Sermon Transcript – A Peek At The Wedding Dress

Series B – Transfiguration Sunday – Sunday, February 15, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:30chapter 9 verses 2 through 10.
0:33after six days Jesus Took Peter James
0:36and John with him and led them up a high
0:38mountain where they were all alone
0:40they were there he was transfigured
0:43before them his clothes became dazzling
0:45white wider than anyone in the world
0:48could bleach them and there appeared
0:50before them Elijah and Moses were
0:53talking with Jesus
0:54Peter said to Jesus Rabbi it is good for
0:57us to be here let us put up three
0:59shelters one for you one for Moses and
1:01one for Elijah he did not know what to
1:03say they were so frightened then a cloud
1:06appeared and enveloped them and a voice
1:09came from the cloud this is my son whom
1:13I love listened to him
1:15suddenly when they looked around they no
1:18longer saw anyone with them except Jesus
1:20as they were coming down the mountain
1:22Jesus gave them orders not to tell
1:24anyone what they had seen until the son
1:26of man had risen from the dead they kept
1:29the matter to themselves discussing what
1:31rising from the dead meant
1:36in the name of Jesus
1:39after six days Jesus Took Peter and
1:42James and John with him and led them up
1:43a high mountain where they were all
1:45alone important things happened on
1:47mountains by the way there he was
1:50transfigured before them his clothes
1:52dazzling white wider than anyone in the
1:55world could bleach them this is our text
2:00little confession
2:01I’m one of those guys who sheds tears at
2:04weddings now I understand that this
2:06means that some of you will be seeing me
2:07after the service and ask me to hand in
2:10my man card I get it yeah I know saying
2:13this publicly is not an important it’s
2:15not something you’re supposed to do as a
2:16dude I get it
2:18but let me continue I can tell you
2:20exactly at what moment in the wedding
2:22ceremony that I struggle to hold back
2:24the tears and that is the moment when
2:27the Bride Comes to the doors of the
2:28church Sanctuary doesn’t matter how
2:31common or ordinary looking that woman is
2:33on any given day of the week on her
2:35wedding day she is transformed and she
2:37is radiant beautiful elegant you can
2:40even describe her as Royal
2:42the white flowing wedding gown the
2:45jewelry the Veil I hate to say it it
2:47gets me every time
2:49now the reason for this is actually easy
2:51to explain and the reason for is it is
2:53this every single wedding in a very real
2:57way is a dress rehearsal for the great
3:00wedding Feast of the Lamb that awesome
3:02and amazing day when Jesus will finally
3:05be United with his bride the church
3:07forever and they will live literally
3:10happily ever after
3:13uh all the stories all the children’s
3:15stories they’re true so in Our Gospel
3:17text this morning Mark describes Jesus’s
3:20Transfiguration by describing Jesus’s
3:23clothes as clothes
3:26and by the way close in scripture they
3:29have very important meanings in fact you
3:32can almost say there’s a theology in the
3:34Bible a Theology of clothing
3:37now think of it this way nowadays when a
3:40bride is planning her wedding day it is
3:42very common for her to spend a lot of
3:44time fussing over which dress she will
3:46wear they even have reality TV shows
3:49well depict this sometimes the person
3:53getting married is a little bit how
3:55should we say high strung right you know
3:58the word bridezilla comes to mind but
4:00anyway I digress so like I was saying a
4:06bride who is planning her wedding day
4:07very common for her to spend a lot of
4:09time fussing over which dress she will
4:11wear will she be wearing a yolan crisp
4:14by the way yes there are designer
4:15dresses right will she be wearing an
4:18Anna Campbell or a Jasmine coacher or
4:21will she be wearing a Vera Wang by the
4:23way I have a particular place in my
4:25heart for Vera Wang’s bridal dresses
4:27they are amazing again I know the guys
4:30here are going to want me to turn in my
4:31man card so I get it now each of these
4:34wedding dress designers they have a
4:36signature look and style and each is
4:38elegant and beautiful in their own ways
4:40but on that great day we will not be
4:43wearing a Vera Wang we will be dressed
4:47in a Jesus
4:51and this kills me it kills me we will be
4:55dressed into Jesus and Our Gospel text
4:57this morning gives us a sneak peek at
4:59what we will be wearing
5:03think back with me if you would for a
5:06moment to the Garden of Eden after Adam
5:08and Eid have rebelled against God
5:10and had eaten the fruit that they had
5:12been told not to eat what did they do to
5:15cover their nakedness and their shame
5:16they clothed themselves with fig leaves
5:19but Genesis 3 21 and off skipped verse
5:23or one that’s not really highly noted
5:25says this
5:26God the Lord made for Adam and his wife
5:30garments of skins and he clothed them
5:33yeah that’s right God clothed Adam and
5:36Eve with animal skins and these were
5:38costly clothes because an innocent
5:40animal had to die in order to cover
5:42their nakedness and their shame
5:44does that sound familiar
5:46now Luke chapter 15 is another passage
5:50that gives us a little bit of this
5:51Theology of clothing and it’s that
5:54famous story of the parable of the
5:55Prodigal Son let me read a portion of it
5:57for you from Luke 15. Jesus said there
