Sermon Transcript – Fifty is the New World

1 Year Lectionary – Pentecost Sunday – Sunday, June 5, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy gospel according
0:30to saint john the 14th chapter
0:40jesus answered him if anyone loves me he
0:42will keep my word and my father will
0:44love him and we will come to him and
0:46make our home with him whoever does not
0:49love me does not keep my words and the
0:51word that you hear is not mine but the
0:53fathers who sent me these things i have
0:55spoken to you while i am still with you
0:57but the helper the holy spirit whom the
0:59father will send in my name he will
1:01teach you all things and bring to your
1:03remembrance all that i have said to you
1:05peace i leave with you my peace i give
1:07to you not as the world gives do i give
1:09to you let not your hearts be troubled
1:12neither let them be afraid you heard me
1:14say to you i am going away and i will
1:16come to you if you loved me you would
1:18have rejoiced because i am going to the
1:20father for the father is greater than i
1:22and now i have told you before it takes
1:24place so that when it does take place
1:26you may believe i will no longer talk
1:29much with you for the ruler of this
1:31world is coming he has no claim on me
1:33but as i do but i do as the father has
1:36commanded me so that the world may know
1:38that i love the father rise let us go
1:41from here this is the gospel of the lord
1:44in the name of Jesus oh man amen you’ve
1:47you’ve all heard the saying 50 is the
1:49new 30. it’s it’s a lie it’s just not
1:51true it is absolutely false i think 50
1:54is the new 60. you know or maybe 50 is
1:5750. you know but it ain’t the 30. i can
2:00tell you that you’ll note that the world
2:02that we live in is falling apart
2:04christ spoke to us in our gospel text
2:07about peace and the world seems to be
2:09having a supreme lack of peace
2:13need i remind you of what’s happening in
2:16maybe what’s happening in your own
2:18family right or with your colleagues at
2:22you know you get the idea conflict is
2:25one of these things that we have here
2:26and don’t forget the shootings down in
2:29texas the world we live in seems to be
2:32winding up for something it’s not
2:34getting better things continue to get
2:36worse and so this pentecost this
2:38observance of the feast of pentecost
2:40we’re going to note
2:42for those who are pentecostals and
2:43charismatics it’s going to sound like
2:45i’m woefully off topic today shouldn’t i
2:48be talking about the need for us to all
2:49be receiving a second baptism of the
2:51holy spirit as evidenced by speaking in
2:53tongues answer no because that’s not
2:55what pentecost is about and there is
2:57only one baptism there’s not a second
3:00instead we’re going to focus in on the
3:02themes that we hear christ telling us
3:05about his word best way i can put it
3:08is that jesus in our gospel text says
3:11these words if anyone loves me he will
3:15te reo in greek he will guard my word
3:19and you’ll note there are a lot of
3:21people claiming to be christians today
3:24who are basically giving lip service to
3:25jesus oh i’m a christ follower i follow
3:29jesus and you know how much his word
3:31they actually abide or keep or think is
3:33true like about this much right and
3:37you’ll note that examples of
3:39ever-growing rebellion against christ
3:41and his words well they are aplenty in
3:44our world today i’ll just give you one
3:47when i was growing up when i was growing
3:50up and i was attending a christian high
3:52school there in arcadia california where
3:55i lived there was a christian bookstore
3:57i like to go there from time to time and
3:59kind of look at the books and things
4:00that were there and one of the most
4:02famous of all christian book publishers
4:04erdmann’s you guys have heard of
4:06erdman’s right
4:08well erdmann’s as of this month june
4:12they’ve decided that on their website
4:14they’re going to visibly give homage to
4:16and celebrate pride month
4:21that is an example of not keeping or
4:24guarding god’s word remember pride comes
4:27before a fall
4:29indeed in fact we would note we need to
4:31pay close attention to christ’s
4:34words jesus says if anyone loves me he
4:37will keep my word my father will love
4:39him and we will come to him and make our
4:41home with him whoever does not love me
4:43does not keep my words and the word that
4:46you hear is not mine but the fathers who
4:49sent me you might want to pay attention
4:51to the words of christ and over and
4:53again i’m always amazed kind of
4:57about how creative people are in in
5:00manufacturing their own doctrines right
5:03you know from people who celebrate pride
5:06month in the name of jesus to those who
5:08just wholeheartedly make up false
5:11doctrines like you can go up into the
5:13heavenly courts and file lawsuits in
5:15heaven you strange things like this or
5:18one of my favorite from recent times was
5:20in elca pastrix who announced to the
5:22world that jesus had screwed up right
