Sermon Transcript – Don’t Let the Package Fool You

Series C – Second Sunday of Christmas – Sunday, January 3, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:30Chapter 2 verses 40 through 52.
0:34and the child grew and became strong
0:38filled with wisdom and the favor of God
0:41was upon him now his parents went to
0:43Jerusalem every year at the Feast of the
0:45Passover and when he was 12 years old
0:48they went up according to custom and
0:51when the feast was ended as they were
0:53returning the boy Jesus stayed behind in
0:55Jerusalem his parents did not know it
0:58but supposing him to be in the group
1:00they went a Day’s Journey but then they
1:02began to search for him among their
1:04relatives and acquaintances and when
1:06they did not find him they returned to
1:08Jerusalem searching for him after three
1:11days as they found him in the temple
1:12sitting among the teachers listening to
1:14them and asking them questions and all
1:17who heard him
1:18were amazed at his understanding and his
1:20answers and when his parents saw him
1:23they were astonished and his mother said
1:25to him son why have you treated us so
1:28behold your father and I have been
1:30searching for you in great distress and
1:33he said to them why were you looking for
1:35me did you not know that I must be in my
1:37father’s house
1:39and they did not understand the saying
1:41that he spoke to them and he went down
1:43with them and came to Nazareth and was
1:46submissive to them and his mother
1:48treasured up all of these things in her
1:50heart Jesus increased in wisdom and in
1:54stature and in favor with God and man in
1:58the name of Jesus
2:02verse 40 the child was growing and
2:06becoming strong and while being filled
2:09with wisdom Passive by the way he’s
2:11being filled God’s doing the filling and
2:14the grace of the favor of God was upon
2:18so here’s our theme for this passage
2:21here’s the idea
2:22don’t let the package fool you if you
2:25remember the movie Forrest Gump well
2:27Forrest Gump had that famous saying life
2:30is like a box of chocolates you never
2:31know what you’re going to get and the
2:33idea is this it’s simple when you look
2:35at a box of chocolates they all kind of
2:37look like chocolates but then when you
2:39bite into one of them you might say oh
2:41that’s really amazing
2:43or you might say oh
2:46why did I pick that one that’s kind of
2:48the idea so you don’t don’t let the
2:51package fool you that’s the idea in our
2:53passage today so here in this text that
2:57we just read
2:58Jesus is making his second appearance in
3:02the temple and Jesus in the temple are
3:04inextricably linked important thing to
3:07keep in mind and this first verse verse
3:1040 we in a sense get the Fulfillment of
3:14the type and Shadow of which Solomon
3:17really was the type let me exam let me
3:20explain First Kings chapter 3 verses 3
3:22through 12. you remember Solomon becomes
3:25king of Israel after his father David
3:27had passed away and it says this Solomon
3:31loved the Lord walking in the statutes
3:33of David his father only he sacrificed
3:35and made offerings at the high places
3:37and the King went to gibeon to sacrifice
3:40there for that was the great high place
3:42Solomon used to offer a thousand burnt
3:45offerings on that altar at gibeon the
3:48Lord appeared to Solomon in a Dream by
3:49night and God said ask what I shall give
3:53and Solomon said you have shown great
3:56and steadfast love to your servant David
3:58my father because he walked before you
3:59in faithfulness in righteousness in an
4:02uprightness of heart towards you and you
4:04have kept for him this great and
4:07steadfast love and have given him a son
4:09to sit on his throne this day and now O
4:12Lord my God
4:14you have made your servant King in place
4:18of David my father although I am but a
4:22little child
4:24I do not know how to go out or to come
4:26in and your servant is in the midst of
4:28your people whom you have chosen a great
4:31people too many to be numbered are
4:33accounted for multitude give your
4:36servant therefore an understanding mind
4:38to govern your people that I may discern
4:40between good and evil for who is able to
4:43govern this your great people
4:45it pleased the Lord that Solomon had
4:47asked this and God said to him because
4:49you have asked for this and have not
4:51asked for yourself for long life or
4:53riches or the life of your enemies but
4:55have asked for yourself understanding to
4:57discern what is right
4:58behold I now do according to your word
5:01behold I give you a wise and Discerning
5:04mind so that none like you has been
