Sermon Transcript – Free Indeed

Series C – Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, October 30, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint John chapter 8 verses
0:34so Jesus said to the Jews who had
0:36believed in him if you abide in my word
0:39you are truly my disciples and you will
0:41know the truth and the truth will set
0:43you free they answered him we’re
0:45offspring of Abraham and have never been
0:47enslaved to anyone how is it that you
0:48say you will become free
0:51Jesus answered them truly truly I say to
0:54you everyone who practices sin is a
0:55slave to sin the slave does not remain
0:58in the house forever the sun remains
1:00forever so if the sun sets you free you
1:03will be free indeed in the name of Jesus
1:08so Jesus says if the son sets you free
1:11you will be free indeed now I like
1:16movies I in general I like movies but
1:18there’s particular movies that I just
1:20think are Classics and are epic and
1:22those are the ones that tell of that
1:23pitched battle between good and evil and
1:27the ones where it’s actually believable
1:29that what’s at stake is freedom itself
1:32you think of the movie Braveheart how
1:34does the movie end with that great that
1:36great line from William Wallace freedom
1:39and we can all relate to these stories
1:42there’s a reason why Star Wars continues
1:45to be well one of those movies that
1:47people go to and watch over and over
1:49again or the Lord of the Rings the
1:51trilogy and then The Hobbit trilogy the
1:53reason why is because each and every one
1:56of us and understands that we don’t live
1:59in a safe world you think of the the
2:02tyrants of past
2:04decades and eras think of the
2:07dictatorships of Adolf Hitler or you
2:10think of the old Soviet Union and what
2:12is it that we all fear As Americans that
2:14somehow we’re going to squander our
2:17and elect somebody who’s going to put us
2:19into bondage to take away our freedoms
2:22that’s always the big fear that’s the
2:25stuff that kind of keeps conspiracy
2:27theory websites churning that there’s
2:29this Grand Global scheme afoot that the
2:33Illuminati is working right now to put
2:36us all into bondage to take away our
2:39rights we all relate to these stories or
2:42at least the concepts because we know
2:45that when human beings are capable of
2:48we really are
2:50and so we must understand this that the
2:52reason why human beings are capable of
2:54such cruelty of enslaving other human
2:57beings and putting them in bondage and
3:00making us do the work of building
3:02kingdoms and things like that
3:05is because well each and every one of us
3:07according to scripture
3:09we were born under the Dominion of
3:13we were born enslaved to the ultimate
3:16Tyrant the Devil Himself in fact
3:19Colossians chapter 1 verses 13 and 14
3:22says that God has delivered us from the
3:25Dominion of darkness and God himself has
3:28transferred us to the kingdom of his
3:30beloved Son in whom we have Redemption
3:31and the Forgiveness of our sins and so
3:35in order to rightly understand good and
3:37evil and freedom versus slavery we must
3:41ultimately understand and come to grips
3:42with what scripture teaches
3:45that we all
3:47well we’re born in slavery we were not
3:50born free we were born under the
3:53Dominion of a tyrannical ruler in fact
3:56Ephesians 2 1-3 says you were dead in
3:59your trespasses and sins in which you
4:01once walked following the course of this
4:04world following the prince of the power
4:06of the air the Devil Himself this is the
4:10spirit that is now at work in the sons
4:11of disobedience
4:13we all fear that this may also be the
4:15spirit that is animating some political
4:17leaders among whom we all not some but
4:20all of us once lived in the passions of
4:22our flesh carrying out the desires of
4:25the body and the mind and we were by
4:26Nature children of Wrath
4:29Children of the devil just like the rest
4:31of all of mankind
4:34this was our state
4:36now Jesus said if the son sets you free
4:39you will be free indeed
4:42and so Christians all of you baptized
4:45here today I need to remind you that you
4:49have already been set free
4:51you’ve been to the font you’ve heard the
4:54pastor say in the name of the father and
4:56the Son and the Holy Spirit and in
4:58Romans 6 the Apostle Paul writes do you
5:00not know that all of us who have been
5:02baptized into Christ Jesus we were
5:05baptized into his death we were buried
