Sermon Transcript – Déjà Vu All Over Again

Series C – Third Sunday in Easter – Sunday, April 10, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint John chapter 21 verses 1 through 19.
0:35after this Jesus revealed himself again to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberius
0:41and he revealed himself in this way Simon Peter Thomas called the twin
0:46Nathanael of Cana and Galilee the sons of Zebedee and the two others of his disciples were together Simon Peter said
0:53to them I’m going fishing they said to him we will go with you they went out
0:59got into the boat but that night they caught nothing just as Dave was breaking Jesus stood on
1:07the shore yet the disciples did not know that it was Jesus Jesus said to them
1:13children do you have any fish they answered him no
1:19he said to them cast the net on the right side of the boat and you will find some so they cast it and now they were not
1:26able to haul it in because of the quantity of fish the disciple whom Jesus loved therefore said to Peter it is the
1:33Lord and when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord he put on his outer garment for he was stripped for work and threw
1:39himself into the sea the other disciples came in the boat dragging the net full of fish for they
1:46were not far from the land but about a hundred yards off and then when they got on land they saw
1:52a charcoal fire in place with fish laid on it and bred and Jesus said to them
1:58bring some of the fish that you have just caught so Simon Peter went aboard and hauled the net ashore full of large
2:05fish 153 of them and although there were so many the net was not torn Jesus said
2:12to them come have breakfast now none of the disciples dared ask him who are you
2:17they knew it was the Lord Jesus came and took the bread and gave it to them and so with the fish this was now the third
2:24time that Jesus was revealed to the disciples after he was raised from the dead and when they had finished
2:30breakfast Jesus said to Simon Peter Simon son of John do you love me more than these
2:36he said to him yes Lord you know that I love you he said to him feed my Lambs
2:41he said to him a second time Simon son of John do you love me he said
2:46to him yes Lord you know that I love you he said to him tend my sheep
2:53he said to him the third time Simon son of John do you love me Peter was grieved because he said to him
2:59the third time do you love me and he said to him Lord you know everything
3:04you know that I love you Jesus said to him feed my sheep truly truly I say to
3:12you when you were young you used to dress yourself and walk wherever you wanted but when you are old you will
3:17stretch out your hands and another will dress you and carry you where you do not want to go this he said to show by what
3:23kind of death he was to glorify God and after saying this he said to him follow
3:28me in the name of Jesus so have you ever had that feeling that
3:34you know you’re walking around or maybe you’re in your house and all of a sudden you feel like this has all happened before I’ve seen
3:41this happen before right they call that Deja Vu and I think about the old Yankee
3:46catcher Yogi Bera he’s famous for saying it feels like deja vu all over again right
3:53well today’s text is just chock full of deja vu all right and there’s something
3:59that Jesus is up to he’s up to something very important if you remember on the night that Jesus was betrayed the night
4:06that the Lord’s Supper was instituted Simon Peter well Jesus revealed that he was going to
4:13betray him and Peter says no I’m ready to go to prison and die for you and well it didn’t all pan out that way
4:21did it right so here we are the third Sunday of Easter and today we’re going
4:26to be looking at the third appearance of Christ after his resurrection and Jesus has some
4:32unfinished business to tend to right now I would note something here in the
4:38beginning let’s pay close attention to the mercy and the grace of God we Christians have this really bad habit
4:43you want to know where our bad habit is we shoot our wounded
4:48I hate to say this but this is I’ve seen it happen over and over and over again
4:55somebody who is a Christian brother or sister falls into sin and you know what
5:01we do we take the hammer out and we beat him with it till our they stop moving
5:08spiritually this is not what Jesus has done and keep in mind Peter’s sin is grave and we’ll
5:15explain that along the way so we’ll return to Our Gospel text we’ll explain how all the deja vu elements work I’ll
