Sermon Transcript – Christ is our Exorcist

Series B – Sixteenth Sunday of Pentecost – Sunday, September 12, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28in the name of Jesus amen have you all seen the movie
0:33hook you know with dustin hoffman playing hook man he was a fantastic hook
0:39there’s something i want to remind you of if you’ve seen the movie and well in the story peter pan has grown up and
0:47he’s become an adult and he’s forgotten who he is but hook wants his revenge he wants the ultimate battle between good
0:54and evil finally to be fought so that he can well get vengeance on that boy who
0:59had cut his hand off and fed it to the crocodile we all know how the story of pan works right well as he’s away as pan
1:06is away from never never land there’s a there’s a new leader who takes over his name is rufio and rufio well he’s got a
1:15really kind of weird rooster light mohawk pompadour kind of thing going on
1:22is a little bit full of himself and as the story develops pan finally remembers who he is he’s got
1:28to rescue his children they’ve been kidnapped by hook and so he remembers who he is and well
1:35the final battle is on but here’s the thing
1:40in the final battle between good and evil it always has to be the hero who wins the day against the villain
1:47and well contrary to the rules laid down the explicit orders of pan that hook was his
1:56rufio allowed himself to be tempted to well gain the glory to gain the
2:02victory by none other than hook himself who kind of egged him on and was saying
2:08rufio rufio oh as if he was so important
2:13well as we all know how good fairy stories end when one is tempted to fight evil
2:21on evil’s terms when they’re not the hero of the story they often perish and rufio perished
2:29and i’m saying this to remind us of a few things our gospel text is an interesting one there’s quite a few
2:34themes that we can work out in here but one of the most important themes is
2:40this you are not special in the fight against the devil
2:46far from it you are almost practically powerless
2:51and it’s a good thing to think this way it’s a fantastic thing to think this way but cut because when it comes down to it
2:59Christ is the champion he’s the one who won the victory and ongoing the demonic
3:05is real our fight against the devil it’s pitched but Christ is our exorcist he is the one
3:11who wins the day not you don’t be tempted by the schemes of the
3:18devil in that regard i need to give a little bit of a preface to our text there are people nowadays who poopoo the
3:26idea that there are demons oh come on you believe in demons are you do you believe in the boogeyman and monsters
3:32under your bed too this is how they talk and they would dismiss the gospel text
3:38today purely on that ground oh come on we’ve long since graduated as a human
3:44race from the idea of a devil and satan and angels and demons and all that kind
3:50those are all the things of fairy tales no they’re not they are the things
3:56of our present reality scripture is clear our battle isn’t against flesh and blood
4:02but against the powers and principalities of the air against the devil the forces of darkness themselves
4:09so note here just because this text mentions the demonic doesn’t give you any grounds to
4:15dismiss it you dismiss it and ignore it at your own peril or risk and i assure
4:21you the devil is real and he means you the worst harm that you could
4:26possibly imagine if it were not for the hand of Christ the devil would have snuffed you out
4:32long ago me as well and it’s not a coincidence that Christ has taught us to pray daily
4:41lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one
4:47so with that we’re gonna go in a few different directions here so this might seem like a little scatter shot but
4:53remember here you’re not you’re not the one you’re not the victor don’t listen to hook when he eggs you on
5:00to come fight him toe-to-toe rufio like you’re the important one you’re not
5:07so here’s our context right before our gospel text begins
5:14Jesus had taken peter james and john
5:19and ascended a mountain we’re not exactly sure which one there’s a few likely candidates but that’s neither
5:24here nor there he ascended a mountain we call it now the mount of transfiguration and before their eyes
5:31he was transfigured i preach on this it’s this whole thing every single year
5:38during epiphany he was transfigured before their eyes moses and elijah showed up and they were
5:45discussing with Jesus his exodus and of course peter james and john their knees
5:53are knocking they’re terrified by what they see they see Christ in all of his
5:58glory they kind of say
6:03lord it’s good that we’re here maybe we can set up you know three
6:08shelters one for you one for moses one for elijah and it’s at this point that the voice of
6:14the father is heard this is my beloved son in whom i am well pleased listen to him
6:20and then whoosh everything goes calm the light turns off and there was nothing
6:26except for Jesus and it’s in this context that’s the that’s kind of just before this we need
6:32to recognize something here when we talk about the temptations of the devil
