Sermon Transcript – Fire From Heaven?

Series C – Sixth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, June 26, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:30chapter 9 verses 51 through 62.
0:34when the days Drew near for Jesus to be
0:37taken up he set his face to go to
0:41he sent Messengers ahead of him who went
0:43and entered a village of the Samaritans
0:45to make preparations for him
0:47but the people did not receive him
0:49because his face was set toward
0:52and when his disciples James and John
0:54saw it they said Lord do you want us to
0:56tell fire to come down from heaven and
0:57consume them
0:59but he turned and rebuked them and they
1:01went on to another Village as they were
1:04going along the road someone said to him
1:06I will follow you wherever you go Jesus
1:09said to him foxes have holes the birds
1:12of the air have nests the son of man has
1:14nowhere to lay his head to another he
1:16said follow me but he said oh Lord let
1:18me first go and bury my Father and Jesus
1:21said to him leave the dead to bury their
1:23own dead but as for you go and proclaim
1:25the kingdom of God yet another said I
1:27Will Follow You Lord but let me first
1:29say farewell to those at my home Jesus
1:31said to him no one who puts his hand to
1:33the plow and looks back is fit for the
1:36kingdom of God
1:38in the name of Jesus
1:40amen amen
1:42we’re going to deal with an well a
1:44difficult topic one that needs to be
1:46addressed though as we walk through the
1:49first half of our gospel text today we
1:51will not work on the second half with
1:53the foxes have holes and things like
1:55that you’ll notice that Jesus says of
1:57his disciples and even of himself that
2:00he doesn’t have a private jet or a
2:01mansion so but that’s a different sermon
2:04altogether today we’re going to deal
2:06with the difficult and thorny topic that
2:08has to do with calling down fire from
2:11heaven you’re thinking well who’s doing
2:13that nowadays let me give you an example
2:15that we may be familiar with and
2:17unfortunately uncomfortable with
2:19remember a couple weeks ago an Islamic
2:22terrorist walks into a gay nightclub in
2:25Orlando and guns down 50 people
2:28horrifyingly awful if that weren’t bad
2:32I don’t know if you’ve been paying
2:34attention to the media there have been
2:35some Christian ministers who’ve received
2:37national attention for basically saying
2:40they got what was coming to them
2:44that’s an example of calling down fire
2:47from heaven if you would where the
2:49response from Christians is good those
2:52Sinners got what they deserved
2:55that’s not what Christ Church is about
2:59so let’s walk back through the first
3:00half of our gospel text
3:03and we’ll do a little cross reference
3:04work in the book of Acts as well here’s
3:06what it says when the days Drew near for
3:08Jesus to be taken up he set his face to
3:11go to Jerusalem good way to translate
3:13this is he set his face like Flint Jesus
3:17becomes single-minded and why is he
3:20going to Jerusalem
3:22to bleed and to die for the sins of the
3:24whole world for your sins and for mine
3:27and you’ll note here that James and John
3:30and his disciples clearly are of the
3:33opinion that Jesus is heading for
3:35Jerusalem to do something different you
3:38know well finally the Messiah is heading
3:40to Jerusalem they can mean only one
3:42thing Jesus is going to be coronated as
3:44king we’re going to be his cabinet
3:46members he’s going to kick those evil
3:49idolatrous Romans out all the evil doers
3:52are going to die and righteousness will
3:55reign forever
4:01that’s what they’re thinking
4:03all right how do we know
4:06by what happens next
4:09Jesus sent Messengers ahead of him who
4:12went entered a village of the Samaritans
4:14Samaritans yeah
4:17Jews and Samaritans really didn’t get
4:20along Samaritan well that becomes a
4:22derogatory turn you really want to
4:24insult somebody as a Jew you call them a
4:27Samaritan right those half breeds
4:30idolaters who don’t Worship in Jerusalem
4:32we know what’s going to happen to them
4:34once the Messiah takes over right we
4:38know what he’s going to do to them well
4:40he’s heading to Jerusalem his face is
4:43set to go to the cross
4:46sends emissaries ahead of them to make
4:48preparations but well the people of
4:50Samaria did not receive Jesus because
4:52his face was set toward Jerusalem
4:56and so when his disciples James and John
4:58saw it they said Lord do you want us to
5:02tell fire to come down from heaven and
5:05consume them
5:08I mean it makes perfect sense I mean
5:09think about the story of Elijah on Mount
5:12Carmel right think about the story of
5:14Sodom and Gomorrah well with the
5:16prophets of all and Ashura at Mount
5:18Carmel God caused fire to come down and
5:21consume Elijah’s sacrifice
