Sermon Transcript – Broken or Crushed?

Series C – Lent 5 – Sunday, March 13, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:31Chapter 20 verses 9 through 20.
0:36and Jesus began to tell the people this
0:38Parable a man planted a Vineyard LED it
0:41out to tenants and went into another
0:44country for a long while
0:45when the time came he sent a servant to
0:47the tenants so that they would give him
0:49some of the fruit of the vineyard but
0:51the tenants beat him
0:53send him away empty-handed
0:55and he sent another servant but they
0:57also beat and treated him shamefully and
0:58sent him away empty-handed
1:01and he sent yet a third and this one
1:03they also wounded and cast out then the
1:05owner of the vineyard said
1:07what shall I do I’ll send my son my
1:10beloved Son perhaps they will respect
1:12him but when the tenant saw him they
1:14said to themselves this is the air
1:18let us kill him so that the inheritance
1:20may be ours
1:22and they threw him out of the vineyard
1:23and killed him
1:25what then will the owner of the vineyard
1:26do to them
1:28he will come and destroy those tenants
1:29and give the vineyard to others and when
1:32they heard this they said surely not
1:35but he looked directly at them and said
1:37what then is this that is written the
1:40stone that the builders rejected has
1:41become the Cornerstone
1:43everyone who falls on that stone will be
1:45broken to pieces
1:47and when it falls on anyone it’ll crush
1:52the scribes and the chief priests sought
1:54to lay hands on him at that very hour
1:56for they perceived that he had told this
1:58Parable against them
2:00but they feared the people so they
2:01watched him and sent spies who pretended
2:04to be sincere that they might catch him
2:07in something he said so as to deliver
2:09him up to the authority and jurisdiction
2:12of the governor
2:14in the name of Jesus
2:16in Exodus chapter 34 we read the account
2:19where Moses had asked to see the face of
2:22God God declined but came up with an
2:24alternative plan
2:26and in that alternative plan he chose to
2:29hide Moses in a cleft of a rock and put
2:31his hand over the cleft while his glory
2:34passed by
2:35and then at the right time he removed
2:38his hand so that Moses can see the
2:40backside of the glory of God
2:42and in that account we hear these words
2:45that as the Lord passed by before him it
2:48was proclaimed
2:50the Lord the Lord let me translate
2:53Yahweh Yahweh
2:56a god merciful and gracious
2:59slow to anger
3:01and abounding and steadfast love and
3:05keeping steadfast love for thousands
3:07forgiving iniquity and transgression in
3:11but all who but who by no means will
3:15clear the guilty of visiting the
3:16iniquity of the fathers on the children
3:18and the children’s children to the third
3:19and fourth generation
3:25God merciful gracious slow to anger and
3:29abounding and steadfast love
3:33it is Yahweh who is the one who planted
3:36the vineyard in our Parable in Our
3:37Gospel text today
3:39and I have never met a man like this
3:43not in this life
3:45let’s return now to Our Gospel text
3:48and walk through this and consider what
3:51is going on in this text
3:53Jesus began by telling the people this
3:56Parable a man planted a Vineyard let it
3:59out to tenants and went into another
4:01country for a long while
4:03every one of the people hearing Jesus
4:05that day knew exactly what Jesus was
4:07talking about the typology was
4:11patently clear
4:13The Vineyard is Israel
4:15they know it
4:16the scriptures in the Old Testament
4:18speak of Israel as the vineyard whom God
4:21himself has planted
4:23and so Jesus telling this very thinly
4:26veiled parable
4:27says when the time came he God sent a
4:32servant read into that he sent a prophet
4:34to the tenants so that they would give
4:36him some of the fruit of the vineyard
4:37but the prophets beat him sent him away
4:42now normally a story like this would end
4:44right here I mean if this is the 21st
4:46century then right at this point it’s
4:47real simple We Now call the police we
4:50get the courts involved
4:52you know sorry you’re going to be
4:54evicted from the property you are in
4:56default of your agreement your tenant
4:58lease if you would and then it goes to
5:01court they lose they’re evicted end of
5:03story Justice is served
5:07but Yahweh is
5:09slow to anger
5:14forgiving iniquity
5:17and so he does the unthinkable
5:30he sent a servant to the tenant so that
5:32they would give him some of the fruit of
5:33the vineyard tenants beat him send him
5:35away empty-handed verse 11 and he sent
5:37another servant another one
5:40but they also beat and treated him
5:43shamefully and sent him away
5:48imagine how the story would have been
5:51what is this
5:54man who planted this Vineyard seeking
5:56from these tenants
5:59what is he seeking
6:04he’s seeking their repentance
6:07he’s seeking to show them Mercy
6:11because of the wrong that they had done
6:15but these are wicked tenants
6:17and we learn at the end of the parable
6:19the people we’re dealing with here that
6:21Jesus is telling the parable against
6:24are the chief priests
6:27the religious leaders of Israel
6:31why on Earth would anybody who was a
6:33religious leader in Israel claiming to
6:35worship the one true God
6:39why on Earth would such a person
6:42be so wicked as this
6:46and the answer is simple and it’s one
6:48that we must come to grips with