5:25these are people who do not understand
5:28the word and by rejecting the words of
5:31christ they are instead filling the
5:33world with their own
5:36and over and again it surprises me how
5:39they think that that somehow
5:41their words supersede or are better than
5:44the words of christ and as if they even
5:46have a more even appealing good news
5:49than the good news found in scripture
5:53and so you’ll note there’s false gospels
5:56false words aplenty people assuring
5:59sinners who are
6:00steeped in sin
6:02oh no worry there’s no judgment you just
6:05need to do you you need to be you and
6:08all in the name of jesus and stuff like
6:10this this is not the gospel
6:12but instead the gospel is even way
6:15better than that and it gives us real
6:17comfort because these are the words of
6:20these are the words that the father gave
6:22him to give and these are the words that
6:24the disciples having given them by jesus
6:26has proclaimed to us in the written
6:28words of god and so
6:31at the risk of sounding off topic let us
6:34consider our plight in light of the
6:36assigned psalm for today
6:39psalm 143 is the assigned psalm for
6:43pentecost sunday and again it’s going to
6:45seem like i’m off topic but believe me
6:47i’m not here in psalm 143
6:50we are
6:52subjected to a prayer by the psalmist
6:55one that i recommend you soar away into
6:58your personal repertoire of prayers to
7:00pray this is one i’ve prayed many times
7:03and listen to what the psalmist says
7:06hear my prayer o yahweh and give ear to
7:10my pleas
7:11for mercy
7:15you’ll note that
7:16we all need to pray this
7:21over and over again that god would give
7:24ear to our pleas for mercy and then he
7:26says in your faithfulness answer me
7:29in your righteousness
7:31enter not into judgment with your
7:33servant for no one living is righteous
7:34before you this is a plea for god to say
7:38to god it’s like yeah don’t look at
7:40those sins of mine
7:42because if you do you’re going to come
7:44to judgment with your servant but no one
7:46living is righteous this is most
7:48certainly true this is why we confess
7:50today that we are by nature sinful and
7:52unclean the psalmist then prays and
7:54confesses the enemy has pursued my soul
7:57he’s crushed my life to the ground he
8:00has made me sit in darkness like those
8:03who are long dead therefore my spirit
8:05faints within me and my heart within me
8:08is appalled
8:09in other words he’s praying here i i
8:11haven’t been the head
8:14i’ve rather been the tail rather than
8:16victoriously conquering satan satan has
8:20well exercised dominion and authority
8:22over me and has smooshed me like a used
8:25up cigarette
8:27but he says this
8:29remember the days of old i meditate on
8:31all that you have done i ponder the work
8:34of your hands i stretch out my hands to
8:36you my soul thirsts for you like a
8:41so answer me quickly o yahweh my spirit
8:46hide not your face from me lest i be
8:48like those who go down to the pit this
8:50is a prayer of despair from somebody
8:53who’s been defeated this is a prayer of
8:55crying out for help it’s almost ill
8:58pardon the pun it’s like a hail mary
9:02all right we’re losing the game we’re
9:04down by what six touchdowns here there’s
9:06only two minutes left there’s no way
9:09we’re going to win this lord help
9:12remember let me hear in the morning of
9:14your steadfast love for in you i trust
9:17make me to know the way that i should go
9:19for to you i lift up my soul deliver me
9:21from my enemies o yahweh for i have fled
9:25to you for refuge
9:27teach me to do your will
9:29for you are my god and so you’ll note
9:31this fellow has really messed up i mean
9:33he’s asking for god to not look at his
9:35sins to deliver him from his enemies has
9:38confessed that the devil has won the day
9:40and is even by saying teach me your will
9:43recognizing that he doesn’t rightly
9:45understand what god’s will is let your
9:47good spirit please lead me on level
9:50ground and for your name’s sake o yahweh
9:53preserve my life in your righteousness
9:56bring my soul out of trouble and in your
9:58steadfast love you will cut off my
10:00enemies and you will destroy all the
10:02adversaries of my soul for i am your
10:06that’s a good prayer
10:08how do you think god would answer such a
10:11nothing bold about it completely humble
10:13if you think about it
10:15quite honest and not holding anything
10:19as far as the failures of the fellow who
10:21prayed that prayer and yet we are
10:24encouraged by christ to pray back god’s
10:26words to him psalm 143 is a prayer that
10:29should be on our own lips so jesus
10:33says if anyone loves me he will keep my
10:36word the father will love him now we get
10:38to the point here where we have to
10:40recognize this the real reason why
10:42we have been done over by the devil why
10:45we have experienced defeat in our lives
10:47while we are languishing why we are
10:49practically living in a parched land
10:52while our well the story of our lives is
