Sermon Transcript – God Fulfills His Promise to the Nations

Series B – Sixth Sunday of Easter – Sunday, May 10, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint John chapter 15
0:31verses 9 through 17.
0:35as the father has loved me
0:37so have I loved you
0:39now remain in my love
0:41if you obey my commands you will remain
0:44in my love just as I have obeyed my
0:46father’s commands and remain in his love
0:48I have told you this so that my joy may
0:51be in you and what and that your joy may
0:54be complete
0:55my command is this love each other as I
0:58have loved you greater love has no one
1:01than this than he lay down his life for
1:03his friends you are my friends if you do
1:06what I command I no longer call you
1:08servants because a servant does not know
1:10his master’s business instead I have
1:12called you friends for everything that I
1:14learned from the father I have made
1:16known to you you did not choose me but I
1:19chose you and appointed you to go and to
1:21bear fruit fruit that will last then the
1:25father will give you whatever you ask in
1:27my name this is my command love each
1:32in the name of Jesus
1:35the whole world is broken
1:40something is terribly wrong and we all
1:42know it
1:43chaos stalks our lands and has been
1:46doing its Wicked work on all the sons of
1:49Adam and the daughters of Eve from
1:51no generation of mankind has been
1:54Untouched by the chaos
1:56everyone’s story ends the same pathetic
2:02and now with the opening of the 21st
2:04century armies upon armies of humanity
2:07entire nations in once great and proud
2:09Empires from the ancient world now
2:12molder in the grave
2:15all of us have been made to suffer under
2:17a curse our bodies fail us our
2:20relationships are all fouled up
2:22even the best of them and we are a
2:25wretched lot passing our days bickering
2:27and biting and devouring each other
2:28toiling by the sweat of our brows to put
2:31food on the table and when we’ve spent
2:33all of our energy and our bodies ache
2:36and Creak Under The Strain a new day
2:39Dawns and we have to rise and toil again
2:44but for what
2:46nothing we accomplish lasts all that we
2:49build eventually falls apart and becomes
2:52as derelict as our bodies
2:55marriage is fail
2:57mothers murder their unborn children
3:00fathers abandon and neglect their
3:03while caring parents they end up
3:05watching their children die of cancer or
3:07have to bury them after a fatal bus
3:10spouses are taken from us by
3:13debilitating diseases and then finally
3:16by death itself
3:18nations rise and then fall hopes rise
3:22and then they’re dashed against the
3:24rocks and shatter into useless fragments
3:26that are then gathered up in the dustpin
3:28and sent off to the dump
3:31Fame doesn’t last riches are fleeting
3:33fortunes are squandered and not even
3:36science can fix what is broken for even
3:38the most skilled doctors ultimately
3:41cannot heal themselves and they too die
3:43in hospice just like so many of their
3:49and don’t even get me started on the
3:50politicians they are utterly impotent
3:53they have no ability to fix our world
3:55the best that they can do is somehow try
3:58to keep the chaos in check but then
4:00again more and more politicians today
4:02seem to be in League with the chaos and
4:05rather than punish evildoers they
4:07instead reward evildoers and then use
4:09the authority of their political offices
4:11to pursue to persecute and oppress the
4:15few Among Us who have any semblance of
4:18there is no nation that you can flee to
4:21to avoid this curse
4:24curse is universal
4:26and if you’re honest with yourself then
4:28you will confess that you are not the
4:30solution to this problem in fact you
4:33like me are part of the problem
4:36if you were to lock yourself in a cabin
4:38on the remotest island in the Pacific
4:40you would end up bringing the chaos with
4:44you are the disease
4:47I’m the disease
4:48and deep down in our hearts we all know
4:51this is true and we know that there’s a
4:53God and that we’re all going to have to
4:54stand before him men and women from
4:56every nation will have to give an
4:58account of every thought
5:00every word and every deed
5:03we all know this
5:04but we’re not only good at deceiving
5:06others we’ve become masters of deceiving
5:09ourselves despite the fact that we know
5:11that we will have to appear before the
5:13Judgment Throne of God we tell ourselves
5:14crazy lies lies that go like this oh I’m
5:17a good person because I’m not as bad as
5:19Hitler Stalin or Charles Manson granted
5:21I’m not as good as Billy Graham or
5:23Mother Teresa but I’m overall I’m a good
5:27this is nothing but self-deceiving crazy
