Sermon Transcript – Baptismal Exchange

Series A – The Baptism of Our Lord – Sunday, January 8, 2023 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Matthew the third
0:37then Jesus Came From Galilee to the
0:39Jordan to John to be baptized by him
0:41John would have prevented him saying I
0:44need to be baptized by you and do you
0:46come to me but Jesus answered him let it
0:49be so now for thus it is fitting for us
0:51to fulfill all righteousness then he
0:53consented and when Jesus was baptized
0:56immediately he went up from the water
0:57and behold the heavens were open to him
0:59and he saw the spirit of God descending
1:01like a dove and coming to rest on him
1:03and behold a voice from Heaven said this
1:06is my beloved Son with whom I am well
1:09pleased this is the gospel of the Lord
1:11in the name of Jesus
1:14isn’t it interesting that when you
1:16follow a lectionary one of the things I
1:18like to tell people is that every single
1:21calendar year we cover all the major
1:23doctrines of the scriptures and then in
1:26the following year we do it again and
1:28then we do it again and we do it again
1:30you’ll note there’s a little bit of
1:32repetition here you’re sitting there
1:33going didn’t we preach on didn’t you
1:36preach on the baptism of Jesus last year
1:38yep didn’t you preach on it the year
1:40before yep how about the year before
1:43that funny enough it was Epiphany on
1:45that one so we missed it yeah but all
1:48that being said you’ll note that this is
1:49an important text and here is where not
1:53only do we cover the doctrine of baptism
1:54but a key component of our salvation and
1:58that component is this is there there in
2:00by faith is a great exchange that takes
2:03place if you were to think of it this
2:06way here you have Jesus showing up to
2:08John the Baptist baptism which seems
2:11well how did the kids say it nowadays
2:13awkward word right because Jesus hasn’t
2:16committed any sin I mean we all heard
2:19John the Baptist Railing at us just a
2:22few weeks ago during Advent you brood of
2:24vipers who warned you to flee the fires
2:27of hell and bear fruit in keeping with
2:29repentance and don’t you dare say that
2:31we’re Norwegian therefore no you get the
2:33idea right I added the Norwegian part
2:36but all that being said he railed
2:38against us and we learn in Scripture
2:40that many people came out from Judea
2:42from all around Judea to hear John the
2:44Baptist preach they repented and then
2:48were baptized by him in a sinner’s
2:50baptism which means Jesus now shows up
2:54and scripture is clear Jesus has been
2:56tempted in every way that you and I have
2:58been tempted and yet is without sin
3:01so what’s he doing
3:05nah my mind is bending at the moment I’m
3:08not liking I feel like it’s gonna snap
3:09all right so in fact John the Baptist
3:12had the same dilemma so our gospel text
3:14reads Jesus Came From Galilee to the
3:16Jordan to John to be baptized by him
3:18John would have prevented him saying
3:21I need to be baptized by you
3:25right and and John is is making a good
3:28confession here this same John the
3:30Baptist who told Herod and everybody
3:32else including the Pharisees and the
3:34scribes and the Sadducees and everybody
3:36who came to him they needed to repent of
3:38their sin he by no means is some kind of
3:41self-righteous smug arrogant person he
3:44knows full well he also is a sinner and
3:47when Jesus shows up it’s like dude
3:50you’re holy I’m not
3:53I’m a sinner you’re not I need to be
3:56baptized by you this is backwards this
3:59is wrong
4:00but Jesus said to him
4:02let it be no so for now for thus it is
4:04filling for fitting for us to fulfill
4:07all righteousness
4:09you’ll note then the sinless Spotless
4:11Son of God humbles himself to the point
4:16where he submits himself to a sinner’s
4:19baptism despite the fact that he has
4:22committed no sin
4:25in fact this really strongly begins to
4:29hint at what God is going to do later
4:32when Christ ultimately suffers and dies
4:34for our sins the prophet Isaiah says
4:37this God has laid on him Jesus the
4:40iniquity of us all you see what happens
4:44in our atonement is that God takes our
4:48sin collectively places it on the
4:51sinless Spotless Lamb of God who takes
4:53away the sin of the world
