Sermon Transcript – God Will Provide the Lamb

Series B – First Sunday in Lent – Sunday, February 22, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel According
0:30to Saint Mark chapter 1 verses 9 through
0:3215. at that time Jesus came from
0:35Nazareth in Galilee and was baptized by
0:38John in the Jordan as Jesus was coming
0:40up out of the water he saw heaven being
0:42torn open in the spirit descending on
0:44him like a dove and a voice Came From
0:46Heaven you are my son whom I love with
0:48you I am well pleased
0:51at once the spirit sent him into the
0:53desert and he was in the desert 40 days
0:55being tempted by Satan he was with the
0:58wild animals and Angels attended him
1:00after John was put in prison Jesus went
1:03to into Galilee proclaiming the good
1:05news the time has come he said the
1:07kingdom of God is near repent and
1:10believe the good news
1:12in the name of Jesus
1:15our text this morning for my sermon is
1:17taken from our Old Testament reading
1:19from Genesis chapter 22 1-18 begins
1:23sometime later God tested Abraham and
1:26said to him Abraham
1:28here I am he replied then God said take
1:31your son your only son Isaac whom you
1:35love and go to the region of Moriah
1:37sacrifice him there as a burnt offering
1:39on one of the mountains I will tell you
1:45so if you’ve ever heard anyone preach on
1:48this text then chances are you may have
1:50heard a message that goes something like
1:54see Abraham was tested by God to see
1:57whether or not he loved the gift More
1:59Than The Giver of the gift Abraham
2:01passed the test and because of his
2:03obedience God blessed him even more so
2:07what is the thing in your life that God
2:09is asking you to lay on the altar what
2:12is the thing that you need to sacrifice
2:14so that God can bless you even more
2:18if you’ve ever heard a sermon like that
2:20then I apologize
2:22I apologize because that is not what
2:24this text is saying
2:25that is not what this text means and
2:28that is not how God wants you to apply
2:30this text to your life
2:32in fact if I can be blunt and I pray
2:33that you will not think me rude for
2:35being so this text is not about you
2:40nope this text is not asking you to
2:43sacrifice anything
2:45it’s pointing to the one true sacrifice
2:47this text is from beginning to end is
2:49about Jesus and his sacrifice for you so
2:54let’s take a look at the text now by the
2:57way how do I know this text is about
2:59Jesus well because Jesus said so you
3:01know there’s a passage in the Gospel of
3:03John chapter 5 verses 39-40 where Jesus
3:06kind of challenges the scribes and the
3:08Pharisees and he says you diligently
3:10search the scriptures because you think
3:12that in them you possess
3:13eternal life if these are the very
3:15scriptures that testify about me yet you
3:19refuse to come to me to have life
3:23Jesus makes it clear the Bible’s about
3:25him it’s not about you it’s about what
3:27he has done for you so this story this
3:31is a thorny story God asking Abraham to
3:34sacrifice his son
3:36I think a good way to think of this
3:39is to think of it well it’s like a movie
3:42preview in the days before film existed
3:45okay so when you go to the theater you
3:48know and before the movie starts before
3:50the you know the thing you went to go
3:52see begins they always have those
3:53previews of coming attractions well
3:56that’s what’s going on in this text in a
4:00sense it’s a very real preview of Coming
4:02Attractions so this text continues it
4:05says this early the next morning so
4:07after God told him to sacrifice his son
4:10his only son and that’s kind of a weird
4:13phrase and the reason why it’s weird is
4:15because how many sons does Abraham have
4:17at this time
4:21your son your only son
4:24well Ishmael was born first in Ishmael
4:26is clearly alive at this time and Isaac
4:29the son of Promise is finally born if we
4:32follow that Scarlet thread through the
4:34Old Testament the genealogy leading to
4:37the Messiah well it’s come to Isaac at
4:39this point so where is the Messiah right
4:44he’s in the he’s The Unborn great great
4:46great great great grandson of Isaac
4:50the bloodline has come to there so who
4:53in this story is the stand-in for the
4:57Isaac is so this is a preview so take
5:01your son your only son Isaac only son
5:04whom you love and go to the region of
5:06Moriah sacrifice in there is a burnt
5:08offering on one of the mountains I will
5:10tell you about Hebrew word by the way
5:11for burnt offering is Holocaust
5:15fascinating little feature Mount Moriah
5:17by the way you all know where it is you
5:20may not know that’s what it’s called if
5:22you’ve ever seen pictures of the holy
5:24city of Jerusalem the Temple Mount caps
5:28and Jesus was crucified just outside the
5:31city Gates of Jerusalem on the slopes of
5:34Mount Moriah Golgotha itself is part of
5:37the edifice of Mount Moriah
5:40this is important information
5:43so early the next morning Abraham got up
5:45saddled his donkey he took with him two
5:48of his servants and his son Isaac when
5:51he had cut enough wood for the burnt
5:53offering he set out for the place God
