Sermon Transcript – Authority, True Authority

Series B – Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany – Sunday, February 1, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:30chapter 1 verses 21-28
0:33they went to Capernaum and when the
0:36Sabbath came Jesus went into the
0:38synagogue and began to teach the people
0:40were amazed at his teaching because he
0:42taught them as one who had Authority not
0:45as the teachers of the law just then a
0:48man in their synagogue who was possessed
0:50by an evil spirit cried out what do you
0:52want with us Jesus of Nazareth have you
0:55come to destroy us I know who you are
0:58the Holy One of God
1:00be quiet
1:02said Jesus sternly come out of him
1:05evil spirit shook the man violently and
1:08came out of him with a shriek
1:10the people were all so amazed that they
1:12asked each other what is this a new
1:15teaching and with authority he even
1:17gives orders to evil spirits and they
1:19obey him news about him spread quickly
1:22over the whole region of Galilee
1:25in the name of Jesus
1:28so pay close attention to to where
1:31today’s Gospel account unfolds it
1:35unfolds in the first century Old
1:38Testament counterpart to church it’s the
1:41Sabbath Jesus is teaching in the
1:43synagogue also note what happens in this
1:46church service
1:48there are a lot of moving parts and
1:49we’re going to examine them a few of
1:51them this morning so what happens near
1:53the end of this church service where
1:55Jesus is the preacher answer
1:57a demon manifests itself in a man who it
2:01was possessing
2:03there were zero indications prior to
2:05this that the man was possessed
2:07the demon cries out what do you want
2:10with us Jesus of Nazareth have you come
2:12to destroy us I know who you are the
2:15Holy One of God
2:18this happens right there in church
2:21I mean serious it’s as if Jesus has done
2:25his preaching and his teaching and the
2:27demon can contain himself no longer
2:29can’t handle this message and who the
2:33one who is delivering it so it can’t
2:36help but manifest itself make itself
2:39known and oppose Jesus
2:43listen listen to what it said
2:46have you come to destroy us
2:48as if Jesus is somehow a dangerous
2:51person well he is to Demons but he’s not
2:54to humans
2:56so Jesus says sternly
2:59be quiet come out of him the evil spirit
3:02shook the man violently and came out of
3:05him with a shriek
3:06now this account from Jesus’s life and
3:09Ministry should give us pause
3:11it shows us a few things now I’m not
3:14usually prone to doing three-point
3:15sermons but my sermon today has three
3:17points normally this 52 or 56 somewhere
3:20in there
3:22Point number one
3:24let’s get this out on the table demons
3:26are real
3:28this is not a fictitious account this is
3:32demons are real one of the reasons why
3:37many of the churches in the mainline
3:41have gone off the rails biblically is
3:44because many of their teachers and
3:47professors in seminary
3:52somewhere in the time of modernity
3:54thought that they were too smart
3:57we’ve kind of gotten away from the Dark
3:59Ages and this idea that demons exist
4:02this is foolishness it’s utter
4:05foolishness and it leads to an
4:07unraveling of the authority of the word
4:09of God
4:11now let me give you a modern day example
4:13and the person whom I know who is also
4:16one of the major leaders in what was
4:18known as the emergent Church movement
4:20which is a post-modern version of
4:24liberalism that really cropped up over
4:26the last 10 15 years his name is Tony
4:31here’s what he wrote a few years back
4:33regarding demons and the idea that
4:36demons existed listen to this opening
4:38sentence Jesus held an incorrect
4:42cosmology Tony Jones writes now
4:46cosmology is a big word okay I don’t
4:49want you have to Google it I’ll give you
4:51an idea a cosmology is basically a
4:54constructed theory of the beginnings and
4:56the origins of the universe and how How
4:58the Universe operates so Tony Jones who
5:02is a author
5:04of popular Christian books for years was
5:07a conference speaker at all the major
5:09Evangelical youth conferences his in his
5:12writings he writes Jesus held an
5:16incorrect cosmology
5:19to which I say who on Earth do you think
5:22you make yourself out to be Tony Jones
5:23he continues yes of course our cosmology
5:27the one we all hold supposedly together
5:30today is probably wrong as well or at
5:32least it’s incomplete how humble of him
5:34to say this but that doesn’t make
5:36Jesus’s cosmology any more right both
