Sermon Transcript – Do Whatever He Tells You To Do

Series C – Second Sunday After the Epiphany – Sunday, January 17, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint John
0:31Chapter 2 verses 1 through 11. on the
0:35third day there was a wedding at Cana in
0:37Galilee and the mother of Jesus was
0:40Jesus also was invited to the wedding
0:42with his disciples and when the wine ran
0:45out the mother of Jesus said to him they
0:47have no wine and Jesus said to her woman
0:50what does this have to do with me my
0:53hour has not yet come
0:54his mother said to the servants do
0:56whatever he tells you now there were six
0:59Stone water jars there for the Jewish
1:01rights of purification each holding
1:03about 20 or 30 gallons and Jesus said to
1:07the servants filled the jars with water
1:09and they filled them up to the brim and
1:11he said to them now draw some out take
1:14it to the master of the feast so they
1:16took it
1:17when the master of the feast Taste of
1:19the water now become wine and did not
1:22know where it came from though the
1:24servants who had drawn the water knew
1:26the master of the feast called the
1:28bridegroom and said to him everyone
1:30serves the good wine first and when
1:33people have drunk freely then the poor
1:36wine but you have kept the good wine
1:39until now this is the first of his signs
1:42Jesus did at Cana in Galilee and
1:45manifested His glory and his disciples
1:47believed in him
1:50in the name of Jesus
1:54Epiphany we are in the season of
1:56epiphany and Epiphany means
1:58manifestation and Jesus is manifesting
2:01who he is this is dangerous work by the
2:04way for the Son of God and so we come to
2:07this text which on a first reading you
2:10sit there and go
2:11why did John record this passage I don’t
2:17get it I don’t understand it yeah I’ve
2:20actually wrestled with this text many
2:22years I’ve wrestled with this text and
2:24thought what am I supposed to do with
2:26this I mean Jesus turns water into wine
2:29you got kind of the whole awkward
2:32exchange between him and his mom and
2:36never was really able to start to put it
2:38together until I began to see in this
2:42text that there were well fulfillments
2:45that John is pulling on certain Old
2:48Testament types and themes and so we’re
2:52going to take a crack at our text today
2:54and we’re going to unpack it and look at
2:57it in light of its typological
2:59significance and it’s pointing to Christ
3:01his crucifixion the bride of Christ and
3:06kind of all the different themes and
3:08believe me when I tell you I’m not even
3:09going to come close to pull them all out
3:13this is if you would a little bit more
3:16in depth than a 10 000 foot overview but
3:19still I I fear that I may not be doing
3:22this full Justice
3:24so let’s return back to our text I’ll be
3:26reading from the ESV today and here’s
3:29what it says on the third day there was
3:32a wedding at Cana in Galilee and the
3:35mother of Jesus was there Jesus was also
3:38invited to the wedding with his
3:40disciples we’ll pause there for a second
3:42on the third day man there are so many
3:48important things happening in scriptures
3:51well on third days if you would this is
3:54a major theme this is like writ large
3:58pay attention there’s something going on
4:00in this text and it’s huge let me just
4:03give you a couple of passages as well
4:05cross references to start kind of
4:07teasing out this third day theme Genesis
4:10chapter 3 10-13 we read this about the
4:15third day watch this God said let the
4:18Earth Sprout vegetation plants yielding
4:21seed fruit trees bearing fruit in which
4:23is their seed each according to its kind
4:25on the earth and it was so and the Earth
4:28brought forth vegetation plants yielding
4:31seed according to their kinds and the
4:33trees bearing fruit and which is their
4:35seed each according to its kind God saw
4:38that it was good and then there was
4:40evening and there was mourning on the
4:43third day
4:45yeah so on the third day is the day in
4:48which God brought forth the very well
4:51grape Vines
4:52that make wine so something going on
4:56there you say you’re going is that all
4:58you got no I got more let’s continue
5:01we’ll take a look at Hosea chapter 6
5:04verses one through two here’s what it
5:06says come let us return to the Lord for
5:10he has torn us that he may heal us he
5:13has struck us down and he will bind us
5:16up and after two days he will revive us
5:19and on the third day
5:21he will raise us up that we may live
5:24before him
5:26or the Gospel of John Chapter 2 starting
5:29at verse 13 immediately after this
5:31pericope same chapter listen to this the
5:34Passover of the Jews was at hand and
5:36Jesus went up to Jerusalem in the temple
5:38he found those who were selling oxen
5:40sheep and pigeons and the money changers
5:42sitting there and making a whip of cords
5:45he drove them all out of the temple with
5:47the sheep and The Oxen and he poured out
5:49the coins on the money changers and
5:50overturned their tables and he told
5:52those who sold the pigeons take these
5:55away do not make my father’s house a
5:58house of trade and his disciples
6:00remembered that it was written Zeal for
6:03your house will consume me so the Jews
6:06said to him what sign do you show us for
6:08doing these things Jesus answered them
6:11destroy this Temple and then three days
6:14I will raise it up the Jews said it’s
6:17taken 46 years to build this Temple and