4:54but then the other half of the exchanges
4:57is that those who are brought to
4:59penitent faith in Christ through the
5:01means of Grace whether it be through the
5:03preached gospel or through the waters of
5:05baptism and there they but there by
5:08given faith that what ends up happening
5:10is is that Christ’s sinless
5:12righteousness is then placed on them
5:16that’s the Great Exchange and baptism is
5:18not some mere symbolic aquatic ritual
5:22isn’t that how they put it in Monty
5:24Python you know some quack aquatic
5:25ritual you know they throw a sword at
5:27you and stuff like that yeah you get the
5:29idea baptism isn’t anything like that
5:30baptism is something actually legit in
5:33fact one of the things I do with my
5:35catechumens is I walk them through
5:39the clearest texts regarding baptism and
5:42we put together a confession of what the
5:45scriptures say about baptism so I take
5:48him to Acts chapter 2 and in Acts
5:50chapter 2 Peter preaches that great
5:52sermon and at the end of it the people
5:54go Brothers what shall we do and Peter
5:57says repent and be baptized in the name
5:59of Jesus every one of you for the
6:01Forgiveness of your sins you’ll receive
6:03the gift of the holy spirit for the
6:05promises for you and for your children
6:07and so I work with my catechumens and I
6:10say all right so let’s kind of put this
6:11together if I would say baptism is for
6:13the Forgiveness of sins it’s for the
6:15receiving of the holy spirit that it’s
6:17for adults and it’s for children have I
6:20said anything different than what the
6:22Bible says they go no no that’s not
6:24that’s what what the text says all right
6:26so then I take him to acts 22 when Paul
6:29the Apostle Paul is having his
6:31conversion experience you’ll note that
6:33the Jesus confronted Paul who was Saul
6:36of Tarsus at that time while he was
6:38heading to Damascus is to round up
6:40Christians in order to beat them well
6:42beat Faith out of them and really show
6:45them that they shouldn’t be believing in
6:47Jesus Jesus confronts him blinds him
6:49he’s blind for three days and then sends
6:51a fellow by the name of ananias and when
6:53ananias shows up he preaches the gospel
6:56and he says what are you waiting for
6:57rise and be baptized washing away your
7:00sins and so I asked my students well if
7:03I were to say that baptism is for the
7:04Forgiveness of sins the receiving of the
7:06holy spirit is for adults it’s for
7:08children your sins are washed away have
7:10I said anything different than what the
7:13scriptures say
7:14and they say no you’re saying exactly
7:17what the text says and then I take them
7:20to our epistle text for today which is
7:22from Romans chapter 6 and I read out a
7:25large portion of it here listen to what
7:26the words say in Romans 6. what shall we
7:29say then are we to continue in sin so
7:31that Grace May abound isn’t it great
7:34Jesus likes to forgive Sinners and I
7:36like to sin that’s awesome so we should
7:38just sit up like sin like all the more
7:40no did your mama drop you on your head
7:44no okay by no means how can we who died
7:48to sin still live in it you sit there
7:52and go
7:52wait a second when did we die to sin
7:55listen to what it says do you not know
7:57that all of us who have been baptized
7:58into Christ Jesus we were baptized into
8:02his death
8:04we were therefore buried with him by
8:06baptism into death in order that just as
8:08Christ was raised from the dead by the
8:10glory of the father we too might walk in
8:12newness of life for if we have been
8:14United with Jesus in a death like his we
8:18shall certainly be United with him in a
8:20resurrection like his we know that our
8:22old self was crucified with him in order
8:25that the body of sin might be brought to
8:26nothing and so that we would no longer
8:29be enslaved to sin for the one who has
8:32died has been set free from sin and
8:35those who’ve been baptized by me here at
8:38Khan’s finger I always like to sit them
8:40down and have a chat with them before
8:41they get baptized and I like to tell
8:42them by the way you’re not going to
8:44survive the event you’re not going to
8:46survive the ordeal you’re actually going
8:47to die every single person I’ve baptized
8:50they’re dead all right they’re we’re
