Sermon Transcript – A Remnant Remaining in Christ’s Kindness

Series A – Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, August 16, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:23The holy gospel according to saint
0:30matthew the 15th chapter glory to you o lord so Jesus went away
0:36from there and withdrew to the district of tyre and sidon and behold a canaanite woman from that region came out and was
0:41crying have mercy on me o lord son of david my daughter is severely oppressed by a
0:47demon but he did not answer her a word and his disciples came and begged him saying
0:53send her away for she’s crying out after us and he answered i was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of israel
1:00but she came and knelt before him saying lord help me and he answered it is not right
1:06to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs she said yes lord yet even the dogs eat
1:11the crumbs that fall from their master’s table then Jesus answered her o woman great is
1:16your faith be it done for you as you desire and her daughter was healed instantly
1:21this is the word of the lord to you o Christ in the name of Jesus have you ever been
1:29in a circumstance where you felt completely out of place like you were in the wrong place altogether i’ve had this happen to me a
1:36few times and this will help form the basis of our understanding of our texts today years and years ago when my kids
1:42were little josh used to attend a a Christian school and uh and he was pretty young this may
1:48have been like kindergarten or first grade and they were having a Christmas pageant now a little bit of a note uh winters in
1:54southern california are like the summers here you know it’s um the people in southern
2:00california have two seasons it’s really hot and warm there’s there’s like nothing else after that you
2:06know and it’s really funny watching southern californians when it’s 50 degrees wearing parkas
2:11it doesn’t make any sense but anyway so uh it was Christmas time my biological
2:18father was visiting and my dad is a golfer and i used to be a golfer i’ve given it up
2:23for the most part but we decided that we would spend the day golfing that day and so we were wearing shorts and you know
2:29kind of casual shirts and you know and after playing a round of golf you’re not exactly clean and i thought it would be
2:36a great idea for whatever reason because i’m stupid that my father and i would attend the Christmas pageant
2:43you know having gone straight from the golf course to the church and upon walking into the auditorium we
2:49realized we were egregiously underdressed and
2:55and the look from people that we received was actually quite interesting because people were looking
3:00at us like whoa they’re letting anybody in nowadays and you can tell like some of the people
3:05were saying well they do allow you know people who are in poverty to attend this church
3:11in the school so well you get the idea we we were grossly out of place but have
3:18you ever felt that way as you read the scriptures let me explain what i mean by that when you read the scriptures especially
3:23when you get to the the stories in genesis of abraham of isaac of jacob and the nation whom god chose
3:31the people whom he chose to reveal his word to perform his miracles to set free from slavery
3:38and then even going into the new testament you’ll note that well you know Christianity started off
3:43as a thoroughly jewish affair have you ever had the feeling it’s like well you know i i just don’t even you know i feel like
3:50i don’t quite fit i don’t quite belong you know because i have such a strong european heritage or
3:56i’m not jewish at all and and so there’s these feelings of like spiritual inadequacy like somehow
4:02we’re part of a group we’re in a building we’re in a congregation where we kind of stand out
4:07as people who you know we really shouldn’t be there right and then you have the challenge of
4:14kind of sorting this one out but what about the people who are genetically related to abraham today
4:20who if you say these words Jesus is the promised messiah of the old
4:26testament they don’t react with indifference they react with like full-on hostility
4:34and then also kind of in that same vein and we’ll talk about this as we develop our thought today
4:40in that same vein what do you make of the people today who are believing some of the craziest things
4:46like they believe in sneaky squid spirits or they believe that you know if you sow a thousand dollar seed offering that god’s
4:53gonna make you a millionaire or that they believe that god blesses same-sex marriage or all kinds of weird
5:00perversions that are running around the landscape today and and claim that you’re racist and bigoted and homophobic if you actually
5:06say well the scorchers doesn’t say don’t say that you know what do you make of people who are clearly believing
5:12things that are just well it doesn’t make any sense it seems like
5:19it’s irrational well our epistle text is going to help us with that today and so i’m going to work back
5:26through the bigger context of romans 11 and we’re going to sort a few things out and we’re going to note that there’s a
