Sermon Transcript – Applying the Key

Series A – Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany – Sunday, February 12, 2023 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Matthew the fifth
0:37Jesus said you have heard that it was
0:39said of old you shall not murder and
0:41whoever murders will be liable to
0:43judgment but I say to you that everyone
0:45who is angry with his brother will be
0:47liable to judgment whoever insults his
0:50brother will be liable to the council
0:51whoever says you fool will be liables to
0:55the hell of Fire
0:57so if you are offering your gift at the
0:59altar and there remember that your
1:01brother has something against you leave
1:02your gift there before the Altar and go
1:04first be reconciled to your brother and
1:07then come and offer your gift come to
1:09terms quickly with your accuser while
1:11you are going with him to court lest
1:13your accuser hand you over to the judge
1:14and the judge to the guard and you be
1:16put in prison truly I say to you you
1:18will never get out until you have paid
1:20the last penny you have heard that it
1:22was said You shall not commit adultery
1:24but I say to you everyone who looks at a
1:26woman with lustful intent has already
1:28committed adultery with her in his heart
1:30if your eye causes you to sin tear it
1:32out throw it away for it’s better for
1:34you to lose one of your members than for
1:36your whole body to be thrown into hell
1:38and if your right hand causes you to sin
1:40cut it off throw it away it’s better
1:42that you lose one of your members than
1:44your whole body go to into hell it was
1:47also said whoever divorces his wife let
1:50him give her a certificate of divorce
1:52but I say to that everyone who divorces
1:54his wife except on the ground of sexual
1:56immorality makes her commit adults tree
1:58and whoever marries a divorce woman
2:00commits adultery again you have heard
2:02that it was said to those of old you
2:04shall not swear falsely but shall
2:06perform to the Lord what you have sworn
2:07but I say to you do not take an oath at
2:10all either by heaven for it is the
2:11Throne of God or by the Earth it is his
2:13footstool or by Jerusalem for it is the
2:15city of the great king and do not take
2:17an oath by your head for you cannot make
2:19one hair white or black let what you say
2:22Simply Be yes or no anything more than
2:25this comes from Evil this is the gospel
2:28of the Lord in the name of Jesus
2:31all right we’re gonna see if we were all
2:34paying attention last week remember last
2:36week in the sermon we pointed out what
2:37the Apostle Paul said that he chose to
2:40know nothing except for Christ and him
2:42crucified for our sins and we noted that
2:44that what that really is pointing to is
2:46that every single Doctrine must be
2:49hooked into the gospel itself otherwise
2:51you’re going to misread the scriptures
2:53and so think of it today did you notice
2:55any gospel in our readings today even a
2:59hint of gospel just a little bit there
3:01was no gospel in it in fact all of our
3:03readings today were law
3:06and really really heavy law especially
3:10when it comes to our gospel text very
3:12heavy law what are we to make of that
3:14well let me give you an analogy to kind
3:16of start with we have to go back and we
3:18have to interpret it through the fact
3:19that there is nothing except for Christ
3:21and him crucified for our sins we will
3:23try to accomplish that before we’re done
3:25today but I want to point out something
3:27about men have you noticed how stubborn
3:29they are when it comes to getting
3:31okay now back in the days before there
3:34were things called GPS’s and your iPhone
3:36would give you instructions back in
3:39those days we use these these very very
3:41special magical things they were made on
3:44paper they were called maps and I
3:47remember having to use maps and actually
3:49have to like put on a notepad I got to
3:52go to this freeway and get on this one
3:54going south and then I need to head West
3:55and I need to get off at this exit and
3:58go three miles and then I need to turn
3:59left and I it was it was an ordeal right
4:01but here’s the thing back in those days
4:04um you were prone to getting lost and it
4:07was always super embarrassing if you got
4:09lost with your wife in the car okay
4:11because your wife would detect very
4:14early on you don’t know where you’re
4:15going do you
4:17no I know where I’m going I’m just
4:19following the instructions that I wrote
4:21down from the map right you’re lost
4:23aren’t you no I’m not I’m not lost okay
4:2630 minutes later