5:21Point them out along the way in fact if you want to know what they are ahead of time Deja Vu elements think of this
5:27whole scenario the fishermen don’t catch fish throw the net on the other side of the boat this should sound familiar to
5:33you it’s like deja vu all over again charcoal fire okay it’s deja vu all over again bread
5:41and fish deja vu all over again right and then the fact that Jesus asked Peter
5:46three questions it’s deja vu all over again so we return to Our Gospel text
5:52gospel John chapter 21. after this Jesus revealed himself again to the disciples
5:57by the Sea of tiberias he revealed himself in this way Simon Peter Thomas
6:02called the twin Nathanael of Cana and Galilee the sons of Zebedee the two others of his disciples were together
6:09and with all of them being fishermen Peter kind of being a fisherman himself
6:14says I’m going to go fishing and I’ll go yeah we’re with you we’re going with you so they went out got into
6:21the boat but that night they caught nothing fishermen are always really excited
6:27after having caught nothing all right Scott Erickson will tell you about that
6:32Devil’s Lake right okay no actually the fish never mind and that’s a different story different sermon all together all
6:38right now the deja vu element here this should all sound very familiar to you this well it’s almost like a one for one
6:46Recreation of the calling of the Apostle Peter himself Luke chapter 5 verses 1
6:51through 11 records how Peter himself was called to be a disciple not only a disciple but a fisher of men here’s what
6:58it says on one occasion while the crowd was pressing in on him to hear the word
7:03of God that’s Jesus he was standing by the lake of genezaret he saw two boats
7:08by the lake but the fishermen had gone out of them and were washing their Nets getting into one of the boats which was
7:15Simon’s he asked him to put out a little from the land and he sat down and taught the people from the boat and when he had
7:22finished speaking he said to Simon put out into the deep let down your nets for
7:28a catch Simon answered master I’m the fisherman
7:33here you’re a rabbi we toiled all night we got nothing all right but at your word I’ll go ahead
7:40and let down the Nets all right so Jesus I mean it doesn’t say that Jesus looked at him you know with the laser beam
7:45eyeballs or anything like that but you could tell he he kind of backs down pretty quick right and this is not
7:51typical behavior for a manly fisherman so I’ll go ahead and let down the Nets and
7:57when they had done this they enclosed a large number of fish and their Nets were
8:02breaking just so you know these these small fishing boats on the Sea of Galilee 60 fish that’s considered a
8:10pretty big haul a hundred then that’s just starting to break they’re not designed for that and
8:16our 150 in our story today that’s a huge thing but so at this point they they enclose a large number and the Nets
8:23they’re breaking and so what does Peter do Peter is a a good fisherman in business you know you know he’s in
8:29competition with other fishermen so he signals to his business partners he doesn’t go hey we’ve got a large
8:36number of fish because he doesn’t want to broadcast it right you don’t want the competition to come in and you know pick
8:41some of this stuff off so he’s like yeah yeah right this is what he’s doing so
8:49they come they fill both boats so they began to sink
8:54and Peter being a good businessman realizes something very profound here
9:02Jesus is able at will to cause fish to jump into Nets
9:10if Jesus wanted to he could be the wealthiest man on the Sea of Galilee
9:17and this convicts him of his own sin when Simon Peter saw this he fell down
9:24at Jesus knees saying depart from me I’m a sinful man Lord
9:30for he and all who are with him were astonished at the catch a fish that they had taken and so were James and John the
9:36sons of Zebedee who were partners with Simon Jesus said to Simon do not be afraid
9:42from now on you will be catching men and when they had brought their boats to
9:47land they left everything and here’s the important words again they followed
9:53Jesus so this is the calling of Peter Peter’s going to become a fisher of men
9:59at least that’s how that originally went but here we are again post-resurrection and Peter well we got some unfinished
10:06business to tend to so we turned back to the Gospel of John just as day was breaking Jesus stood on
