Sermon Transcript – Blood Bought Treasure

Series A – Seventh Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, July 27, 2014 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Matthew chapter 13
0:31verses 44 through 52.
0:35the Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure
0:38hidden in the field
0:40when a man found it he hid it again and
0:42then in his Joy he went and sold all
0:45that he had and he bought that field
0:47again the Kingdom of Heaven is like a
0:49merchant looking for fine pearls when he
0:52found one of Great Value he went away
0:54and sold everything that he had and
0:55bought it
0:57once again the Kingdom of Heaven is like
0:59a net that was let down into the lake
1:01and it caught all kinds of fish and when
1:04it was full the fisherman pulled it up
1:06on the shore then they sat down and
1:09collected the good fish in baskets but
1:10threw the bat away this will be how it
1:13will be at the End of the Age the angels
1:15will come and separate the wicked from
1:16the righteous and throw them into the
1:18fiery furnace where they’ll be weeping a
1:20gnashing of teeth
1:21have you understood all these things
1:23Jesus asked yes they replied he said to
1:28them therefore every teacher of the law
1:30who has been instructed about the
1:32Kingdom of Heaven is like the owner of a
1:33house who brings out of his storeroom
1:35new Treasures as well as old
1:39in the name of Jesus
1:43have you ever heard of the word
1:46you think oh no there he goes he’s
1:47throwing out some highfalutin words yeah
1:50it’s quite a word actually you
1:52catastrophe J.R.R Tolkien is the author
1:56of The Lord of the Rings he’s the one
1:57who coined the word and according to
1:59Tolkien euchatastrophe is that sudden
2:02joyous turn in a story a u catastrophe
2:06denies Universal final defeat and gives
2:09a fleeting glimpse of Joy a joy that is
2:11beyond the walls of the world and it’s
2:14poignant as grief
2:16Now The Parables from today’s Gospel
2:18reading are radical and may best be
2:21understood through the lens of you
2:23catastrophe now I’ll explain so just you
2:26know don’t panic
2:27so let me kind of work this out here
2:29when you watch the news and read the
2:31newspaper every day you are left with a
2:34sense that the world is a dark and evil
2:36daily our eyes consume images and
2:40stories of Wars death pestilence murder
2:45Scandal right over and again we see that
2:49human life is cheap
2:51from those whose lives are lost in
2:53random accidents to those who are gunned
2:55down in gas station robberies and
2:58drive-by shootings to those who lose
2:59their lives because they were too close
3:02to a Muslim boy who strapped explosives
3:04onto his body in order to barter himself
3:07for Allah or those who lost their lives
3:10because their passenger jet was shot
3:14life is cheap
3:16and we’ve all wondered at times if we’re
3:18going to be next
3:21so then you look at your own life
3:24and you see that it is anything but
3:27you sin daily and that sin takes a toll
3:30it strains your relationships with
3:32others and their sins strain their
3:35relationship with you
3:39iness and an abject sense of meaningless
3:43oftentimes crash upon the shores of our
3:47let’s face it this life is dark it’s
3:50and it’s hard for many of us
3:52yeah and for many of us our life is
3:55already half spent or more
3:57this is the plot the The Plight we find
4:00ourselves in
4:01and if you’re not convinced of that look
4:03in the mirror you’re going to find your
4:05body doesn’t work the way that it should
4:07illnesses rock you at regular intervals
4:09and each one seems a bit worse than the
4:11one that preceded it and when you see
4:13the headstones in the church graveyard
4:15have you ever wondered where yours will
4:21I haven’t been here that long and I’m
4:23wondering I’m wondering will there be a
4:25headstone with my name on it someday
4:26there right
4:28born as slaves to sin
4:31slaves to death slaves to the devil
4:35our lot in life is toil taxes suffering
4:39and then finally death
4:42the sun is on the horizon and despite
4:44the fact that some poor fools can try to
4:46convince themselves that they’re looking
4:48at a sunrise we all know that we’re
4:50looking at a Sunset and any minute now
4:52the sun will disappear
4:54and there will only be Darkness
4:56and the cold of death
4:59and so into all of this comes a story
5:02from Jesus about a Man Who Sold
5:05everything I mean who does that
5:08he sold everything in order to buy a
5:10field with hidden treasure in it and
5:13then he also tells a story about a
