Sermon Transcript – A Taste of Future Glory

Series C – Transfiguration Sunday – Sunday, February 7, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:30the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:32chapter 9 verses 28-36
0:35now about eight days after these sayings
0:38he took with him Peter and John and
0:41James and they went up on the mountain
0:43to pray and as he was praying the
0:45appearance of his face was altered his
0:47clothing became dazzling white and
0:50behold two men were talking with him
0:52Moses Elijah who appeared in glory and
0:55spoke of his departure which he was
0:57about to accomplish at Jerusalem now
1:00Peter and those who were with him were
1:02heavy with sleep but when they became
1:04fully awake they saw his glory and the
1:07two men who stood with him and as the
1:09men were parting from him Peter said to
1:11Jesus Master it is good that we are here
1:13let us make three tents one for you one
1:16for Moses one for Elijah not knowing
1:19what he said
1:21as he was saying these things a cloud
1:23came and overshadowed them and they were
1:26afraid as they entered the cloud and a
1:28voice came out of the cloud saying this
1:30is my son My Chosen One listen to him
1:33and when the voice had spoken Jesus was
1:37found alone and they kept silent and
1:39told no one in those days anything of
1:42what they had seen in the name of Jesus
1:45all right you’ll notice in Our Gospel
1:47text Our Gospel text begins with these
1:50words now about eight days after these
1:52sayings he took with him Peter and John
1:55and James and went up on the mountain to
1:58of course that begs the question which
2:00sayings after which sayings and I think
2:02let’s back up just a little bit to verse
2:0523 and let’s pick up that context
2:08because I think the context is vital so
2:10Luke chapter 9 verse 23 and he Jesus
2:14said to all if anyone would come after
2:17me let them deny himself take up his
2:20cross daily
2:22and follow me
2:24yeah Christianity is not for the faint
2:27heart if you’re looking to have your
2:29best life now I think you’re missing the
2:30whole point Jesus is all about denying
2:33yourself taking up crosses crosses kill
2:36people by the way so keep that in mind
2:38whoever would save his life is going to
2:41lose it whoever loses his life for my
2:43sake will save it what does the prophet
2:46a man if he gains the whole world and
2:48loses and forfeits himself
2:52well let’s answer the question doesn’t
2:54really profit him anything does it
2:56you could be the wealthiest billionaire
2:58you could be the most powerful
3:00politician who builds an Empire and
3:02conquers and seizes the whole world
3:05and at the end of the day you’re still
3:06going to stand before Christ none of
3:08this you get to keep anyway we’re
3:09passing through right
3:12so whoever is ashamed of me and of my
3:15words of him will the son of man be
3:18shamed when he comes in his glory and
3:20the glory of the father and the Holy
3:22Angels but I tell you truly there are
3:24some standing here who will not taste
3:27death until they see the kingdom of God
3:30real quick I don’t know if you’ve had
3:32any conversations with atheists atheists
3:34like to talk to me apparently I have
3:37conversations from time to time with
3:38them and usually you’ll get a
3:40conversation like this the Bible can’t
3:42be true because it says right here that
3:45they will not taste death until they see
3:46the kingdom of God so that means that
3:49the disciples were expecting Jesus to
3:51return in their lifetimes and since
3:53Jesus didn’t return while they were all
3:55still alive well in Jesus lied to him
3:56then they’re not he’s not really God
4:00and you just say well let’s take a look
4:02at the next verse you see what’s going
4:04on here is not some promise that Jesus
4:07is going to return in the lifetime of
4:09the Apostles if you run across anybody
4:10who thinks this way just have them read
4:13the next verse because this is the
4:15context not taste death until they see
4:17the kingdom of God well they see the
4:20kingdom of God right here next verse
4:22when they go up to the Mount and Jesus
4:25is transfigured before them that’s what
4:27that’s referring to so now we get into
4:29our text proper so about eight days
