Sermon Transcript – An Institution with Offices & Salvific Certainty

Series B – Seventh Sunday of Easter – Sunday, May 17, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:30the holy Gospel According to Saint John
0:32chapter 17 verses 11 through 19.
0:36they are still in the world I’m coming
0:38to you Holy Father protect them by the
0:41power of your name the name that you
0:42gave me so that they may be one as we
0:45are one while I was with them I
0:47protected them and kept them safe by the
0:49name that you gave me none has been lost
0:52except for the one doomed to destruction
0:54so that the scripture would be fulfilled
0:56I am coming to you now but I say these
1:00things while I am still in the world so
1:02that they may have the full measure of
1:04my joy within them I have given them
1:07your word and the world has hated them
1:09for they are not of the world anymore
1:10that I am of the world my prayer is not
1:13that you take them out of the world but
1:15that you protect them from the evil one
1:16they are not of the world even as I am
1:19not of it sanctify them by the truth
1:21your word is truth as you sent me into
1:24the world I have sent them into the
1:26world for them I sanctify myself that
1:29they too may be truly sanctified
1:33in the name of Jesus
1:37in our day and age we apparently live in
1:40a post-modern age and in post-modernity
1:43in the way of thinking in post-modernity
1:44institutions are bad institutions are
1:48really awful we got to get it’s down
1:49with the institutions in fact we gotta
1:52show it to the man that’s what we got to
1:54do we got to stick it right to them down
1:56with the institution I’m a free spirit
1:57stop slapping down your rules on me
2:01all right this is how we think oh and by
2:04the way there’s another part of this too
2:05if you are overly confident if you’re
2:08absolutely certain that Jesus Christ is
2:11truly the only way of Salvation well
2:14then you are an arrogant nerd
2:17you need to repent and you need to get
2:19with the program as they say there are
2:21many ways to climb Mount Fuji right this
2:24is how this goes well in our texts today
2:28these are the how should I put the
2:31antidote to this post-modern nonsense
2:33and so we’ll spend a little bit of time
2:35taking a look at this and we will make
2:37you thoroughly Politically Incorrect at
2:39the end of the sermon okay so let’s
2:42let’s go back to our first reading from
2:46the book of Acts and part way through
2:48and it begins with in those days Peter
2:50stood up among the brothers the company
2:53of the persons was an all about 120. so
2:56this is Jesus has been raised from the
2:58grave bodily appeared to his disciples
3:01he’s ascended into heaven and well Judas
3:05if you remember things did not go so
3:07well to the one who betrayed Jesus
3:09Christ he went and hung himself and then
3:12we find out what happens to his corpse
3:14and the details are quite graphic so
3:17Peter said Brothers the scripture had to
3:20be fulfilled
3:21oh by the way that’s a very important
3:24statement the scriptures had to be
3:25fulfilled God never lies
3:28scripture will always be fulfilled
3:31so the scripture had to be fulfilled
3:33which the Holy Spirit spoke beforehand
3:35by the mouth of David concerning Judas
3:38who became a guide to those who arrested
3:40Jesus for he was numbered Among Us and
3:43was allotted his share in this ministry
3:45now this man acquired a field with the
3:47reward of his wickedness you almost see
3:49the air quotes the reward of his
3:51wickedness remember those 30 pieces of
3:54right he ended up being so grief
3:57stricken that he ended up throwing the
3:59silver back into the temple tried to be
4:02absolved of his sins and of course the
4:05high priest said what are we to you know
4:06this is between you and God we can’t
4:09help you out here so he threw the money
4:11back they kept it but they knew they
4:13couldn’t put it into the treasury
4:14because it was blood money yet they’re
