Sermon Transcript – Demons in Church?

Series B – Fourth Sunday after Epiphany – Sunday, January 31, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:23The holy gospel according to saint mark
0:30the first chapter [Music]
0:40they went into capernaum and immediately on the sabbath Jesus entered the synagogue and was teaching
0:46and they were astonished at his teaching for he taught them as one who had authority and not as the scribes
0:51and immediately there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit and he cried out what have you to do with us Jesus of
0:57nazareth have you come to destroy us i know who you are you are the holy one of god but Jesus rebuked him saying be
1:04silent and come out of him and the unclean spirit convulsing him and crying out with a loud voice came
1:09out of him and all were amazed so that they question among themselves saying what is this
1:14a new teaching with authority he commands even unclean spirits and they obey him and at once his fame spread everywhere
1:21throughout all the surrounding region of galilee this is the gospel of the lord in the
1:27name of Jesus amen demons in church i always find this to be a fascinating topic
1:33i think a good way to look at this synagogue appearance by Jesus is that the synagogue was the old
1:40testament’s version of a church gathering together to hear god’s word and Jesus shows up
1:48and one of the fellows manifests a demon in church now
1:55i i know a thing or two about the ancient city of uh capernaum small town small small town
2:02you know when we think of small towns it’s easy to think of like oslo minnesota don’t you know it’s easy to
2:07think of a small town like that in in here’s what we know about small towns in small towns
2:13everybody knows what everybody else is doing it’s just this weird thing that goes on everybody knows everybody and so in this
2:21small town of capernaum we have this fellow manifesting a demon and i have to wonder if the synagogue
2:27leader after words after that particular synagogue service was scratching his head going
2:33you know i didn’t even know he had a demon that kind of explains a lot
2:39that’s the reason why that guy was always contradicting me when i would rightly handle god’s word you know stuff
2:46like that and so we’ll note here that as we consider this particular topic especially in light of
2:53our old testament text that’s where we’re going to really focus our attention today as far as teasing out the themes of this text
2:59we must recognize that scripture explicitly teaches that demons
3:06the demonic the satanic is real and it is vehemently opposed
3:12to the preaching of Christ it is vehemently opposed to the right handling of god’s word
3:18as martin luther once said where god establishes a church the devil
3:26builds a chapel right next door and the whole point is to undermine
3:32the word of god and to get people to believe falsely to do falsely to cast god’s
3:38words behind them and for them to replace them with their own words in fact there are
3:45so many biblical texts that warn us about these things one of the things i would like you to consider is this that of
3:52all of the books of the new testament there is only one there is only one book in the new
3:58testament that doesn’t provide us with a warning about false teachers and false prophets
4:05and that is philemon every other book of the new testament in one way or
4:10another warns us about false teachers and false prophets in fact
4:16paul prophesying rightly he will note the apostle paul really had the ability to be a prophet and to speak on
4:23behalf of god as a spokesman and the words that god gave him never fell to the ground
4:29in fact i would note that paul in 1st timothy chapter 4 says this he says now the holy spirit
4:36the spirit expressly says that in later times some will devote uh depart
4:42from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and the teaching of demons through the
4:49insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared
4:59that sounds a lot like today there are a lot of people who are
5:05insincere liars whose consciences are seared who are out there teaching all kinds of bizarre doctrines
5:12that Christ never taught the apostles never taught the prophets of the old testament never
5:18taught and scripture is clear here that when we’re dealing with these types of deceivers these are not
5:25misguided brothers or those who are just errant brothers
5:31and sisters in Christ the scripture says that they will depart
5:36from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and the teachings
5:42or the doctrines of demons departing the faith means that they are no longer Christians as john writes
5:50in his epistle second john that if those who do not abide in the teachings of
5:56Christ and go on beyond it that they are no longer our brothers in Christ and it’s in this
6:04context we must take into consideration the sheer quantity of false
6:11prophets that have arisen in our days and we must recognize that the devil is
6:17a deceiver and that none of us are immune from the deceptions of the devil as it relates
6:24to false belief or enticing us away from the true faith and devote ourselves
6:31to doctrines that do not have their origin in the mind of god that have their origin instead
6:38in the schemes of the devil each and every one of us we are susceptible to these things
6:43and i must confess that i am a repentant sinner in this
6:50regard i have followed teachings and teachers and false prophets and
