Sermon Transcript – He Feeds Us Body and Soul

1 Year Lectionary – Fourth Sunday in Lent – Sunday, March 27, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy gospel according
0:29to saint john the sixth chapter
0:39after this jesus went away to the other
0:41side of the sea of galilee which is the
0:43sea of tiberias and a large crowd was
0:46following him because they saw the signs
0:48that he was doing on the sick jesus went
0:51up on the mountain there he sat down
0:52with his disciples now the passover the
0:55feast of the jews was at hand lifting up
0:57his eyes and seeing that a large crowd
0:59was coming toward him jesus said to
1:01philip where are we to buy bread so that
1:03these people may eat
1:05he said this to test him for he knew
1:07what he would do philip answered him
1:10200 daenerye would not buy enough bread
1:13for each of them to ha to get a little
1:15and one of his disciples andrew simon
1:18peter’s brother said to him well there
1:19is a boy here who has five barley loaves
1:22and two fish but what are they for so
1:23many jesus said have the people sit down
1:26now there was much grass in the place so
1:29the men sat down about five thousand
1:31number and jesus then took the loaves
1:34and when he had given thanks he
1:35distributed them to those who were
1:36seated so also the fish as much as they
1:39wanted and when they had eaten their
1:41fill he told his disciples gather up the
1:43leftover fragrance that fragments that
1:45nothing may be lost so they gathered
1:47them up and filled 12 baskets with
1:49fragments from the barley loaves left by
1:51those who had eaten when the people saw
1:54that the sign that the sign he had done
1:56they said this is indeed the prophet who
1:58has come into the world perceiving that
2:00they were about to come and take him by
2:02force to make him king jesus withdrew
2:04again to the mountain by himself this is
2:07the gospel of the lord in the name of
2:11all right y’all remember that claymation
2:12christmas special the year without a
2:14santa claus the one with heath miser and
2:16with snowmiser and their conflicting
2:19weather patterns and things like this
2:21how were they brought to heal by the way
2:24by their mother
2:25mother nature right
2:27and when we think about where do the
2:30good things that we need in this life
2:33come from
2:34it is really really
2:37simple and easy for us to talk as if
2:40somehow mother nature is the thing that
2:42provides for us or you know the earth
2:45just does its thing you know or if
2:46you’re a little more mystical you could
2:48talk about gaia right mother earth in in
2:52kind of foreign language terms but over
2:54and again we can’t have to come to grips
2:57with the fact that number one we are
2:59dependent creatures
3:02the fact that we have to eat proves we
3:05ain’t god all right so let’s just get
3:08that through your head you’re not god
3:10because you need to eat every single day
3:12you are dependent on god
3:16and god is the one who provides
3:18for you both body and
3:21and you’re going to note that we are we
3:24as christians recognize that we get our
3:27daily bread from god our father and it’s
3:31important to note here we live in the
3:32times when everyone’s saying down with
3:34the patriarchy ah the cult of liberalism
3:36you can’t reason with that thing let’s
3:39just note here that the whole universe
3:41is run by patriarchy god the father and
3:45jesus christ god the son circumcised on
3:47the eighth day after he was born by the
3:51the good things that we
3:53er we get in this life we don’t earn
3:54them they’re given by the hand of god
3:56god our father in fact you’ll note that
3:59in luther’s small catechism as it
4:01relates to the lord’s prayer we pray
4:03give us this day our daily bread
4:06and our daily bread comes from god the
4:08father because that’s who we’re invoking
4:10in this prayer and you’ll note that
4:13luther in his explanation points out
4:15this very important fact that unbeliever
4:18and believer alike
4:20are all fed by god
4:23this is most certainly true
4:26if you are an unbeliever god doesn’t say
4:29well i’m going to make it so that you
4:30get nothing
4:32that’s not how god operates he even
4:34cares for his unbelieving
4:37human beings and he also cares for all
4:39the creatures and all creation so it’s
4:41in that regard then i would like to
4:43consider that kind of as our main frame
4:45as we look at jesus’s miracle here at
4:49the feeding of the 5 000 and i always
4:51like the fact that our old testament
4:53text when this miracle shows up takes us
4:55all the way back to the exodus and god
4:57miraculously feeding the children of
5:00israel in the wilderness it’s a great
5:02story but i found one other
5:05cross-reference to our gospel text today
5:08one that a lot of people are not
5:09familiar with and in fact i’ve got to
5:12say i’ve forgotten about it until i
5:14recently read it but listen to this
5:17elijah the prophet one of the prophets
5:19of the old testament
5:21he was a miracle worker himself and he’s