5:40Jesus and John the Baptist seem clearly
5:42to have embraced that ancient hebraic
5:45belief in shayol gehena and Hades I.E a
5:50physical place of fires that bodies of
5:54the Damned are thrown
5:56and he faults Jesus for believing this
6:00it seems merely wishful thinking when
6:02Thomas Aquinas argued that Jesus had
6:05full and perfect knowledge of all things
6:07and wrote quote Christ perfectly knows
6:10all human Sciences Tony Jones continues
6:13so we’re left with this conundrum what
6:15do we make of Jesus’s teaching on heaven
6:18and hell if he believed that he existed
6:21in a geocentric universe and lived on a
6:23flat Earth
6:24to which I would say show me a single
6:26passage in Scripture that Jesus believed
6:28in a flat Earth and I’ll show you the
6:31Psalms and other passages where it talks
6:33about the circle of the Earth
6:34Jesus is the one who made the Earth and
6:36he knew perfectly well that it was round
6:38and he never said it was flat but notice
6:41what he’s doing here he’s attacking
6:43Jesus and this is a guy who many look to
6:46to get their theology from and you know
6:49and learn from as far as what they’re
6:51going to teach and preach in the church
6:54so he’s let me go back he says
6:57what do we make of Jesus’s teaching on
6:59heaven and hell if he believed that he
7:01existed in a geocentric universe and
7:03lived on a flat Earth this is not unlike
7:06the conundrum regarding the gospel
7:08writers and Jesus diagnosing Legion with
7:12demon possession when today we would
7:15most likely consider him beset by
7:19to conclude Tony Jones writes I don’t
7:23believe in demons
7:29you can buy his books at Christian
7:30bookstores today
7:33why would anyone want to buy this
7:35so those preachers and teachers and
7:37authors within the visible Church who
7:39tell you that demons don’t exist are
7:40actually doing the work of demons
7:43they’re undermining and attacking God’s
7:46word and like Tony Jones they have the
7:49audacity to think that they know better
7:51than Jesus and in their foolishness and
7:54blindness they think they have the
7:56authority to correct Jesus
7:59in other words they’re saying listen
8:02don’t listen to Jesus we have better
8:04words and a more accurate understanding
8:06of how the universe operates than Jesus
8:09so listen to us don’t listen to Jesus
8:14that’s what these people are doing
8:17and unfortunately Tony Jones is not some
8:19isolated incident of one guy gonna gonna
8:23ride like this
8:24men like Tony Jones are rampant
8:26throughout the church
8:29so let’s make this perfectly clear Our
8:32Gospel text says that the man was
8:34possessed by a demon you know what that
8:36means in the Greek it means he was
8:39possessed by a demon
8:42doesn’t matter if it’s Greek Hebrew
8:43Spanish or Portuguese it means he was
8:46possessed by a demon this literally
8:51let’s get the diagnosis right as to
8:53what’s going on here notice that the
8:55demon knew exactly who Jesus was the
8:58people in the synagogue in church not so
9:00much there’s a reason for this the
9:02Gospel of John in chapter 1 reads this
9:04starting at verse 9. the True Light
9:06which gives light to everyone was coming
9:08into the world this is Jesus he was in
9:11the world and the world was made through
9:15yet the world did not know him
9:17he came to his own and his own people
9:20did not receive him
9:23this tells you of just how blinding sin
9:29we are born dead in trespasses and sins
9:32and dead means dead
9:34by Nature we do not fear love and trust
9:37in God by Nature we don’t even know who
9:39God is we know that he exists
9:42but we don’t really know him
9:44and the tragedy of the situation is is
9:47that Jesus who is God in human flesh
9:49came and dwelt Among Us
9:52and the people who were living at that
9:53time didn’t even recognize him for who
9:55he was
9:57but listen to the gospel of Mark chapter
9:595. the story of Legion which Tony Jones
10:02referenced he says this
10:04they went across this is verse 1 chapter
10:065. they went across the lake to the
10:09region of the garrisones when Jesus got
10:11out of the boat a man with an evil
10:13spirit that would be a demon came from
10:15the tombs to meet him
10:17and listen to the condition of this poor
10:19man this man lived in the tombs
10:23no one could bind him anymore not even
10:26with a chain
10:27for he had often been chained hand and
10:30foot but he tore the chains apart broke
10:32the irons on his feet no one was strong
10:35enough to subdue him night and day among
10:38the tombs and in the Hills he would cry