4:31after these Saints Jesus Took with him
4:36in John and James and went up on a
4:39mountain to pray and as he was praying
4:41the appearance of his face was altered
4:42and his clothing became dazzling white
4:44and behold two men were talking with him
4:47Moses and Elijah who appeared in glory
4:50and spoke of his departure let’s unpack
4:53a little bit of this now
4:55the fact that we have eight days not a
5:00right in scripture oftentimes numbers
5:03have meanings now people like to assign
5:06crazy meanings to things but let’s take
5:08a look at kind of a sober meaning of
5:10what’s going on here when we talk about
5:12eight days this is super significant
5:14eight days how many days did it take for
5:17God to speak the universe into existence
5:20six Six Days on the seventh day he did
5:22what he rested right so here you have a
5:26full week now it’s significant to note
5:28that Jesus is crucified on a Friday
5:34and he has a Sabbath rest the seventh
5:36day in the Tomb on a Saturday right and
5:40Jesus is raised again from the grave on
5:43the Eighth Day the beginning of a new
5:46week the beginning of a new creation and
5:48so sometimes in scripture when you see
5:51eight days it’s signaling something
5:54something important is happening and
5:56it’s relating to the new creation and
5:58you get a glimpse of what’s coming
6:01and also you’ll notice that they went up
6:03on a mountain to pray
6:05big things have happened on mountains in
6:08scripture you think of Moses climbing
6:11the mountain it’s Mount Sinai and he
6:14received from the Lord The Ten
6:15Commandments Jesus is going up the
6:17mountain you think of Abraham climbing
6:19Mount Moriah to sacrifice Isaac and the
6:23Lord intervenes and provides the RAM for
6:25the sacrifice important things happen on
6:27mountains something important is taking
6:29place here and so pay attention so as he
6:33was praying the appearance of his face
6:34was altered his clothing became dazzling
6:36white behold two men were talking with
6:38him Moses and Elijah who appeared in
6:41glory and spoke of his now the ESV there
6:44says departure
6:46and just about every translation is
6:48going to say something close to that but
6:50if you read Greek you read through this
6:52and you go whoa that word’s important
6:55the reason I say that is because stuck
6:58in the middle of this Greek manuscript
7:00is a Hebrew word
7:02here’s the word are you ready they
7:04didn’t speak speak about his departure
7:07they spoke about his
7:12is Exodus
7:13that is significant because here in the
7:16middle of this Greek manuscript is a
7:18Hebrew borrowed word
7:20that has major significance we’re
7:23talking now about knowing what’s going
7:26on in The Exodus itself The Exodus
7:28points to what Jesus was doing and Jesus
7:31is about to do his Exodus for you in
7:34other words pay attention Jesus the
7:36Passover Lamb is to go to Jerusalem and
7:40be slain
7:41so that the Destroyer would pass over
7:44you who you who are covered in his blood
7:48right he’s going to Jerusalem to do his
7:51Exodus and so there’s Moses and Elijah
7:53talking with him and Moses and Elijah in
7:55this sense you can think of it this way
7:56all of the Old Testament is represented
8:00by Moses and the prophets
8:02right it’s the prophets who are the ones
8:05who put the histories together and it’s
8:07the prophets who are the ones who
8:08receive the direct Revelation for all
8:10the prophecies that we have in the Old
8:12Testament so Moses and the prophets
8:14perfect representatives of all of the
8:16Old Testament and now they’ve done their
8:19Duty Moses pointing us to Christ
8:23the prophets all pointing us to Christ
8:25represented by Moses and the prophet in
8:27Elijah himself
8:29and now they’ve done their Duty they’re
8:31going to talk to Jesus about his Exodus
8:33he’s heading to Jerusalem to die and
8:36bleed for the sins of the world
8:39and then Peter chimes in
8:42poor Peter this this he’s the only
8:45Seminary Student that I have ever
8:47witnessed who failed every single test
8:50in seminary and became the greatest it’s
8:53amazing and here Peter just botches it
8:56again so Peter and those who were with
8:58him were heavy with sleep
9:01what is it with these guys right you
9:04think of Jesus on the night he’s
