Sermon Transcript – Blessed Are Your Eyes and Ears

1 Year Lectionary – Thirteenth Sunday After Trinity – Sunday, September 11, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint luke
0:30the 10th chapter
0:39turning to the disciples jesus said
0:42blessed are the eyes that see what you
0:44see for i tell you many prophets and
0:47kings desire to see what you see and did
0:49not see it and to hear what you hear and
0:51did not hear it and behold a lawyer
0:54stood up to put jesus to the test saying
0:55teacher what shall i do to inherit
0:57eternal life and he said to him well
0:59what’s written in the law how do you
1:00read it he answered well you shall love
1:02the lord your god with all your heart
1:04with all your soul with all your
1:05strength with all your mind and and your
1:07neighbor as yourself and he said to him
1:09well you’ve answered correctly do this
1:11and you’ll live
1:12but he desiring to justify himself said
1:14to jesus and who is my neighbor and
1:17jesus replied a man was going down from
1:19jerusalem to jericho and he fell among
1:21robbers who stripped him beat him and
1:24departed leaving him half dead
1:26now by chance a priest was going down
1:28that road and when he saw him he passed
1:30by on the other side so likewise a
1:32levite when he came to the place and saw
1:33him he passed by on the other side but a
1:36samaritan as he journeyed came to where
1:38he was and when he saw him he had
1:40compassion he went to him bound up his
1:43wounds pouring on oil and wine then he
1:45set him on his own animal and brought
1:47him to an inn and took care of him and
1:49the next day he took out two daenerye
1:51and gave them to the innkeeper saying
1:52you take care of him and whatever more
1:54you spend i will repay you when i come
1:57now which of these three do you think
1:59proved to be a neighbor to the man who
2:00fell among the robbers he said the one
2:03who showed him mercy and jesus said to
2:06him you go and do likewise this is the
2:09gospel of the lord in the name of jesus
2:13here again the words of the apostle paul
2:15from our epistle text if a law had been
2:18given that could give life then
2:20righteousness would indeed be by the law
2:23but that’s the point
2:25it’s not if you think that you can save
2:28yourself by doing good or trying harder
2:30and really being intentional and this
2:32time really meaning it
2:34you’ve got another thing coming you do
2:37not even recognize just how deep your
2:40sin is and so keep that in mind as we
2:42work our way through our gospel text
2:44because in our gospel text jesus is
2:47really going to be working in the
2:49categories of law and gospel but what i
2:51find really interesting about the
2:53one-year lectionary this is what we’ve
2:55been working our way through this year i
2:57have never preached on the one-year
2:58lectionary before is that this
3:00particular gospel text seems to start
3:03with a
3:05a little bit of a hold over from the
3:06previous capricorpy it begins with jesus
3:09turning to his disciples and saying to
3:12them blessed are the eyes that see what
3:15you see for i tell you that many
3:16prophets and kings desired to see what
3:18you see and they did not see it and to
3:20hear what you hear and they did not hear
3:23it and so when we think about what’s
3:25going on here is that christ is
3:27legitimately pointing to the fact that
3:29the prophets of old moses and others
3:32they prophesied about christ we learned
3:35from the apostle peter that in
3:36prophesying about jesus they were in
3:39fact serving us but jesus revealed
3:41something of their heart that they
3:42actually yearned a thing that they were
3:44prophesying about to give you a good
3:46example of this if you remember all the
3:48way back in the garden of eden there
3:50were adam and eve they had just eaten
3:52the fruit that god told them not to eat
3:54plunged us into the misery that we find
3:56ourselves in and when god was handing
3:58out his punishment to the devil who was
4:01in the form of the serpent there he told
4:03the devil that
4:05the seed of the woman would crush the
4:07head of the serpent seat of the woman
4:09would crush the head of the serpent and
4:10in the process he would have his heel
4:12bruised this is the very first gospel
4:15the proto-uan galleon and then in the
4:17next chapter eve when she gives birth to
4:20cain uh she legitimately says in the
4:22hebrew i’ve i’ve brought forth a man the
4:25lord that’s what the hebrew says and the
4:27ancient church has always understood
4:29that when in saying that she thought and
4:32quite tragically so that she had given
