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Series A – Seventh Sunday of Easter – Sunday, May 21, 2023 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:22The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint John the 17th chapter
0:35foreign when Jesus had spoken these words he lifted up his eyes to heaven and said
0:41father the hour has come glorify your son that the son may glorify you since
0:46you have given him authority over All Flesh to give eternal life to all whom you have given him and this is eternal
0:52life that they know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent I glorified you on Earth having
1:00accomplished the work that you gave me to do and now father glorify me in your own presence with the glory that I had
1:06with you before the world existed I have manifested your name to the people whom you gave me out of the world yours they
1:14were and you gave them to me and they have kept your word now they know that
1:20everything that you have given me is from you for I have given them the words that you gave me and I and they have
1:27received them and have come to know in truth that I came from you and they have
1:33believed that you sent me I am praying for them I am not praying for the word but For Those whom you who gave have
1:39given me for they are yours all mine are yours and yours are mine and I am glorified in them and I am no longer in
1:45the world but they are in the world and I am coming to you Holy Father keep them in your name which you have given me
1:52that they may be one even as we are one this is the gospel of the Lord in the
1:58name of Jesus amen all right here’s a word that we are not all that familiar with and we don’t
2:05really embrace it too well as Americans and it’s time for us to come to grips with it and the word is are you ready
2:12Authority ah boy do we not like that word you know you’ll note that we kind of work with
2:19the idea here in the United States that we are kind of our own authorities isn’t
2:25that what life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is all about being completely unbounded from all authority
2:30to be the one calling all the shots no actually no
2:37um as Christians we recognize that Christ has been given all authority and
2:45we best pay attention to Christ because you’ll note that when you entered Kong’s
2:52Winger Lutheran Church and you stepped Across the Threshold you’ll note that the American flags are outside of the
2:59main building here you you are no longer in America you’re in an embassy of the
3:04kingdom of Christ he’s King he’s Sovereign he’s Lord you want to know what a Christian Nation looks like look
3:10around right all of that being said listen to the opening words of Our Gospel text
3:15when Jesus had spoken these words he lifted up his eyes to heaven and said father the hour has come glorify your
3:22son that your son may glorify you and since you have given him authority over
3:27All Flesh to give eternal life to all whom you have given him Authority in
3:33Matthew’s gospel Matthew 28 that famous text that we’re all very familiar with the Great Commission Christ says all
3:41authority in heaven on Earth has been given to me
3:46and one of the things I don’t like about how the church year works I almost feel like we need to like every few years
3:52like kind of fix this is that Ascension Day falls on a Thursday right and so
3:58that the there that’s an important tax the Ascension of Christ because we
4:04worked our way through Christ’s suffering his death his resurrection his
4:10appearances after the resurrection and you guys came to church today and well
4:15you know I’d hate to break it to you but on Thursday Christ ascended which by the way is one of the best arguments that
4:21Jesus is coming back on a Thursday okay because everybody knows Jesus says he’s
4:26coming back on a day in an hour when no one expects it nobody’s looking for Jesus on a Thursday okay and of course
4:33he ascended on a Thursday so my theory is great it’s solid but all of that
4:38being said when Christ ascended he ascended to do what Christ now sits at the right hand of the
4:46father all authority in heaven on Earth has been given to him he’s the one
4:52calling the shots he is King of Kings he is Lord of lords and you’ll note that
4:58here in the church this ain’t my church and that this ain’t your church either I
5:05hate to break it to you even if your family founded kung’s Winger this
5:11actually isn’t your church it belongs to Christ it’s under his authority and that
5:17being the case Christ is the one who calls the shots in his church and we
5:23don’t get to vote on the things that he’s decided for us right so that being
5:28the case consider then our account in our first reading from the book of Acts
5:35Christ has just ascended and the disciples now have to do something there
5:40they’ve gone from being disciples to being the Apostles of Christ Christ and they recognize they’re supposed to be 12
