Sermon Transcript – Crucify Him!

Series B – Passion Sunday – Sunday, March 29, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel According
0:30to Saint Mark Chapter 14 verse 1 through
0:33chapter 15 verse 47.
0:36now the Passover and the Feast of
0:39unleavened bread were only two days away
0:41and the chief priests and the teachers
0:43of the law were looking for some Sly way
0:45to arrest Jesus and kill him
0:48but not during the feast they said or
0:50the people may riot
0:52while he was in Bethany reclining at the
0:54table in the home of a man known as
0:56Simon the leper a woman came with an
0:59alabaster jar a very expensive perfume
1:02made of pure nard
1:03she broke the jar and poured the perfume
1:06on his head some of those present were
1:08saying indignantly to one another why
1:10this waste of perfume it could have been
1:13sold for more than a Year’s wages and
1:14the money given to the poor and they
1:17rebuked her harshly
1:18leave her alone said Jesus why are you
1:22bothering her she has done a beautiful
1:24thing to me the poor you will always
1:26have with you and you can help them at
1:28any time you want
1:30but you will not always have me
1:32she did what she could she poured
1:34perfume on my body beforehand to prepare
1:36for my burial I tell you the truth
1:39wherever the gospel is preached
1:40throughout the world what she has done
1:43will also be told in memory of her
1:45then Judas Iscariot one of the twelve
1:48went to the chief priest to betray Jesus
1:50to them they were delighted to hear this
1:53and promise to give him money
1:55so he watched for an opportunity to hand
1:58him over
1:59on the first day of the Feast of
2:01unleavened bread when it was customary
2:03to sacrifice the Passover Lamb Jesus’s
2:07disciples asked him where do you want us
2:09to go and make preparations for you to
2:11eat the Passover
2:13so he sent two of his disciples telling
2:15them go into the City and A man carrying
2:17a jar of water will meet you follow him
2:19say to the owner of the house he enters
2:21the teacher asks where is my guest room
2:24where I may eat the Passover with my
2:26disciples he will show you a large upper
2:29room furnished and ready make
2:31preparations for us there the disciples
2:34left went into the City and found things
2:36just as Jesus had told them so they
2:39prepared the Passover
2:41when the evening came Jesus arrived with
2:43the twelve and while they were reclining
2:45at the table eating he said I tell you
2:48the truth one of you will betray me one
2:50who is eating with me
2:52they were saddened and one by one they
2:55said to him surely not I
2:57it is one of the twelve he replied one
3:00who dips bread into the bowl with me the
3:02son of man will go just as it is written
3:05about him but woe to that man who
3:08betrays the son of man
3:10it would be better for him if he had not
3:12been born
3:13while they were eating Jesus Took bread
3:16gave thanks and broke it and gave it to
3:19his disciples saying take it this is my
3:22body then he took the cup gave thanks
3:25and offered it to them and they all
3:27drank from it this is my blood of the
3:29Covenant which is poured out for many he
3:31said to them I tell you the truth I will
3:33not drink again from the fruit of the
3:34vine until that day when I drink it Anew
3:36in the kingdom of God when they had sung
3:39A Hymn they went out to the Mount of
3:42you will All Fall Away Jesus told them
3:44for it is written I will strike the
3:46shepherd and the Sheep will be scattered
3:48but after I have risen I will go ahead
3:50of you into Galilee Peter declared even
3:53if all fall away I will not
3:56I tell you the truth Jesus answered
3:58today yes tonight before the rooster
4:00crows twice you yourself will disown me
4:02three times
4:03but Peter insisted emphatically even if
4:06I have to die with you I will never
4:08disown you and all the others said the
4:12they went to a place called Gethsemane
4:14and Jesus said to his disciples sit here
4:16while I pray he took Peter James and
4:19John along with him and he began to be
4:21deeply distressed and troubled
4:24soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the
4:26point of death he said to them stay here
4:29and keep watch
4:30going a little farther he fell to the
4:32ground and prayed that if possible the
4:34hour might pass from him
4:36Abba Father he said everything is
4:39possible for you take this cup from me
4:42yet not what I will but what you will
4:47then he returned to his disciples and
4:48found them sleeping Simon he said he
4:51said to Peter are you asleep could you
4:53not keep watch for one hour Watch and
4:56Pray so that you will not fall into
4:58temptation the spirit is willing but the
5:01body is weak once more he went away and
5:03prayed the same thing and when he came
5:06back he again found them sleeping
5:07because their eyes were heavy they did
5:09not know what to say to him returning