5:07before you and none like you shall arise
5:09after you
5:11the idea is this in this text we see
5:14that the son of David is asking for
5:18wisdom and he grows in wisdom and God
5:20gives him wisdom wisdom to govern his
5:22people while he sits on the throne of
5:24his father
5:25David and so here in the temple we see
5:28Jesus in our text this morning
5:31well full of wisdom
5:33wise Beyond his years a child if you
5:37would now I’ll have to save it for a
5:39later time but there’s something
5:40significant in the fact that Jesus is 12
5:43years old think 12 tribes of Israel 12
5:46disciples and that it takes his parents
5:49three days to find him there’s something
5:52going on there in the numbers in the
5:54Bible but that’s for a different sermon
5:56I’ll have to tease that out at a later
5:57time in this text suffice it to say that
6:01Solomon in type and Shadow in the Old
6:03Testament is pointing beeline right to
6:05Christ you know and so when you hear
6:08about Jesus growing in wisdom and having
6:10wisdom Beyond his years this is the
6:14Fulfillment that Solomon was pointing to
6:16because Jesus himself truly is the son
6:19of David who sits on the throne of his
6:22father David forever and God has given
6:25him great wisdom to rule the multitude
6:27the great multitude too well too big to
6:30be numbered
6:32as he rules them forever and forever
6:36so we now come back to our text that’s
6:38all kind of pretext
6:39now as parents it says went to Jerusalem
6:42every year at the Feast of the Passover
6:44and when he was 12 years old they went
6:46up according to custom and when the
6:49feast was ended as they were returning
6:51the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem
6:54his parents did not know of know it but
6:57supposing him to be in the group they
6:59went a Day’s Journey but then they began
7:02to search for him among the relatives
7:03and acquaintances and when they did not
7:05find him they returned to Jerusalem
7:08searching for him
7:10now there’s a lot of fun that you can
7:12have with this text and the reason I say
7:14that is because well we parents can
7:16relate to this story many of us myself
7:18included have experienced the stress and
7:21the Panic of taking our eyes off of our
7:24children only for a moment at the mall
7:26or a grocery store and then turning
7:29around and not seeing your children
7:31where they thought where you thought
7:32they would be
7:33we get this we understand this but
7:36here’s the issue if you’ve been paying
7:38close attention to what the Gospel of
7:39Luke has revealed about Jesus there is
7:42truly a sense in which their stress the
7:45stress of Mary and Joseph is unwarranted
7:48and unjustified I know that sounds kind
7:51of cruel but let me make my point Jesus
7:53isn’t like any other child and yet they
7:56know that you know but at the same time
7:59Jesus looks like every other child but
8:05see Jesus is God in human flesh
8:09and he really and it really is easy to
8:11forget that when it comes to Jesus there
8:14is so much more than meets the eye so
8:17let me be blunt Jesus Is God God the son
8:19second person of the Holy Trinity and
8:21human flesh and because of that he’s
8:23quite capable of taking care of himself
8:26I know that seems kind of blunt but it
8:29will kind of come back to this more in a
8:30minute so Mary and Joseph are in a panic
8:33they’ve lost the Son of God yeah he’s
8:36which it’s just you think about it it’s
8:39just bizarre to talk this way but it’s
8:41important that we do after three days
8:44they found Jesus in the temple so on the
8:47third day they find the 12 year old
8:49Jesus in the temple again there’s
8:50something going on there sitting among
8:52the teachers listening to them
8:55and asking them questions
9:01and so and all who heard him were amazed
9:06at his understanding and his answers now
9:09here’s kind of the irony of the
9:10situation here is the word of God made
9:13flesh and that’s who Jesus is remember
9:17what John chapter 1 says in the
9:19beginning was the word and the Word was
9:21with God and the Word was God and so
9:23here we have the word of God made flesh
9:27dwelling Among Us and the word of God
9:30made flesh is indwelling Among Us is
9:33astounding the teachers of the Torah by
9:36his understanding of the scriptures even
9:39as a 12 year old boy
9:41how were they to know who Jesus truly
9:45was well they don’t he looked just like
9:48any other 12 year old boy of the time so
9:50the teachers of the Torah had no way of
9:52knowing who Jesus really was it hadn’t
9:54been revealed to them but they were
9:56amazed and astounded of his
9:57understanding of the scriptures and oh I