4:34birth to the messiah she kind of shows
4:36the anticipation of what was going on
4:39there and if you’ve ever kind of thought
4:41about it i mean many people in our day
4:43kind of feel well
4:45like they’ve gotten the short end of the
4:47stick from god because well have you
4:50seen jesus have you seen him walk on the
4:52water have you seen him you see what i’m
4:55saying the signs and wonders of the of
4:57the bible don’t seem to be running
4:59around in our time in our day and age
5:02and so there’s a tendency to want to
5:04feel like somehow
5:06we’ve been short changed and this is
5:08really a tragic way to look at it but
5:10it’s also important in this regard to
5:12note that what christ is talking about
5:15is not merely the kind of blessings that
5:17we have in this life when we are
5:19fortunate to witness something that’s
5:21kind of
5:22unbelievable or something really good
5:24and you can say wow i can’t believe i
5:26got to see this in my lifetime you know
5:28i think right now
5:30about what’s happening in the uk with
5:31the death of elizabeth ii of course who
5:34knew that isla was going to go first
5:36right right isla goes first the next day
5:39elizabeth goes second so isla was able
5:41to show her around as look at the way i
5:43like to think about it but if you the
5:45people i’ve been we serve in the united
5:47kingdom to a person they talk about the
5:49fact that their entire lives elizabeth
5:52has been the queen of england they do
5:53not know a time when she hasn’t been the
5:56monarch i like to think of elizabeth as
5:58kind of being like the last of the world
6:00war ii generation uh you know she’s she
6:02has a lot more in common with my
6:04grandparents than than than she does
6:06with myself but all that being said a
6:09lot of people feel like they are
6:10fortunate that somehow they were blessed
6:14because they were under the reign of
6:16elizabeth ii but i would note this that
6:19as blessed as they may have been under
6:20the reign of elizabeth ii that’s not the
6:22kind of thing that jesus is talking
6:24about here in fact we will note that
6:26elizabeth ii by virtue of the fact that
6:29she died has given undeniable proof that
6:31she was a sinner just like you and i in
6:34need of a savior in fact it’s been
6:37really fascinating to kind of pay
6:38attention to the church men who live in
6:41the uk who readily recognize that
6:45elizabeth had a faith in jesus she
6:48trusted in christ as her savior and back
6:51all the way one of her christmas
6:52addresses that she gives every year but
6:54i think it was in 2011 she talked about
6:56the fact that god gave us something that
6:59we all needed he didn’t send a man who
7:02was a philosopher or somebody who was a
7:04politician and she said as good as those
7:07things are when we need them from time
7:08to time instead he sent us the very
7:10thing that we actually need and that is
7:13he sent us a savior
7:15and so she even confesses faith in
7:18christ and so i look forward to having
7:20tea with her someday in the future right
7:22yeah that this is this is the hope that
7:24we have in christ and i would note that
7:27what is it that makes it possible since
7:29everybody’s kind of talking about right
7:31now monarchy and and the coronation
7:34service that we should be expecting in
7:35the next few months with the the now new
7:38king charles iii when i heard the news
7:41that elizabeth had died i kind of said
7:43that old-fashioned saying the queen is
7:45dead long live the king right this is
7:47how this works and so we have this all
7:49in our mind but i would remind you all
7:52that we have a sovereign we have a king
7:55and his name is jesus he’s king of kings
7:58and he’s lord of lords and he chose the
8:02interesting the most stand out
8:04coronation for himself if you’ve ever
8:07thought about it a good way to think
8:08about jesus’s suffering and death is
8:11that right before they nailed him to the
8:12cross there was the roman soldiers and
8:15they put a crown of thorns on our savior
8:19that’s the crown that christ chose for
8:21himself he didn’t choose a tiara he
8:23didn’t choose a a crown that had big
8:26jewels and and things like that that
8:28were flashy and showy and said he chose
8:30a crown that had thorns
8:33it harkens all the way back to the
8:34garden of eden and the fact that god
8:36cursed the ground with thorns and
8:38thistles and weeds and i know all about
8:41that as a result of our fall into sin
8:45and so that’s what jesus did and unlike
8:47any other monarch in the history of
8:49humanity the first thing that jesus said
