Sermon Transcript – After the Victory Comes Peace

Series B – Third Sunday of Easter – Sunday, April 19, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:31chapter 24 verses 36-49
0:35while they were still talking about this
0:37Jesus himself stood among them and said
0:39to them peace be with you
0:42they were startled and frightened
0:44thinking they saw a ghost and he said to
0:45them why are you troubled and why do
0:47doubts rise in your minds look at my
0:49hands at my and my feet it is I myself
0:52touch me and see a ghost does not have
0:55Flesh and Bones as you see that I have
0:58and when he had said this he showed them
1:00his hands and his feet and while they
1:02still did not believe it because of joy
1:04and amazement he asked them do you have
1:06anything here to eat and they gave him a
1:09piece of broiled fish and he took it and
1:12ate it in their presence and he said to
1:14them this is what I told you while I was
1:16still with you everything must be
1:18fulfilled that is written about me in
1:20the law of Moses the prophets and the
1:23Psalms and then he opened their minds so
1:25that they could understand the scripture
1:26and he told them this is what is written
1:28the Christ will suffer and rise from the
1:30dead and on the third day on the third
1:33day in Repentance and forgiveness of
1:35sins will be preached in his name to All
1:37Nations beginning at Jerusalem you are
1:39witnesses of these things I’m going to
1:42send you what my father has promised but
1:44stay in the city until you have been
1:45clothed with power from on high
1:50in the name of Jesus
1:53so our text this morning is the gospel
1:55text and we’ll walk back through it if
1:57you want to have your Bibles open and
1:59I’ll be reading it from the ESV because
2:01for particular reasons but here’s what
2:03it says as they were talking about these
2:04things Jesus himself stood among them
2:06and said to them peace to you now real
2:11quick by way of historical reminder
2:15have some visual aids
2:18this is a
2:20a scan if you would
2:24of a newspaper on VE Day Victory right
2:28Germany surrenders
2:30and you think about that okay you think
2:32about the war that began in what 1938
2:35and continued on into 44.45
2:38and of the millions of people that died
2:41this was a terrible horrific war and
2:44many of us our parents fought in these
2:48in this war or they participated in this
2:50war we know relatives who might even
2:52have some people out here in the
2:53graveyard never know who who perished in
2:55that in that battle right it was epic
2:58and so when Victory finally came it was
3:00a big deal and then
3:02here’s a scan if you would of the
3:05Indianapolis Star and uh on VJ Day the
3:10war has ended Truman and that was also
3:12not only did they get news that the war
3:14had ended but they also got news that
3:16the U.S Indianapolis USS Indianapolis
3:17had been uh had been sunk and 883 people
3:22were killed so you know big news but the
3:26headline the big headline is peace peace
3:28and of course we’ve all seen this
3:30Photograph this is like a famous
3:32photograph from Life Magazine at the
3:33time right of the sailor kissing the
3:35nurse in Times Square peace is a big
3:38deal and so when we hear Jesus’s words
3:41this morning as they were talking about
3:44these things Jesus himself stood among
3:46them and he said to them peace to you
3:48think of it as that kind of Peace the
3:51kind of peace that comes after a major
3:53victory the end of hostilities the you
3:57know that’s what’s going on here and
3:59this is so because of the fact that God
4:02himself is torn down the wall of
4:04hostilities and was in Christ
4:05reconciling the world to ourself a good
4:08cross reference that helps us unders
4:09stand this is second Corinthians chapter
4:125 verses 17-21 here’s what it says
4:15therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a
4:18new creation the oldest passed away
4:20behold the new has come and all of this
4:23is from God who through Christ
4:24reconciled us to himself and gave us the
4:28ministry of reconciliation that is in
4:31Christ God was reconciling the world to
4:33himself not counting their trespasses
4:35against them and entrusting to us the
4:38message of reconciliation so in a sense
4:41think of it this way we as Christians as
4:45the church get to go out and do this
4:49and tell people victory has been won the
4:52war is over Christ has won and peace has
4:57been declared
4:58peace between you and God that’s what it