5:24a wonderful type and shadow of christ
5:26and uh in second kings chapter 4
5:29starting at verse 42 we have a one
5:32paragraph long description of a miracle
5:35that really kind of
5:38sounds a lot like our text today listen
5:40to this so a man from ba’al shalesha
5:43bringing the man of god bread of the
5:46first fruits 20 loaves of barley and
5:49fresh ears of grain in his sack and
5:51elisha said to him
5:53give to the men that they may eat
5:56but a servant said how can i set this
5:58before a hundred men
6:00so he replied give it to the men that
6:02they may eat for thus says yahweh they
6:05shall eat and have some left so he said
6:08it before them and they ate and had some
6:10left according to the word of yahweh it
6:13sounds a lot like our gospel text if you
6:15think about it it’s really interesting
6:17and so you’ll note this food miracle of
6:19jesus it points us to several things and
6:22you’ll see in our text that the people
6:25when they saw this sign they knew
6:27exactly who jesus was but they weren’t
6:30paying attention to the word of god but
6:32i’m getting ahead of ourselves so our
6:34gospel text begins with the words after
6:35this jesus went away to the other side
6:37of the sea of galilee which is the sea
6:39of tiberias a large crowd was following
6:42him because they saw the signs that he
6:44was doing on the sick you know i
6:46remember when i used to live in southern
6:47california you know the only way you can
6:49get around in southern california is
6:50with a car is just forget it if you want
6:53to do anything else so you got to get on
6:56the freeway but well with six lanes of
6:59traffic going one way six lanes of
7:01traffic going another way and people
7:03zipping in and out well collisions are
7:06bound to happen right and whenever a
7:08collision would happen
7:12had to slow down and stop
7:15and look it was annoying all right we
7:18had a term for these people we called
7:19them rubberneckers right these people
7:22whoa look at that right you know and so
7:26here what’s this text is describing is
7:28kind of like signs and wonders
7:30rubberneckers part of the crowd the
7:32reason why they were following jesus is
7:34because well jesus was putting on quite
7:36the show
7:37healing the sick and doing the miracles
7:40that he was doing and then we learn from
7:42our cross-reference in the gospel of
7:44that jesus spent the entire day check
7:48this out
7:50teaching them
7:52you know that’s what jesus does jesus is
7:55the word of god made flesh and so what i
7:58love about this text is that this
8:00doesn’t follow standard conventional
8:03thinking if you would jesus gets right
8:05to the important bit and with his words
8:08he feeds the souls of this crowd
8:13souls yeah and your souls need to be fed
8:16you’re going to note that when we talk
8:18about human beings we recognize that we
8:20have a body and we have a soul and they
8:22come together in what’s called a
8:24hypostasis that’s our theological term
8:27for that a union of the two and there’s
8:30not two of you there’s not the body part
8:33of me and that’s one that’s one me and
8:35then the soul part of me and that’s
8:36another me no no there’s one of you body
8:39and soul coming together and you’ll note
8:42that scripture constantly teaches that
8:45our needs as human beings go well beyond
8:49our bodies and christ knows this so the
8:52first thing he does with these
8:53rubberneckers you know these signs and
8:55wonders rubberneckers he gives him a
8:57good hot theological meal of the word of
9:01god and in the gospel of mark we learned
9:04that it was long the day was far spent
9:06it was getting towards the evening and
9:08the disciples were saying to him
9:10send them away jesus send them away so
9:13they can go and give some get something
9:14to eat
9:15and so we can’t pick up where philip
9:18says well where are we to buy bread so
9:20these people may eat jesus had said this
9:26i want to make sure where are we to buy
9:28bread for these people so they may this
9:30is what jesus said and he said this to
9:32test philip for he knew what he would do
9:34and philip answered him and i love this
9:36200 denarii worth of bread would not be
9:38enough for each of them to get a little
9:40i call this the mathematics of unbelief
9:43more proof that math is evil okay
9:49i always have to get that in there yeah
9:51and i know i’m doing some proof texting
9:54death by a thousand cuts just just
9:56saying okay so pointing that out a
9:58little mathematical humor there all
10:00right so this is the the this is the
10:02mathematics of unbelief and then one of
10:04his disciples andrew simon peter’s
10:06brother said to him well there is a boy
10:08here who has five barley loaves and two
10:10fish and what are they for so many and
10:12jesus said have the people sit down and
10:14the picture here is like a shepherd you
10:17know having his sheep lay down so or sit
10:19down so he can care for them and now
10:21there was much grass in the place love
10:23the picture here it’s it’s spring it’s
