Sermon Transcript – A Glimpse Into Paradise Restored

Series C – Third Wednesday of Advent – Wednesday, December 16, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29a reading tonight
0:31this third Wednesday in Advent we will
0:34be finishing up the epistle to the
0:36Colossians we’ll back up a little bit
0:38and look at Colossians chapter 3
0:40starting at verse one and then all the
0:42way through chapter 4 verse 18.
0:45if then you have been raised with Christ
0:49seek the things that are above where
0:52Christ is seated at the right hand of
0:55set your minds on things that are above
0:58not on things that are on Earth for you
1:00have died and your life is hidden with
1:02Christ in God when Christ who is your
1:06life appears then you will also appear
1:08with him in glory
1:09put to death therefore what is Earthly
1:12in you sexual immorality
1:14impurity passion evil desire
1:17covetousness which is idolatry on
1:20account of these the wrath of God is
1:23in these you two once walked when you
1:26were living in them but now you must put
1:29them all away anger wrath malice slander
1:34and obscene talk from your mouth
1:38do not lie to one another seeing that
1:40you have put off the old self with its
1:42practices and have put on the new self
1:44which is being renewed in knowledge
1:46after the image of its creator
1:48here there is not Greek and Jew
1:51circumcised and uncircumcised Barbarian
1:54scythian slave free but Christ is in all
1:58Christ is all and in all
2:01put on then as God’s chosen ones holy
2:05and beloved compassionate Hearts
2:07kindness humility meekness and patience
2:11bearing with one another and if one has
2:15a complaint against another forgiving
2:17each other as the Lord has forgiven you
2:20so you must also forgive and above all
2:23these put on love which binds everything
2:25together in Perfect Harmony and Let the
2:28Peace of Christ rule in your hearts in
2:31which indeed you were called in one body
2:34and be thankful
2:36let the word of Christ dwell in you
2:39teaching and admonishing one another in
2:42all wisdom singing Psalms and hymns and
2:46spiritual songs with thanks thankfulness
2:48in your hearts to God and whatever you
2:51do in word or deed do everything in the
2:55name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to
2:57God the Father through him wives submit
3:00to your husbands as is fitting in the
3:02Lord husbands love your wives and do not
3:05be harsh with them children obey your
3:09parents in everything for this pleases
3:11the Lord fathers do not provoke your
3:14children lest they become discouraged
3:17Bond servants obey in everything those
3:20who are your Earthly Masters not by way
3:23of an eye Service as people Pleasers but
3:25with sincerity of heart fearing the Lord
3:28whatever you do work heartily as for the
3:32Lord and not for men knowing that from
3:34the Lord you will receive the
3:36inheritance as your reward you are
3:38serving the lord Christ Christ for the
3:41wrongdoer will be paid back for the
3:42wrong he has done there is no partiality
3:45Masters treat your bond servants justly
3:47and fairly knowing that you also have a
3:51master in heaven continue steadfastly in
3:54prayer being watchful in it with
3:56Thanksgiving at the same time pray also
3:59for us that God may open to us a door
4:01for the word to declare the mystery of
4:04Christ on account of which I am in
4:06prison that I may make it clear which is
4:08how I ought to speak walk in wisdom
4:10towards Outsiders making the best use of
4:13the time let your speech always be
4:15gracious seasoned with salt so that you
4:18may know how you ought to answer each
4:20person tychicus will tell you all about
4:23my activities he is a beloved brother
4:25and faithful Minister and fellow servant
4:27in the Lord I have sent him to you for
4:30this very purpose that you may know how
4:32we are and that you may encourage your
4:35hearts and with him onesimus our
4:37faithful and beloved brother who is one
4:39of you you they will tell you of
4:41everything that has taken place here
4:44aristarchus my fellow prisoner greets
4:46you and marked the cousin of Barnabas
4:48concerning whom you have received
4:49instructions if he continues to if he
4:52comes to you welcome him and Jesus who
4:54is called Justice these are the only men
4:57of the circumcision among my fellow
4:58workers for the kingdom of God and they
5:01have been a comfort to me
5:03hippophrus who is one of you servant of
5:06Christ Jesus greets you always