5:14merchant who finds an Exquisite perfect
5:17Pearl and sells everything
5:21in order in order that he can purchase
5:23this perfect Pearl
5:25in fact these parables are like opera
5:29music being played on loudspeakers over
5:31a demilitarized zone these stories come
5:34to us out of left field and were left
5:35blinking with bewilderment it’s like
5:38receiving a certified letter informing
5:40you that your Rich uncle has died and
5:42left you the entire estate and all the
5:45while you had no idea that you even had
5:46an uncle yet alone that he was rich
5:51so consider the radical nature of these
5:54who do you know who would sell
5:57everything in order to possess a hidden
6:00treasure or a single Pearl yet that is
6:02exactly what Jesus has done for us in
6:05fact it’s Unthinkable it’s over the top
6:07it’s truly radical when you think about
6:09it love is his motivation and we can
6:12barely comprehend a love like that A
6:15Love that is willing to forsake all
6:19in order to save rescue and purchase
6:25Philippians puts it this way
6:28Jesus who being in the very nature of
6:30God did not consider equality with God
6:32something to be grasped instead he made
6:35himself nothing taking the very nature
6:38of a servant and being made in human
6:40likeness and being found in appearance
6:43as a man he humbled himself and became
6:45obedient to death
6:47even death on a cross
6:50he did this for you
6:52and he did this for me
6:54Romans says it this way you see at just
6:59the right time
7:00when we were powerless
7:04Christ died for the ungodly
7:09that’s us
7:11when we were powerless Christ died for
7:14the ungodly now very rarely will anyone
7:17die for a righteous man
7:19though for a good man someone might
7:21possibly Dare To Die
7:23but God demonstrates his own love for us
7:27in this while we were still sinners
7:34for us
7:36the prophet Isaiah says this
7:39who has believed our message and to whom
7:42has the arm of the Lord been revealed
7:45he grew up before him like a tender
7:47shoot and like a root out of dry ground
7:49he had no beauty or Majesty to attract
7:52us to him nothing in his appearance that
7:54we should desire him
7:55he was despised and rejected by men he
8:00was a Man of Sorrows and familiar with
8:02suffering like one from whom men hid
8:05their faces he was despised
8:07and we esteemed him not
8:10surely he took up our infirmities and
8:13carried our sorrows yet we considered
8:15him stricken by God Smitten by him and
8:21he was pierced for our transgressions he
8:25was crushed for our iniquities the
8:28punishment that brought us peace was
8:30upon him and by his wounds we are healed
8:33all we like sheep have gone astray
8:36each of us has turned to his own way
8:39and the lord has laid on him the
8:41iniquity of us all
8:42he was oppressed and Afflicted yet he
8:45did not open his mouth he was led like a
8:47lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep
8:49before his her shearers is silent so he
8:52did not open his mouth
8:54by oppression and judgment he was taken
8:56away and who can speak of his
8:58descendants for he was cut off from the
9:00land of the living for the transgression
9:02of my people he was stricken he was
9:05assigned a grave of the wicked and with
9:07the rich in his death though he had done
9:09no violence nor was any deceit in his
9:12mouth yet it was the Lord’s will to
9:14crush him and cause him to suffer and
9:17though the Lord makes his life a guilt
9:19offering he will see his offspring and
9:21prolong his days and the will of the
9:24Lord will prosper in his hand why
9:27because in all of that suffering and
9:29affliction he was purchasing and
9:30redeeming Us From Slavery to sin right
9:34so he will prosper
9:36after the suffering of his soul he will
9:38see the light of light and be satisfied
9:40by his knowledge my righteous servant
9:43will justify many and he will bear their
9:45iniquities therefore I will give him a
9:48portion among the great and he will
9:50divide the spoils with the strong
9:51because he poured out his life unto
9:53death and he was numbered with the
9:55transgressors for he bore the sin of
9:57many and he made intercession for the
10:02that’s you
10:04and that’s me
10:06yes this begs the question why
10:09why would Jesus do this for us
10:16you are a people
10:19who are holy to the Lord your God
10:22the Lord your God has chosen you
10:25out of all the peoples on the face of
10:26the Earth to be his people
10:29the Lord has chosen each and every one
10:31of you to be his treasured possession
10:36that’s what our Old Testament text says
