Sermon Transcript – Birth Pains of the New Creation

Series B – Twenty-Fifth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, November 15, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:31chapter 13 verses 1 through 13.
0:34as Jesus was leaving the temple one of
0:36his disciples said to him look teacher
0:38what massive Stones what magnificent
0:42do you see all these great buildings
0:44Jesus replied
0:45not one stone here will be left on
0:48another everyone will be thrown down
0:50and as Jesus was sitting on the Mount of
0:52Olives opposite the temple Peter James
0:55and John and Andrew asked him privately
0:57tell us when will these things happen
0:59and what would be the sign that they are
1:01about to be fulfilled
1:03Jesus said to them watch out that no one
1:06deceives you many will come in my name
1:08claiming I am he and will deceive many
1:11when you hear of wars and rumors of wars
1:14don’t be alarmed such things must happen
1:17that the end is still to come Nation
1:19will rise against Nation Kingdom against
1:21Kingdom there will be earthquakes in
1:24various places and famines these are the
1:26beginning of birth pains you must be on
1:29your guard you will be handed over to
1:31the local councils and flogged in the
1:34synagogues on account of me you will
1:36stand before Governors and Kings as
1:38witnesses to them and the gospel must
1:40first be preached to All Nations
1:42whenever you are arrested and brought to
1:44trial do not worry beforehand about what
1:47to say just say what is given you at the
1:49time for it is not you speaking but the
1:50Holy Spirit brother will betray brother
1:53to death father his child children will
1:55rebel against their parents and have
1:57them put to death
1:58all men will hate you because of me but
2:01he who stands firm to the end will be
2:03saved in the name of Jesus
2:07the one who endures to the end will be
2:11saved now a little bit of a side note
2:13before we dive into our text and that is
2:16is that you’ll notice that we’re going
2:19to spend two weeks on the end of the
2:22world it’s the end of the world as we
2:24know it and I feel quite fine thank you
2:27but there is a lot of speculation in the
2:30fact there’s a morbid fascination with
2:32the end times and as much as we all
2:35chuckle at the man with the bullhorn who
2:36wears a sandwich boards saying that the
2:38end is near deep down inside we all know
2:40that that guy’s right and the thought of
2:42it actually sends shivers down our
2:44spines and one doesn’t have to watch the
2:46evening news for long before realizing
2:48that these birth pangs that Jesus was
2:51talking about that they seem to be upon
2:52us in fact a good way to think about it
2:54is as the Titanic has already struck the
2:56iceberg and we know the ship is sinking
2:59it’s only a matter of time before the
3:01lazy list of the ship will give way to a
3:03steep list while the bow begins to
3:05disappear Beneath the Sea and the stern
3:07races to catch up and the chaos that
3:09will ensue between those two times is
3:11going to be well rough you can think of
3:13it this way
3:15we’re all doomed and we already know it
3:16and Friday night the world felt one of
3:19those strong birth pangs as Isis
3:21terrorists murdered hundreds in Paris in
3:24Cold Blood
3:25so we know there’s something deeply
3:27wrong with the world but I want to point
3:28something out and that is is that if you
3:30understand biblical eschatology
3:32correctly it should be comforting not
3:35frightening and unfortunately there’s a
3:37lot of people today who make a buck you
3:40know out there preaching and teaching on
3:42the eschaton and one of the reasons why
3:44they make so much money is because they
3:46do a lot of fear-mongering they really
3:48do they Don’t Preach Christ to him
3:50crucified and the comforting words that
3:53are taught regarding the end of the
3:55world and as a result of it there’s a
3:57lot of people who have well a lot of
3:59fear and anxiety about these things and
4:02you’ll notice here that Jesus is
4:04comforting us he’s telling us ahead of
4:06time what to expect so for us it’s kind
4:08of like no big deal and you’re thinking
4:10no big deal the world’s coming to end
4:12yeah I know we’ll talk about that so
4:14let’s return to our text we’re in the
4:16gospel of Mark chapter one and with your
4:19permission I will be reading from my
4:22he says this while Jesus is proceeding
4:25out of the temple one of his disciples
4:27say to him teacher look what magnificent
4:29stones and what great buildings
4:33yeah that’s kind of the thing
4:35everything in this world just seems so
4:37marvelous I mean look at our Washington
4:40Monument look at the White House look at
4:44all the things that we’ve made aren’t
4:46they just magnificent they’re amazing
4:49and Jesus here is going to say something
4:51that’s Unthinkable and that is is that
4:53the very temple of God with its
4:55magnificent stones and amazing buildings