5:00means to talk about the ministry of
5:02reconciliation so Sunday after Sunday
5:05after Sunday here what do we hear we
5:08hear about this peace one for us by
5:10Christ the kind of peace that comes
5:12after a long epic drawn out War
5:16and so therefore the text continues we
5:19are ambassadors for Christ that’s right
5:23we Christians we’re the ones who are
5:25ambassadors for Christ I was um reading
5:28about evangelism during the time of the
5:32earliest Christians did you know that
5:35the earliest congregations never had
5:37evangelism Sunday
5:39it’s just true it’s the weirdest thing
5:41no when you read about how Christianity
5:43spread before uh well churches were
5:47legal think about it okay your your job
5:50is to go and Proclaim something about
5:52Jesus and somebody’s going to believe
5:55this about Jesus and join the Christian
5:57church and be catechized and learn what
6:00Christ taught all with the knowledge of
6:03knowing that they could
6:05at any moment without warning
6:08be called to deny Christ and worship
6:11Caesar and if they refused they could be
6:15that’s how dire things were and yet the
6:18church grew how did it grow then people
6:21weren’t coming to church and if you came
6:22to church and they found you out
6:25you could die
6:28in fact there’s a story in the church
6:29fathers of a congregation that met well
6:34in a cemetery of all places and and when
6:38the pastor would consecrate the Lord’s
6:40supper and you know and and they would
6:42sit and he would say take you know
6:44basically the on the Lord on the night
6:46when I was our Lord was betrayed he took
6:48bread and we had given thanks he broke
6:49it and gave it to the disciples saying
6:51take eat this is my body which is given
6:53for you and then he consecrates the the
6:55wine and says you know on the same night
6:57also he took the cup after supper and
7:00when he had given thanks he broke it to
7:01gave it to them saying take drink this
7:03is the blood of the New Testament in my
7:05blood given for you for the Forgiveness
7:07of your sins and then he would say you
7:10you know peace be with you and they
7:11would say Amen but they were so joyful
7:14and joyous about the fact that Christ
7:17was coming to them in his body and blood
7:19in with and under the bread and wine
7:21that when they said the amen it was
7:24really loud a loud joyous amen it wasn’t
7:27oh man it was oh man yeah
7:31and they got found out
7:33as a result of that and some of them
7:34died but how did Christianity spread
7:37under those circumstances
7:39well the way it spread was in workshops
7:44spread in kitchens
7:47it spread
7:48out of the park it spread as people were
7:52going about their daily business and
7:54doing their work slaves talking to other
7:57slaves Bankers talking to bankers
8:00you know Sailors talking with other
8:02Sailors Christianity spread because the
8:05people who had the good news
8:07they took this idea of being an
8:10ambassador seriously and so they were
8:13ambassadors going out and proclaiming
8:16Christ’s Victory and peace with God and
8:18so the text says this therefore we are
8:21ambassadors for Christ and God himself
8:23is making his appeal through us so we
8:26implore you on behalf of Christ to be
8:28reconciled to God for our sake he made
8:30him God made Jesus to be sin who knew no
8:34sin so that in him we might become the
8:37righteousness of God
8:40you want the church to grow
8:43tell everybody what Christ has done tell
8:45them about the victory let them know
8:48that peace has been declared between us
8:50and God because of what Christ has done
8:52for us then the church will grow
8:55but our text then continues but they
8:57were startled the apostles were startled
8:59and frightened and they thought they saw
9:01a spirit or a ghost
9:03and he said to them why are you troubled
9:06and why do doubts arise in your heart
9:08see my hands and my feet that it is I
9:10myself touch me and see for a spirit
9:13does not have Flesh and Bones as you see
9:15that I have what an amazing savior he
9:18considers the wounds that he received on
9:21the cross as tokens as marks as Battle
9:24Scars to be you know shown off to people
9:27you you look at you ever have you ever
9:30been in company of men when they’re
9:31trying to show off their scars you know
9:33yeah I got this one you know while I was
9:36fighting a mako shark in Hawaii you know
9:38and then somebody has another right you
9:40know Jesus’s scars are his hand on his
9:42hands and in his side and he’s and these