5:32very very stern firm warning for us today in this text and
5:39what i’ve said sets the basis for it so in romans 11 it says paul asks i ask then
5:45has god rejected his people i mean it’s a legitimate question i mean
5:50that’s kind of the question on the table for us today has god rejected the jews well this is what paul says he says by
5:56no means he says i myself am an israelite i am a descendant of abraham a member of the tribe of
6:02benjamin god has not rejected his people whom he foreknew
6:07do you not know what the scripture says of elijah how he appeals to god against israel and
6:13of course everybody recognizes well elijah is an israelite himself so here’s elijah’s complaint
6:20to the to god he says lord they’ve killed your prophets they’ve demolished your altars i alone am left and they seek my life
6:27but what is god’s reply to him i have kept for myself seven thousand
6:35men who have not bowed the knee to all so too at the present time and this
6:42exists to this day at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace
6:50and so you’ll note that although a large percentage of people who are
6:56descendants of abraham to this day do not believe that Jesus is the messiah
7:01they do not believe he is the son of god they reject the fact that Christ has bled and died for their sins
7:08yet you can also point to people today who are genetically descendants of
7:14abraham who believe in the messiah and that’s the point so god has not
7:20rejected his people and he has reserved for himself a remnant from that race but if it is by grace it’s no
7:28longer on the basis of works otherwise grace would no longer be grace so then paul asked the question what
7:33then israel failed to obtain what it was seeking salvation being declared righteous
7:42justified before god they have failed to obtain it but the elect they have obtained it and
7:48then listen to these words in verse seven but the rest were hardened
7:55now that’s a tough thing for us to take in but that’s a reality that we need to
8:02consider here so you’ll note there’s a reason why those who persist in unbelief regarding
8:10the messiah and this is going to be both jews and non-jews today
8:16their hearts are hardened and they are going to believe the most crazy things but we should not be
8:23prideful saying well at least we’re not stupid like them that’s a totally wrong attitude
8:28okay you’ll note they were hardened as it is written god gave them a spirit of stupor
8:34eyes that would not see ears that would not hear down to this very day and david says let their table become a
8:41snare and a trap and a stumbling block and a retribution for them let their eyes be darkened so
8:46that they cannot see and bend their backs forever
8:52so when we hear god gave them a spirit of stupor that’s an interesting word and you know sometimes if you if you
8:57just say a word several times it it kind of confuses you when i say the word stupor
9:02and say it’s stupor super super i think of a you know a german world war ii airplane you know there was a
9:09group of stupors out there and they bombed us that’s not what stupor is stupor is this concept of god giving
9:16them over to a spirit that is something to the effect of being drunk
9:22not capable of rational thought stumbling bumbling that’s kind of the idea
9:28incapable of walking lying you can’t reason with somebody who’s had three or four
9:34too many drinks that’s the concept of a spirit of stupor and you know
9:39god is the one who gave them over to it so then paul then asked the question
9:46did they stumble in order that they might fall and this is not a valid question
9:52paul says by no means he says rather and then listen to this part through their trespass salvation
9:59has come to the gentiles so as to make the to make israel jealous and this is a
10:05part of the revelation that is in scripture that we have to come to grips with that this is
10:10it when we look at why some believe and some are hardened there’s purposes behind it and it’s kind
10:16of a two-sided coin on the one side of the coin the they have
10:21by their trespass by their unbelief god has pretty much said fine i’m taking
10:27my salvation and i’m making it available to everyone people of all nations all languages all tribes
10:35i’m going to make it available to all of them but you’re going to note then that because of this then the goal on
10:43god’s part is to make them jealous seems kind of weird right
10:49well so listen to what he says now if the trespass means riches for the world
10:54and if the failure means riches for the gentiles and it does how much what more will their full inclusion mean now i’m
11:00speaking to you gentiles in as much then as i am an apostle to the gentiles so i magnify my ministry
11:06in order somehow to make my fellow jews jealous and thus to save some of them
11:13and there it is again jealous jealous regarding what for if the rejection means the
11:19reconciliation of the world what would their acceptance mean but life from the dead if the dough that is offered as the first fruits is holy
11:25then so is the whole lump and if the root is holy so are the branches but if some of the branches were broken
