Sermon Transcript – Following Jesus’ Example?

Series A – Third Sunday After the Epiphany – Sunday, January 22, 2023 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:22The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Matthew the fourth chapter [Music]
0:36when Jesus heard that John the Baptist had been arrested he withdrew into Galilee and leaving Nazareth he went and
0:43lived in Capernaum by the sea in the territory of zebulun and afterli so that what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah
0:50might be fulfilled the land of zebulun and the land of naphtalib the way of the
0:55sea beyond the Jordan Galilee of the Gentiles the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light and for those
1:02dwelling in the region and the shadow of death on them light has dawned from that
1:07time Jesus began to preach saying repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand
1:13while walking by the Sea of Galilee he saw two brothers Simon who was called Peter and Andrew his brother casting a
1:20net into the sea for they were fishermen and he said to them follow me and I will make you Fishers of Men immediately they
1:27left their Nets and followed him and going on from there he saw two other brothers James the son of Zebedee and
1:33John his brother in the boat was Zebedee their father mending their Nets and he called them and immediately they left
1:39the boat and their father and followed him and he went throughout all of Galilee teaching in their synagogues and
1:45proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every Affliction among the people so his Fame
1:52spread throughout all of Syria and they brought him all the sick those Afflicted with various diseases and pains and
1:59those oppressed by demons epileptics and paralytics and he healed them and the
2:05great and great crowds fall followed him From Galilee and the decapolis and from Jerusalem and Judea and from Beyond the
2:11Jordan This Is The Gospel of the Lord in the name of Jesus
2:17we just sang this hymn O Christ our true and only light and in stanza too it says
2:24this fill with the radiance of your grace the souls now lost in errors maze
2:30Enlighten those whose inmost Minds some dark delusion haunts and blinds and it’s
2:39it’s a weird occasion for me I I don’t normally do sermons like this but the
2:45reality is is that in our gospel text today we have a portion of Our Gospel
2:50text that is probably one of the most Twisted Bible passages in our current day I’ll explain it as we go think of it
2:57this way are any of you familiar with something called Sherman’s bow ties you guys familiar with Sherman’s bow ties
3:03then what is that right you got to think Civil War here remember General Sherman
3:09and his March to the Sea those of you in the South I know you call it the war of Northern aggression I get it okay I have
3:16relatives from the south and I when I was a kid when I would say stupid things my aunts would say oh blessed is hard
3:21right I get it okay but all of that being said Sherman’s bow ties when um
3:26Sherman Cut Loose from a supply line inside he was going to live off the land he led
3:32his soldiers engage in all kinds of Mayhem if you would and they waged war against the civilians of the south in
3:38that March to the Sea and one of the things they did is they would take railroad tracks basically long pieces of
3:45iron and they would warm those things up and fire and then bend them into bow
3:51ties and leave them in different places basically completely tearing up their
3:56travel into infrastructure and I would note that this portion of scripture the last part of our gospel text in today’s
4:04charismatic Nar and Pentecostal movements it is one of these texts they’ve taken it and twisted it up a lot
4:11like a Sherman bow tie and what we’re going to have to do is we’re going to have to unwind that and the reason why
4:17I’m having you guys consider this twisting of scripture is because believe it or not most of you know people who
4:24believe in falsely regarding this text and as a result of it they are law lost in errors Maze and it’s all sounds so
4:32Pious when in fact it is not but before we get to that let’s walk our way
4:37through our gospel text so we can know the context here’s what it says beginning at verse 12 of chapter 4 when
4:44Jesus heard that John the Baptist had been arrested he withdrew into Galilee Jesus at this
4:51point he had been living in Nazareth and apparently he’d made the trip sign the papers bought a house or maybe got an
4:57apartment we’re not exactly sure what the arrangement was whether he owned or rented in Capernaum but he definitely
5:03had a house there and they didn’t have U-Haul back in the day so I’m sure they had to he had to get a cart to carry
5:09what few belongings he had and travel from Nazareth to Capernaum to set up
5:14shop there and all of this fulfills what was said through the prophet Isaiah which we read in our Old Testament text
5:21zabulous Zebulon and naftali the land of Zebulon and after the way of the sea