5:31yet the grave yeah the grave the
5:34graveyard out there objectively proves
5:36that there isn’t a single good person
5:38Among Us
5:39yeah we’re all evil and wicked for the
5:42wages of sin scripture says is death and
5:45none of us has ever avoided payday and
5:48receiving the wages of our sin not one
5:52so if you think about it
5:55painting a bleak picture here if you
5:57think about it it’s not so difficult to
5:59explain the existence of evil in the
6:01world what is almost impossible to
6:03explain is the existence of anything
6:05good the existence of beauty a virtue of
6:10our world seems hell-bent on ridding
6:12itself of these and violently snuffing
6:14out what little light there is in this
6:15world of darkness and evil even what
6:18little that seems virtuous and good
6:19within us is so weak and fragile that it
6:23never seems to get the upper hand and
6:24things that you know that you ought not
6:26to do are the very things that you find
6:28yourself doing and the things that you
6:30know you should be doing
6:32rarely if ever are done
6:36we are a wretched lot
6:38and every nation every tribe every
6:43tongue of men deserves the devil’s hell
6:45and deep down we all know this to be
6:52this is a big butt but the prophets long
6:55ago foretold
6:57that the seed of a woman would crush the
6:59head of the one who plunged us all into
7:01darkness and into this curse
7:03he the prophesied seed he was prophesied
7:07to be the descendant of Abraham and
7:09Abraham himself was told by God that
7:13through this Offspring every nation of
7:17the world
7:18would be blessed
7:20blessed by God
7:23what an interesting word blessed
7:27what a concept
7:30every time I hear the word blessed
7:33it’s like that scene from the Shawshank
7:37where Andy locks himself in the room
7:39where the prison’s PA system was kept
7:41and then he put on an opera music
7:46you know on remember the old record
7:49player he put that and played the opera
7:51music over the prison’s loudspeaker
7:53and there the scene shows all of these
7:57prisoners in their prison uniforms out
7:59in the exercise yard and over the PA
8:01comes this beautiful
8:04Opera voice
8:06and they all stop
8:08and listen and take it in slack jawed
8:14we’re blessed is like that
8:18it was as if the angels of heaven had
8:20visited those prisoners and sang them a
8:23song that had once been performed in the
8:24throne room of the Almighty
8:26but the prison guards were not about to
8:29stand by and let this beautiful music be
8:31played on their prison speaker system so
8:34they quickly broke through the door that
8:36Andy had locked and they let Andy feel
8:38the wrath of their night sticks
8:44me blessed
8:47you blessed
8:49what a beautiful word blessed
8:52my life seems like it’s anything but
8:54blessed yet there is the promise from
8:57our creator made to Abraham Every Nation
9:01every single one of them not just a
9:04chosen Nation not just a select few but
9:07every nation of men
9:10would be blessed through Abraham’s seed
9:14the prophets further revealed to us that
9:16the Creator chose for himself a nation
9:18from among the tribes of Mankind through
9:21whom this seed would come
9:23and now we in our first reading this
9:25morning have received a report from The
9:28Men Who were also born sons of Abraham
9:30born children of Israel that the creator
9:33has kept his promise to Abraham
9:36the context of our first reading this
9:39morning keep in mind the day of
9:41Pentecost has already happened it’s the
9:43book of Acts Christianity has start to
9:45spread like a wildfire
9:48but at up to that point Christianity was
9:51a thorough going Jewish religion
9:54the only people who were confessing
9:56Christ as Savior were Jews seems a
10:00little odd for us to hear that today
10:01because so many Jews they reject Jesus
10:04as the Messiah
10:06but lest we forget
10:08Christianity God had to intervene
10:12literally in order for us Gentiles to
10:15hear it so that’s the context and we
10:18find out that God had spoken directly to
10:21the Apostle Peter to go to visit a man
10:25by the name of Cornelius who is a Roman
10:27soldier and by the way Roman soldiers
10:30and Jews generally didn’t get along in
10:33fact that relationship ended poorly if
10:36you remember in 70 A.D the Romans had
10:38finally had enough of their marriage to
10:42the Jews so to speak and so they scraped
10:45the temple off the Temple Mount and
10:47destroyed Jerusalem and Scattered the
10:50threw them out of the promised land
10:52that’s how things went so Jews and well
10:56Romans didn’t get along and yet God sent
10:59Peter to go and meet with Cornelius and
11:02so we pick up the story Acts chapter 10
11:04verse 28.