4:27okay I think I might need some help and
4:30here’s the thing
4:31actually stopping the vehicle getting
4:34out and maybe going to a gas station or
4:36something because poor because everybody
4:37knows gas station attendance know where
4:39everything is right you go inside of the
4:42gas station and you do the I hate to say
4:45this but I need a little help
4:47um I’m trying to get to sew in such such
4:49and such a place can you give me
4:51directions and usually the guys say oh
4:53yeah it’s just you know he does this
4:54kind of thing he says go there do this
4:57do that and you try to put it into your
4:58head and not get it all scrambled up
5:00right and in and so we loathe having to
5:04do that but here’s the thing I want you
5:05to use that same analogy that here we
5:08have the law and we intuitively think
5:12that the law is like a gas station
5:14attendance who knows where everything on
5:16the planet is okay and knows how to get
5:19there but here’s what the law does when
5:21you ask it for directions so when you
5:24stop and you realize you know getting to
5:25heaven and getting to the Eternal
5:27Kingdom of Christ is a little more
5:29tricky than I thought I better get some
5:31some directions so you get out of your
5:33vehicle and you go and you ask the law
5:36Mr law I mean you seem like a
5:38trustworthy fellow seem to be quite
5:40righteous and stuff like this I’m trying
5:42to get to the Heavenly Kingdom and all
5:45the law will say is well it’s that way
5:47ah thanks that’s all I need I just
5:49that’s all I need to know it’s that way
5:51I can do that right so you get in your
5:53vehicle which is your religious faith
5:55and you start heading that way and you
5:58travel that way for a long long period
6:01of time and you don’t feel like you’re
6:03any closer to finding the Heavenly
6:05Kingdom than when you first began and so
6:08you begin to wonder if things are going
6:10wrong and your wife is saying you’re
6:12going the wrong way but he said it was
6:14that way so what do you do you turn
6:17around and you go back and you say to
6:20the you say to Mr law Mr law I was
6:22looking for the Heavenly Kingdom you
6:24said it was that way I headed in that
6:26direction and well I couldn’t find it
6:29and he said I told you it was in that
6:31direction I didn’t tell you you could
6:33drive there
6:37and see that’s the point
6:39when you look at the law
6:41It’ll point you in the right direction
6:43of Heaven
6:45but it will not give you any ability to
6:48get there it knows it knows how to get
6:51there it’s that way but don’t think for
6:53a second that you can actually get there
6:54on your own because remember we chose to
6:57know nothing among you except for Christ
6:58and him crucified for our sins so what’s
7:01the purpose of the law it does point the
7:05way to eternal life but here’s the
7:08caveat if you want to go that direction
7:10that the law is telling you you’re going
7:12to need to make sure that you haven’t
7:14sinned even once
7:19if you’ve sinned even once you cannot
7:22possibly arrive at the Heavenly Kingdom
7:24on your own steam there’s no vehicle
7:27there’s no car there’s no religion
7:29there’s no prayers there’s no amount of
7:31Good Works giving alms to the poor or
7:33anything that’s going to make it
7:34possible for you to get there you have
7:37to be taken there
7:40which means you have to passively
7:42receive the gift of Salvation And so you
7:46sit there and go well if I only have to
7:48passively receive the gift of Salvation
7:50what’s the point of the law at all right
7:53because you’ll Note have you ever
7:55noticed that when you’re reading the law
7:56it really kind of makes you feel
7:58terrible about yourself
8:00yeah yeah I’ve noticed that too and
8:02that’s the point it’s kind of like the
8:05worst uh CT scan guy or you ever go in
8:08and have like a CT scan done of your
8:10body or they put you in that thing and
8:11that world thing whirls around and don’t
8:13have any metal around you because the
8:15magnet you’ll fly off under the magnets
8:17they won’t be able to peel it off right
8:18but there you are and so the CT scan
8:21guys looking at you and he goes
8:23well what oh you’re you’re screwed it’s
8:25it’s a mess what do you mean well I I
8:28don’t think I should tell you but you
8:29know it you’re you’re not gonna make it
8:31you’re not supposed to tell me that the
8:33doctor’s supposed to tell me that well
8:34yeah I know but I can see the diagnosis
8:36it’s terminal you’re not going to live
8:39thanks right that’s the job of the law
8:43it’s a it’s it’s to give you a diagnosis
8:46and you’ll note that it doesn’t do so