11:30off although you a wild olive shoot were grafted in among the others and you now share the nourishing root of
11:37the olive tree do not be arrogant towards the branches if you are remember it is not you who support the
11:43root but the root that supports you so the idea here is this regarding the
11:49jealousy it has everything to do with the free forgiveness of sins
11:54of no longer being bound to the rules and regulations of the mosaic covenant a good way to think of the jealousy is
12:01along these lines you know people who today are descendants of abraham
12:06and are still thinking that they have to keep the mosaic covenant yet they don’t it’s impossible to keep the mosaic
12:12covenant today because there is no temple and so they’ve kind of crafted their own
12:19religion that is not the religion of the old testament but they look at us Christians and they go
12:25these Christians have the forgiveness of sins given to them freely daily without cost without works
12:32without all the rules and regulations without requirements to keep the feast days and circumcision
12:38and all this kind of stuff and those Christians they’re allowed to eat bacon you know which i think is a good thing
12:44you know i think that’s a good thing because bacon should make everybody else jealous and so you know
12:50we receive from god mercy grace and favor without works
12:57as a gift well they’re striving to attain these things by their torah keeping and never attain
13:05them but you’re going to note then that what i talked about you know us being in a place where it
13:12seems like we don’t belong where we don’t quite fit in well that’s true because you’ll note
13:18here paul says that when it comes to israel some branches were broken off and all of us
13:27we are wild olive shoots we’ve been grafted in among the others and we now share in this nourishing root of the
13:33olive tree so on israel israel is now likened to a big old olive tree
13:40certain branches that were cultivated have been broken off and god has gone and said let’s find
13:45some wild olive shoots uh let’s see here what have we got we got a mikey we got a david you know we got a josh we
13:52got a don and a maryland and an ashley we’ll we’ll graph them all in and we’re all
13:57wild olive branches and we’ve been grafted into israel and so in a lot of ways we can say you know
14:03what we don’t belong here we don’t and the other part of it is
14:10if you really think about what god is doing here sunday after sunday forgiving our sins cleansing us
14:19assuring us of eternal life comforting us with the promises of the world to come and the riches of
14:26god given as a gift we recognize this none of us deserves to be here
14:33at all i don’t deserve to be here you don’t deserve to be here and that’s
14:40kind of the point so you’ll note then paul’s admonition is don’t be arrogant toward the branches that
14:47have been broken off and have been hearted hardened don’t do that
14:53because well pride comes before a fall and note what he says then you do not support the root the root
15:01supports you but then you’ll say well branches were broken off so that i could be grafted in
15:07that is true that is true they were broken off because of their unbelief
15:12but listen to what he says then you stand fast through faith and you’ll note
15:20that if you’re standing fast through faith not by your works this requires you to maintain a position
15:28mentally of one of humility because i didn’t earn salvation it’s
15:35been given to me as a gift you haven’t earned salvation it’s been given as a gift so we hold on through
15:40faith so don’t become proud instead fear
15:47and this is that stern warning for if god did not spare the natural branches neither will he spare
15:52you so note then the kindness and the severity of god severity towards
16:00those who have fallen but god’s kindness to you and then listen to the words
16:06provided you continue in his kindness so how does one continue in the kindness of god
16:11well what is the kindness of god the kindness of god is the good news that god so loved the world
16:18every tribe every nation every language that god gave his only begotten son that
16:23whoever believes in him would not perish and you can almost write into the subtext of that
16:29portion of the gospel of john chapter 3 would not perish as they deserve as i deserve as you
16:35deserve but have everlasting life for god did not send the son of the
16:42world to condemn the world but the world might be saved through him and so you’ll note
16:47that many manifestations of arrogance and self-righteousness appear within the church appear within
16:54our own lives and these are the things that we are being warned against here the sin of
16:59arrogance and pride that was the sin of the devil and so in different manifestations of this
17:06type of religion which masquerades as Christianity often times in self-righteous systems
17:13they have these multi-tiered systems set up where in there’s a group of people who’ve figured out they’ve figured out the
17:20secret they’ve had the breakthrough they’ve figured out the secret to how to live super-de-duper holy lives