10:13the shore yet the disciples did not know that it was Jesus that’s fascinating this is a lot like
10:19the road to Emmaus account in the Gospel of Luke we have the account of the road to Emmaus two of Jesus’s disciples on
10:25the Resurrection Day are traveling from Jerusalem to Emmaus and they’re talking they’re talking okay the buzz has gotten
10:31out the body’s missing something that women have said he’s was Raising from the dead they don’t know what to make of this so but they’re on their way to
10:37Emmaus and while they’re walking along Jesus comes alongside of them and then the text says something fascinating it
10:43says their eyes were held Jesus can hold eyes right that was
10:48important because Jesus had something to teach them and so they start lamenting you know you know that’s terrible and
10:53Jesus says why what are you guys upset about why haven’t you heard about Jesus we thought he was the Messiah but they killed him and then our women a Marvel
11:00that amazed us saying that he’s been raised from the dead and then Jesus opens up the scriptures the Old
11:06Testament tells them all the things concerning himself
11:12right when they get to Emmaus the day is far spent and they well they beg Jesus
11:18to stay with them elderly they don’t know it’s Jesus right and
11:23Jesus stays and they have a meal together and it says that when Jesus had
11:28given thanks and broke the bread they recognized who he was they recognized who he was by the sign
11:35right your and then he disappears right and then the statement is we’re not our
11:42hearts burning within us as he opened up the scriptures the answer is absolutely so this is kind of like that Jesus is
11:48there on the shore and the disciples they don’t recognize Jesus and then he says to them
11:55children do you have any fish look at that Jesus Calling grown
12:02fishermen children determine of Endearment and we like them are also his children
12:10you think back to our first reading today Saul of Tarsus breathing out murderous
12:15threats against the Christians against those who followed Jesus Jesus knocks him off his horse on the road to
12:21Damascus blinds him and says to him Saul Saul why are you persecuting me
12:28what do you mean I’m persecuting you Lord right anyone who persecutes Jesus’s kids
12:35he’s persecuting him you are one of Jesus’s children as well
12:42children do you have any fish they answered him no
12:47so he said to them cast the net on the right side of the boat you will find some
12:52that makes no sense but they don’t protest this time so they cast it and now they were not able to
12:59haul it in because of the quantity of fish that disciple whom Jesus loved this is John therefore said to Peter it’s the
13:07Lord he doesn’t recognize him by sight he recognizes him by sign it’s the lord
13:12it’s deja vu all over again I feel like I’ve seen this all before and when Simon
13:17Peter heard that it was the Lord he put on his outer garment for he was stripped for work threw himself into the sea
13:24fascinating a little bit of garment theology going on there he was naked and he clothed himself
13:30fascinating the other disciples came in the boat dragging the net full of fish for they
13:35were not far from the land about a hundred yards off and when they got out on the land they saw a charcoal fire
13:43hmm deja vu all over again where have we seen this charcoal fire
13:49hold it for just a second in place with fish laid on it and bread
13:55fish and bread where have we seen that before oh yeah the feeding of the five thousand Jesus
14:02said to them bring some of the fish that you’ve caught so Simon Peter went aboard and hauled the net ashore full of the
14:08large fish 153 of them which is a ginormous catch but unlike the first time this time
14:15their Nets were not breaking they were not torn now it’s funny you read the church fathers you read the commentators
14:21on this all right these are not throwaway details what’s with the 153 now I’ve said this publicly
14:28and I’ll reiterate it math is evil okay it’s absolutely a dark art I
14:34clearly have raised my daughter wrong she’s a math major all right something is going really amiss here but everybody
14:43kind of because of all of this Deja Vu stuff going on realize that that maybe there’s
14:49something significant with the number 153 so those of you who are deceived and
14:54think there’s nothing wrong with math let me explain to you the mathematics of this 153 if you take 1 plus 2 plus 3 plus 4
15:03plus 5 all the way up to the number 17 the number you come up with is 153.
