Sermon Transcript – Defeating God?

1 Year Lectionary – Second Sunday in Lent – Sunday, March 13, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint matthew the 15th chapter [Music]
0:40Jesus went away from there and withdrew to the district of tyre and sidon and behold a canaanite woman from that
0:46region came out and was crying have mercy on me o lord son of david my
0:52daughter is severely oppressed by a demon but he did not answer her a word
0:58and his disciples came and begged him saying send her away she’s crying out after us and he answered i was sent only
1:05to the lost sheep of the house of israel she came and knelt before him saying lord help me
1:11and he answered it’s not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs and she said yes lord yet even the
1:17dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table then Jesus answered her oh woman great is your faith be it done
1:24for you as you desire and her daughter was healed instantly this is the gospel of the lord in the name of Jesus
1:32all right so there’s jacob yaakov if you want to pronounce it and sound like you know a little hebrew yaakov right heel
1:39grabber deceiver that’s kind of the implication of the name and what happens
1:44is that god has told him i need you to go back to canaan he spent 20 years with
1:50uncle laban and while he was with uncle aban 14 of those years were working off
1:56a debt so that he could well it started with a debt for him marrying one of the daughters and then
2:01uncle laban pulled this old switcheroo trick i still don’t know how you pull that off and and the day after the
2:07wedding there’s jacob he wakes up and the woman that he thought he would had married was not there it was uh her
2:14sister and ah he panicked and ladies and no problem seven more years of work and you
2:20you you know you can have the other wow that’s crazy and then after all of that
2:25god kind of works things in his favor so that uh he ends up having his own uh
2:31very large set of flocks and herds and things like this and god says to him head back to kanan
2:37but if you remember the reason why he left is because well he had stolen the blessing
2:43from this that was supposed to go to his older brother and boy a lot of people they don’t know
2:48what to do with that that whole jacob stealing esau’s blessing thing let
2:54me help you out on that one all right all right have you noticed that scripture says that we
3:00Christians the ungodly lot that we are i mean man there wasn’t truer words that we
3:06prayed than when we said these words in in our intro today for your name’s sake
3:12oh lord pardon my guilt it’s great right each and every one of us we we have a
3:18huge pile of sin we are not righteous in any way shape or form but the scripture
3:23says we are clothed in the righteousness of Christ and if you were think of it this way we
3:30being clothed in the righteousness of Christ in his holy robes god the father
3:36is has chosen to be a little blind okay and so when we come in he smells
3:41Jesus on us and we look like Jesus we don’t exactly sound like him and we receive the blessing of salvation mercy
3:48and grace from from god who can’t tell the difference it’s kind of cool when
3:53you think about it it’s a little sketchy but that’s how it works with forgiven sinners it’s kind of scandalous that
3:59real sinners really get forgiven really are pardoned real children of the devil
4:04are really adopted by god it’s really fascinating when you consider it but there’s jacob he’s heading back and
4:11he sends word to esau that he’s heading back and esau gets word and sends 400
4:16armed men in his general direction this is the days before satellite and social media but he uh jacob gets word and he
4:23thinks that his brother is finally going to do him in he wanted to murder him and now he’s going to do them in and so
4:28jacob is in a panic he takes his family divides it into two groups sends him
4:33across and his thinking was well if esau attacks one group maybe just maybe the other group will
4:40survive right that’s kind of the thinking on how that went and one has to
4:45wonder did he have a favorite group because we know this about jacob he did play favorites it’s kind of part of the
4:52story there in genesis but all of that being said he’s in a little bit of a panic very anxiety ridden thinking this
4:59is the end and his family having gone across the jabock he then
5:05stops and prays and then one of the most bizarre things in all of scripture happens
5:11Jesus shows up and every every time i read this i cannot help but think of Jesus kind of
5:17like andre the giant from the princess bride you know we’re going to wrestle
5:23we’re going to what wrestle why
5:29because because okay and you know
5:34the wrestling happens and it goes on all night now we all know how this is
5:41supposed to end last time i preached on this text this is real simple Jesus is hulk hogan
5:47jacob is pee-wee herman we know how this is supposed to go right he’s going to snap him in half i mean the god who
5:54spoke the universe into existence all he has to do is say a word
5:59and jacob is toast it’s over right but he doesn’t
6:04they wrestle and they wrestle and they wrestle and then Jesus cheats he touches his hip socket
6:11knocks it out of socket ah right and what happens jacob doesn’t let
6:16go what is this what is going on here
6:23i feel like seinfeld you know i don’t get it right
6:29well have you ever stopped to think that here we have something interesting i