8:53murdering them all up in here well you
8:55get the idea I’m a serial killer right
8:59because in our baptisms we die
9:02but now if we for no one who has died
9:06for the one who has died has been set
9:07free from sin and if we’ve died with
9:10Christ we believe that we will also live
9:12with him so then I asked my catechumens
9:14this question all right I say so all
9:16right if I were to say baptism is for
9:17the Forgiveness of sins the receiving of
9:19the holy spirit it’s for adults it’s for
9:20children your sins are washed away
9:22you’re baptized into Christ’s death
9:24you’re buried with Christ the person who
9:26is baptized dies in a set free from sin
9:29have I said anything different
9:32than what the scriptures say and this I
9:35in fact Brenda can attest to this in my
9:37catechism class this week we did this
9:40exact thing because we’re talking about
9:42baptism right so I asked him this
9:44question they all go nope you’re not
9:46saying anything different than what the
9:48scripture says and consider then our
9:51epistle text from last week there was a
9:53portion of it that I kind of left out
9:55and uh let me put it this way not that I
9:58left the reading out but there was an
10:00emphasis that I didn’t quite make and I
10:03saved it for this week I kind of
10:05previewed it at the church council
10:07meeting this this week but listen again
10:09to our epistle text from last week from
10:11Galatians chapter 3. here’s what it says
10:13now before Faith came we were held
10:17captive under the law imprisoned until
10:19the coming Faith would be revealed
10:22so then the law was our Guardian until
10:25Christ came in order that we might be
10:28justified by faith but now that faith
10:31has come we’re no longer under a
10:33guardian for in Christ Jesus you are all
10:35sons of God through faith now here’s the
10:38missing bit if you’re not familiar with
10:40how things worked in the ancient world
10:43and especially the ancient near East
10:46um let me ask you kind of this so you
10:48you are a father you have children you
10:51have an estate and who which of your
10:54children is the one that gets the whole
10:57your firstborn son
11:00right okay second born son what does he
11:04honorable mention okay right he gets
11:07like nothing and we have lovely parting
11:09gifts for you uh but they get nothing
11:11they get absolutely nothing so here’s
11:13the thing in the ancient near East it
11:16was never the second son that was put
11:18under a guardian it was always the
11:20firstborn son because the firstborn son
11:23was the one who was going to inherit the
11:25whole kit and caboodle that being the
11:28case here here’s a little bit of the
11:30subtext by saying that we were all put
11:32under our Guardian scripture is making
11:35it clear that everybody in Christ male
11:38and female by the way Jew and Greek
11:40slave and free all of them that they are
11:43being treated by God as first born Sons
11:50let that sink in for a second and then
11:53something else happens here in this text
11:55for as many of you as were baptized into
11:58Christ you have put on Christ
12:02say what you’ve what put on is Christ a
12:06garment you know like put a little Jesus
12:09on yeah yeah I need a little more Jesus
12:12than most people do but that’s you know
12:14that you know size double XL for Chris
12:16Roseboro of Jesus right but the whole
12:19point here is it says that we’ve put on
12:21Christ What on earth does that mean what
12:24does it mean to put on Jesus and here’s
12:27where we’re going to use a little bit of
12:29help we’re going to go back into the
12:31Book of Genesis and we are going to look
12:34at a much misunderstood and poorly
12:37taught portion of scripture as it
12:39relates to Jacob and Esau right you’re
12:43all familiar with Jacob and Esau let me
12:45let me recount for you how this how
12:47their birth came about because they were
12:49twins obviously not identical so these
12:51are the generations of itsoc and that’s
12:53how you pronounce his name by the way
12:55it’s it’sok it’s not Isaac it’s itzak
12:57Abra amsan Abraham father itzak Isaac
13:01was 40 years old when he took Rebecca
13:03the daughter of bathuel the Arabian of
13:06padam Aram the sister of Laban the
