunday After EpiphanySalty FishermenLuke 5:1-11
Series CSunday, February 3, 20194th Sunday After EpiphanyGod Performs His WordLuke 4:31-44
Series CSunday, January 27, 20193rd Sunday After EpiphanyThe First Day of the Year of JubileeLuke 4:16-30
Series CSunday, January 20, 20192nd Sunday After EpiphanyThe First of Jesus’ SignsJohn 2:1-11
Series CSunday, January 13, 20191st Sunday After EpiphanyBaptized Into the Son of GodLuke 3:15-22
Series CSunday, January 6, 2019EpiphanyThe Star Proclaims the King is HereMatthew 2:1-12
Series CSunday, December 30, 20181st Sunday after ChristmasIn Order to Be Like GodLuke 2:22-40
Series CSunday, December 23, 20184th Sunday in AdventWith God Nothing is ImpossibleLuke 1:39-56
Series CWednesday, December 19, 20183rd Wednesday in AdventThe Church’s MissionMatthew 28:16-20
Series CSunday, December 16, 20183rd Sunday in AdventBlessed is the One who is not OffendedLuke 7:18-28
Series CWednesday, December 12, 20182nd Wednesday in AdventThe True Marks of the Invisible ChurchMark 4:1-20
Series CSunday, December 9, 20182nd Sunday in AdventPreparing the Way of the LordLuke 3:1-14
Series CWednesday, December 5, 20181st Wednesday in AdventWhat the Church IS and is NOTEphesians 2:11-22
Series CSunday, December 2, 20181st Sunday in AdventCrossing Back Across the KidronLuke 19:28-40
Series CSunday, November 25, 201827th Sunday After PentecostThe Entire Creation Will Die…and Rise AgainMatthew 13:24-37
Series BSunday, November 18, 201826th Sunday After PentecostThe Ship is Sinking & There Will Be No SurvivorsMatthew 13:1-13
Series BSunday, November 4, 201824th Sunday After PentecostBlessed Now and ForeverMatthew 5:1-12
Series BSunday, October 28, 201823rd Sunday After PentecostYou Say You Want a ReformationMatthew 11:12-19
Series BSunday, October 21, 201822nd Sunday After PentecostGodliness With ContentmentMark 10:23-31
Series BSunday, October 14, 201821st Sunday After PentecostNo One is Good Except God AloneMark 10:17-22
Series BSunday, October 7, 201820th Sunday After PentecostWhat Did Moses Command Regarding Marriage?Mark 10:2-16
Series BSunday, September 30, 201819th Sunday After PentecostStay SaltyMark 9:38-50
Series BSunday, September 23, 201818th Sunday After PentecostCheck Your AssumptionsMark 9:30-37
Series BSunday, September 16, 201817th Sunday After PentecostHelp My UnbeliefMark 9:14-29
Series BSunday, September 9, 201816th Sunday After PentecostThe Vengeance of GodMark 7:24-37
Series BSunday, September 2, 201815th Sunday After PentecostThe Kingdom is Not a Matter of Food or DrinkMark 7:14-23
Series BSunday, August 26, 201814th Sunday After PentecostDead RitualismMark 7:1-13
Series BSunday, August 19, 201813th Sunday After PentecostThis is a Hard SayingJohn 6:51-69
Series BSunday, August 12, 201812th Sunday After PentecostYou Can’t Clean Up the Old AdamJohn 6:35-51
Series BSunday, August 5, 201811th Sunday After PentecostSanctification by Faith That Produces Works Part IJohn 6:22-35
Series BSunday, July 29, 201810th Sunday After PentecostHe Crosses Back To Set More Captives FreeMark 6:45-56
Series BSunday, July 22, 20189th Sunday After PentecostTwo Food Miracles Two Different OutcomesMark 6:30–44
Series BSunday, July 15, 20188th Sunday After PentecostHow Long O Lord Before You Avenge Our Blood?Mark 6:14–29