8:50that’s its function is to legitimately
8:55make you think about what you have done
8:59to transgress God’s law it makes you
9:01aware of your sin and even worse it
9:04makes you aware of the consequences of
9:06it which you’ll note has a tendency to
9:09create all kinds of anxiety
9:11and that anxiety is not a bad anxiety
9:14because there’s only one thing that can
9:16quell that think of it this way go to
9:17Our Gospel text today and I want you to
9:20consider the words of our Lord he says
9:22you have heard that it was said to those
9:24of old you shall not murder and we all
9:27sit there and go
9:28we haven’t done that uh uh no no no
9:32whoever murders will be liable to
9:34judgment but I say to you and Jesus is
9:37king of kings and Lord of lords everyone
9:39who’s angry with his brother will be
9:41liable to judgment let those words sink
9:44in everyone who’s angry with his brother
9:47will be liable to judgment whoever
9:50insults his brother will be liable to
9:53the counsel whoever says you fool will
9:56be liable to hell of fire wait what
10:00how is that just all right I remember it
10:04was a couple of decades ago some kid in
10:08Singapore an American citizens traveling
10:10to Singapore and he did he committed
10:13some kind of a misdemeanor and you know
10:15what Singapore did to that guy they
10:18caned him and they came to him and we we
10:21were all shouting here in the United
10:22States that’s barbaric he only did this
10:25it’s a misdemeanor and you gained him
10:31now I want you to think about this God
10:34is saying if you insult your brother and
10:37call him a fool you’re liable to go to
10:41forget the cane I’ll take the caning at
10:43this point cane me please hell no but
10:46that’s the thing he’s saying if you do
10:49these things you’re going to go to hell
10:53well what is this law then doing
10:56it is making us all guilty it is making
11:00us all Sinners it is making us all
11:03realize that we Face judgment as
11:06individuals and the Judgment that we
11:09face the consequences of our sin on the
11:12books is that even a minor infraction
11:14something we consider to be no big deal
11:18God says that is going to send you to
11:28so what does Christ say to do well let’s
11:32see if this helps if you’re offering
11:34your gift at the altar and they’ll
11:35remember that your brother has something
11:36against you leave your gift therefore
11:38before they alter and go first be
11:41reconciled to your brother then come and
11:44offer your gift come to terms quickly
11:47with your accuser while you’re going
11:49with him to court unless your accuser
11:51hands you over to the judge and the
11:52judge to the guard and then you be put
11:54in prison truly I say to you you will
11:56never get out until you have paid the
11:58last penny and then you sit there and go
12:00hey what if I try that you know I all
12:04right so I’ve sinned against somebody so
12:05I go to them and try to be reconciled
12:07and and what if it turns out the person
12:09like is isn’t interested in being
12:11reconciled to me right what if that
12:14person’s kind of a lousy person and and
12:16as a result of it there’s like no way to
12:18be reconciled then what
12:21you’ll note that Jesus doesn’t say well
12:23then you’re off the hook
12:24doesn’t say that at all
12:27you’ll note here that Jesus isn’t in the
12:29is isn’t in this portion of his sermon
12:31giving us loopholes to help our
12:34consciences feel like well I’ve done all
12:35that I needed to do that’s all I need to
12:37do I’m I’m off the hook I’m no longer
12:41no not at all
12:44oh it gets worse
12:47so you’ve heard that it was said you
12:48should not commit adultery and I’ll sit
12:49there and go well I haven’t done that
12:53but I say to you everyone who looks at a
12:55woman with lustful intent has already
12:57committed adultery with her in his heart
13:00can I be blunt
13:02let’s just put this out on the table
13:03this now makes every red-blooded male
13:07over the age of 12 guilty of adultery
13:13every single one of them me included
13:17y’all included
13:19and this is uh well that just basically
13:23was a nuke that leveled each and every
13:26one of us and he says if your right eye
13:29causes you to sin too late
13:31um tear it out throw it away a lot of
13:33good that’s going to do because the
13:36damage has already been done the sin has
13:37already been committed have you noticed
13:39that in our day and age there seems to
13:41be a epidemic not of covid but of
13:47yeah so let’s just make this clear that
13:50Christ here has just made every man a
13:56and oddly enough this also then would