11:06Peter said to them
11:09you yourselves know how unlawful it is
11:12for a Jew to associate with or to visit
11:15anyone of another Nation
11:19yet things were so yeah it’s not good
11:22that to just show up at a gentile’s
11:25house could get you in a lot of trouble
11:27as a Jew and so Peter acknowledges this
11:31but God has shown me he said that I
11:34should not call any person common
11:37or unclean
11:39and there’s a reason for that
11:41is because that God shows no partiality
11:43Christ didn’t die for a select few
11:46people or for people of only one tribe
11:48of humanity Christ bled and died for the
11:51sins of the whole world and so it’s
11:53Peter says God has shown me that
11:55everyone I should not call any person
11:57common or unclean so when I was sent for
11:59I came without objection I asked then
12:01why you sent for me so the Centurion
12:04that Roman soldier Cornelius said
12:08four days ago
12:10about this hour I was praying in my
12:13house at the ninth hour and behold a man
12:16stood Before Me In Bright clothing and
12:18said Cornelius your prayer has been
12:20heard and your alms have been remembered
12:23before God send therefore to Joppa and
12:26ask for Simon who was called Peter he’s
12:28lodging in the house of Simon a Tanner
12:30by the Sea so I sent for you at once and
12:33you have been kind enough to come now
12:37we are all here in the presence of God
12:40to hear all that you have been commanded
12:42by the Lord
12:43this is a big deal
12:47a gentile hearing the gospel
12:50so Peter opened his mouth and he said
12:52truly I understand that God chose no
12:56but in every nation anyone who fears God
13:02and does what is right is acceptable to
13:07here again our Psalm that we recited
13:10Psalm 98 sing to the Lord a new song for
13:14he has done marvelous things
13:17his right hand and His holy arm
13:20they have worked salvation for him the
13:23Lord has made known his salvation he has
13:26revealed his righteousness in the sight
13:28of the Nations
13:31he has remembered his steadfast love and
13:33his faithfulness to the house of Israel
13:35and all the ends of the Earth have seen
13:38the salvation of our God
13:42Peter continues
13:44as for the word that he sent to Israel
13:46preaching good news of peace through
13:48Jesus Christ he is Lord of all you
13:51yourself know
13:53what happened throughout all Judea
13:55beginning From Galilee after the baptism
13:57that John proclaimed how God anointed
13:59Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit
14:01and with Power and Jesus went about
14:04doing good and healing all who were
14:06oppressed by the devil for God was with
14:13Jesus did good to all who were oppressed
14:15by the devil
14:17is that not us
14:18are we not all
14:20oppressed by the devil
14:22we are
14:24and Peter continues and we Are Witnesses
14:27of all that Jesus did both in the
14:29country of the Jews and in Jerusalem
14:30they put him to death by hanging him on
14:34a tree
14:35but God raised him on the third day and
14:37made him to appear not to all the people
14:39but to us who had been chosen by God as
14:42Witnesses who ate and drank with him
14:46after he rose from the dead
14:48remember Jesus’s words from our gospel
14:50greater love has no one than this than
14:53he lay down his life for his friends
14:55truly they did put Jesus to death but
14:58Jesus laid down his life and he laid
15:00down his life for you
15:03Peter then continues he Jesus commanded
15:06us to preach to the people
15:08and to testify that he is the one
15:10appointed by God to be the judge of the
15:13living and the dead to him to Jesus all
15:17the prophets bear witness that everyone
15:20who believes in Him receives forgiveness
15:25of sins through his name
15:29every single one of us
15:32who believe in Christ receives the
15:34Forgiveness of sins
15:36we all know that we have to stand before
15:37God on Judgment day but Christ has stood
15:41in our place he stood in the gap
15:44he’s taken all of your sins upon himself
15:46so that on that day when the books are
15:49open you have nothing to fear
15:52all of your sin is atoned for it’s all
15:54answered for it’s all bled for it’s all
15:56died for Christ was crucified for all of
15:59it for you
16:01and he’s done this because he has great
16:03love for you because he’s laid down his
16:06life for you
16:07and so while Peter was still saying
16:09these things the Holy Spirit fell on all
16:11who heard the word and this is a Oddity
16:13in scripture baptism in the holy spirit
16:16always go together and so the Holy
16:19Spirit acts all on his own without water
16:21to show that he has accepted even the
16:26so the spirit fell in all who heard the
16:29word and the Believers from among the
16:30circumcised who had come with Peter they
16:32were amazed because the gift of the Holy
16:34Spirit was poured out even on the
16:36Gentiles for they were hearing them
16:37speaking in tongues and extolling God so
16:40Peter realized what’s going on and he
16:42declared well can anyone withhold water
16:43for baptizing these people who have
16:45received the Holy Spirit just as we have
16:48and he commanded them to be baptized in
16:51the name of Jesus Christ
16:54Cornelius and his family are the
16:57firstfruits of God’s promise to bless
17:00all nations through the Seed of Abraham
17:04and when we look ahead now to the Book
17:07of Revelation you know the book at the
17:09end of the Bible you get a peek you get
17:11a glimpse of what it looks like at the
17:13here’s what it says in Revelation 7.