10:25near the passover time so the men sat
10:27down about 5 000 in number oh no they
10:30didn’t even number the women patriarchy
10:32man it’s so evil
10:35so then jesus took the loaves and when
10:38he had given thanks he distributed them
10:40to those who were seated so also the
10:42fish as much as they wanted and when
10:44they had eaten their fill he told his
10:46disciples gather up the leftover
10:48fragments that nothing may be lost so
10:50they gathered them up filled 12 baskets
10:53with fragments from the five barley
10:55loaves left by those who had eaten and
10:57when the people saw the sign that he had
10:59done they said this is indeed the
11:03prophet who has come into the world
11:06what’s the big aha movement well they
11:09remember something from their time in
11:11the synagogue hearing deuteronomy 18
11:13that prophecy that moses gave because
11:16the lord told him to where the lord said
11:18i will raise up a prophet like you moses
11:21and anybody who will not listen to him
11:25i will require it of him you got to
11:27listen to that guy and who’s the prophet
11:30well it’s jesus and with the feeding of
11:32the five thousand you know a food
11:34miracle with a multitude of jews in the
11:37middle of nowhere sounds like our old
11:41in fact it really is a lot like our old
11:44testament text these food miracles are
11:46important and here’s the reason why kind
11:48of pull back just a little bit here go
11:51all the way back to the garden of eden
11:53and then where god is handing out
11:55punishments for human beings disobeying
11:59the command of god and eating of the
12:01tree that god commanded them not to eat
12:03well to the woman he gave pains and
12:06labor and a conflicting will with her
12:08husband but then to the man he said by
12:11toil and sweat of your brow you will eat
12:14your bread
12:16and so you’ll know god still provides
12:19for us
12:20but no longer do we get to walk around
12:22gardens naked and just grab lunch off of
12:26a tree
12:27instead we’ve got to well
12:31and work and work hard and you’ll note
12:34that the world that we live in requires
12:36us in order to put bread on the table
12:38to get up in the morning and sing that
12:41song hi ho
12:44all right
12:46and off we go
12:47and after putting it a long day at the
12:49office or the shop or wherever you work
12:52or in the farm
12:53you go home
12:55you eat the bread of your toil
12:58and then you go back
13:00to bed
13:01and then you wake up and you do it again
13:05and then you do it
13:08and then you do it again
13:10right yeah yeah and if you work at
13:12walmart you get time off of purgatory so
13:15you know i’m just saying
13:20but all of that
13:22note then that god still is the one who
13:25provides for us but we we have to work
13:28to do
13:29uh to put the food there god causes the
13:31plants to grow he’s the one who feeds us
13:34and with these miracles
13:35god feeding his people
13:38he is again revealing who he is he’s the
13:40one who gives us these gifts and we need
13:43to recognize and thank god appropriately
13:47for the food that he provides us and
13:49then you’re going to note in in our old
13:51testament text you know always and again
13:53i find this fascinating there’s like
13:55there’s a little bit of a tie-in all the
13:57way to the lord’s supper because when
14:01the god caused the manna to finally fall
14:03that word manna is so weird because in
14:06the hebrew
14:07manna just means what is it so you can
14:10see them coming out of their tent that
14:12first morning it looked like it had
14:13snowed right but thankfully it wasn’t
14:16bitter cold you know and
14:18and so they looked on the on the floor
14:20of the you know the desert and they saw
14:22the manna there and they said this they
14:25said mana
14:29you know and you have to say it like
14:31that because in hebrew if you want to
14:32say a question it’s all in your
14:33inflection so mana what is it and that
14:36became its name and i think it’s
14:38interesting that in the the next part of
14:41john 6 which is not part of our gospel
14:44jesus then takes this miracle of the
14:46feeding of the 5 000
14:48and says i am the bread that comes down
14:51from heaven
14:52my flesh is true meat my blood is true
14:56drink and the jews went
15:00right that’s what they did and so is to
15:02this day when you have the lord’s supper
15:05you have to ask christians man what is
15:08it right
15:09well it is what jesus said it would be
15:12it says he said it’s his body and his
15:14blood given and shed for the forgiveness
15:15of our sins
15:17and so you can see this connection then
15:19jesus shows by this miracle that not
15:23only is he the prophet
15:24the prophet foretold by moses but that
15:27he is he is in fact our god he is the
15:31one who meets our needs of body and soul
15:34in deuteronomy chapter 8 we actually
15:37have a little bit of a theological
15:38commentary given by god as it relates to
15:41the manna and here’s what the lord says
15:44in deuteronomy 8 starting at verse 1.