10:40out and cut himself with stones
10:42sure this sounds like mental illness
10:44doesn’t it it could potentially be that
10:47then watch this when he saw Jesus from a
10:52he ran and fell on his knees in front of
10:55him and he shouted at the top of his
10:57voice what do you want with me Jesus Son
11:00of the most high God swear to God that
11:03you won’t torture me
11:06how does a crazy person somebody with
11:08schizophrenia from a distance know that
11:10Jesus is the son of God
11:16the people whom Jesus was walking among
11:18they didn’t know who he was
11:21this demon-possessed man this is the one
11:23who had the Legion of demons he knew
11:25exactly who Jesus was and he knew his
11:28name and he knew this just by spotting
11:31Jesus from a distance
11:35coincidence not on your life
11:38demons exist here’s Point number two
11:43demons operate in the church
11:48notice again where our story unfolds
11:52there was nothing to warn anybody that
11:56this was about to happen
11:57and there sitting in the pews oh the
12:01first century equivalent of them
12:03was a man who for all intents and
12:05purposes looked like anybody else
12:09and there Jesus is preaching and he’s
12:13and that sets this demon off he
12:17manifests himself and opposes Christ in
12:19church and right there in church
12:22there was an exorcism
12:25and it says he that demon left with a
12:28if something like this happened at
12:30Kong’s finger believe me the community
12:32would be buzzing
12:35spectacularly bizarre has happened and
12:39no one saw it coming but see that
12:42understand this this is where Satan
12:45Jesus warns us that there are wolves in
12:48sheep’s clothing in among the Sheep
12:52that Satan masquerades as an angel of
12:57doesn’t say that Satan comes to us we’re
12:59dressed up in a red union suit with a
13:01pitchfork that’d be easy to spot
13:05but I want you to consider now this
13:08concept if we’re talking about demons
13:10operate in church by looking back with
13:12me at our text from Deuteronomy chapter
13:1518. and I’m going to add two verses to
13:18it our text this morning ended at verse
13:2020 but I want to add two more verses
13:22here’s what it says
13:24Yahweh your God will raise up for you a
13:29prophet like me from among you from your
13:33notice our Old Testament text begins
13:35with a prophecy
13:37that Moses is giving
13:39that the Lord will raise up for the
13:42people of Israel a prophet like Moses
13:45from among them it is to him you shall
13:48listen hear those words it’s to him you
13:51shall listen just as you desire to the
13:54Lord your God at Horeb on the day of the
13:56assembly when you said let me not hear
13:58again the voice of the Lord my God and
14:00see great fire any more lest I die and
14:03the Lord said to me they are right in
14:06what they have spoken
14:07I will raise up for them a prophet like
14:10you from among their brothers this is a
14:13prophecy again regarding Jesus I will
14:15put my words in his mouth and he shall
14:18speak to them all that I have commanded
14:21him and whoever will not listen to my
14:24words that he shall speak in my name I
14:27myself Yahweh will require it of him
14:32but along with the prophecy comes this
14:35but the prophet who presumes to speak a
14:39word in my name that I have not
14:40commanded him to speak or who speaks in
14:42the name of other gods no sooner does
14:45the Lord give a prophecy regarding Jesus
14:47the true Prophet that we’re to look to
14:49the one who we have to listen to and if
14:52we don’t God himself will require it of
14:56no sooner are those words out regarding
14:58this great prophet who will rise then
15:01comes the warning but the prophet who
15:04presumes to speak a word in my name
15:07oh there’s false prophets too
15:10Satan operates in the church
15:13Prophet who presumes to speak a word in
15:15my name that I have not commanded him to
15:17speak or who speaks in the name of other
15:19gods that same Prophet shall die
15:24and if you say in your heart how may we
15:27know the word that the Lord has not
15:30spoken when a prophet speaks in the name
15:32of Yahweh if the word does not come to
15:35pass or come true that is a word the
15:37Lord has not spoken the prophet has
15:39spoken it presumptuously you need not be
15:43afraid of him
15:48and believe me when I tell you the
15:50church is full of people claiming to be
15:53prophets today
15:55who speak words coming from the Lord
15:58the Lord has told me the Lord has showed
16:00me do you want to know what the Lord is
16:02doing in the year 2015.
