Sermon Transcript – Christ Makes All Things Work Together for Good

Series A – Eighth Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, July 26, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint
0:30matthew the 13th
0:31chapter jesus said the kingdom of heaven
0:34is like
0:34treasure hidden a field which a man
0:36found and covered up then in his joy he
0:38goes and sells all that he has and buys
0:40that field
0:41again the kingdom of heaven is like a
0:42merchant in search of fine pearls who
0:45on finding one pearl of great value went
0:47and sold all that he had and bought it
0:48again the kingdom of heaven is like a
0:50net that was thrown into the sea and
0:52gathered fish of every kind
0:53when it was full men drew it ashore and
0:55sat down and sorted the good
0:57into containers but threw away the bad
0:59so it will be at the close of the age
1:01the angels will come out and separate
1:02the evil from the righteous and throw
1:04them into the fiery furnace
1:05in that place there will be weeping and
1:07gnashing of teeth have you understood
1:09all these things they said to him yes
1:12and he said to them therefore every
1:13scribe who has been trained for the
1:15kingdom of heaven
1:16is like a master of a house who brings
1:18out of his treasure
1:19what is new and what is old this is the
1:22gospel of the lord
1:24in the name of jesus amen all right have
1:27you ever noticed
1:28maybe some of you don’t know either
1:29you’re too young some of you uh
1:31newlyweds have a weird way of fighting
1:33newlyweds do and what i mean by this is
1:35is that if you’ve ever heard newlyweds
1:38sometimes the fight goes something like
1:41you never blank fill in the blank
1:45or you always blank
1:49fill in the blank and it’s weird because
1:52what ends up happening is is that you
1:54get these outrageous statements of like
1:58your spouse never takes out the trash
2:01well maybe he missed it today or last
2:03but he does take out the trash or your
2:06never blank and see the never and the
2:10you learn as you get older in life and
2:13your marriage matures
2:14this is kind of a dumb way to argue
2:16because that’s just not true
2:18but you’re going to note that in our
2:20epistle text today
2:23we get one of these statements that is
2:27all-inclusive listen to what these words
2:29say we know that for those who love god
2:32all things work together
2:36for good
2:39all things all things suffering
2:42famine slander all these things
2:46all these things work together for good
2:49all of them
2:50it’s a big statement if you think about
2:52it but the thing is is that
2:54scripture tells us the truth and so
2:56building off of last week’s text
2:58last week we looked forward to the hope
3:01that we have in christ to get us
3:03through our suffering and here’s a
3:05little bit more of the aspect of the
3:06hope that we have in christ
3:08and that is that we know that what we
3:10are currently going through
3:12in our present situation whether it’s
3:15the turmoil of the world
3:17the craziness that’s going on in our own
3:21just seems like the whole world has lost
3:23its mind
3:24i was in chicago yesterday and seeing
3:27all of the restaurants closed seeing the
3:32you know being on a flight where it was
3:34half full
3:35everybody having to spread out everybody
3:37having to wear a mask everybody afraid
3:39and then watching the news on television
3:41seeing what’s happening
3:43around the world and of course don’t
3:45forget in the mix of all of this
3:47that rioters are lobbing off the heads
3:51of statues of jesus saying that jesus
3:55himself has got to go
3:56jesus is the problem and so you’ll note
3:59that in the midst of all this what do we
4:01people are slandering us people are
4:03attacking us people are persecuting us
4:05and well we’ve got to come back to this
4:07statement this all-inclusive statement
4:09from the apostle paul all things
4:13they work together for good for those
4:15who are called according to god’s
4:17and brothers and sisters you are
4:20you have been brought from death to life
4:23you have been forgiven of all of your
4:25christ has bled and died for each and
4:28every one of them
4:29and you are part of the group here
4:32in verse 29 those whom he foreknew he
4:35also predestined and that’s you
4:38you have been predestined to be in
4:40christ you’ve been predestined to be
4:42conformed to the image of his son so
4:44that he might be the firstborn
4:46among many brothers and so those whom he
4:50that’s you he also called and you are
4:52called here
4:53those whom he called he also justified
4:56and there’s that word
