Sermon Transcript – A Bad Case of Simul Justus et Pecator

Series A – Third Wednesday in Lent – Wednesday March 08, 2023 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:22Now because of the
0:29length of the text that I will be preaching from I will not be reading it in its entirety instead we are going to
0:36be looking to right now highlights from Second Chronicles chapters
0:4217 18 and 19.
0:48Jehoshaphat asa’s son reigned in his place and strengthened himself against
0:54Israel he placed forces in all the Fortified cities of Judah and set garrisons in the land of Judah and in
1:01the cities of Ephraim that ASA his father had captured the Lord was with
1:06Jehoshaphat because he walked in the earlier ways of his father David he did
1:12not seek the balls but sought the god of his father and walked in his
1:17Commandments and not according to the practices of Israel therefore the Lord established the kingdom in his hand and
1:24all Judah brought tribute to Jehoshaphat and he had great riches and honor his
1:29heart was courageous in the ways of Yahweh and furthermore he took the high places and the ashirim out of Judah
1:38chapter 18. now Jehoshaphat had great riches and honor and he made a marriage
1:44alliance with ahav after some years he went down to ahav in Samaria and a half
1:50killed an abundance of sheep and oxen for him and for the people who were with him and induced him to go up against
1:57ramoth Gilead ahav king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat king of Judah will you go
2:03with me to raymoth Gilead he answered him I am as you are my peoples as your
2:08people we will be with you with you in one it with you in the War Chapter 19.
2:16Jehoshaphat the king of Judah returned in safety to his house in Jerusalem but
2:22jehu the son of hanani the Seer went out to meet him and said to King Jehoshaphat should you help the wicked and love
2:29those who hate Yahweh because of this wrath has gone out against you from
2:35Yahweh nevertheless some good is found in you for you destroyed the asheroth
2:40out of the land and have set your heart to seek God O Lord have mercy on us thanks be to God
2:49in the name of Jesus Amen so as we work our way through portions of the book of
2:56second chronicles we’re looking at good Kings by the way it’s jehoshaphats a
3:01good King as good Kings go but the one thing I can say about Jehoshaphat is
3:07that he suffers from the same thing you and I suffer from a really bad case of
3:12simil Eustis at picature sounds terrible right simul Eustis epicator that’s a
3:18Latin phrase that means simultaneously Justified and sinner at the same time
3:23the Apostle Paul describes this lamentable condition in Romans chapter 7
3:28when he says to this effect the good that I don’t want to do I don’t do the evil that I don’t want to do I keep on
3:35doing right and then he asks the question who will deliver me from this body of death Jehoshaphat does some
3:42really good stuff and Jehoshaphat does some horrifyingly terrible bad stuff in
3:49fact it’s not until after he dies that you’d learn just how horrible it really
3:55is well we’re going to work our way through this story because it’s really good all right so if second Chronicles
4:02chapter 17 King ASA who we looked at last week he’s dead his son Jehoshaphat
4:08has now ascended to the throne he’s the freshly anointed king of Judah keep in
4:14mind Israel’s in the northern kingdom and they’re steeped in idolatry and a
4:19little bit of historical note here I always will pronounce his name hebraically correct his name is ahav
4:27it’s not Ahab okay Ahab is from from from you know from Florida you know but
4:33ahav he’s you know he’s he’s from he’s from Israel right and you’ll remember Ahab ahav he’s married to one of the
4:41most notorious villains in all of scripture Jezebel
4:47let me remind you Jezebel’s father was a priest to ba’al and Jezebel her name in
4:55Hebrew means princess of all okay she is uh just uh you know as as that goes
5:02she’s as icky as they get I mean she puts some Disney Princesses to shame I would say Maleficent doesn’t have
5:08anything on Jezebel I mean that’s how Wicked this woman is and keep in mind
5:15ahav and Jezebel they have had children and one of their children is a Girl by
5:21the name of the Thalia and Nathalia will come into play here so keep this in mind so as we read here so the freshly minted
5:30king of Judah he strengthened himself and note the words against Israel
5:35remember in last week’s sermon when we looked at King ASA God had to well
5:40actually ASA had him used a political strategy and Intrigue in order to undo
5:47to the the uh the store had the the Fortified City that the king of Israel
5:52had set up and God rebuked him for this because he didn’t trust God to deliver him from the king of Israel so
5:58Jehoshaphat first thing he does because you know tensions are running pretty high between the northern kingdom and
6:04the southern Kingdom he goes about preparing for the inevitable war with
6:11the northern kingdom so he placed forces in the all the Fortified cities of Judah he set garrisons in the land of Judah
6:18and the cities of Ephraim that ASA his father had captured and Yahweh was with Jehoshaphat because he walked in the
6:24earlier ways of his father David he did not seek the balls but sought the god of
6:30his father and he walked in his Commandments and not according to the practices of Israel therefore Yahweh
6:38established the kingdom in his hand and all Judah brought tribute to Jehoshaphat and he had great riches and honor his