16:05and they’re all crackpots
16:08and false prophets
16:10and they would have us listen to them
16:13rather than listen to Jesus
16:16this is why Jesus warns us and God’s
16:18word warns us in the last days
16:21it’ll be a proliferation
16:24of doctrines of demons
16:28let me give you another cross-reference
16:30by looking at a portion of our epistle
16:33text our epistle text in part read First
16:36Corinthians 8 verses four through six so
16:39then about eating food sacrifice to
16:41Idols we know that an idol is nothing at
16:44all in the world and that there is no
16:46God but one
16:47for even if there are so-called Gods
16:50whether in heaven or on Earth as indeed
16:53there are many gods and many lords
16:56notice what God’s word says
16:59there’s no other God
17:02there’s no other God
17:04and we live in a society that says it’s
17:07all about being tolerant but our society
17:09doesn’t tolerate
17:11one message the one that says that there
17:13is only one true God they will tolerate
17:15every other message except for that
17:16message being them in the past weeks
17:19I’ve read stories at coming out of
17:22Europe there was a Christian School shut
17:24down just this past week in Great
17:26Britain you know why they were closed
17:29they were closed down because
17:31the government discovered that the kids
17:34there were taught that Islam is not a
17:37true religion
17:41there’s a man in the Netherlands
17:45who literally is being raked over the
17:47coals in the media in the eastern part
17:49of Europe why because he as a pastor had
17:53the audacity to say that Allah is not
17:56the same God as the god of the Bible
18:02but what does scriptures say
18:05what does God say
18:08an idol is nothing there are many
18:10so-called gods in heaven on Earth for us
18:13there is but one God
18:14the father from whom all things came and
18:17for whom we live and there is one Lord
18:19Jesus Christ through whom all things
18:21came and through whom we exist let me
18:24give you a cross-reference to this
18:25Paul continues in First Corinthians 10
18:27verses 14 through 22 therefore my dear
18:30friends flee idolatry
18:33I speak to sensible people judge for
18:35yourselves what I say is not the cup of
18:37Thanksgiving for which we give thanks a
18:39participation in the blood of Christ
18:41notice a reference to the Lord’s supper
18:43and is not the bread that we break a
18:45participation in the body of Christ
18:47because there is one bread we who are
18:49many are one body for we all partake of
18:52the one bread consider the people of
18:56do not those who eat the sacrifices
18:58participate in the altar do I mean then
19:01that a sacrifice offered to an idol is
19:04anything or that an idol is anything no
19:07but the sacrifices of pagans are offered
19:10to Demons not to God
19:12I do not want you to be participants
19:14with demons
19:18this is an exclusive
19:21religion not an inclusive one
19:25we cannot shake hands with Muslims
19:29or Buddhists or Hindus and say you are
19:32my brother in Christ
19:34they’re not
19:35scripture says
19:38and this is a tough saying that their
19:40sacrifices are offered to Demons
19:44demons exist
19:46they operate in the church this is the
19:49reality of the situation and anyone who
19:52tells you otherwise is not speaking the
19:55remember for us there is one God only
19:58one the father from whom all things came
20:00and for whom we live and there’s only
20:03one Lord Jesus Christ through whom all
20:04things came and through whom we live
20:07so the one who says and listen carefully
20:10because we’re talking about idolatry the
20:13one who says he knows better than Jesus
20:15and knows better than God’s word He
20:18makes himself just like Lucifer did into
20:22a God who claims to be higher than God
20:26that is the ultimate idolatry self
20:31listen to these words from the prophet
20:34Isaiah that describe Satan
20:37how you are fallen from Heaven o Day
20:40star son of the Dawn how you are cut
20:42down to the ground you who laid low the
20:45you said in your heart I will Ascend to
20:48Heaven above the stars of God I will set
20:51my Throne on high I will sit on the
20:54Mount of assembly in the far reaches of
20:56the north I will Ascend above the
20:58heights of the clouds I will make myself
21:01like the most high
21:04but you are brought down to shale
21:07to the far reaches of the pit
21:13so when we talk about idolatry don’t
21:15think for a second we’re only talking
21:18about people who worship false gods
21:21when you make yourself higher than God
21:24and you make yourself into your own Idol
21:27and you make your reason stand above
21:29God’s word and you dare to say well this
21:32isn’t possible or that’s possible I
21:34refuse to believe this but I like that
21:36you have made yourself into a God and
21:39that’s exactly what Lucifer did and
21:41that’s why he fell from heaven
21:46Jesus has Authority
21:53our text says
21:55Jesus said sternly be quiet come out of
21:59him the evil spirit shook the man
22:02violently and came out of him with a
22:06the people were all so amazed they asked
22:09each other what is this a new teaching