5:11the third time he said to them
5:13are you still sleeping and resting
5:15enough the hour has come look the son of
5:18man is betrayed into the hands of
5:20sinners rise let us go here comes my
5:23betrayer just as he was speaking Judas
5:26one of the twelve appeared with him was
5:28a crowd armed with swords and clubs sent
5:31from the chief priests and the teachers
5:33of the law and the elders now the
5:35betrayer had arranged a signal with them
5:38the one I kiss is the man arrest him and
5:42lead him away under guard going at once
5:45to Jesus Judas said Rabbi and kissed him
5:50the man sees Jesus and arrested him then
5:53one of those standing near drew his
5:54sword and struck the servant of the high
5:56priest cutting off his ear
5:58am I leading a rebellion said Jesus that
6:00you have come out with swords and clubs
6:03to capture me every day I was with you
6:05teaching in the temple courts and you
6:07did not arrest me
6:08but the scriptures must be fulfilled
6:10then everyone deserted him and fled a
6:14young man wearing nothing but a linen
6:15garment was following Jesus When They
6:17seized him he fled naked leaving His
6:20Garment behind
6:21they took Jesus to the high priest and
6:23all the chief priests elders and the
6:24teachers of the law came together Peter
6:26followed him at a distance right into
6:28the courtyard of the high priest there
6:30he sat with the guards and warmed
6:32himself at the fire the chief priests in
6:35the whole Sanhedrin were looking for
6:37evidence against Jesus so that they
6:38could put him to death but they did not
6:40find any many testified falsely against
6:43him but their statements did not agree
6:45then some stood up and gave this false
6:48testimony against him we heard him say
6:51I’ll destroy this man-made Temple and in
6:53three days build another not made by man
6:56yet even their testimony did not agree
6:59then the high priest stood up before
7:01them and asked Jesus are you not going
7:04to answer what is this testimony that
7:06these men are bringing against you
7:08but Jesus remained silent and gave no
7:10answer again the high priest asked him
7:13are you the Christ the son of the
7:15blessed one
7:17I am said Jesus and you will see the son
7:21of man sitting at the right hand of the
7:23mighty one and coming on the Clouds Of
7:24Heaven the high priest tore his clothes
7:27why do we need any more witnesses he
7:29asked you have heard the blasphemy what
7:32do you think they all condemned him as
7:34worthy of death and then some begin to
7:37spit at him they blindfolded him struck
7:39him with their fists and said prophesy
7:42and the guards took him and beat him
7:44while Peter was below in the courtyard
7:46one of the servant girls of the high
7:48priest came by
7:49when she saw Peter warming himself she
7:51looked closely at him
7:53you also were with the Nazarene Jesus
7:57she said but he denied it I don’t I
8:00don’t know or understand what you’re
8:01talking about he said and went out into
8:04the entryway
8:05when the servant girl saw him there she
8:07said again to those standing around this
8:10fellow is one of them and again he
8:12denied it after a little while those
8:13standing near Peter said to Peter surely
8:16you are one of them for you’re a
8:18Galilean he began to call down curses on
8:21himself and he swore to them I don’t
8:23know this man you’re talking about
8:25immediately the rooster crowed the
8:27second time and then Peter remembered
8:29the word Jesus had spoken to him before
8:31the rooster crows twice you will disown
8:34me three times and he broke down and he
8:38very early in the morning the chief
8:39priests and the elders and the teachers
8:41of the law and the whole Sanhedrin
8:42reached a decision they bound Jesus led
8:46him away hen him over to Pilate
8:49are you the king of the Jews ask pilate
8:52yes it is as you say Jesus replied
8:56the chief priest accused him of many
8:58things so again pilate asked him aren’t
9:01you going to answer see how many things
9:03they’re accusing you of
9:04but Jesus still made no reply
9:07pilate was amazed that was the custom at
9:10the feast to release a prisoner whom the
9:13people requested a man called Barabbas
9:15was in prison with the insurrectionist
9:17who had committed murder in the uprising
9:19the crowd came up and asked pilate to do
9:21for them what he usually did
9:23do you want me to release to you the
9:25king of the Jews asked pilate knowing it
9:27was out of envy that the chief priest
9:29had handed Jesus over to him but the
9:31chief priest stirred up the crowd to
9:33have pilate release Barabbas instead
9:35well what shall I do then with the one
9:38you call the king of the Jews pilate
9:40asks them
9:41crucify him they shouted
9:46what crime has he committed asked Pilate
9:49but they shouted louder
9:51crucify him
9:55wanting to satisfy the crowd
9:57pilate released Barabbas to them
10:00he had Jesus flogged and handed him over
