Sermon Transcript – Difficulty Living with the Weeds

Series A – Seventh Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, July 19, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint
0:30matthew the 13th chapter
0:32so jesus put another parable before them
0:34saying the kingdom of heaven may be
0:36compared to a man who sowed good seed in
0:38his field
0:39while his men were sleeping his enemy
0:41came and sowed weeds among the wheat and
0:43went away
0:44so when the plants came up and bore
0:46grain then the weeds appeared also
0:48and the servants of the master the house
0:50came to and said to him master did you
0:52sow good seed in your field how then
0:55does it have weeds
0:56he said to them an enemy has done this
0:58so the servant said to him well then do
1:00you want us to go and gather them but he
1:02said no
1:02lest in gathering the weeds you root up
1:04the weed along with them
1:06let them both grow together until the
1:07harvest and at the harvest time i will
1:09tell the reapers
1:10gather the weeds first and bind them in
1:13bundles to be burned
1:14but gather the wheat into my barn then
1:16he left the crowds and went into the
1:18house and his disciples came to him
1:20explain to us the parable of the weeds
1:22of the field he answered the one who
1:24sows the good seed is the son of man the
1:26field is the world
1:27the good seed is the children of the
1:28kingdom the weeds are the sons of the
1:30evil one
1:31the enemy who sowed them is the devil
1:33the harvest is the close of the age
1:35and the reapers are angels just as the
1:37weeds are gathered
1:38and burned with fire so will it be at
1:40the close of the age the son of man will
1:42send his angels
1:43and they will gather out of his kingdom
1:45all causes of sin and all law breakers
1:47and throw them into the fiery furnace in
1:50that place there will be weeping and
1:51gnashing of teeth
1:52then the righteous will shine like the
1:54sun in the kingdom of their father
1:56he who has ears let him hear this is the
1:59gospel of the lord
2:01in the name of jesus
2:04weeds wheat an enemy and a fiery furnace
2:09there’s a lot going on in this parable
2:11today and you’ll know
2:13that uh what’s going on in this parable
2:14is the first time
2:16we hear in the parables of jesus any
2:19kind of a reference
2:20to hell and i will make this note that
2:23jesus himself
2:25it’s as if he decided when it comes to
2:28the doctrine of hell he better be the
2:29one who preaches about it the most
2:31could you imagine the liberals today if
2:34paul was the one who preached on hell
2:36the most
2:37they would say man that guy was
2:39something wrong with him
2:40because all he ever seemed to preach
2:42about was hell we can just dismiss his
2:43words hell doesn’t exist
2:45but it was our lord and savior who
2:46talked about hell so we need to consider
2:49this particular parable very carefully
2:52in what it says
2:53here and we will note that eternal
2:55judgment is mentioned
2:57but the other bit of it is it is a
3:00description of the reality that we find
3:02ourselves in
3:04have you ever noticed that this life’s
3:05hard difficult that
3:07as a christian confessing christ
3:10confessing your hope in the forgiveness
3:13of sins
3:14your belief that jesus died for you your
3:16hope of a new world to come
3:18your belief in right and wrong good and
3:21up and down all of those things have
3:23been turned upside down today right
3:25have you ever noticed that well living
3:28with a lot of weeds
3:29seems to be a bit of a challenge and so
3:32you’ll note that our epistle text is
3:33going to help us in dealing with that
3:34there’s there’s a lot of concepts we
3:36need to take a look at
3:37so our gospel text it says that jesus
3:40put another parable before his disciples
3:42and you note that at this point we get
3:45inspired interpretation of the parables
3:47which is a good thing
3:49because by the time we get to the end of
3:51chapter 13
3:52jesus is going to go you guys understand
3:54how to understand these things now and
3:56they’ll go yep we got it
3:58so pay attention to how the parables are
4:00interpreted it’s really not that hard
4:02you look for the christ figure and what
4:04the different pieces
4:05are pointing to and then you can see
4:07what’s going on and again i remind you
4:09preached in parables so that people
4:11would not understand him
4:13me as a pastor that’s in there going you
4:15want me to preach on something that
4:16people don’t understand
4:17why but anyway so here’s our parable
4:22the kingdom of heaven kingdom of heaven
4:25may be compared to a man who sowed good
