Sermon Transcript – Forgiven to Forgive

Series A – Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, September 14, 2014 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy Gospel According to Saint
0:31Matthew chapter 18 verses 21-35
0:35Glory To You O Lord
0:39then Peter came to Jesus and asked Lord
0:42how many times shall I forgive my
0:44brother when he sins against me
0:46up to seven times
0:49Jesus answered I tell you not seven
0:52times but 77 times
0:56therefore the Kingdom of Heaven is like
0:59a king who wanted to settle accounts
1:01with his servants as he began the
1:03settlement a man who owed him ten
1:05thousand talents was brought to him
1:07since he was not able to pay the master
1:09ordered that he that he and his wife and
1:12his children and all that he had be sold
1:14to repay the debt the servant fell on
1:17his knees before him be patient with me
1:19he begged and I will pay back everything
1:22the servant’s master took pity on him
1:25canceled the debt and let him go
1:29but when that servant went out he found
1:31one of his fellow servants who owed him
1:33a hundred denarii
1:35he grabbed him and began to choke him
1:37pay back what you owe me he demanded
1:41his fellow servant fell on his knees and
1:44begged him be patient with me and I will
1:47pay you back
1:48but he refused
1:51he went off had the man thrown into
1:53prison until he could pay the debt when
1:56the other servants saw what had happened
1:58they were greatly distressed and went
2:01and told their Master everything that
2:02had happened then the master called the
2:04servant in you Wicked servant he said I
2:08canceled all that dead of yours because
2:10you begged me to shouldn’t you have had
2:13mercy on your fellow servant just as I
2:16had on you and anger
2:18his master turned him over to the
2:20jailers to be tortured until he should
2:22pay back all that he owed this is how my
2:25heavenly father will treat each of you
2:27unless you forgive your brother from
2:30your heart
2:31this is the gospel of the Lord
2:36in the name of Jesus
2:40forgiveness huh
2:42so Peter after hearing from Jesus that
2:45he has the keys
2:47the keys to bind into loose
2:51to loose sins for the penitent to bind
2:54sins for the impenitent
2:56now comes up with this question all
2:58right Lord this forgiveness thing you
3:00want me to forgive people’s sins so
3:03let’s get some of the details straight
3:05how many times shall I forgive my
3:08brother when he sins against me I’ve
3:10come up with a real generous number here
3:12and I think this is like over the top
3:15up up to seven times
3:20Jesus tells you
3:22not seven times but 77 times or seven
3:27times seventy
3:30are you kidding me
3:32come on
3:33how many times do you want me to be
3:35taken advantage or of Lords do you want
3:38me to be a doormat really
3:41forgive dirty rotten people who are
3:45sinning against me not just seven times
3:49but up to 70 times seven
3:52in other words as often as they sin
3:54against me you want me to forgive them
3:55really really
4:00that’s what Jesus is saying
4:02and then Jesus tells this parable
4:05now before we get into the parable I
4:07want to point something out to you
4:08before we dive into it notice that
4:11everybody except for the king in this
4:15everyone is referred to as a slave as a
4:19there’s the king and then there’s
4:22servants everybody is a servant in this
4:24this actually plays into the exegesis of
4:26this text so Jesus tells this Parable
4:28therefore the Kingdom of Heaven is like
4:30a king who wanted to settle accounts
4:32with his servants as he began the
4:35settlement a man who owed him ten
4:37thousand talents was brought to him now
4:39let’s put this in perspective okay
4:43an ounce of gold
4:45it’s going for how much nowadays I mean
4:47they’re selling it all the time on Fox
4:49news right okay how many ounces are in a
4:5316 okay I’m terrible at this stuff by
4:56the way okay and how many pounds are in
