Sermon Transcript – Ephphatha

Series B – Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, September 6, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:31chapter 7 verses 24 through 37.
0:37Jesus left that place and went to the
0:43Jesus left that place and went to the
0:45vicinity of Tire he entered a house and
0:48did not want anyone to know it yet he
0:50could not keep his presence Secret in
0:53fact as soon as she heard about him a
0:55woman whose little daughter was
0:57possessed by an evil spirit came and
0:59fell at his feet the woman was a Greek
1:02born in Syrian phenicia she begged Jesus
1:05to drive the demon out of her daughter
1:08first let the little children eat all
1:10they want he told her for it is not
1:13right to take the children’s bread and
1:14toss it to their dogs
1:16Yes Lord she replied but even the dogs
1:18on the table eat the children’s crumbs
1:21and then he told her for such a reply
1:23you may go the demon has left your
1:25daughter so she went home and found her
1:27child lying on the bed and the demon
1:30gone when Jesus left the vicinity of
1:32tire and went through sidon down to the
1:35Sea of Galilee and into the region of
1:37the decapolis there some people brought
1:39to him a man who was deaf and could
1:41hardly talk and They begged him to place
1:43his hand on the man after he took him
1:45aside away from the crowd Jesus put his
1:48fingers into the man’s ears then he spit
1:51and touched the Man’s Tongue he looked
1:54up to heaven with a deep sigh and said
1:56to him ephathah which means be opened at
2:00this the man’s ears were opened and his
2:02tongue was loose and he began to speak
2:04plainly Jesus commanded them not to tell
2:07but the more he did so the more they
2:10kept talking about it people were
2:12overwhelmed with amazement he has done
2:14everything well they said he even makes
2:16the death here and the mute speak
2:20in the name of Jesus
2:23all right two stories
2:25it’s like a Jesus twin spin here two of
2:29them very different both of them taking
2:31place outside of Israel technically in
2:33Gentile territory the second one helps
2:36us understand the first one but the
2:38first one is a little bit complicated
2:40last year I preached on the story of the
2:43syrophoenician woman from the gospel of
2:45Matthew chapter 15 and this is one of
2:48those texts that is really rough and the
2:51reason why it’s rough is because it
2:52looks like Jesus is racially insulting a
2:56you know calling her a dog
2:58yeah try that today you know like I
3:01pointed out last year if this happened
3:03today Twitter Facebook the news media
3:05would be a buzz I mean that would people
3:07would be unfriending Jesus like faster
3:09than you know if he were a leper you
3:11know what I’m saying but one of the
3:14things I hate about the story is it’s so
3:16convolutedly difficult to understand why
3:19is Jesus insulting this woman and I’ve
3:22um recently read a book by the by a
3:25gentleman by the name of Dr Ken Bailey
3:27who is a middle eastern studies expert
3:31and he’s written a book called Jesus
3:33Through Middle Eastern eyes and he makes
3:35a very compelling case that there’s the
3:38reason why we westerners don’t get it is
3:40because we don’t think in terms of
3:41community and culture
3:43and as soon as you put a Middle Eastern
3:45Community and culture as an assumed
3:48thing in here all of a sudden things
3:50start to crackle and come to life and so
3:53I’m gonna we’ll tackle the first one
3:55using Bailey’s idea and then we’ll take
3:57a look at the second one as well and so
4:00we’ll we’ll read it Jesus left that
4:02place and he went to the vicinity of
4:04Tire he entered a house and did not want
4:07anyone to know it yet he could not keep
4:09his presence secret just by way of type
4:12and Shadow Old Testament type and Shadow
4:14if you know the story of Elijah
4:18First Kings chapter 17 and the the
4:21showdown between the prophets above all
4:23and Elijah well that Showdown begins
4:26with Elijah basically saying it’s not
4:28going to rain until I say so because God
4:30told him to say that and then he goes
4:31and hides he hides the brook Sharif for
4:34a while and then the brook dries up and
4:36then Elijah heads to the region of tire
4:38and sidon and he like Jesus finds a
4:42woman kind of in desperate need with a
4:44child if you would and so you think of
4:46the story in the Old Testament of Elijah
4:48traveling to this same region as type
4:51and Shadow Jesus is now fulfilling it
4:53where Elijah was able to keep himself
4:55hidden Jesus is not able to keep himself
4:59hidden it’s kind of fascinating how that
5:00works out so there’s a direct connection
5:02here type and Shadow in First Kings 17
5:05then the substance in this text