15:46the whole commandments that i command
15:47you today he’s speaking to the children
15:49of israel as they’re getting ready to go
15:51into the promised land you shall be
15:53careful to do so that you may live and
15:54multiply go in and possess the land that
15:57the lord swore to give to your fathers
15:59and you shall remember the whole way
16:01yahweh your god has led you these 40
16:03years in the wilderness that he might
16:05humble you
16:08in the types and shadows we recognize
16:10that the wilderness wanderings of israel
16:13that 40 years and all the temptations
16:15and all the difficulties that they went
16:18that that is a type and shadow of our
16:20very lives in our existence in christ as
16:22christians from the time between our
16:26and are finally going into the heavenly
16:28kingdom which is really truly the
16:30promised land that was promised the new
16:33heavens and the new earth and so you
16:35will note that even our testings and the
16:37difficulties that they go we go through
16:40like the children of israel in the
16:41wilderness they humble us as well and so
16:44he said and i humbled you and i let you
16:45hunger and i fed you with manna which
16:49you did not know nor did your fathers
16:51know so that he might make you know that
16:54man does not live by bread alone
16:57but man lives by every word that comes
17:00from the mouth of god
17:02and so the scriptures reveal here that
17:04these food miracles show us that god
17:08understands our true needs go beyond
17:11what we need for our body and that god
17:14cares for us both body and soul
17:17and that’s really one of the big themes
17:19that we see in here and it is our duty
17:22then to pray praise and give thanks to
17:24god and honor him and recognize that all
17:27these good things come from him it’s
17:30really easy for us to think otherwise
17:33and so with that then you’ll note that
17:35the people of israel in jesus’s time
17:38seeing him multiply the loaves and the
17:40fishes they recognize that jesus was the
17:43prophet but they didn’t listen to him
17:47the reason i say that is because
17:49deuteronomy says
17:51when he shows up you must listen to him
17:55and they basically said to jesus we just
17:57need you to be quiet now we’re going to
17:58make you king
17:59it doesn’t work that way that’s not why
18:01christ came
18:03in the first in his first average to set
18:05up an earthly kingdom in fact jesus
18:07makes it clear his kingdom is not of
18:09this earth
18:10not of this earth period
18:13let’s just get that clear our job as
18:16christians is not to somehow take the
18:17kingdom and drag it down to earth and
18:20turn planet earth into the kingdom of
18:22god and anybody who preaches that way is
18:25a liar and somebody who is very very off
18:29topic and not following the true mission
18:31of christ the mission of christ is to
18:33make disciples of all nations and christ
18:36himself will bring the kingdom with him
18:38with the new heavens and the new earth
18:40our job is not to create the kingdom of
18:42god here on this earth and so you’ll
18:45note the people in jesus’s day they
18:47wanted to make jesus king
18:50to set up the kingdom of god here on
18:52earth here and now under the sinful
18:54condition but jesus is not that kind of
18:57so rather than listen to him they wanted
18:59to force him to do something for which
19:01he did not come in his first advent and
19:03so we would be wise to take that into
19:05consideration ourselves
19:08in that then let me throw in just a
19:11little bit more regarding our theme
19:14and that is is that the scriptures are
19:16full of biblical texts
19:18where they show us that the good things
19:21that we receive we receive truly from
19:24the hand of god i consider psalm 104 in
19:28this regard psalm 104
19:31is a wonderful text that i like to use
19:34to kind of shove up the nose of the
19:36deists have you ever run into a deist
19:38these are people who legitimately
19:40believe that god well he created the
19:43universe sure he wound it up like a
19:46clock and spun it off into space and god
19:48has no interaction whatsoever with the
19:53a text like this begs to differ and not
19:55only that our gospel text also begs to
19:58differ because there was god in human
20:01caring for feeding
20:03teaching and healing his own people in
20:06his own creation whom he’s had mercy on
