Sermon Transcript – Commandments of Men or Words From God?

Series B – Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, August 23, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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0:24The holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:31chapter 7 verses 1 through 13. the Pharisees and some of the teachers
0:36of the law who had come from Jerusalem gathered around Jesus and saw some of his disciples eating food with hands
0:42that were unclean that is unwashed the Pharisees and all the Jews do not eat
0:47unless they give their hands a ceremonial washing holding to the tradition of the elders
0:53when they come from the marketplace they do not eat unless they wash and they observe many other Traditions such as
0:59the washing of Cups pitchers and Kettles so the Pharisees and the teachers of the law asked Jesus why don’t your disciples
1:05live according to the tradition of the elders instead of eating their food with unclean hands he replied Isaiah was
1:13right when he prophesied about you Hypocrites as it is written these people honor me with their lips but their
1:18hearts are far from me they worship me in vain their teachings are but rules taught by men
1:24you have let go of The Commandments of God and are holding to the traditions of men and he said to them you have a fine
1:31way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions for Moses said honor your father and
1:38your mother and anyone who curses his father a mother must be put to death but you say that if a man says to his father
1:44or mother whatever help you might otherwise have received from me is korbon that is a gift devoted to God then you no longer let him do anything
1:51for his father or mother thus you nullify the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down and
1:58you do many things like that in the name of Jesus
2:04got to tell you this is going to be a little bit of a ride today Jesus is not
2:09mixing words and there’s something really important that we need to see in this text and it’s going to require us
2:15to do a little bit of historical background so let’s go back to our text I’m going to actually be preaching from the ESV
2:21but you should be able to follow along in the NIV here’s what it says now when the Pharisees gathered to Jesus with some of
2:28the scribes who had come from Jerusalem they saw that some of his disciples ate with hands that were defiled that is
2:35unwashed now we’re going to pause there for a second and let’s do a little bit
2:40of confession I grew up in a home where I was not allowed to eat dinner until I
2:45had first visited either the bathroom sink or the kitchen sink and washed with soap
2:51my mom made it very clear that just sticking your hands in and baptizing them was not going to work
2:58although I did try to bend that rule every now and then if she wasn’t looking yeah I didn’t understand the importance
3:03of soap this is not what this is about it’s important for us to know something the Pharisees are usurpers I’ve said
3:11that many times and I’ll say it again they are usurpers some of the earliest documents there’s a question in one of
3:18their catechisms if you can call it that and the question put before the Pharisees is how many torahs do you have
3:24answer from the Pharisees rabbis we have two we have two torahs now you know what
3:30the Torah is the Torah is the five books of Moses Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy according to the
3:37Pharisees there are two torahs there’s the written Torah and there’s the oral
3:43Torah they their claim is that when Moses went up on Mount Sinai God gave
3:49him the written Torah and the oral Torah in their way of thinking the written Torah is like the bones the the written
3:57torahs the bones the oral Torah is the flesh this is what they think about it and so they have two sources of divine
4:04Authority and what’s going on here is Jesus completely trashing and I mean
4:11this trashing their secondary source of authority if you don’t understand what’s
4:17going on with that the tutoras the oral tradition and which by the way when you read in your Bible where it says
4:23tradition of the elders that’s a formal title it’d be like the name of the book Moby
4:29Dick right capital m capital D right tradition of the elders should be
4:34capital T capital E it’s a formal title now eventually this gets written down
4:41this so-called oral tradition and it takes on several different volumes you got the mid rash you have the Jerusalem
4:48and Babylonian talmuds and then oh I forget the lame of the last one it’ll
4:53come to me later you know I’m getting old it’s been a while since I’ve read some of these but they’re fascinating
4:58reads if you want to ever read them so this is a showdown about
5:05where we can go to know that God has spoken and Jesus definitively answers
5:12this question because if you think about it here’s the setup Jesus is out teaching in come the scribes and
5:18Pharisees from Jerusalem which means they’re from headquarters these are not just your everyday run-of-the-mill
5:24Pharisees these are the cream of the crop these are the ones who count these are the ones who sit around debate ideas
5:31and make decisions for people they have authority they’ve got pull and they come
5:37to check out Jesus and this is the thing they decide to go to war with Jesus over so here’s the scenario they’re out