4:17the ones who paid him to yeah you see
4:19piety has a funny way of being
4:21hypocritical so this man acquired a
4:24field with the reward of his wickedness
4:26falling headlong he burst open in the
4:29middle and all of his bowels gushed out
4:31and everybody said ooh
4:34became known to all the inhabitants of
4:37Jerusalem so that the field was called
4:38in their own language
4:40that is the field of blood
4:43now watch what Peter does here
4:46for it is written in the Book of Psalms
4:50now how many when you read through the
4:52Psalms do you think the Psalms are just
4:53chock full of Prophecy well they are and
4:56here like a good Jewish man Peter knows
5:00his Psalms and knows under the
5:02inspiration of the holy spirit that
5:04there are prophecies in the Psalms
5:06regarding Judas of all people and here’s
5:08the prophecy Psalm 69 verse 25 May his
5:11Camp become desolate and let there be no
5:14one to dwell in it and Psalm 109 verse 8
5:18let another take his
5:25we all know what an office is right you
5:27know we here in the United States of
5:29America we have the Office of the
5:31President of the United States of
5:33America and the current office holder
5:36some people like and some people don’t
5:38like and after the election there’ll be
5:39a new office holder and some people will
5:41like that office holder and some people
5:42won’t like his office that office holder
5:44and everybody for the next well as long
5:47as the United States continues to endure
5:49will either Rejoice or weep and Nash
5:52teeth depending on who’s in the office
5:54right but everybody knows that the
5:57constitution lays out particular
5:59authorities and duties of the office
6:04right so the idea then is is that the
6:07government of the United States is not a
6:09movement it’s an institution
6:13right well a lot of people today like to
6:16think that the church is a movement and
6:19I would say oh contraire it is an
6:21institution and here we learn of one of
6:25the church’s offices and it’s the
6:27apostolic office and this office by the
6:30way is completely empty because Peter
6:34here lays out if you would the
6:36qualifications to be one of the people
6:39filling the office of apostle
6:42and this is an important thing
6:44there are technically 12 office holders
6:47Judas vacated his office the son of
6:50Destruction and now it’s time to fill
6:52his office
6:54now if you’re really a student you know
6:56your Bible you’re gonna we’ll figure
6:59something out along the way here that in
7:00the end there’s not 12 disciples there’s
7:0213 but we’ll explain that in a minute
7:06so Peter then says so one of the men all
7:09right here are the qualifications for
7:11the office one of the men who have
7:13accompanied US during all the time that
7:14Jesus went in and out Among Us beginning
7:17from the baptism of John until the day
7:19that he was taken up from us one of
7:21these men must become with us a witness
7:23of his resurrection ah okay so it’s got
7:27to be a dude a dude who’s been with
7:29Jesus from the time of Jesus’s baptism
7:32by John the Baptist as a witness of
7:35Jesus’s death and Resurrection those are
7:38the qualifications anyone here meet
7:40those I know there’s some old people in
7:42here yeah Dean you you remember yeah you
7:44had a pet T-Rex right
7:47okay all right all right so I know Don
7:50can tell us about Noah and so but yeah
7:54but so the idea here is is that unless
7:56you’re you have these qualifications you
7:59don’t get to be an apostle now in the
8:02wide church today there are people
8:04running around claiming to be Apostles
8:06and you know this you know I’ll know
8:09that it’s an office that these are the
8:11qualifications so if anyone comes up to
8:13you and says hi I’m Apostle so and so
8:15you can say back to them goodbye I know
8:18you’re a heretic yeah it’s just just be
8:20polite that way I mean it’s you know you
8:22know that this is somebody who’s not
8:23speaking to you the truth all right so
8:26here’s what they did they put forward
