Sermon Transcript – Gotcha Politics and Gotcha Theology

Series A – Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, October 18, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint
0:30matthew the 22nd
0:40then the pharisees went and plotted how
0:42to entangle Jesus in his talk
0:45and they sent their disciples to him
0:47along with the herodians saying
0:48teacher we know that you are true and
0:51teach the way of god truthfully
0:53and you do not care about anyone’s
0:55opinion for you are not swayed by
0:57appearances tell us then what do you
1:00is it lawful to pay taxes to caesar or
1:03but Jesus aware of their malice said why
1:06put me to the test you hypocrites
1:08show me the coin for the tax and they
1:10brought him a denarius
1:11and Jesus said to them whose likeness
1:13and inscription is this
1:15they said caesar’s then he said to them
1:17therefore render to caesar the things
1:18that are caesar’s into god the things
1:20that are god’s
1:21and when they heard it they marveled and
1:24they left him
1:24and went away this is the gospel of the
1:28well you know things are really
1:31interesting and that’s a good way to put
1:33interesting when people who are normally
1:35enemies and at odds with each other
1:37have united together to join forces
1:40could you imagine what a weird thing it
1:42would be in the united states here
1:44if the democrats and the republicans the
1:46sjws and the alt-right
1:48all conspired together to do a
1:51particular thing
1:52we would say something is a foot right
1:55so in order to understand our gospel
1:57text today
1:57you have to understand this the
2:01and the herodians were not on talking
2:04all right the herodians let’s talk about
2:07these guys yeah they’re israelites
2:08they’re genetically jewish
2:10and well here’s the thing they have
2:13bought into and are in full support
2:16of the roman empire and they’re big
2:20guys who have herod’s sign on their yard
2:24there’s no election they just do that
2:25because they love him so much
2:27they are totally buying into this in
2:28fact these are jews
2:30back in the day who are wearing roman
2:32togas have no problem using roman money
2:35while the pharisees everybody knows
2:37about the pharisees
2:38these guys have established their own
2:40righteousness created their own rules
2:42added to the scriptures and they had
2:46they had ought with caesar on a lot of
2:49grounds because number one
2:50caesar worshiped idols caesar also
2:54claimed to be a god on earth and they
2:56were not buying into that
2:58and then the coins that they were
2:59required to give to caesar in their
3:03had the image of caesar on it and the
3:06well their big argument was to even have
3:09one of these in your pocket
3:11is idolatry it’s idolatry there’s a guy
3:15who claims to be god on earth and you
3:17have one of these things
3:18and so they have kept themselves holy in
3:20fact if you remember
3:21there are money changers in the temple
3:23the whole reason why there’s money
3:24changes in the temple
3:26is because you can’t buy a sacrifice for
3:30using that filthy idolatrous
3:33roman money so you had to exchange it
3:36for the holy
3:37temple shekel and so there was always a
3:40little exchange rate and they were
3:41making a little money on the side but
3:42you get the idea here
3:43so here’s the thing these guys are
3:45constantly at odds with each other
3:47they’re butting heads
3:48they’re having debates and of course
3:50everybody in israel
3:52has either chosen one side or the other
3:55and they have concocted the perfect
3:57scheme they are going to
3:59trap Jesus in his words
4:02that’s the idea here we’re going to draw
4:04him onto our
4:06turf we’re not going to let him teach us
4:08god’s word on his terms
4:09we’re going to make him pick a side
4:11which is it
4:12is the pharisees or is it the herodians
4:15and if he answers yes to either
4:17they’re gonna string them up this is the
4:19perfect that you almost see these guys
4:21sitting there
4:21you know in a smoke-filled room kind of
4:24concocting this thing
4:25and then afterwards going this is it
4:27this we’re finally going to get him and
4:28then going
4:31there’s no way out for Jesus now this is
4:33what they’re thinking right
4:35and but here’s the funny part the text
4:37says so when
4:38they plotted how to entangle Jesus in
4:40his talk and then they sent their
4:42disciples the pharisees themselves
4:44wouldn’t even go
4:46so they said to their disciples listen
4:48we can’t be seen in public with the
4:49herodians so we’re sending you guys and
4:51you can see them going
4:52really we have to go and be in public
4:54with herodians yes
4:56and so the disciples of the pharisees
4:58and the herodians then come to Jesus