8:52about doing after his coronation was he
8:54set about bleeding suffering and dying
8:58for his enemies
8:59who does that right that’s what jesus
9:02has done for us and so you’ll note that
9:04even the people blessed in the uk with
9:07the long and glorious reign of elizabeth
9:10ii that’s nothing compared to the
9:13glorious things that we have in christ
9:15but we come back to jesus telling his
9:17disciples that many prophets and kings
9:19desired to see what you see and didn’t
9:21see it to hear what you hear and they
9:23did not hear it but we ought not to
9:25think in these terms and the reason why
9:27i say that is i think about the late dr
9:29norman nagle who taught at the concordia
9:32seminary in st louis missouri and he
9:34influenced some of my mentors and and
9:36some of my seminary profs and it’s
9:39really interesting and norman nagle will
9:41talk about the importance of
9:43of christians to take their eyeballs out
9:45of their eyes their eye sockets and
9:47stick them in their ears i know it
9:49sounds kind of weird right but this is
9:51what we do because we we see with the
9:54eyes of faith and faith comes by hearing
9:57and so i would ask you this question
10:00is it really true
10:02that you haven’t seen jesus raise people
10:05from the dead
10:07in the truest sense is it really true
10:08you haven’t seen that is it true that
10:11you haven’t
10:12heard jesus preach to you is it true
10:15that you haven’t seen him raised from
10:18the dead the answer to that is you may
10:20not have seen it with your eyes but
10:23you’ve heard it with your ears and
10:25you’ll note that the bible is the living
10:27active word of god and so every time
10:31god’s word is rightly preached and
10:34taught and every time we hear the gospel
10:37rightly preached and taught and pointed
10:39to christ jesus is ultimately the one
10:42who is preaching to us and we are
10:44hearing his voice in fact jesus said of
10:47the apostles the one who hears you
10:49hears me
10:51right and so we can say that we have
10:53heard jesus and i like to think of the
10:55fact that because the war the bible is
10:57living and active and sharper than any
10:59double-edged sword it’s uh
11:02i hate to use the phrase more miraculous
11:05more magical than any book out there
11:08i’ve seen jesus walk on the water in the
11:11words of scripture so have you
11:14and so note then that despite the fact
11:17that the prophets of old didn’t see
11:19christ and they yearn to see him do they
11:21see him now
11:23of course they do and there is a time
11:25coming when you and i with our own eyes
11:28will see jesus and that will be a
11:31glorious thing we are truly already
11:33blessed in him with the forgiveness of
11:35our sins in fact i would note
11:38talking about blessing the assigned
11:41psalm for today although we didn’t read
11:43it it is an option if you want but the
11:46signed psalm today is psalm 32 listen to
11:49the words blessed is the one whose
11:52transgression is forgiven
11:55whose sin is covered
11:57is that not you is that not me we indeed
12:01are truly blessed christ has bled for
12:04our transgressions forgiven us of all of
12:06our iniquity all of our sin is covered
12:09blessed is the man against whom the lord
12:12counts no iniquity and whose and in
12:14whose spirit there is no deceit for when
12:17i kept silent my bones wasted away
12:19through my groaning all the day long for
12:22day and night your hand was heavy upon
12:24me my strength was dried up like the
12:25heat of the summer
12:27i acknowledged my sin to you and i did
12:29not cover my iniquity i said i will
12:32confess my transgressions to the lord
12:35and you forgave the iniquity of my sin
12:39you’ll note then we don’t seem to be
12:42lacking in blessing we seem to be
12:44abounding in it and if this doesn’t kind
12:48of warm your heart up and make you even
12:51desire more to see jesus with your own
12:54eyes then maybe i would say check your
12:57spirit and see what’s going wrong you
13:00know this past week we lost one of our
13:02own one of my favorites i don’t want to
13:04get into my sermon for tomorrow at the
13:07funeral but if y’all remember isla she
13:09was naughty oh man she was awesome
13:13i loved her all right
13:15and i i’m convinced that isla
13:17that isla thought that she can solve
13:19every problem in the world with a hot
13:21dish okay
13:27and here’s the thing
13:29i was there and said kind of the last
13:32rites the lutheran version of it with
13:34the family with with joanie and with
13:38and it was hard to see her
13:40in her last hours of life
13:43but you know what after i left
