Sermon Transcript – Dreams Fulfilled Nightmares Begun

1 Year Lectionary – Fifth Wednesday in Lent – Wednesday, March 30, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28a reading from genesis chapters 42 and
0:34when jacob learned that there was grain
0:36for sale in egypt he said to his sons
0:39why do you look at one another and he
0:41said behold i have heard that there is
0:43grain for sale in egypt go down and buy
0:45grain for us there that we may live and
0:48not die
0:49so ten of joseph’s brothers went down to
0:52buy grain in egypt but jacob did not
0:55send benjamin joseph’s brother with his
0:57brothers for he feared that harm might
1:00happen to him thus the sons of israel
1:03came to buy among the others who came
1:06for the famine was in the land of canaan
1:09now joseph was governor over the land he
1:12was the one who sold all to all the
1:15people of the land and joseph’s brothers
1:17came and bowed themselves before him
1:20with their faces to the ground
1:22joseph saw his brothers and recognized
1:25them but he treated them like strangers
1:27and he spoke roughly to them
1:30where do you come from he said
1:32they said from the land of canaan to buy
1:35and joseph recognized his brothers but
1:37they did not recognize him and joseph
1:40remembered the dreams that he had
1:42dreamed of them and he said to them you
1:45are spies you have come to see the
1:47nakedness of the land
1:49they said to him no my lord your
1:51servants have come to buy food
1:54we are all sons of one man we are honest
1:57men your servants have never been spies
2:00he said to them no
2:02it is the nakedness of the land that you
2:04have come to see and they said
2:06we your servants are twelve brothers the
2:09sons of one man in the land of canaan
2:12and behold the youngest is this day with
2:14our father and one is no more
2:18but joseph said to them it is as i said
2:20to you you are spies
2:22by this you shall be tested by the life
2:25of pharaoh you shall not go from this
2:28place unless your youngest brother comes
2:30here send one of you and let him bring
2:32your brother while you remain confined
2:35that your words may be tested whether
2:38there is truth in you or else by the
2:40life of pharaoh surely you are spies and
2:43he put them all together in custody for
2:45three days
2:47on the third day joseph said to them
2:50do this and you will live for i fear god
2:53if you are honest men let one of your
2:55brothers remain confined where you are
2:58in custody
2:59and let the rest go and carry grain for
3:02the famine of your households and bring
3:04your youngest brother to me so your
3:07words will be verified and you shall not
3:10and they did so
3:13then they said to one another in truth
3:15we are guilty concerning our brother in
3:17that we saw the distress of his soul
3:19when he begged us and we did not listen
3:22that is why this distress has come upon
3:24us and reuben answered them did i not
3:27tell you not to sin against the boy but
3:30you did not listen now so now there
3:32comes a reckoning for his blood
3:35they did not know that joseph understood
3:38for there was an interpreter between
3:40them then he turned away from them and
3:42he wept
3:43and he turned to them and spoke to them
3:45and he took simeon from them and bound
3:48him before their eyes and joseph gave
3:50orders to fill their bags with grain
3:52and to replace every man’s money in his
3:55sack and to give them provisions for the
3:57journey this was done for them then they
4:00loaded their donkeys with their grain
4:02and departed and as one of them opened a
4:04sack to give his donkey fodder at the
4:06lodging place he saw his money in the
4:08mouth of his sack and he said to his
4:11my money has been put back here it is in
4:14the mouth of my sack at this their
4:16hearts failed them and they turned
4:19trembling to one another saying what is
4:22this that god has done to us
4:25when they had come when they came to
4:27jacob their father in the land of canaan
4:30they told him all that it happened to
4:32them saying the man the lord of the land
4:34spoke roughly to us and took us to be
4:37spies of the land but we said to him we
4:39are honest men we have never been spies
4:42we are twelve brothers sons of our
4:44father one is no more and the youngest
4:46is this day with our father in the land
4:48of canaan then the man the lord of the
4:50land said to us by this i shall know
4:53that you are honest men
4:55leave one of your brothers with me take
4:57grain for the famine of your households
4:59and go your way
5:00bring your youngest brother to me
5:02then i shall know that you are not spies
5:05but honest men and i will deliver your
5:06brother to you and you shall trade in
5:08the land as they emptied their sacks
5:11behold every man’s bundle of money was
5:13in his sack and when they
5:15they and their father saw their bundles
5:16of money they were afraid
5:18and jacob their father said to them you