13:58apply to women you know it just flip the
14:00flip the script it still applies if your
14:03right eye cause you to sin tear it out
14:05throw it away it’s better for you to
14:06lose one of your members than for your
14:08whole body to be thrown into hell
14:10um I should have done that when I was
14:12born it would have helped
14:14right too late now if the right hand
14:16caused you to sin cut it off throw it
14:18away it’s better for you to lose one of
14:20your members than for your whole body to
14:22go into hell
14:26so what are we supposed to do with this
14:29doesn’t make us feel good
14:31in fact you’ll note that Humanity has
14:34this very interesting proclivity and
14:37that is is that our hearts are
14:39constantly breaking the first
14:41commandment you will have no other gods
14:42and when the one true God who speaks to
14:45us from his word rightly condemns us and
14:48we feel the anxiety of the pending Doom
14:52that we face and the Judgment that we
14:54have earned because of our sins even the
14:56smallest ones have earned us hell we try
15:00to find ways to silence the law some
15:03people stick their head in the sand like
15:05an ostrich and pretend like the law
15:07isn’t there and just go along their
15:09merry way well I’ll have to deal with
15:11that when the time comes
15:13other people silenced the law by
15:16creating their own laws when I was a
15:18Nazarene it was do not dance drink smoke
15:20or chew right I’m going to tell you this
15:22that is a super simple law
15:25it’s really easy to keep but it has
15:27absolutely nothing to do with Holiness
15:28nothing to do with it at all
15:31in fact when you consider what it is
15:33that God’s law is is telling us that we
15:37ought to be doing it has nothing to do
15:39really per se with not dancing drinking
15:41smoking or chewing it has everything to
15:44do with loving God and loving our
15:46neighbor and that being expressed in our
15:48thoughts our words and our Deeds to our
15:51neighbor this is the reason why Jesus
15:53says that when you insult your brother
15:55and call him a fool you’ve already
15:57committed murder in your heart and the
15:59murder happened long before the words
16:01you fool ever left your lips
16:04that’s the reality of the situation the
16:08Law’s job is to condemn us it says
16:10salvation’s that way but you can’t get
16:13there you are absolutely utterly
16:15incapable of it and so what do we do
16:18with this then how are we to work this
16:22out well we’re going to note that
16:25scripture doesn’t leave us without Clues
16:28as to what to do here so we ought not
16:31then to besmirch God’s law
16:34to attack it to somehow think he’s the
16:37bully the law is being a bully here it’s
16:40roughing me up and saying to unkind
16:42things to me and I don’t like the way
16:44it’s talking to me we should never do
16:46that Paul in Romans 7 says this what
16:48shall we say that the law is sin
16:51you know he’s asking that question
16:53because there are legitimately people
16:55who somehow as Christians sit there and
16:58go well the law has really nothing to
16:59talk to us about and they drive the law
17:02down he says by no means if it had not
17:05been for the law I would not have known
17:07sin and boy we need to know it for I
17:11would not have known what it is to covet
17:13if the law had not said You shall not
17:15covet but sin seizing an opportunity
17:18through the Commandment produced in me
17:21all kinds of covetousness the problem is
17:23inside of me the problem is inside of
17:26you the law has given a proper diagnosis
17:29for apart from the law sin lies dead I
17:33was once alive apart from the law but
17:34when the Commandment came sin came alive
17:36and then I died so the very Commandment
17:39that promised life proved to be death to
17:43me not because of it but because of sin
17:47within me for sin seizing the
17:49opportunity through the Commandment then
17:51to see believed me and through it killed
17:54me so the law is Holy the Commandment is
17:57Holy it is righteous
18:00and it is good
18:03so we must not take God’s law and
18:07well accuse it of doing evil because
18:12it’s not the one that kills us it’s sin
18:14that kills us but the Commandment is the
18:16thing that brings to light what God’s
18:18holiness requires of us and points out
18:21the fact that we do not live up to it
18:26thankfully the resolve of that portion
18:28of scripture ends with these words but
18:31there is therefore now no condemnation
18:33for those who are in Christ Jesus
18:36again Paul chose to know nothing except
18:38for Christ’s name crucified for our sins
