Sermon Transcript – He Desired to Justify Himself

Series C – Eighth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, July 10, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:31chapter 10 verses 25 through 37. and
0:35behold a lawyer stood up to put Jesus to
0:37the test saying
0:39teacher what shall I do to inherit
0:41eternal life
0:42he said to him well what’s written in
0:44the law how do you read it he answered
0:46you shall love the Lord your God with
0:48all your heart with all your soul with
0:49all your strength with all your mind and
0:52you shall love your neighbor as yourself
0:53and he said to him oh you’ve answered
0:56correctly do this and you will live
0:58but he Desiring to justify himself said
1:01to Jesus and who is my neighbor
1:03Jesus replied
1:05a man was going down from Jerusalem to
1:08Jericho and he fell among robbers who
1:10stripped him and beat him and departed
1:13leaving him half dead now by chance a
1:16priest was going down that road and when
1:18he saw him he passed by on the other
1:20side so likewise a levite when he came
1:24to the place and saw him pass by on the
1:26other side but a Samaritan as he
1:29journeyed came to where he was and when
1:31he saw him he had compassion he went to
1:35him bound up his wounds pouring on oil
1:37and wine then he set him on his own
1:39animal and brought him to an inn and
1:41took care of him and the next day he
1:44took out to denaria and gave them to The
1:46Innkeeper saying take care of him and
1:48whatever more you spent I will repay you
1:50when I come back
1:52which of these three do you think proved
1:55to be a neighbor to the man who fell
1:57among the robbers and he said the one
2:00who showed him mercy and Jesus said to
2:03him you go and do likewise this is the
2:07gospel of the Lord in the name of Jesus
2:12beloved Saints holy ones in the Lord
2:15I have been looking forward to preaching
2:17this text since before I became a pastor
2:20and the reason why is because I’ve
2:22suffered under really bad preaching on
2:25this text the standard way in which this
2:28is preached in some Churches kind of
2:31goes like this you are the Good
2:33Samaritan go find your neighbor in need
2:35and go help him and get busy get crack
2:38and get going
2:39that’s kind of to miss the whole point
2:42what we learned from Jesus when Jesus
2:45first begins teaching in parables in the
2:48gospel of Matthew is that well parables
2:51are coded stories if you would you’re
2:54looking for God you’re looking for us
2:56you’re looking for making sure you’ve
2:58got the right characters under the right
3:01masks if you would and I would say
3:04making us the Good Samaritan is well the
3:07equivalent of making us Jesus
3:10and that’s a grave error an exegetical
3:13one exegetical error that leaves leads
3:16to all kinds of well lack of comfort if
3:19you would so we’re going to work our way
3:21back through our text today and we’ll
3:24see if we can straighten some things out
3:27here’s how it begins Behold a lawyer got
3:30to tell you anytime A Story begins with
3:32the words Behold a lawyer you know that
3:34what’s coming is going to be rather
3:36interesting so Behold a lawyer stood up
3:39to put Jesus to the test
3:43so you can tell already we’ve got some
3:45problems he’s going to put Jesus to the
3:47test what does this tell you about him
3:48does he really have faith in Jesus no
3:50he’s a smart fella he knows the law
3:54really well he’s decided to step up to
3:57the plate to see if he can give Jesus a
3:59black eye see if we can catch him in his
4:01words that’s his motivation so he asked
4:04this question teacher what shall I do to
4:07inherit eternal life now generally we
4:10have a rule here and that is especially
4:12during Sunday school that there are no
4:14dumb questions okay however this is one
4:18of those this is a really dumb question
4:21because an inheritance is a gift is it
4:25when somebody bequeathes you an
4:28inheritance writes you into their will
4:30is it because you have earned that or
4:33because they are gifting you so already
4:36the question shows that well this guy
4:38probably didn’t go to a good Law School
4:40so teacher what shall I do to inherit
4:43eternal life
4:44and the all the Jewish guys went uive
4:46this is not going to turn out well so
4:49Jesus said to him and watch what Jesus