5:46of them but there aren’t and the reason why there aren’t 12 of them is because as we all know Judas betrayed Christ
5:53sold him out for 30 pieces of silver just as the prophet said he would and
6:00now he has gone to his eternal reward which is not much of a reward if you think about it Christ said it would have
6:06been better had he never been born but Peter now stands up among the
6:12brothers and he said Brothers the scripture had to be fulfilled which the Holy Spirit spoke beforehand by the
6:19mouth uh by the mouth of David concerning Judas who became a guide to those who arrested Jesus wow what a
6:26turnaround can you single turn around well I notice how now the Apostle Peter
6:31is wielding the word of God and recognizing just like Christ taught him
6:37the word of God cannot be broken cannot in fact it must be fulfilled it will
6:42always be fulfilled because God doesn’t lie if you remember back in that embarrassing situation that Peter found
6:49himself in on the night when Jesus was was betrayed Peter Peter was told by Christ you’re going to deny me this
6:57night and Peter said Lord I will never deny you and Jesus says the scripture must be
7:04fulfilled the scripture says I will strike the shepherd and the Sheep will scatter in fact all of you are going to
7:10deny me and are going to abandon me this night and Peter of course not listening not paying attention which we’re all
7:16kind of prone to do basically says Lord even if I have to die with you I will
7:22never uh-huh right well who turned out to be correct here it was Jesus and what
7:29was Jesus pointing to the scriptures can the scriptures be broken nope and so
7:34you’ll note after that embarrassing set of circumstances where he ended up denying Christ three times and had to be
7:40restored by Christ and he was now Peter has gotten with the program the Bible is
7:47God’s word when the Bible speaks to us it is speaking to us with the authority
7:53of God himself and so the scriptures have to be fulfilled you also note here
8:00that at this time before the day of Pentecost total number of Christians
8:05about 120. wow that’s not a very big congregation
8:13but that’s all there are right three whole years of ministry giving sight to
8:20the blind Healing The Sick hearing to the deaf raising the dead cleansing the
8:26lepers feeding multitudes and proclaiming the kingdom you’ll note that
8:31those people who say signs and wonders are the thing we need to do to prove to the world that Christianity is true go
8:36ahead and try if you like but your signs and wonders aren’t signs and wonders and Jesus was the greatest Miracle Worker in
8:42all of human history and at his death burial Resurrection Ascension total
8:48number of Christians 120. keep that in mind
8:54so Peter the scriptures had to be fulfilled which the Holy Spirit spoke beforehand by the mouth of David note
9:00great theology regarding the inspiration of scripture the holy spirit is the one who spoke by whom by David concerning
9:09Judas who became a guide to those who rested Jesus and then of course we get the gruesome details of what happened to
9:16his body and how it ended how they ended up buying a field of blood academa to have him buried but Peter goes on to say
9:23is written in the Book of Psalms may his Camp become become desolate and let
9:29there be no one to dwell in it what a fascinating thing that Peter is doing here because if you read Psalm 69 verse
9:3725 you can see in context yeah it does sound like that this is talking about
9:42Christ’s enemy but here’s the thing in Psalm 65 the Hebrew is plural it’s kind
9:48of fascinating made their Camp their Camp be a desolation let no one dwell in
9:55their tense plural but here under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit Peter now takes one of
10:03Jesus’s adversaries that is prophesied and brings it all the way back to Judas
10:09and he quotes now this Psalm using a singular set of words may his Camp
10:16become desolate let there be no one to dwell in it I always love watching how the Liberals lose their minds over the
10:22how Peter quotes the scriptures he can’t do that he doesn’t have the Liberty to do that uh put a cork in it dude because
10:29Peter is the Apostle of Jesus Christ and he has he’s speaking under the
10:34inspiration and authority of God himself and he is giving us a holy spirit inspired interpretation of this text
10:40I’ll go with Peter over you any day of the week right and then he continues and
10:45he quotes another text Psalm 109 verse 8 and listen to the words let another take
10:52his office Wade what there’s offices in Jesus’s
11:00Church yes Jesus by his authority has set up offices now here we have the apostles
11:09they have their office and I would note something here if you pay attention to how this works
11:15because Psalm 109 prophesied that one person needed to take the the vacant
11:21office of Judas it is not saying let others take their offices talking about
11:28all the 12 but let one take the office of Judas which is a strong indicator