6:38in the schemes of the evil one over and again the devil would have you
6:44seek after the paranormal well
6:49the signs and the wonders the power and the glory the healings and
6:55the miracles and don’t fall for the trick don’t fall for it the mount of transfiguration was quite
7:02the event quite the experience and peter later in his second and last
7:08epistle in scripture he writes about the mount of transfiguration
7:14and he points us to something even more sure than that
7:19spiritual and miraculous experience here’s what peter says we do not follow cleverly devise myths
7:27when we made known to you the power and the coming of our lord Jesus Christ
7:33but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty for when he had received honor and glory from god the father and the voice was
7:40born to him by the majestic glory this is my beloved son with whom i am well
7:45pleased we ourselves we heard this very voice born from heaven
7:52for we were with him on the holy mountain so he’s recalling in his mind bringing
7:58it back to his recollection the experience that he had there on the mount of transfiguration he
8:04heard the voice of the father but here’s what he says but we have the prophetic word
8:11more fully confirmed the prophetic word the what yeah you know
8:17the bible huh don’t you want us to chase after signs
8:22wonders don’t you want us to go and slay and conquer demons and decree and declare and take back ground from the
8:30devil no no no no put it all away
8:36that’s all a ruse that’s the voice of hook roofio
8:41roofio ah roof yeah that that’s that’s hook tempting you into a fight on ground that
8:49he’s chosen stay away from it peter says listen we have the prophetic word more fully confirmed
8:56than even the voice i heard on the mount of transfiguration to which you would do well do very well
9:04to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place until the day dawns
9:11and the morning star rises in your hearts knowing first of all no prophecy of scripture comes from someone’s own
9:18interpretation for no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man
9:23but men spoke from god as they were carried along by the holy spirit
9:30so note this isn’t in our text but it forms the context and since we’re talking about the supernatural the
9:37demonic the paranormal i would remind you
9:42in the immediate context amount of transfiguration takes place and peter
9:48thinking and meditating on the event says listen the bible we have is more sure than that
9:53the voice of god is in the scriptures stop chasing the voice of god and the wind and the
10:00trees and the rocks and the bees you’re not going to hear god’s voice there it’s in the prophetic word
10:08so coming down then from the mount of transfiguration and that was quite the event
10:14when they came down the disciples they saw a great crowd around them and the
10:19scribes arguing with them it’s almost as if the devil thinks all right Jesus is up there
10:26shining his little light so i’m going to create well the the greatest of disturbances and while Jesus is away
10:33with peter james and john having his little conversation with moses and elijah i’m
10:39going to stir up so much controversy and i’m going to make him look like a complete buffoon and idiot while he’s
10:46not looking it’s kind of like that so me all the crowd when they saw Jesus they
10:51were greatly amazed and they ran up to him and they greeted him and he asked them
10:56what are you arguing about with them so some from the crowd answered teacher
11:02i brought my son to you for he has a spirit that makes him mute
11:08his father knows what he’s talking about in this particular case this is a demonic spirit that has robbed
11:15his son of his ability to speak and the nightmare that this man and his
11:21son have gone through we barely get a glimpse of it and just what few details we have they’re
11:27harrowing it’s scary and that’s the point
11:32and whenever the demon seizes him it throws him down
11:38and he foams and he grinds his teeth and he becomes rigid now before you sit there and say well
11:44this just sounds like he’s having an epileptic seizure this is more than that
11:51far more than that so i asked your disciples to cast it out
11:58and they were not able now i said this is kind of like it’s the
12:06scenarios kind of set it up along these lines the devil’s taking advantage of the fact that Jesus is having his
12:11conversation about his exodus with moses and elijah and not only does he send a demon
12:18all right you know to you know to the field of battle it
12:23really appears like he sends one of his strongest
12:29ones one of the most difficult to get rid of and here’s the thing
12:35Jesus had already given his disciples who would become the apostles he had
12:41given them authority to cast out demons and so while Jesus is up on the mountain
12:47this fellow wants help his son has been possessed by a demons
12:53robbed him of his speech and many times it’s tried to take his life and it even throws him to the ground this isn’t a
13:01mere falling that’s being described here this is the stuff that you’ve seen in hollywood movies at least they try to
13:08emulate what it is that we see here and there are the disciples the remaining nine