4:59a talent
5:04so this is a huge amount of debt this is
5:07a ginormous account you can almost say
5:10you might as well say this is like one
5:12bazillion dollars
5:14I don’t know how much of a zillion is
5:16but this is close to it I mean imagine
5:19this this guy owes to this King
5:2210 100 pounds of gold
5:26I mean how does a single human being
5:28accomplish such a debt this guy makes
5:30Obama and the U.S Congress look like
5:33they’re responsible with our money
5:35all right let’s put this in perspective
5:37here y’all ever been on the internet and
5:39found one of those web pages that have
5:41one of those counters that show what the
5:43national debt is at any given moment and
5:45you’ll notice that there’s numbers that
5:46are going to go
5:48right okay now let’s put this in
5:51perspective ten thousand one hundred
5:53pounds of gold this is what you owe oh
5:58and you’ve got a job at McDonald’s and
6:01the interest on this is compounding
6:03daily at what percent
6:05do you ever have a hope of actually ever
6:09paying this kind of debt off
6:12no no no no no I mean every single day
6:16that goes by you’re in default on this
6:18debt so this is kind of an outrageous
6:20amount but this shows you the
6:22outrageousness of Christ’s mercy and
6:25forgiveness towards us so he says
6:28as he began the settlement a man who
6:31owed him 10 000 towns was brought to him
6:33since he was not able to pay the master
6:35order that he and his wife and his
6:37children and all that he had be sold to
6:38repay the debt
6:40servant fell on his knees before him be
6:43patient with me he begged and I will pay
6:44back everything
6:47no you won’t
6:50no you won’t
6:51you haven’t got a chance
6:53to pay this back
6:55not at all
6:57this is this debt’s too big for any one
6:59human being to pay
7:01now so you understand what’s going on
7:04here this is a comforting and a
7:07terrifying Parable kind of all in one
7:10comforting in this sense what we see
7:13here is that obviously who’s the king
7:15it’s Jesus right he’s the king king of
7:18kings Lord of lords you’re familiar with
7:20these terms for Jesus right he’s the
7:22king so who’s this servant who owes him
7:25this huge amount of money
7:28that’s you
7:30that’s me
7:32and see when God’s law goes out and we
7:36hear it
7:37and we hear you shall have no other gods
7:40before me you shall honor your father
7:42and mother you shall not commit adultery
7:44you shall not steal you shall not bear
7:46false witness you shall not covet right
7:48God’s law goes out what does God’s law
7:51say to you
7:52guilty guilty
7:55you haven’t been doing that
8:01and the reality is this is that every
8:04single nanosecond that goes by that you
8:08do not love God with your whole heart
8:10and love your neighbor perfectly as
8:14your debt
8:17the numbers are spinning and clocking up
8:20and this is what the law does the law
8:23goes out to tell you you stand as a
8:27debtor before God
8:28and the law by the way there’s no gospel
8:30in the law you know what the law does
8:32says pay up pay up you owe you owe
8:39and when you hear God’s law tell you
8:41that you owe
8:43what do you do
8:45try to kind of deal with God
8:48just give me a little time God I’ll get
8:50it right this time can you give me a
8:51mulligan I’ll get it right the second
8:55I I promise that if if you just be
8:58patient with me I’ll I’ll start cleaning
9:02up my Act
9:04good luck on that
9:06the law demands perfect obedience
9:11so what Jesus said be ye perfect as your
9:13heavenly father is perfect
9:16can you be perfect for like five minutes
9:19I haven’t been able to pull that one off
9:20yet I haven’t figured out how to be
9:21perfect for a minute yet
9:24maybe it’s just me
9:28and see this is where the law does its
9:31Romans chapter 3.
9:34kind of lays this out for us I’m going
9:36to read verses 19 through 28 if you’d
9:38like to follow along in your Pew Bible
9:39you can Romans chapter 3 19-28.