10:02to be crucified
10:04the soldiers LED Jesus away into the
10:06palace that is the praetorium and called
10:09together the whole company of soldiers
10:11they put a purple robe on him they
10:14Twisted together a crown of thorns and
10:16set it on him and they began to call out
10:19to him hail King of the Jews and again
10:23and again they struck him on the head
10:25with a staff
10:27and spit on him
10:30falling on their knees they paid homage
10:32to him and when they had mocked him they
10:34took off the purple robe and put his own
10:37clothes on him and then they led him out
10:39to crucify him
10:42a certain man from Cyrene Simon the
10:44father of Alexander and Rufus was
10:46passing by on his way in from the
10:48country and they forced him to carry the
10:50cross they brought Jesus to the place
10:53called Golgotha which is the place of
10:55the skull
10:56they offered him wine mixed with myrrh
10:58but he did not take it they crucified
11:00him dividing up his clothes yet they
11:03cast lots to see what each would get
11:06it was the third hour When They
11:07Crucified him the written notice of the
11:10charge against him read the king of the
11:12They Crucified two Robbers with him one
11:15on his right one on his left those who
11:18passed by hurled insults at him shaking
11:20their heads and saying so you who are
11:22going to destroy the temple and build it
11:24again in three days come down from the
11:26cross and save yourself
11:28in the same way the chief priests and
11:31the teachers of the law mocked him among
11:33themselves he saved others they said but
11:36he can’t save himself let the Christ
11:39this king of Israel come down now from
11:41the cross that we may see and believe
11:43those crucified with him also heaped
11:45insults on him
11:47at the sixth hour
11:49Darkness came over the whole land until
11:52the ninth hour
11:53and at the ninth hour Jesus cried out in
11:55a loud voice
12:00which means my God
12:02my God why have you forsaken me
12:06when some of those listening
12:08standing near heard his heard this they
12:11said listen he’s calling Elijah
12:13one man ran filled a sponge with wine
12:15vinegar put it on a stick and offered it
12:17to Jesus to drink now leave him alone
12:19let’s see if Elijah comes to take him
12:23and with a loud cry Jesus breathed his
12:26last the curtain of the temple was torn
12:29in two from top to bottom and when the
12:31Centurion who stood there in front of
12:33Jesus heard his cry and saw how he died
12:36he said surely this man was the son of
12:40some women
12:41were watching from a distance among them
12:43were Mary Magdalene married the mother
12:45of James the younger and Joseph and
12:47Salome in Galilee these women had
12:50followed him and cared for his needs
12:52many other women who had come up with
12:54him to Jerusalem were also there
12:56it was a preparation day that is the day
12:58before the Sabbath so as evening
13:00approached Joseph of Arimathea a
13:02prominent member of the council who was
13:04himself waiting for the kingdom of God
13:06went boldly to pilate and asked for
13:07Jesus’s body pilate was surprised to
13:10hear that he had already died summoning
13:12the Centurion he asked him if Jesus had
13:14already died and when he learned from
13:16the Centurion that it was so he gave the
13:19body to Joseph so Joseph bought some
13:22linen cloth took down the body wrapped
13:24it in the linen and placed it in a tomb
13:26cut out of rock then he rolled the stone
13:29against the entrance of the Tomb Mary
13:31Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joseph
13:34saw where he was laid
13:37in the name of Jesus
13:40our text for this morning’s sermon is a
13:43portion of the Gospel that we read
13:47chapter 15 verse 1. very early in the
13:51morning the chief priests and the elders
13:52and the teachers of the law and the
13:53whole Sanhedrin reached a decision they
13:55bound Jesus led him away and handed him
13:57over to Pilate
13:59are you the king of the Jews ask pilate
14:01yes it is as you say Jesus replied
14:05Chief priest accused him of many things
14:07so again pilate asked him aren’t you
14:09going to answer see how many things they
14:11are accusing you of
14:14Jesus still made no reply
14:17and pilate was amazed
14:19that was the custom of the feast to
14:20release a prisoner whom the people
14:22requested a man called Barabbas
14:27was imprisoned within the
14:29insurrectionists who had committed
14:30murder in the uprising little side note
14:34Barabbas bar means son of ABBA
14:40ironically Barabbas name is the son of
14:43the father
14:45what an interesting twist
14:52the crowd came up
14:54and asked pilate to do for them what he
14:57usually did do you want me to release to
14:58you the king of the Jews asked pilate
15:00knowing that it was out of envy that the
15:02chief priest had handed Jesus over to
15:03him but the chief priest stirred up the