13:08aramean to be his wife and itsok prayed
13:11to Yahweh for his wife because she was
13:13Barren and she didn’t have kids for 20
13:16years right so he prayed and Yahweh
13:20granted his prayer and Rebecca his wife
13:22conceived and the children struggled
13:25together within her and she said if this
13:27is if this is thus why is this happening
13:30to me so she went to inquire of Yahweh
13:33and Yahweh said to her two nations are
13:35in your womb two peoples from within you
13:38shall be divided the one shall be
13:40stronger than the other the older Shall
13:43Serve the younger
13:50the older Shall Serve the younger now
13:53who told her that Yahweh we don’t know
13:56who the human being was that was the
13:58prophet acting here maybe it was Abraham
14:00but the text doesn’t say so when her
14:02days to give birth were completed behold
14:04there were twins in her womb the first
14:07came out red and all his body was like a
14:10hairy cloak this kid obviously was
14:12taking testosterone in the womb and they
14:14all called his name Esau which means red
14:16and afterward his brother came out with
14:19his hand holding Esau’s heel so his name
14:21was called
14:23means heel Grabber okay has the
14:25implications that he’s a deceiver and
14:27Itzhak was 60 years old when she bore
14:30them okay the boys grew up Esau was a
14:33skillful Hunter a man of the field well
14:35Yahoo was a quiet man dwelling intense
14:37and itsock loved Esau because he ate of
14:40his name but Rebecca loved Jacob and
14:43here’s where everybody messes up because
14:45they sit there and go well obviously the
14:46problem here is that we have a
14:47dysfunctional family where we’ve got a
14:50mama’s boy and we have a boy who’s like
14:52strong and Mighty and and really male
14:54like and his dad favors him and stuff
14:56like that that’s not the issue the issue
14:58is is that Rebecca has heard the word of
15:01the Lord and she believes right she
15:05believes what God has said and she’s
15:07going to even stake her own life and
15:10risk being cursed for following through
15:13so that God’s word is fulfilled fast
15:16forward then after Isaac it’s sorry
15:19after Esau sells his Birthright to itsoc
15:22for a bowl of soup who does that right
15:25who does that that’s kind of a foolish
15:27thing to do then we get to them this
15:29account again much misunderstood
15:32here’s how it goes when it sock was old
15:35his eyes were dim so that he could not
15:37see he called Esau his older son and
15:40said to him my son and he answered him
15:42here I am and he said behold I am old I
15:45say this to myself every time I look in
15:47the mirror behold I am old I do not know
15:50the day of my death now therefore take
15:52your weapons your quiver your bow go out
15:55into the field and Hunt game for me
15:57prepare for me delicious foods such as I
15:59love bring it to me so that I may eat
16:02that my soul may bless you before I die
16:06uh-oh we got a problem here okay uh
16:09itsock is not behaving according to the
16:12word of Yahweh
16:13that God spoke to Rebecca before the
16:16boys were born he wants to give him the
16:22but the older will serve the younger
16:26now Rebecca was listening when itsak
16:28spoke to his to Esau so when Esau went
16:31into the field to hunt for game and
16:33bring it Rebecca said to her son Yakov I
16:36hear that your father I heard your
16:37father speak to your brother Esau bring
16:39me game prepare for me delicious food so
16:41that I may eat it and bless you before
16:43Yahweh before before I die now therefore
16:46my son obey my voice as I command you go
16:49to the flock bring me two good young
16:51goats so that I may prepare from them
16:54delicious food for your father such as
16:56he loves and you shall bring it to your
16:58father to eat so that he may bless you
17:00before he dies said to Rebecca his
17:03mother behold my brother Esau is a hairy
17:05man I’m a smooth man perhaps my father
17:09will feel me and I shall seem to be
17:11mocking him and bring a curse upon
17:13myself and not a blessing his mother
17:15said to him let your curse be on me my
17:17son only obey my voice go bring them to
17:22now here’s I mean this is ultimately
17:24deception that is going on here I mean
17:27deception of the highest magnitude we’re