4:56is not going to endure
4:59in fact you can kind of put this text
5:01kind of into two categories what endures
5:04and what doesn’t right
5:07so Jesus said to him all right do you
5:09see these great buildings
5:11not one stone will be no by no means
5:13left here which will by any means not be
5:16torn down all this is coming down none
5:18of this is perfect the temple isn’t
5:20going to endure it’s Jesus was is what
5:22he’s saying and by the way this kind of
5:24talk in Jesus time and where he was it
5:26could get you arrested could get you
5:29to preach and speak against the temple
5:31as a Blasphemous thing the destruction
5:34of the temple in the minds of the Jews
5:36at the time could only mean one thing
5:39the end of the world
5:42there’s no Temple there’s no forgiveness
5:43of sins it has to be the end of the
5:46world then
5:47verse 3. so while he was sitting on the
5:50Mount of Olives opposite the temple
5:51Peter and James and John and Andrew now
5:55we got the inner core of the fishermen
5:58we’re gonna have to have a chat with
6:00Jesus it’s like all right so they came
6:03to him privately this is not for
6:05everyone to hear tell us when will these
6:08things happen What will be the sign when
6:10all these things are about to be
6:12accomplished we want to put together an
6:13algorithm some kind of a code that we
6:15can crack so we can figure we can have
6:17the inside skinny and no one when you’re
6:18going to come and so rather than give
6:20them a specific date in a specific time
6:24Jesus didn’t say I’m coming back in
6:26October of 2015 on the fourth blood moon
6:31yeah that kind of came and went without
6:32any events didn’t it right he didn’t say
6:35anything like that instead he kind of
6:36gives us a pattern of things to look for
6:39he says be watching out that no one may
6:43deceive you
6:45first thing out of his mouth
6:47you want to know why because in second
6:50Thessalonians the Holy Spirit prophesies
6:53through the Apostle Paul that in the
6:55times of the end immediately before
6:57Jesus returned there would be a great
6:59apostasy a rebellion against God within
7:02the visible church and as a result of it
7:05first thing you got to know about the
7:07end times is you better know your Bible
7:11you better have that catechism memorized
7:13you better understand what’s going on in
7:16those Creeds and our confessions because
7:19that’s sound Doctrine the end times is
7:22marked with all kinds of crazy false
7:26doctrines so first thing don’t let
7:28anyone deceive you
7:29he says this many will come on the basis
7:32of my name oh there you go
7:35you see it would be really nice if the
7:38false teachers in the church would well
7:41they would say I come in the name of
7:43Lucifer it would just make it a lot
7:45easier for us to spot them right but no
7:48deceivers they are always coming to us
7:50in the name of Jesus and they will say I
7:53am the one
7:54and Jesus says this they will deceive
8:02the time of the ends will be marked with
8:04all kinds of deceptions and a whole lot
8:07of people who call themselves Christians
8:09being deceived and listening to the
8:14in other words you can kind of think of
8:16it this way if you believe the truth if
8:18you actually know your Bible and you
8:19stand firm on the word of God you say
8:21well this is what the word says and that
8:22guy’s saying something different there’s
8:24going to be a whole lot of people who’ve
8:25been deceived and saying what’s wrong
8:27with you
8:30right this is what Jesus is describing
8:33then comes the fun part you’ll hear of
8:36wars and rumors of wars
8:38now this part Jesus said don’t be
8:40alarmed yeah this kind of stuff must
8:41take place remember the 20th century any
8:43of you remember that hopefully everyone
8:45was here for that
8:46um that was the bloodiest history in all
8:48uh Century in all of human history
8:51hundreds of millions of people killed in
8:53Wars conflicts he had the rise of the
8:56Nazi party at World War one you have the
8:58rise of Bolshevik communism and all of
9:01the different Wars in Asia and Southeast
9:03Asia as a result of that right and
9:04remember all that that was not a
9:06good century
9:08this one looks like it’s warm enough to
9:11try to outdo
9:12the 20th century that’s what I fear but
9:14Jesus says all that stuff don’t be
9:16alarmed about that they must take place
9:19the end is not yet
9:21so the end is not marked by some World
9:24conflict here’s what he says for nation
9:26will rise against Nation Kingdom against
9:28Kingdom and oh by the way there’s going
9:30to be earthquakes in various places
9:31there will be famine
9:34these things are well I’ll get this the
9:36beginning of what
9:38birth pains
9:41now all of you women who’ve gone through
9:43this ordeal
9:45yeah Jesus’s description of the end
9:48times he’s describing the turmoil as
9:51birth pangs
9:53here’s a good way to think about it this