6:21you’ll raise it up in three days
6:24but he was speaking about the temple
6:27of his body
6:29scripture teaches there’s significant
6:32things happening on third days very
6:36important things tuck that away we’ll
6:39use it again in a little bit
6:42next the passage continues when the wine
6:46ran out the mother of Jesus said to him
6:50they have no wine and Jesus said to her
6:55here it is boy this is an awkward moment
6:57for us woman what does this have to do
7:00with me
7:03yeah now see here’s kind of the thing
7:05and there’s a little bit of debate on
7:08in the culture of the time
7:12it is very likely that Jesus saying to
7:16his mother calling her woman is not
7:20disrespectful but is actually
7:24well very respectful cultures change and
7:28so in our culture if my son were to call
7:32my wife his mother woman well I’d
7:36probably take offense
7:38but Jesus never has broken the fourth
7:40Commandment and so it’s fascinating here
7:43that he uses this term of Honor not
7:47and says woman what does this have to do
7:50with me now remember Third Day important
7:52things happening Third Day something’s
7:54going on the wedding has run out of wine
7:59which is kind of important too
8:02we’ll tease that out in just a minute
8:06Mary comes to Jesus he says woman what
8:09does this have to do with me
8:12there’s another time in the Gospel of
8:14John where Jesus
8:16calls Mary woman I want you to hear it
8:20Gospel of John chapter 19 verses 25
8:24through 27. while Jesus is being
8:27crucified but standing by the cross of
8:30Jesus where his mother and his mother’s
8:32Sister Mary the wife of clopus and Mary
8:35Magdalene when Jesus saw his mother and
8:37the disciples whom he loved standing
8:39nearby he said to his mother
8:44behold your son
8:47then he said to the disciple
8:49behold your mother and from that hour
8:51the disciple took her to his own home
8:55so there’s something going on here Third
8:59Day water turned to Wine
9:03washing water that’s what this water’s
9:07for washing water turned into
9:10wedding wine
9:13not just any wine wedding wine
9:18so there’s something going on here woman
9:21what does this have to do with me Jesus
9:23continues my hour has not yet
9:27well Jesus can only be referring to one
9:31when Jesus talks about his hour coming
9:33what is that hour
9:38it’s the hour of his death the thing for
9:41which he came
9:42the thing he came to do to bleed and to
9:46die for our sins it seems so out of
9:49place here in this text my hour has not
9:54yet come
9:56referring to his death
10:01and it’s from these words that now marry
10:06apparently has the signal from Jesus
10:09that he’s going to do something my hour
10:12has not yet come referring to Jesus’s
10:14death and then the last recorded words
10:19of Mary of Nazareth
10:22his mother said to the servants
10:26do whatever he tells you
10:28do whatever he tells you these are good
10:33these are important words what Mary has
10:36to say to us is very important to
10:39whatever Jesus tells you
10:42if he says repent be baptized for the
10:45Forgiveness of your sins
10:46to whatever he tells you
10:48if he says that the work of God is to
10:51believe in the one whom the father has
10:54do whatever he tells you
10:57if he tells you take eat this is my body
11:00broken for you for the Forgiveness of
11:02your sins
11:03do whatever he tells you if he says take
11:07this is my blood of the New Covenant
11:10shed for you for the Forgiveness of your
11:14sins do
11:16whatever he tells you
11:18Jesus seems to know what he’s doing
11:21and now the typology and the symbols
11:24start to stack up
11:27passage goes on to say
11:29now there were six Stone water jars
11:32there for the Jewish Rites of
11:34purification each holding 20 or 30
11:42it’s a lot of water
11:45what’s this all for
11:47Jewish purification rights rights of
11:52purification related to what
11:55the law of Moses
11:58the law
11:59so here we’ve got six not Seven
12:03Stone jars
12:07making an illusion back to the Ten
12:10Commandments the law of God chiseled on
12:14stone tablets and notice it says six
12:17jars not seven
12:19and this is important because the six
12:22here well you could talk about the six
12:25days of work but what’s missing is the
12:27seventh day the seventh is the day of
12:32and Jesus is our Sabbath rest so there’s
12:35all kinds of themes this are just
12:38teeming In this passage
12:41again it’s hard to do it justice
12:43so they had six Stone water jars and
12:47keep this in mind the law of Moses
12:49cannot truly save us see you can think
12:54of it this way water in the stone jars
12:57is really capable of only cleansing the
13:01outside but not getting down into the
13:03heart the scripture says that wine makes
13:06the heart glad you see you don’t party
13:10with water used for purification rights
13:14wine parties well wedding parties are
13:18celebrated with wedding wine
13:20so there’s another a whole other theme
13:22going on there as well
13:24so now there were six Stone jars there
13:27for the Jewish rights of purification
13:29each holding 20 or 30 gallons Jesus said
13:32to the servants and watch this this is
13:34fascinating servants know what’s going
13:36on the lowest and the lowly not the high
13:39and the Mighty the lowest and the lowly
13:41said to the servants fill the jars with
13:45and they filled them up to the brim
13:48and he said to them now draw some out
13:50and take it to the master of the feast