15:10and so they’re going yeah so some have speculated that maybe somehow
15:16typologically symbolically this 153 may be pointing to because these guys are
15:23being well Peter in particular is being reinstated as a fisher of men that somehow it’s symbolic of the great catch
15:32of fish that the gospel will catch you know between Christ’s Ascension and
15:39his return you know kind of like the unmole the uncountable multitude kind of thing that I think that’s a good way to
15:46put it but the thing is you can’t push too hard on that because otherwise you start sounding like some like end times
15:52crackpots right so I said charcoal fire was deja vu all
15:57over again let me remind you now from the Gospel of Luke what Luke records regarding Peter here
16:03on the night Jesus was betrayed Luke 22 31-34 States Jesus says to Peter Simon
16:10Simon behold Satan is demanded to have you so that he might sift you like wheat
16:17and hear the important words but I have prayed for you I have prayed that your faith will not fail
16:23and when you have repented when you have turned again strengthen your brothers at that time Peter said to him Lord I’m
16:30ready to go with you both to prison and to death yeah really no I tell you Peter the
16:37rooster will not Crow this day until you deny me not once not twice
16:43three times Luke then records
16:49Jesus’s kangaroo court trial verses 54 and 62-62 in chapter 22 they
16:57had seized Jesus led him away bringing him to the high priest’s house so there he is at the house of the high priest
17:03that seems like an official place to have a trial don’t you think yeah and Peter was following at a distance
17:09and when they had kindled a charcoal fire there it is uh-huh
17:15in the middle of the courtyard and sat down together Peter sat down among them and then a servant girl seeing him as he
17:24sat in the light and looking closely at him said this man was also with him
17:30a girl she’s not even wearing a sword right a servant girl
17:38ah you were with Jesus denied it saying woman I don’t know him a little
17:45later someone else Matthew records that it’s another woman someone else saw him and said you also
17:52are one of them Peter said I am not and after an interval of about an hour still another insisted saying certainly this
17:58man also was with him for he too is a Galilean but Peter said man I don’t know what you’re talking about and
18:03immediately while he was speaking the rooster crowed and watch this
18:09and then the Lord turned and looked at Peter
18:19wow so Peter remembered the saying of the Lord and how he had said to him behold
18:24the rooster crows today you will deny me three times and he went out and he wept bitterly now you may be thinking well
18:31it’s no big deal he’s just trying to save his own skin I mean you know how is he supposed to be the
18:37great Apostle Peter if you know if they kill him the same night they killed Jesus right well keep in mind what Jesus
18:44says Matthew chapter 10 verses 32-33 everyone who acknowledges me before men
18:50I also will acknowledge before my father who is in heaven whoever denies me before men I also will deny him before
18:59my father who is in heaven
19:07if we were Roman Catholics we would say that Peter had committed a mortal sin
19:15Revelation chapter 21 Jesus speaking the Alpha and the Omega
19:21says this about the last day he was Seated on the throne said behold I am making all things new this is Jesus
19:28talking also he said write this down for these words are trustworthy true he said to me it is done I am the Alpha and the
19:35Omega the beginning and the end to the Thirsty I will give from the spring of the Water of Life without payment the
19:40one who conquers will have this Heritage I will be his God he will be my son
19:46and here’s the big butt but as for the Cowardly
19:55oh the faithless oh
20:01the detestable as for murderers the sexually immoral Sorcerers idolaters and all liars their
20:09portion will be in the lake that burns with sulfur and fire which is the second death
20:19apparently it is a big deal to deny Christ it numbers you with the Cowardly the
20:27faithless Peter may as well have committed
20:32adultery or been a wizard or an idolater and you’ll notice in the list cowardly
20:39is the first
20:46yikes the reason why that’s scary is because each of us are tempted in
20:52many ways to deny Christ
20:58you’re in that uncomfortable conversation with that person whose friendship you don’t want to lose
21:05best if we not talk about Jesus or you know what the truth is and you
21:13don’t speak the truth you go along with the crowd
21:18this is a sin it’s a Grievous and Grave sin so now
21:24we’ve got a problem the great Apostle Peter
21:29has disqualified himself from being an apostle he’s disqualed himself qualified himself
21:37from even being a disciple of Jesus how is it
21:43that he can now go and proclaim the good news if Jesus doesn’t do something definitive