5:24and all the prophets of all and Ashira
5:27lost their lives that day right
5:31this is what we should expect the death
5:34of the unrighteous they’re going to get
5:37what they deserve
5:40so since you’re heading towards
5:42Jerusalem Jesus why don’t we Flex some
5:45spiritual muscle why don’t we just nuke
5:49Samaria we’ll just turn it into a
5:51parking lot
5:53and everybody will know you’re coming to
5:56Jerusalem right
6:00things do not turn out as James and John
6:02expect I remember when I worked in the
6:04corporate world we had a term that we
6:07used for an uncomfortable meeting that a
6:10boss would have with his employees or
6:12employee right let’s say somebody at the
6:15job isn’t quite doing their job
6:18there are productivity numbers aren’t
6:20where they need to be maybe their sales
6:22numbers are down maybe things aren’t
6:24going right and they’re having a
6:26negative impact on the team and their
6:28performance right we had a term for the
6:30meeting that the boss would have with
6:31that employee it was called the come to
6:34Jesus meeting
6:35that’s what we called it right in fact
6:38if you Google it yeah they’ll talk about
6:41how this is jargon for that type of
6:43uncomfortable meeting well James and
6:45John they for real had to come to Jesus
6:47meeting here
6:48with Jesus himself
6:50and look at what the text says he turned
6:52on them
6:53and he rebuked them
7:00no mention of love your Zeal boys you
7:03got the right idea
7:04he full-on rebuked them we don’t know
7:07the words
7:09of Jesus’s rebuke the rebuke that’s some
7:13pretty strong language Jesus gets in
7:17their face I’m sure the meeting well
7:19wasn’t too long
7:21and I’m sure the words were very strong
7:24and had something to do with the fact
7:26that that’s not what he’s about
7:30you see Jesus has set his face towards
7:34so that Sinners do not get what they
7:40he’s going to take everything
7:44upon himself what they deserve he’s
7:48going to suffer in their place that’s
7:51why he’s heading towards Jerusalem and
7:54it says and then they went on to another
7:56Village just leave them alone
7:58just leave them alone right so we want
8:01Sinners to get what they deserve so many
8:03times that’s how we think it’s How We
8:05Talk Amongst ourselves is it not
8:10but have you ever stopped to think that
8:12when you talk like that
8:14that you are
8:16quite ironically
8:17and quite blindly leaving yourself out
8:21of the category of Sinner
8:25if you really want Sinners to get what
8:26they deserve then isn’t that what you
8:29want for yourself
8:31isn’t that what you want for your pastor
8:32is that what you want for the church
8:34Council isn’t that what you want for
8:36everybody in this community
8:39everyone in this nation
8:41because all have sinned and fall short
8:43of the glory of God
8:45is that what the church is to Proclaim
8:47Sinners are going to get what they
8:55we’ve been called to Proclaim repentance
8:57and the Forgiveness of sins today is the
9:01day of salvation today is not the day of
9:06today is the day for us to be on our
9:08knees praying that we and others do not
9:12get what they deserve
9:14today is the day for us to pray for our
9:18and when somebody strikes us on the
9:21cheek we turn to them the other
9:24today we are called to Humble ourselves
9:27and to take up our crosses and follow
9:31Christ and participate in his sufferings
9:35and that means suffering insults that
9:39means suffering true persecution and
9:41maybe even martyrdom
9:44that means well
9:46believing that it is a joy to be
9:49despised the same way Christ was
9:56and you think
9:57that’s crazy
9:59my reputation will be tarnished people
10:02won’t invite me to their Christmas
10:05I gotta stand for my rights I can’t be
10:08Dishonored and mistreated
10:12isn’t that what Jesus set his face
10:13toward Jerusalem to do
10:16for you and for me
10:19let’s do a little cross-reference work
10:21this is going to be a build by the way
10:23into next week’s sermon you have to
10:25think of next week’s sermon as being a
10:27compliment to what we’re going to talk
10:28about here let’s look at Acts chapter
10:31if you’d like to turn in your Bibles I’d
10:33love to have you follow along Acts
10:35chapter 14. we’re going to look at how
10:37the gospel
10:39is advancing
10:41and how Gentiles are being brought into
10:44faith in Christ through the preaching
10:46and teaching of the Apostle Paul
10:49who although he did not witness James
10:52and John’s come to Jesus meeting
10:55knows full well
10:57that the job of us Christians right now
10:59is to suffer
11:02and pray that nobody gets what they
11:06acts 14 1-28 now at Iconium they the
11:10apostles entered together into the
11:12Jewish synagogue spoke in such a way
11:14that a great number of both Jews and
11:16Greeks believed