6:56believed that what they were saying was true and you’ll note that in the year 2020 here in uh
7:02in oslo minnesota we have a lot of farmers you know in fact if you ever ever to visit kongswinger at lutheran church
7:08you would note that we’re kind of in the middle of well farm fields you know there’s sugar beets
7:14planted over there and over there i i don’t even know the beans i think over there and wheat was over there last but this
7:21last season and so you’ll know we’re even though we’re kind of in the middle of nowhere it bunker bumper crop in in that regard but i
7:29would say that the year 2020 was if we were using an agricultural
7:34term the year 2020 it was a bumper crop in 2020 of false
7:39profits and the thing is is that you do not have to travel anymore to hear these false
7:45prophets to listen to them to come under this way to be enticed by their false
7:50teachings all you have to do is turn your computer on and tune into their channel on youtube
7:56or steer into their website or stream one of the well television channels
8:04that they broadcast on you don’t even have to have a tv antenna anymore you
8:09can stream it on your devices you get the idea so note that we live in a day
8:14where it’s very easy and very easy for us to be tempted along these lines to listen to these yahoos
8:21but the reality is this is that all of them to a person prophesied that trump would become the
8:27president of the united states in a second term they said that he was going to win the election in november of
8:342020 that didn’t really work out and when they didn’t prophesy correctly that he would
8:41win then they claimed that don’t worry god’s timing is different than man’s timing
8:47and he will be installed in office rather than biden on the 20th of january
8:53and when that didn’t happen now they’re making illusions and missing the point of scripture and saying well
8:59just like elijah was on mount carmel and he said that go ahead and drench his
9:04sacrifice with water the fact that biden is in power is the equivalent of that but don’t worry the
9:10fire is still going to fall and trump is going to be the president of the united states again
9:17and it’s very easy for us to spot this now and say you know i think they
9:24actually might be false prophets and this is where i have to engage in some behavior
9:29that we don’t like it’s not polite in our society but i would note this the
9:34apostle paul did the same thing so i’ll stand in his shadow and say well i’m just following his example
9:41and the impolite thing to say is this i told you so
9:48i know it’s kind of weird you know if you guys want to impeach me next week you know go ahead and lodge the charges
9:54but the reality is this for more than a decade
10:00in fact almost 13 years now i have been warning the body of Christ through my podcast and then now on my
10:07youtube channel and pointing out that these people who we can obviously see now are false
10:12prophets that they are all of them incapable of rightly handling god’s word
10:18i to say that they are unskilled exegetes would be deceiving because none
10:24of them actually put on any pretense of being an exegete and i have been warning the church for
10:30more than a decade that these people are false teachers and that they are deceivers
10:36and now people are finally paying attention and saying you know what i think they may be a false prophet because they got it wrong regarding
10:42trump but let’s just put it this way the house has been burning for a long
10:48long time and it’s in that regard consider then the words of the apostle peter in relations to the days that we
10:55are living in and you’re going to note that peter prophesied correctly regarding the days
11:00that we find ourselves in peter writes in second peter chapter 2 talking about the children of israel
11:06that false prophets arose among the people and indeed they did and he’s referring to the prophets who rose
11:12among the people in the times of isaiah and jeremiah folks like that and then he says this just as there will
11:20be false teachers among you who will secretly bring in destructive heresies
11:26even denying the master who bought them bringing upon themselves swift destruction many
11:34will follow their sensuality and because of them the way of truth
11:41will be blaspheme peter writing under the inspiration of the holy spirit speaking the true words
11:47of god telling us what the future would be and i would say that the present currently is warned us that a day would
11:55come when many false teachers many false prophets would arise this dovetails with what paul prophesied
12:01in 1st timothy 4 people who will depart the faith follow
12:06the doctrines of demons that these people will follow sensuality and many many
12:13many people would believe them and follow them in their deceptions and
12:19because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed one of the things that i’ve really been loath to do the
12:27past few weeks is to steer into some of the atheist channels to see how they
12:33are covering the false prophecies of men like ken copeland kunamin
12:39zadai kat kerr lance walnow the list goes on and on and on and on and
12:45jeremiah johnson and others and let’s just say that the atheists have had a complete heyday with this
12:52saying here’s proof here’s proof definitive proof Christianity is completely bunk
12:59Jesus doesn’t exist god doesn’t exist these wacker doodles are out there
