Sermon Transcript – He Bore Our Sicknesses

Series B – Fifth Sunday after Epiphany – Sunday, February 7, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:23The holy gospel according to saint mark
0:31the first chapter
0:40immediately Jesus left the synagogue and entered the house of simon and andrew with james and john now
0:46simon’s mother-in-law lay ill with a fever and immediately they told him about her and he came and took her by the hand and
0:54lifted her up and the fever left her and she began to serve them that evening at sundown they brought to
1:00him all who were sick or oppressed by demons and the whole city was gathered together at the door and he healed many who were
1:07sick with various diseases and cast out many demons and he would not permit the demons to speak because they knew him
1:13and rising very early in the morning while it was still dark he departed and went out to a desolate place and there
1:19he prayed and simon and those who were with him searched for him and they found him and said to him everyone is looking for you and he said
1:26to them let us go to the next towns that i may preach there also for that is why i came out and he went
1:32throughout all of galilee preaching in their synagogues and casting out demons
1:37this is the gospel of the lord in the name of Jesus amen well last week’s gospel text was
1:44kind of harrowing if you think about it demons in church this week’s gospel text
1:50seems to be a little less well ominous but i would argue it’s quite as ominous
1:56as last week’s text let me kind of explain here so last week we noted that Christ went into the synagogue in capernaum
2:03and there a fellow manifested a demon and said we know who you are Jesus you’re the holy one of god and Jesus
2:09told him be quiet and cast the demon out and people were marveling that he had spoke as one with authority and
2:15even cast out demons and right after that the text says immediately
2:21Jesus left the synagogue now if you were to travel to capernaum i always travel there using google earth and other
2:27people’s vacation photos it’s a little less expensive well you’ll note that just a few blocks down the street from where the synagogue
2:34was is the house of simon peter and andrew and james and john so Jesus is
2:39heading over to their house and it says this simon’s mother-in-law lay ill with a fever and immediately
2:46they told him about her we’re going to pause there we got some work to do before we can move
2:52forward in the sermon but i want you to consider a few things here number one we in our modern
2:59era fevers can be something that is serious but most of the time for us it’s not
3:06you’ll note that this is the days before thermometers before antibiotics before tylenol before before
3:12advil but still even in our time in our time fevers can be serious at the risk of
3:21giving too much information a week and a half ago my wife woke up with a fever my
3:26wife has had some complications in regards to covet and other things she woke up with a fever and i grew up in a
3:32medical family and so i know a thing or two about managing a fever honey you’re gonna need to drink lots of water
3:38here’s some tylenol four hours later we’ll switch it out with some advil and we’ll kind of be on the rotating
3:44thing and then constantly monitoring to see how things were progressing well first bout of tylenol it went okay
3:50she still was maintaining a minor fever and by the time we switched over to advil ibuprofen
3:56uh things started getting a little worse she was warming up and that seemed to have no effect so by
4:03the second round of tylenol was we gave that to her and watched in
4:09the 30 minute period where her temperature went from 102 to 104.7
4:14and 104.7 we used to be a really good radio station back in l.a on the fm state on the fm side but that’s a
4:20hold on the thing 104.7 is not a good thing as a fever and i realized at that point
4:25something was a miss and so i said honey we’re going to the hospital and she
4:31didn’t put up a fight it was awesome so you know we went off to the hospital and sure enough they found the source of
4:36what was causing the problem and they prescribed the proper medications and antibiotics to deal with
4:41the issue and it took a few days for things to settle down and so my wife will tell you she feels
4:48like she dodged a bullet that was a pretty serious and painful event for her and so you’ll note that even in our days
4:55fevers can be quite the problem but what do you do in a world where there are no antibiotics well there is
5:00no advil where there is no way to deal with these things fevers can be a well a life-threatening
5:06thing and i would note that in our cross-reference to this gospel text in the gospel of luke luke makes it
5:12clear that not only does she have a fever she had a really bad one an extreme one this was a pretty severe fever that she was dealing
5:19with now one of the other points i would like to make in regard to this gospel text is this and that is is that we don’t
5:26know the name of simon peter’s mother-in-law now i’ve noted that one of the things that the