9:55present creation is pregnant
9:58it’s pregnant with the new creation it’s
10:01pregnant with the kingdom of God and in
10:03fact the kingdom is already present it’s
10:05here right now you just kind of can’t
10:07really see it but also it’s not here in
10:10kind of the same way when a woman is
10:12pregnant her baby is present
10:15but not yet
10:17all right
10:19so the Earth the creation is pregnant
10:22so when my wife was pregnant with our
10:24children each time we both could not
10:26wait until that day when we could see
10:28the faces of our babies we could not
10:30wait to hold them we could not wait to
10:32touch them and to hear their voices in
10:34their first cries right but at the same
10:36time we dreaded that whole ordeal of
10:40and worse having heard and read Horror
10:44Stories We feared that something
10:46terrible would happen during labor
10:48there’s always that risk you always hear
10:50of the story of the woman who doesn’t
10:52make it through right so Jesus here is
10:57telling us that the end of the world
10:59would will be as bad and worse than any
11:03labor that any woman has experienced and
11:06though the world is pregnant with the
11:08kingdom of God
11:09the world’s not going to survive
11:12the labor
11:14the world’s going to die in The
11:16so keep that in mind
11:18so Jesus says but you
11:20be watching yourselves
11:22and here comes the fun part are you
11:25they are going to hand you over to
11:27councils you’re going to be beaten in
11:30synagogues you know every time I read
11:32that sentence you’re going to be beaten
11:33and sitting guys I think what kind of
11:35church is that
11:36you know
11:38you’re going to be beaten in a synagogue
11:40wonderful I mean where’s our flogging
11:42pole in here yeah those of you who
11:45aren’t tithing you know I’m joking I
11:47really am sure
11:49all right I mean seriously in the name
11:52of God we’re going to beat you in church
11:54yeah I don’t get that so you’re going to
11:56be beaten in synagogues and you’re going
11:59to be stood before Governors and Kings
12:01for my sake for a testimony to them and
12:04the good news must first be proclaimed
12:07to all nations in other words the
12:10kingdom of God remember the creation is
12:12pregnant with the kingdom it’s here but
12:14not yet right well Jesus is telling us
12:17that the kingdom of God must come to
12:19term it must fully develop and will only
12:22be given birth to once it develops for
12:24the full nine months the kingdom will
12:27not be born prematurely and there’s some
12:29reasons for this okay so it says good
12:32news must be first proclaimed to All
12:33Nations we read in the back of the book
12:35in The Book of Revelation chapter 5
12:37verses 8 through 10 says this and when
12:39he had taken the scroll the four living
12:41creatures and the 24 Elders fell down
12:43before the lamb each holding a harp
12:46and golden bowls full of incense which
12:49are the prayers of the Saints and they
12:51sang a new song listen to the lyrics of
12:52this song worthy are you to take the
12:55scroll and to open its seals for you
12:57were slain and by your blood you Ransom
12:59people for God from every tribe and
13:03language and people and nation and you
13:06have made them a kingdom and priest to
13:08our God and they shall reign on the
13:10earth or Revelation chapter 7 verses 9
13:13through 12 after this I looked and
13:14behold a great multitude that no one
13:16could number from every nation from all
13:20tribes and peoples and languages
13:22standing Before the Throne and before
13:25the lamb clothed in white robes with
13:28palm branches in their hands and crying
13:30out in a loud voice salvation Belongs To
13:33Our God who sits on the throne and to
13:35the lamb and all the Angels were
13:37standing around the throne and around
13:39the elders and the four living creatures
13:40and they fell on their faces Before the
13:43Throne they worshiped God saying amen
13:44blessing and glory and wisdom and thanks
13:46giving an honor and power it might be to
13:48our god forever and ever amen so the
13:52Earth is pregnant the creation is
13:54pregnant with the new creation it’s here
13:55but not yet
13:57the creation is not going to survive the
13:59labor folks
14:01and we’re going to go to full term that
14:03means people from every nation is going
14:04to hear the saving message of the
14:07Forgiveness of sins one by Christ in his
14:09crucifixion for us on the cross
14:12that’s the term
14:15in the meantime
14:17so whenever they lead you
14:19while handing you over don’t be anxious
14:21beforehand as to what you should speak
14:23in other words you notice here that
14:25Jesus is kind of anticipating hey you
14:27know being a Christian is kind of a
14:28dicey business proclaiming me in the
14:31midst of such Darkness among a whole
14:32world of Sinners could get you in a lot
14:34of trouble and when that happens and you
14:36go on trial don’t even worry about what