9:44proper distinction of long gospel has to
9:46be in play here
9:48here’s what Paul writes under the
9:49inspiration of the Holy Spirit now we
9:51know that whatever the law says it says
9:52to those who are under the law so that
9:54every mouth may be silenced and the
9:55whole world held accountable to God
10:00therefore get this no one will be
10:03declared righteous in his that’s God’s
10:07sight by observing the law
10:10not one single human being from the time
10:14of Adam
10:15to the last person who’s breathing on
10:19the last day will be declared righteous
10:22before God by observing the law and
10:24here’s the idea rather through the law
10:27we become conscious of sin that’s its
10:31the Law’s job is to let you know that
10:33you have this ginormous debt that you
10:36owe to God
10:37and it makes you conscious of it and it
10:40terrifies you
10:42each and every one of us have probably
10:44had those moments where we’ve woken up
10:46in the middle of the night and went
10:49I’m gonna die someday
10:52and I’m gonna stand before God
10:56and I know I don’t measure up
10:59I didn’t measure up yesterday the day
11:00before the day before the day before and
11:02you start calculating how many days
11:03you’ve been on this planet and you
11:06I’m in deep kimchi
11:08Korean term there yeah I learned that
11:11from Korean war vet
11:14so the purpose of the law is to let you
11:16know of this debt
11:18But Here Comes The Gospel in Romans but
11:20now a righteousness from God who’s it
11:24it’s from God it’s not from you it’s
11:27from him a righteousness from God get
11:30this apart from the law has been made
11:33known to which the law and the prophets
11:35actually testify this righteousness from
11:38God comes through faith in Jesus Christ
11:41to all who believe
11:44this sounds like a good deal so there’s
11:46no difference all have sinned and fall
11:49short of the glory of God
11:51and are Justified freely by his grace
11:54through the Redemption that came by
11:56Christ Jesus
11:57God presented him Jesus as a sacrifice
12:00of atonement through faith in his blood
12:03he did this to demonstrate his Justice
12:05because in his forbearance he had left
12:07the sins committed beforehand unpunished
12:09he did it to demonstrate his Justice at
12:11the present times so as to be just and
12:14the one who justifies that means
12:16declares righteous those who have faith
12:18in Jesus
12:20so where then is boasting
12:22if you’re justified by faith if you’re
12:24declared righteous by faith is there any
12:25room for boasting before God yeah no
12:28yeah hey look at me I’m so great I got a
12:30gift from God you know right
12:33so boasting is excluded on what
12:35principle on that of observing the law
12:38but on that of faith for we maintain
12:41that a man is justified by faith apart
12:44from observing the law
12:46is this not what our Parable teaches us
12:49today let’s go back to our parable
12:52since he was not able to pay the master
12:54order that he and his wife and his
12:56children and all that he had be sold to
12:58repay the debt
12:59the servant fell on his knees before him
13:01be patient with me he begged and I will
13:04pay back everything there’s the law
13:05doing its work
13:07terrifying you convicting you
13:10so the servant’s master took pity on him
13:12canceled the debt and let him go
13:16notice it does not say
13:18that the master required that this
13:21servant go and sell everything he have
13:23and make a payment towards the debt as
13:27best as he could
13:28he did his part and then the master does
13:31his part it doesn’t say that does it
13:34the whole debt was canceled
13:37every last single bit of it
13:40all by grace
13:44wow yeah and this is what Colossians 2
13:47says about us open your Bibles to
13:49Colossians chapter two I’ll read verses
13:518 through 14.
13:57a little bit of context
13:59see to it that no one takes you captive
14:03through Hollow and deceptive philosophy
14:07I could probably preach for a month on
14:08that text just that verse
14:12so see to it known takes you captured
14:14through Hollow and deceptive philosophy
14:15which depends on human tradition and the
14:17basic principles of this world rather
14:19than on Christ for in Christ all the
14:22fullness of the deity lives in bodily
14:24form and you have been given fullness in
14:26Christ who is the head over every power
14:28and authority in him you were also
14:30circumcised in the putting off of the
14:32sinful nature not with the circumcision
14:33done by the hands of men but the
14:35circumcision done by Christ having been
14:38buried with him in baptism and raised
14:40with him through your faith in the power
14:42of God who raised him from the dead now
14:44watch this when you were dead in your
14:47sins and in the uncircumcision of your
14:50sinful nature God Made You Alive with
14:54who made you alive
14:56God did that’s what the text says and