13:06saying that god is speaking to them and they couldn’t even get a 50 50 bet right when it came to who was going to
13:12be president and then don’t even get me started with how the middle east is using this
13:18muslim countries are playing it on their television stations
13:23all their news channels are covering the fact that these false prophets prophesied falsely
13:28and they’re saying this is proof that Christianity is corrupt that it is untrue and the persecution of
13:34Christians has intensified in some middle eastern countries because of this
13:43so because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed and then listen to this in their greed they will exploit you
13:50in their greed they will exploit you with false words you know false words like god told me to
13:56tell you to sow a thousand dollar seed offering into my ministry make your check payable to xyz and that
14:02when you the check arrives and god sees that you have faith and that you’ve sown the seed of faith
14:08in in true faith then god will bless you a hundred fold
14:13it’s it’s an investment you send me a thousand dollars and you’re going to receive a hundred thousand or a million
14:19dollars in return but you’re gonna note this isn’t something new
14:25that’s been on the scene just recently this has been the standard message that has gone forth as the face
14:33of Christianity on trinity broadcasting network for decades going all the way back to
14:40when i was a teenager but scripture here you’re going to note this
14:46scripture again peter again the holy spirit again does not consider these people to be
14:54erring brothers who just need a little correction maybe a dose of
15:00humility no peter says this their condemnation from long ago
15:05is not idle and their destruction is not
15:10asleep in scripture are Christians condemned in this way only unbelievers false teachers and
15:18false prophets and then he goes on this next portion of second peter is quite extensive because peter’s going
15:25to pile on the imagery and he notes this if god did not spare angels when they sinned
15:31and he didn’t and note this god is not a respecter of persons nor is he a respecter of creatures and
15:38angels we human beings are a little below them and so it says if god did not spare
15:43angels when they sinned but cast them into hell and committed them to chains of gloomy
15:49darkness to be kept until the judgment if he did not spare the ancient world but preserve noah a herald of
15:56righteousness notice the ancient world was judged with the destruction of our planet
16:01and only eight survived and with seven others when he brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly if by turning the cities
16:08of sodom and gomorrah to ashes he condemned them to extinction making them an example of what is going to
16:16happen to the ungodly and if he rescued righteous lot greatly distressed by the sensual conduct of the
16:22wicked for as that righteous man lived among them day after day he was tormenting his
16:27righteous soul over their lawless deeds that he saw and heard and you’ll note here
16:32peter dog piles with angels who went to hell in chains to the world that was
16:38destroyed by the flood to the destruction of sodom and gomorrah all of these are invoking the future
16:45judgment and condemnation of god against these false teachers who are bringing to us
16:51doctrines of demons it says this then then the lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials and
16:57to keep the unrighteous under punishment until the day of judgment especially of those who indulge in the lust of
17:04defiling passion and those who despise authority
17:14that is interesting and so you’ll note scripture does not con consider them to
17:20be erring brothers but those who will invoke the great judgment
17:28of god and we should be sober minded because here’s the thing the reason why all of this has be
17:34happened is because so much of the church has been so lacks in listening to the actual
17:39word of god and they have emboldened and they have underwritten
17:45the ministries of these false teachers and these false prophets who have just filled their ears with
17:51nothing but greed and sensuality now in our day it’s really easy to then
17:58ask the question how then are we to know how then are we to know
18:06what is true and what is false because it really seems that there are a lot a ton if you would of false
18:14teachers running around the landscape i don’t know if you’ve noticed it’s become harder and harder and harder to find
18:21churches where the pastors have the mindset they will bring nothing except for god’s word
18:27rightly divided and proclaimed Christ and him crucified for our sins and properly divide the word between law
18:33and gospel it’s becoming more and more difficult well that being the case note this that even pastor rosebro has
18:41to be tested by scripture don’t ever take my word for it or give me the benefit of the doubt
18:47always listen with an open bible rather than an open mind but let me give you an interesting test
18:53as it relates to people who claim to be prophets it’s found in the book of revelation chapter 19 and in revelation chapter 19
19:00you’ll remember that john the apostle has been taken up to heaven and he’s seen very many marvelous as well as
19:08disturbing things while he is in heaven and in chapter 19 there is an angel who
19:14is showing him certain things in heaven and the angel says to him in verse 9