14:38it is that you’re going to say
14:40don’t sit down and work at this out with
14:42your attorney what your defense is going
14:44to be
14:45in that moment the holy spirit will
14:47speak through you so that you can
14:48testify to Christ even if at the end of
14:51the trial they’d Lop your head off right
14:54which is not a bad thing it really isn’t
14:58for it’s not you who are speaking it is
15:00the Holy Spirit
15:02and then describing the end of days
15:03brother will hand over brother to death
15:06father his child children will rise up
15:08in Rebellion against parents and they
15:11will put them to death whole families
15:13whole families will be at Con in
15:16conflict with each other as a result of
15:18Christ a complete collapse of the fourth
15:22is how the last days will be sounds
15:24treacherous does it not but these are
15:27all the birth pangs all of you women
15:29who’ve been in labor can testify it’s
15:32quite the ordeal right so it’s going to
15:35get stronger and stronger and stronger
15:37and stronger and more intense
15:40and then Jesus says this and you
15:43will be being hated you know present
15:46tense you are going to be hated by all
15:49because of my name
15:51there we go so we’ll never really be
15:54friends with the world not because we
15:56don’t love them
15:58but because they hate us because of
16:01Jesus in other words don’t take it
16:03personally when people in your own
16:05family or your neighbors Mock and curse
16:08you and hate you because if you you
16:11Proclaim Christ it it it’s you don’t
16:14take these things personally because
16:15we’re just servants we’re just The
16:17Messengers we’re ambassadors of the king
16:19of kings and it’s not you that they
16:22actually hate
16:23it’s Jesus that they hate
16:28and so that you don’t lose heart in all
16:31of this let me remind you what Hebrews
16:3311 says that Great Hall of Faith passage
16:36I’ll read two portions of it
16:39and notice here the great things that
16:40the people who had Faith did and also
16:43their hope they all kept their eye past
16:46the labor pains to the kingdom that is
16:49coming by faith Abraham this is verse 8
16:52chapter 11. by faith Abraham obeyed when
16:54he was called out to a place that he was
16:56to receive as an inheritance and he went
16:58out not knowing where he was going
17:00by faith he went to live in the land of
17:03promise as in a foreign land living in
17:05tents with Isaac and Jacob heirs with
17:07him of the same promise
17:09for he was looking forward to the city
17:11that housed foundations whose designer
17:14and Builder is God
17:18Abraham did the things he did looking
17:21forward to the city whose Builder is God
17:26and we are as well
17:28by faith Sarah herself received power to
17:31conceive even when she was past the age
17:33since she considered him faithful who
17:35had promised therefore from one man and
17:37him as good as dead were born
17:38descendants as many as the stars of
17:40heaven and as many as the innumerable
17:42grains of sand by the seashore these all
17:45died in faith not having received the
17:48things promised that they died in faith
17:51not having received the things promised
17:52but having seen them and greeted them
17:54from afar and having acknowledged that
17:56they were strangers and Exiles on the
17:58earth and so are we for people who speak
18:01thus make it clear that they are seeking
18:03a Homeland if they had been thinking of
18:05that land from which they had gone out
18:06they would have had opportunity to
18:09return but as it is they desire a better
18:11country that is a Heavenly one therefore
18:13God is not ashamed to be called their
18:14God for he has prepared for them a city
18:18you see our homeland is not Norway
18:21I’m German anyway but
18:23right our homeland is the Heavenly
18:26Kingdom right which will come to Earth
18:29and then moving forward to verse 32
18:31listen to this and what more shall I say
18:32for time would fail me to tell if Gideon
18:34Barrack Samson jephthah and David and
18:37Samuel and the prophets who through
18:39faith they conquered kingdoms enforced
18:41Justice obtained promises stop the
18:43mouths of lions quench the power of fire
18:45escape the edge of the sword they were
18:48made strong out of weakness became
18:49Mighty in war put foreign armies to
18:51flight women received back their dead by
18:56pause there
18:58you’re sitting there going well I
19:00haven’t stopped the mouths of any Lions
19:01you know I haven’t seen any
19:03resurrections right okay but now watch
19:06this next part
19:07they were stoned
19:09they were sawn into
19:11they were killed with the sword
19:14they went about and skins of sheep and
19:16goats destitute Afflicted and mistreated
19:18of whom the world was not worthy
19:20wandering about in deserts and mountains
19:23and dens and caves of the Earth
19:25in other words the persecutions and
19:27afflictions that we face as Christians