5:26beyond the Jordan Galilee of the Gentiles the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light and for those
5:32dwelling in the region of the shadow of death on them a light has dawned think of it this way zebulun and naphtally
5:39were two of the Old Testament tribes of Israel and they were the first to go
5:44into full hog idolatry just absolutely they didn’t go into
5:50syncretism they went into the full worship of all and Ashira and Molech and all this nonsense they were the ones who
5:57led Israel astray and as a result of it they’re remembered for that and their region became polluted if you would note
6:05the scripture describes that region as Galilee of the Gentiles Gentiles are not
6:11Believers in God believer the Gentiles are the people who are pagans and idolaters and it’s into this darkness
6:19that Christ has decided to set up shop and begin his Earthly Ministry after his
6:25baptism I like to think of it this way of all the places that he could have chose this was the least likely place
6:31that he would have ever succeeded um in New York in and part of New York State uh the the region there’s a region
6:39called the burned over district and it’s called that because you can’t plant a church there and have it survive that
6:47hasn’t been a that hasn’t happened since Charles Finney and the reason why it’s called the burned over district is
6:53because that’s the place where Charles Finney and his false new measures and his false revivalism took root and
7:01basically burned everything over and now it’s like it’s like soil that’s been
7:07salted nothing grows there spiritually you don’t plant a church in the burned over District think of Zebulon naftali
7:14Galilee of the Gentiles this is the burned over District of Christ’s day and he doesn’t set up shop in the easiest
7:21place to set up shop he sets up sets up shop in the hardest in the darkest place
7:27and you’re going to note here then verse 17. I’ll reference this again later in the sermon from that that time Jesus
7:34began to preach saying and listen to his message repent for the Kingdom of Heaven
7:40is at hand and the way the Greek reads from that time Jesus began to preach saying think of it this way you could
7:47literally translate it from that time and then from that time on Jesus continued to preach repent for the
7:54Kingdom of Heaven is at hand note that just like John the Baptist just like the
7:59Old Testament prophets just like the apostles after Jesus Jesus was a
8:05preacher of repentance you’ll note that Jesus didn’t come and say I’m here to announce just how much you are just the
8:13apple of God’s eyes you guys are so awesome I’m here to dig out the gold
8:18that’s inside of your heart right and if you know what I’m referencing here that’s the approach of Bethel Church in
8:25Reading California they don’t confront people regarding their sins makes you wonder if they even believe what the
8:31scripture says that we are all born dead and trespasses and sins Christ knowing
8:36full well that we are born dead and trespasses and sins his message is a message of repentance
8:43and if you think that you don’t need to hear that message you are woefully wrong
8:49or that your pastor shouldn’t be preaching repentance you don’t know what you’re talking about this is the message
8:54of the scriptures and then from there we learn that Jesus then calls his
9:00disciples and if you want to get the Fuller details you’ll note that Matthew’s account here verses 18 through
9:0622 is very highly condensed if you want to get the entire account read the
9:13Gospel of Luke Luke gives the entire account of how that all went down and
9:18when you look at the two together you see that they dovetail each other perfectly well now here we get then to
9:25the text where it gets twisted Jesus went throughout all Galilee teaching in their synagogues and
9:31proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom if you were to travel to Bethel Church in Reading California or you were to
9:39visit churches in the local area that are under the influence of this heretical church which is basically a
9:45cult they would tell you that Jesus’s message was the Gospel of the kingdom and when you ask him what is the gospel
9:53of the Kingdom they will say performing signs and wonders and doing Miracles and
9:58following the example of Jesus and Healing The Sick and giving sight to the
10:04Blind and hearing to the deaf here’s the the sneaky little secret
10:09though that’s not the gospel of the kingdom and those today who are claiming that they are performing signs and
10:15wonders they aren’t have you ever seen their grand miracle that they perform the leg lengthening
10:22trick okay and that’s exactly what it is it’s a parlor trick and yet in these
10:29churches that is held up as a great example of God acting in a miraculous way well if you believe that leg
10:36lengthening is a miracle then listen I got one for you watch this
10:45foreign isn’t that great that’s the same quality of miracle that
10:50we’re talking about here and so you’re going to note they miss something when they read this text