21:50here and he everyone thinks he should you know
21:56what are people going to think about Jesus I can tell you where
22:03going back to my original point we Christians have this really bad habit when somebody stumbles and falls into
22:11sin our solution is a mercy killing euthanate euthanize them
22:20and we all think that’s the right thing to do because after all Sin is Sin and that person blew it
22:30hmm Jesus does something that I don’t think any of us would expect when you start to
22:36think about it along these lines so there’s Jesus deja vu all over again
22:41the Nets the fish the casting on the other side of the boat the fishermen
22:47being skunked all night the charcoal fire the fish the bread man there’s something going on here
22:53maybe he’s going to let Peter have it once and for all say I gave you chance
22:58after chance after chance and you just squandered every opportunity it’s time
23:03for us to part ways Peter is that what Jesus Does
23:09no Jesus says to them come and have breakfast
23:15Jesus still serving took the time to cook him a meal
23:20none of the disciples dared to ask him who are you they knew it was the Lord Jesus came and took the bread gave it to
23:27them and so with the fish this was now the third time that Jesus was revealed to the disciples after he
23:33was raised from the dead pay attention to that three stuff in the Bible it’s important and when they had finished
23:39breakfast here it comes Jesus is going to let him have it
23:46Jesus said to Simon Peter and boy this I need to help you out a little bit here
23:52in the English language how many words for love do we have one in Greek there are four
24:00okay A little bit of a play on words Jesus says to Peter Simon son of John do
24:07you Agape me more than these Agape
24:13unconditional love Peter do you Agape Amy more than these talking about his boat his fishing nets
24:20the fish the sea even his buddies Do You Love Me Do You Agape me more than these
24:31what should he say if Peter answers Lord you know that I
24:38Agape you he’s a liar his denial and his actions show that he
24:46does not have unconditional love for Christ and the truth of the matter is as my
24:52actions say the same thing so he humbly responds
24:58yes Lord you know that I filet owe you
25:04I have strong feelings for you I love you it’s kind of a Sentimental in the heart
25:09kind of thing he knows that’s true right and here it comes Jesus said
25:19feed my little lambs and with those words Jesus
25:25now starts to restore Peter to the apostolic office
25:31by putting into his care the most precious
25:36ones that Jesus cares for the littlest the smallest the weakest the most who
25:42need to be cared for intended to this is amazing
25:49so Jesus said to him a second time Simon son of John and notice here he’s not calling him Peter The Rock
25:58he hasn’t been behaving like a rock we’re all the way back at the beginning it’s deja vu all over again Simon son of
26:04John do you Agape Amy he said to him
26:09yes Lord you know that I filet owe you
26:17so he said to him tend my sheep it’s twice
26:23so he says to him a third time three denials three questions
26:28of John and watch this Jesus says Simon son of John do you phileo me
26:36man that had to sting to hear Peter’s own words now
26:42asked back to him Peter was grieved because he’d said to them the third time
26:49do you phileo me so he said to him Lord
26:56you know everything and you know that I love you
27:02I filet owe you that’s right Jesus does know everything and Jesus does know that Peter loves him
27:11and Jesus said to him good feed my sheep
27:16now remember on the night that Peter denies Christ he claims I’m ready to go
27:22to prison and go to death for you Lord was he not at all but these next words are
27:30absolutely amazing because Jesus now is saying yes now you are ready
27:36to die for me it says truly truly amen amen I say to
27:42you when you were young you used to dress yourself and walk wherever you wanted but when you are old you will
27:49stretch out your hands and another will dress you and carry you where you do not
27:54want to go and this he said to show by what kind of death he was to glorify God
28:01Peter was now ready to die for Jesus the coward
28:06the forgiven coward now restored to Ministry emboldened by
28:12the mercy and Grace of Christ and you know what Peter did he did do this
28:19church history records his death for us it’s awful it’s absolutely awful
28:26Peter eventually made his way to the city of Rome where he is preaching the gospel and
28:32many were brought to penance and faith in Christ for the Forgiveness of their sins
28:38and Nero the sick puppy that he was had Peter arrested both him and his wife
28:46neither one of them being Roman citizens got to enjoy the privilege of dying the
28:53most shameful death of the Roman Empire can concoct they were both found guilty