10:00wish I could have been a fly on the wall
10:01just listening to Jesus teach and ask
10:05the questions of those who are the ones
10:07who were supposed to be asking him the
10:09questions right he’s the catechuman he’s
10:11this is Jesus in junior high and Junior
10:14High kids get asked the questions but
10:17he’s the one asking the questions which
10:19I think is fantastic so all of this then
10:23is part of the mystery and even the
10:26Scandal itself of the Incarnation here
10:29we have the word of God made flesh
10:32but there’s no bright neon light it’s
10:35not like Jesus is walking around he’s
10:37got a halo over his head as all the
10:40medieval artists depict the boy Jesus
10:42right no he’s just going about his
10:45business doing his thing and he looks
10:48like every other boy
10:50but he’s not
10:52so this is part and parcel of the
10:54mystery of how God comes to us and even
10:58works among us today I want you to think
11:00about this when we take the Lord’s
11:03Supper all we see with our eyes is
11:06ordinary bread
11:07end well cheap sweet wine
11:11but don’t let your eyes and your taste
11:13buds deceive you God’s word reveals that
11:17in with and Under The Bread and Wine is
11:21the very body and blood of Jesus Christ
11:23broken and shed for you for the
11:25Forgiveness of your sins
11:27when we consider our baptisms all we see
11:31and sense with our eyes and our physical
11:33senses is very ordinary Minnesota tap
11:38but God’s word reveals that when that
11:42ordinary tap water is combined with
11:44God’s word
11:46it becomes a washing of regeneration
11:48that washes away sins and that in that
11:51Minnesota tap water
11:53you all had your sins washed away your
11:56hearts circumcised by Christ and you
11:59yourselves buried and raised with him
12:03all through Minnesota tap water
12:08to the word
12:10when we consider the words of the
12:11Absolution that we hear week after week
12:13you hear from the pastor’s mouth a man
12:16who I can attest is truly an ordinary
12:19sinner just like you you hear from him
12:21that your sins are forgiven
12:24yet the word of God reveals
12:27that that Absolution that you hear from
12:30his your pastor’s sinful mouth doesn’t
12:33have its origin in him
12:35but what he speaks is an echo of the
12:38Absolution that’s actually pronounced in
12:40heaven John 20 verse 23 says this if you
12:44forgive the sins of any their sins have
12:47already been forgiven them if you retain
12:50the sins of any they have already been
12:53retained you see
12:55it might look like the pastors getting
12:58all uppity might look like the pastors
12:59overstepped his bounds but in reality
13:02the pastor has done nothing of the sort
13:03all he’s done is Echo what has happened
13:07in eternity and that is the Forgiveness
13:10of your sins
13:12so don’t let the package fool you
13:16twelve-year-old Jesus is well he looks
13:19like 12 year old Jesus and he truly is
13:2112 years old but remember
13:23he’s God in human flesh at 12 years old
13:26more than meets the eye and so now his
13:29parents they find him in the temple
13:31everyone’s astonished by his questions
13:34and his understanding of the scriptures
13:35when his parents saw him they were
13:38astonished and his mother said to him
13:40son why have you treated us so
13:44behold your father and I
13:49um Joseph isn’t Jesus’s father is he
13:53no he’s not
13:54see even Mary
13:57is already by the time Jesus is 12 year
14:00old 12 years old she’s wrestling with
14:04this incarnation of who Jesus is behold
14:07your father and I we’ve been searching
14:09for you in great distress
14:11and he’s said to them
14:15why were you looking for me
14:19did you not know
14:21I must be in my father’s house
14:26notice that Jesus doesn’t break the
14:28fourth Commandment
14:29he answers her question which wrongly
14:32stated that Joseph was was Jesus’s
14:35father and so he asked a question with a
14:38question that rightly pointed out
14:41who Jesus’s father truly is you see
14:46remember Jesus was born of the Virgin
14:50Joseph is not his physical father
14:52he might be his legal adopted father
14:55but he’s not his physical father and so
14:59Jesus asked the question why why were
15:00you looking for me did you not know that
15:03I must be in My Father’s House Jesus’s
15:06work is intimately wrapped up with and
15:09cannot be separated from the work of God
15:11happening where
15:14in the temple
15:15like a son learning his Earthly father’s
15:19I think Carpenter teaching his son to be
15:21a carpenter right Jesus is learning and
15:25learning to be about his father’s trade
15:29and his father’s business but Jesus’s