5:08struggling on your behalf in his prayers
5:10that you may stand mature and fully
5:12assured in all the will of God for I
5:15bear him witness that he has worked hard
5:18for you and those in laodicea and
5:20hierophilus Luke the Beloved Physician
5:23greets you as does Demas give my
5:25greetings to the brothers at laodicea
5:27and to nympha and the church in her
5:30house and when this letter has been read
5:32among you have it also read in the
5:34Church of the laodiceans and see that
5:36you also read the letter from laodicea
5:38and say to archipus see that you fulfill
5:41the ministry that you have received in
5:43the Lord I Paul write this greeting with
5:46you with my own hand remember my chains
5:49Grace be with you
5:52in the name of Jesus
5:55our text tonight I’d like to do
5:57something that may seem a little bit
5:59exotic at least for me you know when it
6:03comes to rightly handling God’s word I
6:05don’t want to stray too far from what
6:07the text is saying but I see something
6:09in this text that is very much in the
6:12main theme of the sermon hymn that we
6:15sang Let me read to you the lyrics again
6:18from Stephen Starkey
6:21what hope
6:22and Eden prophesied where tame lived
6:26with the wild the lamb and the Lions
6:29side by side led by a little child
6:32that’s a prophecy in Isaiah
6:34a shoot will Sprout from Jesse’s stem a
6:37branch from David’s line a Prince of
6:39Peace in Bethlehem the fruit of God’s
6:42design a banner of God’s love unfurled
6:45Christ came to suffer loss that by his
6:48death a Dying World would rally to the
6:50Cross final stanza come Jesus come
6:54Messiah Lord Lost Paradise restore
6:59lead past the Angel’s flaming sword come
7:02open Heaven’s Door
7:06Paradise restored
7:10this is the ultimate hope
7:12this is the ultimate hope of Christmas
7:14it’s the ultimate hope of Advent
7:18Christ’s second Advent
7:20and with this text in Colossians chapter
7:233 and 4 we get a glimpse of paradise
7:28restored and I think many of us because
7:32of the battles that have waged in
7:34Christianity over whether or not works
7:37are necessary for salvation and all this
7:40have lost sight of something very
7:42profound and that is that all of our
7:44works are done ES catalogically
7:47they’re done in light of the fact that
7:50the new creation has already broken into
7:52our planet and is here Among Us now
7:58let me remind you of what was lost
8:00Genesis chapter 3.
8:03now the serpent was more crafty than any
8:06other Beast the field that the Lord God
8:09had made
8:10he said to the woman did God actually
8:12say did God really say you shall not eat
8:14of the tree in the garden and the woman
8:16said to the serpent well we may eat of
8:18the fruit of the trees in the garden but
8:20God did said ye shall not eat of the
8:22fruit of the tree that’s in the midst
8:23the middle of the garden neither shall
8:25you touch it lest you die actually
8:27that’s not what God Said
8:30but the serpent said to the woman you
8:32will not surely
8:36for God knows that when you eat of it
8:39your eyes will be opened
8:40and you’ll be like God knowing Good and
8:44so when the woman saw that the tree was
8:46good for food
8:47and that it was a delight to the eyes
8:50and that the tree was desired to make
8:52one wise
8:54she took of its fruit
8:56she ate she also gave some to her
9:00husband who was with her and he ate
9:02and then the eyes of both were opened
9:04and they knew that they were naked and
9:06they sewed fig leaves together and made
9:08themselves loincloths
9:10and they heard the sound of the Lord God
9:12Walking In The Garden in the cool of the
9:15and the man and his wife hid themselves
9:17from the presence of the Lord God Among
9:19the trees
9:20of the garden
9:23the man and the woman created in the
9:25image of God
9:26now hiding from God
9:28something terrible had happened
9:31it’s akin to if I can pull on another
9:33pop culture reference it’s akin to what
9:36we think about in the lore of vampires
9:38right how was a Vampire made well a
9:42perfectly fine human being is bitten by
9:46and in the biting
9:48they become a vampire
9:51and here
9:54you can say that Adam and Eve were snake
9:58they’re the ones who bit into the fruit
10:01that they shouldn’t have ate
10:03and as a result of it
10:06they were twisted
10:09Twisted hard
10:12and now they have sin now they are
10:16I think a good way to think about Sin is
10:20we’re all familiar with people who have
10:22healthy bodies
10:24at one time we were all 18 and we all