4:51does here Jesus by the way knows long
4:56gospel very well and he knows the
4:58purpose of the law the purpose of the
4:59law is not to save us purpose of the law
5:01especially to somebody who is arrogant
5:05is to show them their sin
5:07you preach the law to the proud
5:10You Preach Grace and the gospel to those
5:12who are humbled by the law so this guy
5:14is going to get the law Watch What
5:16Happens so Jesus said to him well what’s
5:19written in the law how do you read it
5:21and he answered you shall love the Lord
5:23your God with all your heart with all
5:25your soul with all your strength with
5:27all your mind that’s a lot of alls by
5:28the way and you shall love your neighbor
5:30as yourself
5:35so let me ask you a question how are
5:36y’all doing on the alls there
5:39how’s the love the Lord your God with
5:41all all and all
5:44yeah right Ellen love your neighbor
5:46perfectly as yourself
5:51so that’s the guy’s answer and Jesus
5:54says to him all right you’ve answered
5:55correctly do this and you will live
5:59do you think he’s doing it
6:01no no and how do we know he’s not doing
6:04it well other passages of scripture will
6:06help us here Romans chapter 3 9-18 will
6:10help us oh and by the way the fact that
6:11he’s trying to trip Jesus up that tells
6:15us he’s not loving his neighbor as
6:16himself already right because Jesus is
6:19not only his neighbor Jesus is his God
6:22okay to tell you something about what’s
6:24going on inside this guy’s heart Romans
6:26chapter 3 verses 9 through 18 reads what
6:29then are we Jews any better off well no
6:32not at all we’ve already charged that
6:34all you know it all means there by the
6:37all tricky question all all both Jews
6:41and Greeks that’s everybody are under
6:43sin as it is written none is righteous
6:46no not one no one understands no one
6:49seeks for God all have turned aside
6:51together they have become worthless no
6:54one does good not even one their throat
6:56is an open grave they use their tongues
6:58to deceive the Venom of asps is under
7:01their lips their mouth is full of curses
7:03and bitterness their feet are Swift to
7:05shed blood and in their paths are ruined
7:07and misery in the way of peace they have
7:10not known there is no fear of God before
7:13their eyes
7:15that’s describing all of humanity that’s
7:18that’s you
7:21so Jesus says do this and you will live
7:24except for here’s a problem he’s not
7:26doing it right the purpose of the law is
7:29to show him sin and then comes an
7:32amazingly awful and blind statement
7:35the text says but he Desiring to justify
7:42Desiring to justify himself now I’m not
7:47a mechanic in fact
7:48um I’m quite impressed with people who
7:50can actually look under the hood and
7:51know what any of those things do right
7:54if I were stuck on the side of the road
7:56well I’m calling roadside assistance
7:58okay but it always amazes me the guy who
8:00can actually like open up the hood of a
8:03car pull out his flashlight look around
8:06and go oh there’s your problem right
8:08there you know very impressive to me by
8:11the way all right so let me point this
8:13out the fact that it says he Desiring to
8:16justify himself trust me as a theologian
8:19I’m going well there’s your problem
8:21right there okay this tells me a lot it
8:25should tell you a lot and here’s the
8:26reason why
8:27the law was not given for this purpose
8:30so that you can justify your self
8:34several passages will bear this out via
8:36cross-reference Romans chapter 3 19-20
8:39reads now we know that whatever the law
8:41says it speaks to those who are under
8:43the law so that every mouth may be
8:45stopped and the whole world may be held
8:47accountable to God for by works of the
8:50law no human being no not one will be
8:53justified in God’s sight since through
8:56the law comes the knowledge of sin
9:01Romans chapter 3 19-20 explicitly states
9:04that the primary function of the law
9:06here is to expose our sinful condition
9:09it also has a secondary function and
9:13that is to get you to let me put this in
9:16politely zip it
9:19to shut you up you know when your kids
9:21they’re just prattling on and on you go
9:24right that’s what the law is telling us
9:27to do right be quiet
9:30you’re guilty
9:37right because what happens when we do
9:39the but we usually say something really
9:41stupid like