6:44heart was courageous in the ways of Yahweh and furthermore he took the high places in the asharim out of Judah then
6:53he goes about doing something that I think is quite brilliant his faith comes
7:00by hearing hearing through the word of Christ and Jehoshaphat is a man of the Bible listen to what he does next this
7:07reform is brilliant in the third year of his Reign he sent his officials Ben hael
7:13Obadiah Zechariah Nathaniel and mikhaya to teach the cities of Judah and with
7:19them the Levites shamaya nathania Nathaniel zabadaya asahel
7:28ahmath jahanathan Adana
7:36and the with these the Levites and the
7:41priestram and they taught in Judah having the book of The Law of the Lord
7:47with them and they went about through all the cities and taught among the people
7:53so they took the Bible commissioned a bunch of guys and they
7:58sent them throughout Judah with this task preach the word all right so far so
8:04good I’m liking this King okay but here’s the thing I can tell you this is that the Bible always takes great pains
8:11to take somebody who’s looking good and then show us their seedy underbelly okay
8:17because you’ll note that each and every one of us we’re Sinners David was a sinner a great Sinner and yet a man of
8:24great faith Jehoshaphat great man of Faith but he’s also a sinner so this is
8:30all going to come come to ruse give it a moment here while we still work through the good bits so the fear of the Lord
8:36fell upon all the kingdoms of the lands that were around Judah and they made no war of Jehoshaphat so anybody who was
8:43making designs on Judas thought better of it in the you know no way uh we we fear Yahweh too much some of the
8:50Philistines they even brought Jehoshaphat presence of silver for tribute and the Arabians also brought
8:56him 7 700 Rams 7 700 goats and
9:02Jehoshaphat grew steadily greater and greater he built in Judah fortresses and
9:08store cities and he had large supplies in the cities of Judah he had soldiers Mighty Men of Valor in Jerusalem and and
9:15then well 14 through 19 just explains all the different men the men of valor
9:23and the military might that he had and let’s just say it’s impressive even by
9:29today’s standards right so far so good
9:36for chapter 18. here it comes let me kind of explain it
9:42this way okay have you noticed that we human beings although we are Christians sometimes we
9:50think we know better than God okay let me give you an example okay so I’ve been
9:56a artist critic of the purpose-driven and secret driven churches right because
10:01what do they do they go out and they ask pagans rank pagan people who don’t
10:07believe in God uh how come you don’t go to church it’s boring they respond oh
10:13really what do you think’s boring about it I don’t like hearing Bible okay don’t like Bible what else do you not like I
10:18don’t like hearing hymns they’re stuffy and old and and they sound like dirges okay no hymns no Bible okay and what
10:26would you prefer a smoke and light show with a band and a guy in skinny jeans okay we can do that right and so what do
10:32they do so the in the name of growing the church they put the world in charge
10:39okay which makes no sense okay because it’s not not our clever marketing
10:46methods that that grow the church what grows the church the word of God right so you’ll note that we human beings are
10:53prone to well thinking that we know better than God so let me let me let me
10:58give you the problem here before we explain it from the text all right so um I although I do not live in Europe I am
11:05familiar with European history and the one thing I can say about the royal families of Europeans they’re all
11:13interrelated okay they’re all family why because somebody somewhere a long time
11:19ago came up with this idea if that if you have two kingdoms that are in Conflict a simple way to solve the
11:27conflict is you take the the Crown Prince of one of the kingdoms and have
11:33him marry a princess from the other Kingdom and the two come together and
11:38it’s all about love right the the happy couple they enjoy each other’s company
11:43and everyone goes how could we go to war with each other because oh it would just break the heart of our of the queen and
11:51the King you know and stuff like this so right so what do they do they enter marry for political reasons and for
12:00reasons that gain political bonus points if you would so Judah and Israel are in
12:08conflict with each other what better idea thinking the way the
12:13world thinks than have the Crown Prince of Judah marry a princess from the house
12:19of ahav I mean it’s it sounds like a perfect way to avert war and conflict
12:25and bloodshed because I mean after all all we need is love love is all we need and then the Beatles say that right so
12:33um so here’s what the text says so Jehoshaphat had great riches in honor and he made a marriage alliance with
12:40ahav just so you know the Crown Prince of Judah is a fellow by the name of
12:45jeholram and just so you know the woman he married is a Thalia okay second only to Jezebel
12:54as far as wicked women of the Bible I mean wow is she up there I mean really
12:59up okay and and here’s the thing what does God’s word say about things like
13:05this a good Jewish boy is not to marry a pagan chick it doesn’t matter if it’s
13:11politically expedient or even if she’s hot okay remember what happened to Solomon right okay so athalia being the
13:20daughter of Jezebel do you think that she is a True Believer in Yahweh and
13:27that she loves the Lord her God with all of her heart soul mind and strength not even close Okay and here’s the thing is