14:59here’s what it says he forgave us all
15:04every single one of them
15:05all of our sins having canceled the
15:09written code with its regulations that
15:11was against us and stood opposed to us
15:13he took away nailing it to the cross
15:18so there was this big record of debt
15:21that the law said you owe
15:25Christ took that debt and he paid it for
15:28you on the cross
15:29this is good news
15:32it’s all by Grace you can’t earn even
15:35one penny of it
15:38all of the debt every last cent was paid
15:42by Christ this is what our gospel text
15:45teaches us
15:46and having been set free
15:49from this debt it changes everything but
15:53this poor servant
15:55didn’t think that about this the right
15:59so the master took pity on him canceled
16:02the debt let him go but when that
16:04servant went out he found one of his
16:06fellow servants notice everyone in this
16:08kingdom is either the king or the
16:10servants everyone’s a servant no right
16:13okay this tells us something about
16:15ourselves we’re all servants okay so
16:18that when that servant went out he found
16:20one of his fellow servants who owed him
16:22a hundred Daenerys now despite a little
16:25bit comparison Hunter denarii probably
16:27about a thousand bucks you know it’s
16:30like a month’s wages if you work at
16:34that’s about what this is right
16:37so he grabbed him and began to choke him
16:40pay back what you owe me he demanded
16:45now by the world standards this guy had
16:47every right to exact from this guy the
16:49thousand bucks right
16:53there’s no one in the world that’s going
16:54to say hey he has no right to not to ask
16:56for that
16:57but see the thing is is that we’re
16:59dealing with a different kingdom here
17:01we’re dealing with the Kingdom of Heaven
17:02the Kingdom of Heaven is not about our
17:05the Kingdom of Heaven is about
17:07forgiveness of sins and this man just
17:11the national debt forgiven
17:13him and he goes out and finds some poor
17:16fellow servant fellow servant
17:20and demands that he pay a month’s wages
17:23pay back what you owe me he demanded his
17:26fellow servant fell on his knees and
17:27begged him be patient with me and I will
17:30pay you back sound familiar
17:35but he refused
17:37instead he went off
17:40had the man thrown into prison until he
17:42can pay the debt when the other servant
17:44saw what had happened they were greatly
17:46distressed those other servants this is
17:47a kingdom full of servants a bunch of
17:49slaves running around here so they were
17:51greatly distressed and they went and
17:52told their Master everything that had
17:56then their Master called the servant in
18:00you Wicked servant
18:01I canceled all that debt of yours
18:04because you begged me shouldn’t you have
18:06had mercy on your fellow servant just as
18:08I had on you
18:10you see
18:12this tells us what it’s like to be a
18:14Christian then does it not kind of in a
18:16backhanded way
18:18you see when we had all of our debts
18:21forgiven by Christ by what he
18:23accomplished on the cross
18:26we gave up all of our rights
18:29and now everything we own belongs to our
18:36you exist now as Christians to love and
18:40serve your neighbor
18:42and when your neighbor sins against you
18:45you forgive your neighbor
18:47and when your neighbor takes your cloak
18:51your coat you know what you say to your
18:54oh you need a coat here I have another
18:56one take this one too
18:59your neighbor says to you walk with me a
19:02while you say I’ll be happy to
19:04would you like me to go with you too
19:11because you’ve been forgiven
19:15we are ambassadors of the kingdom of God
19:17the kingdom of God is not a kingdom of
19:21it’s a kingdom of forgiveness
19:23and we are its citizens and Christ has
19:26made us ambassadors of this Kingdom
19:29the gospel changes everything everything
19:33and this love that Christ has given to
19:36us this is the one Commandment that he
19:37gives us in the New Testament he says
19:39as I have loved you so love one another
19:43how has Christ loved us
19:46he’s loved us by dying for us by
19:49canceling our debt forgiving us of our
19:51sins suffering hell in our place
19:54members cry a dare election from the
19:56cross my God my God why have you
19:58forsaken me
20:00he was forsaken so that we would never
20:03be forsaken by God
20:06and we forgive not because by forgiving
20:09we earn God’s forgiveness no we forgive
20:13because we are forgiven
20:16the gospel is that radical it’s so
20:21and such good news that the kingdom of
20:23heaven will be filled with tax
20:25collectors prostitutes
20:28an attorney or two
20:30that might be stretching it
20:35and even pastors right
20:38and some Farmers why
20:41because God loves you
20:43he bled and died for you and he canceled
20:46that debt
20:47and Jesus says the one who is forgiven
20:49much loves much you are now set free in
20:53Christ set free from slavery to sin to