5:08but we’ll we’ll I just put that in there
5:10so that we all have that marker here’s
5:13what it says then verse 25 in fact as
5:15soon as she heard about him a woman
5:18whose little daughter was possessed by
5:20an evil spirit came and fell at his feet
5:23the woman was a Greek born in Syrian
5:27phenicia she begged Jesus to drive the
5:30demon out of her we get from the gospel
5:33of Matthew who are actual words she
5:35calls out to Jesus Lord son of David
5:39sir cry to him Lord son of David so she
5:42has she knows who Jesus is
5:44she’s got a little bit of theology
5:46training going on here she’s knows about
5:49the coming Messiah who would be the son
5:52of David and so Jesus rebuffs her in the
5:56mat in the methane account we learned
5:58that the disciples Jesus says nothing to
6:01her at first and the disciples say send
6:03her away send her away and this kind of
6:06helps us understand this so Bailey’s
6:08thought on this is that we must
6:11understand that the culture of first
6:15century Israel was extremely racially
6:20biased against the Gentiles
6:23it’s akin to what we saw here in the
6:26United States in the 20th century with
6:29this in the South against African
6:32Americans it’s that kind of racial
6:34hatred and so you see this by the way if
6:38you want an example of what this looks
6:40like go and read Acts chapter 10 and
6:43chapter 11. Acts chapter 10 gives us the
6:46story of the first Gentile Believers in
6:48Christianity the story of the Centurion
6:50Cornelius and Peter is sent by the Holy
6:54Spirit to go to his house and he shows
6:57up he preaches the gospel they receive
7:00the Holy Spirit and they’re baptized
7:02Cornelius and his whole family and
7:05rather than Rejoice that the gospel has
7:08now gone out to Gentiles in chapter 11
7:11we learned that the circumcision party
7:13within Christianity that they were
7:16actually very upset at Peter for daring
7:21to eat a meal with Gentiles and so they
7:25called Peter on the carpet and he had to
7:27give an explanation about his actions
7:30and so that gives you kind of a frame of
7:32mind that you can understand here as far
7:34as what the Jews thought of the Gentiles
7:37at this time in history it’s a very very
7:40strong racial Prejudice and so
7:44that is part of what’s going on here
7:46there’s a racial barrier but the other
7:49thing is is that when we have to
7:50understand this is that women are not
7:53permitted to talk to men
7:56and men don’t talk to women in this
7:58Middle Eastern culture and so this woman
8:01she broke through two Rock Solid
8:06barriers to talk to Jesus two of them
8:08first by way of the fact that she’s a
8:11woman and she is UN invited and
8:14basically engaging in a conversation
8:16with Jesus and calling out to him and on
8:18top of it she’s a gentile so in the
8:20methion account we the first response is
8:23Jesus says nothing
8:25and the disciples say send her away
8:30get rid of her
8:32and so what’s going on in this text if
8:34you understand the culture is is that
8:36Jesus has every intention of meeting her
8:39need this is a woman who has faith
8:43she absolutely has faith in Jesus and
8:46Jesus is not going to turn away somebody
8:48who has faith in him and not meet their
8:50need his ears are open to his children’s
8:55plea for Mercy because she has Faith his
8:58ears are attentive to her but the set
9:00kind of the subtext here is that Jesus
9:03in his response is preaching to two
9:05groups and you have to keep them teased
9:07out the first group is the woman the
9:10Gentile woman he’s challenging her faith
9:13knowing that her faith is going to come
9:16shining through but the other thing he’s
9:18doing is he’s challenging the racial
9:20Prejudice of the of the disciples this
9:23is Bailey’s Theory and I think he’s got
9:24he’s on to something here and so what
9:26Jesus does then is that she persists
9:31and then Jesus voices these painful
9:33words let the little children eat all
9:35they want for it is not right to take
9:38the children’s bread and then toss it to
9:40the dogs and what Jesus was doing there
9:42was literally giving voice
9:45to the racial Prejudice of the Jews of
9:48his day
9:49and the disciples they had that
9:51prejudice still in them because they
9:52were telling him to get rid of that
9:54woman so jesus takes up their cultural
9:59hatred if you would not because he he
10:01possesses it but because he’s going to
10:03give voice to it and by giving voice to
10:05it he’s going to show how absolutely
10:08ugly it is
10:09and so he says
10:11first let the little children eat all
10:13they want for it’s not right to take the
10:15children’s bread and toss it to their
10:18called her a dog
10:20and the fact that the disciples record