9:45are not tokens that he shuns in fact
9:47these are the best scars ever Jesus
9:51trumps everything because these are the
9:53scars he sustained in that epic battle
9:56for our Salvation in which by dying he
9:59won and so he can he keeps these not
10:03only to show them to people but to
10:05comfort us with them and he Comforts the
10:06disciples see it’s I
10:08all right don’t have any doubts
10:11so when he said said this he showed them
10:13his hands and his feet and while they
10:15still disbelieve for Joy they were
10:17marveling and said and he said to them
10:19have you anything here to eat and they
10:22gave him a piece of broiled fish and he
10:24took it and ate before them so it’s
10:27really me ghosts don’t eat fish by the
10:30way I you know it’s true I mean I’ve
10:33never seen one of those paranormal shows
10:35where they put fish out and the ghost
10:36eats it up you know it just doesn’t
10:38happen you know it’s kind of a weird
10:40thing to do now this is kind of a funny
10:41little side note and as I Was preparing
10:44for the sermon I actually checked to see
10:47how the some of the church fathers had
10:48handled this text in their sermons and
10:52every single one of them thought that
10:54there was some kind of important
10:56spiritual significance to the fact that
10:58Jesus ate fish
11:00but none of them agree as to why that’s
11:03so and so it’s kind of funny and so I’ve
11:06decided that I’m gonna I’m gonna go
11:08ahead and Hazard a guess as to what the
11:10spiritual significance is to the fact
11:12that Jesus ate fish John doesn’t put
11:15details in here like this just to throw
11:17them away right so maybe there’s some
11:19kind of spiritual significance and so
11:22take this for what it’s worth but I
11:24think there’s a connection here between
11:25Jesus and Jonah
11:27this is what’s going on here and so you
11:30think of Jonah type and Shadow pointing
11:31us to Jesus well take a look at this in
11:34Jonah chapter one here’s what it says
11:36now the word of Yahweh came to Jonah the
11:38son of amitai saying a rise and go to
11:40Nineveh that great City and call out
11:42against it for their evil has come up
11:44before me but Jonah Rose to flee to
11:47tarshish from the presence of Yahweh
11:50he went down to Joppa found a ship going
11:53to tarshish and he so he paid the fare
11:55and went down into it to go with them to
11:59tarshish away from the presence of the
12:02and if you know the punch line there’s a
12:04very specific reason why Jonah fled
12:07and the reason why he fled according to
12:10this this book itself is because he
12:12didn’t want the ninevites to be forgiven
12:15he knew that God was merciful he knew
12:18that he was forgiving and the last thing
12:20he wanted was those dirty rotten
12:22innovites those evil blood-sucking war
12:26criminals that they are who make the
12:28Nazis look like school girls right he
12:30the last thing he wanted them to be is
12:32Forgiven that’s why he fled
12:35true so here’s what happens the Lord
12:38hurled a great wind upon the sea Good
12:41Luck running from God that never works
12:43out by the way
12:44so there was a mighty Tempest on the sea
12:46so that the ship threatened to break up
12:48then the Mariners were afraid and each
12:51one cried out to his God and they hurled
12:53the cargo that was in the ship into the
12:55sea to lighten it for them but Jonah had
12:57gone down into the inner part of the
12:59ship and had laid down and was fast
13:01asleep so the captain came to him said
13:03to him what do you mean you sleeper
13:06arise call out to your god notice Jonah
13:10isn’t afraid at all you know
13:12if I die perfect those ninevites will
13:15never be forgiven so perhaps the God
13:18will give a thought to us that we may
13:20not perish
13:22so they said to one another come let us
13:23cast lot so that we may know in whose
13:25account this evil has come upon us
13:27casting lots we see that happening at
13:29Jesus’s cross I think there’s a parallel
13:32here right so they cast lots a lot fell
13:34on Jonah then they said to him tell us
13:37on whose account this evil has come upon
13:39us what is your occupation where do you
13:41come from what is your country I don’t
13:43know what people are you
13:45question after question after asking
13:47yourself he says all right
13:50he says I’m a Hebrew I fear Yahweh the
13:53god of Heaven who made the sea in the
13:55dry land then the men were exceedingly
13:58afraid and said to him what is this that