6:36always like to say you don’t want to twist scripture you don’t want to take descriptive texts and then turn them
6:41into prescriptions all right but you’re going to note that there is an almost unbroken chain
6:48in scripture of people who’ve and here’s the the analogy wrestled with god in faith
6:56wrestled with god have you noticed this life’s a little difficult things don’t always go our way that um
7:02that we are prone to suffer in all kinds of different ways and sometimes it feels like we’re in
7:10kind of a wrestling match with god we can see what the bible says and then what god is doing isn’t matching with
7:17what the scripture says and so you you pray out to god hey what gives right
7:23what’s going on here and so now the wrestling of faith takes place but we learn from this text that
7:30jacob has great faith because he hangs on to Jesus that’s who he’s wrestling
7:36with and he says i’m not going to let you go unless you bless me
7:44that’s that’s pretty cool that actually makes a lot of sense all right because he knows that Christ can
7:50and so what does Jesus do he says all right what’s your name
7:55yaakov okay we’ve got to fix that right your name is yaakov we got we got to work
8:02this out Jesus said all right your name is no longer yahoof but your name will be israel what a great name by the way
8:10he who strives with god all right he who wrestles with what a great name he has his name changed now
8:17he’s sitting there going well what does this have to do with me all right fast forward to the last book
8:23of the bible revelation chapter 2 verse 17 if you want to be specific what does
8:29Jesus say the one who conquers i will give him a white stone with a
8:35name written on it that only he knows did you know that each and every one of us
8:41in Christ has a unique name that god has given to us
8:46and to the one who conquers conquers conquers conquers who well
8:52you’ll note that jacob had to conquer Christ and then this gospel text of ours this
8:58woman from tyre and sidon she conquers Jesus too how does one conquer god can can it be
9:07done yes god wills to be conquered the only way to do it is with faith
9:13with his own words it’s a very fatherly thing if you think about it
9:18you know again i i think back to when my kids were smaller it gets awkward as they get
9:24older you don’t want to say no okay but when they’re smaller what do kids want to do wrestle
9:31what’s the job of dad when kids want to wrestle your job is to lose gloriously
9:38right that’s your not to just merely lose oh you win no you you gotta like
9:45you know oh you got me i’m tall i’ll never be able to get up again you know you got to do it right
9:51and you’ll note that that’s a really great fatherly thing to do and god is no different with us
9:59with his words with our faith in him we legitimately
10:05and here’s the weird word defeat god because god wills to be defeated with
10:10faith i know it seems kind of weird but that’s exactly what happens jacob wrestles with
10:17Christ doesn’t let go Jesus cheats still doesn’t let go i’m not letting you go
10:23unless you bless me and he does he blesses him by changing his name to the one who conquers i will give him a white
10:29stone with a name written on it now this then is bookended
10:35with our gospel text and i’ll be blunt i like the fact that in scripture we have
10:41an account of a man wrestling with god and winning we also have an account of a
10:46woman wrestling with god and winning i think it’s important because we’re all made in the image of god this
10:53is most certainly true and each and every one of us male and female alike yes we’re binary sorry that’s the way
11:00god made us if you don’t like it take it up with him right and note i used him because that’s god’s
11:06chosen pronouns sorry you know just have to point that out but all that being said i think it’s if very appropriate
11:13that here we got a woman doing the same thing and here’s the account see if we can
11:18fill in a little bit of the data so Jesus went away from there and withdrew to the district of tyre and
11:25sidon well if you look this up on a map it’s right on the coast there in the mediterranean one has to wonder if this
11:30isn’t uh well a little r r a little relaxation time you know you know nice seaside village maybe they’re staying in
11:36a cool hotel you know out by the pool looking over the mediterranean getting the salt smell air
11:42coming through you know what i’m talking about with maybe a pina colada with a little umbrella who knows it doesn’t
11:48exactly say but when they get there i love how the greek says this behold
11:55behold a canaanite like out of nowhere like a thundercrat crack this woman shows up and she’s
12:02crying out and listen to these words have mercy on me oh lord son of david my
12:10daughter is severely oppressed by a demon
12:17have mercy on me lord son of david
12:23who catechized this woman one has to wonder what the back story is
12:30here her daughter is severely oppressed by a demon and by the way that’s not a small
12:37thing that’s like a huge thing haven’t you ever seen like any scary movies as it relates to the demonic
12:43okay the nice thing about scary movies they’re over in two hours this woman’s scary movie she lives it
12:51and she her she’s in a complete panic regarding the health and well-being of her daughter
12:58who is being oppressed by a demon and of course the the callous self-righteous
13:04person would say something well that’s what you get for being a canaanite you know if you hadn’t been playing with
