Sermon Transcript – By Faith = By Jesus

Series C – Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, August 7, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:30chapter 12 verses 22-34
0:34and he said to his disciples therefore I
0:36tell you
0:37do not be anxious about your life what
0:40you will eat nor about your body what
0:43you will put on for life is more than
0:45food and the body is more than clothing
0:47consider the Ravens they neither sow nor
0:51reap they have neither Storehouse nor
0:53barn and yet God feeds them
0:56how much more valuable are you than
0:59birds and which of you by being anxious
1:02could add a single hour to his lifespan
1:05if then you are not able to do this as
1:07small as small a thing as that why are
1:10you anxious about the rest consider the
1:13lilies how they grow they neither toil
1:15nor spin yet I tell you even Solomon in
1:18all of his glory was not arrayed like
1:20one of these
1:21but if God so closed the grass which is
1:24alive in the field today and tomorrow is
1:27thrown into the oven
1:28how much more will he clothe you o you
1:31of little faith
1:32and do not seek what you were to eat and
1:35what you were to drink nor be worried
1:38for all the nations of the world seek
1:40after these things and your father knows
1:42that you need them instead seek his
1:44kingdom and these things will be added
1:46to you
1:47in the name of Jesus
1:50seek his kingdom
1:55What on earth does that mean
1:57how do you seek something
1:59if you can’t see
2:04well let’s see if we can unpack this one
2:06this is a interesting text or should I
2:09say text that we have in front of us
2:11let’s try to figure out let’s seek an
2:13answer for this seeking the kingdom
2:15stuff maybe if we seek the answer we can
2:17find the kingdom along the way right
2:20Hebrews 11 1. faith is the Assurance of
2:24things hoped for
2:26faith is the conviction of things not
2:34by the way Greek word
2:40in the ESV better translation certainty
2:44it is the certainty of things that are
2:47not seen
2:49how on Earth are you supposed to be
2:50certain about things you can’t see
2:53right now if you think about it for a
2:57second we’re certain about a lot of
2:58things we can’t see for instance I’ve
3:01never seen an H2O molecule
3:04never I’ve I my eyesight is getting
3:07worse not better and things that small
3:10well even in my best days I wasn’t able
3:13to see them yet I know H2O molecules
3:18but then of course I know that because
3:21well I read it somewhere in a science
3:23book my teachers told me these things
3:26are all over the place those of you who
3:29are farmers think we’ve probably had far
3:30too many H2O molecules
3:34over the past couple of months right
3:37but right now we’re talking about in
3:39this text
3:40things related to the kingdom of God
3:42we’re seeking the kingdom of God so
3:44faith is the Assurance of things hoped
3:47the certainty the conviction of things
3:49that are not seen
3:51and that’s the thing the kingdom of God
3:53is something that we confess as an
3:56article of faith
3:57it is not something that we see right
3:59now you get glimpses of it
4:03but they’re ever so fleeting
4:06for by faith the people of old received
4:10their Commendation Commendation from
4:12whom well by God by faith we understand
4:15that the Universe was created by the
4:17word of God so that what is seen was not
4:19made out of things that are visible
4:23a good way to think about faith I’ve
4:24said this before and I’ll say it again a
4:26good way to think about faith it’s a lot
4:27like eyesight
4:29right we all have eyesight we are able
4:31to see things some better than others
4:33some with the assistance of well devices
4:35like this right
4:37but eyesight is always looking at
4:41and the thing that it’s looking at is
4:44the object
4:46of its sight faith is like that faith is
4:49like eyesight you’re looking to someone
4:52or something and so because of that you
4:56can actually
4:57substitute the word faith with a thing
5:00that is the object of your faith
5:04and who is the object of our Christian
5:06faith it is Christ himself and so as we
5:09read through Hebrews 11
5:11you know in the verses that follow we
5:13will read by faith Abel offered to God a
5:16more acceptable sacrifice substitute the
5:19word faith with the word Jesus and it
5:21still works right by Jesus Abel offered
5:24to God a more acceptable sacrifice
5:27by his Jesus though he died he still
5:30speaks you see the sentence makes
5:32perfect sense because
5:34faith is always looking at something
5:37what is your faith looking at well Jesus
5:40In Our Gospel text Luke chapter 12
5:43talks about if you would the opposite of
5:46Faith what is the opposite of faith
5:49well it’s doubt unbelief
5:53fear anxiety
5:55these are all the Opposites of Faith so