10:57proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom then they say the gospel of the Kingdom
11:02then is healing every disease every Affliction among the people and Healing The Sick and those Afflicted with demons
11:09and things like that that is not the gospel of the kingdom and Martin Luther long long ago said this that if you err
11:17regarding grammar you will necessarily err regarding Theology and they miss a
11:23very important word and the word is Kai in the Greek and it’s and in the English
11:29he was proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom and Healing The Sick the gospel of the
11:37kingdom is not this idea that we need to go out and heal the sick and do these Miracles that Jesus did in fact none of
11:45us can do the Miracles that Jesus did now you might be saying but wait a second didn’t Jesus say that if you
11:54believe in him that Greater Works than he did you will be able to do didn’t
12:00Jesus say that the answer is absolutely Jesus said that but he wasn’t talking
12:05about performing Miracles let me give you the text in question here the text in question is from the Gospel of John
12:12chapter 14 and here’s what it says starting at verse 12. truly truly I say
12:18to you whoever believes in me will all will also do the works that I do and
12:24greater Works than these will he do because I am going to the father now note it doesn’t say greater
12:32signs it says Greater Works in fact if
12:37you want a good cross reference on this in the Gospel of John chapter 20 starting at verse 30 it says this now
12:45Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples which are not written in this book but these these
12:52what these signs are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of God and that by believing you
12:59might have life in his name and I would note this the Greek word say Mayon is
13:04not a synonym for Aragon say Mayon is the Greek word for signs Aragon is the
13:12Greek word for work so note Jesus says whoever believes in
13:17me will also do the works that I do and greater Works than these will he do
13:22Jesus isn’t saying you’re going to perform greater signs it’s absolutely false he says you will
13:28perform Greater Works and here’s where if you just take a look at what’s going on you’ll see exactly what Jesus meant
13:36Jesus’s Earthly Ministry lasted how long three years right at the end of his
13:44ministry at the time of his death his burial his resurrection at that time how
13:51many Believers were there a hundred 120 ish right
13:59not that many so Jesus his work on Earth as far as
14:04Ministry work goes I mean it was it was good but it wasn’t like
14:11quantitatively out there right when the Apostle Paul
14:17was converted to Christianity and began going and on his missionary Journeys and
14:23planting churches at the end of his life how many people were now Christians as a
14:28result of his ministry a larger greater number than than Jesus
14:34right how about Peter same thing how many years decades did
14:40Paul labor as a Christian far more years than Christ did same with
14:46Peter and both of these men laid down their lives and you’ll note that they their
14:52Works were absolutely way greater than Jesus’s Works were and as Apostles of
15:00Jesus Christ those who were specifically sent as emissaries of Christ directly
15:05who can do business in his name and give commands in his name which ordinary
15:10Apostles could not do was the APO did the Apostle Paul perform greater signs
15:15than Jesus no did Peter perform greater signs
15:23than Jesus than Jesus no they performed a handful of signs and they’re recorded
15:29for us in the Acts of the Apostles but greater signs than Christ did know so when Jesus says whoever believes in me
15:36will also do the works that I do it is not talking about performing miracles
15:41and you’ll note that in today’s charismatic movements people are put under a very heavy burden told that they
15:49have to perform Miracles they need to yield themselves to the holy spirit so
15:56that the Holy Spirit can then see their yieldedness and finally begin to perform miracles
16:02through them but this is not what the scripture teaches
16:08at all and so you’ll note that these people are caught in errors maze so we continue
16:14then with our gospel text that Jesus did perform signs and wonders but he
16:20proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom and he performed Miracles and as we heard
16:26John say the purpose of Jesus is Miracles these were signs so that you
16:31might believe that he is the Christ the son of God and here’s an important bit have you ever read the scriptures and go
16:37man what’s wrong with the day I’m living in how come we don’t have Miracles the
16:42way they had miracles in the Bible have you ever stopped to think
16:48and really investigate this out Miracles are even rare in the scriptures
16:54I want you to think about it was Noah a miracle worker how about Abraham
17:01Isaac Jacob nope not at all how about
17:07um that that guy who had the dreams Joseph was he a miracle worker nope not
