Sermon Transcript – Christ’s Love Overcomes Sin and the Fear of Death

Series A – Third Sunday in Lent – Sunday, March 15, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28The holy Gospel according to st. John
0:30the fourth chapter Jesus came to a town
0:33of Samaria called Sychar near the field
0:36that Jacob had given to his son Joseph
0:38Jacob’s Well was there so Jesus wearied
0:42as he was from his journey was sitting
0:43beside the well it was about the sixth
0:45hour there came a woman of Samaria to
0:47draw water jesus said to her give me a
0:50for the for his disciples had gone away
0:52into the city to buy food the Samaritan
0:55woman said to him how is it that you a
0:56Jew asked for a drink for me a woman of
0:59Samaria for Jews have no dealings with
1:01Samaritans jesus answered her if you
1:04knew the gift of God and who it is that
1:06is saying to you give me a drink you
1:08would have asked him and he would have
1:09given you living water the woman said to
1:12him sir you have nothing to draw water
1:13with and the well is deep where do you
1:15get that living water are you greater
1:17than our Father Jacob so he get he gave
1:20us the well and drank from it himself as
1:22did his sons and his livestock and jesus
1:24said to her everyone who drinks of this
1:26water will be thirsty again whoever
1:27drinks of the water that I will give him
1:29will never be thirsty forever the water
1:32that I will give him will become in him
1:34a spring of water welling up to eternal
1:35life the woman said to him Sir give me
1:38this water so that I will not be thirsty
1:41or have to come here to draw water jesus
1:43said to her go call your husband and
1:45come here the woman answered him I have
1:48no husband
1:48jesus said to her well you’re right and
1:50saying you have no husband for you have
1:52had five husbands and the one you have
1:54now is not your husband what you have
1:56said is true
1:57the woman said him sir I perceive you
2:00are a prophet our fathers worshiped on
2:02this mountain but you say that in
2:03Jerusalem is the place where the people
2:05ought to worship jesus said to her woman
2:07believe me the hour is coming when
2:08neither on this mountain nor in
2:10Jerusalem will you worship the father
2:11you worship what you do not know
2:13we worship what we know for salvation is
2:16from the Jews but the hour is coming and
2:18is now here when true worshipers will
2:21worship the father in spirit and in
2:23truth for the father is seeking such
2:25people to worship him God is spirit and
2:27those who worship Him must worship Him
2:29in spirit and in truth and the woman
2:31said to him I know that the Messiah is
2:33coming he who is called Christ when he
2:35comes he will tell us all things jesus
2:38said to her I who speak to you a.m. he
2:40this is the gospel of the Lord in the
2:43name of Jesus all right I cannot help
2:48but make mention of the fact that the
2:50world has gone nuts
2:52it’s lost its collective mind and
2:55there’s fear and there’s panic I mean if
2:59you were to watch the zombie movies you
3:01were expecting something different than
3:03this but what did we get we got fear
3:05panic and no toilet paper I’m a little
3:11bit upset about that but what is driving
3:14all of this what on earth is driving all
3:18of this the answer is actually simple
3:20what’s driving all of this is fear of
3:22death but it’s a little bit deeper than
3:25that if you want to kind of push just a
3:28little bit past the fear of death the
3:30thing that everyone’s afraid of it’s not
3:33it’s standing before Christ on the day
3:35of judgment it’s see every one of us
3:36scripture tells we all know that God
3:39exists we all do we have the law written
3:41on our hearts and we know for a fact
3:44that we have woefully fallen short that
3:47we have transgressed God’s holy commands
3:49and that each and every one of us we
3:51deserve God’s wrath and so the thing is
3:54is that how’s the phrase go Yolo you
3:56only live once that’s not exactly true
3:59you actually if those who die in
4:01trespasses and sins they die twice and
4:04that’s the thing that everyone’s afraid
4:06of everyone is afraid of God’s justice
4:08God’s judgment they all know they’re
4:10guilty and as a result of it they’ve
4:12stolen all the toilet paper
4:16all of that being said I want to take
4:20into consideration our text today that
4:23shows us and gives us comfort I would
4:27remind all of us have a very important
4:29text in the Gospel of John chapter 8
4:32verse 51 Jesus says these words amen
4:36amen I say to you if anyone keeps keeps
4:39toretto means to guard to hold sacred –