4:27seed in his field
4:30and while his men were sleeping his
4:33enemy came
4:33and sowed weeds among the wheat and went
4:37that’s a pretty malicious enemy this is
4:40i mean
4:41this is sabotage of the highest degree i
4:43mean think of it back in the day um they
4:45didn’t have
4:46hugos they didn’t have sam’s club
4:50they they didn’t even have happy harry’s
4:53you know if you wanted things you know
4:55to eat to drink and stuff like that you
4:57had to grow it and so this is the
4:58sabotage of a kind where your enemy
5:02basically is saying i want to make sure
5:03you’re dead that you’re going to starve
5:05to death over the winter that’s kind of
5:06the sabotage that’s going on here
5:08lets you know the the slander malice of
5:10the devil
5:11and so consider that our lord and savior
5:14jesus christ has an enemy
5:17he does and it’s because of this enemy
5:20that we find ourselves
5:22in the sinful condition in the broken
5:24world that we are in
5:25so the servants of the master and we
5:27learn from the interpretation that these
5:28are the angels they come to jesus and
5:30say master did you not sow good seed in
5:32your field how then does it have weeds
5:34an enemy did this enemy has done it so
5:37the servant said to him well then do you
5:38want us to go and gather them he said no
5:40no no less than gathering the weeds
5:42you root up the weed along with them
5:44have you ever had those times when
5:46you’re sitting there going
5:47you know the world has just gone bonkers
5:50evil just seems to abound all of a
5:52sudden right
5:53and nobody seems to be doing anything
5:55about it in fact if you speak out
5:56against the evil
5:57well then you’re in trouble and you have
6:01your thought
6:01well when how long before god actually
6:04deals with this
6:05well no if god’s going to definitively
6:07put an end to evil that’s going to be
6:09the end of us too
6:10so yeah you’ll note that jesus in his
6:13wisdom decides you know
6:14for the sake of the wheat it’s best to
6:17let things
6:17go until the harvest day so he’s
6:20thinking about the wheat here
6:22but that means that in the world then
6:24we’re going to grow up together
6:26with weeds and weeds and wheat don’t
6:29seem to be getting along now in plant
6:31world i don’t know how hostile they are
6:33to each other
6:34plant hostility is one of these things
6:36that i wonder about i’ve heard about it
6:38but but let’s just say that in the real
6:40world that we
6:41live in weeds and we don’t get along
6:44very well and usually the hostility is
6:46started by the weeds that’s how that
6:50so let them both grow together until the
6:54i’ll tell the reapers gather the weeds
6:55first bind them in bundles to be burned
6:58but gather the wheat into my barn and
6:59here’s our
7:00inspired interpretation of this parable
7:03they came to him and explained to us
7:04this parable he said the one who sows
7:06the good seed that’s the son of man
7:08that’s jesus the field is the world
7:11you know always and again i always find
7:13it fascinating when somebody messes up a
7:14text like this
7:15one of the elephants said that the
7:17church they had gone to in the past
7:19that the the pastor said that the the
7:21the field was the church
7:24and so there were weeds and wheat in the
7:25church and you had to make sure you had
7:27to do your hardest to make sure you
7:28weren’t a we
7:29a weed that’s a miserable miserable
7:33right complete botching of the text and
7:36confusion of long gospel but you’ll know
7:38this is the world that’s being discussed
7:39here the weeds are the sons of the evil
7:42and that’s how unbelievers are described
7:44the enemy who sowed them that’s the
7:47the harvest is the close of the age the
7:49reapers of the angels
7:50just as the weeds are gathered and
7:52burned with fire so will it be at the
7:54close of the age and listen to this
7:55next verse the son of man will send his
7:58and they will gather out of his kingdom
8:00all causes of sin and all lawbreakers
8:02so much for a pre-trib rapture there
8:05that kind of blows that one out of the
8:07first to go are the sinners not the
8:10just saying that’s what the text says so
8:13you’ll note then
8:14that there is a day coming when all of
8:16this will come to an
8:17end and we confess in the creed that we
8:20that jesus is coming again in glory to
8:22judge the living and the dead
8:24and listen to what christ says happens
8:26after that day of judgment
8:28the weeds will be thrown into the fiery
8:32now that’s a phrase that doesn’t appear
8:33too often in scripture
8:35first time you hear of a fiery furnace
