Sermon Transcript – An Inheritance from Jesus

Series C – Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, July 31, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:31chapter 12 verses 13 through 21. someone
0:35in the crowd said to Jesus teacher tell
0:38my brother to divide the inheritance
0:40with me but he said to him man who made
0:44me a judge or an arbitrator over you and
0:47he said to them take care be on your
0:50guard against all covetousness for one’s
0:53life does not consist in the abundance
0:55of his possessions and he told them a
0:58parable saying the land of a rich man
1:00produced plentifully and he thought to
1:03himself well what shall I do for I have
1:05nowhere to store my crops and he said I
1:08will do this I will tear down my Barns
1:11and build larger ones and there I will
1:13store all my grain and my goods and I
1:16will say to my soul soul you have ample
1:19Goods laid up for many years relax eat
1:22drink be merry but God said to him fool
1:25this night your soul is required of you
1:28and the things that you have prepared
1:30whose will they be so is the one who
1:33lays up treasure for him himself and is
1:36not rich toward God
1:39in the name of Jesus
1:42all right interesting gospel text today
1:44begins with these words someone the
1:46crowd said to Jesus teacher tell my
1:48brother to divide the inheritance with
1:51but he said to him man who made me a
1:55judge or an arbitrator over you
1:58now we’ve all heard horror stories of
2:00families that have literally been torn
2:03apart by quarrels and fights over an
2:05inheritance we’ve heard of those who
2:08have been xed out of a will in the pain
2:10that that creates and if you want to
2:13find out what someone’s characters
2:14really like look how they behave when a
2:17large estate is at stake do they care
2:20about their family and their
2:21relationship with their own flesh and
2:22blood or are they willing to throw those
2:25relationships away in order to get what
2:28they think they’re owed when an estate
2:29is being parceled out there’s nothing
2:32quite like being sued by one of your
2:34siblings because they think they should
2:36have received more than they were left
2:38in Mom’s Dad and Mom and Dad’s will
2:40right in a situation like that win or
2:43lose your relationship with that sibling
2:46is all but destroyed for what remains of
2:48this Mortal existence in fact
2:49Thanksgiving and Christmas will never
2:51quite be the same
2:53rather than a season of joy and a family
2:56reunion around a festive meal each
2:58holiday from that point forth will be
3:00forever marred by feelings of loss pain
3:03anger and sorrow
3:05yeah and what’s at the root of all of
3:06this well according to the Apostle Paul
3:09what’s at the root of all of this is the
3:10sin of covetousness which he says is
3:15making God and things well making
3:19things and money your Idol
3:22so a man comes to Jesus calls out
3:25teacher tell my brother to divide the
3:28inheritance with me
3:30they’re he’s actually going to the wrong
3:33think about it Jesus is not in the
3:36vocation of well
3:38State Attorney
3:40right he’s not a judge this isn’t
3:42probate court and not only that this is
3:46the totally wrong inheritance that Jesus
3:48is about Jesus is not judged in such
3:52he’s the judge of the world furthermore
3:54as we will see later in this message The
3:57Inheritance that Jesus has charge over
3:59well it’s not an inheritance that has
4:02anything to do with this current Earthly
4:05existence right so Jesus said to them
4:09take care be on your guard against all
4:13covetousness for one’s life does not
4:16consist in the abundance of his
4:18possessions and I need to note this
4:20Jesus’s warning is as Stern as any
4:23warning he’s ever given regarding false
4:25teachers and false prophets you keep in
4:27mind we have to guard both our life and
4:29our Doctrine in this case this has to
4:31deal with our lives and so he says be on
4:34your guard against covetousness for
4:36one’s life does not consist in the
4:38abundance of his possessions you think
4:40of that bumper sticker we’ve seen from
4:42time to time the one with the most toys
4:44after they die wins no that’s not true
4:48that is so not true
4:52small catechism commenting on the 9th
4:54and tenth commandment says this you
4:56shall not covet your neighbor’s house
4:57that’s the ninth commandment what does
4:59this mean we should fear and love God so
5:02that we may not craftily seek to get our
5:04neighbor’s inheritance or house or
5:06obtain it by a show of justice and right
5:09or any other means but help and be of
5:12service to him in keeping it yeah that’s
5:15the ninth commandment and then tenth