5:07there for him with him by baptism into
5:10death in order to just as Christ was
5:12raised from the dead by the glory of the
5:14father we too might walk in newness of
5:16life for if we have been United with him
5:19in a death like his and we most
5:21certainly have we shall certainly be
5:23United with him in a resurrection like
5:25his and we know that our old self was
5:27crucified in order that the body of sin
5:29might be brought to nothing
5:31so that we would no longer be and hear
5:34the important words enslaved to sin
5:38you see brothers and sisters you have
5:41already been set free
5:43you are no longer under the Dominion of
5:45Darkness but believe me when I tell you
5:47the Dominion of darkness is not
5:49satisfied with this outcome and is doing
5:52everything that it can to veto this
5:55Freedom that we have as a result of the
5:57fact that Christ has buried us with
6:00himself raised us with himself washed
6:03away all of our sins think of it this
6:05way when you were baptized you went to
6:08be baptized with slave Shackles On
6:12and then when you heard those words and
6:15the water was poured or you were dunked
6:17you heard the words in the name of the
6:19father and the Son and the Holy Spirit I
6:20baptized you in coming out of your
6:22baptismal Waters
6:24all of the slave shackles fell off
6:28you were free
6:30and that’s what happened to you you are
6:34free Paul continues so we know that our
6:37old self
6:38our old sinful Adam was crucified with
6:41Christ in order that the body of sin
6:42might be brought to nothing so that we
6:44would no longer be enslaved to sin for
6:46one who has died has been set free from
6:51and you have died already you’ve died in
6:54Christ you are now free walk in that
6:59freedom but remember these words of
7:01Jesus there’s a little bit of law in Our
7:04Gospel text today Jesus says if you
7:06abide in my word
7:10you are truly my disciples and the one
7:13who abides in Jesus’s words will know
7:15the truth
7:17and the truth will set you free kind of
7:19think of that continuing to live in
7:22Freedom requires the abiding in God’s
7:25word this deals with the first three
7:28Commandments does it not
7:30first commandment you will have no other
7:31gods second commandment you do not take
7:34the name of the Lord your God in vain
7:35and Third Commandment remember the
7:37Sabbath day to keep it holy you see
7:39Jesus here and talking about abiding in
7:42his word is warning us
7:45warning us against the sin of idolatry
7:49to have another God is to listen to
7:51other words other than Jesus and believe
7:53that they are from God so my question to
7:55you is abide in his word well where can
7:57we go today to find the words of Jesus
8:00do I need to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and
8:03look for a holy man sitting in the Lotus
8:05position do I go and visit the local
8:09where do I go to find the words of
8:12Christ today
8:14you see today we are celebrating the
8:18499th anniversary
8:21of the Reformation Martin Luther nailing
8:24the 95 Theses to the to the church door
8:27there in Wittenberg and we think of this
8:28act of defiance well it was just a
8:30debate Challenge and it just took off
8:32like wildfire and so we’re thinking this
8:34is a great thing we’re coming up on the
8:36500th anniversary but let me ask you a
8:38question when Luther nailed the 95
8:42thesis to the castle Church door there
8:44in Wittenberg that was the devil
8:46defeated at that moment
8:48has the Devils just said oh that’s it
8:51I’m undone I’m gonna walk off the
8:53battlefield and I’m gonna go into the
8:55locker room and I’m gonna cry not at all
8:57so let us be careful in our celebration
9:00of the Reformation lest we think that
9:03somehow that was the final Victory think
9:06of it this way
9:07we celebrate in the Reformation well the
9:10fact that God in his Mercy
9:12allowed us once again to roll back human
9:16teachings that were obscuring the gospel
9:20and the gospel was able to come forth
9:22again so that the words of Christ might
9:24set people free what had happened to the
9:27Christian Church during the medieval
9:29period all kinds of man-made doctrines
9:33and teachings and practices crept their
9:36way into the church all piously smuggled
9:40under Christian words well we pray to
9:43the Saints now we pray to Mary we say
9:46the Hail Mary we believe in indulgences
9:48in Owen yeah you want to get your dead
9:50Grandma out of purgatory well just give