13:36she penitent nope okay this is a this this is a formula for disaster so keep
13:43that in mind because we’ll talk about the Fallout from this at the end of the sermon so you have to stay tuned yeah
13:49the state stay tuned it gets better so for some years then okay so note here marriage Alliance jehovaham has married
13:56a Thalia and what does Jehoshaphat do he decided to make a royal visit to
14:04Israel to visit the house of ahav okay I mean after all they’re now related
14:10through marriage right you know you know they’re they’re in-laws now and so here’s what happens some years later
14:19Jehoshaphat went down to ahav in Samaria and a half so so so blessed by having
14:26Jehoshaphat come and visit killed an abundance of sheep and oxen for him and
14:31for the people who were with him and induced him to go up against ramoth Gilead he kind of went like this so so
14:37while you’re here I have an idea why don’t we go to war with Ray moth Gilly
14:43we could we could do the war together right okay they were they were just
14:48enemies just a few years ago before the wedding and now they’re going to go to
14:53war together right and so ahav the king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat king of Judah will you go with me to ramoth
15:00Gilead he answered him I am As You Are My People is your people we will be with
15:05you in the war foreign
15:12there’s a song that’s on social media and it goes and the song goes like this
15:18dumb ways to die right you know this is just one of those things you’re
15:25sitting there going what is going on Jehoshaphat you’ve sent guys throughout
15:31Judah to preach the Bible haven’t you read what you’re supposed to be doing in
15:37this circumstance right so Jehoshaphat said to the king of Israel so they’ve come together they’re
15:43going to go to war together I mean apparently it’s like playing Cricket okay they’re going to war together and
15:49so Jehoshaphat being the pious King that he is although you can tell he’s his
15:54brain is suffering from symbol used to said picature in the worst of ways uh he
16:00he says hey uh could could couldn’t we inquire first for the word of Yahweh now
16:06a little bit of previous history here if you know the history of ahav he came this close I mean this close to
16:13legitimately truly repenting and trusting in Yahweh alone for his
16:19salvation as his God okay but here’s what happened is is that
16:27rather than availing himself of listening to the true prophets of Yahweh
16:32he decided to surround himself with prophets of Yahweh that he found on
16:37YouTube okay uh that that’s pretty much the the same kind of caliber of profit
16:44that that he was listening to so in other words he he became
16:49it basically Jewish and a believer in Yahweh in like name only but according
16:56to his desires not according to the truth of God’s word right okay so so so
17:01of course Ahab has prophets that could give him the word of Yahweh right and
17:08you’ll see these guys are about as Wing that whacker doodlish as um any of the people we focused on in Prophecy bingo
17:15so the king of Israel gathered the prophets together 400 of them 400 men and he said to them shall we go to
17:23battle against ramath Gilead or shall I refrain and they said go up for God will
17:29give it give it into the hand of the king and Jehoshaphat Joseph goes you smell
17:37that it smells like sulfur to me um you sure these are prophets of God right and
17:42so Jehoshaphat said is there not here another prophet of Yahweh of whom we may
17:47inquire and the king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat well there is yet One Man by
17:53whom we may inquire of Yahweh his name is mikhaya and he’s the son of imlah but
17:59I hate him this is what Ahab ahav says I hate him for he never prophesies good
18:05concerning me but always evil in other words he speaks the truth right
18:11and so Jehoshaphat said well let not the king say so bring him in right so then
18:17the king of Israel summoned on officer and said bring quickly mikhaya the son of imlah now the king of Israel and
18:23Jehoshaphat the king of Judah were sitting on their Thrones arrayed in their robes and they were sitting at the
18:29threshing floor at the entrance of the Gate of Samaria and all the prophets were prophesying before them and
18:35zedekiah the son of henna Anna made for himself horns of iron and said thus says
18:41Yahweh with these you shall push the syrians until they are destroyed and all
18:48the prophets prophesied so and said go up to ramoth Gilead and Triumph Yahweh
18:53will give it into the hand of the king and the messenger who went to summon Makaya said to him now listen to these
19:00words so the messenger gets Makaya and he said he says kind of puts him aside and says listen very carefully to what
19:06I’m going to say here okay behold the words of all of the prophets with one
19:11Accord are favorable to the king let your word be like the word of one of
19:17them and you need to speak favorably okay in the corporate world we call this
19:24setting expectations okay okay
19:30we don’t want to hear any of what these other people are saying do
19:35you got it Kimo Sabe okay right this is a great story it
19:42really is good so Mikaya said as Yahweh lives what my
19:48God says that will I speak way to go Micaiah right so when he had come to the
19:55king the king said to him shall we go to ramoth Gilead to battle
20:00or shall I refrain NOW Watch What Happens here Micaiah gives a very
20:06sarcastic answer but he doesn’t say thus saith the Lord so Makaya says all right
20:11well um he said hang on a second here he says