17:26sinless in all capacities at least that’s the claim and then
17:33you’ve got another group of people another tier those who are striving trying to figure
17:39out how the people in the first group are pulling it off and of course the people in the first group
17:45oftentimes they’ll be willing to tell you their secrets if you purchase their book follow their
17:52plans and their steps but then there’s a third group there’s a third group in those kinds of
17:57systems the third group are those who are just tired
18:04they’ve tried climbing the mountain they can’t figure out how the people at the top claiming that
18:09they’re pulling it off or worse they can see their hypocrisy all their claims of being
18:15righteous and holy they can see right through it and they
18:21can see their arrogance and pride and what do they do they backslide they fall away
18:27or maybe they keep coming to church but people say of them they’re not even trying but
18:34the thing is is that that’s not Christianity i mean continuing in the kindness of god
18:40recognize causes us to recognize that arrogance and self-righteousness are completely out of place
18:46in Christianity there are only forgiven sinners there is no
18:52secret to holiness there is no group of people who’ve figured out how to pull
18:59it off everybody has to pray daily forgive us our trespasses
19:05as we forgive those who trespass against us so continuing the kindness of god is to continue in
19:11the gospel continuing to believe that Christ’s forgiveness is death on the cross is enough to save
19:16even you and then the kindness of god given to you through the gospel
19:22you share with others in words as well as actions
19:29doing your good works in love for your neighbor’s sake deviate from this then note that what
19:35the scripture says note the kindness and the severity of god if god did not spare the natural
19:40branches because of their unbelief because of their self-righteousness he won’t spare you either this would be the equivalent
19:48of going back to egypt if you would use the metaphor from the old testament
19:53so the note continue in the kindness of god otherwise you two will be cut off and
19:59even if they do not continue in in their unbelief god they will be grafted in for god has the
20:06power to graft them back in again for if you were cut from what is by nature a wild olive tree and grafted
20:12contrary to nature into a cultivated olive tree how much more will these the natural branches be grafted back into their own
20:19olive tree so lest you be wise in your own sight which is foolishness
20:25i don’t want you to be unaware of this mystery brothers a partial hardening has come upon israel until the
20:31fullness of the gentiles has come in and so in this way all of israel will be saved as it is written the deliverer
20:38will come from zion he will banish ungodliness from jacob and this will be my covenant with them
20:43when i take away their sins so as regards to the gospel
20:49those who’ve rejected Christ who are genetically jewish paul says they are enemies for your sake
20:56because their rebellion has caused god to bring salvation to the nations
21:01but as regards of election they are beloved for the sake of their forefathers for the gifts and the calling of god are
21:06irrevocable for just as you at one time were disobedient to god now you have received mercy because of
21:14their disobedience so that they too have now been disobedient in order that by the mercy
21:20shown to you they also may receive mercy you see their disobedience means
21:27our salvation and god showing mercy to us may in fact cause seven of them to be
21:32jealous so that they too can receive mercy like we have and then this is where our epistle text
21:38ends and this is a good place for us to kind of wrap this portion of the thought up for god has
21:43consigned all everybody jew gentile german polish norwegian
21:49doesn’t matter what your ethnic heritage is god has consigned all to disobedience
21:56so that he may have mercy on all every
22:04single one of us that’s the point self-righteousness arrogance pride
22:11they’re ruled out it’s absolutely ruled out you see god wants and desires to forgive
22:19everybody of every tribe nation and language and with that then consider our gospel
22:24text i think our gospel text does a great job of pointing that out woven into that thought that we just
22:33heard from paul consider the state of affairs between jews
22:38and canaanites at the time of Christ the time of his first advent
22:45back in those days the jews openly referred to canaanites and those people who were
22:52of the nations and gentiles they openly referred to them as dogs that’s a
22:59common theme in their writing and in their teaching and the word used for god for dogs in
23:06the greek here there’s actually two words that you could use
23:11the word for dog being used as a as an epithet as kind of a racial slur used by the jews
23:16of Jesus is time that that type of dog would have been the dog that had the fleas
23:22that was mangy would eat the garbage and and be picking through things and they weren’t