5:21have bereaved me of my children joseph
5:24is no more simeon is no more and now
5:27you would take benjamin
5:29all this has come against me
5:32then reuben said to his father
5:34kill my two sons if i do not bring him
5:36back to you put him in my hands i will
5:39bring him back to you but he said my son
5:42shall not go down with you for his
5:45brother is dead and he is the only one
5:47left if harm should happen to him on the
5:49journey that you are to make you would
5:51bring my bring down my gray hairs with
5:54sorrow to shayol
5:56now the famine was severe in the land
5:59and when they had eaten the grain that
6:01they had brought from egypt their father
6:03said to them go again and buy us a
6:05little food but judah said to him the
6:08man solemnly warned us saying you shall
6:11not see my face unless your brother is
6:13with you if you will not send our
6:15brother with us we
6:17we will go down and
6:19if you will if you will send our brother
6:20with us we will go down and buy you food
6:23but if you will not send him we will not
6:26go down for the man said to us you shall
6:28not see my face unless your brother is
6:30with you
6:32israel said why did you treat me so
6:36badly as to tell the man that you had
6:38another brother
6:40they replied the man questioned us
6:42carefully about ourselves and our
6:43kindred saying is your father still
6:46alive do you have another brother what
6:49we told him was an answer to these
6:51questions could we in any way know that
6:54he would say bring your brother down
6:57and judah said to israel his father
6:59send the boy with me and we will arise
7:03and go that we may live and not die both
7:05we and you and also our little ones and
7:08i will be a pledge of his safety from my
7:11hand you shall require him if i do not
7:13bring him back to you and set him before
7:16you then let me bear the blame forever
7:19if we had not delayed we would have now
7:21returned twice
7:24then their father israel said to them
7:27if it must be so then do this take some
7:30of the choice fruits of the land in your
7:32bags and carry a present down to the man
7:35a little balm a little honey gum myrrh
7:37pistachio nuts and almonds take double
7:39the money with you carry back with you
7:41the money that was returned in the mouth
7:43of your sacks perhaps it was an
7:47take also your brother and arise and go
7:50again to the man may god almighty grant
7:52you mercy before the man
7:54and may he send back your brother and
7:56benjamin and as for me if i am bereaved
7:59of my children i am bereaved
8:02so the men took this present and they
8:04took double the money with them and
8:06benjamin they arose and went down to
8:09egypt and they stood before joseph when
8:12joseph saw benjamin with them he said to
8:14the steward of his house bring the men
8:16into the house slaughter an animal make
8:18ready for the men are to dine with me at
8:21the man did as joseph told him and
8:23brought the men to joseph’s house and
8:26the men were afraid because they were
8:27brought to joseph’s house and they said
8:30it is because of the money which was
8:32replaced in our sacks the first time
8:33that we are brought in so that he may
8:36assault us and fall upon us and make us
8:38servants and seize our donkeys
8:40so they went up to the steward of
8:42joseph’s house and spoke with him at the
8:44door of the house and they said oh my
8:47lord we came down the first time to buy
8:50food and when we came to the lodging
8:52place we opened our sacks and there was
8:55each man’s money in the mouth of his
8:57sack our money in full weight so we have
9:00brought it again with us and we have
9:02brought other money down with us to buy
9:04food we do not know
9:07who put our money in our sacks
9:09he replied peace to you
9:11do not be afraid
9:13your god and the god of your father has
9:15put treasure in your sacks for you i
9:18received your money
9:19then he brought simeon out to them and
9:22when the man had brought the men into
9:24joseph’s house and given them water and
9:26they had washed their feet and when he
9:28had given their donkeys fodder they
9:30prepared the present for joseph’s coming
9:32at noon for they heard that they should
9:34eat bread there when joseph came home
9:37they brought into the house to him the
9:39present that they had with them and
9:41bowed down to him to the ground
9:44and he inquired about their welfare and
9:46said is your father well the old man of
9:49whom you spoke
9:50is he still alive
9:52and they said your servant our father is
9:54well he is still alive and they bowed
9:57their heads and they prostrated
9:58themselves and he lifted up his eyes and
10:02saw his brother benjamin his mother’s
10:05and he said is this your youngest
10:06brother of whom you spoke to me
10:09may god be gracious to you my son
10:11then joseph hurried out for his
10:13compassion grew warm for his brother and
10:16he sought a place to weep