20:16you go up and and he says go up in Triumph they’ll be given into your hand
20:22notice he didn’t say thus saith the Lord right yeah well I did I did what you told me to you told me to say the same
20:29thing that these bozos are saying right and so uh at this point um ahav isn’t keen on the her word that
20:37he just heard from Makaya so the king said to him well how many times shall I
20:42make you swear that you speak to me nothing but the truth in the name of Yahweh
20:48and then he said I saw all of Israel scattered on the mountains as sheep that
20:53have no Shepherd and Yahweh said these have no master LED each to return to his home in peace and the king of Israel
21:00said to Jehoshaphat did I not tell you that he would not prophesy good concerning me but evil and Micaiah said
21:07therefore hear the word of Yahweh I saw Yahweh sitting on his throne
21:13and all the hosts of Heaven standing on his right hand and on his left and
21:18Yahweh said who will entice ahav the king of Israel that he may go up and
21:23fall at ramoth Gilead and one said one thing and another said another
21:30and then a Spirit came forward and when you read the commentaries on this everyone agrees this is probably a
21:37demonic spirit the Demonic Spirit comes forward and says I will entice him
21:45Luther has an interesting phrase he says you got to remember that the devil is still God’s devil right
21:52the devil still belongs to God so Yahweh said to him all right by what
21:57means and he said I will go out and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all the prophets I think that same lying
22:04spirit is in the mouth of all the YouTube prophets today right he said all right you are to entice him and you
22:10shall succeed go out and do so now therefore behold Yahweh has put a
22:15lying spirit in the mouth of you these your prophets Yahweh has declared disaster concerning you
22:22now here’s the thing if somebody gives a false prophecy they’re a false prophet these guys are false prophets straight
22:29up they’re not speaking by the spirit of Yahweh they’re speaking by a lying spirit so then zedekiah the son of Khana
22:37came near and he struck Micaiah on the cheek and he said which way did the
22:42spirit of Yahweh go from me to speak to you and Micaiah said behold you shall
22:49see that on that day when you go into an inner chamber to hide yourself a little bit of a note here inner Chambers back
22:56in the day those are the place where places where people relieve themselves so Makaya prophesied here that this
23:03fellow who struck him that he would end up hiding in a bathroom like a you know like a little girl like you know in
23:10danger right so uh let’s see and the king of Israel
23:16said sees Micaiah take him back to Amman the governor of the city and to joash
23:21the King’s son and say thus says the king put this fellow in prison feed him with meager rations of bread and water
23:28until I return in peace and Micaiah said if you return in peace Yahweh has not
23:34spoken by me and he said hear all you peoples and here’s the thing
23:41Ahab will not return in peace he’s about to breathe his last just like the true
23:46prophet of God said and here’s the thing nowhere ever is Micaiah mentioned again
23:52the implication is is that the son of ahav kept him in prison and he died
23:58there for speaking the truth keep that in mind
24:03so now the Fulfillment of all of this so the king of Israel a Jehoshaphat the king of Judah went up to ramoth Gilead
24:10and the king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat I will disguise myself and
24:15go into battle but you wear your robes why did Jehoshaphat say yes to this you
24:21look all Regal so that they’ll want to kill you and I’m gonna be in Disguise so that nobody will recognize me
24:29oh lovely and of course your host Pat said sure no problem okay this is a bad
24:35deal all around okay so he said and so the king of Israel he disguised himself
24:40and they went into battle now the king of Syria had commanded the captains of his
24:46chariots fight with neither small nor great but only with the king of Israel
24:52as soon as the captains of The Chariot saw Jehoshaphat they said it is the king of Israel uh-oh case of mistaken
25:01identity uh jehoshaphat’s in trouble so they turned to fight against him and
25:06Jehoshaphat cried out and Yahweh helped him God drew them away from him for as
25:12soon as the captains of The Chariot saw that it was not the king of Israel they turned back from pursuing him but a
25:18certain man drew his bow at random and struck the king of Israel between the scale armor and the breastplate
25:24therefore he said to the driver of his chariots turn around carry me out of the battle for I’m wounded and the battle
25:31continued that day and the king of Israel was propped up in his Chariot facing the syrians until evening and
25:38then at Sunset he died
25:44ah jealous of that why were you even there okay just this this uh such a mess
25:49so Jehoshaphat the king of Judah he returned in safety to his house in
25:54Jerusalem but jehu the son of hanani the Seer now remember last week it was
25:59hanani who rebuked King ASA his son jehu
26:05now rebukes asa’s son Jehoshaphat jehu the son of hanani the Seer went out to
26:10meet him and he said to King Jehoshaphat should you help the wicked
26:16and love those who hate Yahweh because of this wrath has gone out
26:24against you from Yahweh it’s already left the barn wrath has
26:29already been been determined for Jehoshaphat from God because he did this
26:36nevertheless some good is found in you for you destroyed the asheroth out of
