Sermon Transcript – A Bar at the Folies-Bergère

Series B – Third Sunday of Easter – Sunday, April 18, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:23The holy gospel according to saint luke
0:30the 24th chapter glory to you oh lord
0:37as they were talking about these things Jesus himself stood among them and said to them peace to you but they were startled and
0:45frightened and saw they thought they saw a ghost and he said to them why are you troubled and why do
0:50doubts arise in your hearts see my hands in my feet that it is i myself touch me and see
0:56for a ghost does not have flesh and bones as you see that i have and when they had said this he showed
1:01them his hands and his feet and while they still disbelieved for joy they were marveling he said to them have you anything here
1:07to eat so they gave him a piece of broiled fish and he took it and ate before them
1:13and then he said to them these are my words that i spoke to you while i was still with you that everything written about me in the law
1:19of moses and the prophets and the psalms must be fulfilled then he opened their minds to understand
1:25the scriptures and said to them thus it is written that the Christ should suffer
1:30and on the third day rise from the dead and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to
1:36all nations beginning from jerusalem you are witnesses of these things and behold i
1:42am sending the promise of my father upon you but stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high
1:48this is the gospel of the lord in the name of Jesus amen all right so a little bit of
1:57it seems like i’m going to start off on a tangent and i think i need to so you know me i like photography art is
2:04something that i do to keep my sanity because my my other day job requires me to
2:10slog through copious amounts of heresy and joshua my son describes that as the
2:15swamp of sadness swamp of sadness that’s that’s not a bad way to think about it so art is something that i’d use to keep
2:22my sanity and so i thought i would do something kind of fun something kind of renaissance right so what i thought i would do is take a
2:29class online on art history i’m thinking why not study the masters
2:34and and really study art because you know it’s pretty well i’ve been listening to a series of
2:40lectures in my art history class online by a french gal by the name of lis martino
2:46now that’s how she pronounced her name i’m just mimicking it i don’t know any french and she was doing an in-depth
2:53analysis of the message that is encoded in manet’s last painting
3:00which i have reproduced in your bulletin the name of the painting is a bar at the follies bergere and uh
3:07it’s pretty i mean there’s that girl she’s dressed opulently and of course you’ve got the wonderful inside interior of this
3:15this facility the folla’s bergere and you’ve got the gilded ceilings and
3:20the chandeliers and all this kind of stuff and i was thinking this should be an interesting lecture right
3:26well let me do a little bit of digression here all right we’ll talk about this and what it means because it
3:32has everything to do with well our good works and so i’m going to interpret this as a theologian it’s
3:38through the lens then of our gospel text and then a little bit more of first john so we live in the 21st
3:46century right yeah so here it is 2021 and everything wrong with our society who
3:53have we been blaming it on you know well the boomers right and especially
3:58those ones that brought us the sexual revolution because have you noticed that uh well you know society as it is
4:06the whole thing regarding sexual immorality has just run amok in our nation right well
4:14i hate to say this but my art history class has proven to me that the sexual revolution isn’t the problem
4:20you know what the problem is we are the problem sin that dwells within us
4:25and so i would note that this particular painting although it’s hard for me to explain the
4:30finer interpretations of it that what that many put the code coded in here
4:36but what he is doing in this painting is talking about the state of affairs and
4:42the overt hypocrisy of so-called civilized culture in france in the end of the 1900s
4:50now let me talk about what happened that kind of busted things open for people in europe
4:57at the time if you remember the middle of the 1900s we get darwin writing the origin of species
5:04right he writes the origin of species and then he writes another book that talks about how the different
5:10genders supposedly descended using evolution and in darwin’s theory that he
5:16postulated regarding how we now have different genders he’s he basically says that the first humans
5:22that evolved from monkeys and apes that they had both sexes in one person
5:28and then eventually that split out and that men evolved quicker than women
5:33and he overtly taught that women are inferior to men
5:38inferior and now you’re sitting there going i think we should stone darwin i agree let’s get to it but anyway but
5:45but here’s the idea then is that and then his ideal understanding at
5:51least he thinks scientific understanding of how the genders should relate he believed that
5:56men should be catabolic that was the term he used basically meaning strong rugged
6:01intellectual getting things done women on the other hand the ideal
6:07evolved woman is anabolic which means she’s supposed to be
6:12kind of weak and faint and and and things like this and then according to then spencer who
6:18followed darwin spencer basically postulated that in this society then
6:24a good civilized society has a big distinction between the sexes according to catabolic and
6:30anabolic categories and because women are so weak they really shouldn’t be spending time intimately