13:14of the 12 they get to work oh it’s a demon and so what do they do
13:20i command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out
13:26and nothing happens you can almost see the demon going
13:34good luck on that one all right i ain’t leaving i’m not going anywhere
13:40and of course the scribes seeing the failure of the disciples they’re johnny
13:45on the spot calling Jesus whole ministry into question because remember when Jesus comes down from the mountain the
13:52scribes were arguing with the disciples what you guys aren’t able to cast us out
13:57this guy this demon out oh maybe Jesus isn’t the messiah this the whole thing
14:04has just turned into utter pandemonium it’s out of control Jesus walks into the
14:10middle of complete and utter discord in disarray caused by whom
14:18the devil and a very very powerful demon
14:24what happens next Jesus gives if you would a sigh of exasperation
14:31one that is talking to well the faithlessness of all of humanity so he answered them oh
14:38faithless generation how long am i going to be with you how long am i going to bear with you
14:45in other words you guys have really messed everything up
14:50it’s a way of basically saying all of this is the consequence of your sin i hope that you believe that that fruit
14:57was worth the bite that you took because really it’s not how long am i going to be with you i’ve got to clean up all of your messes and
15:04he’s not lamenting having to do that he’s lamenting the entire situation that created the scenario in the first place
15:11so he said bring the boy to me so they brought the boy to Jesus
15:16and when the spirit saw him immediately it convulsed the boy
15:22and he fell on the ground and rolled about foaming at the mouth
15:29let those words sink in a little bit here because the scene is terrifying
15:35all right if this were to happen here at kong’s winger i assure you everybody
15:40would be focusing in on the person manifesting the demon
15:45why because well that’s what’s going on here this thing like the movie the exorcist he’s on the ground rolling
15:51around foaming at the mouth do you think that this is a quiet scene no
15:57the kid’s probably making all kinds of ghastly sounds and
16:03just looking at him with all the foam coming out of his mouth and you know what Jesus does
16:09he ignores the boy yeah i know it’s weird isn’t it
16:17but here’s the thing Jesus is going to cast this demon out
16:24and at this point there’s two victims here
16:29two victims of this attack the father and the boy and these demonic attacks have rocked
16:37this man’s faith his faith is smoldering
16:44barely there at all and here’s the important thing Christ when he sees a smoldering
16:52wick a faith that has been brought almost to the edge where it’s going to go out
16:58Jesus doesn’t lick his finger and go and snuff it out
17:03no that’s not what Jesus is like at all and we all know this
17:10how many of us can say in our darkest times the Christ rather than cast us away
17:19kick us in the teeth instead brought us in from the storm
17:24took that smoldering wick put his hands over it and went
17:31and blew into it to start to fan back into flame that
17:36smoldering faith that’s what he does here so he looks at the father
17:43while this child is doing the exorcist thing
17:48and he looks at him and says how long has this been happening to him and you can almost see the pause
17:55you see the the father going wait what
18:00um oh well um it’s it’s from childhood
18:06it’s often cast him into the fire and into water in order to destroy him
18:12this father has been a diligent vigilant there that’s what
18:17i’m looking for vigilant father this demon has it out for his kid and he
18:23has vigilantly stood guard kept an eye on him
18:30kept him safe and on multiple occasions this demon tried to kill his own son
18:37the reason his son is alive is because of his loving care even though this
18:43demonic entity is well beyond his ability to do anything with
18:49he is still foughted and kept his son from dying and Jesus knows this
18:57and then come these words but if you can do anything
19:03if you can do anything Jesus you know what he needs have compassion on us please have mercy
19:11and help us
19:18kyrie eleison lord have mercy
19:23when one comes to Jesus in need and cries out to him for help
19:29and begs that the lord have compassion does Jesus say oh come on this is all
19:34your own fault you shouldn’t have let him you shouldn’t have let him play with ouija boards and tarot cards everybody knows that that’s
19:41how you open up the door to the demonic and to the occult this is all your own doing
19:48no that’s how the pharisees act Jesus has
19:53full compassion on him Jesus stops and says well if you can
20:00and then listen to what he says all things are possible for the one who believes believes what
20:07believes that Jesus is the Christ the son of god that Jesus is the seed of
20:15the woman promised to our human race all the way back in the garden of eden the
20:20seed of the woman who would come and deliver us by crushing the head of the
20:25servant everyone who believes all things are possible for