26:42the land and have set your heart to seek God now Jehoshaphat and being a man of
26:49the book he knows full well that when God determines disaster for somebody
26:55best thing you can do is repent and maybe God will relent but here’s the
27:00thing we’re gonna we’re gonna revisit this prophecy of of jehu the son of hanani
27:06because wrath had already gone out and when it finally hits its mark
27:13it’s it’s devastating it’s the best way I can describe it utterly devastating
27:18now Jehoshaphat now begins a series of reforms and it seems like they’re
27:24prompted by this rebuke that he received from God Jehoshaphat lived at Jerusalem he went out again among the people from
27:31badshiba to the Hill Country of Ephraim and he brought them back to Yahweh the god of their fathers he appointed judges
27:38in the land in all the Fortified cities of Judah City by City said to the judges consider what you do for you judge not
27:45for man but for Yahweh he is with you in giving judgment now then let the fear of
27:51Yahweh be upon you be careful what you do for there is no Injustice with Yahweh
27:56Our God or Porsche partiality or taking bribes so first order of business
28:02judicial reform and he puts men in place and warns them very sternly that they
28:09are to judge rightly show no partiality and reminds them that they by their
28:14judgments are acting in the place of God remember the Apostle Paul makes it clear
28:19that the governments exist for the purpose of punishing the evil doer which is all the more reason why Jehoshaphat
28:25should have never been in Samaria with ahav right and that that that that that and that by punishing the evil doer the
28:33the uh the kingdoms of the earth they carry the sword of God now what about the church well the church gets a little
28:40bit of Reform too moreover in Jerusalem Jehoshaphat aborted certain Levites and
28:45Priests and heads of families of Israel to give judgment to yah for Yahweh to
28:51decide dispute disputed cases and they set their seat at Jerusalem and he
28:56charged them thus you shall do in fear of Yahweh in faithfulness and with your whole heart whenever a case comes to you
29:03from your brothers who live in their cities concerning bloodshed law or commandment statutes or rules
29:10then you shall warn them that they may not incur guilt before Yahweh and wrath may not come upon you and your brothers
29:18thus you shall do and you will not incur guilt and behold amariah the chief
29:23priest is over you in all matters of the Lord and zebediah the son of Ishmael the governor of the house of Judah and all
29:29the kings matters and the Levites will serve you as officers deal courageously and may Yahweh be with the upright
29:38man it’s when he does good he really does good
29:45when he does evil he really does evil
29:51you know what this sounds like it sounds like me it sounds like you that’s kind
29:57of the point right all right now all while all this is going on right keep
30:04this in mind the happy lovey couple uh Jehovah RAM and athalia are getting
30:10closer and closer to each other right and um and she is teaching him the ways
30:16of all and evil this this is all going on in the background okay now
30:24days of disaster come upon us all I by the way since we’re making this a long
30:29sermon let’s make it a little longer all right I’m excited about the sermon okay so uh
30:38when we talk about somebody properly orientating themselves right you got to
30:43properly orientate themselves in Hebrew to orientate yourself is to face East okay now that’s kind of an interesting
30:50way of of looking at things but in the Hebrew way of thinking you have to think
30:55of it this way since we cannot see the future in the Hebrew way of thinking we
31:01always then in this life we walk backwards and to be properly orientated is to face
31:09the word of God and to face God’s holy Temple and by reading the word of God
31:14you have a clear understanding of what’s happened in the past and it will guide you as you walk backwards into the
31:21future never able to see what’s coming into the future it’s kind of an interesting way of looking at it it’s kind of fun if you think about it but
31:28all that being said you never know when disaster is going to come because we all walk through into the future blindly
31:33well the day of disaster has come and the moabites and the ammonites and the
31:39muonites the men of Sayer they came against Jehoshaphat for battle some men
31:45came and told Jehoshaphat a great multitude is coming against you from Edom from Beyond the Sea and behold they
31:52are in hazazon Tamar that is in engetti and Getty by the way is in the western portion of the Dead Sea it’s a it’s a
31:59natural spring there David hung out and hid in engetti so then Jehoshaphat was afraid and what do you do when you’re
32:06afraid and you’re up against something like this he set his face to seek Yahweh
32:12ah man I love this guy when he does right okay Dave Trouble Comes Along we
32:17need to pray okay so he proclaimed a faster all of Judah and Judah assembled
32:23to seek help from Yahweh from all the cities of Judah they came to seek Yahweh
32:31okay and then Jehoshaphat stood in the Assembly of Judah and Jerusalem in the house of Yahweh before the new court and
32:38he said oh Yahweh God of our fathers are you not God in heaven listen to this
32:44prayer no decreeing no declaring and by the way Jehoshaphat legitimately is a
32:50king okay he can he’s he’s capable of issuing declarations and stuff like this
32:57but when he is face to face with his God and he’s calling out to his God