9:52the church some money and we’ll make
9:54sure that her sentence is lightened
9:57all of these are man-made doctrines
10:00but look at the state of the church
10:02today in Protestant circles not in Roman
10:05Catholic circles look at what’s
10:07happening on Christian television
10:10listen to what you’re listening to on
10:12Christian radio
10:14we all sit there and go oh the person
10:16who’s praying to dead Saints is
10:18believing something that is a man-made
10:21but is it not also a man-made Doctrine
10:23to believe that God manifests in glory
10:26clouds today or that he’ll make you
10:28wealthy if you send in your money to
10:31that televangelist
10:32and over and again what’s fascinating is
10:35that all of these man-made doctrines you
10:38know what they end up doing
10:40putting people back in slavery and
10:44bondage you see these doctrines do not
10:46have their origin necessarily in man
10:49because First Timothy chapter 4 starting
10:52in verse 1 says this now the Holy Spirit
10:54expressly says that in later times
10:59I think we’re living in those right now
11:01that in later times some will depart
11:04from the Faith by devoting themselves to
11:07watch this deceitful
11:12and the teachings of demons through the
11:14insincerity of liars whose consciences
11:17are seared
11:18they forbid marriage require abstinence
11:21from foods that God created to be
11:24received with Thanksgiving by those who
11:26believe and know the truth forbid
11:29hmm I know a major denomination within
11:32the visible church that forbids pastors
11:34to be married
11:36I also know that the same denomination
11:38says that it’s a mortal sin that if you
11:41eat anything other than fish on Friday
11:44mortal sin this will send you to hell
11:48but all of these are well they’re not
11:51just man-made doctrines according to
11:53First Timothy 4 these are the doctrines
11:56of demons
11:57and why is that because the devil is
12:01hard at work laying snares and traps and
12:06all of these false teachings out there
12:08for people to follow so that they get
12:11their eyes off of Christ
12:13and get their eyes off of salvation by
12:16grace through faith and all that he has
12:18done for us and get people back to work
12:22trying to earn their salvation you can
12:24kind of think of it like well Pharaoh in
12:27the book of Exodus the ultimate
12:29tyrannical false god king what is it
12:32that the children of Israel are to be
12:34doing making bricks get busy building my
12:40and if you complain well we’ll take the
12:42straw away but the quota won’t be
12:44reduced but Jesus comes along and he
12:47says no I will set you free
12:49you will walk in Freedom you will no
12:52longer labor for somebody else and he
12:55sets us free by grace through faith and
12:58so all of these man-made doctrines
13:01ultimately are not man-made they’re
13:03demonic they are the snares of the devil
13:06designed to put you back in bondage but
13:09Jesus said
13:10abide in my word
13:12and you will know the truth and the
13:15truth makes you free
13:17you see Jesus doesn’t set you to work
13:19making bricks Jesus doesn’t crack the
13:22whip and say you want to be saved get
13:26try harder
13:28Jesus says come to me all you who are
13:30weary and heavy laden and I will give
13:32you rest and this is exactly what our
13:34epistle text
13:36says and this is Ground Zero now
13:38for the Reformation
13:40the rediscovery of the Gospel
13:44Romans chapter 3. now we know that
13:46whatever the law says it speaks to those
13:49who are under the law so that every
13:50mouth may be stopped and the whole world
13:52may be held accountable to God that’s
13:55right the purpose of the law is not for
13:56you to be saved by keeping it
13:59instead the purpose of the law is to get
14:02you to be quiet realize that you stand
14:05guilty before God
14:07and that you’re a sinner
14:09for by works of the law no human being
14:11will be justified in God’s sight
14:14since through the law comes the
14:16knowledge of sin
14:19so every time I open up God’s law to you
14:25you’re going to sit there and go ouch
14:26that hurts
14:29and it should
14:31because you are guilty I’m guilty we
14:34don’t keep it perfectly and that’s the
14:36standard perfection
14:38but see this text goes on to say but now
14:41the righteousness of God this is his
14:44righteousness that’s given to us as a
14:46gift it has been manifested apart from
14:48the law and the law and the prophets
14:49they actually Bear witness to it this is