13:46i’m kind of jealous
13:48i’m kind of jealous
13:50i remember as we were discussing we were
13:53discussing you know
13:55what what isla is going to be
13:58isla was going to be reunited with arden
14:01it was her 65th wednesday anniversary on
14:03the day she died she’s going to be
14:05reunited with her husband
14:06and of course they were kind of walking
14:08through the list of all the different
14:09relatives and i looked at joni and i
14:11said yeah but she’s going to see jesus
14:15right and that’s the point
14:18where is isla right now
14:21she sees jesus and she’s been reunited
14:24with arden she’s been reunited with her
14:26husband she’s been reunited with all who
14:29preceded her in the faith and you know
14:30what she’s waiting for us too
14:33and when we arrive you need to expect a
14:35long island iced tea i’m just saying
14:40so you’ll know we are truly blessed in
14:44christ and the same blessing that i’m
14:46currently at the moment jealous of that
14:48isla has in seeing jesus face to face
14:51and being reunited with the saints and
14:53seeing the angels for the first time ah
14:55we all get to have that experience too
14:57so note then we are already blessed in
15:00christ and we aren’t missing out on
15:04anything not a single thing
15:07and it’s in this regard then that as we
15:09consider how blessed we are in the
15:12forgiveness of sins that we have and the
15:14eternal life and inheritance that we
15:15have all as a gift we consider one of
15:17the most famous of all of the parables
15:20that jesus taught the parable of the
15:22good samaritan and over and again bad
15:25preaching along this line in this in
15:27this parable will tell you at the end of
15:29it it’s all about the application you
15:30need to go and you need to find out who
15:32you need to be a good neighbor to that’s
15:34really kind of not the point it may be a
15:37sub point of it but the whole point of
15:38this comes back to what we heard the
15:40apostle paul tell us the apostle paul
15:42told us that if a law had been given
15:45that could give life then righteousness
15:48would indeed be by the law it’s not
15:51that’s kind of your theological frame
15:54for our
15:55for what comes next and so here’s how it
15:57goes behold a lawyer stood up to put
15:59jesus to the test what is it with
16:01attorneys man you know
16:04right what is it with them you know i’m
16:06thinking that maybe one or two of them
16:07might be saved but i’m not sure you know
16:10beyond that all right and so here he
16:12asks this question teacher what shall i
16:14do to inherit eternal life
16:17the question assumes something false
16:21it assumes that if you obey god’s law
16:24or if you do particular things then you
16:28have eternal life
16:30if a law had been given that could give
16:32life then righteousness would be
16:34certainly by the law right this guy
16:36doesn’t quite get it so jesus decides
16:38he’s going to do a little law and gospel
16:40with him and so he decides you know
16:42you’re an attorney you like the law
16:43let’s talk about the law right so what’s
16:45written in the law how do you read it
16:48all right and with perfect catechetical
16:50memorization he responds
16:53you shall love the lord your god with
16:55all your heart with all your soul with
16:58all your strength with all your mind and
17:01your neighbor as yourself
17:04now let’s pause here for a second
17:06who here
17:08or even those joining us online can say
17:11yep i’m doing that
17:14or i’ve done that
17:16i’ve loved god with all my heart soul
17:19mind strength and i’ve perfectly loved
17:21my neighbor as myself
17:23not even close right and if you’re
17:26married then you even know that you you
17:28know this makes it worse
17:31so jesus tells this guy all right sure
17:33you’ve answered correctly do this
17:36and you live
17:38and he should have said there sat there
17:40and went oh wait um
17:42you know i i’m not but the text goes on
17:45and says desiring to justify himself
17:50yep there’s a problem that’s the one
17:52right there trying desiring to justify
17:54himself he said to jesus all right who’s
17:56my neighbor
17:58and note here he’s focusing on the
18:00neighbor bit he legitimately is like not
18:02even shaking in his boot about the other
18:04bits about loving the lord with all of
18:07his heart soul mind and strength he
18:09thinks he’s doing that so we’re on to
18:10the well who’s my neighbor because i
18:12want to make sure i got that worked out
18:14right and what jesus does next is just
18:16wonderfully scandalous i love it and so
18:19you’ll note that we human beings have