18:40and so here this careful study of God’s
18:45law even just the little bits that Jesus
18:47gave in The Sermon on the Mount
18:49we can see how it then condemns us all
18:52but the thing is is that the law doesn’t
18:55get the final say you are in Christ you
18:59have been baptized into his death and
19:02into his resurrection in the waters of
19:04your baptism Christ has washed away all
19:07the filth and iniquity of your sin he
19:10has clothed you in The Splendid
19:12righteousness of his righteousness he
19:15has loved you bled and died for you
19:18taken away your sin and guilt and shame
19:21to taken it upon himself and so we no
19:24longer have to be condemned because
19:27Christ was condemned for you and for me
19:30this is the reason why there is now no
19:33condemnation for those who are in Christ
19:36so here on the sixth Sunday after the
19:39Epiphany when we are dealt out three
19:43texts that all are heavy in law
19:46note that this is a good time for us to
19:49begin to think on that law to not cast
19:53it aside to begin to get ready for the
19:56penitential season of Lent this is a
19:58good pre-lent service for us if you
20:01would this is a time for us to get used
20:03to looking back in that law and seeing
20:06the reflection that comes back and
20:07you’ll note the reflection that the law
20:09gives you back is not a good one it
20:13shows a dead rotting corpse
20:16because that’s who we are but you have
20:20been baptized and made alive this is the
20:23reason why in our Old Testament text God
20:25says choose between life and death it is
20:28not a matter of mere obedience that is
20:30the distinction between life and death
20:32if that were the case then Christ died
20:34for nothing
20:35the distinction then between life and
20:38death is whether or not you truly have
20:41faith that you are forgiven in Christ
20:44and by that fact that you have been
20:46United with Christ in his death and his
20:48resurrection and you have been indwelt
20:50by God the Holy Spirit you have you now
20:54have faith and you are capable of loving
20:58God and loving neighbor but you’re going
21:01to note right now because you still have
21:04your sinful flesh there’s nothing easy
21:05about doing it because although you have
21:08the desire because you’ve been United
21:10with Christ to do good and to do right
21:13you still have a sinful flesh that
21:15desires to do wrong and seeks after its
21:18own selfish desires
21:20the two are at war with themselves that
21:23being the case we are admonished in
21:25scripture we are admonished in Scripture
21:27that by the power of the Holy Spirit to
21:30mortify our sinful passions and it is a
21:34good thing that the law identifies what
21:36those passions are without the law we
21:39would practically be blind to our own
21:42deceitful desires that verbal up from
21:44our own sinful nature but through the
21:47law of God we can see the sin for what
21:49it is and even more important we can see
21:52the consequences that we’ve earned as a
21:55result of those sins and the ones that
21:57we consider to be the well the least
22:00dangerous you’ll note that even those
22:02well Christ points out by them we have
22:06earned hell
22:07so Brothers we are not debtors to our
22:09flesh to live according to the flesh
22:11instead by the power of the Holy Spirit
22:14then we put to death the Deeds of the
22:18body and by doing so God will make us
22:21live so let us embrace the law let us
22:25embrace it and see it for the holy thing
22:27that it is and although it accuses us
22:30and makes us uncomfortable and judges us
22:32and rightly so with there is no
22:34condemnation for any of us because
22:35Christ was condemned so that we would
22:37not be condemned so let us then look to
22:40the law and see its powerful work and
22:43the role that it plays in fact in our
22:45hymn the opening hymn today very
22:48important words and I want you to
22:50consider them as we finish up today I
22:53think this hymn does a really great job
22:55of explaining the function of the law as
22:59in our lives as Christians it says the
23:01law of God is good and it’s wise let
23:04those words sink in because it’s true
23:06and the law is the one that sets God’s
23:09will before our eyes it shows us the a
23:12way of righteousness and it rightly
23:14Dooms to death when we transgress
23:17the law its light of Holiness imparts
23:21the knowledge of our sinful Hearts so
23:23that we may see our lost estate and turn
23:26from sin before it’s too late you see
23:29the law is screaming at us turned around
23:32turn around you’re going the wrong way