14:00you have done for the men knew that he
14:02was fleeing from the presence of Yahweh
14:04because he had told them so then they
14:06said to him what shall we do to you that
14:08the sea May quiet down for us for the
14:11seed grew more and more tempestuous it’s
14:14as if you know this as the story is
14:16developing in the sea is getting more
14:18hungry right feed me feed me give me
14:21Jonah right so so Jonah said pick me up
14:25hurl me into the sea
14:27and then the sea will be quiet it’ll
14:29quiet down for you for I know it is
14:31because of me that this great Tempest
14:33has come upon you nevertheless the men
14:35rode hard to get back to dry land but
14:37they could not for the seed grew more
14:40and more tempestuous against us and
14:42God’s saying ah you’re not getting away
14:43therefore they called out
14:46to Yahweh oh Yahweh let us not perish
14:50for this man’s life and lay not on us
14:52innocent blood for you o Yahweh have
14:54done as it pleased you
14:57I hear Pontius pilate’s words in these
15:00words where Pontius Pilate pulls out
15:02that bowl and washes his hands and says
15:04I’m innocent of this man’s blood
15:07so they picked up Jonah
15:09hurled him into the sea and the Sea
15:12ceased from its raging then the men
15:15feared Yahweh exceedingly and they
15:17offered a sacrifice to Yahweh and they
15:19made vows
15:20and the Lord appointed a great fish to
15:23swallow up Jonah and Jonah was in the
15:26belly of the fish three days
15:28and three nights
15:31Jesus in Matthew chapter 12 when he was
15:34challenged about what he was doing he
15:36said this for just as Jonah was three
15:39days and three nights in the belly of
15:40the great fish so will the son of man be
15:43three days and three nights in the heart
15:45of the Earth
15:46think of it this way
15:48Jonah kind of points us to Jesus and the
15:51sign of Jonah’s death and resurrection
15:53and that’s really what it was in a sense
15:55right three days and three nights in the
15:58belly of a fish in the heart of this
15:59home the Deep
16:01Jesus is Jonah in that sense so there’s
16:05the tempestuous raging of God’s Wrath
16:09against our sin
16:12and we know we’re all doomed despite all
16:15of our efforts to safely make it to the
16:18promised land to shore to safety there’s
16:21no way around it it doesn’t matter if we
16:23take the boat north or south or east or
16:26west whichever direction we’re going to
16:28go the Raging of God’s anger and wrath
16:30against our sin
16:32gets even Wilder
16:35and so what do we do we take Jesus and
16:38we throw him overboard
16:40to certain death
16:42and then the fish swallows him up that’s
16:44what death is it swallows him up whole
16:48and then
16:50there’s peace
16:52and calm
16:54it’s miraculous right and see that’s
16:57what Jesus did he was our sacrifice for
16:59our sins and he spent three days and
17:02three nights
17:03in the heart of the Earth the belly of
17:06the fish the Deep the to home and so I
17:08think the reason why Jesus is eating
17:10fish here on this account is because
17:12it’s kind of like this have you ever
17:13seen one of those comedies where the
17:16hero does something epic but it’s kind
17:18of ridiculous that he did it you know
17:21you think about you know some you know
17:22some comic movie where you know maybe
17:25um yeah like a Chevy Chase character
17:27right you know he’s out in the woods and
17:29there’s a bear and and so rather than
17:32run he decides to stand his ground right
17:34and you know the Chevy Chase can’t
17:36defeat a bear but they don’t show what
17:38happens it just looks like they’re
17:39getting ready to clash and then the next
17:41scene they show Chevy Chase wearing a
17:43big bear skin rug right yeah it’s kind
17:46of like that so Jesus here the reason
17:48he’s eating fish because he’s he’s
17:51chewing on death he’s chewing on the big
17:53fish that swallowed up Jonah I think
17:55it’s typologically in some sense
17:57connected to that now that may be a
17:58little bit of a stretch regardless of
18:01the of what the spiritual meaning is we
18:04do know that the story of Jonah is all
18:06about Christ and his victory over death
18:08and here Jesus is comforting his
18:11disciples and not with words of you know
18:14you guys really blew it you messed up
18:16instead it’s all about peace and that’s
18:19the peace that comes through Christ’s
18:22so Jesus then reminds them he says then
18:25he said to them these are my words that
18:26I spoke to you while I was still with