9:06betrayed what were they doing then
9:08sleeping what is with you guys you are
9:11not setting a good moral example for us
9:13to follow here so they’re up there the
9:16most significant events in all of
9:18recorded spiritual history is taking
9:21place I know charismatics who would sell
9:23their mothers Into Slavery to have seen
9:25the glory of Jesus right and they’re
9:31hmm is this boring you what’s wrong with
9:34these people right
9:36so he finally wakes up and decides he’s
9:40got to do something right so he saw
9:42Jesus’s glory and the two men who stood
9:44with him and as these men were parting
9:46from him Peter says to Jesus hey hey
9:49Master it’s good that we’re here
9:52um I have an idea let’s make three
9:54tenths one for you one for Moses one for
10:00and the text says not knowing what he
10:04it’s almost as if he’s completely out of
10:06his mind and there’s a reason for this
10:08all right
10:09let’s take a look back at our epistle
10:11text Hebrews chapter 3. let me re-read
10:15therefore holy Brothers ah gotta pause
10:17there for a second don’t you love it how
10:19in the Epistles it treats Christians as
10:21if they’re Christians think about it
10:23okay therefore holy Brothers you are
10:26Brothers and Sisters in Christ You Are
10:28Holy it doesn’t say you who are striving
10:30to become holy no no no no no it says
10:33you who are holy you who share in a
10:36Heavenly calling that’s us we share in
10:38this heavenly calling consider Jesus Oh
10:41yes the Apostle the high priest of our
10:43confession he was faithful to him who
10:46appointed him just as Moses also was
10:48faithful in all of God’s house so Jesus
10:51has been counted worthy of
10:54more Glory than Moses
10:58Jesus is not an equal with Moses and
11:02and this is what this text says more it
11:04just says much more Glory as the Builder
11:06of a house has more honor than the house
11:08itself where every house is built by
11:10someone but the Builder of all things is
11:13God now Moses was faithful in all of
11:15God’s house as a servant to testify to
11:17the things that were to be spoken later
11:21but Jesus he’s Faithful over God’s house
11:24as a son and we are his house if indeed
11:27we hold fast our confidence and our
11:29boasting in in Our Hope so the idea here
11:32now going back to the Mount of
11:33transfiguration Peter once again
11:36speaking out of turn that lousy example
11:39for us of what it looks like to be a
11:40Christian he mistakenly thinks he can
11:43somehow Maybe
11:44capture the moment make it last a little
11:46bit longer why don’t you guys all hang
11:48out here we’ll we’ll set up three tenths
11:50one for each of you and by saying this
11:53he’s kind of putting them all on the
11:55same level
11:56wow Jesus is just as important as Elijah
11:59just as important as Moses and the
12:01father from Heaven is having none of
12:03that and sets Peter straight right
12:07so here’s what happens so as he was
12:09saying these things a cloud came and
12:12overshadowed them
12:14like a blizzard
12:16and they were afraid as they entered the
12:19and a voice came out of the cloud saying
12:21this is my son My Chosen One listen to
12:27him and when the voice had spoken Jesus
12:30was found
12:33Moses and Elijah they depart
12:37they’ve done their job all of the Moses
12:40and Elijah all the prophets of the Old
12:42Testament they were pointing us to the
12:45one who is now here on the scene and he
12:48is not hiding his glory he’s letting it
12:51shine like you wouldn’t believe
12:53now keep this in mind did all of Jesus’s
12:57disciples witness this
12:59no this is an extraordinary and we’ll
13:04say unique blessing that they had
13:08Barnabas wasn’t there Thaddeus wasn’t
13:11Bartholomew wasn’t there Matthew wasn’t
13:16right the majority of the disciples
13:18didn’t witness this and so the idea is
13:21this if you think for a second that
13:23somehow the Christian life is all about
13:24experiencing the glory of Christ here
13:27and now you’re kind of missing the point
13:29because only some of them
13:33didn’t have to die to see this
13:36the rest they did die before they saw
13:40this is a unique thing and so the idea
13:43then is this is that Jesus is doing this
13:45as a sign to manifest who he truly
