Sermon Transcript – God Cares For You

1 Year Lectionary – Fifteenth Sunday After Trinity – Sunday, September 25, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Matthew the sixth
0:39Jesus said no one can serve two masters
0:42either he will hate the one and love the
0:44other or he will be devoted to the one
0:47and despise the other you cannot serve
0:50God in money therefore I tell you do not
0:52be anxious about your life what you will
0:55eat what you will drink nor about your
0:57body what you will put on is not life
0:59more than food and the body more than
1:02clothing look at the birds of the air
1:04they neither sown or reap nor gather
1:06into Barns and yet your heavenly father
1:08feeds them are you of not more value
1:11than they and which of you by being
1:13anxious can add a single hour to his
1:15span of life and why are you anxious
1:17about clothing consider the lilies of
1:19the field how they grow they neither
1:21toil nor spin yet I tell you even
1:23Solomon in all of his glory was not
1:25arrayed like one of these but if God so
1:27closed the grass of the field which
1:29today is alive and tomorrow is thrown
1:32into the oven will he not much more
1:34clothe you o you of little faith
1:36therefore do not be anxious saying what
1:39shall we eat what shall we drink what
1:41shall we wear for the Gentiles seek
1:44after these things and your heavenly
1:45father knows that they need them all but
1:47seek first the kingdom of God and his
1:49righteousness and all these things will
1:51be added to you therefore do not be
1:53anxious about tomorrow for tomorrow
1:54we’ll be anxious for itself sufficient
1:57for the day is its own trouble this is
2:00the gospel of the Lord in the name of
2:03all right I got to warn you it’s a
2:05sermon about money right and I assure
2:08you that we will not be sowing a seed
2:10offering at the end of this so that you
2:12can enhance my personal bank account
2:14that’s not what this is about in fact
2:16you’ll note that Jesus here is trying to
2:19get us to note that when it comes to
2:22money there’s kind of two ditches you
2:25know out here in the middle of nowhere
2:27you’ll note that it’s completely flat so
2:30flat like like I said before you can
2:32watch your dog run away for two weeks
2:33out here and uh yep he’s still going but
2:36uh but all that being said you don’t
2:39want to end up in any of the ditches you
2:42got to stay on the road I remember one
2:44time when I was coming to Arden Lin’s
2:46funeral do you guys remember that it was
2:48in a it was a December funeral and right
2:51before his funeral we had like one of
2:53those light dustings of of like frost on
2:57the road right and so Barb and I were on
3:00our way to the funeral we had just made
3:02the turn and we were heading down down
3:04the highway and we hit that patch of
3:06like stuff and I I couldn’t control the
3:09truck I tried steering to the right
3:12steering to the left and then the more I
3:14tried the worse it got and then we did
3:16like a whole 360 and then we ended up in
3:18one of the ditches
3:21right and it was it was miserable but
3:24thankfully you know things had you know
3:26there wasn’t a lot of water in there and
3:28we hadn’t gotten into the water bit so
3:30we were able to kind of collect
3:32ourselves and then drive away
3:35so when it comes to money in our gospel
3:37text here if you really pay attention
3:40Christ is talking really in two
3:42different directions the the danger of
3:45when you have money which thankfully I
3:47don’t have that problem and then the
3:49danger of well when you don’t quite have
3:52enough or you have to like everybody
3:54else work really hard and toil so that
3:58you can pay your bills and then the next
4:00month you got to work hard and toil so
4:03that you can pay your bills and it just
4:05seems like you’re just eeking out your
4:07existence and never really quite getting
4:10ahead in both of those cases you are
4:13well in danger if you don’t keep your
4:16eyes focused on Christ properly so the
4:20first danger Jesus says no one can serve
4:23two masters either he will hate the one
4:25and love the other or he will be devoted
4:29to the one and despise the other you
4:31cannot serve God and money
4:35and so you’ll note those who have
4:37resources you have to think of it as a
4:40tool yeah yeah like if you were a
4:42carpenter or a guy who was a day laborer
4:45and you had a tool belt you don’t
4:47worship your tape measure you don’t
4:49worship your Hammer no you use these
4:52tools properly but you’ll know always