11:34that the apostolic office is never intended to be an ongoing thing
11:40people who are running around today claiming to be Apostles are lying to you they are false Apostles and deceitful
11:48workmen they are not leading you to Christ these are people who are claiming to fill an office that they have no
11:54right to fill that would be like me showing up in Washington DC and telling Biden to move over I’m going to go ahead
12:00and take his office from him right that’s how you get arrested okay just
12:06saying it’s not it doesn’t work that way so you’ll note then that Christ has established the apostolic office and
12:14here’s where we might want to consider something else and that is in first Timothy chapter 3 it says this the
12:22saying is trustworthy and if anyone aspires to the office of overseer that’s
12:28the Pastoral office he desires a noble task therefore an overseer must be above
12:35reproach the husband of one wife wait we’re talking about male pastors here yeah Look what Jesus did he’s
12:43established it this way they must be sober-minded self-controlled respectable hospitable able to teach not a drunkard
12:51not violent but gentle not quarrisome not a lover of money he must manage his own household well with all dignity
12:57keeping his children it’s submissive for someone does not know how to manage his own household how will he care for God’s
13:05Church it goes on to say he must be one who has studied and showed himself approved as a Workman and need not Lush
13:11with embarrassment who rightly handles the word of Truth we’ll come back to the Pastoral office here but you’ll note
13:17Christ and his authority has set up offices in his church so Peter then says
13:24let one of the men who have accompanied US during all the time that the Lord Jesus went in and out Among Us beginning
13:30from the baptism of John until the day when he was taken up from us one of these men must become with us a witness
13:37to his resurrection qualifications to be an apostle you had to be there when
13:43Jesus was baptized you had to hang out with Christ for those whole three years
13:49those entire three years you have to be a witness of his death burial
13:55Resurrection you get the point right and of all 120 Christians who were present
14:02at the time there were only two men who fit the bill how many do you think fit
14:07that bill today zero not a single one right again anyone
14:14claiming to be Apostle is a Wingnut Wacker doodle sent from Satan to deceive you don’t listen to them
14:21so of the two that were taken that could possibly be an apostle of Jesus Christ
14:28two were chosen Joseph called barsabas who was also called Justice and the
14:33fellow by the name of Matthias so they prayed you Lord you know the hearts of all show
14:42which of these two you have chosen who’s in charge of the church Christ is and
14:50his authority is invoked and they are asking him which of the two he has chosen to take the place of Judas in the
14:58ministry and apostleship from the you know from which Judas had turned aside to go to his own place so they cast lots
15:05for them and the lot fell on Matthias and he was numbered with 11 apostles
15:11and I I always crack up when you you read modern commentaries and they go this seems a little awkward that they
15:17cast dice to kind of figure this out they just left this up to chance no they
15:22didn’t they prayed and they trusted Christ to answer their
15:27prayer through the means of these Lots it’s not much different than how the urm
15:33and thuman worked of the Old Testament you can ask God direct questions from the high priest how much more from one
15:38of Jesus Christ’s own Apostles right yet I would say that Peter probably had a
15:43pretty good connection with Jesus through prayer and since he knew him as well as he was and he was sent by Christ
15:49as his Apostle now let me kind of help you out on Apostles real quick here all
15:55right do you guys remember back when you were in junior high okay and you first
16:00had your you noticed the opposite sex okay but the thing is is that when
16:06you’re in junior high noticing girls as a guy is a very terrifying thing right
16:12and there was always some girl who was willing she would know that you were casting your eye on on that girl over
16:19there maybe it was Jenny or Sally or Sue right and of course you hadn’t you didn’t have the guts to say that I
16:25really think you’re kind of cute can we hold hands or something like that right you just that’s way too much to expect
16:30from a Junior High kid so what does the junior high boy do he hires an apostle
16:36okay and they’re for free by the way and the Apostle is usually a girl who’s a
16:42friend of the girl that they think is cute I’ll go and ask her for you whether
16:47or not she thinks you’re cute too and we’ll kind of figure this out so she goes and she has a conversation right a
16:53conversation on behalf of the guy she is his Apostle okay doing business
16:59in his name right that that’s a good way to think about it right