9:42but I meant well my heart was good
9:47no it really wasn’t because if your
9:49heart was good you wouldn’t have sinned
9:51don’t sit there and say but my
9:53intentions were right
9:54that’s not gonna help here so the
9:57purpose of the law is to get you to be
10:00you’re guilty and it’s good that you be
10:03quiet because God has something
10:05comforting to say to you
10:07and that’s the gospel
10:09other passages Galatians 5 15-16 says
10:12this we ourselves who are Jews by birth
10:14and not Gentile Sinners yet we know that
10:16a person is not justified by works of
10:19the law
10:20through but through faith in Jesus
10:22Christ so we also have believed in
10:25Christ Jesus in order to be justified by
10:28faith in Christ not by works of the law
10:32because by works of the law
10:34no one
10:36not even one person will be justified
10:39and Justified there is a very important
10:42word and it means to be declared
10:45righteous found not guilty no one is
10:47going to be justified before God by The
10:50Works of the law you see this lawyer
10:52went to a really bad law school thinks
10:55he’s going to be able to justify himself
10:57Galatians 3 10-14 also says all who rely
11:01on works of the law well they’re under a
11:03curse for it’s written cursed be
11:05everyone who does not abide by all the
11:08things written in the book of the law
11:09and continue to do them continuously
11:12that’s my translation of what’s going on
11:15in the present tense verbs there
11:17so now it’s evident that no one is
11:19Justified before God by the law for the
11:22righteous shall live by faith
11:25but the law is not of Faith rather the
11:28one who lives who does them shall live
11:30by them Christ he has redeemed us from
11:32the curse of the law by becoming a curse
11:34for us for it’s written cursed is
11:36everyone who is hanged on a tree so that
11:38in Christ Jesus The Blessing of Abraham
11:40might come to the Gentiles so that we
11:43might receive the promised Spirit
11:48parting shot in our cross references
11:50Galatians 2 20-21 I have been crucified
11:54with Christ the Apostle Paul writes it’s
11:56no longer I who live it is Christ who
11:59lives in me and the life I now live in
12:01the flesh I live by faith in the Son of
12:04God who loved me and gave himself for me
12:07I do not nullify the grace of God for if
12:09righteousness were through the law then
12:12Christ died for no purpose
12:15you see he Desiring to justify himself
12:19has missed the whole point of the law
12:23right and unfortunately there are many
12:26today who are attempting this same feat
12:29you might as well try swimming to Hawaii
12:33you ain’t gonna make it right
12:36going back to our text he Desiring to
12:38justify himself that’s his motivation
12:41for saying what he’s saying now
12:43said to Jesus who’s my neighbor and you
12:47can almost kind of see the Swagger in
12:49the question well who’s my neighbor
12:53all right and this is where it gets
12:54really interesting so Jesus decides to
12:57whip out one of his Parables and this is
12:59a Zinger
13:01we’re going to unpack this but first
13:03let’s read the parable itself and then
13:04we’ll work our way back through it Jesus
13:06replied A man was going down from
13:08Jerusalem to Jericho he fell among
13:11robbers who stripped him beat him and
13:14departed leaving him half dead now by
13:16chance a priest was going down that road
13:18and when he saw him he passed by on the
13:20other side so likewise a levite when he
13:23came to that place saw him pass by on
13:25the other side but a Samaritan as he
13:28journeyed came to where he was and when
13:30he saw him he had compassion he went to
13:33him bound up his wounds pouring oil and
13:35wine on him then he set him on his own
13:37animal brought him to an inn and took
13:40care of him and the next day he took out
13:42to Daenerys gave them to The Innkeeper
13:44saying take care of him and whatever
13:47more you spend I will repay you when I
13:49come back
13:50so there’s our story
13:53now let’s work our way through it
13:56a little bit of geography here I’ve
13:59never been to the Holy Land but I’ve
14:00traveled there often on the via the
14:02Internet and looked at places using
14:04other people’s vacation photos it’s a
14:06very inexpensive way to take a vacation
14:08just want to let you know that okay and