Series BSunday, July 1, 20186th Sunday After PentecostWhat is He Really Like?Mark 5:21–43
Series BSunday, June 24, 20185th Sunday After PentecostWhat Does it Mean to Have a God?Mark 4:35–41
Series BSunday, June 17, 20184th Sunday After PentecostNegotiating Peace Terms with the DevilMark 4:26–34
Series BSunday, June 10, 20183rd Sunday After PentecostGood and Evil: A Toxic MixMark 3:20-35
Series BMonday, June 4, 20182nd Sunday After PentecostSabbath 101Mark 2:23-28
Series BSunday, May 27, 2018Trinity SundayThe Entire Trinity Working to Save UsJohn 3:1-17
Series BSunday, May 20, 2018The Day of PentecostThe Breath of Eternal LifeJohn 15:26-27 16:4-15
Series BSunday, May 13, 2018The Ascension of Our LordFor Real, Good NewsLuke 24:44-53
Series BSunday, May 6, 20186th Sunday of EasterThe ONLY Way to Bear Fruit in ChristJohn 15:9-17
Series BSunday, April 29, 20185th Sunday of EasterThe Dynamic Duo of AbidingJohn 15:1-8
Series BSunday, April 22, 20184th Sunday of EasterA Shepherd in Sheep’s ClothingJohn 10:11-18
Series BSunday, April 15, 20183rd Sunday of EasterThat We Should Be Called Children of GodLuke 24:36-49
Series BSunday, April 8, 20182nd Sunday of EasterComfort When Anitichrists Tear the Church Apart1 John 1:1-2:2
Series BSunday, April 1, 2018Easter SundayThe Risen Jesus is No April FoolJohn 20:1-18
Series BFriday, March 30, 2018Good FridayOur Rescue Accomplished According to the PlanJohn 18-19:42
Series BThursday, March 29, 2018Maundy ThursdayCleansed by the BloodMark 14:12-26
Series BSunday, March 25, 20185th Sunday in LentThe Humble KingMark 14-15
Series BWednesday, March 21, 20185th Wednesday in LentHow Will the Story End?Lamentations 5
Series BSunday, March 18, 20184th Sunday in LentGlory Time?Mark 10:32-45
Series BWednesday, March 14, 20184th Wednesday in LentHope in ExileLamentations 4
Series BSunday, March 11, 20184th Sunday in LentImmeasurable Riches of His GraceJohn 3:14-21
Series BWednesday, March 7, 20183rd Wednesday in LentThe Gospel for Those Experiencing God’s DisciplineLamentations 3
Series BSunday, March 4, 20183rd Sunday in LentThe Folly of What We Preach1 Corinthians 1:18-31
Series BWednesday, February 28, 20182nd Wednesday in LentThe End Results of False ProphetsLamentations 2
Series BSunday, February 25, 20182nd Sunday in LentWhat Do You Believe Jesus Came to Do?Mark 8:27-38
Series BThursday, February 22, 20181st Wednesday in LentHow Lonely Sits the CityLamentations 1
Series BSunday, February 18, 20181st Sunday in LentOn Mt. Moriah it WAS Provided!Genesis 22:1-18
Series BWednesday, February 14, 2018Ash WednesdayWhy Repent?Joel 2:12-19
Series BSunday, February 11, 2018The Transfiguration of Our LordWhat is the Glory of God?Mark 9:2-9
Series BSunday, February 4, 20185th Sunday After EpiphanyYou Are Prayed ForMark 1:29-39
Series BSunday, January 28, 20184th Sunday After EpiphanyA Demon Speaking in Church?Mark 1:21-28
Series BSunday, January 21, 20183rd Sunday After EpiphanyThe First Fisher of MenMark 1:14-20
Series BSunday, January 14, 20182nd Sunday After EpiphanyVoicesJohn 1:43-51
Series BSunday, January 7, 2018EpiphanyThe Mystery Revealed to the NationsMatt 2:1-12
Series BSunday, December 31, 20171st Sunday after ChristmasFrom Slaves to SonsLuke 2:22-40