4:42you know – actually it’s not a matter of
4:45obeying it’s a matter of listening to
4:47Jesus’s words and saying these are the
4:49words of God this is most certainly true
4:51hanging on these if anyone keeps my word
4:53he will never see death now wait a
5:01second here wait a sec there’s people
5:03dying all over the world I heard today
5:05that that the in Italy the obituaries
5:08are running ten pages long because of
5:10how many people are dying as a result of
5:12the coronavirus are you saying pastor
5:14that we will never see death no I’m not
5:18saying it jesus said and why is it
5:21because we’re all already dead we’ve
5:24been baptized into Christ death in his
5:26resurrection we don’t get to die twice
5:28you get to die once and so you’ve
5:31already died so live like you are free
5:34because you’ve already died all of that
5:37being said I would note that over and
5:40again the Gospels have good news to
5:43proclaim to us we who live in the valley
5:45of the shadow of death who have well the
5:48fear of death hanging over us we might
5:51want to consider just how kind Jesus is
5:54to sinners because in his first Advent
5:57did Jesus didn’t come to condemn the
5:59world he came so that the world might be
6:02saved through him and so our gospel text
6:05today is amazing a little bit of the
6:08historical setup you heard it in our
6:10gospel text Jews and Samaritans don’t
6:13talk to each other all right
6:16the people in the Northern Kingdom of
6:18Israel in the time of the Old Testament
6:19went into rank idolatry remember that’s
6:22that bronze serpent that Moses had made
6:25they ended up worshiping that
6:27thing they set up their own temple
6:29complex on the top of Mount Gerizim
6:32near a Sai car or the O the ancient city
6:35of Shechem and they well they were
6:38idolaters straight up straight up they
6:41they had come up with some weird
6:43synchronistic idolatry mixed with some
6:46remembrance of Yahweh and the patriarchs
6:48and it was just a theological mess and
6:52so the Jews responded by basically
6:54saying we’re gonna not have anything to
6:56do with you and so they stopped talking
6:58altogether in fact during Christmas and
7:00Thanksgiving religion was off the table
7:02to discuss alright because nobody was
7:05getting along nobody was talking to each
7:06other so you got the idea in fact it was
7:08so bad that when Jews would travel
7:10through Samaria which they tried to
7:12avoid like the plague they would well
7:16after they got through Samaria they
7:19shake the dust of Samaria off their
7:21sandals so they wouldn’t be tracking
7:22Samaritan dirt into the Holy Land itself
7:26that’s how things had gone and so it
7:30says that Jesus had to pass through
7:32Samaria that’s what John chapter 4 verse
7:364 says he had to pass through Samaria
7:38and anybody who knows the history is
7:40gonna sit there and go well this ought
7:41to be interesting right because the
7:44expectation is Jesus is going to show up
7:46he’s gonna overturn the Samaritan tables
7:50he’s gonna call down curses on the false
7:53worship taking place on Mount Gerizim
7:55he’s gonna nuke the site from orbit like
7:58he did Sodom and Gomorrah that’s the
8:00expectations I got here comes the
8:02Messiah meets the Samaritans and it’s
8:05just gonna be well it didn’t go
8:07according to plan
8:09you see so the text says he came to a
8:11town of Samaria called Sychar now this
8:13is right between Mount Gerizim and Mount
8:16oh we’re old Shechem used to be in that
8:19region and Jacob’s Well was near and we
8:22know exactly where that is Jacob’s Well
8:24was there so Jesus wearied as he was
8:27from his journey what God gets tired
8:31well the Incarnation kind of changes a
8:33few things up you’ll note that Jesus is
8:35truly human and he well he gets tired
8:38you know and it’s noon
8:40it’s not a good day to travel a good
8:42time to travel and so he was wearied
8:45from his journey he was sitting beside
8:46the well it was about the sixth hour
8:48that’s noon and we’re gonna note a woman
8:51from Samaria came to draw water which is
8:53a weird time to draw water usually in
8:54the ancient world you draw water either
8:56in the morning or in the evening right
8:58before the Sun sets why because it’s a
9:00lot cooler in fact you can say this
9:03woman is engaging in social distancing
9:05why well we’ve already heard that her
9:08morals are a wee bit loose wee bit loose
9:12shall we say even loose for by Samaritan
9:15standards so coming at noon makes it a
9:18lot easier for her to draw her water and
9:21not have to be exposed to other people
9:24and the ridicule their scorn their