5:32gospel writers had a tendency to do if they knew the names of the characters especially if
5:39later during the time when the gospels were being written they often recorded the names of the people
5:44who were healed by Jesus or had been taught by him and things like this
5:50in this particular regard i’m kind of glad that they didn’t give us simon peter’s mother’s name and there’s
5:56a reason why i’m glad about it because knowing how rome has gone off the rails you can already see what would have
6:02happened had we known the name of this woman right yeah let me just give you a fictitious name
6:09i’ll use my grandmother-in-law’s name gladys if her name was gladys
6:14that’s not a hebrew name but if her name was gladys then rome to this day would have made saint
6:20gladys the patron saint of all women who have a fever and if you have a fever
6:26you can pray to saint gladys and she will heal you of your fevers
6:31you know it’s true this is what they’ve done but here’s the thing i always kind of note this other thorny little
6:37issue is is that had they done that had they actually known the name of this woman and
6:42beatified her and made her the patron saint of women who have fevers they would have always had to deal with
6:47that thorny little bit of information that she was the mother-in-law the first pope okay
6:56how do you explain that one okay yeah because i only know of one way in it to get a mother-in-law i don’t know
7:02of any other way to get one there’s only one way that i know of to get a mother-in-law that is you have to marry a gal
7:08all right it’s usually a package deal they come together it’s it’s kind of fascinating but so you’ll
7:13know that that’s one of the things here but you’re also going to note this that
7:19simon peter’s mother-in-law who is ill with a fever that there’s no mention as to any kind
7:25of guilt on her part when it comes to having come sick and
7:32often times when we deal with illnesses within our own lives we kind of think that illnesses
7:39kind of work off of the idea of a quid pro quo i did something bad god made me sick now that does
7:47happen by the way but it’s actually more rare for that to happen consider it this way is that you think
7:54of somebody who maybe spent their adult life eating a lot of junk food and fast foods and
8:00things like this and as a result of it later in life they develop diabetes
8:05and so you can sit there and go well there may be a connection between the two and often times there is or you can think of people who are
8:11engaging in really gross sexual sins and as a result
8:17of that they incur a sexually transmitted disease and we can say that there’s a correlation there but the
8:23thing is is that we are tempted because we understand that we are sinners we are
8:29tempted when we sin to think that it can be tied directly to an event a sin something that we’ve done
8:36wrong in our lives and that is actually a wrong way to think about it when we talk about
8:42illnesses in general and here’s the reason why if i could i know i’m going to end up
8:47milking the fact that i had kovit for like all kinds of sermon illustrations so my apologies here you guys are going
8:53to learn more about covet in the next few weeks that you ever wanted to know but i want you to think about this
8:59all right we’re going to start with a statement that we all know how this statement ends let me let
9:05me i’m going to put a blank here and you can fill in the blank to air is
9:11human right but may i strongly vehemently oppose the concept
9:19to air is not human god made us good god made us in his
9:25image and you’ll note that in our experience it appears as if to error is human
9:34but that’s not true so let me pull up the covet illustration here i
9:40recently had covid was covid a natural part of my humanity
9:48no kovid was an invader covid was a corruption of my body covid was
9:55something that my body fought off i was never covid covid is never chris
10:01all right and if you’ve had covet or any other disease you can say the same thing about yourself and here’s what we must recognize that
10:08sin is described in scripture in those same kind of terms it is a corruption
10:15of our nature it is not our nature we are by nature
10:22after the fall born sinners but still that is a corrupted nature that we’ve inherited from adam
10:29and eve and the condition the illness is known as sin
10:36sin that’s the illness sin is the illness now oftentimes we talk about illnesses in
10:42terms of what is the root cause and what are the symptoms
10:47well the reason why we sin and the reason why we suffer many in various different
10:54kinds of diseases and maladies is because all of those are the symptoms of the big condition of
11:02the root cause known as sin coming back to covid
11:08you’ll note that if you were to look it up online that coven has a spectrum of symptoms
11:14and not any one person no one person has them all but what ends up happening is that there
11:20are some people who have no symptoms or some people who have mild symptoms