4:54with money is there there is that
4:55Temptation and it’s here where I would
4:58again point out you can’t take any of it
5:01with you and this past week I don’t know
5:03if you guys watched the funeral for
5:05Queen Elizabeth II I did I have this
5:09really difficult time like if history is
5:11happening in real time I have a hard
5:13time turning off the television and so I
5:16woke up at 4 30 on Monday morning to
5:18watch the funeral and I gotta admit I
5:20was quite impressed it was spectacular
5:22it was overtly Christian it was kind of
5:25in your face with the gospel and the
5:28fact that the resurrection of the Dead
5:30is the thing that we were all looking
5:32for and what was really kind of funny
5:34I’m digressing myself in my digression
5:37here so we’re like two levels down in in
5:39bunny trail at this point but one of the
5:41things I found very interesting is that
5:43how overt they preached Christ and then
5:47the hope that that Elizabeth had and has
5:51in the resurrection and so afterwards
5:54while the her casket where her coffin
5:56was processing uh through the Streets of
5:59London one of the the color commentators
6:02they’d gathered a few people to kind of
6:04comment on things that were going on one
6:06of the women she said
6:08I I’ve never heard anything like that
6:11before is did she sincerely believe that
6:15that she was going to rise from the dead
6:17and one of the commentators said yep
6:21it was just so awesome but you’ll note
6:24that on her coffin there were three
6:27symbols of her royal power they had an
6:30orb otherwise known as The Holy Hand
6:32Grenade of Antioch they had a scepter
6:35and they had her crown and her those
6:39emblems stayed on her coffin through her
6:42funeral service and as they processed
6:45her coffin all the way out and then
6:47transferred her into a hearse and drove
6:49her out to Windsor Castle where Saint
6:51George’s Chapel is where the finals part
6:54of the service was her committal and
6:56that the very very very end of this
7:01committal service in a very solemn
7:04ceremony They removed the orb from her
7:06coffin They removed the scepter from her
7:09coffin and they removed the crown from
7:12her coffin and the co the commentator
7:14that I was listening to while I was
7:16watching this says and thus Queen
7:18Elizabeth is no longer Queen Elizabeth
7:20these the symbols of her power are now
7:24taken from her and she returns to being
7:26Elizabeth Windsor
7:29that was brilliant it was absolutely
7:31brilliant but you’ll note that in her
7:32lifetime she arguably was probably one
7:36of the wealthiest women on planet Earth
7:38if not the wealthiest woman on planet
7:40Earth and as far as powerful women go
7:42she was the most powerful woman on
7:45planet Earth and yet despite all of that
7:47Elizabeth had a very Christian way in
7:51which she looked at the things that she
7:53was responsible to do and as she when
7:56she became Queen Elizabeth after her
7:58father died she made a radio address
8:00where she said where she I solemnly
8:03promise that I will use my time as as as
8:08Queen to serve the people and even the
8:12Archbishop of Canterbury noted that few
8:14people in human history have better
8:17fulfilled their promises than Queen
8:19Elizabeth and so she understood money
8:22and power were not things to be sought
8:25after or worshiped or trusted in and she
8:28used all of those things in order to
8:31serve the people she was called to as
8:33their as their Sovereign as their Queen
8:36and Royal and so we have a good example
8:38of the right way of approaching it in
8:41Psalm 62 King David who was also a royal
8:44he has an interesting uh this is an
8:47interesting Psalm that kind of gets at
8:49the heart of where where Christ would
8:51take us with a proper understanding of
8:53the things of this Earth and so David in
8:56Psalm 62 writes for God Alone my soul
9:00waits in silence
9:03from him comes my salvation
9:06he alone is my rock and my salvation he
9:09alone is my Fortress and I shall not be
9:12greatly shaken and this is the right
9:15attitude that we need to have as we
9:16journey through this life everything
9:18that you see including your own body
9:19right now is temporal nothing nothing
9:22that you see smell taste or touch is
9:25going to last including you and so
9:28you’ll note that in the Silence of the
9:30darkness of sin and the suffering that
9:33we find ourselves in that we all are
9:36called to patiently endure to wait and
9:39silence and for our focus and our faith