23:27tame they were feral and they were disgusting and they would foul up your yard that’s one word for
23:34dog now back in the time of the romans romans also kept dogs as
23:39pets but those were the lap dogs those were the trained dogs those were the dogs who were raised as puppies to actually
23:46be in the house and they they’re every bit just like any dogs that any of uh any of us have had you know they’re
23:52faithful they’re loyal they’re loving they protect and they bark and they hate postman and all that kind of
23:58stuff even back then they would chase the male the male guy but you get the idea so
24:03keep that in mind the second word for dog would have been the house dog the lap dog the trained
24:09dog and that’s a slightly different dog so as we read this account you’re gonna
24:15note that Jesus he’s outside of israel now he’s in the region of tyre and sidon
24:20he’s in canaanite territory and that is important because what’s a
24:27jew doing outside of israel well Jesus isn’t just an ordinary
24:34jew he is the son of david and the son of god and he has a point to make here and
24:41personally having worked through this text several times this week as well as preached on it a few
24:48times over the past six years i’m beginning to think that Jesus was trying to work out some of the
24:53inherent race racism that existed within the disciples because
24:58of the the view that they were taught had modeled and even themselves were exemplifying
25:04in their disdain of people who were not jewish and you can see that struggle you can
25:10see that struggle even in the book of galatians you know you can see it in the book of acts
25:15itself as well so Jesus is entire inside and says behold a canaanite woman from that
25:21region came out and was crying have mercy on me o lord son of david my daughter is
25:27superior severely oppressed by a demon now a little bit of a note women are not supposed to start
25:34conversations with men in public in the ancient near east that’s just forbidden so this woman’s
25:40breaking the rules she’s a canaanite Jesus is a jew she’s breaking another rule and if you
25:46were just to look at her through that type of prejudice through that type of
25:51discord and malice you can basically say woman who do you
25:57think you are starting up a conversation with rabbi Jesus you know better than that you’re
26:02breaking the rules oh and your daughter’s oppressed by a demon well that’s probably your own fault i mean you’re a pagan you worship
26:09false gods and canaanites oftentimes engage in the occult so you got what’s coming to you lady
26:18you’re one of those dogs it would be very easy to dismiss her
26:25like that and here’s the thing you’ll note that in her initial crying out
26:34this woman has some pretty good theology this is quite the statement have mercy
26:39on me by the way curie liaison we we say we sing that every
26:45week when we say lord have mercy Christ have mercy lord have mercy have
26:50mercy on me and then listen to this these words oh lord son of david
26:57i think you can make an argument this lady knows that Jesus is both the son of god and the son of man where did this canaanite woman
27:06learn this theology she’s only getting second hand reports
27:11about Jesus and these are the days before facebook and twitter right but yet she knows that Jesus
27:18is the one who can help her and she calls him lord and son of david and she comes with a
27:25very serious problem but and this is where it gets awkward Jesus
27:31didn’t answer her word
27:38now i can usually get away with this if i’m in another room and my wife is calling for help and wants me to help with something in the kitchen
27:46right help the pod’s boiling over chris i need you to come downstairs
27:51i didn’t hear you some men they just turn off the hearing aids right okay but this woman is crying out in a
27:59way that well everyone’s noticing and what do we decide what does Jesus disciple say to send her away
28:07send her away Jesus she keeps crying out after us and you’re going to note here i’m really
28:14really discouraged and disappointed by this answer from the disciples
28:19do they not yet understand that Christ came to bleed and to die for the sins of the whole world
28:24and that he is as john the baptist said the lamb of god who takes away the sin
28:30of the world do they really not yet get that salvation is for everyone and so with the
28:37prejudice they were taught send her away she’s crying out after us she’s breaking all the rules Jesus and
28:42she’s a complete pagan and at first it seems like Jesus is going along with it
28:49so he says to her i was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of israel
28:55there that’ll shut her up but it didn’t
29:03that did not send her away and after what we just read in romans 11 what Christ said
29:11is true he was sent for the lost sheep of israel and we’ve all been grafted into israel
29:17and i don’t know if you notice this about yourself but uh you were born a pretty mangy
29:24sheep right so was i
29:29so this woman she comes and now she kneels before Jesus that’s the posture of prayer
29:37wow and her prayer is this lord help me
29:44that’s a prayer i’ve prayed and i would bet money that’s a prayer you’ve prayed too