10:27looked great
10:30but you ever had the chickenpox or some
10:33kind of a major rash some kind of a
10:36major outbreak right
10:38well that outbreak isn’t you
10:41but it becomes part of you and it
10:43corrupts you think of leprosy or some
10:45kind of a disease like that
10:47sin is like that
10:49it’s now corrupted our nature and is a
10:52part of us
10:54and try as we might we cannot
10:56Shake the Disease
10:59and so the disease set in immediately
11:01upon their biting and eating the fruit
11:04that they were told not to eat and the
11:07impact is severe
11:09Genesis 4 records this Adam knew his
11:12wife Eve she conceived and bore Cain
11:15saying I’ve gotten a man with the help
11:17of the Lord and again she bore his
11:19brother Abel now Abel was a keeper of
11:21sheep and Cana worker of the ground
11:23in the course of time came brought to
11:26the Lord an offering of the fruit of the
11:29ground and Abel also brought the first
11:31fruit of his flock into the fat portions
11:33and the Lord had regard for Abel and his
11:37but for Cain and his offering he had no
11:39regard so Cain was very angry and his
11:43face fell and the Lord said to Cain why
11:45are you angry why is your face Fallen
11:48if you do well
11:51will you not be accepted and if you do
11:53not do well sin is crouching at the door
11:56its desire is for you but you must rule
11:58over it
11:59so Cain spoke to his brother Abel
12:02and when they were in the field Cain
12:05rose up against his brother
12:07and murdered him
12:11the first Brothers
12:13of our race
12:16were at War and one of them was murdered
12:20the impact of sin had set in
12:23see that’s the thing
12:25we all know this
12:27we all know that if you say certain
12:29words you’re going to get somebody
12:30really mad and we all know that if you
12:33agitate somebody
12:35just the right way that person might
12:38strike you
12:39and if you persist in that oh that
12:42person will probably have you murdered
12:47stories that we watch on television
12:48every night is it not
12:51murder mysteries
12:53crime scene investigative reporters
12:57all of our stories have this kind of
13:00drama and have you ever stopped and just
13:02taken a step back and said what an
13:04absolutely horrifically awful
13:07species we are
13:11not only do those stories reflect
13:14how we really are
13:17we watch these stories to entertain us
13:23something has terribly gone wrong
13:25something is really really off
13:30Genesis 5 says this
13:33verses one through three this is the
13:35book of the generations of Adam when God
13:38created man
13:40he made him in his likeness in the
13:42likeness of God male and female he
13:45created them and blessed them and named
13:47the man when they were created and when
13:49Adam lived 130 years he fathered a son
13:52in his own likeness
13:55not in the likeness of God
14:00each of us was born in that likeness
14:03dead and trespasses and sins
14:07wrecked with evil desires
14:15none of us are capable of saving
14:17ourselves from this
14:19and so what we heard last week
14:23was that God had canceled the debt that
14:26stood against us because of our sin
14:28nailed it to the Cross Written in Blood
14:31Paid in Full the week before that we
14:34heard that God himself has transferred
14:37us from the Dominion of Darkness
14:41and brought us into his glorious Kingdom
14:43of Light the kingdom of his son all of
14:46this God has done for us as a gift
14:48and we heard that in the waters of our
14:51baptism our hearts were circumcised
14:54and we were buried and raised with
14:59and see Jesus is the first fruits of the
15:04the new creation
15:07and you are in him
15:12the new world
15:15here now
15:18and not yet
15:23it’s here now you are in it you are a
15:26part of it
15:27and all of our good works are done not
15:31because we’re trying to placate an Angry
15:35God so that we can get into heaven
15:40all of our good works are done because
15:42we’re already a part of it
15:46we are in Christ we have been
15:50transferred from the Dominion of
15:51Darkness we have had the debt canceled
15:55against us
15:56we have died
15:58and we have risen again this is not
16:03this is eschatological truth it is now
16:09and it is not yet
16:12and so all of our good works are done
16:15with the eschaton and the end that is in
16:19the present
16:20that’s why we do our good works because
16:23you is alive you are no longer dead
16:27so we return to our text
16:30if then you have been raised with Christ
16:37Colossians 3 verse 1.