8:37is in the book of daniel
8:38and that’s a type and shadow of our
8:42you think of nebuchadnezzar as a
8:44stand-in for the devil wanting to throw
8:45people into the fiery furnace for not
8:47worshiping him sounds a lot like the
8:49devil to me
8:50but what does christ do he saves those
8:53who trust
8:54in him from the fiery furnace and he
8:56saves each and every one of us
8:57also from the fiery furnace so do not be
9:01we are not saved from a bad hair day we
9:04are not safe from a broken hangnail we
9:06are not
9:06saved from well the slipsies and
9:09oopsie-doopsies and annoyances of this
9:11life we are saved
9:13from the wrath of god itself that’s
9:16what we are saved from and god’s wrath
9:19is described as the fiery furnace and
9:21jesus says in that place there will be
9:23and there will be gnashing of teeth this
9:26is what christ bled and died
9:28so that we would not have to be have to
9:32so you’ll note then when you hear the
9:34phrase jesus says he’s going to send out
9:36his angels and they’re going to gather
9:38up all the lawbreakers
9:40it’s really easy to get anxiety and go
9:42whoa wait a second i think i’m one of
9:46because well i’m looking at the
9:48commandments and i’ve broken those
9:50commandments today
9:51yesterday last week last month last year
9:54pretty much
9:54sure yeah there’s an unbroken chain of
9:57law breaking
9:58that goes all the way back to my
10:01same with you but see brothers and
10:04sisters fear not
10:06you are wheat how do i know
10:09well you’ve been watered in the waters
10:10of baptism you’ve been joined to christ
10:12in his death and his resurrection he’s
10:14taken your sin upon himself
10:16and he’s gone to the cross all your law
10:19he bore and he
10:22suffered the fiery furnace of the cross
10:26in your place and mine so that we can be
10:30so rather than have anxiety take comfort
10:33and note
10:33that there is a day coming when all of
10:35this will come to an
10:37end and then when it all comes to an end
10:39jesus says the righteous will shine like
10:41the sun in the kingdom of their father
10:43so he who has ears to hear let him hear
10:45so pay attention pay attention to the
10:47end where is it all going
10:49because in the midst of this i don’t
10:50know if you’ve noticed life is
10:52really hard and getting harder
10:57consider the words of christ in the book
11:00of revelation chapter 2 to the church in
11:03listen to these words this kind of
11:05typifies what it’s like
11:07for we wheat to live among the weeds
11:10it’s just not
11:11easy christ says to the angel to the
11:14angelos you can almost say the pastor of
11:15the church of smyrna because
11:17pastors are messengers of the lord my
11:20job is to preach the word
11:21and give you a word from god here’s what
11:23jesus says the words of the first
11:25and the last the one who died and came
11:27to life don’t let those words go by too
11:30you’ll note that christ is providing
11:32comfort to the church in smyrna so don’t
11:34forget this not only did jesus die
11:37he rose again he’s conquered death
11:40and here’s the best part he’s not saving
11:43from death he’s not saving us from
11:46suffering he’s not saving us from trials
11:48and tribulations
11:49he’s saving us through them
11:54so he says to the congregation at smyrna
11:57i know your tribulation
11:59i know you’re poverty but you’re rich
12:03don’t let your circumstances fool you
12:06though you do not have a penny in your
12:08bank account and you be poverty stricken
12:11if you are in christ you are wealthy
12:13beyond your imagi
12:15your wildest imagination not in this
12:20and he says this i know your poverty and
12:22i know the slander of those who say they
12:24are the
12:25are jews but are not but they are part
12:27of the synagogue
12:28of satan well that’s the other part of
12:30it isn’t fun when you’re being slandered
12:32by people who
12:33basically identify themselves with god
12:37but you can tell by their slander that
12:38they’re not from god
12:41when the devil speaks his native
12:43language he’s lying
12:45it says of the dragon that he was cast
12:49out of heaven
12:50and before he was cast out of heaven
12:52what was he he was the slanderer of the
12:55it was as if his only job when he had
12:58access to god in heaven
13:00was to sit there and say that i sinned
13:01that guy said send them to hell
13:03send them to hell always accusing the
13:07so christ said fine i’m going to take
13:09away your ability to accuse
13:10my saints i’m going to go to earth be
13:13born of the virgin mary
13:15suffered bleed die rise again for their