17:05you guys are loving this one because we’ve all done this okay we’ve
17:12all done this as a result you know she comes back and she says no she thinks you’re a booger head and then that the relationship’s over at this point and
17:18her apostleship comes to a crashing end all right but the idea here is is that
17:24we’ve all had Apostles working for us but when it comes to Jesus’s apostles
17:29note they are doing business in his name they’re the ones who write the
17:35scriptures and the Apostle Paul as one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ he says very clearly in First Corinthians 15
17:42that he was an abnormally born Apostle he wasn’t even worthy to be called one yet Christ assigned him to be the
17:48Apostle to the Gentiles and in First Corinthians chapter 14 he legitimately
17:54says if anyone thinks he is spiritual he needs to acknowledge that the things I am writing to you are a command of the
18:01Lord right that’s the authority that these guys operate in now that being the case
18:07you’ll note that Christ commissioned the apostles to disciple the entire nations right we just happen to be a nation here
18:14a little bit of a mixed one here the United States is a multinational Nation if you would and so we’ve got Norwegians
18:21and we’ve got some polls here and then we’ve got some folks from from Asia and other places from around the world don’t
18:28even talk about my Heritage it’s really sketchy you don’t want to know it’s bad but all that being said you’ll note then
18:34that Christ has sent his Apostles and they are still discipling the Nations who of you can say that you’re Christian
18:42uh understanding of the scriptures has not been in like wonderfully impacted by
18:49the ministry of the Apostle Paul are you not a student of the Apostle Paul I am are we not all students of the Apostle
18:57Matthew how about John and Peter and the others you kind of get
19:03the idea we’re all still students of the Apostles the apostles are still teaching us today you sit there and go yeah but
19:10we don’t know what their voice sounds like and we have no idea what they look
19:15like that’s great you don’t have to smell their bad breath that’s great okay but we’re all still being apostled
19:22by the apostles through the living active word of God
19:29and here’s where the Pastoral office now comes into play as we’ve already noted
19:34the Pastoral office is now the office of note that moving forward Christ has
19:40chosen by his authority that in the church pastors are to pick up the
19:46scriptures and they are to teach them Faithfully they are to teach the
19:51prophets and the apostles and Proclaim Christ and him crucified for our sins but they are not Apostles you’ll note
19:57I’m not an apostle I’m just the guy who holds the office of Pastor in this particular congregation
20:04and you’ll note that Christ is the one who determines who is qualified who is disqualified and he’s made it very clear
20:11through the living active word of God and the Apostles of Jesus Christ that only men are to hold this office but in
20:17the day and age in which we live in there’s a terrible thing that is happening and there is a participation
20:23in something that Jude warns us about and Jude warns us about something called
20:28Cora’s Rebellion let me remind you what Cora’s Rebellion is by reminding
20:34you of the of the warning given by Jude the half-brother of Jesus in his one
20:40chapter long letter it’s basically just a letter Jude writes beloved although I was eager
20:46to write to you about our common salvation I found it was necessary to write to you appealing to contend for
20:53the faith that was once for all delivered to the Saints and the reason I had to write this he goes on to say is
20:58because certain people have crept in unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation they are ungodly
21:05people they pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and they deny our only
21:10master in Lord Jesus Christ now I want to remind you although you once fully knew it that Jesus who saved a people
21:17out of the land of Egypt afterward destroyed those who did not believe and the angels who did not stay within their
21:23own position of authority but left their proper dwelling he has kept in Eternal chains under glooming Darkness until the
21:30Judgment of the great day just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities which likewise indulged in sexual
21:36immorality and pursued unnatural desire they serve as an example by undergoing a
21:41punishment of Eternal fire yet unlike manner these people these false teachers they rely on their dreams they defile
21:49the Flesh and listen to the phrase they reject Authority
21:58you know we we’ve all done that that’s something we have to think about here false teachers are known for rejecting
22:06Authority but in Christ’s Church if somebody rejects Authority whose
22:15authority are they rejecting Christ’s how many people have you heard