6:37with their husbands unless for the purpose of procreation
6:43i want you to think about this no intimacy in marriage unless it’s for procreation
6:49in fact the women in france at the time were a set of pajamas that allowed easy access for intimacy
6:56should the reason arise for procreation and what this ended up doing was destroying
7:03families destroying them all in the name of science and of course
7:10the french were also overtly catholic and so the roman catholic church was
7:15completely on board with this idea that’s right human intimacy only for the purpose of procreation
7:22well we all know how that’s going to work because our marriages are our most intimate relationships and
7:28you’ll note scripture teaches us that it is within the context of marriage that we not only procreate
7:36but that we also have that important relationship that is so many ways
7:43symbolizes the body of Christ in their relationship to Jesus right
7:50and without that intimacy well what ends up happening well in france and this is what manet
7:57is in basically holding up to people’s noses and faces
8:03what ended up happening is that prostitution ran amok men’s most intimate
8:10relationships were with expensive courtesans and what we see in this painting you
8:17can’t really see it too well here but if you see a color version of it is is that we’re looking at a woman who’s standing behind a bar
8:24and if you look in the background in the gallery you can see men sitting with their
8:31well not their wives their wives wouldn’t dress this way they’re sitting with their cortisones
8:36this is their most intimate relationship and in france what ended up happening is that with prostitution running amok
8:43we’re talking literally hundreds of thousands of women throughout paris some of them legal some of them
8:49illegal and what ended up happening is that these men spent their energies on their
8:55prostitutes rather than their wives it just destroyed the family all under
9:01the pretense of men who were religiously attending church while at the same time embracing
9:06the spirit of the age and so what we see in this painting which is kind of haunting is a woman with kind of a blank stare on
9:13her face and based on the way that she is dressed and in the context of where she is
9:18manet is subtly revealing that she is a clandestine prostitute and that you can see then in
9:24the reflection over on the right hand side that she’s being propositioned by a man
9:32and as beautiful as it is what he’s doing is showing the hypocrisy that’s going on in a civilized society
9:39that can’t that claims to be religious and follow Jesus Christ the other part that’s a little bit more interesting is that the woman
9:46the way she’s posed is intentionally designed to mimic one of the most popular ways of
9:53depicting the virgin mary at that time with her hands open kind of like this you’ve probably seen the statue
9:59and the face that she has that kind of blank expression is the same exact
10:05expression as Jesus’s expression in a famous painting depicting him coming in glory
10:10to judge the living and the dead and what manet is doing here is basically holding
10:15up to people their rank hypocrisy while claiming to be religious they are engaging in overt sexual
10:23immorality sounds like the sexual revolution right
10:29right and so a little bit of another side note along these lines i know the
10:34art history lesson is a little bit odd for a sermon but on the other part of this is is that
10:40with the rise of this was the rise of syphilis and you all remember the suffragettes in the
10:46united kingdom at the beginning of the 20th century what was their slogan you probably know half their slogan
10:52votes for women that was a claim right votes for women we all know that part of
10:57it but there was a second half to that slogan because there’s a comma that comes after votes for women the other one was
11:04chastity for men what we saw in the rise of the suffragettes was a reaction
11:11against the rank immorality that had run through europe into the uk and other
11:16places as a result of the embracing of the i the the revolutionary ideas of
11:22evolution and as a result of it what was happening is that men were going to the brothels
11:28bringing syphilis home to their families giving it to their wives and when they would get pregnant their children would
11:34be born either dead or severely infected with syphilis and the women said enough
11:40is enough and this was all under the guise of a Christian nation under the eyes of you know you know
11:47people attending church and so we got to recognize here that i
11:53almost consider that to be more wicked than what we see happening in our days because in our days people don’t even
11:58care about Christianity right most people who are embracing the new morality
12:04they have they have no desire to be Christians or attend church and granted it’s come into the church but it’s time for us to
12:10get real about something and that is is that with the good news of Christ risen from the dead
12:16the scriptures reveal very clearly that we are set free from sin we are not
12:23set free to sin and so in that context here again the words of
12:28Christ from our gospel text Jesus after appearing to his disciples
12:34he says to them so clearly that he’s not a ghost he even asked for something to
12:39eat and then he notes that these were the words that i spoke to you that while i was still with you that everything
12:44written about me in the law of moses and the prophets and the psalms must be fulfilled thus it is written that the Christ
12:50should suffer and then on the third day rise from the dead and that repentance
12:55and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to all nations beginning from jerusalem