11:25and then you have people who have severe symptoms and the symptoms can include a runny nose you know a fever it could
11:32also include a rash it could include vomiting and diarrhea and then covered
11:38pneumonia and the thing is is that nobody can say well you only have a runny nose even
11:44though you’ve tested positive for covid that means you don’t have covet no
11:49that’s not how that works so you’ll note then that the condition that scripture teaches us that we all
11:54suffer from is that we all have a corrupted human nature
12:00we suffer from and have all tested positive for the disease known as sin
12:07and that disease manifests in our lives in all kinds of actual sins of
12:15thought word and deed and it also results in our bodies experiencing various
12:22and sundry diseases this is all the consequence and symptoms of sin and so you’ll note
12:30here nothing is mentioned about simon’s mother-in-law having committed this sin
12:35therefore she is now suffering a fever and so we can all then consider it this way
12:40every time each and every one of us falls ill whether it’s a cold or whether it’s
12:46covid or maybe some long-term ailment like diabetes or cancer that we recognize
12:53that each and every time that something like this happens to us it’s like a little mini death if you
12:59would a reminder of our mortality a reminder of the fact that we all have tested
13:06positive for sin and we all as human beings kind of have a natural
13:11fear a loathing a uh something we don’t want to have happen in our life
13:16and that is to have that conversation with our doctor you know if you’re smart and i’m not
13:22necessarily smart if you’re smart you you visit your doctor with some regularity maybe once a
13:27year and all that kind of stuff it’s kind of like taking your car into the shop to make sure you get a tune-up
13:33at least that’s what i’ve been told but we all fear that one of those days one
13:38of those years when we show up at the doctors and you know they do all the blood work and they run all the tests every year to make sure everything is
13:44okay we all fear that one conversation where they say you know we found something odd in your test
13:51results and we’re going to need you to come in to have a discussion with you about them we all fear that conversation not only
13:58do we fear it we there’s a second part to it because the the one conversation we don’t want to have is
14:04for the doctor to look us in the eye and say we’ve run the test the results have come back you’re going to need to get your
14:10affairs in order because you haven’t got long to live we all fear that
14:16it’s it’s a conversation that none of us wants but i would argue something here and
14:23that is is that as a pastor i have to tell you the truth about the
14:29condition that you and i all suffer from and that is this is because
14:34we have all tested positive for sin because we have all failed to love god
14:39with our whole heart mind body soul strength because we have also
14:44egregiously failed to love others as ourselves as Christ has loved us
14:50this is proof the tests have come back that you have all tested positive for sin and i hate to
14:57say this you’re going to need to get your affairs in order because you are going to die
15:04and you sit there and go but wait Christ is the great physician this is a text about Jesus healing
15:10somebody doesn’t Jesus always heal no and you’re going to see that as this
15:15text develops your condition is terminal the wages of sin
15:20is death you have rebelled against god i have rebelled against god we have
15:26earned the very death that god has promised to give us and Christianity does not promise us
15:32that we will not experience the death that we deserve as the consequences of
15:37our sin in fact Christianity and trust in Jesus
15:42is not the vaccine for sin that analogy doesn’t hold
15:49instead what Christ promises each of us those who’ve been brought to penitent faith in Christ
15:55who trust in Christ’s vicarious work to save us from our sin
16:02that he will bring us through death into life that’s
16:09what’s promised to all of us and so you’ll note here one of the interesting things we see in our gospel text
16:16is this and that is that simon peter’s mother-in-law she didn’t decree
16:24she didn’t declare it doesn’t even say that she prayed in fact you’ll note this she did
16:31nothing Jesus came to her instead we learned this that
16:38peter and andrew james and john they told Jesus about her and Jesus
16:45came to her and i want you to consider this then when you see here that they told Jesus
16:51about simon peter’s mother-in-law see this as a form of prayer and it’s
16:57really easy for us to say but but but but but they got to see Jesus face to face
17:02he they were in his presence he they could see him and they could know that he was
17:07hearing them do you think when it comes to prayer that matters one wit
17:13it doesn’t Christ Jesus is our great high priest in our mediator before god
17:20and the scriptures assure us that he hears us when we cry out to him and so you’ll
17:25note then that even though we do not have the joy yet and notice i said yet yet