17:13a miracle worker at all who was the real first miracle worker in
17:18all of scripture Moses and you’ll note that when Moses was
17:23being commissioned by God as a prophet because that’s exactly what Moses was Moses he wasn’t really keen on the
17:31assignment read Exodus 3 and 4. and he legitimately asked God well what if I go to the children of Israel and say the
17:37god of your fathers has sent me and they go what sign do you do to prove that this is the case right what did God do
17:45no problemo I’m going to give you three signs and what were they changing water
17:50into blood hmm that sounds interesting right changing
17:56water into blood then taking his staff that his Shepherd staff throwing it on the ground and it
18:03becoming a serpent and then he can grab it by the tail and it would become a staff again and the third sign is he can
18:09take his hands stick it into his cloak pull it out and it would be leprous put it back in and it would no longer be
18:15leprous right and these were the signs that God gave him to validate that he
18:21was actually sent by God and after Moses who were the great miracle workers
18:28was Joshua a miracle worker no Joshua wasn’t how about the judges
18:34no they weren’t miracle workers either how about Samuel
18:39no David Solomon no they weren’t miracle workers either
18:45the next miracle workers in scripture are Elijah and Elisha the ones who kind of set up the school
18:52of the prophets whose task was to write the Old Testament that’s what they were doing and God sent Miracles with them to
19:00validate their prophetic Ministry and the project they were working on which was the writing of the Old Testament and
19:06then after Elisha who are the great miracle workers again um no I don’t know any great miracle
19:13workers until Jesus right and you’re going to note this anybody
19:18who says well you can do Greater Works than Jesus that means you can perform Miracles I would like to point something
19:24out and that’s this um who Among Us can say that after their
19:30death they raise themselves from the grave on the third day after they died
19:36not a single one of them okay and I’ll be blunt doing this is not
19:42nearly as impressive as raising yourself from the grave right when Jesus went into the temple and cleared the money
19:49changers out in the Gospel of John early on if the Pharisees and the scribes and the
19:55the people in charge of the temple came up to Jesus and said what sign by what
20:00Authority are you doing these things because Jesus was acting like he had complete authority to kick people out of
20:08the temple he is God by the way and that Temple was set up in the name of Yahweh
20:13who Jesus is in human flesh and Jesus answered them tear down this Temple and in three days I will build it again I
20:20will build it again and they said it’s taken 46 years to build this Temple Jesus and you’re going to rebuild it in
20:26three days but what does the text say the temple he was referring to was the Temple of his body and you’ll note in
20:33all of scripture there is nobody even who comes close to Jesus in The Miracles
20:41that he’s performed and here’s where we’ve got to pay attention to the error
20:46that is running through the church in our time Bill Johnson the Apostle of
20:52Bethel Church in Redding California here’s how he says it nowadays he said Jesus Is God eternally and never stop
21:00being God but he was also man completely man in his Earthly life he lived from
21:06his Humanity to illustrate his dependence on the father in a way that
21:12could then be emulated by us
21:19whoa wait what in other words what he legitimately
21:24believes is that Jesus performed all of his miracles as a man fully submitted to
21:31the Holy Spirit not by virtue of the fact that he’s God in human flesh which no scripture
21:37teaches and then on top of it that we’re supposed to follow the example of Jesus
21:43when it comes to being miracle workers again what kind of a head trip does this put on people
21:49puts a huge Head trip on it and crushing guilt when they fail to operate in the
21:55miraculous the way Jesus did and then Bill Johnson twists a Biblical text he
22:01says Jesus said the son of man can do nothing of himself illustrating his
22:07dependence wait a second I know what that text is and he ripped this out of context and
22:15left an important part of the details out this text is found in the Gospel of John
22:20chapter 5. and here’s what it says
22:26Jesus says in chapter 5 verse 19 truly truly I say to you the son can do
22:31nothing of his own accord but only what he sees the father doing for whatever
22:37the father does that the son does likewise when you put the work when you put
22:43Christ’s words back in their context you’ll note that he is not saying I’m I
22:49can do nothing of myself which means I can do only my Miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit that’s not what
22:54he was saying he was saying I can only do the things I see my father doing I do the exact same things as God I don’t do
23:01things of my own accord or according to my own will