20:31the one who believes and trusts in our champion
20:36Jesus in fact this is where our old testament text really fits in perfectly
20:43consider that isaiah chapter 50 verses 4 to 10 it’s a prophecy about Jesus it’s all
20:50about him and listen to what isaiah extols and exemplifies and holds before
20:56our eyes in the prophecy regarding Christ yahweh elohim has given me the tongue of
21:03those who are taught these might as well be read letters because Jesus is the one speaking these
21:10words they are describing him so that i may know how to sustain with a
21:15word him who is weary oh man
21:21that is so good it actually causes me to have a little bit of a
21:27well spring in my step Jesus is the one
21:32who’s given a tongue like those who are taught so that he may know how to sustain with the word
21:38the one who is weary you me weary with sin
21:45weary with suffering weary with the schemes and attacks of the devil weary
21:51with the attacks of the demonic weary ah but this one Jesus
21:57our champion the one who conquers the devil for us he can sustain us
22:04with a word and he does what is the word that Jesus sustains us
22:09weary sinners with oh you heard it earlier today the word is this
22:16forgiven so that i can sustain with a word
22:23him who is weary and indeed he does are you weary and
22:29heavy laden bruised and battered in your battles against the devil
22:36have the flaming darts of the evil one well struck home and
22:43wounded you are you tired of the battle Christ will sustain you with a word he
22:49is your champion morning by morning he awakens
22:54he awakens my ear to hear as those who are taught yahweh elohim has opened my ear and i
23:02was not rebellious and i turned not backwards only Jesus can speak this way i gave my back to those who strike
23:10and my cheeks to those who pull out the beard i hid not my face from disgrace
23:16and from spitting and here oh this is a prophecy
23:22of the beginnings of Jesus’s suffering that horrible first good friday
23:29where he was beaten with rod scourged with a whip
23:34punched in the face had his beard pulled out
23:40he didn’t hide from the disgrace he bore up under it because even then he was bleeding
23:47suffering and dying for your sins and for mine
23:52and then he says this but yahweh helps me therefore i have not been disgraced therefore i have set my face like a
23:59flint i know that i shall not be put to shame and indeed Jesus was not put to
24:06shame god the father vindicated him by raising him bodily from the grave
24:12and that’s the point Jesus by dying and rising again has
24:19conquered the devil remember pan and hook
24:25well they had their duel to the death and all of that is just the archetypes and the stories that we tell each other
24:31but in the real world there was an ultimate battle between good and evil
24:36and that ultimate battle we had a champion who came forward
24:42and he conquered our adversary and set us free
24:48by bleeding dying spit on
24:54having his beard torn out scourged and nailed to a cross
24:59he willingly laid down his life and bore your sin and mine in his own body
25:05so that we could be forgiven and that the power of the devil would be
25:10snapped in half and broken forever and indeed it
25:16was he who vindicates me is near so Jesus says who will contend with me
25:23let us stand together who’s my adversary let him come near to me
25:29[Laughter] Jesus having conquered the devil basically beats his chest and says come
25:35on are there any of you demons left you want to take me on it’s not going to go good for you that’s the point
25:42behold all of them will wear out like a garment the moth will eat them up who among you fears yahweh
25:49and obeys the voice of his servant let him who walks in darkness
25:55and has no light trust in the name of yahweh and rely on his god
26:04Jesus is your champion and in this world where we are buffered and battered
26:10buffered nothing buffeted that yeah that’s the word i’m looking buffered that’s the thing that happens to my computer where we are
26:17buffeted and battered by the devil sometimes sneakily
26:22sometimes overtly sometimes in ways that are very clearly
26:28supernatural and paranormal it’s all true Christ though he is our victor he is the
26:36one who we are to rely on he is our exorcist he is our life and our light
26:42and our salvation and our very forgiveness so note then here
26:48Jesus says all things are possible for the one
26:55who believes who trusts in their champion Jesus
27:02upon hearing these words the father who had suffered so much in his vigilant battles against the
27:09demonic which only proved to be a losing battle
27:14he cries out after asking Jesus to have compassion and mercy in him he says i believe
27:21please help my unbelief and that’s the thing
27:27Jesus says if you have faith the size of a mustard seed that’s pretty small if you think about it it’s kind of a microscopic mustard thingy kind of tiny
27:34tiny tiny doesn’t say you need avocado seed faith just need mustard seed faith here he recognizes he does believe but
27:41he has so much unbelief having been buffeted by the attacks of
27:46the devil but that’s a great prayer in fact
