Sermon Transcript – As I Have Loved You

1 Year Lectionary – Maundy Thursday – Thursday, April 14, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy gospel according to saint john the 13th chapter glory to
0:34you o lord now before the feast of the Passover when Jesus knew that his hour had come
0:40to depart out of this world to the father having loved his own who were in the world he loved them to the end
0:46during supper when the devil had already put it into the heart of judas iscariot
0:51simon’s son to betray him Jesus knowing that the father had given all things
0:57into his hands and that he had come from god and was going back to god he rose
1:02from supper he laid aside his outer garments and taking a towel he tied it around his waist
1:08then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples feet and to
1:14wipe them with the towel that was wrapped around him he said to simon peter
1:19and said to him he came to simon peter who said to him lord do you wash my feet and jesus
1:26answered him what i am doing you do not understand now but afterwards you will understand
1:32peter said to him you shall never wash my feet jesus answered
1:37if i do not wash you you have no share with me simon peter said to him lord not my feet
1:45only but also my hands and my head and jesus said to him the one who has bathed
1:50does not need to wash except for his feet but is completely clean and you are clean but not every one of you for he
1:58knew who was to betray him and that is why he said not all of you are clean when he had washed their feet and put
2:05out his idle garments and resumed his place he said to them do you understand what i have done to
2:12you you call me teacher and lord and you are right for i for so i am
2:18if then your lord and teacher have washed your feet you also ought to wash
2:24one another’s feet for i have given you an example that also that you should do
2:29just as i have done to you this is the gospel of the lord in the
2:34name of jesus amen well this is it this is the night this
2:40is the night that jesus is up all night long he’s got just
2:47a little bit of time not much before he is arrested
2:52and then found guilty of blasphemy even though he didn’t blaspheme and then he doesn’t
2:59even make even the slightest effort whatsoever to defend himself because all of this
3:06was according to the father’s plan and you’ll note then we are now officially kind of drawing to the end of
3:13the lenten season which has been a penitential season a time for us to reflect
3:18in our on our own lives in light of the ten commandments and uh if you would by
3:23the power of the holy spirit not our own efforts by the power of the holy spirit intensify
3:29our warfare against our own sinful flesh the devil and the world which always conspired to
3:37lead us into temptation but it’s here what we’re going to note what a what an endearing picture christ gives us today
3:45of his love of his mercy of his kindness and his desire in fact will
3:53that that same love that is exemplified in his humbling himself and watching the
4:00feet of his disciples that that same love then pours from christ to us
4:06and then overflows from us to others you know i was i was really excited to see that
4:13i received a gift from the the discord flock that’s what they call themselves what a great
4:19name the discord flock i think i think more churches should
4:24call themselves that they would be more honest if they did but the the reality is is that discord is the exact opposite
4:31of what christ has called us to and so it let me let me kind of put it this way
4:36if we examine this story christ this is the beginning of his passion there is one fellow among the 12
4:45who is going to betray christ and it’s such such a sad sad account one of the church
4:53fathers he said of judas that he was slumbering in the sleep of avarice
4:59you see you know that sin kind of kills us and puts us back to sleep it reminds me of the words of the
5:05book of hebrews chapter 3 therefore as the holy spirit says today if you hear god’s voice
5:12don’t harden your hearts as in the rebellion on the day of testing in the wilderness where your fathers put me to
5:18the test and saw my works they saw him for 40 years therefore i was provoked with that generation and said they
5:25always go astray in their heart they have not known my ways as i swore in my wrath they shall not enter my rest so
5:33take care brothers take care lest there be in any of you unbelieving hearts
5:40leading you to fall away from the living god so exhort one another every day as long
5:46as it is called today so that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness
5:51of sin sin is deceitful and here’s the thing the world now has people out there who
5:58are writing books they’re getting they’re getting celebrity spots on the oprah on the you know on the oprah
6:04network and things like this and they’re they’re telling you a spirituality that goes something like this
6:09you need to follow your authentic self stop denying yourself and just go
6:16wherever your heart wants you to go man you know you want to leave your spouse go for it find that soul mate of yours
6:24you you want you want to transition to a different gender do oh good you do it
6:29man you know it doesn’t matter if you leave your children or not or divorce your family it doesn’t matter the wake
6:35of wreckage and heartache that you leave behind you oh just you got to be true to your
6:41authentic self this is how they talk right and that is not
6:47freedom that is 100 percent
6:52bondage in slavery it is it is don’t let any of you
6:58have your hearts hardened by what the deceitfulness
7:03of sin and it’s such a tragic story what ends up happening to judas it really
7:09truly is but in that regard then let’s consider our gospel text we’ll tease out