5:57Jesus says in Our Gospel text he said to
5:59his disciples I tell you do not be
6:02anxious about your life
6:04and just see them all going Jesus
6:07come on
6:11don’t worry about what you’re going to
6:13I don’t even know where my next meal is
6:15coming from
6:16I taught you to pray give us this day
6:18our daily bread do you believe me or not
6:22don’t think about your body don’t worry
6:23about that don’t worry about what you’re
6:25going to put on
6:26for life is more than food the body is
6:30more than clothing
6:31consider the Ravens
6:34we’ve seen those right
6:36crows or any bird think of the barn
6:38swallows here right
6:40they neither sow nor reap they have
6:44neither Storehouse nor barn and yet
6:48who is it that feeds them
6:51God does God feeds them
6:53of how much more value are you than the
6:57birds may I
6:59propose an answer to the question
7:01that Jesus asked of how much more value
7:04are you than the birds
7:06for which of the birds did Christ bleed
7:08and die for
7:11which are the birds
7:13have their names written in the Lamb’s
7:16Book of Life
7:19if there was ever a candidate for well a
7:21bird having his name written in the big
7:22in the you know Lamb’s Book of Life it
7:25would probably be Big Bird
7:27but big bird of course we know is
7:30a puppet animated by a human and that’s
7:33why I say that
7:35of how much more value are you than
7:37birds and which of you by being anxious
7:40can add a single hour to his life span
7:45Jesus in the days before Pepcid
7:48the days before Tums and antacids
7:52already understands the debilitating
7:54effects of anxiety
7:57anxiety causes people to have ulcers
8:00causes people to lose sleep
8:03and it doesn’t add a single day to a
8:05person’s lifespan we know because of
8:07Medical Science today that quite the
8:09opposite happens the person who is
8:12perpetually anxious totally in anxiety
8:17that person
8:19well their health falls apart they
8:23and what’s the root problem of that well
8:26see anxiety is the opposite of faith
8:29if you have certainty that God loves you
8:32that God cares for you that you are more
8:34valuable than the birds
8:37you don’t have to worry about a thing do
8:40not one thing
8:44so he says if then you are not able to
8:45do this small thing as that why are you
8:48anxious about the rest and then he gives
8:51another example all object lessons we
8:53can just look around us consider the
8:56lilies how they grow
8:58they neither toil nor spin yet I tell
9:01you even Solomon and all of his glory
9:03was not arrayed like one of these
9:06but if God so closed the grass which is
9:08alive in the field today and tomorrow is
9:10thrown into the oven how much more will
9:13he clothe you
9:14owe you of little
9:21so seeking the kingdom of God has
9:24something to do with
9:28all of that anxiety all of that worry
9:30all of that inability to sleep all of
9:32that ah
9:37that’s all signs of little or no faith
9:44says do not seek what you were to eat
9:47what you are to drink
9:50don’t be worried
9:53for all the nations of the world seek
9:54after these things and that’s what the
9:56world’s all about is it not
10:00just pick up a magazine at the grocery
10:03store at Walmart
10:05Vogue GQ whatever it is you know 17.
10:09I haven’t seen that number in a long
10:11time right
10:13pick these things up and what are these
10:15magazines filled with
10:20clothes food
10:23seeking after the things of the world
10:25your heavenly father knows you need all
10:27of these things
10:29every last bit of them so if your
10:33heavenly father knows that you need him
10:35them seek his kingdom
10:38and there it is again
10:39these things will be added to you now by
10:42the way Jesus helps us out a little bit
10:44here if this sounds familiar to you
10:47you’re thinking you know I’ve heard this
10:48before in another gospel think
10:51well Matthew
10:54The Sermon on the Mount and Jesus there
10:56in chapter 6 verse 33 says seek first
11:00the kingdom of God and his righteousness
11:03and these things all of these things
11:05they’re going to be added to you
11:08as a bonus
11:10if you would right
11:12seek his kingdom and his righteousness
11:15not your own his so how do you do this
11:20oh you of little faith
11:22will consider by faith Abel offered to
11:25God a more acceptable sacrifice than
11:28Cain to which he was commended
11:30as being righteousness God commending
11:33him by accepting his gifts and through
11:35his faith though he died he still speaks
11:38by faith or you can say by Jesus Enoch
11:42was taken up so that he should not see
11:44death and he was not found because God
11:46had taken him now before he was taken he
11:49was commended as having pleased God
11:53how do you do that
11:55I’d like to know oh what the text says
11:58without faith