14:10I know from other people’s vacation
14:12photos and from Google Earth and what I
14:13know of the holy land that Jericho is
14:16well not at the same elevation as
14:19Jerusalem Jerusalem is quite higher up
14:21in elevation than Jericho itself and the
14:24road from Jerusalem to Jericho
14:26historically is known to be a
14:28treacherous road and you Journey down so
14:31you Jerusalem’s up here Jericho’s down
14:34here and that road lots of winding
14:36curves and switchbacks and things like
14:38that and if you’ve ever seen video of
14:40people on a tour in the Holy Land in a
14:43bus while they’re on that road they note
14:45the fact that the absolute feeling of
14:47Terror while they look outside of their
14:49bus window and they can’t see any road
14:51all they see is Ravine and Cliff right
14:53okay so keep this in mind the going down
14:56Parts important so a man was going down
14:59from Jerusalem to Jericho he fell among
15:01robbers which was common that back then
15:04who stripped him beat him departing
15:06leaving him half dead now by chance a
15:09priest was going down that road which
15:13direction was the priest heading
15:16he was heading to Jericho from Jerusalem
15:19which means he’s probably finishing up
15:20his Priestly duties there in Jerusalem
15:23and heading home
15:27that being the case keep this in mind
15:29the law can always accuse you but the
15:32law will never help you obey it
15:35the law will never lift a finger to help
15:37you at all
15:40so here the law the man visibly
15:42representing the law sees there in the
15:46a guy stripped naked
15:49a little bit of garment theology going
15:51there half dead bleeding maybe he’s dead
15:53you know don’t can’t tell from the
15:55distance right
15:57and what does the law do
16:01keep in mind you know the law very
16:04specifically says that if you touch a
16:06dead body you’re unclean and there’s a
16:08whole cleaning ritual that you have to
16:09go through right
16:11and well back then Jews might be willing
16:14to become unclean for their cousin
16:16but they may not be willing to become
16:19unclean for a perfect stranger so what
16:21does the law do
16:23mocks sachets over to the other side of
16:25the road and passes by at a safe
16:27distance in order to not become unclean
16:30a levite when he came to the place we’ll
16:33just imagine he’s heading up to
16:34Jerusalem saw him for the same reasons
16:38passes by on the other side
16:41all those Bound by the law are incapable
16:44of showing Mercy are they not
16:47so now the story gets really interesting
16:50but a Samaritan the text says let me
16:53help you out here I don’t know if you’ve
16:55noticed it but on the news racial
16:57tensions in the United States seem to be
16:59well boiling over again
17:02I haven’t seen stuff like this since I
17:04was a kid
17:06in the days when they had forced busing
17:08and forced segregation desegregation in
17:11the schools I remember that when I was a
17:13kid and the racial tensions were high
17:15well they’re running high again right
17:18and you’ve got people who are white
17:20hating black people you have black
17:22people now racially hating and showing
17:25Prejudice towards white people so let me
17:27kind of give you an example of what the
17:29words Buddhist Samaritan mean in the
17:30context of somebody talking Jew to Jew
17:33at this time all right this would be the
17:35equivalent of well Jesus tells the story
17:38there was a white cop
17:40and he’s telling this story to somebody
17:42who’s into the black lives matter
17:48or you can say well but a and then you
17:53could say African-American and it’s in
17:55the context of talking two guys who are
17:57in the KKK
17:59that’s what we’re talking about here
18:00this is salacious
18:02and who is this Samaritan by the way
18:06the Samaritan is Jesus Jesus is hiding
18:10in the mask of the Samaritan in this
18:12story and the details make that
18:14perfectly clear so Jesus in The Story
18:17covers himself
18:21in a hated racial
18:24character a Samaritan
18:27and that’s important the Samaritan is
18:29not bound by the Mosaic Covenant he’s
18:32free to help
18:33so a Samaritan as he journeyed came to
18:37where he was and when he saw him I know
18:40your text says he had compassion I think
18:42a better way to render the Greek word
18:44there is his guts were wrenched