10:18and he entered his chamber and he wept
10:21there and then he washed his face and
10:23came out and controlling himself he said
10:26serve the food they served him by
10:29himself and them by themselves and the
10:31egyptians who ate with him by themselves
10:33because the egyptians could not eat with
10:35the hebrews for that is an abomination
10:37to the egyptians
10:39and they sat before him the firstborn
10:41according to his birthright and the
10:43youngest according to his youth and the
10:45men looked at one another in amazement
10:48portions were taken to them from
10:49joseph’s table but benjamin’s portion
10:52was five times as much as any of theirs
10:56and they drank and they were merry with
10:58him oh lord have mercy upon us in the
11:01name of jesus
11:03all right do you remember joseph
11:05had some dreams remember that it was
11:08that was kind of like the inciting
11:10incident there’s joseph his father’s
11:13favorite he even has the coat to prove
11:15it and he has a dream
11:17and in his dream you know his
11:20there were bundling sheaves and all of
11:23his brother’s sheaves got up and bowed
11:25down to his sheaf and his brothers hated
11:28him for this they hated him for lots of
11:30things but that just made things worse
11:32and then he had a dream about the sun
11:35the moon and the stars and all them
11:37bowing down before him and even his
11:39father was a wee bit annoyed by that but
11:42these dreams were dreams from god they
11:44were prophetic and you’re going to note
11:46in our text tonight
11:49joseph’s dreams came true
11:52because god never says something’s going
11:54to happen and then it doesn’t happen god
11:56doesn’t lie the only time when god says
11:58something’s going to happen and he
12:00relents is when he promises disaster for
12:03people’s sin and impenitence and if they
12:06repent scripture says he relents
12:09that is the only time we see god not
12:11following through on his word but all of
12:13that being said you’ll note then here
12:15joseph’s dreams have come true
12:18and well his brother’s nightmares have
12:20just begun
12:22you’re going gonna note here this is not
12:24joseph being cruel to his brothers just
12:27to get vengeance this is not alexander
12:29dumas count of monte cristo you know i
12:33enjoy that that movie i enjoyed that
12:35book but here’s the issue the count of
12:37monte cristo has a similar theme a
12:39fellow who’s really truly innocent who
12:42ends up in the worst prison in all of
12:44france the chateau d not a place you
12:47know as a restaurant you don’t want to
12:48visit there any time and what happens is
12:51is that through these machinations with
12:54an other character he’s able to free
12:57and upon freeing himself he gets a
12:59treasure that it was stolen from
13:01napoleon it’s a great story and then 600
13:05pages of working out his revenge on
13:07those who put him into prison
13:10that’s not what’s going on here in fact
13:12you’re going to know it’s quite the
13:14opposite joseph isn’t being mean for
13:17means sake instead he’s got real reasons
13:20to distrust his brothers the thing that
13:22they shouldn’t have said is we your
13:25servants are honest men
13:27no they’re not and joseph knows that
13:30they are far from honest these are men
13:33who plotted to murder him decided no
13:36we’re going to sell you into slavery
13:38instead and then concocted a horrible
13:42story about him being eaten by beasts
13:45and have allowed his father to believe
13:47that’s the truth for how long now
13:51well let’s do a little bit of math i
13:53hate math it’s it’s from the devil but
13:55just a little bit here just for the sake
13:57of the sermon 13 years joseph was either
14:01as a slave and a prisoner combination of
14:03both and then there were seven years of
14:06plenty those are in the rear view mirror
14:08and now what are we one or
14:10what year one or two into the famine so
14:13we’re looking at
14:18and you’re going to know benjamin is not
14:20a baby he’s a man he’s in his 20s
14:26jacob’s not keen on letting him out of
14:29his sight all because of the anxiety the
14:32horrible morning that he went through
14:34day after day believing that his son
14:38joseph his favorite son his
14:41beloved son
14:43had died
14:45but god was up to something
14:47god was not working their judgment and
14:50oh they should be judged for this don’t
14:51you think don’t you think we should all
14:54be judged for our sins but if we are
14:57it’s not going to go well for us
14:59god isn’t working their judgment he’s
15:00working their salvation that’s the whole
15:03point and so here joseph hearing his
15:06brothers attest to their honesty has to
15:09now test a few things because well the
15:12question that is now before him if they
15:14did this to me
15:18did they also do in benjamin
15:22and since benjamin is not with them he’s
15:24got to kind of sort that out and so he’s
15:27rough with them accuses them of being