17:30we’re deceiving dad to steal a blessing
17:35and Rebecca’s in on it and it’s just it
17:38all seems so wrong but then again
17:42God said that the older will serve the
17:46younger one’s acting in faith and one is
17:48acting contrary to the word of God and
17:50Rebecca is acting in faith so yaakov
17:53went uh so so he went and took them
17:55brought them to his mother his mother
17:57prepared delicious food just as his
17:59father loved then Rebecca took the best
18:02garments of Esau her older son you can
18:04almost think of them as like vestments
18:06is Esau a type of Christ
18:09oh you betcha because he’s the one who
18:13ends up getting the curse while yaakov
18:15gets the blessing right keep this in
18:17mind all right so Rebecca took the best
18:20Garment of Esau herola’s son which which
18:22were with her in the house put them on
18:24Yahoo her younger son and the skin of
18:27the young goats she put on his hands and
18:29on the smooth parts of his neck
18:31and then she put the delicious food and
18:34bread which she had prepared into the
18:36hand of her son yaakov
18:37so he went into his father and said my
18:41father and he said here I am who are you
18:45my son yaakov said I am I am Esau you’re
18:50first born right
18:52I have done as you’ve told me now sit up
18:55and eat of my game that your soul that
18:57your soul may bless me
18:59but Itzhak said to his son how is it the
19:01two found it so quickly my son and he
19:04answered because Yahweh your God granted
19:06me success then itsak said to Yakov
19:09please come near that I may feel you my
19:12son to know whether you are really my
19:14son Esau or not
19:16so Yahoo went near to itsak his father
19:19who felt him and said the voice is
19:22yaakov’s voice but the hands are the
19:24hands of Esau
19:26then he did not recognize him because
19:28his hands were hairy like his brother
19:30Esau’s hands
19:32so he blessed him he said are you really
19:35my son Esau he answered I am
19:39then he said bring it near to me that I
19:42may eat of my son’s game and bless you
19:45so he brought it near to him he ate and
19:48he brought him wine and he drank then
19:51his father itsak said to him come near
19:53and kiss me my son so he came near and
19:55kissed him and itsock smelled the smell
19:57of his garments and blessed him and said
20:00see the smell of my son is the smell of
20:03a field that Yahweh has blessed may God
20:06give you of the Dew of heaven and of the
20:09fatness of the earth and the plenty of
20:11grain and wine let peoples serve you and
20:14Nations bow down to you be Lord over
20:16your brothers that your mother’s sons
20:19May bow down to you curse be everyone
20:21who curses you and blessed be everyone
20:23who blesses you
20:26it worked
20:28right it worked now come back to our
20:32epistle text from last week
20:34in our epistle text we hear again these
20:37words as many of you as were baptized
20:40into Christ you have put on Christ
20:45you see that whole story of Jacob and
20:48is kind of a in the types and shadows a
20:52picture of what happens with each and
20:54every one of us when we are baptized we
20:57are baptized into Christ’s death and
20:59into his resurrection our sins are
21:01forgiven but Paul here says that we put
21:03on Christ and think about just how
21:06important that is to put on Jesus and
21:09because you standing before God the
21:11father in your clothes in your
21:14righteousness which isn’t any
21:16righteousness at all you aren’t going to
21:18get a blessing from God the Father
21:20you’re going to get a curse and God the
21:23Father chooses to be like itzak blind in
21:26this way so we put on Jesus we are
21:30clothed in his sinless righteousness
21:32remember he was clothed in our
21:35iniquity on the cross we are clothed in
21:38his sinless righteousness we put on
21:40Christ and God the father says is that
21:43you my son Jesus and you say yes it’s
21:47I’m Jesus and God says you sound like
21:50rose bro
21:52you sound just like rose bro but I’m
21:55Jesus come near to me and he comes near
21:57and he takes it with you go wow you
21:59smell just like Jesus and he touches you
22:01you feel just like Jesus sounds like
22:04Roseboro but it’s Jesus so what does God
22:07the Father do He blesses us you see
22:10that’s how the Great Exchange works we