5:18you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife
5:20or his man’s servant or his maidservant
5:23or his cattle or anything that is his
5:25you’re wondering what the distinction is
5:26between the ninth and tenth Commandments
5:28both deal with coveting ninth
5:30commandment deals with coveting stuff
5:32tenth commandment deals with coveting
5:34living things
5:37so what does this mean we should fear
5:39and love God so that we may not turn may
5:42not force may not entice away our
5:44neighbor’s wife servants cattle but urge
5:48them to stay and carefully do their Duty
5:50Paul writing in our epistle text today
5:52says this to us if then you have been
5:55raised with Christ by the way have you
5:59you have in the waters of baptism you’ve
6:01been not United with Christ and his
6:03death and his resurrection if then you
6:05have been raised with Christ and you
6:06have seek the things that are above
6:10that’s where our inheritance is
6:11currently you read the end of the book
6:13in The Book of Revelation the New
6:15Jerusalem comes down out of heaven so
6:18where is it right now well it’s it’s
6:20above where Christ is seek the things
6:23that are above where Christ is seated at
6:25the right hand of God set your minds on
6:27things that are above not on things that
6:30are on the earth for you have died
6:34your life is hidden with Christ in God
6:36and when Christ who is your life appears
6:39and you will also appear with him in
6:41glory that’s right you’ve died
6:43a little bit of a side note here we’ve
6:46all heard this in the news of the Roman
6:48Catholic priest who was beheaded in his
6:50own church by ISIS
6:52horrific crime if you think about it but
6:55here’s the thing I want you to keep this
6:58in mind
6:59if Isis should show up here and decide
7:02to behead the pastor of Kong’s finger
7:06um they might be coming for my life but
7:08as Hans Feeney of lcms Pastor commenting
7:11on this noted they might come from my
7:14life but well Isis would be too late
7:17Christ has already taken it
7:19Christ has already taken your life too
7:21you’ve already died in your baptism so
7:24if Isis shows up here
7:26too late Jesus already has us we’re
7:29already dead so keep that in mind
7:32because we’ve already died then we are
7:35admonished by the Apostle Paul in our
7:37epistle text then to put to death
7:38therefore what is Earthly in you in case
7:41you wanted to know what that looks like
7:43the little thumbnail sketch here sexual
7:45immorality yep that’s Earthly impurity
7:49passion evil desires covetousness which
7:53is idolatry and this is the sin that we
7:55are addressing today in Our Gospel text
7:57the sin of covetousness on account of
7:59these the wrath of God is coming yeah
8:02that’s right have you ever stopped to
8:05think that the person who is obsessed
8:07with wealth obsessed with having
8:10everything that this life has to offer
8:12is as immoral as somebody who is
8:15sexually perverse
8:17they are scripture is very clear on this
8:20in these you too once walked yeah none
8:23of us are innocent when it comes to
8:24these things we used to walk in these
8:26things when we were living in them but
8:29as Christians we must put them all away
8:31put away anger put away wrath put away
8:34malice put away slander put away obscene
8:37talk from your mouth do not lie to one
8:40another seeing that you have put off the
8:41old self with its practices and you have
8:43put on the new self which is being
8:45renewed in knowledge after the image of
8:47its creator here there is not Greek Jew
8:51circumcised uncircumcised barbarians
8:53scythians slave or free but Christ is
8:56all and in all in other words all of
8:59that way those ways in which we kind of
9:01judge people well that person’s wealthy
9:04that person’s poor that person well he’s
9:07of that descent he’s not Norwegian he’s
9:10German or polish but he’s Norwegian over
9:13here all of those distinctions go away
9:16in Christ so then Jesus tells a parable
9:19going back to our gospel text and here’s
9:21the parable the land of a rich man
9:24produced plentifully and he thought to
9:26himself what shall I do for I have
9:28nowhere to store my crops
9:30all right wow note here it says the land
9:34of the rich man produced plentifully who
9:38was it that would was supplying all of
9:40this wealth to him it was God
9:43right the farmers will tell you
9:46know that well some years are really
9:48great the land produced plentifully
9:50other years they’re kind of like this
9:52one things get a little scarce out there
9:54in the fields right but it was the land
9:56that produced which means it was God who
9:58was the one giving this to him and so he