14:51the righteousness of God that is through
14:53faith in Jesus Christ for all who
14:55believe for there is no distinction all
14:57have sinned and fall short of the glory
14:58of God and all are justified by his
15:01grace as a gift through the Redemption
15:03that is in Christ Jesus whom God put
15:05forward as a atoning Sacrifice by his
15:08blood to be received listen to this by
15:14it is for Freedom that Christ has set
15:16you free salvation is given to us
15:21is received by faith not by works now
15:24this was to show God’s righteousness
15:25because in his Divine forbearance he had
15:27passed over the former sins it was to
15:29show his righteousness at the present
15:31time so that he might be just in the
15:33justifier of the one who has faith in
15:35him and all of this grace is a gift
15:40and in fact kind of think of it this way
15:43the devil well he wants to get you busy
15:45working hard for something that is free
15:48isn’t that always the way of it he’s
15:50like a telemarketer scammer trying to
15:52you know take what doesn’t belong to him
15:56by making you work hard to work for him
15:59but well true Christianity
16:02it’s like Christmas
16:04just like Christmas
16:06there you are Christmas morning and
16:08you’re a kid not an adult you’re a kid
16:10remember it
16:12there you are Christmas morning and
16:15you’ve been fascinated by the tree and
16:16all the presents and theirs Jesus saying
16:19here’s one for you here’s another
16:22here’s another and you open each one up
16:24and the gifts keep getting better and
16:27better and better and just when you
16:28think it can’t get any better than that
16:31Jesus says let me look behind the tree
16:33oh look here’s another one that’s real
16:36Freedom that’s love that’s the gift of
16:39Salvation not earned it’s given it’s
16:43received and it’s received with joy
16:45seeing being seen for the precious thing
16:47that it is
16:50so if it’s all a gift what becomes of
16:53our boasting and here’s always kind of
16:55the fun part those who are trying to
16:58earn their salvation they sure do talk a
17:01lot about themselves I have out been out
17:04there Conquering the devil I’ve been out
17:06there conquering my sin and you too can
17:08well live the Victorious Christian Life
17:10like I have I mean it’s been months
17:11since I’ve sinned and here’s my five
17:14easy steps that you can apply to your
17:15life to make you so that you can be as
17:17holy as I am yeah when somebody’s
17:19talking like that hide your wallet
17:22they want something from you
17:24and it’s your money
17:26but see because salvation is a gift what
17:29becomes of our boasting is there
17:31anything to boast about
17:33when you receive a gift
17:37Paul says well it’s just it’s excluded
17:40and he asked by what kind of law by a
17:42law of Works he says no but by the law
17:44of faithful we hold that one is
17:46that’s right declared righteous by faith
17:49apart from the works of the law and
17:52here’s the best thing we all got the
17:54same gift
17:55and it’s a gift
17:56you got that gift too I got that one too
18:00that’s right that’s right it’s the GI
18:02Joe with the Kung Fu Grip you got that I
18:04got that also it’s the best thing ever
18:06in this case it’s not GI Joe though
18:11it’s knowing that we have a right
18:13standing with God you see the devil
18:15wants to make you work for and pay for
18:18what God has already given to you for
18:22nonsense and that’s why it’s demonic
18:25that’s why it’s slavery so don’t think
18:27for a second that because you have
18:29already been set free that the devil
18:31isn’t trying to figure out how to snare
18:33you and enslave you once again
18:37and so Jesus warns
18:39the one who is my disciple abides in my
18:43word you see come back to the words of
18:45Jesus because his words teach you the
18:48truth his words keep you free and his
18:51words remind you over and over and over
18:55again that you are loved that you are
18:57forgiven that you are washed that you
18:59are baptized that you are fed with the
19:01body and blood of Christ that you have a
19:04right standing with God despite the fact
19:07that daily you fall short grievously
19:11because he continues to richly forgive
19:17and so the son has set you free
19:21you are free you are free indeed
19:25remember that believe that abide in that
19:28because you can take it to the bank in
19:31the name of Jesus
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