23:07so what Bill Johnson does has done here has completely Twisted this text and
23:13unfortunately there are millions of people you you even know some people who
23:18believe that we are supposed to follow the example of Jesus by performing Miracles now I would note this doesn’t
23:25make a lick of sense because you’ll know in the scriptures in the in the book of Acts who were the ones who could perform
23:32miracles the apostles right but what about the Grassroots ordinary
23:39everyday kind of Christian you know the people who were just hard at work doing
23:44what what people do being hard at work well there’s an account in the book of
23:49Acts chapter nine it’s the story of Dorcas and I have to say this up front I went to school when I was in in junior
23:55high with a girl whose parents named her Dorcas don’t do this okay I did she was teased
24:04horribly for having this name I know it’s biblical if you’re going to name her according to Dorcas name her Tabitha
24:12but do not name her Dorcas because in English that’s not a good word a good
24:18name to have just saying so here’s what it says in Acts chapter 9 36 there was
24:24in Joppa a disciple named Tabitha which translated means Dorcas she was full of
24:29good works and acts of charity and in those days she became ill and she
24:36died note that’s normally how it goes when somebody has an extended illness
24:41then they die and you’re gonna know there’s no mention here that the other Godly Christian women who were working
24:48with Tabitha or Dorcas that they tried to ex decree and declare and command and
24:56control and perform miracles to heal her of her illness not a lick of that is even mentioned right instead she became
25:03ill and over the course of time she died and when they had washed her they laid her in an upper room since Lita was near
25:11Joppa the disciples hearing that Peter was there sent two men to him urging him
25:16please come to us without DeLay So Peter Rose and went with them and when he
25:22arrived they took with him to the upper room and all the widows Stood Beside Peter weeping and showing tunics and
25:28other garments that Dorcas had made while she was still with them but Peter put them all outside and he knelt down
25:36and he prayed and turning to the body he said Tabitha arise and she opened her
25:42eyes and when she saw Peter she sat up and she gave her his hand and he raised
25:48her up and then calling the Saints and the widows he presented her alive note the Apostle Peter can operate in the
25:55signs of the Apostles and note he also did not chastise these women going why
26:01are you bothering me why aren’t you following the example that Jesus gave
26:06you to follow why didn’t you raise her from the dead you know why because they couldn’t
26:13they were not given those signs they didn’t have that Authority and it is a
26:18false Doctrine to say that because Jesus performed Miracles we can perform them too
26:24in fact saying that is complete idolatry and a twisting of God’s word that binds
26:30people’s consciences and ruins their faith because at the end of the day they’re going to have to come to grips
26:37with this horrible brutal reality they can’t perform miracles
26:43despite all their delusional attempts to do so they’re not able to operate in
26:49them and then when they come to the end of that line and they look back in these churches and they say you know what they
26:55weren’t really performing Miracles there either this whole thing is a scam Christianity is false
27:01there are a whole lot not a small amount a whole lot of people who are ex former
27:07Christians because when this bad theology runs its course
27:12you say Christianity is a complete scam it’s not real it’s just a bunch of delusional people all playing
27:18make-believe when it comes to signs and wonders and miracles that’s where it leads and here’s what’s
27:23worse if the person is suffering from a chronic illness they have the crushing
27:28weight of feeling guilty because somehow their lack of faith or their sinfulness
27:33has kept them from being able to operate in the signs that they were supposed to engage in
27:38and so you’ll note this idolatry ruins people it ruins their faith and sends
27:44them out of Christianity altogether and if you know anybody who believes
27:50these things have mercy on them and walk them through these texts and show them
27:55how they have been deceived and I would note this not only did Peter not chastise those
28:03those women when they called him to raise Dorcas from the dead and to
28:08restore her not only did he not chastise them for not following Jesus’s model of
28:15of Performing signs and wonders it is that same Apostle Peter who has given us
28:20a very clear text telling us what we as Christians are to do
28:26how we are to model Christ in fact here’s what it says in First Peter
28:32chapter 2. listen carefully servants be subject to your masters with
28:37all respect not only to the good and to the gentle but also to the unjust
28:45now most of us have had to work out in the workforce to one degree or another maybe