15:29spies even puts money back into their
15:32sacks and interesting to note that as
15:34soon as these fellows hit the wall so to
15:38rather than receive kindness and just go
15:40to the grocery store and purchase the
15:42grain and head back home now the manager
15:44of the whole country is on them bad and
15:48accusing them of being spies they said
15:50to one another in truth we’re guilty
15:52concerning our brother in that we saw
15:54the distress of his soul when he begged
15:56us and we did not listen oh that’s
15:59merciless right there what that is why
16:01this distress is coming up upon us and
16:04of course reuben here doesn’t really
16:06help and reuben answered did i not tell
16:08you i told you so i told you did i not
16:11tell you not to sin against the boy but
16:13you didn’t listen to me no
16:16so now there comes a reckoning for his
16:23do you think these men could
16:24legitimately pay
16:29for the blood of their brother
16:31if there was truly a reckoning do you
16:33think they’d be able to square that debt
16:36how about you
16:37there was a reckoning for all of your
16:41would you be able to square that debt
16:43be able to walk away and go well god
16:45we’re fair and square now we’re even no
16:48way that’s not how this works and so
16:50yeah there’s going to be a reckoning but
16:52the reckoning comes a little bit later
16:55and so these fellows are kind of
16:57thinking in terms of karma right oh this
17:00has happened to us oh our karma has gone
17:02really bad and these terrible
17:04circumstances are because god is judging
17:10but that’s not true
17:12god is not judging them god is now
17:15walking them down the path of repentance
17:19they’ve sat silently keeping their evil
17:23secret for more than 20 years and god is
17:26now going to take them down the road of
17:29repentance he’s recalled their sin to
17:31their mind they are confessing their
17:34guilt what should they receive at the
17:36end of this the same thing we all
17:38get because of jesus
17:44it’s one of the best stories
17:48and so we’ll note here that these
17:50fellows are kind of a lot like king
17:52david if you think of king david there
17:54he sexually assaults bathsheba
17:56impregnates her murders her husband and
17:59then after her husband is gone and she’s
18:02mourned for him and she’s finished her
18:03morning period he
18:05marries bathsheba and if you think about
18:08it i mean what a kind
18:10loving pious thing for king david to do
18:13to marry this obscure woman who has no
18:17royalty in her at all
18:19and oh and she’s the widow of a war hero
18:22way to go david yeah you know you got to
18:26watch out for those sins that are
18:27covered up in pious pretenses they’re
18:30this they’re the worst
18:33but you’ll note that god wasn’t pleased
18:35with what david did
18:37nor was he pleased with the fact that
18:40didn’t confess his sin but instead he
18:42hid it these fellows didn’t confess
18:45their sin
18:46and they let their dad believe that
18:48joseph has been dead for all these years
18:51and god isn’t pleased with that either
18:54he’s going to walk them down the road of
18:55repentance the same way he walked david
18:58down the road of repentance and we
19:00should pay attention to this over and
19:02again i’ve noticed that some churches
19:04and some theologians and some church
19:07groups really go bad and become super
19:10toxic when they forget how
19:14god deals with sin
19:17they think sin is something that you’ve
19:19got to paper over that you’ve got to
19:22somehow bury in the backyard
19:24make sure that you hide it away don’t
19:26let anyone see it because you can’t now
19:29that you’ve made the decision for jesus
19:31let on that you sin
19:34and as a result of it sin festers in the
19:39you know you think of the person who has
19:41a stressful life and what do they do
19:43they push the stress down and they keep
19:46it down or maybe they well they medicate
19:50with booze and things just go wrong
19:55we also hide our sin in the similar way
19:59and we ought not to do that what does
20:02scripture say
20:03if we say we have no sin we deceive
20:06ourselves and the truth is not in us
20:10if we say we have no sin you know what
20:12that is
20:13that’s an example of somebody who’s
20:16hiding their sin well i haven’t got any
20:18sin nothing no sin here to talk about
20:21here everything’s looking clean as a
20:23whistle right i always remember the time
20:26the jehovah’s witness ladies came to our
20:28house like 15 minutes before we needed
20:30to head off to church and of course i
20:32can never pass up an opportunity to talk
20:34to the jehovah’s witnesses because once
20:36i talk to them they’ll never come back
20:39okay so what happened there i am i’m
20:42talking with this jehovah’s witness lady
20:44and the one thing i could tell you about
20:45jehovah’s witnesses this is a religion
20:47that’s all about saving yourself by your