28:59and both sentenced to crucifixion Nero’s decision was to have Peter’s wife crucified first
29:06she was crucified the day before Peter was crucified Peter’s words according to one historian
29:13to his wife while she’s being nailed to the cross is remember the kindness of Our Lord
29:24I can’t imagine watching my wife be killed
29:29and I don’t think I will be talking about Christ’s kindness if I had to witness such a thing
29:37the next day they took Peter to a place called
29:44the circus of Nero they didn’t have the three ring circus it wasn’t lions and monkeys and things
29:50like that it was a hippodrome a place where they had chariot races
29:56and in the infield they had set up a crucifix for Peter and it’s fascinating if you know
30:02anything a little bit about kind of architectural history and things like that if you were to travel to Rome today
30:07go to Saint Peter’s there’s a big Plaza we’ve all seen it in the news you know
30:12when the pope preaches and speaks all the people fill up that Plaza in the very center of the plaza there is a
30:19stone Obelisk if you don’t know what an obelisk is you think of the Washington Monument okay it looks like a Egyptian
30:25pencil right an obelisk there’s an obelisk there in the plaza
30:31and that Obelisk was there when Peter was crucified that’s the Obelisk from
30:38Nero’s circus from the Hippodrome it was an obelisk that he had commissioned
30:44and it was next to Peter while Peter was crucified and when Peter drugged there against his will dressed against his
30:51will as he’s heading off to be crucified seeing that he was going to suffer the same fate as Jesus protested strongly
30:59and as protest went along these lines I am not worthy to suffer the same death
31:05as my Lord all right Romans saying that he was
31:11throwing a big stink said fine have it your way so they nailed him to the cross and then
31:18planted the cross in the ground upside down and it took him three days to die
31:24and on day one while he’s being crucified after he’s been nailed to the cross oh that was the day of the chariot
31:30races themselves and so Nero himself participated in the Chariot race
31:36the games commenced while Peter was glorifying God glorifying God through
31:41his death
31:48it’s deja vu all over again and if you don’t pay attention to what
31:53Jesus is doing you’re going to miss it and this gives us hope
31:59gives us comfort because if Christ can forgive Peter
32:05he can truly forgive you can certainly forgive me
32:12he doesn’t give him what he deserves instead he gives him Grace
32:18and how is it that he can do that well this is the third time that Jesus has appeared after his resurrection
32:25and remember the first time he appeared he showed them his hands and his side and his feet
32:33see he had been crucified for their sins their sins were covered their sins were
32:38atoned for they had been forgiven Jesus all along knowing that Peter would
32:45deny him as his mediator prays that his faith would not fail
32:51and then when he has risen from the grave he said they make sure to send word let the disciples and Peter know
32:59that I’m alive from the outset knowing he was going to go into this grave sin Jesus says I’m
33:07not going to let you go and Jesus now is our great high priest
33:13and our mediator between us and God the Father
33:18and he does pray for you and he intercedes on your behalf
33:27you are one of his children he’s washed you in the waters of baptism
33:33cleanse you from your sins raised you from the dead circumcised your hearts you belonged to him
33:41and though your sins be a Scarlet he washes them away and makes you white
33:49as snow though you’d be naked and shamed he clothes you in Robes of righteousness
33:58and now we get to participate in the apostolic work
34:04Jesus says to Peter follow me
34:09having been restored he does he follows Jesus all the way to his death and Jesus
34:15says the same to us follow him Follow Me Jesus says follow me
34:22trust me and we get to participate by telling
34:28people the apostolic message what the gospel says about who Jesus is
34:36what he has done for us and what our hope is and we as penitent Sinners
34:43forgiven just like Peter now can say to other Sinners we are not better than you
34:51instead we have good news you can be forgiven just like we have been
34:57repent trust in Christ be forgiven follow him he’s merciful kind slow to
35:04anger abounding in steadfast love and the scriptures say a smoldering Wick he
35:10does not snuff out so though
35:16the devil the world your sinful flesh may have taken you for a ride
35:22and you were happy at the time like driving in one of those convertibles on
35:28a summer day ah the sins is wonderful
35:35now that you’ve come to your senses and see it for what it is know that there’s Mercy In Christ
35:41repent be forgiven follow Jesus and live
35:47in the name of Jesus amen [Music]
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