22:14have put on Christ and as a result of it
22:17rather than receiving the curse we
22:20receive the blessing and Jesus he’s our
22:23older brother and what did our older
22:25brother receive from the Father the
22:28curse right and this we know is true
22:31because Galatians goes on to say that
22:33cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree
22:35you see Jesus is cursed so that we can
22:37be blessed
22:39hmm all right so coming back to our list
22:43if I were to say that baptism is for the
22:46Forgiveness of sins the receiving of the
22:47holy spirit is for adults it’s for
22:49children your sins are washed away
22:50you’re baptized into Christ’s death
22:52buried with Christ the person who’s
22:54baptized dies and is set free from sin
22:57and that person puts on Christ
23:00have I said anything different than what
23:02the scriptures say
23:04Colossians chapter 2 goes on to describe
23:06our baptism as receiving the
23:08circumcision of Christ which is
23:10performed by the very Hands of Christ
23:12and that we are raised with Christ
23:13through faith and Made Alive together
23:15with Christ that’s what Colossians 2
23:17says and all of our transgressions are
23:20forgiven Titus Chapter 3 makes it clear
23:22that baptism is not a human work at all
23:25you see for when the goodness and loving
23:27kindness of God our savior appeared he
23:29saved us not by works done by us in
23:32righteousness but through the washing of
23:34regeneration which is what baptism is a
23:36washing of regeneration and of course I
23:39always like to ask my catechism students
23:41so if your sins are forgiven you’ve
23:44received the Holy Spirit your sins are
23:45washed away you’ve been baptized into
23:47Christ’s death and Resurrection you’ve
23:49been buried with Christ you’ve died and
23:52been set free from sin and you’ve put on
23:53Christ and you’ve received the
23:55circumcision performed by Christ and
23:57you’ve been raised with Christ Made
23:58Alive together with him all of your
24:01trespasses are forgiven and you’ve been
24:03washed in the waters of regeneration are
24:06you going to hell or are you going to
24:07heaven are you saved or are you Damned
24:11you’re saved and so you’ll note that
24:14this is not a small thing in fact I then
24:18always like to ask this question at the
24:20end we’ve said all the things same
24:22things that scripture says so let me
24:24throw a curveball at you if I were to
24:27then say to you well baptism is the
24:28thing that you do to show the world that
24:30you’ve made a decision for Jesus
24:32have I said the same thing as scripture
24:35no no scripture says that not even one
24:41so brothers and sisters as we again
24:43consider Jesus’s baptism we must be
24:48reminded of the fact that the sinless
24:49Spotless Lamb of God had no reason at
24:52all well at least that we can understand
24:55for him to submit himself to a sinner’s
24:57baptism because he’s committed no sin
25:00and that is all a foreshadowing of the
25:03fact that he would bear your sin and
25:05mine on the cross that he would die in
25:08our place be cursed so that rather than
25:11receive from God the curse of Eternal
25:13damnation we would instead be treated as
25:17first born Sons each and every one of us
25:20and that in the world to come each and
25:23every one of us first-born Sons would
25:26all receive the entire inheritance is it
25:30any Wonder then that in Christ there is
25:32neither Jew nor Greek slave nor free
25:33male nor female we’re all one in Christ
25:37it is a great mystery but it also
25:40provides us with great comfort so the
25:42fact that Jesus the sinless Spotless
25:45Lamb of God submitted himself to a
25:46sinner’s baptism reminds us of the fact
25:49that when we were baptized we have put
25:51on Christ and have been forgiven of all
25:53of our sins so let us not despise these
25:56promises that are given in the waters of
25:58baptism but instead hold firmly to them
26:02so that we may stand before Christ on
26:05the day of judgment and hear well done
26:07good and faithful servant because all of
26:09our sins have been washed away the only
26:12thing left are the good works that he’s
26:13created for us to do in Jesus name amen
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