4:58dicayahu to be forensically declared
5:01not guilty by god the verdict has come
5:04you are completely innocent the devil
5:07may slander you
5:08he may be the accuser of the saints he
5:10may say yeah but that
5:12person he jesus yeah and just go on and
5:14on and on
5:15but the thing is the gavel’s already
5:17fallen you’ve been declared innocent
5:19nothing can take that away from you and
5:22those whom god justified he is also
5:25we are already seated with christ in
5:27heavenly places the apostle paul says
5:30this is most certainly true and although
5:33we cannot see it with our physical
5:36eyes we have heard it with the eyes of
5:39faith found inside of our ears
5:42and so we believe these things to be
5:43true so paul then asks us what then
5:46shall we say to these things
5:48if god is for us who can be against us
5:52i was listening to molly zigler
5:55hemingway yesterday she gave a great
5:57at the issues etc conference and she was
6:00talking about
6:01in answering a question kind of the fear
6:03and the anxiety that everybody’s facing
6:06knowing that if they speak out against
6:08the evil that is in the world
6:10and say that that’s not correct as a
6:13i cannot affirm these things that well
6:16the world’s going to rail
6:17against us they may dox us you know they
6:21do everything they can to hurt us and
6:23she noted that uh
6:24recently you know she had written
6:25articles against a lot of the evil
6:27that’s going on in the world
6:28and what was the liberal news media’s
6:31retaliation against her
6:33you’re a bigot they said of her
6:36and her response was that’s the best you
6:41just to call me a bigot that’s all you
6:44you got nothing else that didn’t hurt
6:49really okay and so the idea here is is
6:53you’ll note that as christians we
6:55oftentimes fear going through suffering
6:58we fear being slandered why because it
7:01does have a tendency to hurt but at the
7:02end of the day the devil all he has are
7:05that’s all he has he’s got nothing so
7:07what shall we say then if god’s for us
7:09who can be against us
7:10and then note here referring back to the
7:13cross he who did not spare his own son
7:16but gave himself up for us and note the
7:18comparison here
7:19that god the father has given his son
7:23to bleed and to die for your sins and
7:25for mine
7:26to bear our guilt and our shame our
7:30and to suffer the consequences of our
7:32sin on the cross
7:34and god did not spare his own precious
7:37so in the midst of all that how will he
7:40not also with him
7:41graciously give us all things he’s
7:44already given us
7:45the most precious thing ever the son of
7:49so how will he not then give us all
7:51things and this
7:53then frames our mentality so who shall
7:57any charge against god’s elect it’s god
8:00who justifies
8:02they’re going to slander you before the
8:04world you’re a bigot
8:06you’re a close-minded fill in the blank
8:09right you’re just a hater you’re just
8:12out of them
8:14don’t worry god is the one who justifies
8:19and he has declared you forgiven
8:23pardoned and says that he loves you
8:27so then who’s to condemn us who’s going
8:30to condemn us
8:30christ is the one who died more than
8:32that he was the one who was raised he’s
8:34at the right hand of god
8:35who is indeed interceding for us that’s
8:38where he is presently
8:40so you sit there and stop looking at
8:42everything around you
8:43and say anxiety anxiety
8:49instead say wait a second
8:52jesus christ the son of god who sits at
8:55the right hand of the father he’s there
8:58right now for me this is the reality
9:02that we hang on to
9:04not the fear of being slandered or
9:05losing our jobs or being doxed or
9:08being persecuted forget it forget it
9:11christ is interceding for you so who
9:14shall separate us from the love of
9:16do you think the devil slanders can
9:19separate you from the love of christ
9:21do you think that the liberal media
9:24telling you that you’re a bigot and
9:25you’re close-minded and you’re
9:27you’re a bunch of racists because you
9:29were born white
9:30well do you think that can separate you
9:32from the love of christ
9:36of course not who can separate us from
9:38the love of christ
9:39nobody can all right
9:42shall tribulation no distress
9:46no persecution famine nakedness
9:51nope danger sword no
9:55not at all and then we come back to this
9:58reality the one
9:59we talked about last week note then as
10:03you see for your sake we are being
10:05killed all the day long
10:07the scripture says and we are regarded
10:08as sheep to be slaughtered
10:11christ doesn’t save us from the curse he
