Sermon Transcript – A Son Dies, A Father Mourns

1 Year Lectionary – Second Wednesday in Lent – Wednesday, March 9, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy gospel selected
0:30portions of luke 22 starting at verse 1.
0:35now the feast of unleavened bread drew
0:37near which is called the passover and
0:39the chief priests and the scribes were
0:41seeking how to put Jesus to death for
0:44they feared the people
0:45then satan entered into judas iscariot
0:48who was numb
0:50who was of the number of the twelve and
0:52he went away and conferred with the
0:53chief priests and the officers how we
0:55might betray him to them and they were
0:58glad and agreed to give him money so he
1:00consented and sought an opportunity to
1:04Jesus to them in the absence of a crowd
1:08verse 14
1:09and when the hour came Jesus reclined at
1:12table and the apostles with him and he
1:14said to them i have earnestly desired to
1:16eat this passover with you before i
1:18suffer for i tell you that i will not
1:19eat of it until it it is
1:22until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of
1:24god and he took a cup and when he had
1:26given thanks he said take this and
1:28divide it among yourselves for i tell
1:30you that from now on i will not drink of
1:33the fruit of the vine until the kingdom
1:34of god comes and he took bread and when
1:37he had given thanks he broke it and gave
1:39it to them saying this is my body which
1:41is given for you do this in remembrance
1:43of me and likewise the cop after they
1:46had eaten saying this cup that is poured
1:48out for you is the covenant in my new
1:50blood covenant in my blood but behold
1:52the hand of him who betrays me
1:54is with me on the table for the son of
1:56man goes as it has been determined but
1:59woe to the man by whom he is betrayed
2:01and they began to question one another
2:03which of them it could be who was going
2:05to do this oh lord have mercy upon us
2:09in the name of Jesus
2:12boy that escalated quickly didn’t it i
2:14mean he joseph went from being an
2:16annoyance to being hated they couldn’t
2:19say anything kind about him and next
2:22thing you know
2:23all 11 of his brothers
2:26are thinking it’s time for joseph to die
2:31i mean could you imagine i mean
2:33these are men who are supposed to
2:34believe in yahweh they believe in the
2:36one true god i mean isn’t jacob their
2:39father the man who wrestled with Jesus
2:42won and had his name changed to israel i
2:46mean isn’t that kind of the whole point
2:48these are men who believe in the one
2:49true god i mean judah himself isn’t he
2:53the direct descendant of
2:55you know
2:57the lion of the tribe of judah
3:00but could you imagine like here at
3:02kongzwinger i mean we’ve had some pretty
3:04wild church council meetings but could
3:06you imagine if like church council
3:08meeting don matson wasn’t there and
3:10somebody said i make a motion that we do
3:12don mathson in
3:14you know it’s time for dawn to go it’s
3:16time for him to die and somebody says i
3:18like that i second the motion that at
3:20all in favor unanimous vote next thing
3:23you know don’s dead right this this is
3:27but here’s the thing is it really
3:31that crazy
3:34you see scripture is clear that we are
3:36all conceived and born dead
3:39in trespasses and sins children of the
3:41devil and while the devil was a liar and
3:44a murderer from the beginning and
3:46because we have rebelled against god
3:48well i think scripture is quite clear
3:51it’s pretty easy for all of us to be
3:54like the devil
3:56and when we
3:58harbor hatred
4:01we harbor unforgiveness we harbor
4:05feelings of ill will and malice within
4:08our hearts towards others it grows
4:12i mean is it any wonder in our society
4:16you know i people don’t really watch
4:18television anymore they like watch
4:19netflix or hulu and stuff like this but
4:22how many shows out there are dedicated
4:24to solving
4:26legitimate murders there’s whole
4:29programs dedicated to that topic fact
4:34the other day i had a conversation with
4:36my biological father it was kind of an
4:38interesting conversation asked how he
4:39was doing and if he was still working as
4:42a substitute teacher he had retired from
4:44the police force years and years and
4:46years ago actually decades ago now and
4:48he said no i’m no longer working for the
4:50school district the police force in
4:52sitka has hired me to solve cold cases
4:56that’s a thing apparently and i said
4:59well have you solved any said funny
5:00enough that you would ask very recently
5:03i solved a 24 year old cold case murder
5:06i said really and he said yeah it was
5:09kind of interesting he said back when
5:11the murder took place it was a rape and
5:14a murder of a 19 year old girl
5:1724 years ago he said we found we got us
5:21we got a good dna sample but the dna
5:24evidence back then they didn’t have the
5:26technology to figure out whose family he