17:16John writes after this I looked and
17:19behold there was a great multitude that
17:22no one could number
17:27from every nation
17:30from all tribes and all peoples in all
17:33languages standing Before the Throne and
17:36before the lamb and clothed in white
17:38robes with palm branches in their hands
17:41and crying out with a loud voice
17:44salvation Belongs To Our God who sits on
17:47the throne into the lamb and the Angels
17:50were standing around the throne and
17:52around the elders and the four living
17:53creatures and they fell on their faces
17:55before the throne and worshiped God
17:58saying amen blessing Glory wisdom and
18:03Thanksgiving and honor and power and
18:06might be to our god forever
18:13John was seeing you
18:19in that throng
18:21is Cornelius and his family
18:24in that throng that cannot be counted
18:26you are numbered
18:29I am numbered
18:30he was seeing us
18:32before the Heavenly Throne of God In His
18:36glory worshiping and praising and
18:39declaring that salvation Belongs To Our
18:42God because God
18:44kept his promise to the Nations
18:48the Creator
18:51our creator
18:52your creator the great the almighty
18:55Yahweh the one who was who is and who is
18:57to come
18:58he has kept his promise
19:01hear this all you Nations and all you
19:04who are oppressed by the devil
19:06who dwell in darkness enslaved in sin
19:09death and the evil one
19:11everyone who believes that Jesus is the
19:14Christ is born of God
19:16Born Again God was in Christ reconciling
19:20the whole world to himself and not
19:22counting your trespasses against you for
19:25God the father has laid on Christ the
19:27iniquity of us all you are not excluded
19:30nor are you outside of the reach of his
19:40so many people think repentance is a
19:42one-time thing
19:43for Christians repentance is a daily
19:47repent of your wickedness confess your
19:51sins agree with God that you are ungodly
19:53lay down your weapons and your Rebellion
19:56God does not desire to send you to hell
19:59so receive his pardon and his peace one
20:02by Christ through his vicarious death
20:05on the cross in his resurrection from
20:07the grave no longer
20:10do you need to dwell in darkness and
20:12bear the fruits of your Rebellion
20:14against God which ultimately come to
20:19I made a point earlier in the sermon to
20:21point out the fact that all of our
20:23accomplishments in this world end up
20:26amounting to nothing
20:30even look at the great pyramids in Egypt
20:32they’re falling apart
20:35nothing that man builds lasts forever
20:37but here again the words of Our Gospel
20:41you did not choose me Jesus said I chose
20:44you and I appointed you that you should
20:47go and bear fruit and listen to this
20:50and that your fruit
20:52should abide
20:56your good works
20:59your love for your neighbor because
21:02Christ has loved you
21:04these are not
21:06things that abide for a short term and
21:10then disappear Jesus says that they will
21:13abide and they will abide forever
21:17you want to do something that matters
21:19something that lasts
21:22something that will not fall apart
21:27than love as you have been loved
21:30all who were born in Christ born of God
21:33have been raised from the dead and can
21:35now bear the fruit of repentance and
21:37rather than hating and being hated we
21:40can love as Christ has loved us
21:43and these good works do not wear out
21:44they cannot be destroyed by time they
21:48cannot be destroyed by the elements or
21:50even gophers and other vermin
21:53they don’t need fresh paint put on on
21:55them either
21:57so repent believe Trust
22:00Christ has conquered he is risen
22:04and he’s done this for you and God has
22:06kept his promise to the nation and you
22:09who are in Christ are truly
22:12blessed in the name of Jesus
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