10:00has this problem what shall I do I have
10:02nowhere to store my crops
10:04that’s what we call a first world
10:09so he said I know I’ll do this I’ll tear
10:11down my barns build larger ones and
10:14there I will store all my grain and my
10:17goods and I will say to my soul soul
10:21you have ample Goods laid up for many
10:23years relax eat drink be merry go to
10:28Tahiti right enjoy floofy drinks on a
10:31Shea’s lounge with a little umbrella in
10:34it right work on your suntan read a book
10:41long ago wrote actually preached on this
10:44text here’s some of the things he said
10:45he said this silly fool of a man he was
10:49hoarding perishable crops
10:52and Augustine makes his Point again he
10:53says I repeat he was hoarding perishable
10:56crops while he himself was at the very
10:58point of perishing because he had handed
11:01out nothing to the Lord before whom he
11:04was now due to appear
11:06and at that trial at his trial he was
11:09going to hear the words of Christ say I
11:13was hungry and you did not give me
11:16anything to eat
11:19wow he was planning to fill his soul
11:22with excessive and unnecessary feasting
11:25and he was proudly disregarding all
11:28those empty bellies of the poor he did
11:32not realize that the bellies of the poor
11:34were a much safer storeroom than his
11:36barns but if he had stowed it away in
11:39the bellies of the poor true it would
11:40have of course been digested here on
11:43Earth the reality is in heaven
11:46it would have been kept all the more
11:48safely and the reason for this is quite
11:49simple Proverbs 19 17 says this whoever
11:53is generous to the poor lends to the
11:56Lord and the Lord will repay him for his
12:00so notice this man’s not rich towards
12:02anyone except for himself and that’s the
12:05thing the one who is Covetous the one
12:08who is storing up riches the one who
12:10thinks that life’s all about the
12:12acquiring of possessions and wealth and
12:15all that kind of stuff that person
12:17becomes a self-centered egotistical
12:21and cares nothing about anybody else on
12:24the planet except for himself
12:26and so God gives his Judgment of him in
12:28our text and says fool
12:35loaded theological term read Proverbs
12:38it’s the fool who says in his heart
12:39there is no God
12:41and that’s what this man has done he’s
12:42lived his life as if there is no God he
12:45has no love for God no love for neighbor
12:47he only loves self this is the utter
12:49picture of foolishness
12:52fool this night your soul is required of
12:55you and the things that you have
12:57prepared whose will they be
13:01you know over and again we’ve all heard
13:03the preachers say I’ve never seen a
13:05U-Haul at a funeral
13:08right never seen a U-Haul at a funeral
13:11that’s right because once that person’s
13:14dead well all that stuff gets divvied up
13:17no one gets to take it with them no one
13:21and so that’s what Ecclesiastes says all
13:24of this is Vanity
13:25and so the text then says so it is with
13:28the one who lays up treasure for himself
13:31and is not rich towards God and here’s
13:33what it means to be rich towards God
13:35first of all rich towards God and
13:37trusting in the promises of God the
13:39Forgiveness of our sins one by Christ
13:42that repentant faith
13:45leads to true love fear and God and
13:49results in love towards others right
13:52that’s what it means to be rich towards
13:54God and the Apostle Paul in first
13:56Timothy chapter 6 verses 6 through 19
13:59tells us Christians
14:02well the right mindset that we are to
14:04have here’s what he says godliness with
14:07contentment is great gain contentment
14:11the Christian is content for we brought
14:13nothing into the world and we cannot
14:15take anything out of the world but if we
14:19have food and clothing with these we
14:20will be content but those who desire to
14:23be rich fall into temptation into a
14:26snare and into many senseless and
14:29harmful desires that plunge people into
14:31ruin and destruction For the Love of
14:34Money is the root of all kinds of evil
14:36and it is through this craving that some
14:38have wandered away from the faith and
14:40pierced themselves with many pangs
14:45the desire for riches is well
14:49quite frankly quite evil and you’ll
14:51notice what Paul says Stern warning some
14:53by Desiring to be wealthy have resulted
14:57it has resulted in them wandering away
14:59from the faith
15:01you wander away from the faith to your
15:03own Eternal peril
15:05the love of riches is the root of all
15:07kinds of evil but then Paul continues
15:09but as for you you Christians o man of
15:12God a woman of God flee these things