6:52the Harvest is plentiful the workers are
6:55and the devil has sown tears and sent in
6:57his workers into the Harvest field as
7:00they are not harvesting
7:02they are destroying the crop
7:06for them it’s all about them and they’re
7:08doing it all in the name of God and
7:10their religion their religion is the
7:12religion of self-righteousness
7:15and the religion of self-righteousness
7:17will never tolerate
7:20the religion of Grace
7:22it will never ever
7:26permit people to be forgiven
7:31we read stanza 4 of our sermon hymn why
7:35what hath my Lord done what makes this
7:37rage and spite he made the lane to run
7:40he gave the blind their sight
7:43sweet injuries yet they at these
7:46themselves displeased and against him
7:51so there’s Jesus
7:53in Israel God and human flesh the god
7:56Israel claims to worship and you know
7:58what he’s doing
8:01he’s cleansing the lepers
8:04he’s forgiving the prostitutes
8:07he’s absolving the tax collectors
8:10he’s giving sight to the blind
8:14and for this he must die
8:19this cannot be permitted to go on
8:27the religion of Works will not tolerate
8:33so this merciful kind
8:36ER abounding and steadfast love God sent
8:41yet another set a third servant this one
8:44they wounded and they cast him out
8:48then the owner of the vineyard said what
8:50shall I do
8:53destroying them is not even on his mind
8:56at this point yet each and every one of
8:58us knows that what they all deserve is
9:01for them to be slaughtered mercilessly
9:04this is what they’ve earned for
9:06themselves and this Vineyard owner
9:09who is this guy
9:11who thinks like this
9:14most of us myself included you dare
9:16cross me don’t worry I’m going to let
9:18you have it right
9:20this guy
9:22is snubbed over and over and over again
9:31and the only thing he can think about
9:35is continuing to show them Mercy
9:38so he sent yet the third the owner of
9:40the vineyard then said what shall I do
9:41I’ll send my beloved Son are you out of
9:44your mind
9:47perhaps they will respect him
9:51when the tenants saw him
9:53they said to themselves haha this is the
9:55air let us kill him so that the
9:57inheritance may be
10:01as if the kingdom of God can be
10:03possessed by human beings in such a way
10:06so they threw him out of the vineyard
10:07and killed him
10:09and then Jesus asks the question and
10:12watch their response it’s quite
10:15what then will the owner of the vineyard
10:17do to them he will come and destroy
10:19those tenants and give the vineyard to
10:21the listeners should have said that’s
10:23darn tootin right that’s what should
10:26happen but watch the response when they
10:28heard this they said surely not no way
10:33and why is it
10:34because they knew exactly what Jesus was
10:39the typology was thin
10:42they got it Jesus wasn’t talking about a
10:45Vineyard he was talking about Israel
10:47and the talk of giving Israel to others
10:52was unthinkable
10:56surely not but he looked directly at
10:58them and he said what then is this that
11:01is written and then quoting Psalm 118
11:04Jesus says the zone that the builders
11:08has become the Cornerstone
11:14what an interesting statement
11:16now I’m going to go outside of the Bible
11:19for a minute you can take this or leave
11:22this there is an old rabbinic Parable
11:24and that’s all it is it’s rabbinic
11:26Parable we’re not sure if there’s any
11:28history behind it and actually tracking
11:30down the origin of this thing is really
11:34all right here’s how the rabbinic
11:36parable goes it’s a story told by the
11:38rabbis and it actually has different
11:40variations of it which is kind of
11:41fascinating but the way the story
11:43generally goes is that when Solomon’s
11:45Temple was being built the idea was this
11:48because it is a holy spot
11:51no Hammer blows can be heard
11:54on the Temple mount
11:58the stones had to be quarried 20 miles
12:00away and then drug to Jerusalem imagine
12:03what a difficult task this would be
12:04before the days of pickup trucks and
12:05things like that right
12:09the first stone to show up was this
12:11large cumbersome Stone
12:13and the builders didn’t know what to do
12:15with it
12:16I had no clue what to do with this Stone
12:18and then the other Stones began arriving
12:20and they knew exactly what to do with
12:22them and so the the stone that came
12:24first they thought it was some kind of a
12:27and this is where it gets a little fuzzy
12:29and dark because again this is a
12:30rabbinic parable not sure if this is
12:32even history or not
12:34but it’s very old
12:37some say that they put it off to the
12:40side and the grass grew over it and
12:41other accounts say they actually threw
12:43it into the dump the city dump in
12:45Jerusalem Gahanna
12:47and there it’s disappeared right and so
12:49as they got to the end of completing the
12:52Temple of Solomon
12:54the builders send word to the stone
12:57masons 20 miles away we’re now ready for
12:59the Cornerstone
13:04that was the first stone we sent
13:09the stone the builders rejected
13:12has become the Cornerstone
13:15maybe there’s some truth behind behind
13:17it it’s an interesting story not sure
13:20but just think about it
13:22for sure though the Lord is quoting from
13:25Psalm 118 here
13:27and then we all know this Jesus is that
13:30stone he is the stone that has become
13:33the Cornerstone this is all about Jesus
13:35and he says this everyone who falls on