10:23this account
10:25and memorialize This Woman’s faith is
10:28critical for us to understand what’s
10:30going on here because Jesus here you can
10:32almost see the disciples wince and going
10:36man that doesn’t sound right right
10:39but she has faith she’s a penitent
10:43Sinner and so rather than getting sensed
10:46and upset and blow up on Jesus and say
10:48how dare you call me a dog
10:51she responds with faith yes Lord
10:56she replied
10:57but even the little dogs under the table
10:59eat the children’s crumbs
11:03she’s not going away she’s got Jesus by
11:06the hand and she’s not letting go
11:09and so her faith comes shining through
11:13and then Jesus says for such a reply you
11:17may go the demon has left your daughter
11:19and in the methion account in Matthew 15
11:22Jesus says woman great is your faith
11:26so we know that she has faith and so the
11:29idea here is is that Jesus who is our
11:33God his ears are attentive they’re open
11:35to the needs of his children who have
11:37faith in him and this woman although
11:39she’s a gentile and although she’s a
11:41woman in this culture men and women are
11:43not supposed to be talking to each other
11:45and she’s broken through all these
11:47cultural barriers that have been set up
11:49and her culturally what she’s doing is
11:53like unbelievably Beyond The Pale
11:56still Jesus knows that she has faith
12:00tests her faith a little bit
12:03and knows that she’s going to pass just
12:05fine and at the same time there’s a
12:07secondary thing and that that’s going on
12:09here is that this begins to unwind
12:12the racial Prejudice in the minds of the
12:15disciples against the Gentiles
12:18this is what begins to unwind that
12:21and part of the reason we know this is
12:23because of the next story that we read
12:24then Jesus left the vicinity of tire and
12:28went through sidon down to the Sea of
12:30Galilee into the region of the decapolis
12:32the region of the decapolis is not
12:34Jewish territory the capitalist means
12:37the ten cities this is in the
12:39northeastern region of the Sea of
12:41Galilee and extends all the way up into
12:43Syria and so there people brought to him
12:47a man
12:48who was deaf and could hardly talk and
12:52They begged him to place his hand on the
12:55man another Gentile by the way by by the
12:58fact of where he lives now we’ve all
13:01experienced and understand this man’s
13:06In Our Lifetime we all probably met with
13:08and talked with and spoken with people
13:10who are deaf
13:12you know this is a lonely existence to
13:14not be able to hear and deaf people they
13:18can learn how to speak but you can
13:19always tell by how they speak that they
13:22don’t have the ability to hear
13:24there’s a certain way in which all of
13:26them kind of talk and I you know from
13:28time to time you see somebody posting on
13:31Facebook you know a link to one of those
13:33videos where somebody receives their
13:35hearing for the first time because we
13:36now have medical technology these
13:38Cochlear implants or whatever the thing
13:40they’re called where somebody has a
13:42medical procedure and they’re finally
13:44able to hear with the help of some
13:46technological device and when they turn
13:49it on for the first time I mean the
13:51videos on YouTube of people hearing for
13:53the first time it just brings tears to
13:55your eyes but even after they hear they
13:58still talk as if they’re deaf does that
14:02make sense it’s going to take them a
14:03long time to learn how to not speak that
14:06way because that’s the way they’ve been
14:07speaking their whole lives and so this
14:09is a man like that he’s deaf he has some
14:12ability to communicate
14:15like many deaf people they can learn how
14:17to talk but he doesn’t speak very well
14:19so Jesus watch what he does he took him
14:22aside away from the crowd big deal by
14:25the way because one of the things if you
14:28have that had the opportunity to speak
14:30with people who have you know don’t have
14:32the ability to hear being in a crowd is
14:35a very difficult thing for them
14:36and so Jesus
14:38extremely sensitive to this man’s
14:42feelings and sensitive to his disability
14:47doesn’t put on a circus in the crowd
14:50instead he takes the man by the hand
14:53leads him away and then privately begins
14:57to deal with him and you’ll notice that
14:59in the in up above when Jesus healed the
15:02little girl of the demon that the mother
15:05had come for he just gave a word Jesus
15:08does something different with this man
15:09and what’s going on here is is that he
15:12is actually being very sensitive to him
15:15to let him know that he’s being cared
15:17for so this is a tactile
15:20healing if you would