15:15flee the desire to be wealthy instead
15:19pursue righteousness pursue godliness
15:21pursue Faith pursue love steadfastness
15:25gentleness fight the good fight of Faith
15:28take hold of the eternal life to which
15:31you were called so notice here the
15:34desire for wealth enriches here
15:37is totally antithetical to what it is
15:39that our real hope is you think Jesus
15:42and his death on the cross is a means
15:45for you to have well a mansion here and
15:48now or as Joel Osteen says to have your
15:50best laugh now
15:53keep in mind if you have your best laugh
15:55now you’re going to hell
16:02we instead are to take hold of the
16:05eternal life to which we have been
16:07called and about which we’ve made the
16:09good confession in the presence of many
16:11witnesses Paul says that I charge you in
16:14the presence of God
16:15who gives life to all things and of
16:18Christ Jesus who in his testimony before
16:20Pontius Pilate made the good confession
16:22to keep the commandment unstained and
16:25free from reproach until the appearing
16:27of our Lord Jesus Christ which he will
16:30display at the proper time he who is the
16:32blessed and only Sovereign the King of
16:34Kings and the Lord of lords who alone
16:36has immortality who dwells in
16:38unapproachable light whom no one has
16:41ever seen or can see to him be the honor
16:43and eternal Dominion amen and as for the
16:46rich in this present age the holy spirit
16:48says to the Apostle Paul charge them not
16:51to be haughty
16:53there’s nothing worse than an arrogant
16:55rich person
16:57did you see my car out in the parking
16:59lot it only cost me sixty thousand
17:02dollars got it for a steal yeah right
17:07right you just want to take that person
17:09aside and right yeah
17:12to the rich tell them not to be haughty
17:15in order to set their hopes on the
17:17uncertainty of riches oh there’s nothing
17:20more more fun to watch than a wealthy
17:24person while the stock market is tanking
17:27right they’re popping Pepcid like you
17:30wouldn’t believe right because all of
17:32their hope is in well
17:34and riches isn’t it fascinating that
17:37over and again we’ve seen in our
17:38lifetime people who’ve amassed large
17:42portions to see them whoosh disappear
17:47with an unexpected turn in the stock
17:50riches are uncertain
17:52they truly are
17:54so don’t set your hopes on the
17:56uncertainty of riches but set them on
17:58God who richly provides us with
18:00everything to enjoy they are to do good
18:03they are to be rich in Good Works to be
18:05generous and ready to share thus storing
18:09up treasure for themselves as a good
18:11foundation for the future and that is in
18:13heaven so they may take hold of that
18:16which is truly life wealth in this age
18:19is not truly life
18:21it doesn’t matter what the magazines say
18:23it doesn’t matter what the television
18:24says it doesn’t matter what all of the
18:27Hollywood reporters talk about right
18:31you achieve the American dream you
18:33become a famous movie star you buy a
18:36mansion in Bel Air
18:38right that’s the that’s the life right
18:42the scripture says no that’s not the
18:45because that’s here now all of this is
18:47gonna burn
18:50true life is what’s coming and it’s
18:54now a gospel text began with these words
18:58someone in the crowd said to Jesus
19:00teacher tell my brother to divide the
19:02inheritance with me
19:04I want you to consider this
19:05by Earthly standards Jesus at his death
19:09was utterly penniless
19:12when someone has lost everything in this
19:15life you know they’ve gone through a
19:16disaster maybe someone’s house has
19:19burned down or a tornado has blown
19:21through and destroyed their property
19:22right how do we describe that person
19:24well they escaped with only the clothes
19:26on their backs right
19:29but you see Jesus didn’t
19:32he did not escape with only the clothes
19:34on his back because it says that when he
19:36was crucified the Roman soldiers cast
19:39lots for his clothes
19:43Jesus while he was being crucified
19:44didn’t even have the clothes on his back
19:48Roman soldiers made sure of that so by
19:51Earthly standards Jesus is the exact
19:54opposite of that rich Uncle we all wish
19:58we had
19:59right he literally had nothing
20:02absolutely nothing and there was nothing
20:04on a will there was no reading out of
20:07his will after his death and to John I
20:11give this and to Peter I would like you
20:13to have my
20:16he had nothing right
20:18yet God’s word over and over and over
20:23again says that you and I have an
20:26inheritance and I need to note a rich
20:30because of Jesus Ephesians chapter 1
20:33says this starting at verse 13.