Series BSunday, December 24, 20174th Sunday of AdventWe’re Saved!Luke 1:26-38 & Luke 2:1-20
Series BSunday, December 17, 20173rd Sunday of AdventA Voice in the DarknessMark 1:6-8, 19-28
Series BWednesday, December 13, 20172nd Wednesday Advent ServiceWhat Can the Exiled Do?Psalm 102
Series BSunday, December 10, 20172nd Sunday of AdventHezikiah’s RepentanceMark 1:1-8
Series BWednesday, December 6, 20171st Wednesday Advent ServiceWe All Deserve Coal1 Peter 1:1-2:10
Series BSunday, December 3, 20171st Sunday of AdventRepentanceMark 11:1-10
Series ASunday, November 19, 201724th Sunday After PentecostJudged by Your Own WordsMatthew 25:14-30
Series ASunday, November 12, 201723rd Sunday After PentecostClearing Up the End Times ConfusionMatthew 25:1-13
Series ASunday, November 5, 2017All Saint’s DayWoe to the Theology of Self-GloryMatthew 23:1-12
Series ASunday, October 29, 2017Reformation SundayThe Reformation is Not OverMatthew 11:12-19
Series ASunday, October 22, 201720th Sunday After PentecostMalice Towards ChristMatthew 22:1-14
Series ASunday, October 15, 201719th Sunday After PentecostCome to the Wedding CelebrationsMatthew 22:1-14
Series ASunday, October 8, 201718th Sunday After PentecostWicked TenantsMatthew 21:33-46
Series ASunday, October 1, 201717th Sunday After PentecostAuthorityMatthew 21:23-27
Series ASunday, September 24, 201716th Sunday After PentecostThe Gospel Makes Us All EqualMatthew 20:1-16
Series ASunday, September 17, 201715th Sunday After PentecostForgive Our Sins as We ForgiveMatthew 18:21-35
Series ASunday, September 10, 201714th Sunday After PentecostCrooked Speech vs Godly RebukeMatthew 18:1-20
Series ASunday, September 3, 201713th Sunday After PentecostThe Walking DeadMatthew 16:21-28
Series ASunday, August 27, 201712th Sunday After PentecostLiving SacrificesMatthew 16:13-20
Series ASunday, August 20, 201711th Sunday After PentecostGreat Faith in the Most Unlikely PlaceMatthew 15:21-28
Series ASunday, August 13, 201710th Sunday After PentecostThey Worshipped HimMatthew 14:22-33
Series ASunday, August 6, 20179th Sunday After PentecostGod Feeds Israel in the WildernessMatthew 14:13-21
Series ASunday, July 30, 20178th Sunday After PentecostThree Kingdom ParablesMatthew 13:44-52
Series ASunday, July 23, 20177th Sunday After PentecostA Hope Worth Hoping ForMatthew 13:24-30, 36-33
Series ASunday, July 16, 20176th Sunday After PentecostThe Work of the WordMatthew 13:1-9, 18-23
Series ASunday, June 18, 20172nd Sunday After PentecostKingdom Rescue ExpeditionMatthew 9:35-10:20
Series ASunday, June 4, 2017PentecostTongues of FireJohn 7:37-39
Series ASunday, May 28, 2017Ascension of Our LordAscended Not DepartedLuke 24:44-53
Series ASunday, May 21, 20176th Sunday of EasterWhat Does the Resurrection Mean?John 14:15-21
Series ASunday, May 14, 20175th Sunday of EasterIn Jesus’ NameJohn 14;1-14
Series ASunday, May 7, 20174th Sunday of EasterAbundant LifeJohn 10:1-10
Series ASunday, April 30, 20173rd Sunday of EasterChrist Opened the Scriptures For UsLuke 24:13-35
Series ASunday, April 23, 20172nd Sunday of EasterDoubts Give Way to the Word of ChristJohn 20:19-31
Series ASunday, April 16, 2017Easter SundayChrist’s Resurrection is NOT Fake NewsMatthew 28:1-10
Series AFriday, April 14, 2017Good FridayThe Carpenter’s Most Satisfying WorkJohn 18-19:42