5:01oh and listen to these words man so
5:03they’re gonna butter Jesus up
5:05you’re gonna make Jesus’s ego just swell
5:09teacher we know that you are true
5:12and you teach the way of god truthfully
5:15and you don’t care about anyone’s
5:17for you are not swayed by appearances
5:23so i mean what are they expecting Jesus
5:25to go wow
5:26it’s about time that you kind of find
5:28figured out how important i am and
5:30all this kind of and that i teach the
5:32word of god truthfully yeah it’s good to
5:34see that you guys have finally come to
5:35your senses
5:37no the text says he saw right through
5:40and detected their malice malice is one
5:42of these things it’s
5:44hatred on steroids it’s hatred to the
5:47point of
5:48murder one way or another so you can see
5:51the setup here
5:52in our day we talk about what do we say
5:54gotcha politics
5:56have you noticed that trump and the
5:58media don’t really get along
5:59and it always seems like whenever
6:01there’s one of those press conferences
6:03that the questions asked by the media
6:05are like those high inside fastballs
6:08designed to bean trump in the head or it
6:11you kind of get so we call it gotcha
6:12politics this is the perfect gotcha
6:15this is not just gotcha politics this
6:17has got your politics and gotcha
6:20all mixed up in one and this is going to
6:22lead to the demise of Jesus and the
6:24whole goal here
6:25is the murder of Christ the pharisees
6:29and the herodians
6:30normally enemies have come to the
6:31agreement Jesus has got to go
6:35he’s got to go so Jesus is aware of
6:38their malice said
6:39why do you put me to the test you
6:42yeah he called him hypocrites because
6:45they are
6:47and so he says show me the coin for the
6:48tax and you can kind of see the the
6:50disciples of the pharisees going
6:52we don’t have one of those we’re not
6:54allowed to have one of those so they
6:55look over to the herodians and one of
6:56the herodians reaches into his pocket in
6:58his toga and pulls out a shiny
7:00new daenerys and goes ting here you go
7:04right so Jesus takes the coin
7:07he says whose likeness and inscription
7:11is this
7:15caesar’s they said to them therefore
7:18render the
7:19the caesar to the things that are
7:23it’s caesar’s money that’s his likeness
7:27give to caesar the thing if caesar wants
7:29it back give it back to him it’s just
7:31it’s his and you sit there and you can
7:34just see their
7:35their heads at this point exploding how
7:37did he get out of this
7:39but that’s kind of the point now with
7:43that i’m going to save the last part for
7:44just a second here
7:46with that we recognize then that when it
7:49comes to earthly governments
7:51the scripture is clear god is the one
7:53who establishes kings
7:55even the pagan ones even the idolatrous
7:57ones even the ones who don’t believe in
8:00even the ones who are atheistic
8:04and things like that god can use them
8:05too and you sit there and go but
8:07but but but they’re evil
8:10yeah uh-huh and what’s your point
8:15you see our prophecy our old testament
8:19did you pay attention to who was
8:21mentioned in that old testament text
8:23fellow by the name of cyrus you guys
8:25remember cyrus
8:26all right see isaiah prophesied about
8:29long long long long long before cyrus’s
8:33great great grandmother was born and
8:37named him by name and chose him he was
8:39the king of persia
8:40who was responsible for releasing the
8:44from their babylonian captivity and god
8:47called this persian king
8:51his messiah that’s what anointed means
8:55that’s how you say it in hebrew meshiach
8:58thus says yahweh to his messiah
9:01to cyrus whose right hand i have grasped
9:05to subdue nations before him and to
9:07loose the belt of kings
9:09to open doors before him the gates
9:12may not be closed and so you’ll note
9:15then here god raised up
9:16cyrus for the purpose of you and
9:20i for our salvation because he played an
9:23instrumental part
9:25by sending the jews back to to israel
9:29after the babylonian captivity well the
9:32remnant that remained
9:33among them were those who were part of
9:36the lineage
9:37of Jesus Christ Jesus’s ancestors were
9:41among that
9:42that group and by sending them back god
9:45was using
9:46cyrus this pagan persian
9:50king to help make sure that you and i
9:53were bled for
9:54and died for that we were forgiven of
9:56our sins and that the messiah would come
9:58to bear so you’ll note then god
10:03kingdoms so then do we pay our taxes
10:06well as the old television show used to
10:09say you bet you’re bippy
10:11we pay our taxes in fact romans 13 says
10:14it this way
10:16let every person be subject to the
10:18governing authorities there is no
10:19authority except for from god