19:20write this and listen to these words blessed are those who are invited to the
19:26marriage supper of the lamb and he said to me these are the true
19:32words of god blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the lamb
19:39hmm and these are the true words of god keep this in mind we’re going to put a pin on that we’ll come back to it here in a
19:45second and upon hearing these words the apostle john fell down at his feet the angel’s feet in order to worship him
19:52but the angel said to him you must not do that i am a fellow servant with
19:58you and your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus worship god and then these important
20:04words for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy the testimony of
20:11Jesus is the spirit of prophecy now i am not a prophet nor am i the son of a
20:17prophet and apparently my prophetic activation didn’t work either so that being the case i have to rely on
20:24bringing a prophetic word to you week after week after week but that prophetic word that i bring to
20:29you you can follow along it’s an open book prophecy if you would i proclaim to you the words of Christ
20:36and i would remind you that Jesus himself said to the unbelieving jews in john chapter 5 you
20:43diligently search the scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life yet there are very
20:49scriptures that testify about me and you refuse to come to me that you may have life
20:55so let me ask the question who did the prophets write about according to Jesus
21:03Jesus right and it’s true the spirit the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of
21:09prophecy now who did the apostles write about yeah they wrote about Jesus you’ll note
21:16that both the old testament and the new testament seem to be obsessed
21:21with Jesus the old testament foreshadowing and prophesying of his coming
21:29the new testament prophesying of the fact that he had come and consider then that this then is
21:36exactly what the point of our old testament text is deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 15
21:42moses writing and proclaiming to the children of israel in the wilderness
21:47yahweh your god will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you from your brothers it is
21:54to him you shall listen just as you desired of yahweh your god at horeb on the day of
22:00the assembly when you said let me not hear again the voice of yahweh my god or see this great fire any more lest i
22:06die and yahweh said to me they are right in what they have spoken i will raise up for them
22:12a prophet like you from among their brothers and i will put my words in his mouth and
22:17he shall speak to them all that i command him and so you’ll note that moses seems to be well prophesying about
22:26Jesus because he is prophesying about Jesus and the one thing i can tell you with
22:32almost like zero exceptions is that all of today’s modern prophets who are running around
22:38the internet landscape claiming that god has given them words that the people that they preach about
22:44are themselves that’s really what it comes down to i over and again think about one
22:52particular example of a woman who claims to have a prophetic ministry and
22:57is somebody who can train people in the prophetic and at the end of her training offers them a prophetic activation that
23:04when she talks prophetically the only person she’s talking about is
23:10herself in fact on one occasion she made the point she claimed that she was in australia
23:16preaching at a women’s conference when all of a sudden she was teleported in the spirit to nova scotia canada
23:24whereby she found a fellow who was had driven his car up to a cliff and was considering
23:30suicide and wouldn’t you know it she hopped in the car shared the gospel with him he repented of his sins
23:36she saved his life and then whoosh she was taken back to australia it’s an interesting story
23:43but that’s not the testimony of Jesus is it
23:49that’s the testimony of her and then of course don’t even get me started with men like
23:54benny hinn and others who every time they talk about the manifestations of the spirit
24:00and they condemn people who say you know the apostolic sign gifts and the revelatory gifts have
24:06ceased they they always like to say no no i know that it hasn’t ceased because and
24:12then they go on and talk about their particular exploits as if they’re the little saviors of the
24:17world always and again they preach about themselves but here moses is given a prophecy by god talking
24:25about a prophet who would arise and Jesus is our prophet he is our priest he is
24:30our king and note i will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers
24:35i will put my words in his mouth and he shall speak to him all that i command him and whoever will
24:42not listen to my words that he shall speak in my name i myself will require it of him
24:52now we’ll note this is also the same text deuteronomy 18 talking about presumptuous prophets
24:58those who claim to be spokespeople for god because that’s what a prophet is they are speaking on behalf of god they
25:05are god’s spokesmen that those who presume to speak a word that god has not given them
25:10and they prophesy that something is going to take place if it doesn’t take place deuteronomy 18 makes it clear that’s a
25:17word that god has not spoken they have spoken it presumptuously in other words