Series AThursday, April 13, 2017Maundy ThursdayThe Signs of the New CovenantJohn 13:1-17, 31-35
Series ASunday, April 9, 2017Palm SundayHis Face Set Like FlintMatthew 26-27
Series ASunday, April 2, 20175th Sunday in LentJesus is The Resurrection & LifeJohn 11:1-53
Series AWednesday, March 29, 20175th Wednesday in LentThe Beginning and EndEphesians 1:3-14
Series ASunday, March 26, 20174th Sunday in LentThe Blind See, The Seeing are BlindJohn 9
Series AWednesday, March 22, 20174th Wednesday in LentPriest Becomes SacrificeHebrews 9:11-14
Series ASunday, March 19, 20173rd Sunday in LentPrince of PeaceJohn 4:5-42
Series AWednesday, March 15, 20173rd Wednesday in LentThe Creator Joins His CreationJohn 1:1-14
Series ASunday, March 12, 20172nd Sunday in LentGetting These Texts RightJohn 3:1-17
Series AWednesday, March 8, 20172nd Wednesday in LentThe Law Giver Becomes the Law KeeperExodus 20:1-21
Series ASunday, March 5, 20171st Sunday in LentIntruder in the DustMatthew 17:1-9
Series AWednesday, March 1, 20171st Wednesday in LentBe Reconciled to GodMatthew 6:1-6, 16-21
Series ASunday, February 26, 2017Transfiguration SundayWhere Do We Find This Light?Matthew 17:1-9
Series ASunday, February 19, 20177th Sunday After the EpiphanyYou Will Be PerfectMatthew 5:38-48
Series ASunday, February 12, 20176th Sunday After the EpiphanyThe Wellspring of SinMatthew 5:21-37
Series ASunday, February 5, 20175th Sunday After the EpiphanyYou Are Light in ChristMatthew 5:13-20
Series ASunday, January 29, 20174th Sunday After the EpiphanyBlessed AreMatthew 5:1-12
Series ASunday, January 22, 20173rd Sunday After the EpiphanyThe Kingdom of Heaven is at HandMatthew 4:12-25
Series ASunday, January 15, 20172nd Sunday After the EpiphanyGod Provided the Sacrifice For UsJohn 1:29-42
Series ASunday, January 8, 2017Epiphany (Observed)Party CrashersMatthew 2:1-12
Series ASunday, January 1, 20171st Sunday After ChristmasBlessedLuke 2:21
Series ASunday, December 25, 2016Christmas DayFor Unto You a Child is BornLuke 2:1-20
Series AWednesday, December 21, 2016Midweek Advent 4God Has Visited His PeopleLuke 1:57-80
Series ASunday, December 18, 20163rd Sunday in AdventThe King of Kings is BornMatthew 1:18-25
Series AWednesday, December 14, 2016Midweek Advent 3The Great ReversalLuke 1:39-56
Series ASunday, December 11, 20162nd Sunday in AdventThe Poor Have Good News Preached to ThemMatthew 11:2-15
Series AWednesday, December 7, 2016Midweek Advent 2By Faith MaryLuke 1:24-38
Series ASunday, December 4, 20162nd Sunday of AdventWilderness PreacherMatthew 3:1-12
Series AWednesday, November 30, 2016Midweek Advent 1Believe God’s WordsLuke 1:1-23
Series ASunday, November 27, 20161st Sunday of AdventThe Dawning of the Day of the LordMatthew 24:36-44
Series CSunday, November 20, 201627th Sunday After PentecostJudgement DayLuke 23:27-43
Series CSunday, November 13, 201626th Sunday After PentecostRaise Your Heads Your Redemption is Drawing NearLuke 21:5-28
Series CSunday, November 6, 201625th Sunday After PentecostEverything You Needed to Know About the Antichrist But Were Afraid to AskLuke 20:27-40
Series CSunday, October 30, 201624th Sunday After PentecostFree IndeedJohn 8:31-36
Series CSunday, October 23, 201623rd Sunday After PentecostThe Religion of Striving vs The Religion of ReceivingLuke 18:9-17