9:42and our hope to be on Christ he alone is
9:46our Rock he alone is our Salvation he is
9:48our Fortress I would note that um I I’m
9:52I’m not really a royal like not even
9:55close I don’t think there’s any Royal
9:56Blood in me if if there were it would it
9:59would probably blow up but all of that
10:01being said I don’t have a castle either
10:04you know I haven’t named my house Castle
10:06Roseboro or like this castles are for
10:08people are for kings and folks like that
10:10but Jesus is our Fortress he is our
10:14castle and because of that we are not
10:16greatly shaken in this world but that
10:18doesn’t mean that we do not experience
10:20shakings we do so how long will all of
10:23you attack a man and batter him like a
10:26leaning wall a tottering fence and
10:28you’ll note that Christians oftentimes
10:30they’re slandered and ridiculed and
10:32reviled and made to suffer and then that
10:36well this is the lot that we have
10:38because we are in Christ so people will
10:41try to batter us and attack us and tear
10:44us down they only plan to thrust him
10:47down from his high position they take
10:49pleasure and falsehood they bless with
10:50their mouths inwardly they curse but for
10:53God Alone O my soul wait in silence for
10:57my hope is from him he only is my rock
11:00and my salvation my Fortress and I will
11:02not be shaken on God rests my salvation
11:05and my glory my Mighty rock my refuge is
11:09God so trust in him at all times o
11:12people pour out your heart before him
11:15God is a refuge for us those of Lois
11:19State verse 9 of Psalm 62 those of Lois
11:23state are but of breath and those of
11:25high estate that’s a delusion in the
11:29balances they all go up they are
11:31together lighter than a breath so put no
11:33trust and extortion set no vain hopes on
11:37robbery and if riches increase set not
11:40your heart on them once God has spoken
11:44twice have I heard this that power
11:46belongs to God and that To You O Lord
11:51belongs steadfast love for you will
11:53render to man according to his work so
11:56if riches increased do not set your
11:59heart on them they have a tendency to
12:01fly away like birds in in different
12:04seasons so note that but then the other
12:06ditch the other ditch this is where
12:09probably the vast number of of us all
12:12fit the bigger percentage of humanity
12:15falls into this category the people who
12:17have to toil the people who well live
12:20from day to day and you’ll note that
12:22Christ taught us to pray in the Lord’s
12:24Prayer give us this day our daily bread
12:27so have you have you gone with have you
12:30gone a day without eating lately any of
12:33you not not me I not me I God still
12:35continues to give me daily bread even
12:37though my wife usually buys a week worth
12:39of worth of groceries we’re good you
12:42know but he daily gives us what we need
12:44so Christ tells us therefore I tell you
12:46do not be anxious about your life what
12:50you will eat what you will drink or
12:52about your body what you will put on
12:53yeah but you’ll know we all know this
12:56anxiety the whole world knows this
12:58anxiety this seems to be the entire
13:00focus of like the entire worldly system
13:03it’s all about food clothing which you
13:07put on
13:08then you know in Rich circles oh man
13:11they determined the worth of a human
13:13being based upon the car that they drive
13:16the watch that they wear the the logo on
13:19their handbag if you don’t have the
13:21right logo or anything like this you’re
13:23considered to be less of a person and
13:25Everybody Plays the game to try to make
13:28their lives so that they go from the
13:29bottom to having the best that this
13:31world has to offer and they stress the
13:34entire time
13:36got to get to that next level gotta
13:38climb gotta climb gotta get yeah
13:40Jesus is now in the midst of all of that
13:42anxiety starts asking some pretty
13:45logical questions is not life more than
13:49and the body more than clothing hey
13:52Jesus stop talking sense to me here this
13:54is just I I’m having an anxiety attack
13:57right now you know the fall fashion has
13:59just been released and I I don’t know
14:01how I’m going to be able to afford
14:02getting that next thing oh Apple just
14:05had their event and I’ve got to get the
14:07new iPhone 14 15 Max thingy and right
14:14is not life more than food and the body
14:17more than clothing
14:19look at the birds of the air Jesus says
14:22they neither sow nor reap nor gather