13:18and so all of your sins are accounted
13:22the record of debt that stood against
13:23you completely canceled nailed to the
13:26so the devil doesn’t have a foothold to
13:28accuse you with anything
13:29anymore not before god
13:32so what does the devil do he’s changed
13:34focus well if i can’t get god to listen
13:36to me i’ll get everybody else
13:39those christians they’re a bunch of
13:42they’re a bunch of fear mongers they’re
13:45bigots right this is how it goes
13:49i know your tribulation your poverty and
13:51the slander of those who say they are
13:53jews but are not but are the synagogue
13:54of satan don’t fear
13:56what you are about to suffer
13:59excuse me i wanted my best life now
14:03yeah don’t fear what you’re about to
14:05suffer christ says you’re going to
14:08so what do we do in the face of
14:09suffering don’t fear
14:12why well remember what he said i died
14:14and came to life
14:16so don’t fear do not fear what you’re
14:18about to suffer behold the devil’s about
14:20to throw some of you into prison
14:22so that you may be tested for 10 days
14:25and there’s kind of the
14:26there’s the bit that’s kind of fun so
14:28when you look at the book of revelation
14:30oftentimes numbers are symbolic was this
14:32a literal 10 days that happened in
14:34smyrna maybe
14:35but you’ll note that this is a church
14:36not only this is a letter not only
14:38written to the church of smyrna this is
14:39written to all of us
14:40right there’s a little bit of smyrna
14:42here that applies even
14:44in kongs of anger so in the midst of
14:47trial and tribulation don’t worry it’s
14:49only for 10 days
14:51i mean 10 days that’s that’s pretty much
14:54the time of a decent honeymoon
14:56right yeah in aruba
15:01you know some place exotic right
15:04but isn’t it isn’t it like this have you
15:06ever been on a vacation like a 10-day
15:09and the day you arrive you recognize you
15:11only have nine days left
15:13right it is is this worst thing ever you
15:16go on vacation and the only thing you
15:18can think about
15:18in two days i gotta pack up and go back
15:22right and so what happens is that that
15:25wonderful 10-day vacation
15:27that time off that that time away it
15:30comes to an end just like
15:32this 10 days is nothing
15:36it’s a decent vacation so jesus says
15:39that’s how long your test is going to
15:40take place just 10 days no big deal
15:42you can get through that so don’t fear
15:45it’s only for 10 days
15:48brothers and sisters our life here on
15:50this earth
15:52is just like that god says
15:55that we are a mist we are like the grass
15:59of the field
16:01it’s here today piled up in
16:04bundles and burned tomorrow the crops
16:07that you see so
16:08green in the fields today the corn
16:11already past our knees and the chest
16:14the wheat that oh it’s just that perfect
16:16green color and you know that in a
16:18couple weeks it’s going to be a golden
16:20right in just a few weeks
16:24the snow’s going to come back don’t
16:26stone me for saying that
16:30the snow is coming back and you know
16:32what i’m talking about and we will be
16:34thinking about the summer of 2020 in the
16:36rear view mirror
16:38and it’s going to happen tomorrow
16:42so what do we have to look forward to
16:45well jesus says this
16:46he says don’t fear you may be tested
16:49from 10 days
16:50and you’re going to have tribulation so
16:51be faithful unto death under what
16:53yeah death you know so keep keep
16:56believing until you die
16:57it’s only going to be 10 days from now
16:59and i will give you the crown of life he
17:01who has an ear let him hear what the
17:02spirit says to the churches the one who
17:04conquers will not be hurt by the second
17:07by the fiery furnace that’s what the
17:09second death is so how do we conquer
17:13by believing the saints conquered by the
17:15blood of the lamb
17:17he’s the one who’s forgiven us he is the
17:19one who’s already conquered
17:20and what does he say i’ve already
17:22conquered death and came back to life
17:25you know you’ll be here in 10 days no
17:26big deal just hang on keep
17:28your eyes on what’s coming and that’s
17:31really the point
17:32of what we see in our epistle text
17:33consider these words of comfort then
17:35as we consider life together as weeds
17:38and wheat
17:38paul says i consider that the sufferings
17:41of this present time are not worth
17:42comparing with the glory that is to be
17:44revealed to us
17:49do you realize in 10 days
17:52we’re all going to be looking back going
17:54man that was nothing
17:57nothing compared to the glory that we