13:10the ouija board you wouldn’t have the demon problem now would ya you know this is how people talk right
13:16well that’s not how Jesus is dealing with the situation but in her quest
13:23to help her daughter which always seems to be our quest as parents being a
13:28parent is loads of fun right always again i don’t know why god gave us children that are dead set on killing
13:34themselves and our whole job is to keep them from doing that it’s just this crazy thing that you have to do right
13:40but all that being said we’ve got a demon here she’s living a nightmare and somewhere along the line she comes in
13:47contact with the the hebrew scriptures
13:54she knows a thing or two about Jesus and she’s put two and two together she knows exactly who Jesus is there’s folks back
14:02in israel who have seen Jesus heal the sick have heard him preach and they’re still
14:07uncertain as to who Jesus is that they haven’t been able to come to grips with
14:13you know he’s the messiah he’s the one that moses told us about he’s the one that isaiah told us about and all the
14:18prophets they haven’t put two and two together here this canaanite woman did
14:24and now she through some connection to the word of god has put this all together and she
14:30wonderfully confesses that Jesus is her lord and that Jesus is the son of david
14:37and she is crying out to him prayerfully that she would have that he would have mercy on her and she’s come and she’s
14:45praying on behalf of her own daughter not even herself her own daughter
14:50that’s pretty good i mean wow i’d like to have this lady in my confirmation class i mean this she’s
14:57she’s a great student of the scriptures here and so what does Jesus do
15:06nothing he says nothing
15:12what’s that well i would argue when you read your bible
15:17you’re going to find that that’s kind of a common response from god i know it seems weird but let me explain
15:25job he familiar with job you know this poor fellow was made to suffer horrifically and was never it was never
15:32told to him why he was suffering when we read job we have the actual explanation
15:39as to why he’s suffering he’s going through it and has no clue and that’s kind of the big thing is is
15:46that then when he is being comforted by his comforters they are utterly clueless
15:51and the things that they’re saying do not jive with the reality as to why he’s suffering why is he suffering because
15:57the devil and god are having a bad that’s the reason why he’s suffering that’s how this went down and so in job
16:04chapter 30 listen to these words he says now my soul is poured out within me
16:11days of affliction have taken hold of me the night racks my bones and
16:16pain that gnaws me takes no rest what a great way to describe it you ever had like a
16:22super painful night like you know something’s gone wrong and the agony just doesn’t go away you know you’re
16:29exhausted but the pain isn’t and you can’t figure out how to get this thing to settle down what a beautiful way of
16:35describing the pain gnaws that gnaws me takes no rest with great force my
16:40garment is disfigured it binds me about like the color of my tunic god has cast
16:47me into the mire and i’ve become like dust and ashes and i cry to you for help
16:53and you don’t answer me i stand and you only look at me
17:03that’s job you know what that’s all of us
17:09have you noticed that there we are we we’ve learned that god says call to me
17:14in the day of trouble and i will answer so the day of trouble shows up and you pick up your cell phone and you dial god
17:21and no answer what’s going on you leave a voicemail hey god we’ve got a problem
17:26here you said i can call you on the day of trouble and you’re hello are you there send a message it’s not even red he
17:34doesn’t leave it on red he doesn’t even read the message and you’re going what’s going on here right job went through
17:40that same thing so does this woman you know so did david now that i think
17:46about it david in psalm 13 says how long o lord will you forget me forever
17:52yeah it’s like did god do david a good big favor by anointing him as the king of
17:58israel yeah no okay he’s the anointed king of israel but there’s a big problem
18:05saul he’s not only the anointed he’s also the current reigning king of israel
18:10and usually when there’s an anointed king and a reigning king they don’t get along too well
18:16all right and so how does david spend a large portion of the bible on the run
18:22like some kind of fugitive and saul is constantly trying to kill
18:28him pin him to the wall things like this and so david in psalm 13
18:33how long o lord will you forget me forever how long are you going to hide your face from me how long must i take counsel in
18:40my soul have sorrow in my heart all the day how long shall my enemy be exalted
18:46over me consider and answer me o lord my god light up my eyes lest i sleep the sleep of death lest my enemy say i have
18:53prevailed over him lest my foes rejoice because i am shaken
19:02how about you i can think of many a time when i’ve prayed and it and i legitimately have like a
19:10real need that really needs to be solved like pronto by god
19:18and like my dad on a saturday morning says yeah i i i’m not going to get up until like nine so you just leave me
19:24alone go watch cartoons or something that’s what it seems like right
19:30but note this then that job who also felt like god wasn’t