20:08psalm 104 starting at verse 10 says this
20:11yahweh you make springs to gush forth in
20:13the valleys and they flow between the
20:17they give drink to every beast of the
20:18field the wild donkeys quench their
20:21thirst besides them the birds of the
20:23heavens dwell they sing among the
20:26branches from your lofty abode you water
20:29the mountains and the earth is satisfied
20:31with the fruit of your work you cause
20:33the grass to grow for the livestock and
20:35the plants for man to cultivate so that
20:38he may bring forth food from the earth
20:40listen to that god causes the grass to
20:42grow he causes the sugar beets the
20:45edible beans the wheat and the corn to
20:48all grow so that we can cultivate them
20:51so that we may bring forth our food
20:53wine to gladden the heart i have to put
20:55that in there it’s it’s actually in the
20:57text you norwegians will just have to
20:59get used to that okay wine to gladden
21:02the heart of man oil to make his face
21:04shine bread to strengthen man’s heart
21:07the trees of yahweh are watered
21:09abundantly the cedars of lebanon that he
21:11planted i love that picture have you
21:14seen like a wonderful little patch of
21:17like a forest or a grove or whatever and
21:19maybe taking a little walk into the
21:21trees and stuff like that go this is
21:22really amazing this text says god’s the
21:25one who planted it it wasn’t some random
21:28act of just nonsense it was god himself
21:31who plants these little forests and the
21:34big ones too in them the birds build
21:37their nests the stork has her home and
21:39the fir trees the high mountains are for
21:41the wild goats the rocks are a refuge
21:44for the rock badgers he made the moon to
21:46mark the seasons the sun knows it’s time
21:49for setting you make darkness and it is
21:52night when all the beasts of the forest
21:54creep about the young lions roar for
21:58their prey seeking their food from god
22:02that is an amazing picture if you think
22:03about it i mean i’ve only seen lions in
22:06the zoo right or maybe you know back in
22:09the back in the day maybe maybe at a
22:11circus you know with the old lion tamers
22:13right and but i’ve seen those
22:15documentaries where you know they send
22:17people to africa i remember you know
22:20marlin perkins and mutual of omaha’s
22:22wild kingdom y’all remember that you
22:24know and you can you can hear the lions
22:28roar and you can see the the beautiful
22:30documentary footage of these lions these
22:32beasts out in the middle of the savannah
22:34roaring and things like that but i never
22:36thought of it until god’s word taught me
22:38to think this way that when a young lion
22:40roars like that
22:42he’s seeking his food from god
22:46it’s a very interesting thing even the
22:48animals seek their food from god so when
22:51the sun rises they steal away and they
22:53lie down in their dens man goes out to
22:56his work in his labor until the evening
22:59oh lord how manifold are your works in
23:02wisdom you have made them all the earth
23:04is full of your creatures
23:05here is the sea great and wide which
23:08teams with creatures innumerable living
23:11things both small and great there go the
23:14ships and leviathan which you form to
23:16play in it these all look to you to give
23:18them their food in their due season and
23:21when you give it to them they gather it
23:22up and when you open your hand they are
23:25filled with good things when you hide
23:27your face they are dismayed when you
23:30take their breath away they die
23:32and return to the dust when you send
23:35forth your spirit they are created and
23:37you renew the face of the ground
23:40as we here in minnesota and north dakota
23:43are experiencing the spring thaw the
23:46finally see the fields again still
23:48patches of of snow out there i it was
23:51amazing i just i noticed this the other
23:53day that the farmer before the snow came
23:56was able behind our church to plow his
23:58field and get the furrows ready in
24:01anticipation of the coming spring is
24:03soon we’re going to be putting seed into
24:05the ground for the harvest that’ll come
24:07and you’ll note that this text talks
24:09about the god that god is the one each
24:11year who renews the face of the ground
24:14so that we can have the good gifts of
24:16our bread and our wine