22:12and with authority he even gives orders
22:15to evil spirits and they obey him
22:18of course they do he’s God
22:23remember our Old Testament the Lord your
22:25God will raise up for you a prophet like
22:27me from among you from your brothers it
22:30is to him you shall listen I will raise
22:32up for them a prophet like you from
22:34among their brothers and I will put my
22:36words in his mouth and he shall speak to
22:38them all that I command him whoever will
22:41not listen to my words that he shall
22:43speak in my name I will require it of
22:46or as Jesus says in Matthew
22:49all authority in heaven on Earth has
22:51been given to me
22:53all authority
22:55in heaven and on Earth belongs to Jesus
23:00so there is no one with greater
23:02Authority than Jesus for us there is but
23:05one Lord Jesus Christ through whom all
23:07things came and through whom we live
23:09this same Jesus who cast the demon out
23:12of a possessed man during a church
23:14service is the same Jesus who bled and
23:16died for your sins Who Rose bodily from
23:19the grave on the third day for your
23:21justification and he’s the same Jesus
23:24who’s coming again in glory to judge the
23:26living and the dead to create a new
23:28heavens and a new Earth
23:29this same Jesus by his great and
23:33unsurpassing Authority has washed away
23:37your sins and the Waters of your baptism
23:39in which you were also buried with
23:41Christ and raised with him this same
23:44Jesus by his great and unsurpassing
23:47Authority this morning feeds you with
23:49his very body and blood and the Lord’s
23:51Supper that we’re about to partake in
23:53with and under this Bread and Wine and
23:56he does this for the Forgiveness of your
23:58sins in all of these things this same
24:00Jesus by his great and unsurpassing
24:03Authority has declared you
24:06that’s right you all of you he’s
24:09declared you who were born Children of
24:11the devil you who were born dead in
24:13trespasses and sins you who were born in
24:15slavery to sin and death and who by
24:18Nature were objects of God’s Wrath this
24:21same Jesus by his great and unsurpassing
24:24Authority declares you to be forgiven
24:27pardoned and set free
24:30this same Jesus by his great and
24:32unsurpassing Authority has given you
24:34eternal life not as a wage
24:37that you’ve earned but as a gift
24:39purely by his grace and his Mercy
24:43if you want to talk about spiritual
24:44warfare then understand this
24:47Jesus is the legend
24:50I just recently saw that movie
24:53American Sniper
24:56it was an interesting movie
24:59difficult at times one of the things I
25:01thought was interesting is that Chris
25:03Kyle the man who the story is based on
25:06his life this is a man who holds the
25:09record in military in U.S military
25:10history as the guy as a sniper who’s
25:13killed the most people
25:16and he became known as The Legend
25:19that’s what he was called they called
25:21him Legend
25:27see our text this morning in all of the
25:30scriptures teach us
25:34sinful men are not the legend Jesus is
25:38the legend he’s the hero he’s the
25:42Conqueror he’s the one who has crushed
25:44and defeated Satan and he’s done it for
25:46you and he’s done for you which you
25:49cannot do for yourself he sets you free
25:52so don’t listen to those who exalt
25:54themselves above Jesus and question and
25:57challenge God’s word and challenge his
26:00actions and try to cast doubt on them
26:03that’s the devil’s trick
26:05that’s the same tactic the devil used to
26:07deceive our first parents in the garden
26:09when he tempted them with these words
26:11did God really say
26:14Eve should have said you bet he said it
26:16just been done with it right
26:19so if you’ve been listening to the voice
26:21the false teachers and the false
26:23prophets or even that voice inside your
26:25head from your sinful flesh that says
26:28you know better than God’s word
26:33and pray for Christ’s Mercy
26:36even now he will forgive you
26:39for us there is but one God the father
26:40from whom all things came and for whom
26:42we live and there is one Lord Jesus
26:44Christ through whom all things came and
26:46through whom we live
26:48and the text says the people were amazed
26:51and they asked each other what is this a
26:53new teaching and with authority he even
26:56gives orders to evil spirits and they
26:57obey him
26:58and news about him spread quickly over
27:01the whole region of Galilee
27:04think of all that Christ has done for
27:08and go and tell Oslo tell Alvarado let
27:12the people of Warren know that we have a
27:14God and his name is Jesus and he has
27:16died for their sins and risen again so
27:19spread the news to your neighbors and
27:21your friends and your family members
27:22that this Jesus has the authority to
27:25forgive their sins to make them new and
27:27to give them eternal life and to cast
27:29the demons out of their life
27:32he silenced the demons and he’s crushed
27:35the head of the serpent and all of this
27:38he has done
27:39for you in the name of Jesus Amen
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