9:25self-righteousness and things like that
9:27now granted she’s a ranked sinner but
9:29the text says a woman from Samaria came
9:32to draw water jesus said to her give me
9:34a drink his disciples had gone into town
9:36to buy some food and the Samaritan woman
9:38said to him how is it that you would you
9:40asked for a drink for me a woman of
9:43Samaria Jews have no dealings with
9:45Samaritans how is it you’re talking to
9:49me like this you know aren’t you aware
9:51we’re having a cold war here
9:53negotiations have broken down there is
9:56no communication jesus said to her and
9:58listened to the first words out of his
10:00mouth if he knew the gift of God the
10:04gift of God Jesus is bringing her a gift
10:07from God if you knew the gift of God and
10:09who it is that is saying to you give me
10:10a drink you would have asked him and he
10:12would have given you living water no
10:16Jesus here is basically saying I’ve got
10:18a gift to give you it’s from God ask of
10:21me and I’ll give it to you huh so the
10:26woman said to him sir you have nothing
10:28to draw with the well is deep where do
10:30you get that and you could almost hear
10:32it living water right where do you get
10:35that living water are you greater than
10:37our Father Jacob he gave us the well and
10:39drank from it himself as did his sons
10:42and his livestock and so you’ll note
10:44here Jesus here is talking about living
10:46water and it
10:47akin to what we heard with regarding
10:50Nicodemus remember Nicodemus comes to
10:52Jesus at night and says we know you’re
10:54from God nobody can do these signs
10:55unless God were with him and so Jesus
10:58says I’m in I’m in truly I say to you
10:59unless one is born on othon that’s
11:02either from above or again that’s those
11:04are your two optional s one is born on
11:06earth and he will not see the kingdom of
11:07God and what is Nicodemus – he thinks
11:10again how can the guy be born once he’s
11:14old that doesn’t make any sense same
11:16things going on here Jesus now is
11:18talking about living water and this
11:20woman is still thinking you know water
11:23water and but Jesus is talking about
11:26something different because he’s really
11:27talking about himself so Jesus says
11:30everyone who drinks of this water will
11:33be thirsty again whoever drinks of the
11:35water that I will give not earned give
11:40to him will never thirst again the water
11:43I will give him will become in him a
11:46spring of water welling up to eternal
11:48life she’s still not quite getting it
11:52she’s still thinking some kind of
11:54natural water maybe it’s some kind of
11:56water that has a spell cast on it
11:58this seems pretty good by the idea of me
12:01actually drinking water that will make
12:02it so that I’m never thirsty again I
12:04won’t have to come out here at noon
12:05every day in order to get my supply of
12:07water so the woman said to him Sir give
12:09me this water so that I will not have to
12:10be thirsty or have to come here to draw
12:12water and Jesus then at this point kind
12:17of changes the subject he says all right
12:19go call your husband and come I’ll give
12:22you this living water call your husband
12:24so you can have it – and now the woman
12:27is caught she’s stuck but she gives an
12:31extremely perfectly accurate answer she
12:35just doesn’t elaborate the sentence is
12:37technically true so the woman says I
12:39don’t have a husband oh okay Jesus said
12:43all right you’re right you’re right and
12:45saying I don’t have a husband you’ve had
12:47five husbands and the guy you’re
12:49shacking up with right now he’s not your
12:51husband what you said is true
12:56okay so Jesus took all of her sin just
12:59threw it right out on the table no
13:02condemnation just spoke the truth about
13:04her and now the conversation takes on a
13:09completely different tone the religion
13:13card is now on the table so the woman
13:16said sir I perceived her a prophet how
13:19did you possibly know all of that and
13:21then she goes to the big bone of
13:23contention between the Samaritans and
13:25Jews and she says our fathers are some
13:27American fathers they worshiped on this
13:29mountain Mount Gerizim but you say in
13:31Jerusalem is the place where people
13:34ought to worship and Jesus’s answer is
13:37actually quite fascinating jesus said to
13:40her woman believe me the hour is coming
13:42when neither on this mountain nor in
13:44Jerusalem will you worship the father
13:46and now watch what Jesus says he does
13:49not in any way condone the religion of
13:52the Samaritans he says you worship what