5:43listening to Jesus they listen to us they’re taking notes taking notes taking notes hey let’s go inside and eat and of
5:50course when you walk in there’s a little Basin and there’s a little picture and all of the Pharisees stopped by the
5:57pitcher and they have this ceremony that they do and the ceremony basically you take the picture put your left hand in
6:03Palm down pour water switch over right hand in Palm down pour water switch
6:09again open up left hand pour water take it again switch over pour water and then
6:15you pray a prayer to this effect Lord God maker of heaven and Earth and King of the universe we thank you that you
6:20have given us the command to wash our hands and voila you’ve done it
6:26it’s ceremonial it’s not about soap and cleanliness it’s a ceremonial washing getting the sin and the icky stuff
6:33that you were exposed to out in the marketplace off of you before you eat
6:39and if you think about it I mean all we’re talking about here is a simple
6:44little hand washing Ceremony this should be considered a secondary doctrinal
6:50matter should it not I mean do people go to heaven or go to hell if they don’t do this little thing well Jesus exalts this
6:58not from a secondary matter but to a primary matter so here’s what happens they go in ah there’s the line of the
7:04Pharisees the next one thank you God right and the disciples they go straight from the door
7:10to the table hey Peter pass a chicken wing
7:16how’s that potato salad Andrew they didn’t even stop and wash their
7:23hands why because Jesus told him not to they don’t respect this secondary source
7:32of authority because you’re going to look long and hard in the written Torah for a command that says Thou shalt wash
7:39your hands before you eat it’s not there but it’s in bold print in the oral Torah
7:48so that’s the thing this is about who do we go to for words from God that we are
7:55to obey so with that let’s keep go back so when the Pharisees gathered to him with some of the scribes who had come from
8:01Jerusalem they saw that some of his disciples ate with hands that were defiled that is unwashed so the
8:06Pharisees and all the Jews do not eat unless they wash their hands properly holding to capital T the tradition of
8:15the elders and when they come in from the marketplace they do not eat unless they
8:21wash and there are many other Traditions that they observe such
8:27as the washing of cups and pots copper vessels and dining couches by the way the word
8:34wash there is a derivative of the word baptized so they baptize cups and they
8:39baptize entire couches which by the way rules out that interpretation of the
8:44word baptizo that says baptism in the Greek means to immerse fully no it actually doesn’t mean that at all and
8:52I’d like to see somebody fully immerse and baptize a couch that doesn’t make any sense so the Pharisees and the
8:58scribes they asked Jesus why do your disciples not walk according to the tradition of the elders
9:04capital T but they eat with defiled hands
9:11so there it is don’t you recognize the tradition of the elders as authoritative
9:17as binding on these men’s consciences these men are sinning against God because they’re not following the
9:24tradition of the elders
9:30Jesus turns on them hard well did Isaiah prophesy of you you
9:35hypocrites for it is written this people honors me with their lips but their heart is far
9:41from me in vain do they worship me teaching as doctrines the Commandments
9:46of men boom drop the mic walk off stage
9:54what Jesus is literally saying yeah that whole tradition of the elders thing
9:59it’s doo doo it’s garbage it’s not binding and notice his words
10:06from Isaiah the prophet in vain do they worship me these are not
10:11people worshiping but all these are not people out there sacrificing their children to Molech they’re claiming to
10:17Worship the Lord and Jesus says through the words of the prophet Isaiah they’re doing this in
10:24vain that means it’s of no effect it’s not going to benefit them at all why
10:30because they’re teaching as doctrines the Commandments of men
10:38so Jesus wasn’t willing to compromise and say oh this is a secondary matter
10:44boys go ahead and wash before you get in I it doesn’t really mean anything but we
10:50don’t want to upset the Pharisees instead Jesus’s disciples were told you
10:55skipped that the tradition of the elders is not the word of God do not observe this and if they get upset don’t worry
11:01I’ll I’ll take care of it and he does so Jesus says to the Pharisees they are
11:07worshiping him in vain teaching as Commandments the doctrines
11:13of men and then Jesus says this you leave the Commandment of God and you
11:20hold to the tradition of men now this is where it’s going to get a
11:26little rough Christians of all Stripes do this
11:31don’t think that the differences between Protestants and Catholics is that
11:36Protestants oh their Sola scriptura and Roman Catholics you know they follow the traditions of men well nowadays
11:43Protestants have their own Traditions that are every bit as dubious as any some some of the crazy practices of the
11:49Roman Catholics so let’s let’s get this out there every
11:54Christian of every stripe is guilty of this so we can point to the obvious nowhere
12:00in scripture are we told to pray to Mary to the Saints to pay the Roman Catholic
12:05Church money for indulgences to Spring our dead relatives out of purgatory nor were nowhere in scripture does it say