10:12saves us through it and so we recognize
10:16yeah you know things are pretty dicey
10:18for us
10:19in this life and right now
10:22it’s getting diceier so nothing can
10:25separate us from the love of christ
10:27tribulation distress persecution famine
10:29nakedness dangerous sword not even death
10:31can separate us from the love of christ
10:34and so
10:35you’ll note then paul then says we in
10:37these things
10:39in these things we are more than
10:41conquerors through him who loved us
10:44in the midst of persecution and
10:46tribulation and slander and nakedness
10:48dangerous sword
10:49and all of these things were more than
10:51conquerors how do we conquer
10:54christ has already done the conquering
10:56for us and you’ll note that the apostle
10:58knows a thing or two about all of this
11:01this is not some kind of an
11:03abstract concept for him let me explain
11:06let me read to you
11:07just one of the travails that the
11:09apostle paul went through
11:10as a proclaimer of the forgiveness of
11:12sins a proclaimer that jesus christ is
11:14the promised messiah of the old
11:16that he is the one who bled and died for
11:18our sins and that salvation is by grace
11:20through faith alone
11:21consider what happens the apostle paul
11:23in acts chapter
11:2514 it says this starting at verse one at
11:28they entered together into the jewish
11:30synagogue this is paul and barnabas they
11:32spoke in such a way
11:33that a great number of both jews and
11:35greeks believed
11:37amen the word of god the gospel has gone
11:40forth in iconium and
11:42jews and greeks are believing and
11:44trusting in jesus christ being baptized
11:47in the name of the father the son the
11:48holy spirit but what happens listen to
11:51what verse 2 says
11:52but the unbelieving jews they stirred up
11:54the gentiles and poisoned their minds
11:56against the brothers
12:00what salvation has come to iconium and
12:04there’s people poisoning other people’s
12:06and that’s how it works apostle paul
12:09knew firsthand
12:10what this meant so it’s what it says
12:12they re
12:13they remained for a long time so in the
12:16midst of the persecution they didn’t sit
12:17there and go
12:18oh what are we gonna do what am i gonna
12:21they’re they’re slandering us they’re
12:22poisoning mines again no they
12:24stood their ground and they remained for
12:26a long
12:27time and they continued to speak boldly
12:30for the lord
12:31who bore witness to the word of his
12:33grace granting signs and wonders to be
12:35done by their hands you know god is the
12:36one who did it
12:38so in the midst of persecution they
12:39stood their ground stayed for a long
12:42boldly by the power of god and the holy
12:45boldly proclaimed christ and god even
12:48granted signs and wonders to be
12:50performed by their hands
12:51but the people of the city were divided
12:55this became the dividing line
12:58are you do you believe in jesus yeah i
13:00believe in jesus
13:01i and i believe that he’s died for my
13:03sins well we don’t believe that
13:06apostle paul he’s a terrible person
13:09don’t you know that
13:10he’s the man of lawlessness he he
13:13the bible in the old testament he denies
13:16that the law can save you
13:17and so there’s division going on right
13:20so some sided with the jews
13:22some with the apostles division
13:25and then it says this when an attempt
13:27was made by both gentiles and jews
13:29with their rulers to mistreat them and
13:32to stone them
13:33now it’s going to get personal to the
13:34point where it’s time to kill them by
13:37the way
13:37stoning is not the same thing that
13:39happens in colorado today like if you
13:41get stoned in colorado
13:42it’s a different thing okay stoning
13:45usually results in you
13:46ending your life and you’re not
13:47breathing anymore so they actually
13:49wanted to murder the apostle paul
13:51and to stone him to death and so they
13:53came up with a way to mistreat them to
13:55the point of
13:55killing them and what did they do well
13:57they learned of it
13:58and so they fled they fled to lystra
14:01into derby
14:02cities of laconia and to the surrounding
14:04country and there they continued to
14:07the gospel and there they continued to
14:10preach the gospel and you know
14:11having stayed for a long time they had
14:14time to catechize the new believers
14:16to instruct them in the word of god to
14:20up the church and they didn’t need to be
14:22there anymore
14:24so it was fine for them to go ahead and
14:26leave and so they did
14:27and so the apostle paul knows
14:28persecution all too well