10:55not victory to victory on in on on into
10:58glory into glory instead it just seems
11:00like it’s misery suffering and all this
11:02kind of stuff it’s because of sin in the
11:05and so you’ll note christ says
11:08that the reason why people don’t believe
11:11is because they do not hear the words of
11:16jesus says in john 8 if god were your
11:18father you would love me i came from god
11:20i’m here i came not of my own accord but
11:23god sent me
11:24so why do you not understand what i say
11:27that’s because you cannot bear my word
11:29and if you think for a second this is
11:31only to people who don’t believe in
11:32jesus you’re going to note this that you
11:34have a sinful nature that does not
11:36really enjoy god’s word it kind of gets
11:39annoyed when you’re reading it or
11:41hearing it and you’ll note that each and
11:43every one of us have this amazing
11:45ability to take the words of god and go
11:49toss it behind our back and get on to
11:52the thing that we really enjoy doing
11:54which is sin
11:55you are of your father the devil your
11:57wills to do your father’s desires he was
11:59a murderer from the beginning he doesn’t
12:01stand in the truth have you noticed that
12:03truth is kind of a rare commodity today
12:05you know you think that you know food
12:07shortages are a big thing how about
12:09truth shortages we’ve been having those
12:12for many years now a truth shortage
12:15right because there is no truth in the
12:17devil when he lies he speaks out of his
12:20own character he’s a liar and he’s the
12:21father of lies but because i tell you
12:23the truth
12:26you don’t believe me
12:28that’s the problem
12:30we all by nature
12:32desire lies we love the darkness we
12:36don’t want our sin to be exposed and
12:39notice i’m not talking about people out
12:41there i’m talking about myself i’m
12:43talking about you i’m talking about me
12:45all of that being said then what is the
12:48solution in all this we need to hear the
12:50words of god this pentecost
12:52and you know you barking like a duck
12:55does that work no clucking like a duck
12:57barking like a dog or speaking gibberish
13:00isn’t going to solve your problem i i
13:02was i’m fascinated by people putting the
13:04complete emphasis on the wrong side
13:06label when it comes to pentecost it’s
13:09not about the speaking in tongues it’s
13:10about the hearing of the words of christ
13:13the message that jesus had given the
13:15apostles to preach to the world this is
13:18the inauguration the holy spirit has now
13:20come and the holy spirit is present to
13:23convict people of their sin and their
13:25unbelief to indwell them from the waters
13:27of baptism to guide them into all truth
13:30christ has promised these things we’ve
13:32heard these promises over these past few
13:34years and so maybe we need to pay a
13:37little closer attention to the words of
13:40and the word of god
13:42so with that being said consider then
13:45pentecost what does the word even mean
13:50pentecost means
13:5450. now if 50 isn’t the new 30 then i
13:58want you to think of it this way 50 in
14:00the word of god is the new world
14:03here’s what i mean here’s what i mean
14:06two kind of important old testament
14:08types and shadows have now come into
14:10sharp focus on the fulfillment in the
14:13day of pentecost this from our
14:15book of acts chapter 2 reading but that
14:18being the case the year 50 50 years
14:21think back with me for a second to the
14:23old testament
14:24every seven days was a sabbath
14:29every seven years
14:31was a sabbath year
14:33every seven seven years 49 years you
14:37have a big
14:38you have a big celebration
14:41and then you enter into the 50th year
14:44the 50th year what is that all about
14:47you’ve probably heard the name before
14:48it’s the year of jubilee
14:51and it’s an important year because in
14:53the types and shadows it is strong
14:55the year of jubilee
14:58an entire year of release from
15:02all debts
15:03and all types of bondage all prisoners
15:07all captives were set free all slaves
15:09were released all debts were forgiven
15:12all property that they lost was returned
15:15to its original owners in addition all
15:18labor was to cease for the entire year
15:20and those bound by labor contracts were
15:22released from them one of the benefits
15:24of the jubilee was that both the land
15:26and the people were finally able to rest
15:29the jubilee then presents a beautiful
15:32picture of the new testament themes of
15:34redemption and forgiveness christ is the
15:37redeemer who came to set free those who
15:39are slaves and prisoners to sin
15:43the debt of sin that we owe to god was
15:45paid by christ by his shed blood on the
15:48cross and on his behalf therefore we are
15:52forgiven of that debt forever we are no
15:56longer in bondage no longer slaves to
15:58sin having been freed by christ we can
16:01truly now enter into the rest that god
16:04provides as we cease laboring to make
16:07ourselves acceptable to god by our own
16:1250 is a big number