18:20this terrible thing we do we like to
18:22read ourselves into the biblical text
18:24right okay so you’re you know we like to
18:27read david and goliath like we’re david
18:29and now we’ve got to go conquer our
18:31goliaths you know we got to go find our
18:33five smooth stones that’s just absurd
18:35all right if you want to know who you
18:36are in here you’re the guy left for dead
18:39okay let’s just kind of work this out
18:42but here’s the scandalous bit
18:44jesus is in this parable
18:46jesus is the samaritan
18:48and you’ve got to remember the term
18:50samaritan the concept of samaritan back
18:53in jesus day among the jews that that’s
18:56a racial slur
18:58all right you have to think racism they
19:00did not like
19:01in fact they hated the samaritans if
19:05jews found themselves having to find
19:07themselves in the most unfortunate of
19:08circumstances where they had to travel
19:10through samaria they would usually go
19:12around it
19:13but if they had to travel through it
19:16oh wow what they would end up doing once
19:18they finished traveling through it as
19:20soon as they got to the border of judea
19:23they would hear it so here’s samaria
19:25here’s judea before they step foot into
19:28into judea they would shake the dust and
19:31get it off their feet because they
19:32didn’t want samaritan dirt in israel
19:35and they considered samaritans to be
19:37dogs this is how they talked about them
19:39right so the scandal here is really
19:42amazing so jesus tells a story
19:45a man was going down from jerusalem to
19:47jericho and he fell among robbers who
19:49stripped him beat him departed and it
19:52departed leaving him half dead so you’ve
19:55been attacked by the devil and left for
19:56dead that’s how this works you’re that
19:58guy so what are you contributing to your
20:00salvation in this story the stupidity of
20:03traveling down this road in the first
20:05place without without an escort right
20:07the foolishness of of getting
20:10yourself in that kind of danger so now
20:12you’re half dead
20:14so by chance a priest was going down
20:16that road and when he saw him he passed
20:18by in the other side
20:19over and again people who do not know
20:21their torah they will sit there and go
20:23what a completely terrible priest this
20:25was does he not care about human beings
20:28do you even know the torah
20:31read the torah
20:33levites and active priests are forbidden
20:37by god to be in the presence of a dead
20:40body that isn’t a super close relative
20:44and that super close relative list is
20:46like really small like your mother
20:49your father
20:50your wife okay and it doesn’t go much
20:53beyond that and so this priest is
20:56walking down the road sees a a naked
20:59body because he’s been stripped right
21:02obviously he’s bloodied and beaten and
21:04he doesn’t know if that’s a corpse or
21:06but the torah says he’s not allowed to
21:09make himself unclean by being in the
21:11presence of a dead body unless it’s a
21:13close relative and so he looks over and
21:16goes yep that’s not dad so what is he
21:18required to do by the law
21:21stay away from the body
21:24and here’s the point
21:26the law
21:27not only cannot save you the law will
21:30not even give you one inch one ounce one
21:34anything of mercy
21:36it’s not not its job its job is to
21:40condemn you its job is to show you just
21:43how sinful you are and you’ll note that
21:46the priest under the law
21:48could not help this person
21:51and the law will not help you when it
21:52comes to your salvation
21:54same then with the levite
21:57when he came to the place he saw him
21:59pass by on the other side requirement of
22:01torah that he do so
22:04so who then
22:06can help this person
22:08only the person who has freedom who
22:10isn’t under the law and so along comes
22:13jesus the samaritan
22:16and you’ll note here this samaritan has
22:19total freedom and it says as he
22:21journeyed he came to where he was and
22:23when he saw him his splunk needs oh my
22:26his guts were wrenched he had compassion
22:29for him that sounds just like jesus i
22:32mean there are so many punctuated events
22:35in the gospels where jesus would see
22:38people in like misery and he’s his guts
22:41would be absolutely wrenched same thing
22:43here his guts are wrenched he has
22:46compassion on him and springing into
22:48action he went to him bound up his
22:50wounds pouring on oil and wine i like to
22:53think of that as like a baptismal
22:54reference it’s kind of veiled if you
22:56would and then he set him on his own