Series CSunday, October 16, 201622nd Sunday After PentecostLonging to See one of His DaysLuke 1I:1-8
Series CSunday, October 9, 201621st Sunday After PentecostThere’s a New Temple in TownLuke 17:11-19
Series CSunday, October 2, 201620th Sunday After PentecostStumbling BlocksLuke 17:1–10
Series CSunday, September 25, 201619th Sunday After PentecostThose Who Preach Moses, the Prophets & ApostlesLuke 16:19–31
Series CSunday, August 28, 201615th Sunday After PentecostJesus Dines at the Devil’s Dinner PartyLuke 14:1–14
Series CSunday, August 21, 201614th Sunday After PentecostWill Those Who are Saved Be Few?Luke 13:22–30
Series CSunday, August 14, 201613th Sunday After PentecostThe Agony of ApostasyJeremiah 23:16–29
Series CSunday, August 7, 201612th Sunday After PentecostBy Faith = By JesusLuke 12:22–34
Series CSunday, July 31, 201611th Sunday After PentecostAn Inheritance from JesusLuke 12:13–21
Series CSunday, July 24, 201610th Sunday After PentecostWhat Prayer Is and Isn’tLuke 11:1–13
Series CSunday, July 17, 20169th Sunday After PentecostHell’s KitchenLuke 10:38–42
Series CSunday, July 10, 20168th Sunday After PentecostHe Desired to Justify HimselfLuke 10:25–37
Series CSunday, July 3, 20167th Sunday After PentecostWhere Do Christians Come From?Luke 10:1–20
Series CSunday, June 26, 20166th Sunday After PentecostFire From Heaven?Luke 9:51–62
Series CSunday, June 19, 20165th Sunday After PentecostFreed From the Dominion of DarknessLuke 8:26–39
Series CSunday, June 5, 20163rd Sunday After PentecostThe Widow’s Son Meets The Virgin’s SonLuke 7:11–17
Series CSunday, May 29, 20162nd Sunday After PentecostPrecious To HimLuke 7:1–10
Series CSunday, May 22, 2016Trinity SundayLiberation by the Great I AMJohn 14:23–31
Series CSunday, May 15, 2016Pentecost SundayThe Holy Spirit Will Teach You All ThingsJohn 14:23–31
Series CSunday, May 8, 20167th Sunday in EasterWho Sent You?John 17:20–26
Series CSunday, May 1, 20166th Sunday in EasterThe Works That Reveal Jesus’ True IdentityJohn 5:1–9
Series CSunday, April 24, 20165th Sunday in EasterWhat God Has Made Clean…Acts 11:1–18
Series CSunday, April 17, 20164th Sunday in EasterThe Good Shepherd vs. the WolvesActs 20:17–35
Series CSunday, April 10, 20163rd Sunday in EasterDéjà Vu All Over AgainJohn 21:1–19
Series CSunday, April 3, 20162nd Sunday of EasterThe Boldest Prison Break EVER!Acts 5:12–32
Series CSunday, March 27, 2016Easter SundayUtopian Imagination or Easter HopeIsaiah 65:17–25
Series CFriday, March 25, 2016Good FridayIt is Finished!John 18:1-19:42
Series CThursday, March 24, 2016Maundy ThursdayThe New CovenantLuke 22:7–20
Series CSunday, March 20, 2016Palm / Passion SundayThe Mystery of Christ’s Incarnation & SufferingPhilippians 2:5–11
Series CWednesday, March 16, 2016Midweek Lent 6They Have Washed Their Robes & Made Them WhiteRevelation 7:1–17
Series CSunday, March 13, 2016Lent 5Broken or Crushed?Luke 20:9–20
Series CWednesday, March 9, 2016Midweek Lent 4Clothed and Robed The High Priest Sprinkles BloodLeviticus 16:1–34
Series CSunday, March 6, 2016Lent 4Scandalous GraceLuke 15:1–3, 11–32
Series CSunday, February 28, 2016Lent 3Repent or You Will Likewise PerishLuke 13:1–9
Series CSunday, February 21, 2016Lent 2Prophet Business is Dangerous BusinessLuke 13:31–35