13:54you don’t know there is no true
13:57knowledge of God in your inner religion
13:59and we Jews we worship what we know and
14:02then he says for salvation is from the
14:04Jews notice he doesn’t say that
14:07salvation is in Judaism he says
14:09salvation is from the Jews and that is
14:11absolutely correct salvation is from the
14:14Jews Jesus is of the tribe of juda
14:18salvation truly is from the Jews then he
14:21says but the hour is coming and it is
14:23now here presently the clock has struck
14:26something’s changed and the time is
14:29coming and is now here when true
14:31worshipers will worship the father in
14:33spirit and in truth
14:37note the two go together where you’re
14:42claiming to worship God in spirit and
14:44there is no truth you got a problem or
14:46there’s a mixing of truth with a lot of
14:49bad air that’s a problem
14:51in fact the evangelicals today they sit
14:53there and go doctrine doesn’t really
14:55matter it just doesn’t really matter
14:57they’ve come to church and listen to
14:58what the Spirit is saying and learn how
15:01to spit out the bones and chew the meat
15:03they say no Jesus says spirit and
15:07in truth the two go together because the
15:09Spirit is the Spirit of Truth for the
15:12wash this so the father is looking for
15:15true worshipers they will worship the
15:17father in spirit and truth the father is
15:20seeking such people to worship Him God
15:22is spirit and those who worship Him must
15:24worship Him in spirit and in truth
15:29not the exact answer we were expecting
15:32from Jesus you know you would have
15:34thought he was said yeah you guys need
15:35to pack up and start heading to
15:37Jerusalem and worship on Mount Moriah
15:39but he doesn’t say that he says no the
15:42times coming in is now when it doesn’t
15:44matter where you worship God this is why
15:47the church historically understood
15:49itself to be Catholic Universal not
15:53don’t think Rome I did it I don’t every
15:55time I say the word even goes my okay no
15:58the idea here is is that this is a
16:00universal religion we are able to
16:02worship God in spirit and truth in Oslo
16:05Minnesota Grand Forks North Dakota you
16:08could do it in the twin cities in
16:10Minneapolis say Paul or you can do it in
16:13Texas you can do it anywhere you are you
16:16can worship the Lord God in spirit and
16:18truth you don’t have to pack up and head
16:21to Jerusalem to do so so now the woman
16:24hearing Jesus’s answer she notes that
16:27she has heard something about the
16:29Messiah the woman said to him I know
16:32that Messiah is coming he who is called
16:34Christ and when he comes he will tell us
16:38all things what Jesus does next is
16:43stunning because you’ll note in chapters
16:46that follow when Jesus is confronted by
16:50the Pharisees and the scribes they say
16:51things like this to Jesus how long are
16:53you gonna keep us in suspense Jesus if
16:55you’re the Messiah tell us plainly and
16:57Jesus says I did and you wouldn’t listen
17:00to me but the works that I do they bear
17:03witness about me he is so you’ll note
17:05there’s always this a little bit of
17:07Jesus doesn’t quite come out and say it
17:10directly but he says it in a way that if
17:13you listen to his words he is saying it
17:15but watch what he does with the
17:16Samaritan woman so that she says I know
17:19that Messiah is coming in
17:20when he comes he’s gonna tell us all
17:21things and Jesus said to her I who speak
17:24to you a.m. he
17:27what – a adulterous sinful idolatrous
17:35Samaritan woman Jesus just puts all the
17:41defenses down and just comes right out
17:43and saying I’m the Messiah what is going
17:48on here this is not what we expected we
17:52expected Jesus to flex some judgement
17:54muscles here to tell this woman off he’s
17:57laid all her sins out right before her
17:59and what is he doing his intention is
18:04not to kill her to judge her he’s going
18:07to the cross to bleed and to die for her
18:09so that she can be forgiven not just her
18:14but all of the town of Sychar and the
18:17Samaritans all the nations of the earth
18:19that they might be saved through him his
18:24intention is pardon forgiveness mercy
18:29grace now if this doesn’t tell us
18:32something about Jesus then I don’t know
18:34what does because again the reason why
18:37there’s no toilet paper in town is
18:38because people fear God’s judgment but
18:41the good news is that in Christ there is
18:43mercy and forgiveness pardon and peace
18:45with God and therefore we have nothing
18:47to fear from him so put the toilet paper
18:49back that’s the idea so the text goes on