15:32father’s business is not carpentry
15:35what is the father’s business
15:37well the father set up shop in Israel
15:39long ago
15:40forgiving people sins
15:43Jesus is now hard at work following in
15:45his Father’s Footsteps keeping God’s law
15:49perfectly and keeping it perfectly for
15:52you even perfectly keeping the fourth
15:55Commandment honor your father and mother
15:58by perfectly honoring and obeying his
16:01Earthly parents
16:02all we are born Rebels we are all
16:06rebellious children regardless of how
16:08well compared to other children we’ve
16:10obeyed our parents but compared to Jesus
16:13we don’t even come close in fact Jesus
16:17is perfect keeping of the fourth
16:18Commandments just shows us how
16:19rebellious we all truly are
16:22every chore given to Jesus was
16:25obediently completed without even a hint
16:27of taking back our talking back or
16:30lollygagging how many of you can say
16:32that when your parents gave you chores
16:35you did it without even talking back or
16:37without any lawly gagging Jesus never
16:40threw a fit when his parents said that
16:42he couldn’t have something Jesus never
16:44snuck out of his house to hang out with
16:46friends that his parents didn’t approve
16:48of Jesus never hid behind the backstop
16:52at the schoolyard to sneak a smoke or to
16:55Swig a beer Jesus always applied himself
17:00to his homework and to his study of the
17:04it never procrastinated
17:06need I go on
17:08but all of this Jesus was doing he was
17:11doing it for you and in your place
17:15he wasn’t being obedient in order to
17:17save himself he was being obedient in
17:20order to save you and to save me because
17:23well let’s be honest even our best
17:26obedience is far from the type of
17:29obedience that Jesus rendered so many
17:31times when we obey and do the right
17:34thing getting up the energy to do it
17:37takes some time and even then so many
17:41times we just go through the motions
17:43while our attitudes and our feelings are
17:46far far far behind we’ve even come up
17:50with a phrase for describing this kind
17:52of obedience the phrase is fake it until
17:56you make it
17:58but Jesus never once had to fake it when
18:02it came to obeying God’s law from day
18:05one Jesus never merely honored god with
18:09his lips or mindlessly went through the
18:12actions while his heart was far from God
18:15instead Jesus became obedient even to
18:19the point of laying down his own life
18:21and even doing that in the most painful
18:25and shameful way possible by being
18:27crucified on a cross
18:30and all of that he did for you so that
18:35you can be forgiven so that you can have
18:37a right standing with God
18:42back to the text
18:44so why were you looking for me
18:47did you not know
18:49that I must be in my father’s house
18:52and they did not understand the saying
18:55that he spoke to them
18:57it’s kind of tough
18:59it’s difficult
19:00because here’s Jesus he looks just like
19:04any other 12 year old
19:06but here
19:08he very politely and in a way that
19:11honors his parents reminds them
19:14who his true father is and why he’s come
19:17to do what he’s come to do
19:21so they didn’t understand it they didn’t
19:25it’s difficult to understand you have to
19:27be given this to understand
19:30so the text then says this he went down
19:32with them
19:34came to Nazareth
19:36and he was submissive to them
19:38obeying the fourth Commandment perfectly
19:41and his mother treasured up all of these
19:43things in her heart wondering what does
19:46it mean
19:47and the text ends kind of where it left
19:49off and Jesus increased in wisdom and he
19:54increased in stature and he increased in
19:57favor and Grace with God and with man
20:01and this increasing of favor and stature
20:06all the way to Jesus’s death and his
20:10resurrection and we know this from
20:12Philippians chapter 2. which says though
20:15he was in the form of God he did not
20:18count equality with God a thing to be
20:20grasped but he emptied himself
20:23by taking on the form of a servant being
20:25born in the likeness of men and being
20:27found in human form he humbled himself
20:30by becoming obedient to the point of
20:33death even death on a cross and now this
20:37says this therefore God has highly
20:40exalted Jesus and has bestowed on him
20:44the name that is above every name
20:47so that the name of Jesus every knee
20:50should bow in heaven and on Earth and
20:52under the Earth and every tongue confess
20:56that Jesus Christ is Lord
20:58to the glory of his father
21:01God the Father in heaven
21:04in the name of Jesus
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