Series CWednesday, February 17, 2016Midweek Lent 1The LORD God Clothed ThemGenesis 2:5–3:21
Series CSunday, February 14, 20161st Sunday in LentIf You Are the Son of GodLuke 4:16–30
Series CWednesday, February 10, 2016Ash WednesdayCreate In Me a Clean HeartPsalm 51:1–19
Series CSunday, February 7, 2016Transfiguration SundayA Taste of Future GloryLuke 9:28–36
Series CSunday, January 31, 20164th Sunday After the EpiphanyHis Word Has AuthorityLuke 4:31–44
Series CSunday, January 24, 20163rd Sunday After the EpiphanyThose Who Murderously Desire to Silence JesusLuke 4:16–30
Series CSunday, January 17, 20162nd Sunday After the EpiphanyDo Whatever He Tells You To DoJohn 2:1–11
Series CSunday, January 3, 20162nd Sunday of ChristmasDon’t Let the Package Fool YouLuke 2:40–52
Series CSunday, December 27, 20151st Sunday of ChristmasLord, You Let Your Servant Go In PeaceLuke 2:22–40
Series CThursday, December 24, 2015Christmas EveUnto YOU is Born a SaviorLuke 2:1–20
Series CSunday, December 20, 20154th Sunday of AdventBlessed is the One Who BelievesLuke 1:39–56
Series CWednesday, December 16, 20153rd Wednesday of AdventA Glimpse Into Paradise RestoredColossians 3:1–4:18
Series CSunday, December 13, 20153rd Sunday of AdventThe King of Israel Is In Your MidstLuke 7:18–35
Series CWednesday, December 9, 20152nd Wednesday of AdventGod Has Cancelled Our DebtColossians 2:6–3:4
Series CSunday, December 6, 20151st Sunday of AdventThe Lion of Judah is On the MoveLuke 19:28–40
Series CWednesday, December 2, 20151st Wednesday of AdventHe Has Delivered UsColossians 1:1–2:7
Series CSunday, November 29, 2015First Sunday of AdventThe King Who Comes in the Name of the LordLuke 19:28–40
Series BSunday, November 22, 2015Last Sunday of the Church YearStay AwakeMark 13:1–13
Series BSunday, November 15, 2015Pentecost 25Birth Pains of the New CreationMark 13:1–13
Series BSunday, November 8, 2015Pentecost 24The Faith of the Widow of Zarephath1 Kings 17:8–16
Series BSunday, November 1, 2015Reformation Day (Observed)Reformation Day (Observed)John 8:31–36
Series BSunday, October 18, 201521st Sunday After PentecostThe Deceitfulness of RichesMark 10:23–31
Series BSunday, October 11, 201520th Sunday After PentecostNo One is Good Except God AloneMark 10:17–22
Series BSunday, October 4, 201519th Sunday After PentecostWhat God Has Joined Together…Mark 10:2–16
Series BSunday, September 27, 201518th Sunday After PentecostOne of These Little Ones Who Believe in MeMark 9:38–50
Series BSunday, September 20, 201517th Sunday After PentecostThe GreatestMark 9:30–37
Series BSunday, September 13, 201516th Sunday After PentecostLord I Believe, Help My Unbelief▶️Mark 9:14–29
Series BSunday, September 6, 201515th Sunday After PentecostEphphatha▶️Mark 7:24–37
Series BSunday, August 30, 201514th Sunday After PentecostThe True Source of Defilement▶️Mark 7:14–23
Series BSunday, August 23, 201513th Sunday After PentecostCommandments of Men or Words From God?▶️Mark 7:1-13
Series BSunday, August 16, 201512th Sunday After PentecostWalking As Children of Light▶️Ephesians 5:6–21
Series BSunday, August 9, 201511th Sunday After PentecostEat, for the Journey is Too Great for You▶️1 Kings 19:1–8
Series BSunday, August 2, 20159th Sunday After PentecostThe Bread of Life▶️John 6:22–35