17:32of seeing Christ face to face we can too bring to Christ’s attention
17:39those whom we love and care for who are in need of the great physician to come and to
17:46touch them and here’s the next part which i think is so beautiful that i love this aspect of
17:53the gospel of mark because these little details regarding Christ’s tenderness
17:58and humanity really shine forth it says that Jesus came and he took her by the hand and he
18:06lifted her up i think about the text that’s coming in a few months where Jesus goes to the house of jairus
18:13the synagogue ruler whose 12 year old little girl was at the point of death and she died while Jesus was on the way
18:19because you know that woman showed up with the issue of blood and caused a disturbance and a delay and Jesus wasn’t
18:25able to get to jerius’s daughter before she slipped into the next or into the next world but Jesus tells
18:32jerry’s do not fear only believe and he goes into the inner room where the corpse of the little girl was and it says he took her by the hand he
18:39took her by the hand and he said these wonderfully wonderfully tender words to her
18:44talithakumi i say little girl arise and she did and she did and i would note
18:51something here that Christ’s hands have touched all of us who have been baptized in in
18:59colossians chapter 2 it says that each and every one of us when we were baptized
19:05we were circumcised with a circumcision made without human hands the circumcision of Christ and so
19:13Christ’s hand has touched every baptized believer already and
19:19Christ has called us already from the grave because in our baptisms we have been
19:25united with him in his death and his resurrection and Christ’s tender hand
19:30has already touched you who are baptized into Christ
19:36so note then that Christ takes her by the hand lifted her up and the fever left her how could it not
19:43right and then note it says she began to serve them and i would note this is an appropriate
19:49thing from time to time i’ve noticed that uh don don mathson here at kongsfinger
19:56he will send people away from the divine service by saying go in peace serve the lord these are good words
20:03these are good words you sit there and go oh well that means you’re ending on law no it doesn’t it doesn’t mean that at
20:10all you’ll note that paul emphatically states in ephesians 2
20:16that we are created in Christ Jesus for good works and this
20:23is what happens with all who are true Christians Christ raises them up and they begin to
20:29serve god and neighbor joyfully from their heart doing the good works that Christ has called them to do
20:35that’s a good point to make and so you’ll note then that after this at that that evening
20:41word got out of what Jesus had done to simon peter’s mother-in-law and healing her
20:46and that is that evening at sundown they brought to him all who were sick or oppressed by demons and the whole
20:53city was gathered together at the door and Jesus healed many who were sick with
20:58various diseases cast out many demons and he would not permit the demons to speak because they
21:03knew who he knew who he was now it’s important to note here that Jesus didn’t then say you
21:08know i think it’d be a good idea if we eradicated disease within the middle east and he didn’t set up a tent healing
21:15revival there in capernaum and turn capernaum into a pilgrimage site
21:20where if you had any kind of various illness or malady or demonic oppression that you can come and
21:26Jesus eradicate it if Jesus wanted to he could have easily done that
21:31but he didn’t why that’s not why he came and this is where we
21:38must recognize then that signs and wonders are used to
21:44validate the message that is being taught signs and wonders are not where the real
21:52power is and giving people miraculous healing doesn’t solve
21:58the actual root of the problem the root of the problem is sin these are the symptoms and i would
22:04note here that Jesus’s healing of simon peter’s mother-in-law
22:10was a temporary fix how do i know because she’s been dead
22:16for two millennia in other words another illness came at a
22:22later date and she died but the question is did she perish did
22:29she perish eternally the answer is no she had faith in Christ so you’ll note then here’s an important
22:35important thing for us to consider in our day there are charismatics
22:41people in the nar and other wingnut whackerdoodles on tbn out there
22:46claiming that Christ always heals everybody who comes to him Jesus
22:52heals this is as i used to say when in seventh grade this is bellogna
22:58all right this is not true and this text of ours proves it emphatically i want you to
23:04consider what it says so rising very early in the morning while it was still dark Jesus departed and went out to a
23:12desolate place and there he prayed this is a different sermon topic but always consider the fact that Christ is a man
23:18of prayer the very son of god in human flesh is a man of prayer
23:23if the son of god in human flesh is a man of prayer we ought to be as well people of prayer prayer is very powerful