12:00it’s impossible to please God
12:02let me read it again without Jesus
12:05it’s impossible to please God you see
12:08your faith looks to Christ so whoever
12:11withdraw near to God must believe that
12:12he exists and that he rewards those who
12:15seek him
12:17by faith Noah being mourned by God
12:19concerning events as yet unseen so
12:23you’ll notice here
12:25that in this Great Hall of Faith passage
12:27that all of the Patriarchs are commended
12:30for their faith
12:32you know you’re hearing bad preaching
12:34when the emphasis is put on the wrong
12:36syllable and what I mean by that is oh
12:39Noah he obeyed no no Noah did what he
12:42did by faith and because he believed and
12:45trusted in the word of God
12:47the thing that was unseen yet that’s the
12:50flood coming who told him it was coming
12:52God did he believed God then he built
12:56the ark the thing that was not seen was
12:59the flood
13:00eventually it was seen and Noah was well
13:04prepared because he had faith by faith
13:07Noah being warned by God concerning
13:09event as yet unseen in reverent fear
13:13constructed an ark for the saving of his
13:15household by this by this Faith by Jesus
13:18he condemned the world and became the
13:21heir of the righteousness that comes by
13:23Faith by faith you can say by Jesus
13:27Abraham obeyed when he was called to go
13:30out to a place that he was to receive as
13:33an inheritance he went out not knowing
13:35where he was going that’s generally how
13:37it goes with me anytime I go out but for
13:40Abraham it was a special kind of not
13:41knowing right by faith he went to live
13:44in the land of promise as a foreigner in
13:46the land living in tents with Isaac and
13:48Jacob heirs with him of the same promise
13:50for he was looking forward to the city
13:53that has foundations
13:55whose designer and Builder is God
13:59did he find that in this life
14:03no he didn’t
14:05but oddly enough we’re all looking for
14:07that same city
14:10by faith Sarah herself received power to
14:13conceive when she was past the age since
14:15she considered him faithful who had
14:17promised therefore from one man and him
14:20as good as dad were born descendants as
14:23many as the stars of heaven and as many
14:25as the innumerable grains of sand by the
14:30you see all of this was accomplished by
14:35and when you truly believe and trust
14:38God’s words and his promises
14:40well it results in action
14:43and that’s what Romans 1 of chapter 4
14:45says what shall we say was gained by
14:48Abraham our forefather recording the
14:50flesh for If Abraham was justified that
14:52means to be declared righteous by works
14:55well then he had something to boast
14:56about but not before God but what does
14:59the scripture say Abraham believed God
15:04and it was counted to him or credited to
15:07him as righteousness do you think it’s
15:10any different for you
15:12any different for me
15:15and if you think about it we’re all kind
15:17of working with the same promises
15:19what are the promises that are promised
15:21to you and to me
15:24Promises of the Forgiveness of our sins
15:27Promises of eternal life Promises of an
15:30inheritance with God and the Saints
15:32forever new Heavens new Earth
15:36when you hear me say I forgive you all
15:39of your sins in the name of the father
15:40Son and the Holy Spirit do you see your
15:43sins forgiven
15:45or do you hear
15:47that your sins are forgiven
15:49you can’t see it can you I promise you
15:52none of you look any cleaner
15:55after the Absolution now after baptism
15:58some of you may look cleaner depends on
16:00what you were looking like before we
16:02brought you to those Waters right
16:04today when you receive the Lord’s Supper
16:07and you hear me say take eat this is the
16:11body of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
16:13broken for you for the Forgiveness of
16:16your sins
16:18do you see Jesus’s body
16:21what do you taste in your mouth
16:25a little chewy thank God all right have
16:29you ever had those communion Wafers
16:30where it’s a little bit easier to
16:32believe that that’s the body of Christ
16:33and it is to believe that it’s actually
16:35bread right
16:41so you receive this in your mouth
16:43and what are you believing that it is
16:48it is what Christ says it is is it not
16:55see faith is the certainty it’s the
16:58Assurance of things hoped for certainly
17:00conviction of things not seen this is
17:03what God says it is I am
17:07who God says I am
17:11I have received what Christ says he’s
17:15given me
17:17seek the kingdom of God and his
17:19righteousness o you of little faith
17:22trust these words of Jesus and all of
17:25this other stuff that you are anxious
17:27about God knows that you need them
17:30he will give them to you freely for
17:33Christ’s sake