5:56had told him about on the third day
5:59Abraham looked up third day you know
6:01like I always pay attention that Third
6:03Day stuff going on in scripture third
6:05day on the third day he saw the place in
6:09the distance he said to his servants
6:11stay here with the donkey while I and
6:13the boy go over there we will worship
6:15and then we will come back to you
6:16Abraham took the wood for the burnt
6:19offering placed it on his son Isaac and
6:23he himself carried the fire and the
6:26knife as the two of them went on
6:29who is the sacrifice Isaac what’s he
6:32doing carrying the wood the thing that
6:36he’s supposed to be sacrificed with
6:40does that hearken to Jesus’s March the
6:43streets of Jerusalem carrying his own
6:47they placed the wood on Christ too as he
6:50ascended or descended you know to go to
6:53Mount Moriah and be crucified now you
6:56begin to see what’s going on this is
6:58almost like a time portal in a sense
7:00type and Shadow everything’s aligning
7:03and you can see into the future what’s
7:08so Isaac spoke up and said to his father
7:11Abraham father
7:13yes my son Abraham replied the fire and
7:17the wood are here Isaac said where is
7:20the Lamb the burnt offering
7:24and here is one of the best prophetic
7:26statements in all of scripture Abraham
7:29answered God himself will provide the
7:32lamb for the burnt offering my son
7:37he will
7:39and he did
7:41and the two of them went on together
7:43when they reached the place that God had
7:46told him about Abraham built an altar
7:48there arranged the wood on it
7:52he bound his son Isaac and laid him on
7:55the altar
7:57on top of the wood
8:01years later
8:03on that same Mountain
8:04Jesus would be laid down onto the cross
8:09have his hands nailed into it and his
8:11feet nailed into it before he was raised
8:14up suspended Between Heaven and Earth
8:19this all prefigures that
8:22laid him on the altar on top of the wood
8:25then he reached out his hand and took
8:29the knife to slay his son
8:32but the angel the Lord called to him
8:34from Heaven Abraham
8:36Abraham here I am he replied do not lay
8:40a hand on the boy he said do not do
8:43anything to him now I know that you fear
8:45God because you have not withheld from
8:47me you are son
8:49your only son
8:51Abraham looked up
8:53and there in a Thicket he saw a ram
8:56caught by its horns
9:01and now the substitute comes
9:03that’s what Christ is he’s our
9:05substitute on that day Isaac wasn’t
9:08sacrificed but Jesus hiding in the form
9:12of a ram if you would caught by his
9:17in the Thorns of a Thicket
9:19prefiguring Christ’s thorn crown of
9:22thorns to be placed upon his head that
9:24day God did provide the sacrifice the
9:27but that was not the ultimate sacrifice
9:29because Jesus eventually on that same
9:35with a crown of thorns pressed into his
9:37head he became that Ram caught in the
9:40thicket for real
9:42so Abraham went over took the RAM and
9:45sacrificed it as a holocaust instead of
9:48his son so Abraham called that place
9:52Yahweh will provide
9:55and back before Jesus was ever born of
9:58the Virgin Mary
10:00long before we knew what his name was
10:02going to be
10:03it was said of that place
10:06on the mountain of the Lord Mount Moriah
10:09it will be provided
10:13and it was
10:15for centuries the Jews read this text
10:19knowing that on Mount Moriah it will be
10:22provided of course that begs the
10:24question what’s the it
10:25the lamb God himself will provide the
10:29lamb for the sacrifice it will be
10:31provided on the Mount of the Lord for
10:33centuries this prophecy sat there
10:36waiting for its fulfillment and finally
10:39it was fulfilled it was fulfilled when
10:42Jesus took your sins upon himself
10:45was marched away
10:47scourged beaten
10:49at on mocked
10:51nailed to the cross
10:53and bled and died for your sins
10:57on that day it was provided this
11:00prophecy is no longer not fulfilled it’s
11:03been fulfilled for nearly two thousand
11:05years because God has provided the lamb
11:09now here’s the important part after this
11:11this is where people will mess it up
11:15the angel of the Lord called Abraham
11:17from Heaven a second time and said I
11:19swear by myself and see that’s the thing
11:21about God you know when people swear you
11:24know they take an oath I swear by God or
11:28the Bible or whatever right well there’s
11:30no none greater than God himself so when
11:32God swears he has to swear by himself
11:34that’s just what goes along with deity I
11:37swear by myself declares the Lord that
11:40because you have done this and have not
11:41withheld your son your only son there’s
11:45that only son talk there pointing us to
11:47Jesus I will surely bless you and make
11:49your descendants as numerous as the
11:51stars in the sky and the sand on the
11:53seashore your descendants will take
11:55possession of the cities of their
11:57enemies and through your Offspring All
11:59Nations on Earth will be blessed and
12:03then the NIV has what I would consider
12:05to be a very bad translation
12:08we’ll clean it up a little bit the NIV
12:10reads because you have obeyed me
12:14not quite what’s going on there because