19:29as a result of proclaiming and trusting
19:31and confessing Christ and the
19:33Forgiveness of our sins
19:36that Affliction is every bit as mighty
19:38as stopping the mouth of a lion or
19:41raising somebody from the dead it’s in
19:43the same list you see and all of this is
19:46done not by our greatness but done by
19:50faith because we trust in the promises
19:53of God in the kingdom and the city that
19:55is to come
19:56all of these though commended through
19:58their faith they did not receive what
20:00was promised
20:01since God had provided something better
20:03for us so that apart from us they should
20:06not be made perfect you see when Jesus
20:09returns in glory to judge the living and
20:11the dead all of the people in their
20:13graves are raised from the grave that
20:15would be you and me if we’re dead at
20:17that time right
20:18and so so is Abraham so is Moses so is
20:24so is King David they’re all raised from
20:26the grave on the same day in the New
20:29Kingdom in the new Earth when the new
20:30creation arrives after the labor and the
20:33birth pains we’re all going to have the
20:35same birthday as Moses
20:38David the prophets
20:40because God has chosen that they are not
20:42going to be perfected apart from us God
20:45wants us to be perfected with them too
20:47on the same day
20:49coming back then to Our Gospel text
20:51then Jesus says this but the one having
20:53endured to the end this one will be
20:56saved we all hear this and go
21:00I better get busy enduring
21:03kind of the wrong way to think about it
21:04these are not words of a threat these
21:06are words of a promise in other words
21:07Jesus is saying this take heart the one
21:10who endures to the end will be saved
21:12there’s salvation at the end of this
21:14road the sufferings of this present time
21:16whatever they might be do not compare
21:18with the glory that will be revealed on
21:21the day of Jesus is coming
21:24okay think of it this way on a Friday
21:27afternoon the sun failed the moon was
21:30turned to blood and just outside the
21:32Gates of Jerusalem there was Jesus
21:34nailed to a cross
21:36suffering in the darkness of God’s Wrath
21:38bleeding dying while suspended Between
21:41Heaven and Earth
21:46Jesus endured to the end
21:50and he endured for you
21:54remember that
21:55there he was
21:57hanging on the cross
21:59and he cries out it is finished
22:03let me read again from the gospel of
22:04Mark chapter 15. when the sixth hour had
22:07come there was Darkness over the whole
22:09land until the ninth hour and at the
22:11ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud
22:13voice Eloy Eloy lamasthani which means
22:16my God my God why have you forsaken me
22:18and some of the bystanders hearing it
22:21said behold he’s calling Elijah someone
22:23ran and filled a sponge with sour wine
22:25put it on a reed and gave it to him to
22:27drink saying wait let’s see if whether
22:29Elijah will come and take him down and
22:31Jesus uttered a loud cry John tells us
22:34what that loud cry was to tell us die it
22:37is finished and then he breathed his
22:39last and then the curtain of the temple
22:41was torn into from top to bottom
22:45think of it this way
22:47what was going on at Jesus’s crucifixion
22:52it was the end of the world
22:55all of the signs at the end of the world
22:56were there present
22:58the darkening of the Sun
23:00the Moon turning to blood
23:02the destruction of the Temple
23:05Jesus’s death on the cross was a mini
23:08end of the world
23:11and so because you brothers and sisters
23:14are in Christ
23:16remember when you were baptized
23:19you were baptized into Christ’s death
23:21and into his resurrection
23:23you are tucked into him he’s already
23:27gone through the end of the world for
23:30you he has endured to the end for you
23:34if you are in him and you believe
23:39then you will endure to the end because
23:41he has already endured
23:43and so think of it this way the
23:46destruction of the temple is the end of
23:47the world
23:50typologically when well the temple was
23:53destroyed it truly was the end of the
23:56and then it all then points to the real
23:59eschaton to the end of days Jesus is the
24:02first fruits of the new creation
24:04scripture says so the end of the world
24:07and the new creation have already come
24:08this is why the kingdom is present and
24:12yet not yet
24:13just like a pregnant woman can say my
24:15baby is here but not yet
24:18you’ve already gone through the end of
24:20the world because you are in Christ you
24:22are forgiven your sins are washed away
24:26you’ve already endured
24:28because Christ has endured for you in
24:31fact your life is now hidden in Christ
24:33so the temple the curtain of the temple
24:35was torn into from top to bottom the
24:38temple and the world were destroyed in
24:40Christ’s death
24:42and then we come back we’ll end with
24:44these words from Hebrews 10.