33:03even the king humbles himself yes yes I love this theme here it’s good stuff
33:10here okay so he said oh Lord God of our fathers are you not God in heaven you
33:16rule over the kingdoms of the nations in your hand our power and might so none is
33:22able to withstand you did you not our God drive out the inhabitants of this
33:27land before your People Israel and give it forever to the descendants of Abraham your friend he’s quoting the Bible back
33:35to God ah way to go good way to pray right and say and they and they have
33:41lived in in it and have built for you in a sanctuary for your name saying if disaster comes upon us the sword
33:48judgment or pestilence or famine we will stand before this house and before you for your name is in the is in this house
33:56and cry out to you in our Affliction and you said that you would hear us and save
34:01and now behold the men of Ammon and Moab and mount seir whom you would not let
34:07Israel invade when they came from the land of Egypt and whom they avoided and
34:12did not destroy behold they reward us by coming to drive us out of your
34:18possession which you have given us to inherit Oh Our God will you not execute
34:25judgment on them for we are powerless against this great horde that is coming
34:31against us we do not know what to do but our eyes are on you
34:40okay that’s a good prayer prayer of faith too Jehoshaphat is a man of faith
34:46and he’s also a horrible sinner all right so meanwhile all Judah stood
34:52before Yahweh with their little ones their wives their children everybody was
34:57their praying the young the old the men the women the children they’re all there
35:03crying out to Yahweh for help so the spirit of Yahweh Came Upon jahaziel the son of Zechariah the son of
35:10benaaya the son of Jael the son of matanaya a levite the son of the of the
35:16sons of asaph in the midst of the assembly and so he said listen all of Judah and
35:22inhabitants of Jerusalem and King Jehoshaphat thus says Yahweh to you do not be afraid do not be dismayed at
35:30this great horde for the battle is not yours but Gods tomorrow you go down
35:36against them behold they will come up by the ascent of ziz and you will find them at the end of the valley east of the
35:42Wilderness of geruel but you will not need to fight in this battle stand firm
35:48Hold Your Position and see the salvation of Yahweh on your behalf o Judah and
35:54Jerusalem do not be afraid do not be dismayed tomorrow go out against them
35:59and Yahweh will be with you all right say what God legitimately just
36:07promised you don’t even have to put your armor on I’m gonna fight this one for
36:12you and Destroy them all for you boom what an answer to prayer and by the
36:18way isn’t that exactly what God does for you and for me right Satan and the
36:23hordes of Hell have come against us right and we were all brought onto the
36:29submission of the Dominion of darkness and become children of the devil and his demons and we were destined for God’s
36:36Wrath and we cried out to God and he heard us and he sent one man Jesus
36:43Christ save us he’s the one who Wags The Warfare and he was found in human form
36:50born of the Virgin Mary there was God in human flesh and he obeyed God’s Commandments perfectly and then he
36:58willingly laid down his life for you and for me and by doing so he won the whole
37:04War he defeated the devil and his angels and you know do we have to do anything
37:10for that I wasn’t even around when it happened and neither were you I you know that being the case you’ll note that
37:17this battle was won even before we got on the scene and God has won our
37:22salvation for us The Battle Belongs to the Lord amen and amen the themes here are rich
37:30so Jehoshaphat having heard this he bowed his head with his face to the ground all Judah in the inhabitants of
37:38Jerusalem they fell down before Yahweh worshiping Yahweh and the Levites and
37:44the coethites and the chorothites stood up to praise Yahweh the god of Israel with a very loud voice and this was
37:52their response to the promise of God that he would win the battle for them so
37:58they Rose early in the morning went out into the Wilderness of Toccoa and when they went out Jehoshaphat stood and said
38:05now hear me Judah in inhabitants of Jerusalem believe in Yahweh you’re a God and you will be established Believe In
38:11His prophets believe His prophets you will succeed believe this word that God has given us is what he’s basically
38:17saying and so when he had taken counsel with the people he appointed those who were to sing to Yahweh and praise him
38:23and holy attire as they went before the Army saying give thanks to Yahweh for his steadfast love endures forever now a
38:31little bit of a note charismatics and wing nut whacker Doodles in the Nar read this text and basically make the claim
38:37it is our praise that makes it possible for God to fight our battles for us
38:43balagna okay God made the promise that he would fight and win the battle for
38:49them before they ever sang a single Praise Chorus to Yahweh this is not a
38:55text that teaches that our praise defeats our enemies that’s just nonsense
39:00right so when they began to sing in Praise Yahweh said an ambush against the men of
39:06Ammon Moab and mount seir who came against Judah so that they were routed
39:12the men of Ammon and Moab Rose against the inhabitants of Mount Sayer devoting
39:18them to destruction and when they had made an end of the inhabitants of Sayer they all helped to destroy one another
39:27well um that’s not how you win a battle laughs but note here Yahweh is the one who