12:12that the pope is the Vicar of Christ we can all point to the obvious and say
12:17well yeah those are traditions of men and in Roman Catholic circles some of
12:23these things refusing to do them is considered a mortal sin
12:29and if you die apparently with you know having con committed a mortal sin and
12:35not confessed it and been absolved well then you go to hell these are Commandments of men
12:43but don’t think that we Protestants are off the hook here I’ve grown up in protestantism you all
12:49remember the movie Footloose remember that movie it was it hit way too close to home for
12:57me you know I grew up in churches similar to what was going on in that story
13:03Footloose remember John Lithgow’s character he was a preacher and of course it was a small town and
13:08this guy ruled this small town with an iron fist so much so that the local
13:16public school couldn’t even have a dance because apparently that was forbidden by
13:21God but you’re going to look long and hard in the scriptures to find a Commandment that says Thou shalt not
13:26dance and yet I grew up under that
13:32I attended a school where I was not allowed to have a dance and you know what we did
13:38senior year parents got together and we found a location and just didn’t let the faculty
13:44know and we had our dance
13:49felt good why because it’s oppressive it’s absolutely oppressive to be told
13:56with the authority of God that somehow I’m sinning when there’s no Commandment that says I
14:03can’t do that now I understand Norwegians don’t dance just because it’s a cultural thing but
14:09that’s a different thing altogether when you put God behind it
14:14but we also do the same thing when we say well if you’re truly a Christian you would never drink alcohol now you have
14:21the freedom to drink or to not drink which you do not have the freedom to do is abuse this good gift of God and get
14:26drunk it’s the one thing you do not have the freedom to do and if you’re not convinced scripture makes it very clear
14:32read the you know the letter to the church in Corinth the first one that they were getting drunk on the communion
14:38wine tough to get drunk on communion wine if it’s grape juice okay you have to drink a lot of it to
14:44even approach an inebriation and you probably blow up first okay
14:50so nowhere in scripture is there a Prohibition that says if you’re truly a
14:55Christian you would never drink now if you don’t want to drink you are free to
15:00and if you want to drink you are free to which you’re not free to do is abuse this
15:05scripture is clear Romans 4 15 where there is no law there is no sin
15:11where there is no law there is no sin but see I am convinced that the reason
15:17why people make up their own Commandments
15:23is because they when they read the written law of God
15:28they realize that’s really hard because God’s law not only Nails us
15:35regarding the things we do it Nails us regarding the things we don’t do it
15:40regards us regarding not only our Deeds but also our thoughts and so it’s a lot easier to make up your
15:48own law and say well I’m a Christian because I don’t do this that or I do this or that and it has nothing to do
15:54with what’s in God’s law because then that becomes capable whereas God’s law
16:01man when I read it Nails me every time
16:08and let’s call this what it is when you make up your own Commandments
16:14and tax God’s name on it there are two Commandments being broken
16:19two the first commandment is you shall have no other gods before me you’ve created
16:25your own God that’s called idolatry and it doesn’t matter if the name of your God is Jesus
16:33now I don’t know if we have this NR mall but have you all seen those shops the Bill the bear shops okay have you heard
16:40this is like a scam like you wouldn’t believe if your daughter ever gets a gift certificate to like build a bear
16:45and you have to travel to go to a Build-A-Bear shop get ready to drop some major cash because that little 25 gift
16:52certificate that’s called a down payment all right but the way this works the way this
16:58works is you go in and you get to pick all the different little things that you want to have for your bear you know it
17:05has a heart and you get to pick the fur and the face and then the clothing and the accessories and at the end you need
17:12financing right
17:18now that’s the metaphor here’s how people do this nowadays when
17:23it comes to their religions it’s called the build a god shop you walk into the build of God’s shop and you have the
17:30smorgasbord of options the god I believe in well God is love so my God is love
17:35the god I believe in well he be gay affirming well maybe he wouldn’t even be a he he might be a she or an it
17:42the god I believe in would be Republican or Democrat the god I believe in would be this that or the other thing and at
17:48the end of it all you get to name it remember you get to name your bear in
17:53the Builder bear shop that the end of it well at the end of this little thing at the build of God shop you get to name
18:00your God and you know what people do they always name their God Jesus
18:05whether it’s male or female whether it sounds like or reflects the real God at all
18:12so the two Commandments being broken you shall have no other gods before me it’s idolatry
18:17second commandments being broken you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain
18:23when you take your Commandments your ideas your doctrines and you slap God’s name on it and put