10:21those that exist have been instituted by
10:24therefore whoever resists the authority
10:26resists what god has appointed
10:28and those who resist will incur judgment
10:32so you know render disease are the
10:34things that are caesar what does that
10:35also include well it does include taxes
10:37you’ll see that
10:38but it also includes recognizing that
10:42whoever is in charge has been instituted
10:45by god
10:46now here in the united states we know
10:47that the first week of november
10:49armageddon is going to break out
10:51but at the end of that whoever wins the
10:55will be prayed for in this church
10:59whoever wins the election will be prayed
11:02prayed for and you’ll note then we will
11:05pray that god will
11:06work through that fellow for good
11:09therefore whoever resists the authority
11:11resists what god has appointed those who
11:13resist will incur
11:14judgment rulers are not a terror to good
11:16conduct but to bad
11:18would you have no fear of the one who is
11:19in authority then do what is good you
11:21will receive his approval
11:23four he is god’s servant for your good
11:27but but but but but that guy
11:30doesn’t even believe correctly he has
11:33false ideas he’s a
11:35yeah i know what’s your point the left
11:38hand kingdom is established by god
11:40for the purpose of punishing the
11:44that’s what it exists to do and you’ll
11:47if you pay close attention to what the
11:49government’s all about right
11:50what does the government do well
11:52congress and the senate meet together
11:53and what do they do they make laws
11:56right they make laws so once they make a
11:58law then this is considered legal
12:00and this is considered illegal and those
12:02who break those laws what do they do to
12:05oh they arrest them and they punish them
12:07or they find them
12:09right and so you’ll note then you have
12:11your judicial system set up for the
12:12purpose of establishing
12:14correctly whether or not somebody has
12:15committed a crime or not and then they
12:18end up going to prison or they are set
12:19free you’ll note that
12:21the government spends an inordinate
12:23amount of time
12:24dealing with all the evil in this world
12:28and the reality is this you can be an
12:32you could be a buddhist you’d be a
12:35you could be whatever and still do a
12:38pretty decent job
12:40of punishing the evildoer that’s what
12:42they’re established
12:43to do so render diseases are the things
12:45that are caesar’s
12:46so if you do wrong be afraid
12:50he does not bear the sword in vain he’s
12:52a servant of god
12:53an avenger who carries out god’s wrath
12:55on the wrong doer
12:56therefore one must be in subjection not
12:59only to avoid god’s wrath
13:00but also for the sake of conscience and
13:03who was the head of state
13:05while the apostle paul was writing this
13:09caesar was the head of state the roman
13:14now because of this then you also pay
13:17your taxes
13:18the authorities are ministers of god
13:20attending to this very
13:22thing yep we pay our taxes guess what
13:25i’ll be doing
13:26on april 15th next year regardless of
13:29who wins the election
13:31sending in my taxes right now just so
13:34you know
13:35i wait until the very last minute
13:37because i don’t want the government to
13:38have my money
13:39a moment sooner than they think they
13:41have asked for it
13:42but you get the idea but still the tax
13:45gets written to the united states
13:49and that’s what we as Christians do and
13:51we recognize that by doing this this is
13:52a good work god wills for us to do this
13:55pay to all what is owed them paul then
13:58goes on to say
13:59render to caesar the things that are
14:00caesar taxes to whom taxes are owed
14:03revenue to whom revenue owed is owed oh
14:06and listen to this one
14:08respect to whom respect is owed you mean
14:10i have to show respect to that guy i
14:12didn’t even vote for him
14:13he’s not my president well he actually
14:15he is
14:18so yes respect and honor for whom honor
14:21is owed
14:22so now that we got that sorted out
14:25render to caesar the things that are
14:27and god is the one who has established
14:29that what do we make of what Jesus does
14:32next because this is what i think is
14:36a good way of putting it the ultimate
14:37gotcha but i have to kind of
14:40note here that i’m going to change the
14:42meaning of the word just a little bit
14:45um see Christ says render to caesar the
14:48things that are caesar and to god the
14:50things that are god’s
14:53which begs the question
14:58what is god’s
15:02does that mean send in your tithe check
15:05yeah sow a seed offering to rose bro
15:08no that’s not what this is talking about
15:11at all in fact