20:35in him you also when you heard the word
20:39of Truth The Gospel of your salvation
20:41and believed in him you were sealed with
20:44the promised Holy Spirit who is the
20:47guarantee of our inheritance until we
20:50acquire possession of it to the praise
20:53of his glory
20:55look at that
20:57the man who dies penniless and without
20:59any clothes has left us an inheritance
21:02the will has been read out in the New
21:05Covenant and we are now possessors of
21:08this inheritance but we haven’t taken
21:10possession of it physically yet but we
21:12have it now
21:14this is what Paul is saying so Jesus’s
21:17will has been read out and you what
21:20you’ve inherited listen to me I when I
21:22tell you this it is way beyond your
21:24comprehension in fact I need to be the
21:27first to inform you if you haven’t
21:28already figured this out you are
21:31actually wealthy Beyond Your Wildest
21:34and your inheritance is currently kept
21:36in a place where no moth can eat it
21:39no robber can steal it no downturn in
21:42the stock market can take it away
21:45in fact can’t even make one penny of it
21:48and Jesus has personally according to
21:51scripture built a mansion for you and
21:54has spared no expense
21:56fact according to the Book of Revelation
21:58the roadway leading to your Mansion is
22:00literally paved with gold not even Trump
22:03has pulled that one off right
22:08not only that
22:10according to scripture you’re going to
22:11be able to enjoy this inheritance for
22:14more far more than a measly 10 20 30
22:17maybe 50 years instead you’re going to
22:20be able to enjoy this inheritance
22:21forever in a World Without End
22:29Peter writing about this in First Peter
22:31chapter 1 verse 3 says this blessed be
22:34the God and father of our Lord Jesus
22:35Christ according to his great Mercy he
22:38has caused us to be born again to a
22:40Living Hope through the resurrection of
22:42Jesus Christ from the dead to an
22:45inheritance that is imperishable
22:47undefiled unfading kept in heaven for
22:51you who by God’s power you are now being
22:54guarded through faith for a Salvation
22:56that is ready to be revealed in the last
22:58time in this you rejoice though now for
23:02a little while if necessary you have
23:04been grieved by various trials so that
23:07the tested genuineness of your faith
23:09which is more precious than gold that
23:11perishes though it is tested by fire may
23:13be found to result in praise and glory
23:16and honor at the revelation of Jesus
23:18Christ though you have not seen him you
23:21love him though you did not you do not
23:24now see him you believe in him and
23:26rejoice with joy that is inexpressible
23:28and filled with Glory obtaining the
23:31outcome of your faith which is the
23:33Salvation of your very Souls
23:39so in our story today
23:41our Parable Jesus made it clear that
23:44that rich fool
23:46lost his very soul
23:49but your soul has not been lost
23:51you have been buried and raised with
23:54the will has been read out you’re in the
23:58you have this inheritance now it is
24:02currently yours you have not yet taken
24:05possession of it it’s kind of like that
24:08space of time in between the reading out
24:10of the will and the actual check being
24:13cached in your bank account right you go
24:15and you have here the will read out
24:17you’ve inherited this you’ve inherited
24:20that you’ve inherited this amount and
24:22then there’s a small gap of time
24:25between you know that this is now yours
24:28and the time when you take possession of
24:30it that’s the time that we’re in right
24:34you are wealthy Beyond Compare
24:39you will never have any want
24:43I mean it’s like you’ve won the lottery
24:46you’re just waiting for the state’s
24:48check to arrive
24:50and all of this is a gift it’s an
24:52inheritance from Christ
24:54so why on Earth would you set your mind
24:56on the things here that are all passing
25:00rather than on the inheritance that is
25:02coming that you now already have
25:05so when it comes to coveting the things
25:07of this Earth
25:09see it for what it is the sin of
25:12and that being the case
25:14you know what we do with sin
25:16we repent
25:18we repent
25:22you’re right we’re wrong
25:24we’re sorry forgive us
25:27you see riches are deceitful
25:29and the devil uses them as the bait in a
25:31trap that will ultimately send you
25:33straight to hell
25:34but because of Christ because he has
25:37chosen to become absolutely
25:38poverty-stricken for you you now have
25:41Wealth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in a
25:44World Without End
25:46so set your minds on the things that are
25:48above where Jesus is and do not fall for
25:51the devil’s trap because Jesus has left
25:53you such an outrageous inheritance now
25:56therefore I want you to consider this
25:58since you are the wealthiest people on
26:00the planet be generous
26:04be generous
26:06in fact anything you lend to somebody
26:08who is poor right now God will pay you
26:12you don’t need to worry about them doing
26:13it you are already way more Rich than
26:17Bill Gates George Soros or any
26:19billionaire on the planet
26:21that’s the truth so be generous with
26:23what you have
26:24nothing you have here
26:27by the way will make it through the fire
26:29of the last day nothing
26:32so don’t set your heart or mind on any
26:33of it it’s all going to burn
26:35but because you are in Christ because
26:38he’s died for you because your sins have
26:40been washed away and you you will not
26:44so instead you will hear from Jesus on
26:47the last day well done good and faithful
26:49servant you have been Faithful over a
26:51little therefore I will set you over
26:53much enter into the joy of your master
26:56keep your eye on what’s coming
26:59nothing here stays
27:02yep and you think about Jesus and how
27:06rich he is and he rather than store up
27:09all of his grace in a storehouse or in a
27:11barn he distributes it freely here
27:14every single Sunday
27:18he distributes it freely with the
27:20Forgiveness of sins in the Absolution
27:21freely in the waters of baptism freely
27:24with his own body and blood
27:26keep trusting in that Jesus who has died
27:28even for our sins of coveting and
27:31and keep your eyes on what’s coming
27:33it’ll be here sooner than you think
27:36it’ll be well
27:38like it arrives tomorrow and it will be
27:41it will be tomorrow in the name of Jesus
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