5:29was from and stuff like this have you
5:31ever have you ever taken a dna test from
5:33like boy
5:36if you haven’t done that yet and you end
5:38up doing it you might find people that
5:40you’re related to that you had no idea
5:43you know see i recently did a dna test
5:46with and every now and then
5:48i get notifications that they’ve well
5:51reevaluated my dna
5:54from that i’ve been able to figure out
5:56well apparently there’s a lot of irish
5:58in me a bit of welsh which i didn’t
6:00expect some scottish but here was the
6:03big surprise a couple years ago when the
6:05technology hit that next level plateau
6:09i found out
6:10that i had an aunt
6:12that i had no idea about
6:14apparently my grandfather had sewed some
6:16wild oats and
6:18there was a there was a young girl
6:20conceived as a result of it so i have an
6:22aunt who’s my same age talk about
6:25awkward we exchanged emails but there
6:27was no denying it our dna said that we
6:29were related
6:31and so my dad in his cold case this
6:34that took place 24 years ago they were
6:36finally able to start to branch out they
6:39figured out which family this guy was
6:40from were able to get some dna from
6:43other family members they narrowed it
6:45down and they were finally able to send
6:47some police officers to arrest him he
6:49had moved from alaska down to arkansas
6:52and when they showed up he didn’t he
6:55didn’t want to go quietly so they had to
6:57go and actually get an arrest warrant
6:59and when they came back he had done
7:02himself in
7:04horrible when you think about it right
7:07but here’s the thing
7:09we are all capable of this and if you
7:12think well you know
7:14murder is kind of a
7:16big thing well let me remind you
7:19that murder Christ says is committed
7:21every time we hate
7:24somebody within our heart
7:27every time
7:28it’s without fail and you’ll note how
7:30many times do we hear the word hate
7:32regarding joseph’s brothers he was his
7:35father’s favorite they hated him
7:37couldn’t speak well of him his father
7:38made him a coat of many colors
7:41hated him even more he had a dream and
7:43then they hated him even more and then
7:45he had another dream and boy that was
7:47the straw that broke the camel’s back
7:51in this lenten tide
7:53we again
7:55are considering our own sin in this
7:57regard and we must recognize that
8:01we are all already guilty of murder even
8:04if we’ve never physically killed anyone
8:08and Christ in his word calls us to
8:13and to bear fruit in keeping with it
8:15with repentance in love and forgiveness
8:17towards neighbor and so i would note
8:19that it’s very easy to be slighted by
8:22somebody or
8:24to slight somebody to hurt their
8:26feelings to do something that could
8:28cause them to
8:30well have feelings of ill will towards
8:32you but as Christians we are called to
8:34settle our accounts quickly with those
8:37whom we sin against and those who have
8:39sinned against us
8:40by forgiving them going and telling our
8:43brother the sin that they’ve committed
8:45so that they would repent be forgiven
8:48and reconciled and you sit there and go
8:50yeah but you don’t understand what a
8:51lousy brother i have yeah actually i do
8:55regarding that
8:57Jesus kind of anticipates it because at
8:59one point somebody asked Jesus how many
9:02times should i forgive my brother if he
9:04sins against me seven times and Jesus
9:07says no 70 times seven and he says even
9:10if he comes to you in the same day and
9:13says i’m sorry
9:14seventy times you forgive him each
9:17and every time
9:19from your heart
9:21boy boy is that hard
9:24boy is that hard
9:26but i would remind you that we are all
9:28greatly forgiven in Christ
9:31and it’s here that we consider
9:34another aspect of this account you’ll
9:36note that the story of joseph
9:38so many ways so many touch points
9:41parallels the life of Christ his death
9:44his resurrection his ascension it’s in
9:47his saving of the world joseph out of
9:49all of the characters in the old
9:51testament is this one who is
9:53most obviously like Jesus and these
9:56touch points are actually quite
9:58fascinating for us and so as we look at
10:02the story of joseph here tonight we note
10:05then the hatred the absolute cutting cut
10:08shutting off of their heart towards
10:10their own brother but note then that
10:12these brothers of joseph they conspired
10:16to harm their own father as well
10:20knowing full well that joseph was alive
10:23they let their father mourn and weep for
10:26day after day after day for a long
10:29period of time and they didn’t even open
10:32their mouth to speak a word to him to
10:35offer him any comfort any solace they
10:38allowed the ruse to stand
10:41it’s very sad when you think about it
10:43how must someone hate his own father to
10:47do such a thing
10:48but there’s another aspect to this and
10:51as i was reading the concordia pulpit
10:52kind of trying to figure out how to work