8:28two men Joseph called barsabas who was
8:31also called Justice and Matthias and
8:33they prayed you Lord you who know the
8:36hearts of all show which one of these
8:39two you have chosen to take the place in
8:42this ministry so Jesus gets to do the
8:45picking and the apostleship from which
8:47Judas is turned aside to go into his own
8:49place and then they took some dice
8:52rolled them up through room
8:55Matthias came up winner winner chicken
8:57dinner that’s how it was chosen
8:59no joke
9:01all right
9:02so that doesn’t sound very holy does it
9:07they prayed through Dyson Mathias came
9:10up winter and then we never hear from
9:12Matthias again
9:13we never hear from him again now we hear
9:16from him in church history just a little
9:17bit but
9:19um so you kind of get the idea now this
9:21is all important what is the role and
9:24the responsibility of one who is an
9:27apostle they are eyewitnesses of the
9:29resurrection of Jesus Christ and they
9:31are to go and Proclaim to the world that
9:34Christ was crucified for our sins call
9:36people to repent and to be forgiven and
9:38they are the eyewitnesses in fact in our
9:41day and age if you’ve ever watched like
9:43the History Channel or CNN or any of
9:45those channels during like Christmas and
9:47Easter they always have these
9:48documentaries can we find the real
9:51historical Jesus and so when somebody
9:54starts talking like that and you know
9:55they they have a documentary you know
9:57let’s get to the heart of the who this
9:58who was Jesus really right well the
10:01reason why they’re doing it is because
10:03of course we live in a post-modern age
10:05and everybody knows that
10:08people don’t have the ability to you
10:09know like raise the dead you know give
10:12sight to the Blind and you know heal the
10:14sick and stuff like that miraculously so
10:16that can’t possibly be the real Jesus
10:19right so we’ve had to get to the
10:21historical Jesus and the historical
10:23Jesus is pretty much a Galilean Boy
10:25Scout who like to help little old ladies
10:27across the Sea of Galilee that’s pretty
10:29much what they’re looking for but see
10:30the thing is is that how many books did
10:32Jesus write
10:34he didn’t write any
10:36not one
10:38hmm that’s kind of weird so how is it
10:41that we know all this about Jesus
10:43Through the apostles and see Jesus in
10:45Luke 10 16 says this about the apostles
10:48the one who hears you you Apostles
10:51here’s me the one who rejects you you
10:54Apostles they well they end up rejecting
10:57me and the one who sent me
11:01the only way we know anything about
11:02Jesus is through the eyewitnesses Jesus
11:05wrote nothing we do know that he wrote
11:07something in the sand with that whole
11:09ordeal with a woman caught in the act of
11:11adultery but that’s a different story
11:12altogether that didn’t seem to survive
11:14it’s not extant anymore now let’s talk
11:17about this so we have 12 disciples of 12
11:20Apostles now right the twelve well if
11:22you all sit there and do your math
11:24you’re all familiar with the fact that
11:25the Apostle Paul he was an apostle
11:28everybody refers to him as you know the
11:31Apostle Paul how can this be that equals
11:3513. now let me give you a historical
11:38side note
11:39any of you know your Good Old Testament
11:41history how many tribes were there
11:4412 tribes there were 12 tribes of Israel
11:47yet if you were to count them up the
11:49number would come to what 13.
11:52why is that
11:54well one of the tribes was comprised of
11:57two half tribes the half tribe of
11:59Manasseh and the half tribe of Ephraim
12:02these were the sons of Joseph so there
12:04were 12 tribes and one tribe was two
12:07half tribes which comes to the number
12:0913. and remember the Old Testament is
12:13type and Shadow of the Fulfillment and
12:16the Fulfillment is in the New Testament
12:18so it’s not a coincidence that there
12:21were 12 tribes of Israel and 12 Apostles
12:27that numbered 13.