13:37that stone will be broken to Pieces
13:39which by the way is a good thing to
13:43the worst thing that can happen to you
13:45is is that stone fall on you
13:47and Crush you
13:50the one who falls on that stone and is
13:52broken to Pieces is the one who has
13:54penitent faith in Christ for the
13:56Forgiveness of their sins
13:58the one on whom that Stone Falls and
14:00crushes is the one who persists in sin
14:04and unbelief and self-righteousness
14:08and insists on saving themselves by
14:11their own works and will have nothing to
14:13do with this Mercy stuff that Jesus is
14:18in that case
14:21the stone the builders rejected that has
14:23become the Cornerstone will fall on you
14:26and utterly destroy you
14:31and then we learn this here’s kind of
14:33the subtext to all of this in our text
14:35the scribes and the chief priests after
14:38hearing this I wish it said this
14:40I wish it said this the scribes and the
14:43chief priests after hearing this said
14:45you are so right
14:48how can we have been so wicked
14:51how can we in the name of God have been
14:54so evil
14:56we repent forgive us Lord
14:59I wish it said that
15:02but see the religion of Works blind in
15:04its rage and its hatred of Grace
15:07says this
15:09sought the chief priest sought to lay
15:12hands on him
15:13at that very hour for they perceived
15:16that he had told this Parable against
15:20how dare you cross us Jesus We’re the
15:23Chief priests
15:25yeah that makes about as much sense as
15:28I don’t know Taco Thursday on Monday
15:32right because the god they claim to
15:35worship is standing right in front of
15:38sought to lay hands on him
15:41they perceived they had told the parable
15:42against them and it’s true but here’s
15:45again here’s the kind of the interesting
15:46thing the religion of Works always works
15:48through Power and coercion and they have
15:51to have
15:52the adulation and popularity of the
15:55people in order to survive so they
15:58couldn’t lay hands on Jesus because whoa
16:01poles would go down their popularity
16:03ratings would fall their approval
16:05numbers would plummet
16:07so they said we better not kill them now
16:10because they feared the people
16:14so they watched
16:16they watched Jesus and they sent spies
16:21they sent spies who pretended to be
16:24sincere so that they might catch Jesus
16:27in something that he said
16:31when on Earth did Jesus ever do anything
16:37when was he never out in the open
16:40preaching and teaching in the synagogues
16:43and out in the fields
16:45everything he said is wide open he
16:48nothing he says is subversive nothing he
16:50says contradicts scripture but there
16:52we’re going to
16:53and you know what the spies are going to
16:55do they’re going to behave like they’re
16:56listening to Jesus amen Jesus way to go
16:59Jesus yes oh Jesus you’re the best oh we
17:03gotta go we got him on that one he
17:06actually touched a leper
17:10and keep in mind all of this behavior is
17:12going on in what in the name of God in
17:15the name of religion at the behest of
17:17the chief priests
17:20what kind of religion is this
17:28what kind of religion is this
17:33this is the religion that we all
17:35understand quite well
17:38it’s our default religion
17:45we understand the law that the gospel is
17:47something that has to be preached to us
17:51so think of it this way the stone the
17:54builders has have rejected has become
17:57the Cornerstone
18:01so they pretended to be sincere that
18:03they might catch him in something he
18:04said so as to deliver them why in order
18:06to deliver him up to the authority and
18:08the jurisdiction of the governor and you
18:10can read in the subsects there in order
18:12to kill him
18:15and so the stone the builders rejected
18:17has become the Cornerstone this is
18:19Christ and then if you were to think of
18:21it this way
18:22the cross then becomes the Pinnacle
18:25center point of all of human history
18:30and you were either on one side of the
18:33or you are on the other
18:35when Jesus was crucified it was
18:37crucified crucified between two thieves
18:39one hurled insults at him if you’re the
18:43Christ save yourself
18:46the other said what has he done
18:49what has he done we’re getting what we
18:53he cries out to the Lord Lord have mercy
18:55remember me when you come into your
19:00and so
19:03this Stone will either fall on you and
19:05break you or I’m sorry you will either
19:07fall on it and be broken to pieces or
19:09it’s going to fall on you and Crush you
19:12and so the cross then the murderous ones
19:15they want Jesus dead
19:18and so he dies
19:22and we’re all culpable in that by the
19:24way every one of us
19:27but to those who believe in Christ for
19:31the Forgiveness of their sins the
19:33merciful god who slow to anger and
19:36abounding and steadfast love and
19:37forgiving and parting and iniquity
19:40mine and yours
19:41that death
19:43becomes our salvation
19:47but for those who persist in Saving
19:50themselves and despising the mercy and
19:52grace of God
19:55Christ’s cross
19:56and his blood is on their hands and they
19:59will be found guilty
20:01of murder
20:07what this all comes down to
20:11are you penitent
20:13and forgiven
20:14are you self-righteous and seeking to
20:17murder Christ and silence his grace
20:23something to think about
20:25in the name of Jesus
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