14:31all too well but the story continues now
14:34at leister there was a man sitting who
14:35could not use his feet
14:37he was crippled from birth and had never
14:39walked he listened to paul speaking and
14:42paul looking intently at him
14:43seeing that he had faith to be made well
14:46he said in a loud voice stand upright
14:48on your feet and he sprang up and began
14:50walking and you’ll note a miracle has
14:52taken place
14:53when the crowd saw what paul had done
14:55they lifted up their voice in the
14:56lakonian language and they said the gods
14:59have come down to us in the likeness of
15:01men barnabas they called zeus
15:03and paul hermes because he was the chief
15:07and the priest of zeus whose temple was
15:08at the entrance of the city brought oxen
15:10and garlands
15:11to the gates and they wanted to offer
15:13sacrifices with the crowds
15:15but when the apostles barnabas and saul
15:17heard of it they tore their garments and
15:19rushed out into the crowd crying men
15:20why are you doing these things we also
15:23are men of like nature with you when we
15:25bring you good news that you should turn
15:27from these vain things
15:28turn to the living god who made the
15:30heavens and the earth the sea and all
15:32that is in them
15:33in the past generations he allowed all
15:35the nations to walk in their own ways
15:38yet he did not leave himself without
15:39witness for he did good by giving you
15:41reigns from heaven and fruit
15:43in season satisfying your hearts with
15:45food and gladness and even with these
15:47words they scarcely restrained the
15:49people from offering sacrifice to them
15:51but you’ll note what started off with
15:52such a joyous occasion a man who’s been
15:55from birth is now walking he’s been
15:57healed by god’s grace
15:58and mercy now the situation turns dicey
16:02paul but jews came from antioch and
16:07oh great these are quite the people
16:09they’re like termites man they just
16:11never give up when they found out that
16:14paul was in lystra
16:15they decided to strike out and go visit
16:18themselves and what did they do they
16:19persuade the crowds
16:21these guys are evil
16:25they’re deceiving you forget the fact
16:27that that guy can walk you might want to
16:29kill him too so we don’t want any
16:30witnesses dead men tell motels
16:32you know but what do they do they stone
16:36now he got the stoning that he was set
16:39up for in iconium
16:40they stoned paul and they dragged him
16:42out of the city supposing that he was
16:46what kind of condition do you think his
16:48body was in that they thought he was
16:52so there’s paul’s corpse
16:56lying outside the city and the disciples
16:59gathered around him
17:01but he rose up entered the city on the
17:03next day he went on with barnabas to
17:07moving right along footloose and fancy
17:10right sorry muppet movie anyway
17:15so you’ll note here the apostle paul is
17:18stranger to persecution to slander
17:22to trouble to distress and
17:26considering what happened to him at
17:30what happened in lystra you’ll note that
17:32in leicester he was stoned to the point
17:34where they thought he was dead
17:35how many times did this guy lay down his
17:39this was this was like martyrdom that
17:42didn’t succeed
17:44but later it would succeed and he never
17:47shirked away from this because
17:49he understood what our texts tell
17:52us today that nothing can separate us
17:56from the love of god nothing
18:00if god’s for us who can be against us
18:03nothing can separate us from the love of
18:04Christ tribulation
18:06distress persecution famine
18:09slander nakedness danger sword
18:13you see in all these things we are more
18:15than conquerors
18:17through him who loved us why because
18:18he’s already conquered
18:20the grave he’s already bled and died for
18:23our sins
18:24so note then brothers what paul says he
18:26says i am
18:27certain that neither death nor life nor
18:29angels nor rulers nor things present nor
18:31things to come nor powers
18:32nor heights nor depth including death
18:36or anything else in all of creation will
18:38be able to separate us
18:39from the love of god in Christ Jesus
18:44so what are you worried about
18:47all the devil has is slander persecution
18:49threats and murder
18:52but nothing’s going to separate you from
18:53the love of Christ
18:55so rejoice that you are bled for died
18:58for predestined
19:00and glorified and justified in him all
19:03as a gift
19:04because of the great love and mercy of
19:07our great god and savior Jesus Christ
19:09in Jesus name amen
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