7:15a few things one of the things i thought was funny and as i was you know studying and getting ready for the sermon reading
7:21some of the church fathers it’s like almost to a t you know when you look at their sermons on this text
7:28they they they they’ll go now before the feast of the passover full stop and then
7:33they just have to just go right into a full explanation which is which isn’t a bad thing to do if you think about it
7:39you know i just find it an interesting thing you know we got to stop on the word passover and there’s an important
7:45word we just read in the book of exodus about the very very first passover and
7:52you’ll note then that the the story itself of the passover sounds hauntingly familiar as in regards
8:00to the lord’s supper in fact the passover is the type and shadow if you
8:05would regarding the lord’s supper itself so there’s the children of israel
8:11enslaved to a snake hat guy right you know a stand-in for the devil and
8:16they can’t free themselves but god by ten mighty acts of judgment
8:23is just going toe-to-toe with snake hat dude and
8:29bringing all him and his entire empire to their knees
8:36all of this in order to save his people
8:41and beloved isn’t that what we’re about to see happen tomorrow
8:48as the prophecy goes in genesis god said that the seed of the woman
8:54would crush the head of the serpent
8:59crush his head and this is good news for us so there in the old testament moses
9:05and aaron they’re in the land of egypt and god is commanded this is the feast this is the night of nights and for you
9:13in fact your whole calendar year is going to be centered around this
9:19event this shall be your first month you’ll tell it to all the congregation of israel that on the tenth day of this
9:26month every man shall take a lamb according to their father’s houses a lamb for a household oh it reminds me
9:33of that text that says of jesus behold the lamb of god who takes away the sin of the world
9:39those are the words of john the baptist he will take
9:45count it up for the number that you need you shall make your count for the lamb your lamb will be without blemish
9:52that sounds like jesus right tempted in every way that we were yet is without sin
9:58you can take it from the sheep of the goats you shall keep it until the 14th day of this month and you’re going to
10:03note here jesus is celebrating the passover and the very next day
10:09he’s going to the cross not a coincidence
10:14totally on purpose 100 planned so they shall eat the flesh that
10:20night eat the flesh of their passover land that sounds well sounds yummy
10:27how many of you have lamb on on easter right it’s it’s you know you see lamb or ham i think lamb is the more biblical of
10:34the two right but the idea then here is is that in the lord’s supper what do we receive it is exactly what jesus says it
10:42is it’s his body and blood given in shed for the forgiveness of your sins and
10:48you’re going to note here that with the passover lamb begins an unbroken
10:55thing in scripture all right think of it this way so there you show up
11:01a long time later centuries later you show up at the temple right and you’ve got yourself a
11:08sin offering and you offer up that sin offering what do you do with that thing after
11:13it’s been offered up well part of it goes to the priest and what do the priests do with it they eat it
11:19and what do you do if part of it comes back to you what do you do with it you eat it you’re going to note here
11:25that over and again sin sacrifices are consumed it’s an interesting thing that we see in
11:32scripture and so all of this is prefiguring what christ is going to do on the cross and then what he’s going to
11:39do for us moving forward as we in covenant with him
11:45feast on his very body and blood given and shed for the forgiveness of our sins
11:50it is exactly as cr as christ says it is so he said so let’s see they will eat
11:57the flesh that night do not eat of it raw or boiled you shall let none of it remain until the morning in this manner
12:03you shall eat it your belt fastened your sandals and your feet your staff and you shall eat it in haste it is the lord’s
12:10passover and then you’ll note then when did they sacrifice these animals
12:16at twilight no now you sit there and go all right twilight when when does that begin
12:23three in the afternoon the the correlations between christ’s
12:29crucifixion are unmistakable christ cries out from the
12:35cross my god my god why have you forsaken me and into your hands i commit my spirit
12:42it is finished and he gives up his he gives up his spirit
12:47and he dies at the same time of the evening sacrifice the same time the passover
12:54lambs are slaughtered it’s an interesting thing when you consider it and then what will happen then
13:02god says i will pass through the land of egypt that
13:07night i will strike all the firstborn in the land of egypt both man and beast and on
13:13all the gods of egypt i will execute judgment i am yahweh now we’ve heard that god you know over
13:20and again you hear it said that well on the night of the passover the destroyer comes through but according to what we
13:26just read here who’s the destroyer god
13:31and you’re going to note the only thing that distinguishes the difference
13:36between those who believe yahweh and those who don’t is the blood of the lamb
13:44it’s the only thing and here is the thing on the day of judgment it is the same
13:50on the day of judgment that’s what all of this is kind of prefiguring when god judges satan judges the world
13:57brings egypt and babylon crashing down and i’m talking kind of like in type and
14:02shadow there and he brings everybody into judgment the only thing that keeps god in his
14:09wrath from having us join the rest of the world