12:30it’s not a coincidence at all and here’s
12:33the outlier it’s the Apostle Paul First
12:35Corinthians chapter 15. I’ll start in
12:38verse 1. Paul explains how he came to be
12:41an apostle because he’s kind of the odd
12:43man out if you would
12:45Paul says this now I would remind you
12:48Brothers of the Gospel that I preached
12:50to You gospel is fantastically great
12:53news which you received in which you
12:55stand by which you are being saved Well
12:58I this has got my attention
13:00I need good news I need to hear from God
13:02that I’m being saved he says if you hold
13:04fast to the word I preach to you unless
13:06you believed in vain and then he says
13:08this for I delivered as of first
13:09importance what I also received and he
13:13received this from Jesus himself and
13:15here’s what he received that Christ died
13:17for our sins in accordance with the
13:22that word from the Psalms comes to mind
13:25here Selah let that sink in Christ died
13:29for our sins oh let me not go too fast
13:32over this every single one of your
13:35transgressions every time you have not
13:37loved the Lord your God with all your
13:39heart soul mind and strength every time
13:41you have failed to love your neighbor as
13:43yourself in thought word and deed by the
13:46things you did by the things you didn’t
13:47do every time you came up short and you
13:51know you didn’t measure up
13:53Christ died for our sins
13:56they’re all accounted for every single
13:59one of them
14:00so it says Christ died for our sins in
14:02accordance with the scriptures he was
14:04buried he was raised on the third day in
14:06accordance with the scriptures and then
14:08he appeared to cephas and then the
14:11twelve see what it says there
14:15then he appeared to more than 500
14:17Brothers at one time and oh yes the
14:19early Christian Church kept track of all
14:21of the eyewitnesses of the Resurrection
14:25um he says most of them are still alive
14:26though some have fallen asleep then he
14:29appeared to James and to all the
14:31apostles and watch this last of all is
14:33to one untimely born the ESV translated
14:37I think the Greek is better translated
14:39as abnormally born
14:42yeah he has an abnormal birth as an
14:44apostle he says this last of all as to
14:46one abnormally born he appeared also to
14:49for I am the least of the Apostles
14:51unworthy to be called an apostle because
14:54I persecuted the Church of God
14:57and yes he did
14:59he held the cloaks of The Men Who stoned
15:02Stephen well Stephen proclaimed Christ
15:06basically giving a sense to his unjust
15:10he says he’s the least of the Apostles
15:12unworthy to be called an apostle because
15:15I persecuted the Church of God but watch
15:17this but the grace of God by the grace
15:20of God I am what I am and his grace
15:23towards me was not in vain on the
15:26contrary I worked harder than any of
15:28them that was not I but the grace of God
15:30that is in me
15:32whether than it was I or they so we
15:35preach and so you believed and see
15:37here’s the thing we’re all like the
15:39Apostle Paul each and every one of us
15:41born dead and trespasses and sins and At
15:43War With God we sin against God we sin
15:45against neighbor we’re a pernicious
15:47bunch and yet because of the grace of
15:50God we are not called Apostles we are
15:53given the name of Christ
15:55we are called Christians
15:57forgiven sinners
15:59all saved by the mercy and grace of God
16:03as a gift and we have all heard the
16:06preaching of the Apostles and that’s
16:07what they did they preached and we
16:10believed remember Jesus told the
16:12disciples if you really want to be super
16:14technical about that Great Commission in
16:17Matthew 28 Go Make Disciples of all
16:19Nations baptizing and teaching right
16:22in a very real way Christ commissioned
16:25the apostles to make disciples of all
16:28Nations and you think well how are they
16:30going to do that they don’t even live in
16:32an age when there was you know 21st
16:33century internet technology they didn’t
16:35have smartphones they didn’t have Smart
16:37rocks how are they going to pull this
16:39off right well they did have parchment
16:42in pen and they wrote their message and
16:45eyewitness testimony and the good news
16:47down and it’s now in our Bibles and each
16:50and every one of us we are disciples
16:52today because of their preaching they
16:54are still discipling the Nations and the
16:57best part of it is that we get to
17:00participate in their discipling because