18:55to say that this woman went out and hid
19:01and she went into town so that just then
19:04his disciples came back they marveled
19:06that Jesus was talking with a woman but
19:08no one said what do you seek or why you
19:10talking with her so the woman left her
19:12jar went away into town and said to the
19:15people come see a man who told me
19:18everything that I’ve ever done can this
19:22be the Messiah huh so they went out of
19:27town and they were coming to him I
19:30almost like to cynically think that
19:31there’s somebody in town upon hearing
19:33this woman’s
19:34and carrying on you got to come see he
19:35told me everything I’ve ever done we all
19:37know about that already what he talking
19:39about all right
19:41haven’t seen you at the well for a while
19:44have you been sneaking there at noon
19:45yeah but so she’s now just come he told
19:48me all my sins man this is the Messiah
19:51so the verse 39 says many Samaritans
19:54from that town came from that town
19:58believed in him because of the woman’s
20:00testimony he had told me all that I ever
20:01did so when the Samaritans came to him
20:04they asked Jesus to stay with them and
20:07he stayed there for two days and many
20:11more believed because of his word and so
20:15they said to the woman it is no longer
20:17because of what you said that we believe
20:19for we have heard for ourselves and we
20:22know that this is indeed the savior of
20:25the world and so no the Samaritans and
20:29Psyche are confessed Christ to be the
20:32savior of the world Jesus is our Savior
20:36from the Dominion of darkness from sin
20:38death in the devil he has not come to
20:40earth incarnate of the Holy Spirit of
20:43the Virgin Mary in order to condemn us
20:46or to wage war with us presently instead
20:49he’s come to save us he’s come to save
20:55us and it’s in that context then that we
20:57hear the words of our epistle text where
20:59Paul writes we have been justified by
21:02faith and therefore we have peace with
21:06God through our Lord Jesus Christ and if
21:11we have peace with God through our Lord
21:13Jesus Christ then we should not fear
21:16death we should not fear his wrath or
21:19his judgments because if Christ has
21:21truly died for every one of our
21:23transgressions and sins and he has and
21:26they’re all accounted for then we do not
21:29have Christ sternness anger or wrath to
21:33look forward to but instead we have
21:36everything to look forward to in a face
21:39to face restored relationship with God
21:41that comes when Jesus returns and that
21:44peace will last through all eternity in
21:46a world without end
21:47new heaven and a new earth where there
21:49is no disease coronavirus and there I’ve
21:51heard there’s plenty of toilet paper to
21:53write so because we have peace with God
21:56through our Lord Jesus Christ through
21:58him then we have obtained access by
22:00faith into this grace
22:02just like the sinful woman of Samaria
22:04and Psyche are we to have obtained
22:06access by faith into this grace in which
22:08we now stand and we rejoice in the hope
22:11of the glory of God for while we were
22:15still weak the text says at the right
22:18time Christ died for the ungodly he died
22:21for the ungodly woman of Sychar
22:23he died for the ungodly here in this
22:26congregation he died for your ungodly
22:29pastor at the right time Christ died for
22:33the ungodly one will scarcely die for a
22:35righteous person perhaps for a good
22:37person one would dare to die but God
22:39demonstrates his love for us in that
22:41while we were still sinners Christ died
22:44for us and is it now this makes sense
22:48the reason why Jesus didn’t get in her
22:50face and condemn her and call down
22:52sulfur from heaven to destroy Sai car
22:54and the temple complex at Mount Gerizim
22:56is because he himself was taking the
22:59wrath of God on him suffering in her
23:03place which she deserved for her
23:05adultery and her idolatry for your sins
23:08and mine so that rather than to be
23:10condemned we have peace forgiveness
23:13mercy Grace and those are words that
23:17quell anxiety those are words that make
23:21it so that we do not have to fear death
23:23we do not have to fear the coronavirus
23:26even if one of us gets it or if we all
23:29get it and die and there’s no Kong’s
23:31finger in a month you know we will never
23:35see death Jesus doesn’t lie so relax you
23:40are forgiven you have peace with God we
23:43have more important things to worry
23:44about now like where to find the toilet
23:46paper in the name of Jesus amen
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