Series BSunday, July 26, 20158th Sunday After PentecostHave Courage, I AM, Fear Not▶️Mark 6:45–56
Series BSunday, July 19, 20157th Sunday After PentecostJesus Feeds Far More Than 5000▶️Mark 6:30–44
Series BSunday, July 12, 20157th Sunday After PentecostThe Bondage of Sin & the Sedition of Repentance▶️Mark 6:14–29
Series BSunday, July 5, 20156th Sunday After PentecostThe Church Needs to Repent for Not Preaching Repentance▶️Mark 6:1–13
Series BSunday, June 28, 20155th Sunday After PentecostDo Not Fear, Only Believe▶️Mark 5:21–43
Series BSunday, June 21, 20154th Sunday After PentecostThe God Who Cares That We’re Perishing▶️Mark 4:35–41
Series BSunday, June 14, 20153rd Sunday After PentecostHow the Kingdom of God Grows▶️Mark 4:26–34
Series BSunday, June 7, 20152nd Sunday After PentecostThe Madness of Sin▶️Mark 3:20–35
Series BSunday, May 31, 2015Trinity SundayThe Trinity is On the Move to Save You▶️Acts 2:14a, 22–36
Series BSunday, May 24, 2015Pentecost SundayThe First Fruits of the Harvest▶️Acts 2:1–21
Series BSunday, May 17, 20157th Sunday of EasterAn Institution with Offices & Salvific Certainty▶️Acts 1:12–26
Series BSunday, May 10, 20156th Sunday of EasterGod Fulfills His Promise to the Nations▶️Acts 10:34–48
Series BSunday, May 3, 20155th Sunday of EasterThe Promise of Fruit▶️John 15:1–8
Series BSunday, April 26, 20154th Sunday of EasterThe Good Shepherd is No Hireling▶️John 10:11–18
Series BSunday, April 19, 20153rd Sunday of EasterAfter the Victory Comes Peace▶️Luke 24:36–49
Series BSunday, April 12, 20152nd Sunday of EasterWritten Against Antichrists▶️1 John 1:1–2:2 and John 20:19–31
Series BSunday, April 5, 2015EasterRisen Indeed!▶️Mark 16:1-8
Series BFriday, April 3, 2015Good FridayVictory Through Death▶️John 18:1-19:42
Series BThursday, April 2, 2015Maundy ThursdayBroken and Shed For You▶️John 13:1-17, 31-35
Series BSunday, March 29, 2015Passion SundayCrucify Him!▶️Mark 14:1–15:47
Series BWednesday, March 25, 20156th Wednesday in LentConfession & Absolution▶️John 20:19-23
Series BSunday, March 22, 20155th Sunday in LentFavored Positions Within the Kingdom▶️Mark 10:32–45
Series BWednesday, March 18, 20155th Wednesday in LentBaptism▶️Matthew 28:16-20
Series BSunday, March 15, 20154th Sunday in LentJust As Moses Lifted Up the Snake in the Wilderness▶️John 3:14–21
Series BWednesday, March 11, 20154th Wednesday in LentThe Lord’s Prayer▶️Matthew 6:5-13
Series BWednesday, March 4, 20153rd Wednesday in LentThe Apostle’s Creed▶️John 1:1-17
Series BSunday, March 1, 20152nd Sunday in LentWho Do People Say That I Am?▶️Mark 8:27–38
Series BWednesday, February 25, 20152nd Wednesday in LentThe Ten Commandments▶️Exodus 20:1–19
Series BSunday, February 22, 20151st Sunday in LentGod Will Provide the Lamb▶️Genesis 22:1–18
Series BWednesday, February 18, 2015Ash WednesdayDo Not Do Your Acts of Righteousness To Be Seen By Men▶️Matthew 6:1–6, 16–21
Series BSunday, February 15, 2015Transfiguration SundayA Peek At The Wedding Dress▶️Mark 9:2–9
Series BSunday, February 1, 20154th Sunday After the EpiphanyAuthority, True Authority▶️Mark 1:21–28 and Deuteronomy 18:15–22
Series BSunday, January 25, 20153rd Sunday After the EpiphanyThe Most Dangerous Sinner of All📝▶️Mark 1:14–20 and Jonah 3:1–5, 10