16:15and then you think also
16:17this also is the fulfillment of the
16:20feast of wheats leviticus 23 explains
16:23that after passover you shall count
16:27seven full weeks from the day of the
16:28sabbath from the day that you brought
16:30the sheave of the wave offering you
16:32shall count fifty days to the day after
16:34the seventh sabbath and then you shall
16:36present a grain offering of new grain to
16:39yahweh you shall bring from your
16:41dwelling places two loaves of bread to
16:43be waived two tenths of an ephah and
16:45they shall be a fine flower they shall
16:47be baked with leaven as first fruits to
16:49the lord and you shall present with the
16:51bread seven lambs a year old without
16:53blemish one bull from the herd two rams
16:56and they shall be a burnt offering to
16:58yahweh with the grain offering and the
17:00drink offering a food offering as a
17:02pleasing aroma to yahweh
17:05in other words think of it this way the
17:07feast of weeks which is the feast of
17:09pentecost is the celebration of the
17:13first fruits of the harvest
17:16you bring in the first fruits and they
17:18are waved before the lord and there’s a
17:21little bit of a sacrifice involved in
17:23all of this in other words it’s the
17:25kicking off of the harvest season
17:28and isn’t that exactly what
17:31we are in right now
17:33christ says the harvest is plenty the
17:36workers are few and so christ has sent
17:40his workers out into the harvest field
17:43proclaiming the good news of the
17:45forgiveness of sins in jesus christ with
17:47the kicking off of the day of pentecost
17:50and the
17:51the up and running of the church the
17:53inaugural day of the church now the
17:55harvest has begun
17:58and we are harvesting souls to bring
18:01them into the rest of the great jubilee
18:04of god which is well the promise of
18:06eternal life in jesus christ 50s a big
18:10deal and so you’ll note then that peter
18:12on the great day of pentecost he quotes
18:15from the prophet joel from joel he
18:18quotes he says in the last days it shall
18:20be that god declares that i will pour
18:23out my spirit on all flesh
18:27and with the inauguration of the church
18:29the holy spirit is no longer the
18:31exclusive thing
18:33for prophets of old or patriarchs of old
18:36now god indiscriminately pours out his
18:39spirit on every human being sons
18:43daughters young old male servants female
18:48those in high authority those who are
18:50the lowest of the low
18:52joel prophesied that the holy spirit
18:54will be for all and that’s exactly what
18:56takes place because while peter is
18:58preaching the people there are cut to
19:00the heart and they cry out to the
19:01apostles brothers what shall we do
19:04and what does peter say repent be
19:06baptized every one of you in the name of
19:08jesus for the forgiveness of your sins
19:10and you will receive the holy spirit and
19:12the promise is for you it’s for your
19:14children and all who are far off and all
19:17whom the lord god will call to himself
19:20and so the holy spirit now being
19:22outpoured it is on
19:24everybody who is a believer in christ
19:28but then peter goes on to say i will
19:30show wonders in the heavens above still
19:32quoting joel signs on the earth blow
19:35blood fire vapor of smoke the sun shall
19:39be turned to darkness and the moon to
19:40blood don’t let that pass you by
19:43because 50 days prior to pentecost
19:47christ was hanging on a cross
19:49on that great sabbath day that passover
19:52day christ was hanging on a cross and
19:55what happened at noon
19:57the sun stopped giving its light
20:00the moon
20:01no longer shone
20:03it became darkness from
20:05twelve in the afternoon until three in
20:07the afternoon and you’ll note that with
20:09the sun going dark and the moon no
20:11longer giving its light these are signs
20:14of god’s judgment
20:16and indeed christ was judged in your
20:19place and he was the one who was found
20:21guilty of your sins
20:23and god punished christ and jesus bore
20:27the wrath and the judgment of god in
20:29your place so that you can be forgiven
20:32and those who are there at that first
20:34pentecost could easily remember that day
20:3850 days ago when the sun stopped giving
20:41its light
20:43and hearing then the words the prophet
20:45joel go ah
20:47ah this is true i i remember this this
20:49was just a few weeks ago
20:52so the sun will be turned to darkness
20:53the moon to blood before the day of the
20:55lord comes the great and magnificent day
20:58and then it shall come to pass
21:00listen to these words that everyone who
21:02calls on the name of the lord shall be
21:08the name of the lord well joel 2 32 says
21:11the name of yahweh
21:13but peter is preaching about christ
21:15which means that that is exactly who he
21:17is and this is the good news of
21:19pentecost these are the words that
21:21christ wants us to hear and to keep
21:24you’ll note that in no other religion in
21:27no other self-made
21:29man-made schema of religious activity do