14:15is the blood of the lamb you see it is christ’s blood given and shed for the forgiveness of your sins
14:21that reconciles you to god it is christ’s derelict body bruised beaten scourged
14:28nailed to a tree that bloody beyond recognition
14:34that saves you and saves me and it is his blood
14:39that is on us in us that we consume every time we have the
14:45lord’s supper and you’ll note then this promise that god would pass over
14:51that’s true for us as well in the new covenant because all of this was was type and shadow in fact
14:58we are in the exodus now so the blood shall be a sign for you on
15:04the houses where you are when i god says i see the blood i will pass over you no
15:10plague will befall you to destroy you when i strike the land of egypt this day
15:15shall be for you a memorial day and you shall keep it as a feast to yahweh throughout your generations
15:21aye yes the passover is indeed most appropriate to hang on to and
15:27understand how christ fulfills it all of that type and shadow he is our passover
15:32lamb and this is why you know we don’t we don’t have seder dinners on monday thursday that’s you get the idea
15:39so when jesus knew that his hour had come to depart out of this world to the father having loved his own who were in
15:45the world he even loved them to the end and he still keeps on loving them by the way this is not saying that well once he
15:52died he stopped loving him that’s that’s not what it says so during the supper when the devil had already put into a
15:59heart of judas iscariot simon said to betray him jesus knowing that the father had given all things into his hand and
16:05that he had come from god and was going back to god he rose from supper
16:11he laid aside his outer garments and taking a towel he tied it
16:17around his waist
16:28we’re not like this i i’m not like this
16:33you and i um we want to be number one right isn’t
16:39this world all about climbing to the top notoriety or
16:45having power and influence and and and you just think about
16:51jesus isn’t about any of that i it was absolutely tragic as i
16:58have been watching the stories and the documentaries regarding hillsong the fall of carl
17:06lentz the fall of brian houston and these are men who were all all about
17:11power and money a story just came out this week where people who worked at hillsong
17:17new york city said that working under lentz that you know it gave them
17:22mental illnesses sounds extreme but it actually makes sense because these men
17:28were all about themselves they preached about themselves and they taught the people
17:34who came to their services all about how to be like them
17:40but not to be like jesus and this is the point have you ever had that experience when
17:47you see a text like this it stands in such stark juxtaposition
17:54to what we’re all like inherently because we are of our father the devil we we
18:02want these the power and the glory like the devil that something like this
18:07stands out in such stark contrast that you can’t help but get that little check
18:13inside of your throat and and maybe even tear up a little bit
18:19it is the kindness of god it is the mercy of jesus his humanity
18:26and humility that makes me realize that i’ve got a problem
18:33it actually convicts me of my own evil and i think maybe it does you too
18:39so there’s jesus king of kings lord of lords god of god
18:45light of light very god of very god by nature god
18:50taking up a towel putting it around his waist and
18:56doing the job of well the lowest servant in in in the house or the lowest slave
19:03in the house this is the job that no slave wanted and there’s
19:08jesus and and simon like me and like you he he’s he’s
19:14oh no no no no it’s not supposed to be this way
19:19lord do you wash my feet peter said
19:29what i’m doing you don’t understand now afterwards you will
19:36afterwards you will and it’s here where i’ll plug this in i always love when i read the church
19:43fathers or i read a sermon on these texts and and somebody gives me another insight into scripture that i hadn’t
19:50seen before and it might seem like a throwaway connection but it’s really not
19:56if you if you would go back with me to the book of exodus you don’t have to go there i’ll read it to you but exodus
20:02chapter 30 god is giving moses the instructions on how to build the
20:07tabernacle the very very first worship
20:13building it’s a temporal thing that can move around worship facility there we go
20:19first worship facility for the israelites and well god is
20:25consecrating and setting apart the levites they’re going to be the ones who are responsible for doing the priestly
20:31duties in the tabernacle and then you get this little detail
20:37that god says that moses needs to make a bronze basin for washing
20:43in hebrew it’s a mikvah right so yahweh said to moses you shall also make a basin of bronze with its stand of bronze
20:51for washing you shall put it between the tent of meeting in the altar and you
20:57shall put water in it in which aaron and his son shall wash their hands and their feet
21:02when they go into the tent of meeting or when they come near the altar to minister to burn
21:08to burn a food offering to yahweh they shall wash with water so that they may
21:13not die they shall wash their hands and their feet so that they may not die it shall be a statute forever and and
21:20here’s the basic idea the basic idea here is that well
21:27the old in the old testament the levites before they could enter into the tabernacle or go into the holy of holies
21:35or go in to pick up the ark of the covenant in order to carry it
21:40outside they all had to wash they had to wash or they would die right and so
21:46one of the church fathers put it this way that what christ is doing here in part
21:52not in total but in part is he is washing the feet of his disciples