27:52the things that this father prays we too can also pray to Jesus
27:58have compassion on us and help us help my unbelief
28:04i do believe lord and how does Jesus respond to prayers of this type humble prayers
28:12true calls out for mercy and compassion he is our champion and our savior
28:18he comes to our aid he vindicates us he defeats the devil for us so here’s what
28:23happens Jesus saw that the crowd came then running together so he rebuked the unclean spirit saying to you mute and
28:30deaf spirit i command you to come out of him and never to enter him again
28:36and when Jesus gives the order the devils have
28:41no options they must obey the voice of their god
28:47so after crying out and confusing him terribly
28:53the demon came out the boy was like a corpse
28:59so that most of them said he’s dead he’s dead
29:05but Jesus took him by the hand another act of compassion mercy kindness
29:14our god has gotten into the muck he’s gotten into the mire he’s come down to our level he reaches out his hand
29:22and he lifts the boy up and he arose there you can see everyone going
29:28wow it doesn’t say what happens next with the father or the boy
29:34but you it’s not hard to imagine the relief the joy
29:40the peace that night that father and that boy
29:46were able to get a true night’s sleep something they hadn’t been able to get
29:53in years all because of Jesus and now resting in him
29:59they are with him now in the heavenly kingdom because Christ defeated the devil for them completely and having
30:06believed and trusted in Christ they now are with him
30:11for his throne worshiping him waiting for the resurrection like the
30:17rest of us well we right here we’ll wait with them after we die
30:23but then comes the thorny issue man the devil really made a mess of things and those disciples weren’t able
30:30to stop that demon why not remember what Jesus said all things are
30:35possible for the one who believes believes what trusts in their champion Jesus
30:42so the disciples came to him privately why could we not cast it out and by the
30:47way this is a great thing that they weren’t able to cast it out you say
30:53how do you figure that was terrible it was a big defeat for them their defeat is our victory
31:00because we go toe-to-toe with the devil and we do not have the apostolic authority to be exorcists the way they
31:05were we just don’t so when the devil shows up and starts harassing us in ways that are terrifying
31:12or there’s legitimate well demonic possession and oppression and things like this going on what are
31:19we going to do what do we get we don’t have the same authority the apostles had Jesus gave
31:24them the authority to cast out demons so what are we supposed to do we’re we’re helpless we don’t have no no no no we’re
31:32not helpless all things are possible
31:37for the one who believes the one who believes in their champion Jesus who conquered hook
31:43the devil you get the idea right he said this kind cannot be driven out
31:49by anything but prayer
31:55okay let’s think about this for a second so you’re saying Jesus
32:01that there are demons that are so powerful
32:07so strong that even when one of your disciples or
32:12apostles commands them to come out of a person they’ll laugh and say nope not coming
32:18out but all we have to do is get on our knees
32:26and pray to you the way that father prayed to you
32:32have compassion on us Jesus help us
32:40and you’ll answer and you’ll cast out that demon the same way you cast out that demon that day on
32:47the after the mount of ma transfiguration right you see it
32:54Jesus said in the great commission i will never leave you or forsake you i
33:00am with you always even until the end of the age
33:05Jesus isn’t there Jesus is here
33:11he’s with you now he’s with us now we’ve gathered in his name
33:17he will never leave us or forsake us so don’t worry what did Jesus say oh
33:22faithless generation faithless how long am i to bear with you bring him to me well Jesus is still
33:29bearing with our faithless generations bearing with our generations the generations that came before us and the
33:35ones that will come after us until he returns he’s still bearing with us because he bore our sin on the on the
33:41cross and he defeated the power of the devil he is still our exorcist he is our
33:49champion when you consider the implications of it this is the most amazing and refreshing
33:55and comforting thing ever don’t listen to the devil when he tempts you to fight him on his terms it’s a
34:03trap it won’t end well for you rufio
34:08no when the devil is trying to pick a fight with you
34:14and harassing you horribly and manifesting and well doing all the things that the devil does
34:22get down on your knees and pray
34:28and ask your exorcist the one who conquered the devil the one
34:34who set you free from bondage to sin death and the devil who transferred you from the dominion of darkness
34:40into the kingdom of his light get down on your knees and say lord have compassion
34:49have mercy deliver us from the evil one
34:55what do you think Jesus will do all things are possible for the one
35:01who believes in the name of Jesus amen
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