24:18and our meat and all the things that we
24:20need so may the glory of the lord endure
24:23forever may the lord rejoice in his
24:25works who looks on the earth and it
24:26trembles who touches the mountains and
24:28they smoke i will sing to yahweh as long
24:31as i live and i will sing praise to my
24:34god while i still have my being may my
24:36meditation be pleasing to him for i
24:38rejoice in yahweh let sinners be
24:41consumed from the earth and let the
24:42wicked be no more blessed be the lord o
24:45my soul
24:46praise yahweh
24:48and so we recognize that this is a major
24:51theme of scripture but we sinful human
24:55not only do we not recognize that the
24:57good things that we have come from god
24:59sometimes we’re not content with them
25:01we are guilty of coveting
25:03the good gifts that god has given to
25:05other people
25:06and not recognizing the good that god
25:08has given us and we engage in idolatry
25:11by believing that we are independent
25:13that somehow we are not dependent on the
25:15good things of god and so we give honor
25:18and glory and praise to things that are
25:20not god for the good gifts that we have
25:22and this is all sin
25:24a breaking in the first commandment a
25:26breaking of the ninth and the tenth
25:28commandments and each and every one of
25:30us is guilty along these lines and worse
25:32we have anxiety as it relates to the
25:36things that we need in this life
25:38jesus even in the sermon on the mount
25:40chastises people he says you worry about
25:44what am i going to eat what am i going
25:46to wear you know and he says the pagans
25:48seek after these things
25:50god your father knows that you need them
25:53don’t be anxious about this instead seek
25:56first the kingdom of god
25:58and his
26:00jesus’s righteousness which is given to
26:02you as a gift the call of christ is to
26:05repent of our sins to repent of our
26:07unbelief to repent of the false
26:10narrative that we have that god has it
26:12out for us that somehow his desire is to
26:15kill us it’s just like the false
26:17narrative of the children of israel in
26:19the wilderness oh the reason why you
26:21brought us out here is to kill us from
26:23hunger oh my goodness
26:28are we there yet
26:30stop touching me
26:31yes it’s the same thing
26:36and so
26:37we recognize
26:39here jesus is merciful kind
26:44abundantly so far more than we can
26:46either ask or imagine or even what they
26:49asked or imagine they realized who he
26:52was and they wanted to set up the
26:53kingdom of god here on earth but like i
26:56said that’s not what christ came to do
26:58christ came instead to fulfill the law
27:00perfectly for us at no point did jesus
27:03ever commit the sin of idolatry at no
27:06point did he ever doubt the father’s
27:08love for him at no point did he fail to
27:11give thanks for the good gifts that god
27:13had given him and nor did he ever covet
27:15somebody else’s stuff
27:17jesus kept the law perfectly for us
27:20because it’s his righteousness that we
27:22are clothed in seek first the kingdom of
27:24god his righteousness and all these
27:26things they’ll be added to you because
27:28god knows that you need them and so
27:31you’ll note that christ in coming he
27:33kept the law for us but even better than
27:35that he took our sin upon himself and
27:39since we’re talking about exodus it’s
27:41important to note that jesus is our
27:43passover lamb who was slain it is his
27:47on us that when the destroyer comes sees
27:50his blood and passes over us so that
27:53rather than perish and die like we
27:56we instead are allowed to live set free
27:59from slavery and then given an
28:02inheritance in the new earth in the
28:03world to come
28:05all of this because christ carried our
28:07sins in to the cross he bled and died
28:10for you and i and all of the different
28:12ways in which we break god’s command or
28:14worse slander him by our
28:18grumbling which is what we do
28:21so see the hand of christ here in his
28:23mercy repent of your idolatry and your
28:25coveting and be satisfied with the good
28:28gifts that god has given you and rightly
28:30so in faith because we have the holy
28:33spirit and our forgiven and our children
28:34of god properly give thanks for the good
28:37gifts that god gives you in the name of
28:39Jesus amen
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