22:21within the visible Church screeching down with the patriarchy down with the
22:26patriarchy we need to be egalitarian we need to have women pastors women are gifted just as much as men are I sit
22:34there and go woof you are rejecting Authority at this point Christ is the
22:39one who has established that men are the ones to be pastors and false teachers
22:45Hallmark of them is they reject Authority they blaspheme the Glorious
22:50ones but when the Archangel Michael contending with the devil was disputing about the body Moses he didn’t presume
22:57to pronounce a Blasphemous judgment he said the Lord rebuke you but these people they blaspheme all that they
23:02don’t understand they’re destroyed by all that they like unreasoning animals
23:08understand instinctively listen to what that’s saying here how many of you have
23:15listened to people in the church basically say doesn’t it seem reasonable to you X Y and Z they’re not making a
23:22Biblical argument when they say those things because usually the thing that they’re saying it needs to be reason wouldn’t it be reasonable if we just got
23:28away from this idea that God made the heavens and the Earth in six literal days don’t you think it would be more
23:34reasonable if we embraced evolutionary theory and started teaching our kids to not Buck against what they’re being
23:41taught in their High School classes in science wouldn’t that seem reasonable to
23:46you is that a Biblical argument not at all
23:52but you’ll note here these are arguments that are made according to their
23:57instincts not according to scripture I just keep pointing people to the fact
24:02well Jesus believed in the six day creation he rose from the dead call me
24:08stupid if you want to other people have called me worse than that but I’m just going to go with Jesus he rose from the
24:14grave he said to Adam and Eve were real and that God in the beginning created US male and female who am I to challenge
24:20him so I’m going to go with Jesus on this that’s a Biblical argument by the way
24:25because who’s the one to whom all authority has been given Christ
24:31so you’ll note false teachers they argue from their Instinct from their reason
24:36not from the scriptures but Jude says woe to them they’ve walked in the way of
24:41Cain who is a guy who had religious activity but no faith they have
24:47abandoned themselves for the sake of gain to balaam’s error Balaam was a prophet for profit if you’re not sure
24:53what that looks like just watch prophecy Bingo on the fighting for the faith Channel you’ll get an idea pretty quick what that looks like
24:59and then the others they perished in korra’s Rebellion Cora’s Rebellion
25:06this is a guy who rejected Authority let me explain in Numbers chapter 16 we hear
25:12about Korah but let me give you a little bit of the of the background here if you read through the Old Testament you’ll
25:18note that the children of Israel they come out of they come out of Egypt in The Exodus right they cross the Red Sea
25:23they go to Mount Sinai at Mount Sinai God gives Moses the Ten Commandments and
25:29the beginnings of the Bible are now starting to be written and then as part of all of this God on Mount Sinai
25:35revealed to Moses that he needed to create a tabernacle which would become like the worship center of ancient
25:42Israel and that there needed to be priests who took care of all the sacrifices and the offerings and the
25:49things that were commanded by the Mosaic Covenant and so God established in the time of Moses offices the office of
25:57priests and the office of the high priest and what did Moses do Moses was
26:03the prophet at this point and so Moses he consecrated he anointed Aaron as the
26:10high priest and by the way Aaron had a uniform it was a spectacular uniform if you read the details about it he had a
26:17uniform that he wore and he and his sons were also consecrated for the priesthood
26:23well when after that all took place there was a fellow in the camp of Israel
26:29by the name of Korah who was one of the clan leaders who was hot under the collar he was as mad as a hornet because
26:37he legitimately instinctively and falsely thought that
26:43that Aaron and Moses were exalting themselves above the congregation of the
26:48people but that’s not what was taking place at all God is the one who installed Aaron
26:54and his sons into their Pat into their Priestly offices and he did so through
27:00Moses and this was by the command and the authority of God but here Cora comes along Cora says it
27:07says this core of the son of izhar the son of kohath of the son of Levi’s and
27:12dathan and Abram the sons of eliab and own the son of peleth the sons of Reuben
27:18took men they rose up before Moses with a number of the people of Israel 250
27:24Chiefs of the congregation I consider the scariness of this right we’re not
27:29talking like they didn’t find some worthless fellows who were too busy throwing rocks at frogs they took 250 of