13:53and see Jesus Takes the water in the
13:56stone jars filled to the brim
14:00totally full
14:02and it turns into
14:08very fascinating you could say that
14:10Jesus himself
14:13is the one who fills all of the
14:16requirements of the law to the brim this
14:19is pointing to Jesus in a fascinating
14:21way so draw some of it out take it to
14:23the master of the feast so so they took
14:25it and when the master of the feast
14:27tasted the water now become wine and did
14:30not know where it came from though the
14:32servants who had drawn the water they
14:34knew they knew
14:37kind of reminds you by the way wine here
14:41is a sign it’s a symbol of Future Hope
14:46in scripture Isaiah 25 verse 6 talks
14:49about it this way on this mountain
14:51Yahweh the Lord of hosts
14:55will make for All Peoples a feast of
14:59rich food a feast of well-aged wine of
15:05rich food full of Morrow of aged wine
15:08well refined
15:12yeah wine is a symbol
15:15of the Hope to come
15:18and here just like in Isaiah 25 6 well
15:24aged wine this is stuff that you know
15:27the wine magazines if they were to rate
15:29this wine it would be scoring 98 99
15:33almost a perfect 100 I mean that’s what
15:36we’re talking about not really cheap one
15:39no no no no this is this is not
15:43this is not Mogan David this is
15:45something else right so the master of
15:48the feast he calls the bridegroom and he
15:50said to him Hey listen everyone serves
15:53the good wine first
15:56and when the people have drunk freely
15:59you can literally kind of translate this
16:01as have had a little bit too much to
16:03drink they’re pretty happy they’re
16:06flying high right then you bring out the
16:09poor wine after their taste buds are
16:12but you
16:14you have kept the good wine the best
16:19until now
16:21and that’s and that’s another key phrase
16:24think of it this way as God’s revelation
16:29right it’s God’s revelation unfolds God
16:34Saves the best wine
16:36Christ himself his blood shed for us for
16:40the Forgiveness of our sins he saves it
16:42till the last you see
16:46the law is incapable of providing the
16:50wine really for the wedding Feast at all
16:54it doesn’t provide the wine it would run
16:56out it’s would fall woefully short like
16:59each and every one of us does but see
17:01God is the one who supplies the wine for
17:04the wedding feast
17:06and he saves the best until last and
17:10that’s his son Jesus Christ come for you
17:14to die and bleed for you
17:18suffer your punishment on the cross so
17:21that you can be pardoned and have peace
17:23with God God Saves the best wine
17:27till the last and then the text ends
17:29with these words
17:31this the first of the signs Jesus did at
17:35Cana in Galilee and manifested there’s
17:39the word the epiphany of his glory
17:42and his disciples believed in him his
17:45disciples believed this was the first
17:47sign in fact
17:49the Gospel of John contains Seven Signs
17:55regarding Jesus that are written so that
17:58we can believe the seven signs are the
18:01first the changing of the water into
18:03wine the second the healing of the royal
18:07officials son in chapter four
18:10number three the healing of the
18:12paralytic at Bethesda
18:14four the feeding of the five thousand in
18:17chapter six also in chapter six Jesus
18:21walking on the water that’s the fifth
18:23sign the sixth sign the healing of the
18:25man born blind in chapter nine and seven
18:29the raising of Lazarus from the dead
18:32seven full signs of the seven days of
18:36the first week of creation
18:39but then John gives us an eighth sign an
18:43eighth sign the first sign of the new
18:46creation that took place on the third
18:50Jesus’s resurrection from the grave
18:53there’s so much going on here and it’s
18:58just teeming and it’s hard to tease it
19:01all out and just when you think you’ve
19:03exhausted it you find five more but
19:06that’s what’s going on in this text
19:08these signs this is a sign so that you
19:11will believe and all of the typology now
19:14being pulled in from the old Covenant
19:16and the law as well as the eschaton and
19:19the future wedding Feast of the Lamb all
19:21of that is just packed into this short
19:25little pericope
19:27of the of the miracle the sign the
19:31manifestation of Jesus’s Glory at the
19:34wedding feast in Cana of Galilee
19:38so let me leave you with these thoughts
19:41the very thoughts that John gives
19:43at the end of his gospel as to why these
19:45things are written he writes this in
19:47John chapter 20 verses 30 and 31. now
19:50Jesus did many other signs
19:53in the presence of the disciples which
19:56are not written in this book
19:58but these things are written so that you
20:01might believe that Jesus is the Christ
20:04the son of God
20:06and that by believing you too might have
20:10life in his name
20:13that’s why Jesus changed the washing
20:17into wine that’s
20:20well and how that’s why all of this is
20:22pointing to what we find in the
20:24baptismal font the washing water of the
20:27Forgiveness of sins the wine that we
20:30in our Lord’s Supper for the Forgiveness
20:33of our sins
20:34and having believed in him
20:37having believed that this Jesus has come
20:40to die and rise again on the third day
20:46so that we might have life we do have
20:49we are believing in the promises of God
20:53believing that we have life life eternal
20:56in his name forever and ever
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