21:58so that they are clean so that they can carry the ark of the
22:03good news of christ and him crucified for our sins out into the world
22:09is it not christ who makes us a kingdom of priests and so you’ll note then that
22:14each of us as a kingdom of priests we too are washed in the waters of baptisms
22:19christ washes away our sins unites us with him in his death and his resurrection it is is a washing of
22:27regeneration and all the wonderful promises of scripture what a great connection man i wish i’d seen it myself
22:34but one of my best secrets is is that i’m
22:40really good at reading and in taking things in and weaving from the wisdom of
22:45others and those who preceded us but you get the idea here but man what a beautiful idea
22:50so what i’m doing you don’t understand now afterwards you will understand it
22:57and you can just see peter at this point you’re never gonna wash my feet lord
23:04this bucks up against all of that still latent self-glory
23:12tendencies of peter this is the guy who in just a few minutes is going to say to
23:17jesus after jesus said the scripture must be fulfilled he’s going i’m going to strike the shepherd and all the sheep
23:22are going to be scattered and and peter’s going to say even if everyone else deserves you lord i will not right
23:29okay it’s still in there and hit it’s
23:35christ’s crucifixion and his kindness and his washing it that just it really
23:40is challenging to that demonic way of thinking for peter
23:49you’ll never wash my feet jesus said if i don’t wash you you have no share with me
23:54checkmate right so simon peter said lord then not my
24:01feet also my hands my head just wash me lord no one who has bathed does
24:06the one who is bathed does not need to wash except for his feet but it’s completely clean you are clean not every
24:12one of you and here jesus is using term of clean referring to those who have faith in
24:18christ judas doesn’t and so judas is the one who is not clean as one of the church
24:25father says he’s slumbering in the sleep of avarice all right so jesus knew who was betrayed
24:31them so when he had washed their feet he put on his outer garments
24:36and he resumed his place do you understand what i’ve done to you
24:43you call me teacher you call me lord you’re right for so i am
24:49if then your lord and your teacher have washed your feet you also ought to wash one
24:55another’s feet for i have given you an example that you also should do just as i have done for
25:02you truly i say to you servant is not greater than his master nor a messenger greater than the one who sent him if you
25:08know these things blessed are you if you do them and so christ here is telling us to have
25:14that same love beloved let us love one another john writes in his epistle
25:21for love is of god everyone who loves is born of god and knows god
25:26the one who doesn’t love doesn’t know god because god is
25:32love so put away the the ambition
25:37put away the vain glorious conceit put it all away
25:42stop thinking about numbers and bank accounts and influence and all that just put it all
25:49away christ became the lowest of the low and he says that a servant is not
25:56greater than his master and you’ll note that in saying this christ has taken the world’s values and
26:02just flipped them and you can always tell when people are still listening to the world’s values
26:09because it’s not in line with any of this in fact what jesus did is so kind and in
26:17just another two chapters later here’s what jesus says this is my commandment
26:23that you love one another as i have loved you and so listen to what i’m going to say
26:29here we lutherans we like to talk about law and gospel we like to make a proper
26:36distinction and absolutely the command to love is law
26:41but this command of love cannot be accomplished apart from the gospel in fact it is only the gospel
26:48that brings this thing to life my this is my commandment that you love one another because greater love has no
26:56one than this that someone laid down his life
27:02for his friends you are my friends
27:07if you do what i command so no longer do i call you servants the servant does not know what the master is
27:13doing but i have called you friends for all that i have heard from my father i have made known to you you didn’t
27:20choose me i chose you and i pointed you that you should go and bear fruit and
27:25that your fruit would abide so that whatever you ask of the father in my name that he may give you
27:30so brothers and sisters jesus is our
27:36friend no greater love than this
27:42that someone laid down his life for his friends you are his friend
27:47he laid down his life for you he instituted the lord’s supper
27:53for you he took on the the crown of thorns for you he was
28:00he let his back be scourged and opened up and ripped to shreds
28:07for you he was nailed to the cross hands and feet
28:12for you and he breathed his last after suffering in the dark for your sins
28:19so that you can be his friend and you’ll note then if you believe this
28:26you have nothing to fear on the day of judgment at all you have there’s no reason to shrink back in fear of god’s
28:26judgment because god has sent his only begotten son
28:38and he has laid down his life for his friends and he proves it not only in word
28:45but indeed and so this monday thursday although we’re gathering
28:52on the internet as we get ready to consider the sufferings and passion of christ
29:00let us repent of our ambition let us repent of all the ways in which
29:07we have vain gloriously set ourselves up over others rather than humbly
29:12taking on a towel and washing the feet of the saints
29:18the lowest of the low are down there but also the faithful of the faithful
29:24in the name of Jesus amen
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