18:28you that everything written about me in
18:30the law and the prophets and the Psalms
18:33must be fulfilled who’s the Old
18:36Testament about
18:37Jesus in fact Jesus here this just so
18:41you know this is the same day as Jesus’s
18:43resurrection this is Easter Sunday but
18:46it’s in the evening and Jesus had just
18:48spent some time with some of several of
18:51the disciples as they traveled to Emmaus
18:53and he held their eyes so they couldn’t
18:55recognize them and he opened to up them
18:58the scriptures to show them that the
19:00Christ must suffer and die and rise
19:02again and that the scriptures were about
19:03Jesus in fact you can always tell
19:06somebody whose mind has been opened by
19:08the Holy Spirit to know what the
19:09scriptures are about because they
19:11realize it’s really all about Jesus and
19:14what he’s done in the law of Moses the
19:16prophets and the Psalms so he opened
19:18their minds to understand the scriptures
19:20and he said to them thus it is written
19:21that the Messiah should suffer and on
19:24the third day rise from the dead and
19:27that repentance and forgiveness of sins
19:30should be proclaimed in his name to All
19:34repentance and the Forgiveness of sins
19:37there’s many churches today that err on
19:39one side or the other they will preach
19:42repentance and it’s all law and you
19:44leave wondering will I make it is there
19:48any way for me to be saved and then you
19:50have other churches they preach all love
19:54but they all ever mention the law
19:56and that’s an error too we’re to preach
19:59both repentance and the Forgiveness of
20:01sins law gospel sin Grace because you
20:05truly do not understand the grace of God
20:06until you understand
20:08your dire condition
20:11because of your sin
20:13that you’ve earned hell
20:14by all of your sin and your breaking of
20:17God’s Commandments when you truly
20:19understand that that’s what you deserve
20:21and that Christ paid that for you then
20:23you’re ready for Grace you’re ready to
20:25hear the good news of what Christ has
20:27done you’re ready to hear about Christ’s
20:29Victory and the peace that Jesus is
20:33talking about then truly becomes good
20:35news because in this sense if you were
20:38to look at it this way
20:40think of it historically and in parallel
20:42you were born a Nazi
20:46and remember who won the war it wasn’t
20:48the Nazis
20:49but see you were born a Nazi and despite
20:53all of your war crimes
20:54you were granted a pardon
20:57by what Christ has done for you you see
20:59that’s kind of the the idea so then
21:02Jesus says you are witnesses of these
21:04things and behold I’m sending the
21:05promise of my father upon you but stay
21:08in the city to our clothed with power on
21:12and so because of what Christ has done
21:14Jesus here appears to the disciples on
21:17the evening of Easter and tells them
21:20peace and he shows them his hands and
21:23shows him the wound in his side eats
21:26fish with them and in the same way kind
21:28of a similar way on the eve of the end
21:32of the world when this day of creation
21:35if you would is finished Jesus will
21:37appear to us as well
21:39and he will appear to us bodily and his
21:43words to us because we are in him and we
21:45are forgiven and we are baptized
21:48his words to us are going to be the same
21:50peace to you that peace that he won on
21:53the cross is for you and you will see
21:55him with your eyes and you will see the
21:58male marks in his hands and you will see
22:00where the spirit was thrust in his side
22:02in the same exact way and his words to
22:05you will be the same peace
22:09here then again the words
22:12of the epistle reading see what kind of
22:14love the father has given to us that we
22:17that’s me and you that we should be
22:20called children of God and so we are and
22:23the reason why the world does not know
22:25us is that it did not know him beloved
22:27we are God’s children now and what we
22:31will be has not yet appeared but we know
22:33that when Jesus appears we will be like
22:36him because we shall see him as he is
22:39behold what kind of love the father has
22:43lavished on us
22:45peace Jesus says peace peace to you he’s
22:50one he suffered for your sins the breach
22:53between God and man has been fixed the
22:56war is over the hostilities are ended he
22:59is one you are pardoned you are in
23:01Christ you are forgiven and Jesus says
23:04to you today peace
23:06in Jesus name amen
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