15:22so we took them aside Jesus put his
15:25fingers into the man’s ears so the first
15:27thing he’s touching his ears okay he
15:30can’t hear but he’s touching his ears
15:34then he spit and he touched the Man’s
15:36Tongue very tactile
15:38then Jesus looks up to heaven
15:41and by just do it you look up to heaven
15:44you now know what’s going on this is a
15:46signal to the man it’s Heaven that’s
15:48going to be healing you right so he
15:50looks up to heaven and he sighs a deep
15:54sigh and he says this word
15:59this is the way it says it right
16:01and so all of this is a signal to the
16:04man who can’t hear to let him know Jesus
16:07has got him
16:08I’m going to heal your ears we’re going
16:10to give your give you the ability to
16:14and then he sighs you know looking
16:16looking up to heaven to let him know
16:18that heaven is doing this
16:20and he looked up with a deep sigh said
16:22ephatha which means be opened
16:25at this the man’s ears were opened
16:28his tongue was loosed and he began to
16:31speak plainly
16:33given the ability to hear and to no
16:37longer speak as one who has been deaf
16:41total healing Total Restoration and
16:44you’ll notice Jesus does this privately
16:47when you turn on the television you have
16:49the televangelist they put on a big show
16:51right bring somebody up on the stage and
16:53they do their faux fake healings and
16:56people you know applaud and stuff like
16:59that and afterwards they send the
17:00buckets to the audience you know to get
17:02the money out of the people’s wallets
17:04right Jesus doesn’t do this
17:06it’s not a show it’s not a circus
17:10he doesn’t make this man pay for his
17:13healing he doesn’t make the crowd
17:15pay for his healing by sending the
17:17buckets to the crowd
17:19the one who pays for this man’s healing
17:21is Jesus
17:22that’s the one who pays for it how does
17:25he pay for it by going to the cross and
17:27bleeding and dying for this man’s sins
17:30in fact Jesus is not some kind of
17:32charlatan huckster showman circus
17:36you know ringleader right
17:39says this after the healing Jesus
17:41commanded them not to tell anyone
17:44but the more he did so the more they
17:46kept talking about it and people were
17:48overwhelmed with amazement
17:50he’s done everything well they said he
17:53even makes the death here
17:55in the mute speak which is exactly what
17:57Isaiah prophesied the Messiah would do
17:59we read it this morning
18:00Jesus has truly done everything well
18:03now if you remember as we’ve been
18:04working through the gospel of Mark one
18:06of the things we’ve heard Jesus say on
18:09several accounts is the one who has ears
18:12to hear Let Him hear
18:14the one who has ears to hear Let Him
18:19all of us we all were born with the
18:21ability to physically heal to hear right
18:24but all of us because we’re descendants
18:27of Adam Eve we’ve been born deaf to
18:31God’s word to his gospel to his law
18:34and Jesus has had to open our ears it’s
18:38important for us to remember that we are
18:41very similar to this man and very
18:43similar to that woman we both have faith
18:46but here’s the important part you were
18:48born without the ability to hear God in
18:51his word but Jesus opened up your ears
18:53in the waters of your baptism
18:57speaking his gospel is a privilege to be
19:00able to do and to speak it plainly and
19:01it’s important for you to remember today
19:03as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper that
19:05this morning Jesus is going to touch
19:07your tongue
19:09he’s going to touch your tongue with his
19:10body and blood broken and shed for you
19:12for the Forgiveness of your sins to open
19:15up your mouth so that you can sing his
19:18praises and proclaim the mercies and The
19:21Wonder of God
19:22and to let the world know that Jesus
19:26truly has done all things well and he’s
19:28done all things well for you and for me
19:32he lived a sinless life
19:34so that we can be clothed in the
19:36righteousness of God and he took his sin
19:39our sins upon himself so that we would
19:41never have to face the wrath of God
19:44and so Jesus has opened our ears and
19:46opened our mouths opened our eyes we who
19:50were deaf blind and mute to the things
19:53of God are no longer blind no longer
19:56deaf no longer mute and we thank and
19:59praise God that he has done this to us
20:01and he has done this for us and so it is
20:05truly true
20:07that Jesus has done everything well he’s
20:09done it all well for you and he even
20:11makes you who were deaf and mute
20:15to hear and to speak the Wonders and the
20:18great mercies of our God and King Jesus
20:21Christ in the name of Jesus Amen
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