23:35you’re heading to Hell turn around and
23:38so it it actually plays a very vital
23:41role we dare not besmirch it to those
23:45whose help in Christ have found and
23:47would and works of Love abound God’s law
23:50shows us what Deeds are his delight and
23:53should be done as good and right you see
23:55the law also helps us so that we don’t
23:57have to invent good works
23:59I want you to think about this at the
24:01time of Martin Luther people had these
24:03really crazy ideas as to what a good
24:05work was what’s a good work well you had
24:08to such and such a castle in Bavaria and
24:10then you go to such and such a chapel
24:12next to the castle in Bavaria and what
24:15you do is you walk in and you see there
24:17the relics the knuckle bone of Saint
24:20Teresa is there and if you say a certain
24:23prayer and you put enough money into the
24:25Coffer then you will receive a special
24:28blessing right and people thought that
24:30this is how they do their good works how
24:33do you do a good work you put a nickel
24:35in the Coffer and then you light a
24:36candle in the church that’s a good work
24:38right and you’ll note here that the
24:41people come up with all these crazy
24:43ideas as to what a good work is
24:45evangelicals today so many of the people
24:47that we serve online they come to us and
24:50they have no clue what a good work is
24:51because when they were attending these
24:53churches they were told well they’ve got
24:55to find their purpose they’ve got to
24:56learn how to hear God’s voice discover
24:58their purpose and then set about doing
25:00it and it’s like it’s it’s like that
25:03character from you know the the the the
25:05the the
25:06Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Hermie
25:08who doesn’t want to make toys he wants
25:10to be a dentist and so you’ve got to go
25:12and find out what it is that God wants
25:13you to do and then you got to get busy
25:14doing that and you’re praying God please
25:16don’t send me to Africa right weird
25:19:things like this and then and what is
25:22staring them in the face is God’s law
25:25which makes it clear what a good work is
25:30love God love your neighbor care for
25:33your wife care for your spouse love and
25:35care for your children do a good job at
25:38work and people sit there well it can’t
25:40be that that’s too simple but that’s
25:42what the law says right it shows you
25:45what good works are so that you don’t
25:47have to invent them
25:49but here’s the warning in our hymn to
25:51those who scornfully disdain God’s law
25:55so then in sin remain it’s Terror in
25:58their ear resounds and keeps their
26:01wickedness and Bounds so don’t disdain
26:04God’s law because by doing so you stay
26:07in the bonds of iniquity and then note
26:09here verse 5 the law of God is good but
26:13since the fall its Holiness condemns us
26:15all that Dooms us for our sin to die and
26:18:it has no power to justify none
26:22stop looking to your good works as if
26:25somehow they are going to earn you
26:27salvation you will never earn salvation
26:30that way yes God’s law is good but you
26:33are not capable of keeping it perfectly
26:35so then what’s the resolve to Jesus we
26:38flee who from the curse he is the one
26:40who has set us free and we humbly
26:43worship at his throne knowing that we
26:45are saved by grace and through his and
26:47through faith alone
26:49right so you’ll note as Christians we
26:53dare not fear God’s law nor do we attack
26:57it nor do we delude it nor do we somehow
27:00water it down know what we do instead is
27:04we joyfully hear its condemning voice
27:06and thank God because that’s the voice
27:08of God speaking to us showing us our sin
27:11and the magnitude of it and the dire
27:13consequences of it but we know that in
27:16Christ we have no condemnation because
27:18he has bled and died so that we can live
27:21so as we get ready to go into lent next
27:25it’s a week and a half away right this
27:28is a good time to again pull that law
27:30out dust it off examine your life in
27:33light of the Ten Commandments and when
27:35it condemns you this is the place where
27:38you need to ask God the Holy Spirit to
27:40give you the strength to once again be
27:43about the task of mortifying our sinful
27:45flesh so that the Holy Spirit can
27:47produce in us the fruit of repentance
27:50the fruit of the spirit which our love
27:53joy peace patience kindness goodness
27:55gentleness and self-control because that
27:58is who our savior is and that is exactly
28:00what he is like in the name of Jesus
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