15:05crowd to have pilate release the son of
15:08the father instead
15:11well what shall I do then with the one
15:13you call the king of the Jews pilate
15:15asked them
15:16crucify him they shouted why what crime
15:20has he committed ask Pilate but they
15:23shouted all the louder
15:25crucify him
15:29I’ve heard many
15:31sermons where pastors have this
15:35amazingly bad ability to read us into
15:39the biblical text
15:41for instance
15:42have many of you have heard sermons
15:44about daring to be a Daniel and yet
15:46you’re not a Daniel or how about slay
15:49your personal goliaths like David or how
15:52about becoming a mighty warrior
15:54like Gideon
15:56and yet each of us when we look at our
16:00we’re not nearly as daring as Daniel
16:02we’re really lame at slaying our
16:04goliaths and Mighty Warriors that we are
16:08so it seems odd to read ourselves into
16:10these stories as if we’re Daniel Goliath
16:12I mean not the Luke Goliath but David or
16:15Gideon it doesn’t fit
16:17now I would argue though
16:19the text that I just read
16:22scripture screams at us
16:26demands that we read ourselves into this
16:28text let me explain if you have your
16:31Bible flip over to Acts chapter 3. I
16:33want to read a few verses to you
16:38the day of Pentecost has already come
16:42so we’re more than a month probably two
16:45months out from Jesus’s death and
16:48resurrection and here’s what Luke writes
16:51for us in Acts chapter three one day
16:53Peter and John were going up to the
16:54temple at the time of prayer at three in
16:56the afternoon now a man crippled from
16:58birth was being carried to the Temple
17:00Gate called Beautiful where he was put
17:03every day to beg from those going into
17:05the temple courts when he saw Peter and
17:08John about to enter he asked them for
17:10money and Peter looked straight at him
17:11as did John and Peter said look at us
17:14so the man gave them his attention
17:16expecting to get something from them
17:18then Peter said silver or gold I do not
17:21have but what I have I give you in the
17:24name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth walk
17:27taking him by the right hand he helped
17:30him up and instantly the man’s feet and
17:31ankles became strong he jumped to his
17:34feet and began to walk and then he went
17:36with them into the temple courts walking
17:38and jumping and praising God when all
17:40the people saw him walking and praising
17:42God they recognized him as the same man
17:45who used to sit begging at the Temple
17:47Gate called beautiful and they were
17:48filled with wonder and amazement at what
17:50had happened to him and while the beggar
17:53held on to Peter and John all the temple
17:55all the people were astonished and came
17:57running to them in the place called
17:59Solomon’s Colonnade when Peter saw this
18:01he said to them men of Israel why does
18:04this surprise you
18:05why do you stare at us as if by our own
18:08power or godliness we had made this man
18:11walk the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob
18:15the god of our fathers has glorified his
18:17servant Jesus you handed him over to be
18:21killed you disowned him before Pilate
18:24though he had decided to let him go you
18:27disown the holy and righteous one and
18:29ask that a murderer be released to you
18:31you killed the author of life
18:38those are some really harsh words
18:42now granted there were probably some
18:44people that were there who saw this
18:47who were also in the crowd on that
18:51when pilate asked who should I release
18:53to you Barabbas the son of the father or
18:56Jesus the one you call the king of the
19:00but I will bet you dollars to Donuts
19:02there were people that were hearing
19:03Peter on this day who were not part of
19:05that crowd and yet Peter in a very
19:08blanket statement says this
19:11you handed him over to be killed you
19:15disowned him before Pilate you disowned
19:18the holy and righteous one you killed
19:21the author of life
19:24and I defy any of you to say that Peter
19:26was lying
19:29the text that I read from the gospel
19:30this morning where the crowd calls out
19:34crucify him
19:36it was you
19:39you were the one in the crowd shouting
19:42crucify him
19:44and I was there with you
19:46shouting the same thing crucify him
19:50it was our sin
19:52our treachery
19:54that sent our beautiful Lord to die
19:58we were there
20:00we were there mocking and spitting on
20:08we put
20:09a cloth over his eyes so he couldn’t see
20:13beat his head with stick
20:17and then told him to prophesy who is
20:20hitting you Jesus
20:22you broke his nose with your tightly
20:24clenched fist you reached down deep into
20:26your throat and hocked up the phlegm and
20:28then spat on his bruised and battered
20:30face you took that razor-sharp crown of
20:34thorns and you dug it deep into his
20:36you mocked him and bowed down before him
20:39to writing him as if you as if he were a