21:33you ever hear that god is the one who
21:36gives salvation completely by grace
21:38through faith as a gift
21:41in all the other religions you have to
21:42earn it you have to mean it you have to
21:44show god that you intend to do what’s
21:46good and what’s right and god has to
21:48give you brownie points along the way
21:51when you are the one earning your
21:53salvation but the word of god teaches us
21:56that everyone who calls on the name of
21:58jesus will be saved as a gift because of
22:01god’s love and his great mercy
22:04so that being said
22:06the assigned
22:08psalm for pentecost psalm 143
22:12it is quite appropriate because we see
22:15that in our
22:16text today from the feast of pentecost
22:19in acts chapter 2
22:21that in acts chapter 2 god has heard the
22:24prayer of the psalmist and answered
22:26you see the lord has heard our prayer
22:29and heard our pleas for mercy by sending
22:32christ who bled and died for your sins
22:34and mine in faithfulness god has
22:36answered us and in his faithfulness he
22:39has given us as a gift the righteousness
22:42of god that comes by faith god has not
22:45entered into judgment with you nor nor
22:49nor has he
22:50held you accountable for your sins for
22:52it is true that no one living is
22:54righteous before god therefore god has
22:56had mercy and sent his son to bleed and
22:59die for the sins of the world and though
23:01it is true that the enemy the devil has
23:03pursued our souls he’s crushed our lives
23:05to the ground he’s made us to sit in
23:08darkness like those who are long dead
23:10and even though our spirits have fainted
23:12within us and our hearts were appalled
23:14by our own sin god has remembered us
23:18sent us a savior who has suffered under
23:22pontius pilate crucified died buried
23:24descended into hell risen from the grave
23:27and ascended
23:28to heaven and he and the father are the
23:30ones who sent the holy spirit to bring
23:32us these glad tidings of god’s mercy and
23:35his grace
23:37so we remember the days of old we
23:39meditate on all the works that christ
23:41has done and we ponder the works of
23:42god’s hands and we who have stretched
23:45out our hands to god because our
23:48souls were thirsty like a parched land
23:50god has now quenched us with the gospel
23:54and poured into our hearts his holy
23:57god has answered us quickly and even
23:59though our spirits have failed god has
24:01not hidden his face from us we are not
24:03like those who go down to the pit
24:06because christ has bled and died we are
24:08those who when we die we will be present
24:10with the lord in heaven
24:12so let me hear in the morning then of
24:15god’s steadfast love
24:17it is in christ that we trust make us to
24:19know the ways that we should go god and
24:21god has given us the holy spirit in
24:24order to help us to know the way that we
24:26should go he has delivered us from satan
24:29from the world from our own sinful flesh
24:31and we have fled to god for our refuge
24:34he has taught us his will and his holy
24:36spirit guides us into all truth for he
24:39is god
24:41and so you’ll note and all of this god
24:43has done for his name’s sake in order to
24:46preserve your life and mine and in his
24:49righteousness god has brought our souls
24:51out of the trouble of sin and the
24:56difficulties that we go through because
24:59of our being joined with the devil so in
25:01your steadfast love cut off our enemies
25:04god and he has and he has destroyed our
25:07adversaries on the cross and if those
25:09who have waged war against our souls and
25:12because of what christ has done we are
25:14no longer slaves to sin instead we are
25:18now children of god and the holy spirit
25:20within us cries out abba
25:24it doesn’t sound like a pentecost sermon
25:26does it
25:28but it is
25:30it is and the reason why it is is
25:33because these are the words of christ
25:35this is the message that he wants you to
25:37hear this is the message that the
25:40prophets foretold this is the message
25:42that christ christ preached this is the
25:44message that the apostles gave on
25:48whoever does not love christ
25:50doesn’t keep his words
25:52but you are not of that group you are
25:54those who have been brought by the holy
25:55spirit to the regenerative work of the
25:57waters of baptism you have had the holy
26:00spirit poured into your hearts your sins
26:02forgiven today you will feast on the
26:04body and blood of christ so listen to
26:07his words hold them keep them learn them
26:10mark them keep them sacred in your heart
26:13do not let somebody take them away from
26:15you and do not listen to other words
26:16that contradict these words focus in on
26:19the words of christ because if anyone
26:21loves christ he does keep his words and
26:24how could we not love him because the
26:26words that he give us are words of peace
26:29of forgiveness
26:30mercy and love and his words are true in
26:34the name of jesus
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