16:40is that true
16:42have you been raised with Christ
16:46well yeah
16:47unless God was lying in the waters of
16:50your baptism and didn’t really mean what
16:52he said
16:54that you’ve been buried and raised with
16:55Christ in the waters of your baptism if
16:58then you have been raised with Christ
16:59and Jesus is the first fruits of the
17:02what the new creation
17:04well then this
17:06seek the things that are above
17:09seek Paradise
17:12where Christ is seated at the right hand
17:14of God
17:16set your minds on the things that are
17:18above not on the things that are on the
17:22because you’re you’re dead
17:25you’ve died
17:27your life is now hidden with Christ and
17:30and when Christ who is your life appears
17:34you’re going to appear with him also in
17:40this is why we do our good works
17:43because we’re alive
17:45because the end has broken into the now
17:48the new creation Paradise restored is
17:52now here Among Us
17:55we are in it
17:58and we bear its fruits even now in this
18:01present and cursed creation therefore
18:05put to death what is Earthly in you
18:08and these are all the sins stuff this is
18:11the diseased part
18:13this includes sexual immorality
18:16impurity passion evil desires and
18:19covetousness which is idolatry yeah
18:22that’s right farmers
18:24you got to stop looking at them
18:26at the combine down down the highway and
18:29coveting it right
18:32this is idolatry it’s on account of
18:36that the wrath of God is coming you see
18:39the wrath of God is coming because of
18:40sexual immorality passion evil desire
18:43covetousness idolatry God’s Wrath is
18:46coming against all of that
18:48in these you
18:50to once walked
18:55not now
18:57you’re dead you died
19:01you once walked like this not anymore
19:06in these you once walked
19:09when you were living in them but now
19:13you must put them all away
19:19we’re part of the new creation
19:21and we’re dead to the old
19:24so we put away anger
19:26we put away Wrath
19:28we put away malice slander and obscene
19:32we put it this way
19:35on that great last day when Jesus
19:37returns in glory and we are straining to
19:41see his face for the first time and he
19:44establishes his kingdom new Heavens new
19:46Earth World Without End
19:49in that world there will be
19:52no anger
19:54no Wrath No Malice no slander no obscene
20:00talk there will be no lying there will
20:02be no sexual immorality there will be no
20:05evil desires
20:07all of our good works
20:11give us a little bit of a glimpse
20:14into Paradise restored
20:19so do not lie
20:22seeing that you’ve put off the old self
20:24with its practices and you’ve put on the
20:27new self
20:29see it’s not a matter of earning brownie
20:31points with God it’s about being what
20:32you is
20:35you’re dead
20:36to this world you’re alive in Christ he
20:40is the first fruits of the new creation
20:42therefore we must live
20:49here now
20:53in the new creation
20:55there is no Greek
20:57no Jew
20:58circumcised uncircumcised Barbarian
21:02scythian slave free
21:06Native American
21:11Norwegian American
21:18but all but Christ
21:21is all he’s in all
21:25so put on then as God’s chosen ones
21:29and you are chosen and you are in Christ
21:31and You Are Holy and beloved so put
21:34these on and here’s that Glimpse again
21:35into Paradise
21:39compassionate hearts
21:43humility meekness patience bearing with
21:48one another and if one has a complaint
21:51against another forgiving each other
21:54all of these are good works in light of
21:59the eschaton that has broken into now
22:03in our baptism
22:09so when there’s Harmony in your family
22:11and you’re compassionate and kind humble
22:15Meek patient and bearing with one
22:19you have a foretaste of the world to
22:23come and Paradise that is being restored
22:26and it’s being restored Among Us now
22:30the whole world later
22:36above all these put on love which binds
22:39everything together in Perfect Harmony
22:41and Let the Peace of Christ rule in your
22:45to which indeed you were called in one
22:47body be thankful let the word of Christ