25:23they are false prophets they are not what they claim to be they are not bringing to you the words of god so the prophet
25:30who presumes to speak a word in my name that i have not commanded him to speak or who speaks in the name of
25:38other gods that same prophet shall die
25:44now in the new covenant we do not stone false prophets
25:50but i would note this you are sinning against a holy god when you send them money
25:58when you endorse them when you make excuses for their false doctrines and
26:04their false prophecies you are going against the expressed warnings of god
26:09that he’s given us in all of scripture especially the new testament
26:14but it’s in that context then i want you to consider the other aspect of our gospel text
26:20in our gospel text today Christ is preaching in the synagogue of
26:26capernaum and here upon hearing the words of
26:31Christ the prophet whom moses said god would send upon hearing them the people
26:39there recognized that Jesus was teaching in a way that they had never heard
26:45before he was fulfilling the prophecy that moses had given in deuteronomy 18 and it says that they were astonished at
26:52his teaching for he taught them as one who had authority and not as the scribes
26:57if you want an example of what how Jesus speaks with authority Jesus speaks as if he’s god himself
27:04think back to the sermon on the mount where Jesus says you have heard it said but i say
27:10you have heard it said but i say Jesus is speaking as if he has authority
27:16but remember the prophecy of moses if you will not listen to the words of this prophet
27:22god himself will hold you accountable for that let me ask the question
27:29what are the words that we need to hear from this Jesus the one whom god
27:36sent the one whom we need to listen to the one whom god the father had put the
27:42very words that he preached into his mouth answer listen
27:49Christ says i have not come into the world to condemn the world
27:54but that the world might be saved Jesus says repent and believe
28:01the gospel Jesus says that all who believe in him will never
28:07perish but have eternal life Jesus says that the work of god
28:14is to believe in the one whom the father has sent and Jesus is also the one who while
28:20bleeding for your sins and mine on the cross said it is finished
28:25father forgive them and so note that Jesus has not come to condemn us is it any wonder then
28:33the devil is doing everything he can through his false teachers and false prophets to paper over the words
28:39of Christ to cover them up to brush them aside because the devil knows full well
28:47if you hear these words of Jesus you might dare to believe that somebody as sinful as you can be forgiven by god
28:54and have eternal life all is a gift because
28:59what Jesus said is true and so i would note that Christ wills
29:06for you to repent he wills for you to be forgiven he wills for you to have a hope of
29:12eternal life he wills for you to believe in him and to receive from him grace upon grace
29:20and mercy forgiveness and life and all of this because he has bled and
29:26died even for all of your false belief all of the heresies you’ve endorsed and even promoted and
29:33spoken with your mouth Jesus is the savior of the ungodly
29:40including the penitent false teachers false believers and heretics and so Jesus wills
29:48for you to be saved and note then that the apostle paul in titus chapter 1
29:54and 2 makes it clear that god wills that those who are teaching doctrines of demons be silent
30:00and so you’ll note Jesus’s words to the devil in church were be silent
30:07come out of him Jesus is not going to allow the devil to proclaim who he is in his church
30:16and so Jesus wills that the doctrines of demons be silenced
30:21and that’s going to require us to call out for strength and mercy to speak the
30:26truth in love and call those who are deceived to repent and this is an important thing that we need to do right now
30:32we need to preach the words of Christ to give the real prophetic words the ones that proclaim the testimony of Christ
30:39to those whose faith has been destroyed by these false teachers to reach out to
30:45them in love and let them know that it’s not that Christ had failed them
30:52it’s that these deceivers deceive them but they actively participated in their
30:58own deception and that there is forgiveness and mercy even for them so brothers and sisters Christ has not
31:06only commanded that the demons be silent Christ has also commanded that you be forgiven
31:13so let us take confidence in this one who had authority all authority all authority in heaven
31:20and earth the one who had authority to silence the demons to heal the sick to give sight to the
31:26blind to raise the dead this same Jesus has also promised to raise you to eternal
31:33life his words are true trust him believe him pay attention to his words
31:41he wills that you be saved and in that context again here again the words of the angel of the
31:48book of revelation chapter 19 blessed are those who are invited to the
31:53marriage supper of the lamb these are the true words of god and so
32:01they are so then take rest brothers and sisters
32:06Christ has forgiven you of your sins and you are invited to the marriage supper of
32:11the lamb so hear the words of Christ this morning you who believe you are blessed
32:17in Jesus these are the true words of God in the name of Jesus amen
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