13:47really is he really is none other than
13:50God in human flesh and if you look at
13:51the context back in chapter 9 of Luke
13:53well that’s right right this takes place
13:56right after Peter’s great confession
13:57that he’s the Messiah that he’s the
13:59Christ the son of the Living God takes
14:01place after that he lets them all so
14:03he’s letting them all mow Yep this is
14:05for sure boys this is what’s coming by
14:08the way this is what is coming
14:11there is a day coming when this Jesus
14:14who was shining with all of his glory
14:17when we will see him in this state in
14:19this state as well not here not now
14:23we carry our cross
14:26we deny ourselves
14:28we follow Jesus to his death
14:31to our deaths
14:33then we will see his glory then we will
14:38see him face to face
14:40and so the idea here is is that we learn
14:43from this text that Jesus really is our
14:47Passover Lamb we also learn from this
14:49text that he is also the pillar of fire
14:51that was shining there leading the
14:54children of Israel in the wilderness
14:55this is you know Jesus is like a literal
14:58Pillar of Fire now
15:01all of this gives way to the here and
15:04now because Jesus at this point has
15:06really come not to shine his glory and
15:08freak us all out instead he’s come to
15:11go to the cross and accomplish his
15:13Exodus and bleed and die for our sins
15:15the same Jesus who was shining on the
15:18mountain here in all of his glory is the
15:21same Jesus who in darkness was bleeding
15:24and dying for your sins and mine
15:26the same Jesus who in darkness cried out
15:29to the father my God my God why have you
15:32forsaken me
15:36we call that a Victory lap
15:38and then he sees dad and runs the other
15:40way that’s called Original Sin
15:52oh how funny yeah and that’s the reason
15:55why we come to church
16:00so the same Jesus who’s Shining
16:02suffers and bleeds and dies for our sins
16:05and the words of the father now come to
16:08us today these words that say this is my
16:12son My Chosen One listen to him
16:16what does it mean for us to listen to
16:19what does it mean
16:20to listen to Jesus is to believe him to
16:23believe that he came to seek and save
16:25the lost that’s you and me it’s to
16:27believe that he comes to us this morning
16:29and he does he comes to Us hidden not in
16:33glory he comes to us this morning hidden
16:36under the bread and the wine as we take
16:38the Lord’s supper and we hear again
16:40these comforting words take eat this is
16:43my body broken for you take drink this
16:46is my blood shed for you for the
16:48Forgiveness of your sins Jesus tells us
16:51to believe that in the waters of our
16:53baptism his blood has been mixed in it
16:55and we have been washed and our sins
16:58though they be as Scarlet have been made
17:00white as snow white
17:03as his glorious Radiance here on the
17:06Mount of transfiguration
17:08Jesus says to us the sins you forgive
17:11they are forgiven
17:12the sins you retain they are withheld
17:14and so this morning he heard in the
17:16words of the Absolution that you are
17:18forgiven listen to him
17:22he speaks the truth you are forgiven
17:25and so this day as we remember the Mount
17:28of transfiguration
17:30remember to listen to Jesus and to
17:33he comes to us humbly now but he will
17:36return in glory to judge the living and
17:38the dead and we will see that glory and
17:40the greatest thing is because we are in
17:42him because we are forgiven because he
17:43has given us the gift of faith in him to
17:45believe these amazing promises this
17:48unbelievable promises dare you believe
17:50that you can be saved yes even you even
17:54I we can be saved because of what Christ
17:57has done for us so believe this and know
18:00that what it is that Peter James and
18:02John experienced that you too also will
18:06experience you will see Jesus you will
18:09see him in his glory and you will not be
18:12afraid and you will not say stupid
18:14things like Peter
18:16instead you will say glory to God in the
18:19highest Glory
18:21what Mercy that we have in Jesus what a
18:24blessed and glorious day that will be
18:25and we all get a little bit of a peek of
18:27it here and now in the name of Jesus
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