13:02you see it is incomplete to say that oh it’s all about god being love and god forgives sins indeed he does Christ bled
13:09and died for all of our sins but even peter in his preaching from our first reading today
13:15calls the people to repent and you’ll note that in peter’s sermon here after
13:21he after god healed the man who was paralytic
13:26that peter makes it clear that each and every one of us we are
13:31responsible for the death of Christ you’ll note that peter just indiscriminately in this sermon
13:37says that you denied the holy and the righteous one and you asked for a murderer to be granted to you
13:43have you ever stopped to think how could he possibly do such a thing was he taking names was there a roll call was
13:50there a sign up sheet on that good friday when Christ was on trial and he says i know that you were there
13:56it sucked and you abraham i saw you there and jacob and you are all there
14:02no he doesn’t do that he tells the crowd who had gathered
14:08there that day that they were the ones responsible and by extension
14:13you and i are responsible too
14:18i killed Christ you killed him you asked for a murderer to be released
14:25to you instead of Christ and as peter then goes on to say we are all guilty then of killing
14:32the author of life but god has raised him from the dead and because Christ is raised from the dead
14:38we know that there is mercy forgiveness and reconciliation in Christ and so what does peter do he calls the
14:44people to repent he says repent therefore turn again so that your sins may be blotted out and
14:50that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the lord and what does he mean by times of
14:56refreshing what does he mean you know we’re not talking about sitting
15:01down and having a nice iced tea on a warm summer day that’s not what he’s talking about he’s talking about
15:08the buffeting impact and consequences of sin the life that we are living right now is
15:15described as well in arid deserty wilderness terms this is no place to lay down stakes
15:23you know for the long term you’re only sojourning through here this is not a proper place to live forever
15:29instead we are looking forward to a land that flows with milk and honey a true promised land the new earth
15:34but in the meantime Christ offers us refreshment and that is the refreshment not only of
15:40the confidence that there is forgiveness in him for every one of our sins but also the
15:45refreshing work of the holy spirit and producing in us now the fruit of the holy spirit
15:51love joy peace patience kindness gentleness self-control these sound very
15:58refreshing and the idea here is is that sin is the opposite of refreshing have you
16:04ever noticed that you are most disgusted most ashamed of yourself when you always fall short
16:12it’s never our sin that we’re proud of it’s always the stuff that we know that we’re doing according to god’s will
16:19and so with that consider then are the words of our epistle text
16:24in our epistle text and i’m going to kind of focus in on the family aspect of it we remember last week we heard from the
16:31apostle john that if we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us this is true but if we confess our
16:38sins god is faithful and just who forgive us our sins and all of this because Christ has died in our place and so if we say
16:46we have not sinned we make god out to be a liar and then he gives us these comforting words don’t lose these words as we
16:52continue it through this passage because if you lose these words you’re going to mess up a proper understanding of what john is
16:58saying he says i’m writing these things to you so that you may not sin but if anyone does sin and we have this
17:05week and today and we will tomorrow we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous he is the
17:10propitiation for our sins and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world
17:16and then he goes on in verse seven and this begins to form the immediate context of our epistle text today
17:22he says i am writing to you no new commandment but an old commandment remember repentance for the forgiveness of sins
17:29repentance so that god will send refreshing so here’s the new it’s not a new commandment but an old
17:34one and the old commandment is the word that you have heard at the same time it is a new commandment that i am writing to you
17:40which is true in him and in you because the darkness is passing away
17:47and the true light is already shining because Christ has risen from the dead
17:52we have assurance then that the darkness that we were born into the darkness that we still struggle
17:58within ourselves the darkness that surrounds us with those who oppose Christ
18:03that this all is passing away and the light of Christ is already shining from
18:09the empty tomb all of that being said whoever loves his brother abides in the light
18:15and in him there is no cause for stumbling but whoever hates his brother is in the
18:21darkness and walks in darkness and doesn’t know where he’s going because the darkness has blinded him and
18:28so now he starts to bring in family type language it is inappropriate it is out
18:35of bounds not only is it out of bounds and inappropriate it is flat out contrary to scripture
18:42to hate your brother
18:48in fact john is clear that if you are doing this you are not walking in the light so who is your brother well let’s start
18:56here take a look around brothers and sisters we are all in Christ
19:01and the scripture refers to the saints always in terms of family y’all are my brothers
19:06and my sisters you all are family but i would also note then this that each and every one of us
19:13we also have a mom and a dad we many of us are married and we have a