Series BSunday, January 18, 2015Baptism of Our LordWater + Spirit = Creation📝▶️Mark 1:4–11 and Romans 6:1–11
Series BSunday, January 11, 2015EpiphanyHerod the Unwise📝▶️Matthew 2:1–12
Series BSunday, December 28, 20141st Sunday After ChristmasReady to Die📝▶️Luke 2:22–40
Series BWednesday, December 24, 2014Christmas EveFor Unto You is Born a Savior📝▶️Isaiah 9:2–7, Titus 2:11–14, Luke 2:1–20
Series BWednesday, December 17, 20143rd Wednesday of AdventJesus, Saved From the Lions Den?📝▶️Daniel 6:1–27 and Acts 8:26–35
Series BSunday, December 14, 20143rd Sunday of AdventOn Jordan’s Bank the Baptist Cry📝▶️John 1:6–8, 19–28
Series BWednesday, December 10, 20142nd Wednesday of AdventTo Him All The Prophets Bear Witness📝▶️Acts 10:1–43 and Luke 24:13–27
Series BSunday, December 7, 20142nd Sunday of AdventA Voice in the Wilderness📝▶️Mark 1:1–8
Series BWednesday, December 3, 20141st Wednesday of AdventThe One Whom the Prophets Longed to See📝▶️1 Peter 1:1–12 and Matt 13:10–17
Series BSunday, November 30, 20141st Sunday of AdventBlessed is the Coming Kingdom of Our Father David!📝▶️Mark 11:1–10
Series ASunday, November 23, 2014Last Sunday of the Church YearAll Good Things Must Come To An End?📝▶️Matthew 25:31–46
Series ASunday, November 16, 20142nd To Last Sunday of the Church YearLike a Thief In the Night📝▶️1 Thessalonians 5:1–11
Series ASunday, November 9, 201421st Sunday After PentecostOil For Our Lamps📝▶️Matthew 25:1-13
Series ASunday, November 2, 2014All SaintsBlessed are the Who?📝▶️Matthew 5:1-12
Series ASunday, October 19, 201420th Sunday After PentecostLip Service Religion📝▶️Matthew 22:15–22
Series ASunday, September 28, 201416th Sunday After PentecostAuthority📝▶️Matthew 18:21–35
Series ASunday, September 21, 201415th Sunday After PentecostThe Last Will Be First📝▶️Matthew 20:1–16
Series ASunday, September 14, 201414th Sunday After PentecostForgiven to Forgive📝▶️Matthew 18:21–35
Series ASunday, September 7, 201413th Sunday After PentecostThe Greatest in the Kingdom📝▶️Matthew 18:1–20
Series ASunday, August 31, 201412th Sunday After PentecostThe One Who Took Up His Cross For Us📝▶️Matthew 16:13–28
Series ASunday, August 24, 201411th Sunday After PentecostThe Tenacious Faith of a Dog📝▶️Matthew 15:21–28
Series ASunday, August 17, 201410th Sunday After PentecostSaved From the Fiery Furnace📝▶️Daniel 3
Series ASunday, August 10, 20149th Sunday After PentecostTruly Jesus is the Son of God📝▶️Matthew 14:22–33
Series ASunday, August 3, 20148th Sunday After PentecostThe Scriptures Are About Jesus📝▶️Matthew 14:13–21
Series ASunday, July 27, 20147th Sunday After PentecostBlood Bought Treasure📝▶️Matthew 13:44–52
Series ASunday, July 20, 20146th Sunday After PentecostWeeds or Wheat?📝▶️Matthew 13:24–30, 36–43
Series ASunday, July 13, 20145th Sunday After PentecostWeeds, Stones & The Word📝▶️Matthew 13:1–9, 18–23
Series ASunday, July 6, 20144th Sunday After PentecostSold As A Slave to Sin📝▶️Romans 7:14–25a
Series ASunday, June 29, 20143rd Sunday After PentecostNot Peace But A Sword📝▶️Matthew 10:34-42
Series ASunday, June 22, 20142nd Sunday After PentecostThe wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life📝▶️Romans 6:12–23
▶️ = YouTube video | 🔊 = downloadable audio file | 📝 = transcript (auto-generated English from YouTube)

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