12:17if you think about it is the reason why
12:20all of the Nations on the Earth are
12:22blessed is because Abraham was obedient
12:26that means we’re not saved by grace
12:28through faith or The Obedience of Jesus
12:31we’re Saved By The Obedience of Abraham
12:33and the Hebrew word here for obey is
12:36Shema and obey
12:38is kind of the white way to read it but
12:43it’s not quite right it’s there’s
12:46there’s not an English equivalent in
12:48fact what’s fascinating is is that when
12:50you read the King James version often
12:53times when it comes to the Hebrew word
12:55shama and it’s put in a context like
12:58this they they kind of created their own
13:00word the word was hearken
13:02hearken and so the ESV gets a little bit
13:06better and here’s what it says and I’ll
13:07tell you why I like it slightly better
13:09and verse 18 says and in your Offspring
13:12shall all the nations of the earth be
13:14blessed because you have obeyed my voice
13:16now we’re getting closer
13:18but I think that the better way of
13:20putting it is is that all the nations on
13:21the earth will be blessed because you
13:23have hearkened to my voice
13:28assumes greatly faith
13:32it’s to hear God’s voice and to believe
13:37and when you believe and you have faith
13:42and you trust in that word of God you
13:45can’t help but respond in action does
13:49that make sense and that’s the better
13:51understanding of Shema to just translate
13:54it obey makes it sound like Works
13:57righteousness and that’s not the gist of
13:59this word hearken is better so because
14:02you have hearkened to my voice all the
14:05nations of the earth will be blessed
14:07because you have believed what I have
14:09said and if you think that’s a crazy
14:11translation well remember scripture
14:13interprets scripture in Hebrews chapter
14:1611 gives us the exact theological
14:19correct understanding of this event
14:21Hebrews 11 17-19 reads by faith Abraham
14:27notice it says by Faith by faith Abraham
14:30when God tests offered Isaac as a
14:34sacrifice so notice his actions are the
14:38result of his faith
14:40and remember scripture earlier in
14:43Genesis said that Abraham believed God
14:45and it was credited to him as
14:48righteousness so you can’t go back now
14:51in chapter 22 and renegotiate Abraham’s
14:55righteousness his righteousness is by
14:57faith his actions showing that his faith
15:01is there Hebrews 11 says by faith
15:04Abraham when tested by God offered Isaac
15:07as a sacrifice he did this because he
15:10hearkened to the voice of the Lord
15:13he who had received the promises was
15:16about to sacrifice his
15:19one and only son
15:23even Hebrews picks this up but he had
15:25two right
15:28right even though God had said to him it
15:31is through Isaac that your Offspring
15:33will be reckoned and then Hebrews
15:35reveals to us what was going on in
15:37Abraham’s mind it says Abraham reasoned
15:40within himself that God could raise the
15:43dead and figuratively speaking he did
15:45receive Isaac back from Death in other
15:48words he hearkened to the voice of the
15:51Lord and he believed God he believed God
15:54that his promise that the whole world
15:57would be blessed through this child
15:59Isaac his only son
16:02he believed that
16:04so much so that he basically figured
16:07well God has told me to sacrifice Isaac
16:10well then that means that God is true to
16:14his word he would not lie if the whole
16:17world is to be blessed through Isaac and
16:20my descendants will be as numerous as
16:22the sands on the seashore well then the
16:25only solution is is that God’s going to
16:27raise him from the dead
16:29that was Abraham’s reasoning and Hebrews
16:31reveals this to us without the New
16:34Testament you can’t know what’s going on
16:35there in this text
16:37and the thing is is that in a sense
16:39that’s what happened so Isaac truly was
16:43dead and he was raised again because of
16:47the sacrifice the substitutionary
16:51sacrifice figuratively speaking raised
16:53from the dead but all of this Jesus’s
16:55death and his resurrection then are
16:58prefigured in this text and this is good
17:00news for us this is not about you
17:03sacrificing anything this is the good
17:06news that God looks at you and even
17:10though you were dead in trespasses and
17:12sins he says I love you and I’m going to
17:17come to Earth and I’m going to live
17:19perfectly in your place and I am going
17:23to bleed and die and take the penalty
17:25for your sin upon myself
17:29so that you can go free
17:32God himself provided the lamb and the
17:37lamb is Jesus and this text is all about
17:43as we in Lent
17:46meditate on and prepare for Holy Week
17:49when Christ is crucified for our sins
17:52this text focuses us this first week of
17:55Lent at that event and makes us Ponder
17:59and meditate Anew on the mercies and the
18:01love of God who could save and would
18:04save Sinners as wretched as myself
18:08as wretched as you
18:09what a great gift we’ve received from
18:12God in Jesus he has provided the lamb
18:15and the lamb is Jesus
18:18in the name of Jesus Amen
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