11:20I wish it ended right there
11:22the end and they lived happily ever
11:25but watch what happens but the
11:27unbelieving Jews stirred up the Gentiles
11:30poisoned their minds against the
11:33what do you do when that happens well
11:35Watch What Happens so they remained for
11:37a long time speaking boldly for the Lord
11:39Who Bore witness to the word of his
11:41grace granting signs and wonders to be
11:43done by their hands in other words they
11:46preached the gospel in the midst of
11:49active and vocal hostility
11:53and did not let the hostility keep them
11:56from proclaiming Christ and him
11:58crucified for our sins
12:02let them scream let them yell let them
12:05carry on we’re going to tell you about
12:09but the people of the city they were
12:12divided some sided with the Jews some
12:15with the apostles yeah you’ll notice
12:17that preaching the gospel has this
12:19really bad habit of not uniting people
12:21but dividing them
12:23Jesus said that because of him people’s
12:27enemies would be those in their own
12:30father against son daughter against
12:33mother brother
12:35son-in-law against father-in-law
12:38the gospel divides
12:40right so here they’re all divided they
12:43weren’t clearly bringing peace right but
12:46they were with God and when an attempt
12:48was made by both Gentiles and Jews with
12:50their rulers to mistreat them and to
12:53Stone them stone is a very polite way of
12:57putting it the goal is to actually
12:59murder them
13:01the stones were the vehicle for the
13:03murder does that make sense remember
13:05playing the the game Clue it was Mrs
13:08plum in the kitchen with a knife right
13:10the knife was the murder weapon the
13:12stone here is the murder weapon the goal
13:14is to kill these guys via rocks right
13:19so when they heard that their goal was
13:20to mistreat them oh and to murder them
13:22they learned of it and they fled to
13:25lystra and to Derby
13:27no calling down of any fire on these
13:31just well moving along
13:34these are cities of Laconia and to the
13:36surrounding country and there they
13:38continue to preach the gospel the good
13:40news the Christ is bled and died for our
13:42sins and Rose bodily from the grave for
13:44our justification now at Leicester there
13:46was a man sitting who could not use his
13:48feet a little bit of a note here lystra
13:50is a pagan town that worships Pagan
13:53deities they don’t know much at all
13:56about the God of Israel
13:58so Watch What Happens at Leicester there
14:00was a man sitting who could not use his
14:02feet he was crippled from birth and he
14:05had never walked he listened to Paul
14:07speaking and Paul looking intently at
14:09him seeing that he had Faith to be made
14:10well said in a loud voice stand upright
14:13on your feet he sprang up and began
14:18and when the crowd saw what Paul had
14:20done they lifted up their voices saying
14:22in the laconian language the gods have
14:25come down to us in the likeness of men
14:27Barnabas they called Zeus Paul Hermes
14:31because he was the chief speaker
14:34the priest of Zeus whose Temple was at
14:38the entrance to the city brought oxen
14:39and garlands to the gates and wanted to
14:41offer sacrifices with the crowds reminds
14:44me of the Star Wars movie where C-3PO
14:48was worshiped by walking teddy bears
14:56Paul and Barnabas are not gods and
14:59they’re not about to allow
15:01the glory to go to Zeus
15:03or the Hermes or any of the false gods
15:06of the Roman Pantheon
15:08so when the apostles Barnabas and Paul
15:10heard of it they tore their garments
15:12they rushed out into the crowd crying
15:14why are you doing these things we also
15:17are men of like nature with you we bring
15:20you good news that you should turn from
15:23these vain things to a living God who
15:26made the Heaven and the earth and the
15:28Sea and all that is in them in past
15:30Generations he allowed all the nations
15:31to walk in their own ways yet he did not
15:34leave himself without witness for he did
15:36good by giving you reigns from heaven
15:38and fruitful Seasons satisfying your
15:40hearts with food and gladness even with
15:43these words they scarcely restrain the
15:46people from offering sacrifice to them
15:49now there seems to be this Unwritten
15:51rule in the universe currently under the
15:53curse and the rule goes something like
15:55this no good deed goes unpunished
15:59okay have you ever felt that way
16:03you you did the right thing and you
16:06suffered for it
16:08well that’s kind of what’s going to
16:10happen next remember a guy who was
16:12crippled from birth is now walking God
16:15has healed them they’ve heard the good
16:17news of Jesus Christ and now it’s time
16:20for this Unwritten rule of the universe
16:21to now well spring into action
16:25but the Jews from Antioch and Iconium oh