20:43but in fact he was
20:45you made sure that every blow of the cat
20:47of nine tails dug deep into Jesus’s
20:50flesh and ripped quivering pieces of
20:52skin and muscle from his back
20:55and you marched Jesus to Golgotha you
20:58would have had him Carry the Cross the
20:59whole way but he was so
21:01beaten and bruised he wasn’t even strong
21:04enough to carry his own cross and that
21:06poor schmuck Simon of Cyrene well he’ll
21:11Jesus couldn’t carry his cross and at
21:13least we had somebody that can carry it
21:14because the deed hadn’t been done
21:17so you marched them to Gog with a and
21:19then you
21:20you drove the nails into his hands and
21:22his feet
21:23and each Hammer blow ringing
21:28there was also mixed with that the cries
21:31of Christ’s Agony and pain
21:34bloodied beaten barely recognizable as a
21:38human being you raised up Jesus’s cross
21:41you suspended Christ Between Heaven and
21:44Earth and then you mocked him come down
21:47if you’re the Christ save yourself you
21:51who would destroy the temple and rebuild
21:52it in three days you shouted
21:57but Jesus wasn’t hanging there and
21:59suffering in order to save himself
22:01he was there saving you
22:12the one who sinned
22:14put him on the cross
22:16he was dying for he was bleeding for he
22:20was being punished by God for
22:24there’s Christ
22:26he’s bleeding for all of your sexual
22:31there’s your king
22:32dying for all of your impurity
22:36there’s the Alpha and the Omega
22:39dying for all of your debauchery
22:42there is the author of Life dying for
22:45your idolatry
22:47there’s the King of Kings dying for your
22:49witchcraft the Lord of lords dying for
22:52all of your hatred all of your Discord
22:54all of your jealousy all of your fits of
22:57Rage all of your selfish ambition all of
23:00your dissensions all of your factions
23:01all of your gossip all of your Envy all
23:05of your drunkenness all of it every last
23:07filthy bit of it bled for died for
23:11punished for
23:13so that you can go free
23:16so that you can be forgiven
23:18so that you the one who shouted crucify
23:22could be pardoned by God
23:27because God loves you
23:30God’s love for you surpasses your hatred
23:34and your sin and your unbelief God’s
23:36Mercy is greater than all of your sin
23:40Isaiah says Christ was despised and
23:43rejected by Men A Man of Sorrows and
23:46familiar with suffering and like one
23:47from whom Med hid their faces he was
23:49despised and we esteemed him not surely
23:52he took up our affirmities and carried
23:54our sorrows yet we considered him
23:56stricken by God and Smitten by him and
24:00but he was pierced for our
24:04he was crushed for our iniquities
24:07the punishment that brought us peace was
24:08upon him and by his wounds were healed
24:12we all like sheep have gone astray each
24:14of us has turned to his own way and the
24:17has laid on him the iniquity of us all
24:20God’s grace is so great that he desires
24:23you to be forgiven so much so that he’s
24:25willing to take all of your sin upon
24:28himself and be punished in your place
24:29the innocent one is punished by God as
24:32if he were the guilty one
24:34Christ called out
24:37my God my God why have you forsaken me
24:42and that’s what hell is
24:44to be forsaken by God
24:49Christ was forsaken by God so that you
24:51would never be forsaken
24:56through all the hate of that crucifixion
24:58even though it shines forth in all of
25:02its ugly Glory there is still a brighter
25:04light the light of the love of Christ
25:06for sinners like you and like me never
25:09once while Jesus was suffering did he
25:12retaliate in kind all of the mocking was
25:15met with determined love for the ones
25:17hurling the insults
25:19and when all was accomplished every last
25:22sin atoned for then Christ cried out
25:27it is finished
25:30and then
25:38you killed God
25:41I killed God
25:44even the Roman soldier at the foot of
25:46the cross recognized what we’d just done
25:50we often read that passage surely this
25:53man was the son of God as if it’s some
25:56kind of confession of faith
25:59I read it like this
26:01what have we just done
26:03surely this man was the son of God
26:07what have we done
26:11but what you meant for evil
26:14for good
26:17what was the greatest crime in Injustice
26:19in the history of humanity
26:22God turns and works it for our salvation
26:31repent of your sick and twisted sins
26:34and all of those lies of the devil that
26:36you’ve been listening to and calculate
26:38the cost of those sins with the
26:41and the blood of the Son of God repent
26:44and believe that this Jesus willingly
26:47lovingly died for you repent and believe
26:51that you now have the Forgiveness of all
26:54of your sins one for you by the same
26:57Jesus Christ for whom you had shouted
27:00crucify him
27:02in the name of Jesus Amen
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