19:19husband or a wife or we have children we have brothers and sisters and cousins
19:25and you’ll note is it me maybe it’s just me that being sanctified in the context of
19:32a household is always so challenging right you put a bunch of sinners under the same roof
19:38and you know what they do they annoy each other have you ever noticed that and and families what do they do they
19:44well they don’t always get along sometimes they fight maybe mom’s you know mom gets upset and
19:51annoyed and it rupts like a volcano and then dad does too and then the kids start kicking the cat and it just goes from
19:57the you get what i’m saying right but you’re going to note then in the
20:04last words the very last sentences of the old testament
20:09the prophecy given regarding john the baptist talks about something very interesting
20:16last words of the old testament read as thus behold i will send to you elijah the prophet
20:21before the great and the awesome day of yahweh comes and he will turn the hearts of fathers
20:27to their children in the hearts of the children to their fathers lest i come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction
20:35and so you’ll note here that one of the real fruits of the holy spirit
20:40is the repentance that comes that leads to fathers having their hearts turned back
20:46to their children and notice it doesn’t say mothers to their children because moms don’t seem to have a struggle in that department
20:52for the most part but when a father turns the mom comes along as well it is talking about the wholeness that
20:58comes the refreshing that we can have even in our own families and this is the
21:04thing that we all long for is it not is it not the reason why there’s so much rampant sexual immorality and just
21:10nonsense that goes on from age to age to age is it not because we are seeking love
21:16we all are well but according to that old country and western song many of us are looking for love in
21:24all the wrong places right the reality is this what we are
21:30called to as Christians is to sacrificially love each other
21:35even if you’re not getting love in return and that’s the hard thing so coming back then to our
21:43to our epistle text hang on a second here i got to get there watch where john goes he says i am
21:50writing these things to you little children because your sins are forgiven for his name’s sake
21:55the refreshing that comes from the holy spirit through repentance and the forgiveness of sins
22:00then takes little children so that they obey the fourth commandment willingly not perfectly but willingly
22:08i’m writing to you fathers because you know him who is from the beginning i’m writing to you young men because you
22:13have overcome the evil one i write to you children because you know the father i write to you fathers
22:19because you know him who is from the beginning i write to you young men because you are strong
22:25and the word of god abides in you and you have already overcome the evil one and so because we
22:31have been united with Christ in his death and his resurrection in the waters of baptism note then we are not trying to overcome
22:39the evil one you couldn’t do that if you wanted to anyway Christ has already overcome him and proven so by rising from the dead
22:47and because we are in him we share in his victory and we have already overcome the evil one so then here is the
22:54admonition that john gives us do not love the world or the things that are in the world listen the world isn’t going to lead you to
23:01Christ it’s not the world’s narratives and the values
23:06and the ideas that are in vogue today they’re going to fall by the wade side in a decade anyway and another crop of
23:12weird ideas are going to come up and everyone’s going to embrace the new thing you know what you’re supposed to
23:17do ignore it don’t love the world don’t even listen to it you see anyone
23:25john says who loves loves the world the love of the father is not in him all that is in the world and it’s all
23:31categorized in these three distinctions the desires of the flesh yeah i see that on the internet
23:36desires of the eyes yeah you know you know for all those bright shiny sparkly things
23:42that there are in the world have you gotten rid of your car that you bought five years ago i mean it’s perfectly good but of course you’ve got
23:48to get the latest one with the leather seats and the and the gps that drives itself and all
23:53that right isn’t this how we work just watch the commercials and always always always always you’re just
24:01you are the desires of the eyes i’ve got to have the latest and the greatest and then also the pride of life
24:06the pride of life talking about all that that we seek for power and glory for ourselves this
24:14is not from the father it’s from the world and the world is passing away with its desires and we know this because
24:19Christ has risen from the dead so whoever does the will of god then abides forever
24:24now the next section here in this epistle is going to be a warning against antiChrist but i’ve got a whole sermon
24:29on that coming up in a couple of weeks we’ll talk about that then so then watch where he goes verse 28 of
24:36chapter two and now little children ah i like this i like this a lot here’s the reason why you want to
24:42know how god looks at you remember we have the spirit of adoption because Christ has bled and died for us
24:48we have been regenerated united with him we are now god’s children presently and here god
24:54the holy spirit is reminding us that not only are we his children oh but he refers to us as his
25:00little children his little ones and aren’t the little ones always so fun to care for and stuff
25:06right exactly you and i are god’s little children he says this abide then in him so that