18:30his authority behind it you are blaspheming God you are stealing his name to deceive people
18:39it’s exactly what you’re doing it is a horrendous sin
18:45one that lands people in hell and you think about this read the gospels Jesus
18:51reserves his harshest criticisms for the Pharisees
18:57those who worship God in vain teaching as Commandments the
19:02Commandments of men and here’s the thing
19:08we’ve all done this none of us is free from guilt on this we
19:14all have this sin on our hands when you come to the scriptures and the
19:20scriptures say something you say yeah I don’t know if I can believe that or you
19:26find a way to philosophically work your way around it so that it doesn’t mean what it says
19:31or you don’t bend the knee you don’t believe we’re all guilty of this
19:36and this is a terrible sin because it’s a sin against the first table
19:42think about that first table of the law has to do with our relationship with God second table has to do with our
19:48relationship with others when you sin in this category first table you are sinning against God
19:55himself and you are treading on thin ice
20:01history as well as scripture is full of examples of men whom God has hardened
20:07their hearts because of these sins and they go to their grave in penitent which means they go to their grave and the
20:13next thing that they do as soon as their eyes close here they find themselves in the Flames of hell
20:20and they will never get out of it Grievous sins
20:26let’s continue with our text verses 9 through 13. I’m going to point
20:31something out I’m going to read it and I want you to pay attention to the interplay here because we learned something about the doctrine of
20:38inspiration of scripture and here’s what I mean Jesus is going to use two terms
20:44interchangeably he’s going to talk about commandment of God and then he’s going to say Moses and he’s going to say word
20:50of God watch how he does this let’s verse 9 Jesus said to them you have a
20:55fine way of rejecting the Commandment of god notice commandment of God in order to establish your own tradition for
21:02Moses said so those commandment of God Moses said honor your father and mother
21:07but whoever reviles father and mother must surely die actually the Greek there is wonderful die the death but you say
21:14if a man tells his father or mother knows it says you say he tells his father mother what you
21:19would have gained for me is korbon that is a gift given to God then you no longer permit him to do anything for his father and mother thus making void the
21:26word of God so notice commandment of God Moses said word of God
21:33see what Jesus did there who wrote the Torah Moses
21:39Moses wrote the Torah but Jesus is saying even though Moses wrote this these are not Moses’s words these are
21:45God’s word and that’s the idea second Peter
21:50chapter 1 verses 16-21 kind of fleshes this out and Jesus does this masterfully pointing out what we understand about
21:57scripture we know for we did not follow cleverly devised myth second Peter 1 16 when we made known to the power and the
22:04coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty for when he received honor and Glory from
22:10God the father and the voice was born to him by the Majestic Glory this is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased
22:16we ourselves heard this very voice born from heaven for we were with him on the Holy Mountain and we have the prophetic
22:23word more fully confirmed to which you will do well to pay attention as a lamp shining in a dark place knows he’s
22:29pointing people to the scriptures until the day Dawns and The Morning Star rises in your hearts knowing this first
22:35of all no prophecy of scripture comes from someone’s own interpretation no
22:42prophecy was ever produced by the will of man but men spoke from God as they were carried Along by the spirit
22:51the written word of God despite the fact it has human authors who pen these
22:57things they’re not writing their own words they’re writing the very words of
23:03God this is why Paul writes in second Timothy chapter 3 all scripture is Theo
23:09nustas God breathed the only place you can go today and I
23:15mean this with and know with any certainty that you are hearing words from God is the written text
23:23period now let me show you some of the warnings in scripture about adding to God’s words
23:29proverbs 30 verses 5 through 6 every word of God proves true
23:35he is a shield to those who take refuge in him do not add to his words lest he
23:40rebuke you and you be found a liar Deuteronomy 4 verses 1-2 and now Israel
23:49listened to the statutes and the rules that I’m teaching you and do them that you may live and go in and take
23:56possession of the land that the Lord your God the Lord your God of your fathers is
24:01giving you you shall not add to the word that I command you nor take away from it
24:06that you may keep the Commandments of the Lord your God that I have commanded you the Pharisees disobeyed God and they
24:13added to the scriptures and many people do this to their own demise into the demise of their
24:18followers everything that I command you Deuteronomy 12 32 everything that I command you you shall be careful to do
24:23you shall not add to it or take away from it
24:29scripture is clear on this and now let me remind you of what our Old Testament text said
24:35Isaiah chapter 29 verses 12-14 and then 18 through 19.