10:38does it not
10:39the Lord did not set his affection on
10:41you and choose you because you were more
10:43affluent likable or successful than
10:46others but it was because the Lord loved
10:48you that he brought you out with a
10:50mighty hand and redeemed you from the
10:52hand of the devil From Slavery to the
10:55devil power of the devil
10:58he saved you through a mighty hand and
11:00how did he do this by bringing you to
11:02penance and faith in Christ for the
11:04Forgiveness of your sins washing away
11:06your sins in the waters of your baptism
11:08feeding you with his body and blood here
11:12at this table
11:16yeah it’s dark out there it is dark out
11:19there but and here’s the eucatastrophe
11:22part it’s really dark out there
11:24but remember butt always kind of erases
11:27the thing in front of it right it’s dark
11:29out there but we know that in all things
11:33God works for the good of those who love
11:39and we love him because he first loved
11:43you are in Christ and all things even
11:47your own death
11:49will work together for good
11:52who because you you’ve been called
11:54according to God’s purpose for those God
11:57foreknew he also predestined to be
11:59conformed to the likeness of his son
12:01that he might be the firstborn among
12:03many brothers and those he predestined
12:05you and me he also called and those he
12:09called he also Justified Justified he’s
12:12declared us righteous in Christ and
12:15Those whom he’s declared righteous
12:18he will also glorify
12:20So What then shall we say in response to
12:23all of this this gratuitous
12:25unmerited over the top loved
12:29for sinners like you and like me
12:33if God is for us
12:35who can be against us
12:39do you get it
12:42he who did not spare his own son but
12:45gave him up for us all
12:50how will he not also along with him
12:53graciously give us all things
12:55who will bring any charge against Those
12:57whom God has chosen no one can not even
13:00the devil
13:02it is God who declares righteous and
13:05he’s done that to you
13:06so who is it that condemns
13:10Christ Jesus who died more than that who
13:13was raised to life he is seated at the
13:15right hand of God the father and he is
13:18now interceding for us
13:22nothing can stand against you
13:25because of what Christ has done for you
13:27and continues to do for you right
13:30so who shall separate us from the love
13:32of Christ who can do such a thing no
13:36shall trouble nope
13:39hardship not even close persecution you
13:43got to be kidding me famine nakedness
13:45danger or sword ha
13:48as it is written for your sake we Face
13:50death all day long and we are considered
13:53as sheep to be slaughtered no in all of
13:55these things we are more than conquerors
13:57through him
13:59Who Loved Us
14:02I am convinced that neither death nor
14:06life neither angels nor demons neither
14:09the present nor the future nor any
14:12powers neither height nor depth nor
14:14anything else in all of creation will be
14:17able to separate us from the love of God
14:20that is in Christ Jesus our lord
14:25so let us then fix our eyes on Jesus the
14:28author and the Perfecter of our faith
14:30who for the joy set before him the joy
14:33of losing everything in order to
14:35purchase and redeem us as his treasure
14:38he endured the cross scorning its shame
14:42or as the words of our sermon hymn said
14:44let me close with these again o love how
14:48deep how broad how high beyond all
14:51thought and fantasy that God the Son of
14:54God should take our mortal frame for
14:57mortal’s sake
14:58he sent No Angel to our race of higher
15:01or of lower place but he wore the robe
15:03of human frame and to this world himself
15:06he came and for us baptized for us he
15:10bore his holy fast and he hungered sore
15:12for us Temptation sharp he knew and for
15:15us the tempter he overthrew
15:17for us he prayed for us he taught for us
15:21his daily Works he wrought by words and
15:24signs and actions thus still seeking not
15:29seeking us
15:32for us
15:34he was by wicked men betrayed
15:40for us
15:42in a crown of thorns he was arrayed
15:47he bore the shameful cross and death and
15:50for us
15:51he gave his dying breath
15:55for us he rose from Death again
15:57for us he went on high to Reign for us
16:01he sent his Spirit here to guide to
16:03strengthen and cheer
16:05therefore all glory be to God our lord
16:09for love so deep so high so Broad
16:13the Trinity whom we adore
16:17and forevermore
16:19in the name of Jesus
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