17:59see the face of god
18:01the new heavens the new earth
18:04worshiping in his presence the heavenly
18:08that the sufferings of this present time
18:09they’re not worth comparing to the glory
18:11that is to be revealed to us
18:12you see right now the creation waits
18:15with eager
18:16longing for the revealing of the sons of
18:19the creation itself was subjected to
18:22futility not willingly be because of him
18:24who subjected it in hope
18:26so that the creation itself will finally
18:28be set free from its bondage to decay
18:30and obtain the freedom of the glory of
18:33the children of god
18:34you see that day is coming that’s the
18:36day after the angels gather up the weeds
18:38in the weed
18:39that’s the day after when all of a
18:42all of this world and what is this world
18:45marked by
18:47death have you ever stopped to think for
18:49a second
18:50how morbid it is that we have
18:52refrigerators in our refrigerators
18:54we have meat that we keep cold our
18:57refrigerators are basically morgues
19:05you’ll never eat you’re going vegan
19:07after this i can tell
19:13all right good but the idea here
19:17is that even our diet is all based on
19:21it is but see this whole world has been
19:24subjected to death
19:26decay to to futility i mean
19:29have you noticed that the pyramids in
19:31egypt just don’t look as good as they
19:33used to a few thousand years ago
19:36right all of the great empires of the
19:39past lie in ruins
19:41oh believe me when i tell you if christ
19:43tarries the great empire
19:45of america will lie in ruins it looks
19:48like we’re going to commit suicide
19:51right all of this is because of the
19:54futility of our sin
19:55we know that the whole creations it’s
19:57groaning together
19:59in the pains of childbirth and
20:00childbirth’s not an easy thing i’ve
20:02witnessed my wife do it three times
20:04and i can’t make eye contact because if
20:05i do i’m going to get in trouble
20:12not you ashley
20:15but you get the idea right and so here’s
20:18the thing
20:19if the creation is in child pain is in
20:22what’s it about to give birth to the new
20:25heavens the new earth
20:27and this creation is going to die in
20:31thank god so keep your eyes on what’s
20:35but not only that the creation not only
20:37the creation we ourselves who have the
20:39first roots of the spirit we groan
20:41as we wait eagerly for the adoption of
20:44sons in the redemption of our bodies
20:46and that’s what we’re waiting for for
20:49the completion
20:50of our salvation and boy i’m looking
20:53forward to that i’m looking forward to
20:55seeing my feet again i wonder what they
20:56look like
20:59for in this hope we were saved
21:02now hope that is seen is not hope for
21:04who hopes for what he sees but if we
21:06hope for what we do not see we wait for
21:08it with patience
21:10so note then we’re waiting we’re waiting
21:13so don’t fear do not be afraid keep
21:16looking to what’s coming
21:17the glory that will be revealed the new
21:19earth that we will be in the presence of
21:21the place where we will live so we won’t
21:23even think about the suffering that we
21:25go through it’s only for ten days
21:27so in the midst of it what are we to do
21:28pray pray
21:32likewise the spirit then helps us in our
21:33weakness and we are weak
21:35we don’t even know what to pray for as
21:37we ought so god himself helps us and the
21:39holy spirit
21:40himself intercedes for us ever feel like
21:42your prayers are weak and
21:44not quite up to snuff well that’s
21:46because they are but don’t worry
21:48the holy spirit’s going to fill the gap
21:49there and he groans with
21:52his groanings are too deep for words and
21:54he who searches the hearts and knows the
21:56mind of the spirit
21:57because the spirit intercedes for the
21:59saints according to the will of god
22:01so brothers and sisters that’s a lot of
22:04ground to cover
22:04in one parable but it’s all there if you
22:07think about it
22:10our lord has an enemy we have an enemy
22:12this is why we are in the
22:13predicament we’re in but christ has
22:15saved us from that enemy
22:17and don’t worry the harvest it’ll be
22:19here soon
22:20really really soon so take heart
22:24conquer through the blood of christ
22:26through your faith and trust in jesus
22:28not by your works
22:30and in the meantime like all good
22:33continue to pray and know know this that
22:35the holy spirit himself is also praying
22:37for you
22:38and interceding so if god is for us
22:42who can be against us in the name of
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