29:51lord help me in all kinds of circumstances we pray that prayer lord
29:56help me have you ever felt like after you’ve prayed that prayer
30:02that god hasn’t heard you you ever have the call them like ricker-shaped prayers you know lord help me and it hits the
30:08ceiling and ricochets and it comes right back down kind of feels like that sometimes doesn’t it
30:15but god hears our prayers the scriptures assure us of this
30:20and then comes one of the hardest things that Jesus ever said and will note the word that he uses
30:27so Jesus answered her it is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs
30:33and the word for dogs here is not the the really strong one it’s it’s the lap
30:40dogs the house trained dog it’s not good to take the bread and throw it to
30:45the little lap dogs
30:51so Jesus did call her a dog but he didn’t use the normal f that and this woman hears these words
31:00and in that word she hears hope and a promise
31:08so she says yes lord yet even the little lap dogs
31:13they eat the crumbs that fall from their masters table she’s not incensed she’s not outraged
31:21she doesn’t she’s not triggered she doesn’t go on social media and let everybody know what a horrible racist Jesus is
31:30she just says yep that’s right i’m a lap dog now give me my lap dog
31:36portions Jesus and when you think about this it’s absolutely brilliant
31:43let me give you another example of this luther talks about this idea that someday each and every
31:50one of us is going to stand before Jesus on the day of judgment and i know that that creates anxiety but the gospel
31:57should not create any anxiety in you at all and luther says that if you stand before
32:05Christ on the day of judgment and Jesus takes his glasses and looks down
32:10over the top of his glasses and he says to you off to hell with you luther says you stand your ground
32:18you stand your ground and you say these words if you throw me into hell you’re a liar
32:25you can’t throw me into hell because that lousy good-for-nothing rose bro pastor guy
32:31he kept telling me sunday after sunday that you forgave me of my sins he even pointed out
32:37in john chapter 20 the sins you forgive will have already been forgiven so i heard that my sins were forgiven
32:43and if you send me to hell you are a liar
32:49and then i heard in the words of the institution of the lord’s supper take eat this is my body given for you
32:56for the forgiveness of your sins you comforted it and assured me through the gospel
33:02through the means of grace through the absolution week after week that my sins were forgiven
33:07and if you throw me into hell you’re a liar
33:14you’re sitting there going can you can you talk that way to Jesus
33:20i sure i assure you you will not need to at all because Jesus isn’t a liar
33:25the point is is that Jesus does forgive us all regardless of the sins that we’ve
33:32committed he has had mercy on us and this woman
33:37hearing Jesus say i don’t it’s not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the little lap dog she says yes
33:43lord that’s exactly what i am so give me what is my portion and Jesus
33:48commends her and you’ll note Jesus doesn’t hand out commendations left and right there are very few
33:56commendations like this in the gospels and this woman is held up as an example of it he says oh woman
34:02and notice what he says great is your faith do you think this woman had great faith before she ever saw Jesus
34:10i think so i the whole instance shows that this woman had this
34:15faith in Christ even before she laid eyes on him she knew that he was the lord that he’s the
34:22son of david and she knew this is the one who could free her daughter from the demonic
34:27who could free her from her sins and so Christ says to her be it done for you as
34:33you desire and her daughter was healed that healed instantly that very second
34:39so brothers and sisters it is true we don’t belong here
34:44i i don’t belong here you don’t belong here none of us deserves to be here
34:50we’re all wild olive shoots we’ve been grafted into israel but great is the mercy of Christ
34:57so note then this forgiveness we have received
35:02not because of anything deserving within us but because of the kindness of god so
35:09let us not be arrogant towards those whose hearts have been hardened or who believe a strong delusion and
35:15believe in sanity when we see that happening let us
35:20remember that we would be exactly where they are now if it were not for the grace and
35:26mercy of Christ this calls for us to be humble and to continue to humbly receive from Jesus
35:33the forgiveness of our sins i assure you there is not a day ahead of you between now and the day
35:39that you die where you will not need to pray forgive us our trespasses
35:45as we forgive those who trespass against us so let us continue in faith let us continue in the kindness of god
35:52let us continue humbly receiving the forgiveness of sins
35:57and humbly calling people to repent and to be forgiven and maybe just maybe god may have mercy
36:03on some in the name of Jesus amen
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