39:35turned them against themselves and he won the battle for them not a single
39:40Israelite not a single Jew lost their lives that day in that battle because when they arrived on the scene it was
39:47just a land of corpses okay this is wonderful so when Judah came to the
39:52Watchtower of the Wilderness they looked toward the horde and behold there were dead bodies lying on the ground
39:58none had escaped casualties for out what were 100 percent
40:09for the other side okay and Judah didn’t even have to swing a sword not even once
40:16so when Jehoshaphat and his people came to take their spoil they found among them in great numbers Goods Clothing
40:22precious things which they took for themselves until they could carry no more they were three days in taking the
40:28spoil it was so much three days okay taking spoil
40:34I’m sure at the end of that three days the smell was awful okay but you know you know you got to make sure that you
40:41get the spoil right so three days they took for themselves and to tell they can carry no more on the fourth day
40:48they assembled in the Valley of barakah the valley of blessing for there they
40:53blessed Yahweh therefore the name of that place has been called the valley of barakah to this day and then they
41:00returned every man of Judah and Jerusalem and Jehoshaphat at their head returning to Jerusalem with joy for
41:06Yahweh had made them Rejoice over their enemies they came to Jerusalem with Harps and liars and trumpets in the Hat
41:12to the house of Yahweh and the fear of God came on all the kingdoms of the countries when they heard that Yahweh
41:19himself had fought against the enemies of Israel so the realm of Jehoshaphat
41:25was quiet for his for his God gave him rest all around thus Jehoshaphat reigned
41:31over Judah he was 35 years old when he began to Reign he reigned 25 years in Jerusalem his mother’s name was azubah
41:38the daughter of shilohi he walked in the way of Asa his father and did not turn aside from it doing what was right in
41:45the sight of Yahweh the high places however were not taken away the people had not yet set their hearts upon the
41:52god of their fathers now the rest of the acts of Jehoshaphat From First to Last are Written In The Chronicles of jehu
41:58the son of hanani which are recorded in the book of The Kings of Israel a little bit of a note we know then for a fact
42:05that jehu the son of hanani was one of the anonymous not so Anonymous authors
42:11of the book of Second Kings so keep that in mind this was written by the prophets
42:17but then we get this little post script and I told you that we would then hear about the Wrath that had gone out when
42:24it finally strikes okay it’s devastating but here’s the PostScript remember what jehoshaphat’s
42:31kind of Achilles heel sin was again he suffers from civil use to set picat or pretty badly right and that is is that
42:38he thinks he can well rule in some cases using worldly wisdom rather than the
42:46wisdom that comes from God’s word so he was inconsistent just like you and I can
42:51be inconsistent after this it says Jehoshaphat the king of Judah joined with ahaziah the king of
42:58Israel who acted wickedly ah what is going on here he joined him
43:06in building ships to go to tarshish and they built the ships of ezean Gaber and
43:11when Eliezer the son of Dada vahu of Marisha prophesied against Jehoshaphat
43:17saying because you have joined with ahaziah Yahweh will destroy what you have made and the ships were wrecked and
43:24they were not able to go to tarshish why did you not learn your lesson the
43:31first time okay wrath has gone out now how does this all end jehoshaphat’s dead
43:37right but remember jehu the son of hanani prophesied that wrath had gone out because of what he had done and so
43:45like I said all the while in the background The Newlywed couple of johoram and athalia
43:53they are a thing and her influence grows and grows and grows on johoram and
44:00here’s what it says Jehoshaphat slept with his fathers and he was buried with his fathers in the city of David and
44:07johoram his son reigned in his place he had Brothers the son of Jehoshaphat Azariah jahel Zechariah Azariah Mikhail
44:16Chef attire all of these were the sons of Jehoshaphat the king of Israel and
44:21their father gave them great gifts of silver gold and valuable to get
44:27possessions together with fortified cities in Judah but he gave the kingdom to Jehovah because he was the firstborn
44:35now a little bit of a note here if your father as like the last things he does on Earth sets you up gives you great
44:42gifts of gold and cities and things like this that speaks well of a Father’s Love for his sons right and that his
44:50intention was that they would all succeed and do great in his absence
44:56after his death but when Jehovah had ascended the Throne
45:02of his father and was established he murdered all of his brothers with the sword and also some of the princes of
45:09Israel johoram was 32 years old when he became king and he reigned eight years in
45:16Jerusalem and he walked in the way of the Kings of Israel as the house of ahav
45:23had done why for the daughter of hahab was his wife and he did what was evil in
45:31the sight of Yahweh yet Yahweh was not willing to destroy the House of David because
45:37of the Covenant that he had made with David and since he had promised to give a lamp to him and to his sons
45:43his sin led to the murder of all of his sons
45:49every single one of them and now the reigning king of Judah is a raging
45:57idolater and he learned this from his wife