16:30notice the tenacity
16:34notice the tenacity
16:37they left their towns
16:39we’ve heard Paul is in lystra
16:43we’ve got to get there
16:46that guy has got to die
16:49so they leave town make the trip to
16:52lystra for the whole purpose of killing
16:55these guys
16:57so when the Jews from Antioch and
16:58Iconium having persuaded the crowds they
17:01stoned Paul
17:03and dragged him out of the city
17:04supposing that he was dead
17:08so they made good on their threat to
17:10have him stoned and to murder him
17:13they thought they had accomplished the
17:15deed they thought he was Stone Cold dead
17:20think about it that had to hurt
17:26so when the disciples gathered around
17:28him the disciples thinking Paul is dead
17:30thinking they have a funeral to prepare
17:34shocks them all he rose up
17:37he entered the city
17:39and on the next day he went on with
17:41Barnabas to Derby
17:44no calling down of any fire from heaven
17:48no praying I hope you get what you
17:51deserve how dare you murder me even
17:53though I’m still alive
17:59he goes about preaching the gospel
18:02from City to Village to town
18:06each and every place he’s proclaiming
18:08Christ making sure that everybody hears
18:11the good news that Christ the true Son
18:15of God born of the Virgin Mary has come
18:17to Earth to bleed and to die for their
18:19sins and announces to them forgiveness
18:22and peace with God calls them to repent
18:25and to be forgiven and God even grants
18:28miracles to go along with the message
18:30to verify the veracity of the claims of
18:33the Apostle Paul
18:35some hear and they believe
18:38some here and they grit their teeth and
18:42their responses I want to kill you
18:50and rather than stand for his rights
18:53stand up against the aggressor the
18:56oppressor the one who wants to cause him
18:57to suffer
18:59Paul always takes well
19:03the path of suffering
19:07and when push comes to shove
19:10he leaves down
19:15because Jesus said if they won’t listen
19:18to you
19:19Move Along
19:20Shake the Dust off your feet Move Along
19:24today is not the day of God’s judgment
19:26and Wrath
19:28today is not the day where Sinners get
19:30what they deserve today is the day that
19:33Sinners get to hear good news preached
19:35to them
19:36today is the day of God’s mercy and of
19:38God’s grace
19:40we are not called To Rule and to Reign
19:43and to execute and flex power
19:47we’re called to suffer
19:53so when they had preached the gospel to
19:55that City and had made many disciples
19:58they returned to lystra and to Iconium
20:00and Antioch strengthening The Souls of
20:02the disciples encouraging him to
20:04continue in the faith and saying and
20:06here’s the best part saying that through
20:08many tribulations we must enter the
20:11kingdom of God
20:12and that’s how we enter the kingdom of
20:14God through many toils and tribulations
20:18today is the day
20:20of suffering
20:22today is not the day of Glory
20:24so our text today says that Jesus set
20:27his face toward Jerusalem
20:29so that we would not get what we deserve
20:33not only did Jesus set his face towards
20:36Jerusalem he single-mindedly
20:37accomplished his journey
20:40and he goes to the cross
20:43and the scriptures say that God laid on
20:46Jesus the iniquity of all of us the
20:49iniquity of the whole world John the
20:52Baptist said of Jesus Behold the Lamb of
20:54God who takes away
20:56the sin of the world
20:58your sin and mine so that undeserving
21:02wretched sinners like you and like me
21:05can be forgiven and have peace with God
21:08today is the day of the preaching of the
21:11good news not the preaching of God’s
21:14today we know that God’s judgment is
21:17coming and that judgment will be just
21:21and it’s very sad and tragic that on
21:25that day
21:28forgiven sinners sinners for whom Christ
21:31has bled and died for
21:33will unfortunately
21:35sadly choose to get what they deserve
21:41rather than believe and be forgiven
21:44but that is not today
21:47knowing that God’s Wrath is coming how
21:50are we to conduct Our Lives
21:52calling down fire from heaven praising
21:55God when terrorists attack and kill
22:01we’re not Isis
22:03we’re not Muslims
22:04we’re Christians
22:07we’ve been given good news to Proclaim
22:09Christ set his face towards Jerusalem
22:11and calls us all to repent and to be
22:14forgiven and repentance is not a
22:17one-time thing
22:19repentance is the lifestyle of
22:23and so we now deny ourselves
22:28take up our cross
22:30follow Christ
22:32and through many trials and tribulations
22:34and sufferings and persecutions and
22:37maybe even martyrdom and death
22:39we March setting our faces now
22:43towards the New Jerusalem
22:46the one coming
22:48in the name of Jesus
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