24:46from our epistle text
24:48talking about well that old Temple that
24:51that used to be there every priest
24:53stands daily at his service offering
24:55repeatedly the same sacrifice which can
24:58never take away sins
25:00but when Christ had offered for all time
25:03a single sacrifice for sins he sat down
25:07at the right hand of God waiting from
25:09that time until his enemy should be made
25:11a footstool for his feet for by a single
25:14offering he has perfected for all time
25:16those who are being Sanctified and
25:19that’s you
25:21his death has perfected you
25:24and the Holy Spirit also Bears witness
25:26to us after the saying this is the
25:29Covenant that I will make with them
25:30after those days declare this the Lord I
25:33will put my law on their hearts and
25:34write them in their minds and then he
25:36adds I will remember their sins and
25:38their Lawless Deeds no more
25:43your sins are lost now in the sea of
25:47God’s forgetfulness in a watery grave
25:50where God never goes fishing
25:55so enduring to the end is not trying
25:58hard to make yourself worthy so that you
26:00can survive
26:02enduring to the end is simply believing
26:05and receiving these amazing promises
26:07that you are already perfected that you
26:09are forgiven that God no longer
26:11remembers any of your Lawless Deeds
26:14and where there is forgiveness of these
26:16there’s no longer any offering for sin
26:18therefore Brothers since we have
26:22catch that word confidence
26:25that’s the word that we’re looking for
26:28you have the ability to say I have
26:32confidence I’m forgiven I have
26:35confidence I’m saved I have confidence
26:40that I will endure to the end because
26:41Christ has endured
26:45that’s big difference from that other
26:47word that we all like to kick around
26:51well I doubt
26:53I look at my life I look at my life and
26:55I go I don’t measure up will I Endure to
26:58the end ah
27:00stop looking at yourself
27:03you’re the problem
27:05Jesus is the solution
27:07believe have confidence he’s done this
27:11all for you
27:12trust him
27:14he doesn’t want to let you go therefore
27:16we have confidence to enter the holy
27:18places by the blood of Jesus by the New
27:21and Living Way that he opened for us
27:22through the curtain that is through his
27:24flesh and since we have a great priest
27:27over the house of God let us draw near
27:30with a True Heart in full Assurance of
27:33Faith oh that’s right you can approach
27:35God in full assurance and in great
27:37confidence you are forgiven you are
27:40you are redeemed
27:42he has you
27:44in full Assurance with our hearts
27:46sprinkled clean from an evil conscience
27:48and with our bodies washed with pure
27:50water talking about baptism so then let
27:53us hold fast to the confession of Our
27:55Hope without wavering
27:57and why can we not waver here’s the last
28:00words for he who promised is faithful
28:04the reason why we can approach with hope
28:06and confidence
28:08is because well not because you are so
28:11great but because the one who made the
28:13promise Jesus
28:15he is faithful
28:17he went all the way to the end and
28:20endured for you trust believe have
28:24confidence you are in him he’s got you
28:27and so you don’t need to fear the end of
28:29days even if it requires you to be hated
28:32by others despised by your own children
28:34or beheaded by ISIS
28:37none of that means anything because all
28:40of that is nothing compared to the
28:42surpassing worth and greatness of our
28:44crucified and Risen Savior in the name
28:46of Jesus Amen
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