46:03well God wasn’t thrilled with this and so it says Yahweh stirred up against
46:08jehorram the anger of the Philistines and the of the Arabians who were who were near the Ethiopians and they came
46:14against Judah invaded it and carried away all the possessions they found that belonged to the King’s house and also
46:20his sons and his wives so that no one was left with him except jehoiah’s his youngest son
46:26and after this Yahweh struck Jehovah in his bowels with an incurable disease in
46:32the course of time at the end of two years his bowels came out of the because of the disease and he died in great
46:38Agony his people made no fire in his honor and like the fires made for his
46:43fathers he was 32 years old when he began to Reign and he reigned eight years in Jerusalem and he departed with
46:50no one’s regret they buried him in the city of David but not in the tombs of the Kings that’s how
46:57Wicked he was nobody lamented his death and after him the inhabitants of Jerusalem made ahaziah his youngest son
47:03King in his place for the band of men that came with the Arabians to the camp
47:08had killed all the older Sons so ahaziah the son of jehoram the king of Judah
47:13reigned ahazai was 22 years old when he began to Reign and he reigned one year in Jerusalem his mother’s name was a
47:20Thalia the granddaughter of Omri daughter of Jezebel he also walked in
47:26the ways of the House of ahav for his mother was his counselor in doing wickedly he did what was evil in the
47:33sight of Yahweh as the house of ahav had done and after the death of his father they were his counselors and add to his
47:40undoing he even followed their counsel and went with Jehovah the son of ahav
47:46the king of Israel to make war against Hazel the king of Syria at ramoth Gilead and the serious syrians wounded Joe RAM
47:53and he returned to be healed in Jezreel of the wounds that he had received at Rhema when he fought against haziel the
48:00king of Syria and ahaziah the son of Jehovah and the king of Judah went down to see Joe around the son of ahav a
48:05dresser real because he was wounded but it was ordained by God that the downfall of ahaziah should come about through his
48:11going to visit Joe RAM and so he died also this is just tragedy after tragedy
48:19now and when a Thalia the mother of ahaziah saw that her son was dead she
48:24arose and destroyed all the royal family of the house of Judah she murdered every
48:30last one of them that she could find and but Jehovah Jehoshaphat the beat the
48:37daughter of the king took joash the son of ahaziah and stole him away from among the king’s sons who were about to be put
48:43to death and she put him and his nurse in a bedroom then Jehoshaphat the daughter of the king of King johoram the
48:50wife of jehoihadiah the priest because she was the sister of Azariah hid him from a Thalia so that she did not put
48:57him to death and he remained with them for six years hidden in the house of God while athalia herself reigned over Judah
49:08wrath indeed has gone out so what’s it all mean well like I’ve
49:14been saying Jehoshaphat for as great as he was a man of Faith he was he was a
49:21ranked sinner like you and like I in fact he suffers from the same thing that
49:27you and I suffer from a bad case of symbol Eustis at picotor but let me point this out okay it was absolutely
49:35inappropriate that the that the the the Crown Prince of Judah the son of David
49:41the son of Jehoshaphat would marry a pagan chick right but what about Jesus
49:50I want you to think about this we the church are the bride of Christ right and Christ has laid down his life
49:59for his bride and he has washed away her sins in the waters of baptism and you’ll
50:04note here Jesus marries a pagan chick
50:09right but here’s the difference okay a Thalia was an impenitent Pagan chick but
50:16Christ takes a penitent Pagan girl to be his wife
50:22she comes to him humble she comes to him lamenting her sin she comes to him
50:27filthy and practically naked and ashamed and Jesus in great love and compassion
50:35for his bride he washes her clean he instructs her in his ways he clothes
50:42her in his own righteousness and so rather than the wicked athalia how she
50:49had influence over Jehovah Ram to the point where he became so wicked and evil instead it’s the other way around with
50:55Christ’s bride because of his great love for his bride he is the one who cleanses
51:01and sanctifies her and makes her holy so that she doesn’t have influence on him for evil instead he has influence on her
51:10through his Holy Spirit and his word to sanctify her and make her like him it’s
51:17a big reversal if you think about it it’s a beautiful love story the best one that there is the great love that King
51:23Jesus has for his bride the church and that’s you and I so be his comforted
51:29brothers and sisters long sermon be comfort for this and that is is that despite the fact that we all suffer from
51:35a bad case of similus decepticator it says of jehosha the fact that he died in
51:40faith and each and every one of us we still pray daily forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us
51:47please God have mercy on us and he does he knows that we still have a sinful
51:53nature but as Paul lamented oh Lord who will rescue me from this body of death
51:59he resolves that question by asked by saying this but thanks be to God that
52:05there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus no condemnation for
52:10you no condemnation for me Christ has been condemned in our place in the name
52:16of Jesus Amen
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