22:50dwell in you richly teaching and
22:53admonishing one another in all wisdom
22:55singing Psalms and hymns and spiritual
22:58songs with thankfulness in your hearts
23:00to God
23:01and whatever you do in word or deed do
23:04everything in the name of the Lord Jesus
23:05giving thanks to God
23:08the father through him
23:11so when you see
23:13in these lists
23:16way we ought to live
23:19in light of the fact that we have been
23:21raised from the dead notice that it’s
23:24not to earn it’s to be what you are
23:32you are in Christ
23:34you have died you have risen from the
23:38grave your sins have been washed away
23:40you’ve been transferred from the
23:42Dominion of Darkness your debt has been
23:47and you now have a new nature
23:52and that new nature when it brings forth
23:54it fruit its fruits
23:57it brings Paradise into the present
24:01even before Christ’s return
24:04and this is how we’re to live
24:07and I know that as you read these lists
24:09you sit there and go oh but pastor
24:12oh but pastor
24:15if only you’d saw the fight I had
24:21or the words that I spoke or that
24:23conversation or the thing that I did or
24:25the thoughts that I had
24:28I’ve lived not as well one who lives in
24:32Paradise now I’ve lived as one
24:36who’s got one foot in the present world
24:39and maybe a toe from time to time in the
24:44yeah I get it
24:46I do
24:49and see that’s the thing about God’s law
24:53when we get a glimpse of this we can’t
24:55Glimpse it without looking at the law
24:57and the law always accuses us and shows
24:59us where we’ve fallen short
25:04I get it
25:06so repent
25:08say God you’re right
25:10it’s wrong for me to live as one who has
25:13not died
25:14and raised a new life
25:17forgive me
25:18for living in this present World rather
25:20than in the world to come
25:22have mercy on me Lord as I have woefully
25:25fallen short
25:27rather than create Paradise
25:30I’ve just added more sin to this already
25:33broken world
25:37and I can tell you this
25:41Christ is bled and died even for these
25:43sins that you’ve committed as his washed
25:46and redeemed ones
25:50the Christian Life is one of repentance
25:52daily repentance Here and Now
25:54if only in this life we can find a way
25:58to have Paradise perfectly but then we
26:01wouldn’t need Christ to return then
26:02would we
26:03because right now our nature as
26:05Christians is a little jumbled
26:08feels a lot like well being at war with
26:12because on the one hand
26:15the new has come
26:17the oldest passed away and on the other
26:20hand you still have your old sinful
26:22nature to deal with
26:24and that old sinful nature of yours is
26:27really not about being kind humble Meek
26:30patient not coveting and all the other
26:33things it’s the exact opposite
26:37to the Lord have mercy on us
26:40even we Christians
26:43who so feebly walk
26:46in this paradise that you’ve restored
26:48Among Us
26:49strengthen us through your word Lord
26:51Jesus strengthen us with your body and
26:54your blood
26:55strengthen Us in the words of the
26:57Absolution give us great faith Lord to
27:01trust in your mercy and forgiveness
27:04and give us strength through your spirit
27:06that your spirit May bear fruit in us so
27:10that we can walk in love and kindness
27:12and humility meekness and patience and
27:14bear with one another and forgive one
27:17another as we sojourn here in these
27:20Wilderness wanderings as we journey
27:22towards that new Eternal Kingdom that is
27:25here now and yet to come
27:28and then Lord when you have us finally
27:32the Jordan into the Promised Land
27:36strip us of all this and finally put to
27:39death all that is evil within us so that
27:42we may rise to a new world and to New
27:45Life World Without End world without
27:48Strife world without malice world
27:51without lies world without sexual
27:53immorality a world of kindness and
27:56humility and love and forgiveness and
27:59compassion that perfectly again reflects
28:04what we lost
28:05when we bit that fruit
28:07in the name of Jesus
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