6:00was a man who had two sons the younger
6:03of them said to his father father give
6:05me the share of the property that is
6:07coming to me
6:08that’s a polite way of putting it
6:11kind of reading between the lines it’s
6:13Dad I’m really upset that you’re not
6:15dead yet would you give me your share of
6:17The Inheritance or my share of the
6:20this tells you how much he really loves
6:21his father and father rather than giving
6:24him the backhand of Fellowship which is
6:27what he deserved he ends up dividing his
6:29property between them so not many days
6:32later the younger son gathered all that
6:34he had and took a journey into a far
6:36country and there he squandered his
6:38property in Reckless living the details
6:42of this Reckless living and not giving
6:44given in scripture we don’t know if he
6:46was partying spending it all on booze
6:48and drugs maybe prostitutes Reckless
6:51living kind of implies all of that
6:53and when he had spent everything a
6:56severe famine arose in that country he
6:58began to be in need so he went and hired
7:00himself out to one of the citizens of
7:02that country who sent him into his
7:05fields to feed pigs
7:08unclean animals this is not anything a
7:11good Jewish boy would want to be doing
7:12so there he is feeding pigs reduced to
7:15nothing a servitude if you would
7:19so he was no longer he was longing to be
7:22fed with the pods that the pigs ate no
7:25one gave him anything but when he came
7:27to himself he said how many of my
7:30father’s hired servants have more than
7:31enough bread but I perish here with
7:33Hunger I will arise and go to my father
7:36and I will say to him father
7:38I have sinned against heaven and before
7:40you and I am no longer worthy to be
7:41called your son
7:43true words can never have been spoken
7:46but he wants to cut a deal with his dad
7:48so he says so treat me as one of your
7:50hired servants this is what he rehearsed
7:52in his you know is in his mind as he’s
7:54getting ready to go visit his father so
7:56then he rose and came to his father but
7:59while he was still a long way off
8:04his father saw him from far off knew was
8:06his son
8:08his father saw him felt compassion and
8:10he ran and he embraced him and he kissed
8:14him and the son said to him father I
8:16have sinned against heaven and before
8:18you I am no longer worthy to be called
8:20your son
8:22there’s the confession of sin and it’s
8:25and now the father Cuts him off there’s
8:27got not going to be any deal making here
8:29but the father said to his servants
8:31bring quickly the best robe
8:37there it is that Theology of clothing
8:39again bring quickly the best robe hear
8:42this son who has squandered his father’s
8:46on Reckless living probably covered in
8:48mud and pig poop
8:51first thing the father says is bring
8:53quickly the best robe and put it on him
8:55and put a ring on his hand and shoes on
8:57his feet and bring the fatted calf and
8:59kill it and let us eat and celebrate for
9:01this my son was dead and he is now alive
9:05again he was lost and now he’s found so
9:08they began to celebrate
9:11now in a very real way the prodigal son
9:13is you
9:15it’s me
9:17you were dead
9:19in your trespasses and sins but now you
9:21are alive again in Christ you were lost
9:24and now you are found
9:26you had soiled your robes with sin and
9:29iniquity and Christ has taken away your
9:32filthy robes from you and has dressed
9:34you in the best robe
9:36Isaiah 61 10 says this I will rejoice
9:40greatly in the Lord my in the Lord my
9:44soul shall exalt in my God for he has
9:47clothed me with garments of Salvation he
9:51has covered me with a robe of
9:52righteousness as a bridegroom decks
9:55himself like a priest with a beautiful
9:56headdress as a bride adorns herself
10:00with her jewels
10:02Zechariah Chapter 3 not a very popular
10:06passage few read it
10:07talking about the high priest at the
10:10time when the Jews returned from Babylon
10:12to Jerusalem says this about the high
10:15priest Joshua says this then he showed
10:18me that’s the Lord showed me Joshua the
10:21high priest standing before the angel of
10:23the Lord and Satan standing at his right
10:26hand to accuse him and that’s what Satan
10:28does he accuses us of our sins and the
10:32Lord said to Satan the Lord rebuke you o
10:34Satan the Lord who has chosen Jerusalem
10:37he rebuked you is not this a brand pluck
10:40from the fire now Joshua was standing
10:43before the angel clothed with filthy
10:45garments and the angel said to those who
10:48were standing before him remove the
10:50filthy garments from him and to him he
10:53said behold I have taken away your
10:56iniquity from you I will clothe you with
11:00pure vestments
11:02and this is all of us
11:04all of us Satan stands there accusing us
11:06of our sins and he’s right in all of his
11:09accusations but you see you like Joshua
11:13are a brand plucked from the fire you
11:16like Joshua have had your filthy clothes
11:18removed from you and given pure white
11:21you ask when did this happen
11:23well it’s real simple Paul in Galatians
11:25chapter 3 verse 20 says 27 says this for
11:29as many of you as were baptized into
11:32Christ you have put on Christ
11:38let me say that again for as many of you
11:40as were baptized into Christ you have
11:43put on Christ in other words at that
11:46baptismal font when you were baptized
11:48you were baptized into Christ and you
11:51think back to that tradition where where