10:55the sermon here tonight the fellow who
10:58put the put together a sermon on this
11:00exact same text in the concordia pulpit
11:03noted that there’s another similarity
11:05between Jesus
11:06and and joseph and that is the silence
11:10of god
11:11which is an interesting point if you
11:13think about it
11:15in the previous chapters of genesis we
11:18have seen god communicating quite
11:20clearly with israel and as i’ve already
11:23pointed out well when
11:26when jacob was in big trouble he was
11:29heading back to canaan because god
11:31verbally told him to go back
11:34when he went when he was heading back
11:36his brother esau had 300 armed men and
11:39were heading in his direction and he
11:43decided to take his whole family and his
11:45herds and break them up into two groups
11:48thinking that if esau attacks one group
11:50then maybe at least the one group will
11:52survive you have to wonder if if even
11:54jacob himself was hoping well if esau
11:56attacks i hope he attacks this one not
11:58that one he was a fellow who also played
12:00favorites with his own wives if you
12:02think about it and what happens god
12:05shows up that night and wrestles with
12:08jacob wrenches his hip renames him
12:12israel and
12:14blesses him face to face and he calls
12:17the place itself where this took place
12:20penae el which means the face of god is
12:24communicating with israel throughout his
12:28and then when his son goes missing it is
12:33and utter
12:38not a word
12:44was a willing participant
12:47it’s a little weird when you think about
12:50but it’s really not
12:51and this is where we want to consider
12:53something here and that is is that
12:55another parallel between joseph and
13:00is that when Jesus
13:02well when he had been betrayed not for
13:0420 pieces of silver but 30.
13:07and when he not thrown into a pit but
13:10was beaten to within an inch of his life
13:13when he was scourged mocked and punched
13:15in the face had a crown of thorns driven
13:17into his skull
13:19and he was bleeding and then nailed to a
13:21cross and suspended between heaven and
13:24earth why
13:25because he was bearing the punishment
13:27and the guilt and the iniquity of all
13:29all of us you and me included
13:32that one when he was on the cross when
13:35the sun darkened Christ cried out my god
13:38my god why have you forsaken me
13:41while Jesus languished while he suffered
13:45in soul
13:46in mind and definitely in body
13:50god the father remained completely
13:52silenced practically turned his face
13:54away from Jesus
13:56to allow this to all go down
14:00and if well
14:02if israel if jacob is any indicator of
14:05what the father was going through it had
14:07to be horrifically terrible
14:09but yet god remained silent and it’s
14:12here will we recognize that in our walk
14:16with Christ
14:17as we journey
14:20from our baptismal waters through the
14:22wilderness of this life to the world
14:25that is to come the promised land of the
14:27new heavens and the new earth
14:29that along the way there are times when
14:31it seems like in the midst of our
14:37offering any words of comfort at all
14:43Christ says my god my god why have you
14:45forsaken me the psalmist cries out how
14:48long o lord will you forget me forever
14:51and it’s here that we note that
14:53sometimes god does some of his most
14:55important and difficult work
14:59he does it on us
15:01in complete silence
15:05it’s painful
15:06but we’ll note this that sometimes the
15:09most painful things we have to go
15:10through are exactly the things that we
15:12need to go through in order to be healed
15:14of some of our own sin sickness
15:17i remember when i was a kid
15:19that when i would get the belt from my
15:21dad my dad would always tell me those
15:23stupid words this is going to hurt me
15:25more than it hurt you and it never did
15:27never did ever
15:29but i think of another time when i had
15:32to experience great pain
15:34in order to experience a healing i know
15:37it seems kind of a weird if you kind of
15:38put in those terms but
15:40the day before i started the seventh
15:42grade it was the last day of summer and
15:44i didn’t want to go shopping with my
15:46mother because have you guys noticed
15:48this about women when they go shopping
15:50they wander
15:52okay when i go shopping i know what i
15:54want i know what aisle it’s on
15:57i sometimes even work it out on the app
16:00that i have for the store figure out
16:02which aisle which bay whatever and i go
16:04to that store park my truck go in go
16:07straight to where the item is pick it up
16:11go to the
16:12self checkout and get out
16:14women not so much women they just wander
16:17around aimlessly and i don’t understand
16:20what this is all about well
16:22when i was getting ready to go into the
16:24seventh grade right before school
16:26started my mom decided she wanted to go
16:28shopping shopping at all places a place