14:24into Barns and yet your heavenly father
14:26feeds them have you ever had that
14:29experience where you’ve kind of looked
14:30at Wildlife that lives in town or in the
14:33cities and thought man they got a good
14:35life you know when I when I traveled to
14:37large cities I always take a look at the
14:39pigeons and go man they’re fat you know
14:41like you go to New York City or you go
14:42to London London man those pigeons they
14:45they look like you can probably take a
14:47shotgun and shoot it and then it’d make
14:50good eating that’s how big they are or
14:52have you ever seen how the how well the
14:54seagulls do in Seaside towns yeah don’t
14:57go outside with your French fries when
14:59they’re seagulls around they will attack
15:01you and Rob you blind right you’ll note
15:05Christ says the heavenly father feeds
15:07the birds I always have to ask God after
15:09a seagull is stolen one of my meals why
15:12did you have to feed him with my meal
15:14right but here Jesus again is talking
15:17sense and we have a tendency to look and
15:20see that even some animals they do
15:22better than human beings but note here
15:24Jesus’s point is that God is the one who
15:29feeds them
15:30and which of you by being anxious can
15:32add a single hour to his lifespan
15:37yeah anxiety doesn’t lengthen your life
15:39it shortens it you’ll note those with
15:41anxiety disorders often have major
15:43medical issues including a high risk for
15:47and Jesus says why are you anxious about
15:49your clothing you consider the lilies of
15:52the field how they grow they neither
15:54toil nor spin yet I tell you even
15:57Solomon in all of his glory was not
15:59arrayed like one of these yeah and yeah
16:01I hate to say this you can tell summer’s
16:04gone the cool days are here I’m
16:06expecting our first snow in about what
16:08three weeks is that it yeah yeah yeah
16:10yeah all right but all that being said
16:12when the warm weather arrived in May and
16:15and the warm months through June and
16:17July Barbara and I would go on walks and
16:19we were walking through town here and
16:20I’ve noticed that some of my neighbors
16:22they have an amazing ability to put
16:26together a gorgeous flower garden we
16:29tried growing flowers a couple years ago
16:31we even bought bulbs
16:33they all died okay they all died
16:37but we vicariously enjoy a good flower
16:41garden you love the smell love the way
16:43it looks and it’s just so impressive and
16:46Christ points out the fact that not even
16:48Solomon in this great king of the
16:51ancient past he was never arrayed like
16:54the flowers of the field and then he
16:58if God so closed the grass of the field
17:00which today is alive tomorrow is thrown
17:03into the oven
17:04will he not much more clothe you
17:07o you of little faith and there’s the
17:10problem whereas those who have money
17:13they’re tempted to turn money into an
17:15idol and to worship and look to it as
17:17the thing that’s going to supply Supply
17:19their need When we struggle and toil
17:22under the curse which is what we’re all
17:23doing and we have to well by the sweat
17:27of our brow put bread on the table that
17:30the tendency is to think that somehow
17:32God doesn’t care
17:34but he does that’s the point he’d
17:38absolutely cares and you’ll note that
17:40the reason why we toil is because of our
17:43Rebellion against God and here’s where I
17:46think it would be who of me to remind us
17:50that Jesus is king of kings and Lord of
17:53lords and Philippians 2 makes it very
17:55clear that even though he was by Nature
17:57God he did not consider equality with
18:00God a thing to be grasped and instead he
18:02humbled himself and was found in the
18:04form of a slave think about the the
18:06details of Jesus’s birth who every year
18:08at Christmas time we know that Jesus was
18:10born in very humble circumstances wasn’t
18:13born in a palace born in a barn his
18:16first well his first crib was a feeding
18:19right why why is that important it’s the
18:23reason it’s important is because Jesus
18:26knows what it’s like to eke out an
18:29existence in this life
18:31if you think about it even his parents
18:34they couldn’t afford the Full Sacrifice
18:37that was required by the Mosaic Covenant
18:39as Jesus was the firstborn of his mother
18:42who opened her womb and so they could
18:46only afford the poverty sacrifice the
18:48two turtle doves and Jesus grew up in a
18:51really obscure small town called
18:53Nazareth and his dad yes you can say
18:56that he was a carpenter but the Greek