15:12using this same imagery
15:16you’ll note that Christ held up the coin
15:18and said whose likeness and inscription
15:20is this
15:21well may i remind you of something quite
15:25regarding our creation regarding our
15:29creation in genesis chapter 1
15:31it says god said let us make man in our
15:36after our likeness let them have
15:39dominion over the fish of the sea over
15:40the birds of the heavens of the
15:42livestock and over all of the earth and
15:43over every creeping thing that creeps on
15:45the earth
15:46so god created man in his own
15:49image in the image of god he created him
15:52male and female
15:53he created them
15:56to render to god the things that are god
15:59is to recognize
16:01that Christ doesn’t want your money
16:04Christ wants you
16:08we were all made in the image and the
16:09likeness of god we belong to him
16:12and granted sin has destroyed and marred
16:16that image of god and that likeness but
16:18you will note that
16:20Christ came to destroy the works of the
16:23to redeem those who were lost
16:26to save us to render to god the things
16:29that are god is to recognize
16:31that god wills for us to love the lord
16:33our god with all of our heart
16:34our soul our mind and strength and to
16:37love our neighbor as ourself
16:40this is what it means to render to god
16:41the things that are god but the thing is
16:43is that
16:43we don’t we haven’t we’ve
16:46woefully fallen short of this and so
16:50we recognize then that the mission of
16:53is to come and to get
16:56us we are
17:00gods you are gods and you’ll note that
17:02these fellows these pharisees their
17:04disciples and the herodians
17:07this isn’t even on their radar they
17:10don’t even
17:11have the things of god in mind the only
17:14thing they care about
17:15well is themselves their power their
17:18false religion their whatever
17:20they’ve lost sight of the fact that god
17:23has called them
17:24to be forgiven and to be merciful to
17:28to render things that are to god the
17:30things that are god
17:32and that’s you so you’ll note then that
17:34Jesus here
17:36is about ready to go to the cross he
17:38according to colossians
17:41is the image of the invisible god
17:44in human flesh and so Christ came to
17:48that image of god and to return us to
17:51god himself
17:52by bleeding and dying for all the ways
17:55in which
17:55we have failed to love god with all of
17:58our heart
17:58our soul our mind and strength
18:02all the ways in which we have thought
18:04that we belong to
18:06and exist for ourselves
18:09how many times have you heard somebody
18:11said it’s my body i can do with my
18:14body whatever i want to do with my body
18:17well it ain’t it belongs to god
18:22and Christ has bled and died for it and
18:24paid for that
18:25paid for you with his own precious
18:28blood so you’ll note here that these
18:32they actually backhandedly spoke the
18:34truth about Jesus
18:36teacher we know that you are true and
18:38that you teach the way of god truthfully
18:41and you don’t care about anyone’s
18:43opinion if you’re not swayed by
18:46this is true Jesus he is
18:49the one who knows what is true and he
18:53about god truthfully and he has made it
18:56clear that he has come
18:57to seek and to save the lost
19:00and we note then that scripture is very
19:02clear that for everyone who believes
19:06that they are no longer under the
19:07dominion of darkness under the power of
19:09the devil
19:10or even under the delusion of their own
19:15or their own self-determination
19:18but instead having been set free and
19:20redeemed from those
19:22we are then adopted into the family of
19:25god and
19:25have the right then to call god
19:28our father as adopted children
19:32so you’ll note this text begins with
19:34gotcha politics
19:35it begins with gotcha theology
19:38but it ends when you consider the
19:40implications of it
19:41with a different kind of gotcha here in
19:44the united states
19:45when a family adopts a child
19:49you have to go to court a judge has to
19:51make it official it has to be approved
19:54and they have a term for that day the
19:56day when the
19:57judge finally puts the gavel down and
20:00the adoption final it’s called gotcha
20:05and so a good way to think about it here
20:06is that what they intended to do
20:08in doing the gotcha with Jesus Jesus by
20:11going to the cross
20:12does the ultimate gotcha
20:15so that they can be forgiven pardoned
20:19redeemed and adopted so that
20:22god can render to god the things that
20:24are god’s
20:25and that’s you and that’s me all done by
20:30through faith because of the great love
20:33that god has for
20:34each of us in the name of Jesus amen
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