28:53you started off as a teenager working in a fast food restaurant or maybe working in the service industry finding a way to
29:00make a living in a restaurant or whatever and then you were able to graduate from college and get a job in a
29:06you know in your field of study or whatever but here’s the thing once you go to work in the workforce you’re going
29:13to show up and you’re not going to be the boss you’re going to have a boss and
29:18I would note this as somebody who’s been in the workforce I’ve had some pretty bad bosses some really goofy bosses
29:26who’ve made some really bone-headed decisions I have a hard time watching the office even though it’s in reruns
29:33the reason why is it can it sends me into PTSD you know I I trigger and I
29:38feel like ah I don’t want to remember that because I swear I work for Michael Scott I worked for Dunder Mifflin even
29:46if it wasn’t a different an industry right and what do you do when you have an unjust stupid boss who’s overbearing
29:54who mistreats people mistreats you and you’re just there to do your job to make
29:59a living what do you do well Peter says this it is a gracious
30:05thing when you are mindful of God one endures Sorrows while suffering unjustly
30:13wait I thought I was supposed to have my best life now good luck on that by the way for what
30:20credit is it if when you sin and you are beaten for it and you endure but if when
30:26you do good and you suffer for it and you endure this is a gracious thing in
30:33the sight of God for to this you have been called and listen to what he says here because
30:39Christ also suffered for you leaving you an example so that you might follow in
30:47his steps when Jesus was reviled he did not revile
30:52in return when he suffered he did not threaten but he continued entrusting
30:58himself to him who judges justly he himself bore our sins in his body on the
31:05tree so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness and by his wounds
31:11you have been healed for you were like sheep straying but now you have returned
31:17to the shepherd and the overseer of your souls put putting it this way
31:23the sin we’re dealing with today head on false Doctrine is a form of breaking the first commandment and also the second
31:31it is a form of idolatry where you are worshiping a false god a god of your own making but secondly by twisting God’s
31:39word by tinkering with it and evacuating of its true meaning you are taking God’s
31:45name in vain and you are making his word void these
31:51are Grievous sins against God and against other human beings because people then who trust in your lying
31:59words and in your Twisted words of scripture then are in danger of losing not only their lives but their Eternal
32:05souls and so you’ll note that God has had mercy on us and sent Jesus Christ
32:11who suffered and bled in our place so that we can be forgiven of all of our
32:17breakings of God’s commandment including the first and the second commandment and
32:22that being the case he also in the gospel which is the good news he has
32:28forgiven us of our sins reconciled us to God and as Peter says has given us a
32:34clear example for us to follow the example that we are to follow in the
32:40Life of Christ is not the life of of miracle worker but of those who suffer for doing good
32:51that is the map that is what we are to do that is the model of Christ that we
32:56are to follow we are not to emulate Jesus in his Miracle working good luck on that by the way if you try
33:03it doesn’t matter how yielded how obedient how much you try you will never be a miracle worker like Christ
33:10but I would say this the one thing I can say for sure is that every ordinary
33:16Grassroots Christian knows exactly what it’s like to suffer when you’ve done
33:21good and you’ll note that this is a gracious thing in the eyes of God and Christ has
33:27left this example for us to follow so brothers and sisters it’s a weird thing to do on the occasion of this text
33:35from Matthew 4. we must come to grips with the fact that Jesus did perform Miracles this is
33:41absolutely true and he performed them to prove that he was none other than God in human flesh and no person today in the
33:48charismatic movement the Nar or any Evangelical Church even remotely comes close to Christ and anyone who’s
33:55claiming that they are they’re putting on a magic show not performing Miracles right they’re deceiving you and anyone
34:02who says that we have to follow the example of Jesus by performing Miracles is also twisting God’s word and lying
34:09let us repent of all ways in which we have broken the first and second commandment trust that Christ has bled
34:16and died for our sins as the scripture says and he has proved that we are forgiven by raising himself from the
34:22dead on the third day after he was crucified and let us then take the advice of the Apostle Peter to emulate
34:29Christ to follow his example by suffering for doing good just as Christ did in the
34:37name of Jesus Amen
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