17:02when we take their words up into our
17:04mouths and we tell our neighbors about
17:06the good news of Jesus
17:09the disciples and God himself
17:12are speaking in our mouths
17:15we are partners with them in this Great
17:18Commission let us never forget that we
17:21have good news to Proclaim and so the
17:22apostles do their work now through us
17:25through the written word taken up in our
17:27mouths and so let me remind you of a
17:30couple of passages one from our gospel
17:32text one from our epistle text Our
17:34Gospel text Jesus is this is as high
17:37Priestly prayer on the night that he was
17:39betrayed it says this I have given them
17:41your word he’s praying to the Father the
17:43world has hated them because they are
17:44not of the world just as I am not of the
17:47world that’s right each and every one of
17:49us Christians we who believe in Christ
17:51we are no longer of this world we’ve
17:53overcome it because Christ has overcome
17:55it and so he says I do not ask that you
17:58to take them out of the world but that
18:00you keep them from the evil one and is
18:02this not what we pray in the Lord’s
18:04lead us not into temptation but Deliver
18:06Us from the evil one
18:09they are not of the world just as I am
18:11not of the world so sanctify them in the
18:15and your word is truth
18:18God never lies he speaks the truth and
18:21so as you sent me into the world so I
18:23have sent them into the world those
18:25Apostles of Jesus Peter James and John
18:29Jesus sent them and he wants us to
18:32listen to them to reject them is to
18:35reject him
18:37scripture says and so our epistle text
18:40says this if we receive the testimony of
18:42men the testimony of God is greater for
18:44this is the testimony of God that he has
18:47borne concerning his son whoever
18:50believes in the Son of God has the
18:54testimony in himself whoever does not
18:56believe God has made God a liar
18:59and God never lies because he is not
19:02because he has not believed in the
19:04testimony that God has borne concerning
19:05his son and this is the testimony
19:07God gave us
19:10eternal life
19:12doesn’t say God paid you for your good
19:15works and all those times when you
19:18actually were really successful at
19:20living up to your New Year’s resolutions
19:22for a week
19:23um all right four days I’m sorry two
19:27um right
19:28God’s not paying you for being good with
19:32eternal life it says he gave
19:35gave it’s a gift it’s Christmas that
19:39kind of thing God gave us an eternal
19:41life and this life is in his son Jesus
19:44Whoever has the son has life whoever
19:48does not have the son does not have life
19:50this is most certainly true God never
19:52lies and so he says I write these things
19:55to you the Apostle John is writing these
19:58things to you who believe in the name of
20:01the son of God do you believe in the
20:02name of the son of God
20:04then he’s writing this to you and watch
20:07this here’s the Arrogant anti-postmodern
20:09part so that you may know that you have
20:13eternal life oh that’s arrogant oh
20:17that’s ridiculous you can’t possibly
20:20know that you have eternal life who Do
20:23You Think You Are
20:27I don’t think I’m anybody
20:29I think I’m a sinner
20:31and I think the Apostle John who was
20:33sent by Jesus just said that God gave me
20:36a gift
20:38and I know I have it
20:41you have it dear Saints you have this
20:44gift you don’t have to earn eternal life
20:46God has given it to you is a free gift
20:48believe this trust this word because
20:52Jesus sent this man and had him write
20:55this to you for you to hang on to and to
20:58believe and God never lies you can take
21:01this to the bank
21:03when you die and your eyes close here
21:06and they open up in eternity you’re
21:08going to see Jesus
21:10and oh he’s got some major things to
21:13show you because he loves you so much
21:16you think Renee’s
21:18meeting with her daughter
21:22was amazing that’s a foretaste of what
21:25is coming because each and every one of
21:28you are children of God and you have yet
21:31to see him and he can’t wait to see you
21:36and the joy that you will have for
21:39eternity is yours forever
21:42it’s a gift and John wants you to know
21:45this with absolute certainty
21:49trust and believe you are saved you have
21:53been given eternal life you have a right
21:56standing with God and nobody can take
21:59this gift away from you nobody your
22:02father in Heaven is mightier than all in
22:05the name of Jesus Amen
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