23:31very potent very important and the devil would confuse us
23:36and misguide us and mislead us regarding prayer but that like i said that’s a different sermon but here’s what it says so it’s early in
23:42the morning you can they didn’t have eggs and bacon because they were jewish so i’m not sure what they were eating
23:48for breakfast i just loathe and lament the fact that
23:54there was no bacon you couldn’t smell this bacon being made there early in the morning but maybe the eggs were coming
24:00up and i don’t know maybe some toast or a bagel or something who knows but the point is while it was still
24:06early simon and those who were with them they were searching for Jesus and they found him and they said to him
24:14everyone is looking for you at the breakfast hour there was another
24:22crowd in front of peter’s house and peter had to go hunting for Jesus and
24:28say come on it’s time let’s get let’s get these people healed that’s really what he’s implying
24:35but Jesus said to them let us go on to the next town so that i may preach there also for that
24:41is why i came out and he went throughout all galilee
24:46preaching in their synagogues and casting out demons and we know from earlier in this exact chapter of mark
24:54that Jesus is a repentance preacher his messages repent and believe the good news believe the gospel
25:01and so you’ll note then this Christ didn’t come to set up a healings signs and
25:07wonders show the signs and wonders validated the message that he preached
25:13but the message he preached was the actual thing that was dealing with the root
25:19cause of all of these illnesses and demonic oppressions and the root cause is sin repent and
25:27believe the good news addresses the fact that each and every one of us have tested positive for
25:32sin and we need the comforting words of the gospel that in Jesus there is forgiveness mercy
25:39grace pardon and peace and god has lavished this good news and this mercy upon us
25:46because of his great love for us it is the gospel that scripture says is the power of god unto salvation
25:53for all sinners who believe you and i included Christ died for the ungodly
26:00paul says in romans 4 and guess what we all qualify
26:06and because we all qualify then you’ll note that it is through the preaching of the gospel that thus
26:11the root cause of of our maladies is addressed it is only through the
26:18gospel then and you’ll note that that’s the reason why Christ came out and what did Christ do he preached
26:25repentance and he preached the forgiveness of sins and after his death and his resurrection
26:30he passed the mantle i’m going to use that term just to tweak some people he
26:35passed that mantle on to his apostles and told them to proclaim repentance and
26:41the forgiveness of sins in his name to all nations beginning in jerusalem
26:47and they did and those apostles made disciples as Christ commanded them to do and those disciples made
26:53disciples who made disciples who made disciples you and i are here today hearing the
27:00good news of the forgiveness of sins in Christ because we have been prayed for
27:07people have told us about told Jesus about us and Jesus has come to us forgiven us
27:15renewed us strengthen us feeds us cares for us and you’ll note then
27:21that this work then continues today the preaching of the good news and through that preaching
27:27we are made right with god and i would then note this there is a text in isaiah in isaiah 53
27:35talking about how Christ has borne our illnesses how Christ has borne our diseases and by
27:40his stripes we are healed and this i want to make clear is absolutely
27:45true and that Christ wills for all who believe in him to be perfectly
27:53healthy but not now only on that day when he reaches out
28:01his hand and lifts each and every one of us out of the grave the real grave that we are all heading
28:07to on that day we will be like him because we will see him as he
28:14is he will raise us in bodies that will have no sickness no disease and won’t age so horribly the
28:22way we age just look at me i’m a train wreck right there’s a day coming
28:28and so note then that Christ truly has borne our sicknesses in himself and he truly wills for each and every
28:35one of us to be perfectly healthy not now then and so take comfort
28:41brothers and sisters take comfort in the fact that Christ comes to us and he lifts us
28:48up and heals us of the fever of sin and all of its consequences and this he
28:54does out of his pure love grace and mercy that he’s had on us not because of anything that we’ve done
29:01but because of everything that he has done so this fifth sunday of the epiphany
29:07take comfort in these words take comfort in the fact that even if you’re suffering
29:12physically in your body that Christ has never left you or forsaken you and that all the promises that you will
29:19someday rise from the dead are sure and true because you have been united with Christ
29:24and he has conquered sin death disease and the devil in the name of Jesus amen
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