27:37the chiefs of the clans of all of the people of Israel of the congregation they were chosen from the assembly they
27:44were well-known men and they assembled themselves together against Moses and against Aaron and they
27:50said to them you have gone too far for all in the congregation Are Holy
27:56every one of them and Yahweh is among them why then do you exalt yourselves above the Assembly of Yahweh
28:05and all the Norwegians said ufta right rightly so
28:10okay they didn’t when Moses heard this he fell on his face
28:16and he said to Cora and all his company in the morning the Lord will show who is his and who is Holy and will bring him
28:22near to him the one he chooses will be he will bring near to him do this take censors Korah and all of his company and
28:29put fire in them and put incense on them before Yahweh tomorrow so as the story winds up God was not
28:38happy with Korah because Cora was speaking a false narrative he was rejecting God’s own authority and
28:47rejecting the men that God had placed into the Priestly office to serve him
28:53and to serve the Assembly of Israel and Korah perished along with the other men
29:01they brought their ins their incense sensors to the intent of meeting and
29:06they all experienced a death like um you see on Indiana Jones and the Raiders of
29:12the Lost Ark they they died horrible horrible death so you’ll note here
29:20Christ is the one to whom all authority is given and this the seventh Sunday of Easter we
29:27need to consider this is that King Jesus by his authority has established certain offices in the church
29:34and those offices are to be respected they are not to be attacked or changed
29:40today people claim to be Apostles when they’re not there are people out there who are ordaining women they have no
29:46right to be ordained Christ has forbidden them from the Pastoral office you have people who’ve completely gotten rid of the Pastoral office altogether
29:53you think of what happens in the seeker-driven churches and the mega churches they don’t have pastors they
29:58have Vision casting leaders and that is not an office that Christ has set up at
30:04all right and so you’ll note that within the visible church just as Jude warned
30:10us there are false teachers who reject Christ’s Authority and they are participants in korra’s rebellion and
30:17here we would recognize then that each and every one of us If we’re honest with ourselves after all we’re Americans
30:23right we don’t do well with authority that we seem to think that because we
30:29live in a Democratic Republic that because we can vote on who our Congress people are who are who is our president
30:36and people like that that somehow we can have that same kind of authority from ourselves to decide what takes place in
30:43Christ’s Church and it’s false it’s not true
30:48where there is freedom we can make those decisions but where Christ and his authority has chosen for us we must
30:56respect the authority of Christ and where we haven’t respected his authority and bucked against it or even
31:02participated against it we need to confess our sin and recognize that we
31:08have acted in our own authority and rejected Christ and that it’s sinful to do so an idolatrous to do so and we
31:14trust then this the good news that Christ who holds an
31:19office still in the church let me explain you’ll note that we lutherans don’t acknowledge the pope there’s a good
31:26reason for that because there is no such office listed in scripture the so-called
31:31visible Vicar of Christ on planet Earth that office doesn’t exist but Christ
31:37still holds an office in his church remember what it says in the book of Hebrews Jesus Christ is the our high
31:43priest in the order of Melchizedek he’s the one who offered his own body his
31:50life for your life and mine he is our sacrifice so that we can be reconciled
31:56to God and forgiven of all of our Rebellion including the Rebellion where we have rejected Christ’s Authority and
32:03this same high priest of ours still intercedes on our behalf and prays for us Christ is still the head of the
32:12church a good way to think about it is is that when Christ came to Earth we recognized that he was a prophet he was
32:19also a priest and he is also a king all of of those offices are wrapped up in
32:25the one true Jesus Christ Messiah King and Lord and so we recognize that he’s
32:31the one who calls the shots in the church not us and we humbly submit to
32:36what he has established and recognize that we are to put away the things that we think we the house should go based
32:43upon our intuition and Instinct those things will lead us away and we humbly bow the knee now as forgiven sinners
32:52reconciled to God by Christ Our great high priest and sacrifice and we then
32:58bear fruit in keeping with repentance by submitting ourselves to the authority of Christ
33:05that’s what we’re called to do and I think I’ll just end it there Jesus is in charge amen
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