16:30called save on it’s a drugstore in
16:33southern california and i didn’t want to
16:36go in with her it was the last day of
16:40so what did i do i had my roller skates
16:44and i was roller skating on the sidewalk
16:46in front of save-ons
16:48while my mother was shopping
16:50and i hit a bit of uneven pavement and
16:53my skate my roller skates came to a stop
16:56but i didn’t i went flying like superman
17:01without the ability to fly and when i
17:04hit the ground
17:06i felt a very weird
17:08warm sensation in my right arm and when
17:12i looked at it one of my bones was
17:14sticking out of my arm
17:16and i decided it was time to scream
17:19bloody murder and bloody murder i
17:21screamed and so they figured out who my
17:23mother was brought her out and she
17:26didn’t even put me in an ambulance she
17:27just threw him in her car and we went to
17:28go see my stepdad my stepdad’s an er
17:31physician so he puts the x-ray puts my
17:34arm under the x-ray says yep you broke
17:36it really okay i knew that and he says
17:38yeah but setting this thing is going to
17:40be a little bit beyond my skill so he
17:42called the orthopedic surgeon who
17:44happened to be a personal friend of his
17:46the orthopedic surgeon comes in takes a
17:48look at the at the x-ray takes a look at
17:50my arm and goes yep
17:53i oddly enough think i can set this
17:55thing and you won’t need any surgery he
17:57says however because of the way you
17:59broke it i’m not going to be able to
18:01numb it up though but don’t worry it’ll
18:03it’ll it’ll be really quick you know it
18:05won’t it won’t be that bad
18:08terrible terrible things to tell a child
18:12he went ahead and put the plaster on it
18:14while it was still soft he said all
18:16right we’re gonna count to three on
18:18three ready one two and at two he went
18:21and you heard the crack
18:23and the scream
18:26and the throbbing
18:28but he said it right
18:29he said it right but man did it hurt it
18:32really legitimately hurt
18:34but you know what
18:36never broke this arm again
18:38and it works perfectly fine that’s what
18:40i needed at the moment
18:42and so we note that sometimes
18:46what we need
18:48in order to help us
18:50overcome if you would by the power of
18:52the holy spirit
18:54some of our desire
18:56for sin
18:58is we need god’s discipline
19:00and god’s discipline in the book of
19:02hebrews is oftentimes described in terms
19:04of a scourging in and of itself it’s
19:06painful and it’s difficult and you know
19:09what by the silence of god here in this
19:12text and by the silence of god while
19:13Christ was suffering
19:15i think it’s good that god is silent
19:17while he’s scourging us
19:20because we can see that when he is
19:23he’s working
19:25pretty important things
19:27when he was silent in the case of joseph
19:30he was working the salvation of the
19:32world at that time
19:34joseph needed to go into slavery
19:37even worse he needed to go into prison
19:39for a crime he didn’t commit and he
19:41suffered greatly the psalms tell us
19:44as a prisoner and god didn’t speak a
19:47word to him
19:50and he didn’t speak a word
19:53to jacob had he spoken a word to jacob
19:55jacob would have come and rescued him
19:57and in saving jacob he would have
20:00imperiled his own life in the life of
20:01his own family
20:04and so
20:05as we consider this account there’s so
20:08many facets so many different ways in
20:10which we can work this
20:12but since we’re working in light of our
20:14own repentance let us understand this
20:17that it is a painful process to go
20:20to have god’s law convict us of our sin
20:23it is a painful process that the holy
20:25spirit goes through in pruning us
20:28and sanctifying us and god disciplining
20:30us because of his great love for us
20:33and we’ll note that it took
20:35Jesus himself bearing our sin on the
20:38cross and suffering greatly for us to be
20:40reconciled to god
20:42and so let us again repent of all of our
20:45malice and hatred but also let us repent
20:47of the ways in which we somehow throw a
20:50finger at god and blame him for the
20:52suffering that we’re in when we’ve
20:53brought it upon ourselves or even worse
20:56when god is disciplining us and we are
20:59not burying up properly underneath it i
21:02assure you that each and every one of us
21:04deserves far more than the sufferings
21:06that we go through
21:07and yet god
21:09doesn’t give us what we deserve
21:12not now and not in eternity
21:15so let us repent
21:17of disdaining god’s silence and embrace
21:20it and know that he hasn’t forsaken us
21:22because scripture is clear i will never
21:24leave you or forsake you but in the
21:26midst of that silence he may in fact be
21:28working something very important for our
21:30own salvation just like he did for
21:33joseph just like he did for jacob and
21:35just like he did for Jesus in the name
21:38of Jesus amen
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