11:53you know parents would bring their
11:55children it doesn’t matter if it was a
11:56boy or a girl bring them to be baptized
11:59what were they wearing those white
12:01baptismal gowns right all of that
12:04hinting at them being clothed with
12:10Revelation chapter 7 says this after
12:12this I looked and behold a great
12:15multitude that no one could number from
12:16every nation from all tribes and peoples
12:19and languages standing Before the Throne
12:21and before the lamb clothed in white
12:24robes with palm branches in their hands
12:27and crying out with a loud voice
12:29salvation Belongs To Our God who sits on
12:32the throne into the lamb and all the
12:34Angels were standing around the throne
12:36and around the elders and the four
12:37living creatures and they fell on their
12:39faces before the throne and worshiped
12:42God saying amen blessing and glory and
12:45wisdom and Thanksgiving and honor and
12:47power and might be to our god forever
12:50and ever amen then one of the elders
12:53addressed me saying who are these
12:55clothed in white robes and from where
12:58have they come
13:00and I said to him sir
13:02you know and he said to me these are the
13:05ones coming out of the Great Tribulation
13:07they have washed their robes and made
13:10them white in the blood of the Lamb
13:13in other words Christians
13:16All Is Forgiven
13:19that’s what God wants me to tell you
13:21that All is Forgiven your filthy robes
13:24have been taken from you in the waters
13:26of your baptism and you are now clothed
13:28with the very righteousness of Christ
13:31and the robes that you are wearing are
13:33dazzling white whiter than anyone in the
13:36world can bleach them because they have
13:39been bleached in the blood of the lamb
13:41in your baptism you have put on Christ
13:43and the dazzling white wedding gown that
13:46he has won for you on the cross and when
13:49we partake here of the on the lord of
13:51the Lord’s supper at this altar
13:54we are getting a sneak peek and a little
13:56foretaste of the wedding Feast that is
13:58to come
13:59well how can this be you might ask well
14:01it’s simple
14:02think back to our text on the Mount of
14:05transfiguration Jesus there is flanked
14:07by Moses and Elijah we read this morning
14:10yes the law and the prophets represented
14:13in full
14:15and of great voice comes from heaven and
14:17says listen to Jesus after the other two
14:21but see there we got a peek of Jesus’s
14:24Glory but when Jesus’s greater glory was
14:28on display for all the World to See
14:30Jesus was hanging naked and bleeding and
14:33flanked by two thieves on a cross on the
14:35slopes not of ma of the Mount of
14:37transfiguration but on the slopes of
14:39Mount Moriah
14:40and Isaiah tells us what this was all
14:43it says this in chapter 53 he Jesus was
14:47pierced for our transgressions
14:50he was crushed for our iniquities
14:53upon him was the chastisement that
14:56brought us peace and with his wounds we
14:59are healed all we like sheep have gone
15:01astray we have turned everyone to his
15:03own way and here’s what it says the lord
15:05has laid on him the iniquity of us all
15:10in other words
15:13all of your sin
15:15all of your filthy garments
15:18all of those times when you have not
15:20loved God with all your heart soul mind
15:22and strength when you have despised the
15:25hearing of his word when you have failed
15:26to pray as you ought
15:28when you have not honored those in
15:30authority over you
15:32when you have coveted
15:34when you have lied
15:36when you have been sexually immoral when
15:38you have stolen
15:40when you have torn down someone’s
15:42character with your words of slander and
15:45all of those sins show that rather than
15:49being a worthy bride you have instead
15:50acted like a
15:52and that’s the reality of the situation
15:55but you see scripture says that God
15:58demonstrates his love for us
16:00in that while we were yet sinners
16:03Christ died for our sins
16:06and so Jesus he takes all of your sin
16:10every time you have fallen short of
16:13God’s standard he takes the punishment
16:15upon himself so that he is punished
16:19rather than his bride so that he takes
16:22those filthy garments and accounts for
16:23every one of our transgressions so that
16:26we can be clothed in his dazzling white
16:31the animal skins that God used to clothe
16:33Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden they
16:35were very costly
16:36but there are no clothes more costly
16:38than the Garment of Salvation which
16:40Christ closes church with
16:42it was not an innocent animal that died
16:44to purchase these clothes instead it was
16:47the very Son of God
16:50and this is what God’s love looks like
16:53all of your iniquity is bled for all of
16:57your sin is died for
17:00the only word we hear from God is All Is
17:03Forgiven repent be forgiven live
17:07and get ready for the marriage Feast of
17:09the Lamb when you appear before him you
17:12will not be in filthy robes you will be
17:15literally dressed in the dazzling white
17:18Garment of Christ
17:20which no one can bleach as white as it
17:24truly is dazzling sparkled bedecked
17:28more amazing and beautiful than any
17:31bride that you had ever seen at Eddie
17:33wedding because like I said every
17:35wedding is in reality a dress rehearsal
17:38for the great marriage Feast of the lamb
17:40in the name of Jesus Amen
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