20:50works there’s no grace in there at all
20:53so i took her to some passages in
20:56galatians and talked about how by works
20:59of the law will nobody be saved and how
21:02none is righteous no not one to which
21:05this jehovah’s witness lady while my
21:07wife is putting the kids in the minivan
21:09by the way worst vehicle ever most
21:11emasculating vehicle in the world is a
21:14minivan i’m so glad they have crossovers
21:16now so that men don’t have to drive
21:18these things anyway that’s a little
21:20aside i won’t charge extra for that one
21:22but all of that being said while i’m
21:24talking to this lady my wife comes in
21:26from the garage and she hears these
21:29words from this jehovah’s witness lady
21:30who i’ve shown from the scripture that
21:32none is righteous that all said and she
21:34says well i haven’t sinned in a really
21:36long time
21:38so my wife storms
21:41storms from the kitchen to the front
21:44and this is not something that happens
21:46silently if you’ve ever heard my wife’s
21:48storm you need to get out of the way you
21:50don’t make eye contact you’re in a lot
21:52of trouble okay she storms from the
21:55kitchen all the way to the front door
21:57she gets right in that lady’s face and
21:59goes you are such a liar
22:03you are a sinner just like i’m a sinner
22:06they never came back after that we were
22:08on the blacklist but
22:10you know what barb was right
22:13she was lying
22:15but how many of us lie
22:17the same lie
22:19how many of us are just
22:21comfortable with our sin
22:27if we say we have no sin we deceive
22:29ourselves the truth is not in us but if
22:32we confess our sins
22:34god is faithful and just to forgive our
22:37sins and to cleanse us from all
22:41all unrighteousness
22:43we come to church as penitent sinners
22:47speaking the truth about ourselves
22:51speaking the truth of our sin the things
22:53we do we don’t do the things we’ve done
22:56left undone all the mess that well
23:00we’ve created by our disobedience to god
23:04and rather than get
23:06the left foot of fellowship rather than
23:09being flicked like a bug into the fires
23:12of hell we receive from christ the
23:14forgiveness of our sins full pardon full
23:17grace that’s what’s going on in this
23:19text and so now they can feel the guilt
23:22of their sin and they’re thinking oh no
23:25god is up to no good he’s finally
23:28decided he’s done with us he’s through
23:30with us but we know that’s not the truth
23:35it’s in this regard
23:37we consider just one
23:39other detail
23:40so they head back poor simeon he’s cool
23:43in his heels in prison
23:45and they were not coming back any time
23:47soon i’m sure that was just a real joy
23:50but it’s just a little bit of a taste of
23:54joseph went through
23:55but we’ll note this here when they were
23:58deliberating to send
24:01the boys back to get food
24:05jacob is not keen on this idea but who
24:09is it that stands up and says
24:15i will be
24:16a shorty for him
24:18it’s judah
24:21and here in the story we begin to see a
24:25little bit of a shifting in the types
24:26and shadows
24:28and the way i like to think of it is
24:31there’s jacob
24:35mourning still lamenting still in pain
24:39and agony over the loss of his
24:45and i think jacob here in the types and
24:48begins to give us just a little bit of a
24:51picture of what god the father feels and
24:53losing us
24:55each and every one of us because of the
24:56deceit of the devil
25:01and who is it that promises to bring
25:05benjamin back
25:06it’s judah
25:08and so i think a good way to think of
25:10this is this
25:11is that judah
25:14what christ really promises christ says
25:18to the father
25:20i will go father
25:22and i will bring back your lost children
25:27i my life
25:29will be the surety
25:31that i will bring them back
25:35and that’s exactly what christ did
25:37he humbled himself
25:39taking on the form of a servant becoming
25:41obedient even to the point of death on
25:44the cross in order that you and i can be
25:47forgiven and pardoned and that god the
25:49father can experience the joy
25:52of having his children returned by none
25:56other than the lion of the tribe of
26:00and so as we consider
26:01this text in our lenten series
26:05let us consider our secret sins
26:08the ones that we’ve even been terrified
26:10to confess to god
26:12he knows them already
26:13and if he brings us to the painful
26:15experience of bringing them to mind or
26:17even making us feel guilty for them then
26:19know this god isn’t against you in doing
26:21so this is the path of repentance
26:24this is the path that we all travel so
26:26that we can finally be forgiven and
26:29pardoned and that we can be reunited
26:31brought properly
26:33with god whom we have been estranged
26:35from because of our sin it’s a beautiful
26:38picture if you think about it
26:40in the name of Jesus
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