18:59word for Carpenter there probably means
19:02he was a blue-collar construction guy
19:04rather than a cabinet maker
19:07and you’ll know something and that is
19:09that blue collar construction guys they
19:12work really hard
19:15they work really hard
19:17and they wear their bodies out doing
19:19that job is it any wonder that Joseph
19:22wasn’t even alive by the time Jesus
19:25begins his Earthly Ministry
19:27so Jesus knows a thing or two about all
19:29of this but he basically divested
19:33himself of all of his power and His
19:36glory and the wealth of Heaven and Earth
19:38so that we can be forgiven so that we
19:42can be pardoned if that is not a
19:44demonstration of how much God cares for
19:47us then I don’t know what is and it’s
19:50absolutely true that Christ cares about
19:52birds he cares about lilies but he cares
19:56about us God so loved the world that he
19:59gave his only begotten son that whoever
20:00believes in him should not perish but
20:02have eternal life Christ then took your
20:05sin upon himself the penalty and the
20:07iniquity of sin he bore that in his body
20:10bled and died in your place and he has
20:13promised you the riches of Heaven
20:18you’ll note that um right now King
20:22Charles III is the king of the United
20:25Kingdom but has he been coronated yet
20:30no he hasn’t
20:31but he’s already King right but he
20:34hasn’t been coronated yet
20:36here’s the thing
20:39Christ has promised us
20:42he’s promised us an inheritance in the
20:46world to come in the end of the book of
20:48Revelation Jesus says behold I make all
20:51things new when Jesus returns in glory
20:54to judge the living and the dead the
20:56curse that we find ourselves under right
20:58now will be lifted we will be
21:01transformed into new bodies we will be
21:04raised from the dead those who’ve passed
21:06by the time Christ returns and Christ
21:09has promised us in eternity in the world
21:12to come that we will rule and reign with
21:16we are sons of God and we will even
21:19receive from Christ crowns
21:24that being the case
21:28what are we complaining about
21:33yeah this life is difficult yeah we’re
21:35currently walking through the valley of
21:37the shadow of death
21:38but why on Earth would we be worried
21:40about anything
21:42we have been promised that we will
21:44inherit the new Earth and in the new
21:48food doesn’t cost money
21:50the streets are paved with gold
21:54there is not a thing we need to to
21:56concern ourselves with
21:58we have it now but not yet
22:02and it’s coming
22:04it’s as good as in our hands now because
22:07Christ has died and risen from the grave
22:10and you have been baptized into his
22:12death and his resurrection your sins
22:13have been washed away and everything
22:16that Christ has promised he will make
22:18good on
22:19so note then Christ admonishes us do not
22:24be anxious saying what shall we eat what
22:25shall we drink what shall we wear
22:28the Gentiles seek after these things
22:30but your heavenly father knows that you
22:32need them all so instead seek first the
22:35kingdom of God
22:37and seek his righteousness and all these
22:40things will be added to you the kingdom
22:42of God is the kingdom where Christ rules
22:45and Reigns and we come into that Kingdom
22:47through repentant faith in Christ and
22:50trusting in Him and you’ll note we are
22:51to seek his kingdom and we are to seek
22:54his righteousness his kingdom is an
22:57eternal Kingdom and his righteousness is
23:00imputed and given to us
23:02freely as a gift by grace through faith
23:06and note then seeking first God’s
23:09kingdom his righteousness God promises
23:11all these things will be added to you
23:16so therefore do not be anxious about
23:18tomorrow tomorrow will be anxious for
23:20itself sufficient for the day is its own
23:22trouble brothers and sisters you already
23:25have the kingdom
23:27you have it now you have the promises of
23:30Christ and you’ve been given the Holy
23:31Spirit as a deposit that guarantees your
23:34inheritance when he returns so don’t be
23:38anxious about anything nor put your
23:40trust in riches our faith is in Christ
23:43Our king of kings and Lord of lords he
23:45currently rules and Reigns and he will
23:47return you already are wealthy in him so
23:51patiently endure this short short season
23:54where we still have to Toil and suffer
23:56in the Valley of the shadow of death
23:59this soon shall pass in the name of
24:02Jesus Amen
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