22:58animal brought him to an inn took care
23:00of him man
23:02look how much jesus is doing and is that
23:05not exactly how jesus found us dead in
23:08trespasses and sins all because we’ve
23:10been attacked by the highwaymen of
23:12highwaymen satan himself and as a result
23:15of it our first parents they fell into
23:17sin we were all conceived and born dead
23:20in trespasses and sins and when it comes
23:21to dead we weren’t half dead we were
23:23totally dead right totally dead and that
23:26being the case jesus when he found us we
23:28were in quite the state of misery and
23:31note that jesus doesn’t scold those who
23:33he finds dead so sit there and go well
23:36you know it was really stupid of you to
23:37travel on this road you knew that there
23:39were highwaymen
23:40well you got what you deserve
23:42too bad for you buddy i’ll go
23:45radio ahead and maybe they can send an
23:47ambulance or maybe they can send a
23:48hearse to pick you up right you got what
23:50you deserve next time don’t be so stupid
23:54no jesus doesn’t act like that at all
23:56instead he truly has compassion and he
24:00springs into action and everything he
24:02does he does out of his own
24:04pocket he does with his own things and
24:07you are just merely the recipient of his
24:10great mercy and grace and the next day
24:14he took out two daenerye gave them to
24:16the innkeeper saying take care of him
24:18and whatever more you spend i will repay
24:20you when i come back last time i
24:22preached on this text i pointed out i
24:24like to think of that innkeeper as like
24:25pastors right because when you were
24:28raised from the dead and christ washed
24:30away all of your sin and muck and began
24:33binding up your wounds that you’ve
24:35experienced where did he plop you right
24:38here at kong’s finger in right i’m the
24:41innkeeper you know my job is to care for
24:44you and here’s the thing i ain’t caring
24:45for you at my expense
24:47i’m caring for you at christ’s expense
24:50right and so you’ll note the complete
24:53freeness of the gospel and the complete
24:56inability of the law to come to your
24:59so now jesus having told this parable
25:02and of course making the hero a
25:04samaritan had to really just be galling
25:08for this jewish lawyer so he now asks
25:11the question all right so which of these
25:12three do you think proved to be a
25:13neighbor to the man who fell among the
25:17and the guy can’t even say the word
25:20makes me wonder if the way he said it
25:22was like with his teeth gritted you know
25:25like the one who showed him mercy all
25:30right right the one who showed him what
25:35and jesus said to him you go
25:37you do likewise
25:39do likewise what
25:41show mercy
25:43show mercy
25:45show mercy and love to all well how can
25:47i do such a thing oh the one who is
25:49forgiven in christ forgives the one who
25:52is loved by god loves
25:54and so you’ll note then our eyes our
25:57ears are truly blessed blessed because
26:00we have been freed from having to strive
26:03to save ourselves because you’ll know
26:05that being unconscious is no way to try
26:07to save yourself you’re not capable of
26:09doing it but your jesus your great
26:12compassionate merciful lord he has bled
26:14and died for all of your sins he’s bound
26:17up your wounds washed away your sins in
26:19the waters of baptism even feeds you
26:22with his own body and blood given and
26:24shed for the forgiveness of your sins
26:26and he’s told me to take care of you
26:28guys and he’ll repay anything that any
26:31expenses that i incur what an amazing
26:33lord you have
26:35so i would say hearing all of this yeah
26:37your ears are blessed
26:39seeing all of this your eyes are blessed
26:42and not only are they blessed today
26:44but they will be blessed in a world
26:46without end because there is nothing
26:48that you can do to earn this inheritance
26:50that this attorney desired instead you
26:54already have it it’s been given to you
26:55by grace because jesus has given it to
26:57you and you’ll know inheritances require
27:00somebody to die and that’s exactly what
27:02jesus did he wrote you into his will
27:04bled and died for your sins so now he’s
27:07given you the entire estate
27:10blessed this is like blessing upon
27:13blessing upon blessing upon blessing
27:16indeed the psalmist was right
27:18blessed is the one whose transgression
27:20is forgiven whose sin is covered
27:22blessed is the man against whom the lord
27:24counts no iniquity and in whose spirit
27:27there is no deceit in the name of Jesus
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