24:41the predicament in Israel at the time in our Old Testament text was this because of this the people draw near
24:47with to me with their mouth and they honor me with their lips while their heart is far from me their fear of me is
24:52a commandment taught by men therefore behold I will again do wonderful things now Watch What Happens here’s the turn
24:58so the Lord speaking to Israel through the prophet says that these people honor
25:04me with their lips and they’re being taught Commandments that are the Commandments of men and here’s what
25:10God’s going to do to solve the problem he says I will do wonderful things with
25:16this people with Wonder upon wonder and the wisdom
25:21of their wise man Shall Perish and the discernment of their Discerning men shall be hidden verse 18. in that day
25:29the Death Shall hear the words of a book and out of their Gloom and darkness the
25:34eyes of the blind shall see what’s the solution to the Commandments
25:41of men according to the prophet Isaiah is that God’s going to do a wonderful thing and he’s going to Open the Eyes of
25:46the blind through the words of a what a book and we have that book and at the
25:52very end of that book in the Book of Revelation chapter 22
25:58verses 18 and 19 it says this I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book if anyone adds to
26:05them God will add to them him the plagues described in this book if anyone takes away from the words of the book of
26:11the prophecy of God God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city which are described in this
26:18book um the solution to the Commandments of men
26:23is found in a book that book is called the Bible it is the only place you can go
26:30today with certainty and hear the words of God if you want to hear God speak to you
26:36read it if you want to hear him audibly speak to you read it out loud
26:45don’t be going to the crackpots claiming to be prophets don’t be going to those who claim oh we have an oral tradition
26:52oh we got the other teachings of the Apostles that were not written down hog wash Jesus is clear on this
27:00we are to go to the written word trust and believe it and those who are
27:06speaking to us and telling us these other doctrines that we cannot find in our Bible they are liars they are
27:12deceivers they are blasphemers God will deal with them listen to the words of
27:18the book study the book I guarantee you if you’d apply yourself to trying to
27:24master that book it will Master you and that’s a good thing you will never be able to master
27:30it a lifetime of study is just not enough time to master this book
27:36but you can know with every turn of the page that every word was breathed by God
27:41the Holy Spirit and it’s there for your edification for your instruction and those are the things that God Wills for
27:48you to believe teach confess and hang on to all that other stuff you are not
27:54bound to keep it in fact when somebody comes along and says oh we’ve got this oral tradition that says you have to do
28:00this if you’re a Christian Pastor Prophet so and so said you’ve got to do this you know what you have to do as a
28:07Christian you have to do the same thing the disciples did don’t obey it
28:12for their own sake a lot of law here
28:19we’ve dealt with two very serious sins and know this from the book of Hebrews
28:25long ago many times in many ways God spoke to our fathers by the prophets
28:30but in these last days God has spoken to us by his son whom he appointed to be the heir of all things through whom also
28:36he created the world and here’s the good news that despite the fact that these sins
28:42idolatry and the blaspheming of God’s name our sins against God himself
28:49God is rich in Mercy Christ has bled and died even for these sins
28:55God placed these sins that you and I have committed against the first table of God
29:01he’s placed among Christ and Christ has bled died suffered
29:08down to the dregs the wrath of God in your place for all of your blasphemies and for all of your idolatry
29:15and God wants you to repent to change your mind stop exalting your ideas over his word
29:23you are the clay he is the Potter
29:28clay will not say to the Potter yeah I’ll believe it I want to I’ll be what I want to be
29:34silly clay so repent believe that God is right
29:40and that you were wrong trust him believe what he says
29:47start with the words of the Gospel Christ bleeding dying for your sins
29:55do not believe the lies of the devil your the world or even your sinful flesh that say yeah I don’t think God can
30:01forgive that that’s a lie Christ bled and died for that sin
30:06believe the Forgiveness of sins believe what scripture says regarding your baptism that you were when you were
30:13baptized you were buried with Christ you were raised with Christ your heart was
30:19circumcised by Christ your sins were washed away and this happened to you
30:24believe those words believe the words that you hear in the Lord’s Supper
30:30when I speak Jesus’s words on the night that he was betrayed when he took bread and said take eat this is my body take
30:37drink this is my blood shed for you for the Forgiveness of your sins believe those words
30:43tell your reason to be silent stop listening to philosophers believe what scripture says
30:51this is what we’re called to do so repent be forgiven Christ is bled and died for these sins and then bear fruit
30:58in keeping with repentance by only listening to the written word of God that’s the only place you can go today
31:05to find the words of God trust them believe them cherish them
31:11write them on the doors posts of your house scribble them on the walls
31:16put them on your mirror meditate on them these are the words of eternal life
31:23in the name of Jesus Amen [Music]
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