17:36he present continues all of these all of
17:38these Saints all of these Old Testament
17:40Patriarchs they all died in faith ah
17:44they all died in Jesus you see how that
17:46works faith in Jesus totally
17:48interchangeable they died in faith not
17:51having received the things promised
17:53does that mean God’s a liar
17:57but having seen them and greeted them
17:58from afar having acknowledged that they
18:01were strangers and Exiles on the earth
18:03and so are you
18:05for people who speak thus make it clear
18:07that they are seeking a Homeland and
18:09it’s not in Norway
18:13if they had been thinking of that land
18:14from which they had gone out they would
18:16have had opportunity to return but as it
18:20is they desire
18:22a better country
18:24that is a Heavenly one
18:27therefore God is not ashamed to be
18:29called their God for he has prepared for
18:31them a city
18:34indeed he has and listen to the last
18:36words of Jesus in Our Gospel fear not
18:39little flock
18:41for is your father’s good pleasure to
18:43give you the kingdom
18:45sell your possessions
18:48sell them give to the needy provide
18:51yourselves with money bags that do not
18:52grow old with a treasure that is in
18:54heaven that does not fail where no Thief
18:57approaches and no moth destroys for
18:59where your treasure is
19:01they’re your heart will be also where is
19:05your treasure
19:06is it in your 401k
19:09is it in the equity in your house
19:11right is it in your car I hope not I
19:15hope not
19:15because cars that have seen them crash
19:18where’s your treasure is it here
19:21or is it in heaven
19:27so with all of that
19:29how do you then seek the kingdom of God
19:32you seek it by faith you seek the
19:35kingdom of God and remember faith in
19:36Jesus are interchangeable you seek it by
19:39Jesus and he is the one who has promised
19:42to give it to you you don’t have to work
19:44for it there’s no punch card that you
19:47need to clock in and clock out in order
19:49to earn it it’s not a wage it’s all
19:52purely given as gift in much the same
19:55way the food that is given to the Ravens
19:57and the birds it’s all gift from your
19:59heavenly father and you are far more
20:01precious than they
20:03because you were bought by the blood of
20:06Christ Genesis chapter 15 hear again
20:09what it was said about Abraham after
20:12these things the word of the Lord came
20:14to Abraham in the vision fear not Abram
20:16I am your Shield your reward shall be
20:19very great
20:21and Abraham said oh Lord what will you
20:23give me for I continue childless and the
20:25heir of my house is Eliezer of Damascus
20:28you see he what he’s hearing
20:31is different than what he’s seeing
20:35have you seen the attorneys the probate
20:37guys are saying that hey it’s Eliezer of
20:39Damascus right Abraham said behold you
20:43have given me no Offspring a member of
20:44my household will be my Heir behold the
20:47word of the Lord came to him and said
20:48this man shall not be your heir
20:51your very own son shall be your Heir and
20:53he brought him outside and said look
20:55toward the heaven Number the Stars if
20:57you are able to number them and then he
21:00said so shall your Offspring be
21:05and he believed the Lord and God counted
21:09it to him as righteousness
21:13and see that’s how it works for all of
21:16we believe the Lord that we are forgiven
21:20that we have a right standing before God
21:22that we are blood-bought children of God
21:24and these promises come to us from
21:27outside of us from God himself from the
21:30word of God and we believe and God
21:33credits that to us as righteousness
21:37clothing us then in the very
21:39righteousness of Christ
21:41so let me ask you did God fulfill his
21:44promise to Abraham
21:46that his descendants would be as
21:48numerous as the Stars
21:50in the heaven
21:52absolutely but I want you to consider
21:55this Galatians 3 verse 7 tells us this
21:58know then that it is those of faith
22:03who are the sons of Abraham
22:08brothers and sisters
22:10you here today
22:12hearing and believing the word of God
22:15hearing and believing the Forgiveness of
22:18proclaimed to you through Christ
22:22you who are of the same faith of Abraham
22:25you are his sons and his daughters you
22:29are the ones who are counted as those
22:32who are part of the stars of Heaven that
22:35cannot be counted the Sands and the
22:37seashore that cannot be counted you are
22:40Abraham’s descendant
22:42and you are his descendant
22:44by faith
22:46do you believe this word
22:50if so
22:51the Lord counts it to you as
22:53righteousness the righteousness that
22:56comes from Christ
22:58know then that as those of Jesus who are
23:01the sons of Abraham in the name of Jesus
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