19:36even hearing his prayers he’s also the fellow who wrote these words same book
19:42oh that my words were written oh that they were inscribed in a book o that with an iron pen and lead they were
19:49engraved in the rock forever they just happened to be that job yes they are now
19:54here and then he says this for i know that my redeemer lives i know we’re in lent so we can’t sing
20:01the tune okay that’s just for like the next seasons it’ll be here shortly but know what job says i know that my
20:07redeemer lives and at the last he will stand on the earth and after my skin has
20:13thus been destroyed yet in my flesh i shall see god whom i shall see for myself and my eyes
20:21shall behold and not another my heart faints within me thinking about it
20:26so there’s job god isn’t even answering my prayers but yeah i know that my redeemer lives and even after my skin
20:32has fallen off my bones don’t worry i’m going to see god with my very eyes my own flesh funny enough david does the
20:38same thing in that same song psalm it’s psalm 13. you know he said how long are
20:43you going to forget me oh lord are you going to keep hiding your face from me but then it ends with this but i’ve trusted in
20:50your steadfast love my heart shall rejoice in your salvation i will sing to the lord because he has dealt
20:55bountifully with me how do you reconcile these two very
21:02well they seem contradictory thoughts are you gonna keep ignoring me god but yeah i trust in you i’m gonna see you face to
21:09face like my eyes are gonna see you even though my flesh falls off my body and i die and worms eat me
21:15how is that possible what is the glue that holds these two thoughts together answer
21:20faith faith and that’s the point
21:26it’s okay to pray this prayer to god are you going to keep ignoring me god
21:31i’m in a lot of trouble a lot of pain here i need your help are you going to keep ignoring it’s okay to say that
21:37because even when you say that you’re saying it to the one who actually can’t help you and you believe that he will
21:44and ultimately he will in his own good timing but this is where we must
21:49understand something that scripture teaches us romans 5
21:55therefore since we have been justified by faith and boy that’s good news right there
22:02we have peace with god through our lord Jesus Christ and through him we have
22:07also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand
22:13the grace in which we stand in which we rejoice in hope of the glory of god and
22:18even more than that are you ready for these words i don’t
22:23think you’re ready for these words i’m not ready for these words but here are the words
22:29we rejoice in our sufferings
22:36it goes on knowing that suffering produces endurance
22:42endurance produces character character produces hope
22:47and hope doesn’t put us to shame because god’s love has been poured into our hearts through the holy spirit who’s been given
22:53to us
22:58rejoice in our sufferings and so what we’re seeing here
23:03in our old testament text and in our gospel text are accounts where
23:10god has permitted for a short bit of time
23:15for faith to be tried through suffering
23:20faith to be tried through silence you’ll note that even joseph and i preached about this on wednesday joseph
23:29god gave him two fantastic dreams of what was going to be coming in the future then had him sold into slavery
23:35and then he ends up in prison for 13 years and god said nothing to him
23:40not a thing and so we’re not any different faith basically is able to say hey god
23:48are you listening you said you are why aren’t you doing anything and at times i’ve gotten to the point where the
23:53difficulties in my life my attitude with god and my prayers go something like this
23:58i’m not god you are so this isn’t my problem to solve it’s
24:04your problem to solve i’m going to just go do my things and you got to take care of this because
24:10you’re god right can you do that yes because that’s
24:16really how faith talks and so note then here this woman who clearly has faith great
24:24theology here she knows exactly who Jesus is Jesus says
24:30nothing not a word and so now his disciples come and they
24:35beg him please send her away for she’s crying out after us
24:43which is basically a nice way of saying she won’t shut up
24:49one has to wonder how that went down i know you can hear me you can ignore me
24:54all you want Jesus but i know you hear me and i know who you are i know that you can help me and i’m not going
25:00anywhere until you do i’m not letting go until you bless me same attitude right
25:06that’s what the text says she kept on crying out after them and the disciples are man this is really
25:12embarrassing and so Jesus kind of off the cuff says i was sent only for the
25:18lost sheep of israel now really funny here
25:24really funny i read johann gerhart’s sermon on this text this week i wanted to see what he did with it johan gerhard famous
25:31lutheran confessional lutheran and he says the fact that that didn’t
25:37bring Christ crumbling down and you know and well actually she just
25:42she continues and persists on it the fact that he said this and this is not exactly true
25:48is proof that get this limited atonement that the calvinists believe is false [Laughter]
25:54it was a great point sorry i nerded out on that one okay i i like literally got up on my desk and
26:00went yes yeah yes anyway
26:05it’s embarrassing the things i do in my office my apologies all of that being said