25:13when Christ appears we may have confidence not to shrink back from him in shame at his coming if you know that he
25:20is righteous you may be sure that everyone who practices righteousness has been born of him now i
25:25know a thing or two about practice notice it’s not saying you have to be sinless the idea here is is that because we’ve
25:31been regenerated because we are in Christ because we have the holy spirit because we live in repentance what do we
25:39practice righteousness all right now back in the day i used to play golf the reason i don’t play golf anymore is
25:45because i didn’t need a mistress and golf is like a mistress all right it requires a lot of practice
25:51you have to practice your long game you have to practice your mid-irons you have to work on your short game you have to work on your putting
25:56and of course always the psychological aspects because always and again when you’re playing golf the whole game occurs right here in
26:03your head so if you have a bad shot you can easily go into a fit and that fit will cause another bad shot and it’s just a mess
26:10so in order to be good at golf you gotta practice and you know what i was tired of putting
26:16the time necessary to practice golf because at the end of the day that’s just recreation
26:22you know where i really need to practice i need to practice being a good husband i need to practice being a good father i
26:30need to practice being a good pastor i need to practice being a good friend
26:37that’s what i need to practice that and when we apply ourselves to practicing righteousness and selflessly
26:44loving others we’ll never be perfect at it not until Christ returns or we’re with
26:51him in glory but we’ll get better at it practice in this case doesn’t make
26:57perfect but practice is one of those things that we can all do on the contrary then you’ll note that
27:05practicing evil is the opposite of what we’re called to so then again hear that again these assuring words see what kind of love the
27:12father that he has given to us i always consider this next part to be almost like
27:17whispering scandalous things that we should be called the children of god that’s right we i mean look around what
27:24a motley crew we are a bunch of sinners can you believe it see what kind of love the father that
27:30he’s given to us that we should be called the children of god are you nuts
27:36right i like to say that when i get to heaven the prostitutes and the tax collectors are going to go oh good night god’s letting anyone in now
27:43right that’s the whole point that’s the scandal of the cross that real sinners like you and me that were forgiven
27:50but see what kind of love love i love this word that love the father that he’s given to us
27:56and the reason why then the world does not know us is because it didn’t know him you see
28:02because being selfish and focusing in on the unholy trinity of me myself and i
28:07that’s not love it’s narcissism and when we are narcissistic we are most
28:13like the devil yet the world doesn’t know us it didn’t
28:18know him beloved we are god’s children and here’s the important word now you do not need to strive to be
28:26god’s children god has made you his children and you are that now and what we will be well it’s not
28:34yet appeared but we know that when Jesus appears we’re going to be just like him because we shall see him as he is and
28:40everyone who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure purifies himself through the forgiveness
28:47of sins that is offered in Christ but everyone who makes a practice of sinning if that’s what you’re really
28:52practicing well you’re also practicing lawlessness and sin is lawlessness you know that he
28:58appeared then in order to take away sins and in him there is no sin you see sin
29:04is not freedom sin is slavery going back to sin is like the well the children of israel in the
29:09wilderness saying we got to go back to egypt
29:14life ain’t that way that’s slavery and neither is sin sin is slavery it’s not freedom so no
29:20one who abides in him keeps on making a practice of sinning no the one who
29:26keeps practicing sinning has the one who keeps practicing sinning has either seen him
29:31or known him it’s neither and so little children let no one deceive you whoever practices
29:36righteousness is righteous as he is righteous and we practice righteousness because we are god’s children
29:43now and that’s what god’s children do whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil the devil has been
29:50sinning from the beginning the reason the son of god appeared was to destroy the works of the devil
29:56sin in all of its ways so no one born of god makes a practice of sinning
30:01god’s seed abides in him and he cannot keep on practicing sinning because he has been born of god
30:08so by this it is evident who are the children of god and who are the children of the devil whoever does not practice this
30:14righteousness is not of god nor is the one who does not love his brother
30:20so brothers and sisters you’ll note then this is some this is some tough law for us to hear
30:25but it’s necessary because each and every one of us still has our old sinful nature
30:30clinging to our necks desiring to follow the world and its messages to follow the world in
30:36its beliefs to follow the world and its morals and each and every one of us is tempted to
30:42despise the ones closest to us and think only about ourselves but this
30:47is not appropriate for those who are in Christ so again let us heed the words of the
30:52Apostle Peter let us repent so the times of refreshing may come because Christ is risen from the dead he
30:59is risen indeed alleluia
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