18:47coming around the bend he sees
18:51what looks like a corpse you can just
18:54see him it’s like he drops everything
18:57and he immediately runs to him
19:00checks to see if he has a pulse
19:03looks him over to find out where he’s
19:05bleeding what’s going wrong right
19:07he says this
19:09he binds him up binds up his wounds
19:12pouring on oil and wine
19:16and he set him on his own animal and
19:18brought him to an end and took care of
19:19him a little bit of note here there’s
19:22just wisps hints of the Incarnation here
19:25because you know over and again at
19:27Christmas time we have pictures of Jesus
19:31you know in his mother’s tummy riding
19:34into Bethlehem and going to the inn and
19:37there’s no room for them at the end
19:40kind of a wisp here of the Incarnation
19:43went and bound up his wounds brought him
19:45took care of him took him to an inn to
19:48take care of him next day took out to
19:50daenery I gave them to The Innkeeper
19:52saying take care of him
19:55and whatever more you spend I will repay
19:57you when I come back
19:59this begs the question who is this guy
20:01lying beaten
20:04half dead naked
20:07having everything taken from him on the
20:10road to Jericho
20:11who is it
20:13it’s you
20:15it’s me
20:18this is how Jesus finds us
20:20and the reason for this is simple
20:22because this goes all the way back to
20:24Adam and Eve in the garden
20:25and the deception of the devil
20:28the robbers are well it’s the devil and
20:30his demons
20:32all of humanity was in Adam when
20:34Humanity fell and disobeyed God
20:38and this is our state before God
20:41bloodied beaten robbed naked
20:46right totally helpless totally
20:49unconscious and what does Jesus do
20:52he finds us in this state and what does
20:56he have on us
20:57Mercy Grace compassion
21:01he picks us up
21:03and he brings us to the end
21:05and where is this Inn
21:09it’s right here
21:11This Is the End
21:14who’s The Innkeeper
21:16that’s me
21:17your pastor
21:20and every faithful Pastor who preaches
21:22the gospel
21:24and I can tell you this as The Innkeeper
21:28that two daenery I that Christ has given
21:32that’s his word his body and blood
21:36the Waters of baptism
21:39it’s more than enough to bind up your
21:42it’s more than enough for me to be able
21:44to care for you and nurse you back to
21:49what a merciful kind and gracious savior
21:53we have and notice here he says and when
21:56I come back even alluding to Jesus’s
21:58second return
22:00when I come back
22:01I’ll repay you
22:06see the story isn’t primarily about you
22:09doing anything first this is about what
22:12Christ has done
22:14for you
22:16and the wonderful thing about this is
22:19because we are saved by substitution
22:22Christ becomes our substitute dies in
22:25our place
22:26when Jesus goes to the cross
22:29and Jesus allows himself
22:33to be handled by the robbers
22:35who strip him naked beat him senseless
22:39nail him to a cross
22:42and there he dies
22:44for you and for me
22:51it’s an amazing story when you think
22:53about it
22:55it’s all about grace mercy compassion
22:59true love and notice how love springs
23:02into action
23:05it’s one thing to say well I love you I
23:07care about you it’s a whole other thing
23:08to show it with action and God
23:11demonstrates his love for us in that
23:14while we were yet
23:17bruised bloodied beaten unconscious
23:22Christ dies for us
23:26so then Jesus asked this question which
23:29of these three do you think proved to be
23:31a neighbor to the man who fell
23:33among the robbers
23:36and the attorney can’t even say the word
23:41you can almost see him answering with
23:42gritted teeth
23:44the one who showed him Mercy
23:52and then Jesus says to him
23:54you go
23:56and you do likewise
23:59and this per fits perfectly with Jesus’s
24:01new command of the New Covenant
24:04as I have loved you
24:07love one another
24:10how has Christ loved you
24:13by having mercy on you by forgiving You
24:17by binding up your wounds by not
24:20retaliating I for an eye tooth for a
24:23tooth but instead taking all the blows
24:27so that he can serve and love
24:30and so as Christ has loved us
24:33so we are called here by this text to go
24:35and do likewise
24:37and love everyone else
24:39in the name of Jesus
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