26:10you’ll note then this does not send her away because she knows enough
26:16of her scripture to sit there and go ah they ain’t gonna work with me Jesus i know everybody who believes in you is
26:22brought into israel i mean think of rahab the prostitute you think of ruth the moabitess
26:28notable pagans who are part of the story of scripture and they weren’t cast aside
26:34they’re grafted into israel so she said so that doesn’t get rid of her so she comes and she kneels before Jesus saying
26:42lord help me and she’s looking him dead in the eye
26:49kneeling down she knows who he is she’s not going away
26:56and i always like to point this out if Jesus were ministering today he would get cancelled for this next bit
27:03it’s not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs all the feminist theologians did he just call
27:09that woman a dog cancel cancel cancel Jesus no way
27:14right she’s a bad dog right
27:20still won’t take no for an answer and here’s where
27:26faith kicks in when we trust Christ
27:31have you met him have you seen him know how tall he is what shade of brown his eyes are or his
27:38hair you know how does he like to wear his beard do you know these things i know we have Jesus’s graduation picture back
27:44there but he’s he’s older since then okay you don’t know what he looks like
27:52you couldn’t recognize his voice if he spoke to you without allowing you to know it was him
27:58that being the case then note then we have faith in Christ and we
28:04know his words because he speaks to us from scripture he’s spoken to us through the prophets he’s spoken to us through
28:10the writings of the apostles who’ve recorded this very story for us and note then that well
28:18we need to trust Christ’s words and believe him and this woman does and
28:26now comes the ultimate move wrestling move it’s she’s going to
28:32flip Jesus and pin him with his own words that’s right lord
28:38yep that’s right dogs uh yeah if you want to say i’m a dog i’m a dog yet the dogs they eat the
28:45crumbs that fall from their masters table so where are my crumbs
28:55she just defeated god can you do that yes
29:02that’s kind of the point and she did it with faith and now he says oh woman
29:07great is your faith be it done for you as you desire and her daughter was
29:12healed instantly listen to those words be it done for you as you desire prayer is an interesting thing
29:21when people start talking philosophy are you a fatalist do you believe that everything’s like planned out ahead of
29:26time and that god has like worked it all out and all this kind of stuff this is how philosophers talk
29:31all right i see in scripture that god who’s doing a fine job of running the universe i do a terrible job at it fine
29:39job of running the universe that some of his plans some of the things that are going on there they’re not written in
29:44stone they’re written in pencil and that when we pray
29:50in faith asking for things that we need or asking
29:55for somebody else god sits there and goes well yeah that person’s suffering right now but you know i’m gonna do what
30:02you’ve asked here and so he takes his pencil out and he puts on the eraser and goes this he goes as you have desired
30:14whoa don’t tell me that prayer isn’t something important
30:21it’s huge is it any wonder that the devil tries to deceive us into believing that it
30:27doesn’t matter or even worse the doubts come up within us that say
30:34god isn’t hearing my prayer he’s not answering me faith says i don’t care if god’s
30:39answering me or not i’m gonna persist until he does
30:47and Christ answers her prayer and does what she desired
30:52she prevailed not only again over Christ Christ ended up doing her will
31:00how is any of this possible it makes us rethink things a little bit here what is faith
31:08who is our faith in what is he like what i see here
31:14is a loving kind Jesus merciful slow to anger abounding and steadfast love
31:20knowing full well just how deep the consequences of our sin is and yet he
31:26rather than giving us what we deserve total silence for eternity from god
31:32instead he comes and he gets into the mess and the mire himself and i would note this silence from Jesus that this
31:40woman experienced Jesus himself got to experience it when he was on the cross
31:47there on a friday afternoon in the dark naked and bleeding
31:54suffering for sins that he did not commit sins that i committed sins that you committed there Jesus bearing the sin
32:01and the guilt and the iniquity of the whole world god the father
32:06in the midst of all of that turns away and Christ cries out my god my god why
32:11have you forsaken me
32:18you’re in good company i’m in good company
32:24this is the road of faith this is the pattern you see it throughout the scriptures
32:31from jacob to this woman from tyre and sidon to Christ himself but we can say the truth just like job
32:39in the midst of all of his pain and his suffering he never flagged in faith and
32:44noted that my redeemer lives and even though my flesh and my skin is destroyed
32:49yet in my flesh my very eyes i will see god and god did not forsake Christ
32:57and leave his body in the grave instead on the third day he rose again
33:02bodily to show that his sacrifice for our sins
33:07was accepted by the father so let us rejoice in the god
33:13who wills to be defeated by his creatures but the only way you can defeat god is
33:18not with your works but with faith in the name of Jesus amen
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