20:56death the devil and now you are free to
20:59love and serve your neighbor even if
21:01your neighbor despises you and insists
21:04that he’s your enemy
21:05no he’s not you keep praying for your
21:08neighbor who thinks he’s your enemy
21:09because you’re not his enemy because you
21:12forgive because you’ve been forgiven
21:17and the reality is this
21:19Jesus makes this clear
21:22this is how my heavenly father will
21:24treat each one of you unless you forgive
21:26your brother from your heart
21:28how can we who have been forgiven so
21:29much not forgive what tiny little
21:31nuisances and offenses are committed
21:33against us
21:35somebody’s called you a bad name
21:38somebody’s gossiped about you behind
21:39your back forgive them don’t get back
21:42don’t punch back don’t do your rights
21:44love them forgive them tell them of the
21:46mercy of Christ
21:49this is what God tells us to do
21:53Philippians chapter 2. in light of the
21:56Gospel here’s what it says your attitude
21:59should be the same as that of Christ
22:01who being in the very nature of God
22:04he did not consider equality with God
22:06something to be grasped but he made
22:07himself nothing taking the very nature
22:10of a servant and being made in human
22:11likeness and being found in appearance
22:13as a man he humbled himself and became
22:15obedient to death even death on a cross
22:19Jesus was found in the form of a servant
22:21a Slave
22:23the king becomes a slave for us
22:27so that we can be forgiven so therefore
22:30God exalted him to the highest place and
22:31gave him the name that is above every
22:33name that the name of Jesus every knee
22:35should bow in heaven on Earth and every
22:37tongue confessed that Jesus Christ is
22:39Lord to the glory of God the Father
22:41where II Corinthians says for Christ’s
22:44love compels us
22:47his love compels us because we are
22:50convinced that one died for all and
22:52therefore all have died and he died for
22:54all that those who live should no longer
22:57live for themselves
22:58but live for him who died for them and
23:01was raised again
23:02so from now on
23:04from now on
23:05Paul writes we regard no one from a
23:09worldly point of view
23:11the worldly point of view says pay me
23:13what you owe me I have my rights
23:17no from now on
23:20we regard no one in a worldly way
23:23though we once regarded Christ in this
23:25way we do so no longer therefore if
23:28anyone is in Christ he is a new creation
23:31that’s right blessed Saints you are in
23:35you are a new creation Christ has washed
23:38away your sins
23:41you are a new creation this new man that
23:44God has put into you or woman I don’t
23:46need I don’t want to discriminate
23:49this new man this new woman that Christ
23:51has put into you
23:53it only wants to do good works you still
23:55have your sinful flesh which you have to
23:57drag around and make do work you know
23:59make it do good works it doesn’t like to
24:01him just kick it you know or take it to
24:04the Waters of your baptism again and
24:05hold it under until the bubble stop and
24:07then make it do the good works right
24:08this is how this works
24:11so if anyone is in Christ he’s a new
24:13creation the old is gone the new has
24:14come all of this is from God who’s it
24:17from God right
24:19God who reconciled us to himself through
24:23Christ and he gave us the ministry of
24:28that’s what we have as Christians the
24:29ministry of reconciliation we get to go
24:32out into the world and tell everybody
24:34that God was reconciling the world to
24:37himself in Christ not counting men’s
24:40sins against them not doing the
24:42accounting of the law
24:44and he is committed to us the message of
24:48that’s right
24:49so to not forgive somebody their petty
24:53little sins against you
24:55is to undermine the very message that
24:58we’ve been given the message of
24:59reconciliation with God so we are
25:02therefore Christ’s ambassadors Paul
25:04writes as though God we’re making his
25:06appeal through us so we implore you on
25:09Christ’s behalf be reconciled to God God
25:13made him Jesus who had no sin to be sin
25:16for us so that in him we might become
25:20the righteousness of God
25:22in other words
25:24because we’ve been forgiven we forgive
25:27and because we forgive we now have
25:31credibility when we preach the good news
25:34that God was in Christ reconciling the
25:36world to himself to act contrary to the
25:39gospel and demand your rights and refuse
25:42to forgive is contrary to the gospel
25:45you’re not your own you were bought with
25:48the blood of God you me were servants
25:51and there’s freedom in being servants
25:54we’re not God instead you were bought
25:58with the blood of God Christ has
26:00reconciled you to the father
26:04forgive because you are forgiven in the
26:09name of Jesus
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